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32/Genderqueer/Bisexual. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Alternative Rock & Rap. Saulibert is my life! #LGBT

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@Rocket_Java you're welcome :)Before I go offline, I hope whatever's going on in Ukraine, doesn't turn into Holocaust 2.0 - my heart goes out to the ppl over there.Jews Are Being Ordered To Pay $50 Tax And Register In Russian-Controlled Ukraine - April 17, 2014 - The Gaily Grind http://t.co/Bu3F3n3kMQI'm off to bed early tonight, got a migraine coming on, g'night guys <3Those were the days, man, lol... sometimes I miss roleplaying on Xanga, but I have no time for it anymore#ThrowbackFriday I used to roleplay Adam years ago on Xanga, lol... I still have this screencap of my old site http://t.co/zNQLehGbsc@LJak07 you're welcome :) *luv & hugs*That's the first Meltzer book I've ever read... love his writing. Can't wait to read more of his work.'The Fifth Assassin' by Brad Meltzer is one of the best political/spy thrillers I've ever read. Freaking page turner - already on chap. 86@luckymosqueda I think they should use the money to build more hospitals for the mental ill instead of prisons. Where they can be cured.@missitii you're welcome :)@CaroLambs @Glambert3672 @MookyLovesAdam indeed lol@xHollyGlambertx you're welcome :)@Undercover4Dogs @MookyLovesAdam *huge hugs* Stay strong, you're a lot stronger than this illness, sending love & light to you. <3@VeroniqueORCEL aww thank you.. you're welcome for FF love, bb, hope you have a wonderful weekend :) love ya tons! <3@UBringMePeace I'm scheduled to see a new one next year.. he's under the same practice as my neurosurgeon, that makes me feel comfortable@UBringMePeace My fanpage (Saulibert Forever) on Facebook & Twitter... been working on building a site for it as well. :)@UBringMePeace I found out my neurosurgeon is retiring soon :(@UBringMePeace I've been busy myself, most of the time when I'm not on my personal, I'm running my fan page@Undercover4Dogs @MookyLovesAdam I'm so sorry to hear that :(@UBringMePeace I've been good :) How have you been? Had my yearly check up w/ my neurosurgeon y'day & MRI. Everything turned out good. :)@MookyLovesAdam yes but when I saw "meat" I wasn't thinking of an animal, but another man's peen lmao@CaroLambs @Glambert3672 @MookyLovesAdam God, my mind just went into the gutter when I read this tweet lmao@featheredraven yesh! Or maybe Adam is Reddit lmfao@featheredraven I'm being stalked by Reddit now lmao@IDontNeedAMap82 @itsmeansku everytime I try & search Sauli's name with "Google Voice Search" on my iPad, I get "sally" for the results lol@itsmeansku oh okay sounded like he pronounced it wrong toward the beginning of the vid lol@IDontNeedAMap82 I bet Sauli wanted to spank Adam for pronouncing his name wrong at the beginning of the vid lolRT @NBCCrisis The most effective way to deal with pain is to embrace it. #Crisis@MookyLovesAdam Yes but I never knew how strong I was until I was put up against Hydrocephalus. I'm a warrior. :)@MookyLovesAdam I do too. Six years of fighting Hydrocephalus taught me how to be strong even on days when I don't feel good.I'm glad I ain't seeing any dead animals in my feed.. who the heck tweets something like that?@MookyLovesAdam aww I'm sorry to hear that :( I'm glad to know you're in good spirits though :)@MookyLovesAdam aww I love and miss you too :) <3 how have you been?I've never gotten the black bar with words over someone's eyes... lol#FF @lillyblillyan @xHollyGlambertxSeeing Adam live was one of the best moments of my life. I hope I get a chance to see him live again someday. :)#nowplaying Cry Wolf - Back To You@xHollyGlambertx When I saw Adam live duing GNT, I cried from the moment he got on stage til his set ended, lol.And we love the you that you are! http://t.co/eh4jcSPUCc
Retweeted by Metal Glambert@luckymosqueda this is just crazy... this is why so many youth commit suicide cause of adults like the ones in this article@luckymosqueda I agree with this... some of these bullying adults need to be put behind bars, show 'em how it feels@featheredraven yesh lol@luckymosqueda wow, I can't stand that shit... bullies can't stand when they're bested.@luckymosqueda makes me wonder if those two women weren't bullies when they went to school@luckymosqueda I think they meant to send that out, but when they got backlash, they made out like it was a mistake@luckymosqueda yep that flier was a load of bs@featheredraven yep that's because they help keep his secrets lol@featheredraven they're watching you ;) lol@featheredraven thanks lol@featheredraven I still have a screenshot of my old roleplay site lol http://t.co/zNQLehGbsc@featheredraven indeed ;)@featheredraven I'd totally do it, if I was still into roleplaying lol. I used to roleplay Adam over on Xanga#nowplaying Kataklysm - Heaven's Venom (full album) \m/love this song#nowplaying Kataklysm - Serenity In Fire https://t.co/0y9Wb02IIq \m/@SavionJWright you're welcome!#FF @adamlambert @saulikoskinen1 @JenaAsciutto1 @CalebPJohnson @Philips @LeeDeWyze @JessMeuse @SavionJWright@xZueeGlambertx you're welcome :)@LambertLover19 Wow, I love it, thank you so much :)@xxInNirvanaStay yep that's true :)@xxInNirvanaStay I'm genderqueer (male stuck in female's body)... female on the outside, but 100% male on the inside@xxInNirvanaStay I think I'll keep it like it is.. cause guys can be empresses too :)I wish I could change my Twitter handle to Emperor, but too many ppl know me as "Metal Empress" :(Of course my request will probably get ignored and female pronouns will be used on me anyways #sigh :(since I did, I ask for only male pronouns to be used on me or misspellings of girl ex, "grrl" or "gurl" in the future.updated my Twitter bio...@Here4Adam you're welcome :) <3@Artistsupporter you're welcome! :)My Tumblr page http://t.co/6OKPjNZY7j#nowplaying Kataklysm - Serenity In Fire (I love this band! I have their music on my Tumblr page)@MsDylangirl thank you :) hope you have a fabulous weekend! <3#nowplaying Marduk - Paint It Black \m/ #SwedishMetal@jessalfan24 @You_Heart_Coco @UBringMePeace That's sweet :) Hope you have a great time.#nowplaying Crionics - Humanmeat Cargo #PolishMetal \m/@Ignore_Humanity you're welcome :)@Ignore_Humanity aww thank you, luv :) <3#nowplaying Behemoth - Conquer All #PolishMetal \m/@jessalfan24 you're welcome, luv! <3 :)@You_Heart_Coco @UBringMePeace @jessalfan24 nope, none of the shows are near me :(@Silviasylvia211 you're welcome!! hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)#FF @Silviasylvia211 @Ignore_Humanity @xZueeGlambertx @singtomeadam @GlamMoonGirl @TheOrigFRODO @ALAlwayz @featheredraven#FF @luckymosqueda @amy_monks @Gweniegrl @Scheung1984 @desireebrent @XDarkLordX @CosmoQueen_ @motorcitydream @mizz_chrissy#FF @kingerbell221 @missitii @Elishakrenbrin2 @Louise_mtn_bert @Rocket_Java @xIIHY4lyfx @LJak07 @Glows4Adam @thereadyskylar @Moonst0ne#FF @essellsari @DianaKat1 @FoxVegas @GracieLovesAdam @embracethgift @Artistsupporter @MichyChibert @DeviousDorian @PinkyPiay#FF @bmoschetti @SusanWesterfeld @MonarcKat13 @wismiss3 @plumcomm @dianaprinces833 @Glam_Hopper @TwilightRose12 @MsDylanGirl#FF @UBringMePeace @You_Heart_Coco @IDontNeedAMap82 @jessalfan24 @Cbodina @Here4Adam @DreamerzWings @VeroniqueORCEL#nowplaying Vader - Whisper \m/ #PolishMetal
@MonarcKat13 g'night :) <3Going to bed, had a long day and I'm very tired.. g'night guys <3@MonarcKat13 That sounds about right :)#IdolFinale is gonna be between Caleb & Jena... something is wrong if it isn't. They're the best out of all the contestants on this season.@MonarcKat13 HahaI just love this man so much. #myeverything http://t.co/ZYW8yjoAKEI swear I'm not trying to give Adam any ideas lmaoAdam could have a beard like Santa Claus and a mohawk... and I'd still think he's sexy lol @adamlambertI just love Adam no matter what he looks like <3@bmoschetti @SusanWesterfeld glad they deleted it@adamlambert you could dye your hair the funkiest color or have no hair and you'd still be sexy because you're sexy <3@adamlambert just want you to know, I think you're a beautiful man, doesn't matter to me how your hair is did or how you look or dress
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