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@ThePsyentistUK Have you sent it to BBC Introducing? @bbcintroducing@ThePsyentistUK Fuckin' 'ey. Sounding really good! I'm cuing up Eton Mess for early on Tuesday.@ThePsyentistUK Ta v. much! Lyrics all clean?Time for this Maroon Five :)The story of Pinocchio wanted to be a real book.And we all like a happy ending... Real books versus Kindles
Retweeted by Terry LanderDetailed in-depth analysis of Osborne and Cameron's economic policy
Retweeted by Terry LanderBest.thread.ever
Retweeted by Terry Lander@CW_182 Holy fuck, hope you're okay mate.How much wood: the results
A book? Nobody would buy that. New post tomorrow.I thought the new Bond film was 'Sceptre'. #007
@SarahMillican75 Hi Sarah, any chance of revealing your favourite song for my show on next Tuesday?Cued up some Queen for Tuesday...listen in at from 6pm and give us a Like at Imagine them all nakedIf the save icon being a floppy disk worries you, think of this: how are kids meant to deal with 'cc' meaning 'carbon copy'?@sstrong82 Very little swearing in 90's dance music (cc @SpacemanSonic)@guardian @Jeffwni One man's crisis is another man's right. Incredible really.Blatter doesn't have a corrupt bone in his body! He has 206. #Allegedly
@ThePsyentistUK @sstrong82 Ugh. Hungry now.@ThePsyentistUK @sstrong82 Panackelty?@ThePsyentistUK @sstrong82 I'll never remember that.@ThePsyentistUK @sstrong82 I shall direct more sausage based references your way from now on.@ThePsyentistUK @sstrong82 We eat cheesy chips. It's a popular chant at Truro City FC.@ThePsyentistUK @sstrong82 You must update me on Sunderland cuisine, I've been using the Sunderland/parmo references for months now. @sstrong82 Nope, more to do with drinking. Didn't you catch "Let's go for a drink/and get some parmo"@alyabessex For Mrs B?@ThePsyentistUK Specially selected by @sstrong82, that oneHeard one of the most awful tunes in existence last night thanks to @Lyvit & @sstrong82's @BuffetCart. I also heard my favourite tune.
Retweeted by Terry Lander@ThePsyentistUK @sstrong82 Which was the awful tune?If something is really worthwhile, you'll forget when you first wanted it by the time you get it.@ThePsyentistUK Sorry I missed this but send it across for next week, definitely!
Books don't lie to you. They're wholesome and clean. You can even sleep with a book and not get Chlamydia. Something to think about, there.Remember that cigarettes, drugs and alcohol have all claimed to be good for you at some point.If you missed it all year wrote about my trip to Jordan to for the Mail on Sunday today. Positive article about refugees and @oxfamgb !!
Retweeted by Terry LanderThis is how I did this. Marathon magazines are coming out soon. This is how I did it. #vlm #vlm2013 #vlm2015
My father and I are on our way to join up with the Wales squad #CymruInjuriesCan't believe Wales won even though most of their squad are dead
Retweeted by Terry Lander@mark_haddon You're a genuine inspiration.Cymru Cymru Cymru!
Ironic T shirt moment with Edd China on @Wheeler_Dealers Could you think a little harder?Still, we have ½ of @Vellison9 's favourite song. Tune in this Tuesday at 6pm on or 96.5/97.2 FM. @PenwithRadioI was looking at playing Straight Outta Compton next week but I haven't got a spare three weeks to clean it up. Sorry about that.@ThePsyentistUK The spotlight is on you now. You alone. I promise to plug your music.@ThePsyentistUK Have I done your favourite song?Just for you
We're on air for the next hour on - text in on 01736 322965 whether you're listening or not@Lyvit @PenwithRadio likely to be 17th/24th September 2016. Come join us #GGR16
Retweeted by Terry Lander@GreatGorillaRun Any idea when the run will be next year? We're live on @PenwithRadio right now and I'm keen to take part.
Are you up to date? RT for YES Fav for NO@notwaving @JosieLong Personal opinion about one human being. Apologies if it caused offence.
Anyone keen to finish this one off? room
Spot the addict #TheCube
For the Cornish person in your life chance to win 1 of 10 copies of #Tin #DVD #Cornwall
Retweeted by Terry LanderNew GIF on Suky's Tumblr:
Retweeted by Terry LanderMy Tom Lehrer shows at @St_JamesTheatre next week are sold out - but two new performances have been added in October.
Retweeted by Terry Lander@Highgatemums 5 year old girl in Cambridge, on hearing the cleaner was taking a day off, "Well cleaners are people too!".
Retweeted by Terry Lander@AlanFitz1 @mashable Yikes@MrPage303 - been there for twelve months.@MrPage303 Cool cool. Listen in on Tuesday at around 7.40pm if you get a chance.@MrPage303 I have to take your first answerTough but fair, @MrPage303.@MrPage303 Obviously spelled correctly.@MrPage303 I need a favourite song for this week. What's your facourite song?Anybody want to claim No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age as their favourite song?Tomorrow I become the father of a teenager for the first time. #PrayForMeI know @AlanFitz1 will be buying a good amount.I've listed these on eBay so you out of town folk can buy some #Kernow #Cornwall #LoveCornwallThis has gone, like, proper viral. review from @Cornwall_Today for Alf & Mabel
What was I thinking of?
The Cornish Air Co. is fully up and running #Entrepreneur importantly, what's your favourite song?This is looking rather good. #fundraising #T1D #Diabetes #HalfMarathon
A snack for the eyes.
This is worth nine minutes of your time. An expert mash-up of nightclub scenes from movies, to make one story.
Retweeted by Terry LanderIf you missed the start of series 3 last night (& wanted not to have missed it) you might like to know that Dave are repeating it at 10.40pm
Retweeted by Terry Lander@ewenmacintosh @TheDelovely @DelovelysHair @SpacemanSonic @Scott_Ruminates Like that time Scott quit Twitter?Big news on @TheDelovely's TL right now. @DelovelysHair @SpacemanSonic @Scott_Ruminates @ewenmacintosh @TwopTwips@Sallysalster He's workin' it, too #StanceJust had to check this was true. Outstanding! @ThePoke
Tune in to @PenwithRadio tonight @ 6pm to listen to #TerrysTrainOfThought with @Lyvit and @sstrong82
Retweeted by Terry LanderRT this for a chance for you and a friend to be an extra in #RedDwarf. T&C's apply: #UKTVLive
Retweeted by Terry Lander
@Lyvit Now over 100% #DiabetesHeroI'm hoping I wasn't the only one who thought Buzz Lightfield's name really was Buzz. It's Martin. #TrafficCops
@Madlson_Ave Do you live in Alabama?Good morning. Are You ready to ROCK?!!!!
Retweeted by Terry Lander“Assisted dying” is such a clinical expression. I prefer “Good to go!"
Retweeted by Terry LanderLuck = Physics + AttitudeGoogle Translate - Yoda to English happened last night #HalfMarathon #JDRF #Diabetes
Almost 50% which is a nice, round number. #KickDiabetesUpTheArse
Reading a book about ageing and dying Am on a train surrounded by awful people so it's actually cheering me up no end
Retweeted by Terry Lander
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