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@DarceyButtell I wasn't even aware that my children had this but now I'm going to keep him...and buy a doctor's outfit.Found myself as a Lego minifigure. Slightly concerned. http://t.co/u2ZQUhIUJ5
I had 8 unread notifications. 8! A new record. Hashtag oh em gee.I've been a bit quiet recently. Sorry. Have a link. http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82
Just did this now and then remembered that there's no such name as 'Bachel'
Retweeted by Terry LanderSeems you all went a bit mad in a bid to become number 5k. Awesome. http://t.co/EMJWKBoHg6Well, we're at 4,999 views http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82 #BeNumberFiveThousandAspiring ninja http://t.co/OIRHVUNuxl
Retweeted by Terry Lander@bookcunt Ah, this explains the sharp surge in views. Ta v. much!Chris De Burgh's PowerPoint presentation http://t.co/0EwQvVv4dv
Retweeted by Terry LanderThe #likeagirl campaign video is the first advert I've ever watched on YouTube. Just shared @HCDream2012's post.I think i've shared this before, but I've just seen it again and its message is brilliant. ALWAYS #LikeAGirl: http://t.co/EiwuMUCw74
Retweeted by Terry LanderIt's even bigger than Fat Guy Runs a Marathon for which I had to run a marathon.A massive, massive thank you to anyone who's ever checked out http://t.co/wT1P54b0mn which has today become my most viewed #blog EVER!That's not an "Only 5 more followers to 100 :)" type message; if I get to 5k views I can take a screenshot and show my brother. So there.Monday night #plug http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82 Only 70 more views needed to break 5,000.@MooseAllain My pleasureWin the lottery with this week's http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82
Six winning numbers for t'lottery - I can't guarantee wed or sat http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82My Amazon wishlist is genuinely called 'Terry Christmas'. What a happy coincidence.Are you signed up for @MooseAllain's email service? If not you may have missed a free advent calendar.Let me know if this week's post leads to you buying a lottery ticket. http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82
Asking someone to be your best man. https://t.co/QJ3jLuSOSf
Retweeted by Terry Lander@AlanFitz1 Are you experienced in multiple sexual partners?Rooney there showing he's still a boy. I never dribble in the box.My friend just sent me this break-up message she received after 7 weeks of dating. My fav reason for split is #3 http://t.co/EdAFS5lLKy
Retweeted by Terry LanderIt's party* time *sit in a corner drinking elderflower bubbly ignoring everyone
Retweeted by Terry Lander@almurray That could be the start of a new National Anthem, "FFS England"The chocolate is still gooey in the cakes we made.Actually I should say that we are 90 views away from our target... http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82 90!Ketchup http://t.co/SEdMYWPcCvBeing a parent is hard work. You have to eat sweets, watch cartoons and play with toys.@mrkhndy Yes. I don't have an 'enyay' button on my keyboard. They make great hats.@mrkhndy I'd like a pinata por favor.@sstrong82 Me too. What a coincidence.Ready for action at #thoughtbubble http://t.co/gMySjlJ8ps
Retweeted by Terry Lander
Thinking of buying @stevyncolgan's new book (& why wouldn't you, frankly?) Why not get it while he's writing it? http://t.co/wLUkdmKW8N
Retweeted by Terry LanderThat Sainsburys advert is a bit far fetched. English and German soldiers playing each other at football? Let's have something educational.@SimonJBurrows85 @TheBookPeople 15 books for £30, they are nothing short of brilliant.I recently used @thebookpeople and can get you 10% off your first order if you haven't discovered them yet. https://t.co/fBZJXFSGD3It's the weekend! Remember - only books will bring you happiness. And cake. But mostly books. We'll be back at 9am tomorrow. Happy reading!
Retweeted by Terry LanderFriday night entertainment sorted. http://t.co/k5glmWDZ82
Say Happy Anniversary to your spouse every day. Eventually you'll get the right day. @TwopTwips
@TheDelovely Are you in Poldark next year?I've been out to see another new author. Lyvit Publishing is growing like never before. I am v. happy about this. Hashtag Inspired or summinCongrats to @tew1984 for the first 'Has anyone done a 'has anyone done a comet / Comet the defunct electrical retailer joke' joke yet?' jokePocket the parrot poses by painting. http://t.co/6aUQqS9wKo
Retweeted by Terry Lander
@mrkhndy No. I did have to look twice, though. It look twice as much time as if I'd had to look once.@SpacemanSonic @ewenmacintosh @TheDelovely Remember when these conversations used to happen at 3am and I'd find them at a reasonable hour?@mrkhndy I have come to expect this from you.Missed the show? Read the blog. http://t.co/cnPE5otUCp #Unrelated
While the puff adder lives mainly in savannah and grasslands, the sweet shortcrust adder can usually be found in the dessert.
Retweeted by Terry LanderI'd make the trains run on time #VoteForMeEfficiency means buying 24 identical pairs of socks so that they always come out of the wash in pairs regardless of how they went in.It's been a big ol' couple of days for http://t.co/H1a2gvXy3v - Hello to new subscribers/old faces/people who are lost.Dont forget to tune in to @PenwithRadio tomorrow at 6pm for @BuffetCart with @Lyvit & psychic @sstrong82 and see if #PJD gets his 2st award
Retweeted by Terry Lander@PoppySaidStuff Revising on the bus means she'll be out tonight and will forget it all. Also, yes...Eastenders is repeated at 10pm (or was)@PoppySaidStuff She's gonna fail.Annoy your friends by getting them a £20 coin for Xmas and watching them try to spend it at a shop. @TwopTwipsThe Royal Mail have a £2 collector album. That would make me massively obsessive.@PoppySaidStuff I will not. Also I refuse to stop typing with my mind.Stop spending so much online and go to http://t.co/H1a2gvXy3v for free. RTs are 50p.Got on a bus, now the lady opposite me won't eat her Wagon Wheel. @PoppySaidStuff*RUNS IN* Placebo's version of 'Runnin' Up That Hill' is better than Kate Bush's *RUNS OUT AVOIDING BOTTLES*Surprised the Mike Bassett sequel hasn't done better https://t.co/7SNRQsj6az #kickstarter #crowdfunding@barneyfarmer This is a prime opportunity for me to plug my scratch play. WW1 and everything. DVD at http://t.co/llrPiFvcbO #IFeelDirty@MrPaulGroom I had a week off recently, LOVED it..@almurray #notnews Ariana Grande has taken her hair out of a ponytail. http://t.co/0Icjt1aFhjI don't think I've written anything better than this but I'm trying. http://t.co/0NTwKIkKeJ
Retweeted by Terry LanderWalking in a debtors' blunderland. http://t.co/2AXl7w942o
Retweeted by Terry LanderDefy Monday morning by basking in the warm glow of my Henry Kelly Tumblr http://t.co/dWidKG4GcC
Retweeted by Terry LanderAlmost 4,900 views. We can have this done by this afternoon. http://t.co/H1a2gvXy3v Nip on, take a look and RT. Then try to make a sandwich.@TheDelovely Ask them for a postcard :)My friend's writing a novel about his moustache. He's also started smoking after having a month off.@IHPower poOsVisit my photography site here: http://t.co/33phIxo6CC
Retweeted by Terry Lander@SpacemanSonic @DelovelysHair @TheDelovely I love that @TwopTwips follows this.It's contagious. Evidently. RT @Independent:Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered http://t.co/AHlwHYw61q http://t.co/GANh7etTRU
Retweeted by Terry Lander@TheDelovely It's not the same without you. @SpacemanSonic has given up on your hair and is chasing trains now.For a limited time ... it is FREE! http://t.co/OP82UJSYzg http://t.co/yi064Z6rM6
Retweeted by Terry LanderThe annual report for @PenwithRadio is out and it's looking good! Plenty of advertising opportunities,get in touch at http://t.co/HwYpz2iRHC@Ladyfuckwit Massive thanksBig thanks to @Ladyfuckwit, we got a truck load of views on the site yesterday. http://t.co/cnPE5otUCpThe hilarious table were able to sustain their funniness until Hassocks. They are now silent, avoiding each other's gaze. #trainfriends
Retweeted by Terry Lander
@TheDelovely I try to get you a regular spot and this is how you react. Tch. How come you haven't sent anything for http://t.co/H1a2gvXy3v ?@RANTINGMALE Call it a draw.You realise the only way to stop me constantly plugging my Xmas shows is to buy tickets? Dates in Lon/Manc/Bham. http://t.co/7WwtKNLDxl
Retweeted by Terry Lander@Ladyfuckwit Could you RT http://t.co/H1a2gvXy3v please? Postcardy talent welcome.Actually @TheDelovely could be in The Only Way is Camborne. As an extra, obvs.The only way is Camborne. There's a show I'd watch.This new series, "Water evaporating from decorating supplies", is like watching paint dry.This giraffe has a message for you http://t.co/cnPE5otUCp http://t.co/6cGeskUu1i@AliceHole They would be superb!@AliceHole No probs, have you shown it to anyone at the Blue yet? It's stunning.For every disgruntled Spurs fan in my TL (there are many, myself included) there is one person reading http://t.co/cnPE5otUCp #Balance #THFCthis little teddy is lost and told @StoneBridgeHair that she wants to go home. can you help? http://t.co/xVQ6Mo4tPH http://t.co/tWDaewAl0j
Retweeted by Terry LanderIt's a good job Spurs aren't playing at home with a 60% possession stat. #Phew #THFCFinished my Blue Anchor Inn painting/drawing😊 #Helston #Cornwall #drawing #acrylicink #painting #Spingo #art http://t.co/WPRucc2yRN
Retweeted by Terry LanderWigan midfielder James McClean explains his decision to not wear a remembrance poppy http://t.co/K3l9m0GXqL http://t.co/rGF3X0V4I6
Retweeted by Terry LanderNew post http://t.co/cnPE5otUCp
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