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The lovely @MISSBROOKEHAVEN with @norcalexotics !!! Thank you for hanging with us !
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
And don't forget @chancedschmidt !! Great night with y'all
@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Great seeing you guys also! Had so much fun!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@daRRyLhaNaHxxx @penthousephilly @norcalexotics thank u so much girlATTN PHILA; My girl Brooke Haven is in your state! You do not want to miss her!!! She's at @penthousephilly 😍😍😍💛🌙⭐️
Retweeted by Brooke HavenCome out to @penthousephilly tonight to party with me and watch the fight !! Thank u @norcalexotics absolutely you should come to @penthousephilly tonight I'll be in a boxers costume for the fight night@missbrookehaven may i see u in a boxing costume for halloween please?
Retweeted by Brooke HavenWe love adventures especially getting to appear at @penthousephilly with @norcalexotics taking care of us @penthousephilly thank y so much for everythingShow our Doll @MISSBROOKEHAVEN some Brotherly #Philly L❤️VE tonight @penthousephilly #GoBirds #Eagles
Retweeted by Brooke HavenSee Adult XXX Film Star @MISSBROOKEHAVEN At @PenthousePhilly This Weekend!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven Come out and show some love for @MISSBROOKEHAVEN #Bentley #penthousephilly #brookehaven #norcalexotic
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@norcalexotics @penthousephilly thank you for taking care of all our transportation needs while we're here w/ @chancedschmidtWhen it rains make it rain. @penthousephilly @MISSBROOKEHAVEN #norcalexotic #Aventador #carswithoutlimits
Retweeted by Brooke HavenLance's bachelor party. featuring @MISSBROOKEHAVEN and @xoJillianJanson and @StickUpDolls
Retweeted by Brooke HavenHappy birthday"@MISSBROOKEHAVEN: Brooke haven is taking over @penthousephilly !!! Come out and see me"
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@heaton00 so great seeing u guys last nightPhilly - tonight is your last chance to see @MISSBROOKEHAVEN at @penthousephilly! Last night she was amazing! Get your #picsandautographs
Retweeted by Brooke HavenSee Adult XXX Film Star @MISSBROOKEHAVEN At @PenthousePhilly This Weekend!
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Thank u mama ❤️❤️ Sexy Selfie Alert! @MISSBROOKEHAVEN
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@chancedschmidt taking over PhillyGoing to be a amazing weekend! With @MISSBROOKEHAVEN #love #goodtimes #weekend #whatiloveaboutus #dance
Retweeted by Brooke HavenBrooke haven is taking over @penthousephilly !!! Come out and see me @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @penthousephilly nice photo.
Retweeted by Brooke HavenArtwork for @penthousephilly from @StickUpDolls come by and get some swag this weekend from me personally I'll let u know my schedule soon @penthousephilly love these !!!!!!If you're in the Philly area Oct 1-3 make sure to check out @MISSBROOKEHAVEN featuring at @penthousephilly #Eagles
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN When the going gets weird, the weird go pro!
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I bring the weirdness @StudioKay @penthousephilly when is the show ?Here at @StudioKay salon getting my hair beautified by #Ani the only stylist I let bleach my hair 👸🏼 heading to @penthousephilly 💃Here at my salon getting ready for my appearance this weekend at Penthouse Philly (@ Studio Kay) on #Yelp see @MISSBROOKEHAVEN this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night! #Philly #Philadelphia #AdultEntertainment
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN #Philly #Philadelphia
Retweeted by Brooke HavenTwo events in one night! Come see @missbrookehaven and watch #UFC192 live this Saturday, October 3rd! @UFC
Retweeted by Brooke HavenTwo events in one night! Come see @missbrookehaven and watch #UFC192 live this Saturday, October 3rd! @UFC #UFC #MMA
Retweeted by Brooke HavenWatch #UFC192 @dc_mma vs @AlexTheMauler live here @penthousephilly this Saturday, Oct. 3rd! #UFC @missbrookehaven
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@RavenBayxxx @SapphireNYC awe ❤️❤️❤️😍😍 thank u so much I adore getting to work with youGetting better with the pole! @missbrookehaven is the best teacher! I'm gonna kick ass @sapphirenyc
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@RavenBayxxx @SapphireNYC @MISSBROOKEHAVEN
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
Catch one more show tonight of @ChloeAmourxxx here at @CenterfoldsSac 1230am don't miss it sure am !! I'm here with @ChloeAmourxxx so we will see u tomorrow morning @CenterfoldsSac Is there any possible way Brooke that a foreign fan like me could simply get a follow? It'd mean the world 😘
Retweeted by Brooke HavenPhoto: Come see me tonight at @CenterfoldsSac @twitter 💕 I’ll be on for 2 shows! ✨😘 #RT #MoreAmour...
Retweeted by Brooke HavenPhoto: Hi Loves! ❤️ Here in my Dressing room getting ready for my shows at @CenterfoldsSac ❤️ Come out and...
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@sarahjessiexxx your an amazing bestie and I love u very much xoI have the most amazing bestie, thank u for driving me to the airport, love u @MISSBROOKEHAVEN 👯❤️❤️
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
Getting ready for my pole dance lesson from the beautiful @missbrookehaven I never know what to do…
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
My hike today #sanfrancisco #fitgirl #nature #run getting ready for @penthousephilly ?
We're gonna have a blast your welcome thank you for alway sticking by my side with ups and downs!
Retweeted by Brooke HavenThat sounds good too
Make sure you order your #BROOKEHAVEN shirt from @StickUpDolls you @chancedschmidt for the beautiful flowers a great run today at #Fryman please !!! That would be great !!!! For @penthousephilly to get off the cozy couch to go see my girl @ChloeAmourxxx and get her shows ready for @CenterfoldsSacI always try and respond and look at my sweet fans tweets u @penthousephilly hibrooke i hope your night is going good xxxxxoo karl k
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@chancedschmidt this is trueI ran away, but I'm chasing you back as fast as I can.
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN : Hello there to the SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY , Miss Brooke Haven.!!!!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN hi brooke hows your day ? i like your new pic xxxxxxoo and 4 roses karl k
Retweeted by Brooke HavenThank you very much ON #VIVIDRADIOASKS"Im not answering lol" @MISSBROOKEHAVEN"i did bring out cherry pie during the song Sweet Cherry Pie..."
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TheSingleLife @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @MsRadioSapphire @the_real_skies @AIPChristina @TGDJAM Wow, we got all of the regulars in today.
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TGDJAM @CarliBei @TheSingleLife @VividRadioSXM 👍👍👍@TGDJAM @TheSingleLife @MsRadioSapphire @VividRadioSXM lol'z@TheSingleLife @MsRadioSapphire @VividRadioSXM Thanks for making more aware of @MISSBROOKEHAVEN ... My knowledge of her extended to RT's
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TheSingleLife @RICHELLERYAN @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @AIPChristina cheers
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@CarliBei great talking to u on @VividRadioSXM xo@MISSBROOKEHAVEN yup I'm gonna get that lap dance. #creepingyourpixnow
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@JmattVersion1 @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @CenterfoldsSac @WillisFlowersOG he's actually a monkey
Retweeted by Brooke HavenLuckiest monkey on the planet he is. :) @danavespoli @centerfoldssac @missbrookehaven @willisflowersog
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN @penthousephilly I wish I could make it.
Retweeted by Brooke HavenIt was crazy little monkey has the greatest life ever. :) @missbrookehaven @willisflowersog
Retweeted by Brooke HavenMy favorite type of #misbehavin is with my #BFF @missbrookehaven especially when she co-hosted…
Retweeted by Brooke HavenBirthday dinner for my best friend @lisadaniels3 cheers w/ my girls @shylove @MISSBROOKEHAVEN
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@NikkiDelano @lisadaniels3 @shylove @AllisonMooreXXX @alexisamore ❤️❤️❤️Amazing night w/ @lisadaniels3 @shylove @AllisonMooreXXX @alexisamore @MISSBROOKEHAVEN my bestie a bday din din 🍸🍫🍛🎂🎁
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN love seeing u tonight u look amazing
Retweeted by Brooke HavenLoved seeing u too we are overdue for a girls lunch xo u I'm safe for my package yesterday 📦I love skeeball says : RT MISSBROOKEHAVEN: Tune in to get info on my next feature dance gig, p…
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @TheSingleLife I love Brooke
Retweeted by Brooke HavenThank u's @chancedschmidt for sure @VanessaCater @lisadaniels3 love my girlsGlad I got to see this two beauties #brookeheaven @vanessacater 😉 @ @lisadaniels3 bday event Saturday…
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@BB31684 @alexisamore @ogonzo713 @alexisamore is the pretty one
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