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32/Genderqueer/Bisexual. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Alternative Rock & Rap. Saulibert is my life! #LGBT

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@DeviousDorian *hugs*@banditDerenzio ((((((((((((Bandit))))))))))@ritzy0525 <333@MzBrendaL thank you for the advice <3@silviaglamspain yes. I'm a big food lover lol@silviaglamspain aww *big hugs* hope someday I get to go to your country and attend tapas parties :)@banditDerenzio thanks, bro \m/@kinkybert aww you're sweet, thank you, bb :)@MetalEmpress Pearl you are not stupid!!Never was and never will be!💋
Retweeted by Metal GlambertEverything I'm tweeting about, I keep locked inside of me. I have a hard time opening up to others.My health problems are the main reasons I'm so insecure and the reason I don't think I'm good enough.Because of this disease, I have slight brain damage. Sometimes it takes me a while to answer a simple tweet. Makes me feel dumb. :(Having Hydrocephalus has taught me how to have patience. I've been waiting for 6 yrs for someone to find a cure.Watch this video & you'll see what me and other Hydrocephalus patients go through https://t.co/w4yCB69xYX@bellesxxoo thank you :)@drct28 Not many know Hydrocephalus exists and it's often misdiagnosis as Alzheimer's. If left untreated, Hydrocephalus can be a killer.@drct28 thank you <3 I'm hoping someday to get the message about Hydrocephalus out to Adam someday.@Marjutms I promise I'm not that serious lol@drct28 On top of Hydrocephalus, I also have Type 2 Diabetes@drct28 My health's not good either, I have Hydrocephalus, had it for 6 yrs. now."Now relax, I want you to always remember this, so that no matter who you're ever with, I'll always be there." #QAF http://t.co/omH0YoFeh6
Retweeted by Metal Glambert@Marjutms Lol, not what I meantI've fought for six years against Hydrocephalus, I know what it's like. I'm very happy for @xadamsvoice that she got her bday wish from AdamI really hate people who think that “freedom of speech” means “i can be as rude and insulting as i want and you’re not allowed to get mad”
Retweeted by Metal GlambertYou don't know what fighting is until you're up against Cancer or an uncurable disease.@Arachnidkid Ditto@MetalEmpress Everyone's gotta make everything about themselves. The girl has Leukemia ffs. ppl need to back off her and let her be happy.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert@Arachnidkid all the hate toward her makes me sick to my stomachBe thankful you have your health, that is something the fan he wished happy b-day does not have. Something far more valuable than a tweet.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert@Marlinaayu thank you :)@Ignore_Humanity lol <3@Silviasylvia211 Thank you!! :)@xXPandaGlamXx thank you! :)@Adamsmaniac Thank you! :))@ALAlwayz thank you! :)@rosie6172 w00t! I love dragons too, my favorite mythical creatureI got : Dragon! Which Mythical Creature is Hidden Inside You? http://t.co/8kfopAFjpz via @play_buzz@essellsari Thank you! :)@Silviasylvia211 thank you!! :D@Silviasylvia211 yep! :)@adamlambert fan art http://t.co/X4IaCcdoXd@adamlambert fan art http://t.co/Qzq6Oo9MjK@adamlambert fan art http://t.co/SfJLrx54V0@adamlambert fan art http://t.co/1KFiXEjEVq@rosie6172 haha indeed :)@Silviasylvia211 Thank you :)Fan art @adamlambert I made it last year http://t.co/exfPaOpcwC@rosie6172 yep I did lol#TBT Pride @adamlambert http://t.co/H1cAaB4lQlI made this new Adam fan art yesterday, photos are from "Sweet 16" Bday Party @adamlambert http://t.co/MSPl6bGrwc@rosie6172 I was trying to reply and hit retweet instead lmao@rosie6172 I'd totally recommend following @themaleform to @adamlambert -- he'd love itCrap didn't mean to RT that photo lol@rosie6172 @themaleform damn!Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate chick flicks lolAlrightie.... when the Glamfather speaks, I listen lolHad a dream last night, Adam ducked taped me to a chair & made me watch chick flicks 'til I learned to stop putting myself downGood morning, how's everyone? :)Going to bed, got an appt. with my counselor in the morning. G'night guys. <3
@LJak07 you're right, have to believe, took me 3 yrs. to get an RT from him@LJak07 thank you :) the only thing I can draw is Snoopy lol@LJak07 you're one of my favorite people on Twitter too, you've always been so nice to me, I appreciate your friendship so muchI don't know why I'm so hard on myself@O_Jaqui @StarGazer5656 @Krystal_Klearz thank you :) I posted it on his FB a few minutes ago.@rlgglambert Thank you <3@StarGazer5656 Thank you, bb xoxo@marisa_965 thank you <3@farwahsajjad aww that's sweet, thank you :)Adam Lambert - Underneath (lyrics): http://t.co/eOaxhhSA7w"I'm a creep I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here" - Radiohead "Creep"@DianaKat1 thank you for kind words <3It's so hard for me to tell whether or not ppl really care about meWhat do ppl really think of me? #randomquestion@Ignore_Humanity phh, I'll just bite 'em back, lol... g'night <3@StarGazer5656 I don't plan too :)It takes me hours and a lot of patience to do the artwork that I do. Not as easy as it looks.I've been making photoshop art since 2003, took me years to learn how to not only make edits but do artwork.#nowplaying Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown@StarGazer5656 aww thank you so much :)@metalempress You are creative in your Own way that's what makes you unique and your welcome.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert@Gweniegrl aww thank you, GwenieSometimes I question if I'm really talented or not. I can't draw, I just make photoshop art.My dream is for Adam to notice my fan art, but I don't think it'll ever happen@LJak07 thank you <3My latest Adam fan art @adamlambert http://t.co/lQ0c7Yqf4DCaleb killed it tonight on Idol esp. during the first round, holy shit!!Don't do a song Adam Lambert's covered #idol@xadamsvoice you're welcome :)New Adam Lambert fan art @adamlambert http://t.co/XbeosXVTgY@dolusglitz you're welcome <3@xLizGlambert @ratchetbert lmfao... this made me laugh so hard!@TheRealDuckBert @SusanWesterfeld yesh me too!! :))@TheRealDuckBert @SusanWesterfeld How about them arms?! :D http://t.co/p8wdpGnvyJ@TheRealDuckBert @SusanWesterfeld yesh!! :D@TheRealDuckBert @SusanWesterfeld I only read it once. I reported it to glaad.@Kalebert_ DM@Kalebert_ This needed to be said@adamlambert it's one of the reason why I love Heavy Metal so much, no artist/band sugarcoats anything, never afraid to be brutally honest@adamlambert love when an artist ain't afraid to tell it like it is@dolusglitz So amazing! <3
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