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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Why does Democrat Staci Appel in #IA03 support passports for terrorists? Watch our latest ad. https://t.co/ED7SDxeoYtIn a world like this, why did Democrat Dan Maffei cut funding to fight terrorism? Watch the latest ad in #NY24. https://t.co/UiZQ6pmH9yToday, NRCC Chairman Walden talked about the impact issues like terrorism are having on 2014 http://t.co/4t9YwA3Xz5 http://t.co/kRqMXBbDw1
Democrat Ron Barber had a chance to vote for border security. He voted no. Watch our latest ad in #AZ02. https://t.co/MjY7irHA5w1.9 million Americans may lose health insurance. Find out why: http://t.co/6xtkiUsrzL #ObamaCareDemocrat John Barrow voted for taxpayer-funded abortions, and voted against life. Watch our latest ad in #GA12. https://t.co/aiglsA1Oq2
Democrat Nick Rahall is using dishonest ads to hide his support for Barack Obama. Learn the truth. #WV03 https://t.co/eGvG8wQ37lGuess how Democrat @RepScottPeters spent your cash? Watch our latest TV ad in #CA52: https://t.co/T71Yqb3BzKFormer Obama DHS Official: State Dept Tried “To Skirt” Security Requirements In Benghazi http://t.co/jzpa50QOR7The #Benghazi hearings start today. Let's get to the bottom of this. http://t.co/AW1HleLshqHave you seen @BarbaraComstock's latest TV ad? #VA10 WATCH: https://t.co/ulz7sUWugB
Rep. Rahall staffer reportedly deletes Facebook account featuring 'pro-terrorist imagery' http://t.co/F2R7vZojlV #wv03 #wvpol
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Keep @LegInsurrection's Mandy Nagy in your thoughts while she recovers from a stroke. http://t.co/GSNEvleTT950 days! Are you with us? It's time to put a stop to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi: http://t.co/cINDfsrFIJ http://t.co/fHDn4Tync1RT @BarbaraComstock: Check out our new TV ad: "Trusted Aide" https://t.co/L7Pprg8Vmi #VA105 Reasons Why It’s A Very Bad Morning For Democrats Like President Obama And Annie Kuster http://t.co/bAk5luhIVy
#AZ01 candidate @Andy_Tobin delivered the GOP Weekly Address this morning at Picacho Peak. Watch it here: http://t.co/diECOTs4xS
After supporting #ObamaCare, this Democrat is experiencing higher healthcare costs: http://t.co/6QtkvXnJKO
RT @Andy_Tobin: Honored to be selected by @JohnBoehner to be the first Republican House candidate to deliver the Weekly GOP Address. #AZ01WATCH: White House on what “victory” against ISIS means: “I Didn’t Bring My Webster’s Dictionary” http://t.co/LsIox3VQAuCongratulations to @Andy_Tobin for being chosen to deliver the Weekly GOP Address! http://t.co/ZmgsL89I6v #AZ01 #AZRightFlashback Video: President Bush Visits Ground Zero on 9/14/2001 http://t.co/Ioqk2lMLJtGod Bless America http://t.co/RwuAR0Ov5N #911anniversary
Vice President Dick Cheney said it best. http://t.co/k0m5IuXF8s.@collinpeterson defends his taxpayer-funded private plane use. http://t.co/8jvoVwRNjl Get all the facts at http://t.co/G3fRZDoV57
.@NRCC Memo: New Hampshire Primary Results http://t.co/aCovQluzsa #DriveTo245Democrat Rick Nolan is so liberal, it's dangerous. Watch our new ad. #MN08 https://t.co/QfN9qf5t9EAre you a part of the 70%? http://t.co/8AQDu4EwegSeniors can't trust Ron Barber with Medicare - he gutted it to pay for #ObamaCare. Watch our new ad. #AZ02 https://t.co/78QJpjcQklCharging taxpayers for TWO cars? Even Minnesota's Senators don't have two cars! Watch our new ad. #MN07 https://t.co/sJXLX5NTZbNick Rahall voted with Barack Obama 94% of the time. He's lost touch with West Virginia. WATCH our new ad. #WV03 https://t.co/O9jxBTL7sK
Daily Caller: "Activist Behind Sexist Letter To The Editor Goes Nuclear After Dem Campaign Cuts Him Loose.” #NY21 http://t.co/yxFw2mzqSlCongrats to the newest batch of @NRCC Young Guns: http://t.co/XHwimtMpXh. Now on to victories in November! #midterms
Whoa! What happened to the #jobs recovery? Only 142K added in Aug. #JobsReport @LaMonicaBuzz http://t.co/PZkpA4K2v5 http://t.co/50v2x7tIc2
Retweeted by NRCC.@PostStar: "It sounded to us like [@WoolfforNY] wanted to bring his mom to a job interview." http://t.co/5gzqjFa2C4 #ny21
Did you know that Democrat @JohnFoustVA cut funding for Virginia's schools? Watch our new web video. #VA10 #VAPol https://t.co/Bbhx2dCF4zNow 45,660… RT @lansing 44K FB shares, 2.6 million reached and counting: https://t.co/X3EwZPwjAiKids going back to school? Don't thank Democrat @JohnFoustVA. Watch our new web video in #VA10. #VAPol https://t.co/fe6RGDTDWwVIDEO: CNN: DNC Chair’s Comments Were “Very Much Over The Line” http://t.co/gcQPbsIUWR
Via @MiamiHerald: "Feds intensify investigation on Rep. Joe Garcia’s former campaign manager" cc @JoeGarcia http://t.co/dU9zTprJ1n #sayfie
Retweeted by NRCCHealthcare Costs To Skyrocket Over The Next Decade, According To A New Report http://t.co/CuW72VjnyaSep. 3, 1777: American flag flies for first time. Sep. 3, 1783: Treaty of Paris signed, securing independence. http://t.co/bz7c3S2YZHLots of Democrats wore this one, right @OFA? Like @GwenForCongress #FL02 and @RonBarberAZ #AZ02? http://t.co/mtokzGOrW9Hey @OFA, did someone drop this one? https://t.co/sBQAich3LS http://t.co/T5i6jFM0Gy57% of likely voters disapprove of how President Obama is “working" with Congress. http://t.co/0LXKmFY7kIThere is literally NO good news for desperate Democrats in this latest poll: http://t.co/0LXKmFY7kI http://t.co/ohkJONzQDxNew poll: Republicans leading Democrats among likely voters by 4-points. #2014 http://t.co/ohkJONzQDxWATCH: ABC: Obama Sent A “Mixed Message” And “Backtracked Significantly” On ISIS http://t.co/tn5pLHuWO6RT @BarbaraComstock: A healthy economy can and will restore the American Dream #Va10TownHall
70 years ago today, George HW Bush was shot down over the Pacific in WW2. Thank you for your service in the #USNavy! http://t.co/HKDBFh9Gp4#ObamaCare is gutting #Medicare in #AZ02. Democrat @RonBarberAZ was a part of it. Watch our newest TV ad: https://t.co/M19CHK6ZVzDemocrat @appelforiowa in #IA03 spent your tax dollars on flower pots and broken organs. Watch our new TV ad: https://t.co/0MXcrt85uDWATCH our new TV ad airing in #AZ01 against Democrat @RepKirkpatrick. She's carrying a lot of Obama's baggage: https://t.co/1XdPdDgI7UDemocrat John Barrow voted to spend $800,000 studying how monkeys react to cocaine. WATCH our latest TV ad in #GA12: https://t.co/qrMchjwz91We're up with a new TV ad in #WV03: Democrat @RepNickRahall is an ally of Obama, and an enemy of coal. WATCH: https://t.co/SvqhUoe46yNew @NRCC TV ad features #AZ02 senior slamming @RonBarberAZ for gutting #Medicare at expense of #ObamaCare. ▶️ http://t.co/ejfND4fjqDNew @NRCC TV ad hits @repjohnbarrow for voting with Obama on stimulus, wasteful spending. ▶️ http://t.co/9TAKPVsWIe #GA12RT @RightSocial: @NRCC has five new TV ads up targeting vulnerable Dems. Watch them here: http://t.co/EHJn9C9QoK5 new TV ads going up against Democrats today. Watch them all here: ▶️ http://t.co/gJTNjHvMna #AZ01 #AZ02 #IA03 #WV03 #GA12CNN: Dems "Twisting Themselves All Up In Knots” Trying To Avoid Unpopular Obama http://t.co/gszlVx7F4b
Happy Labor Day, America. Enjoy your Monday. http://t.co/hso0EYXFzA
Do you want this? Neither do we. http://t.co/81pSjGmLe2 http://t.co/PQosWj8e2tRetweet if you a part of the 54%. http://t.co/jrdrQ2KJ7E http://t.co/hYezasYZcKWatch the GIF. Can we count on you? http://t.co/xIaOucEyxK http://t.co/KZLI5leSr4
Do you want these two running America? Neither do we. Help us prevent this from happening: http://t.co/jrdrQ2KJ7E http://t.co/LaR0pVSNtDSOS! Watch the GIF, then help us. http://t.co/xIaOucEyxK http://t.co/KZLI5leSr4Football is fun. Nancy Pelosi is scary. Donate $25 to help us stop her: http://t.co/xIaOucEyxK #GoBlue #PennState #UCLAvsUVA #OSUvsNavyFundraising deadline. 48 hours. Pelosi winning. Help. http://t.co/xIaOucEyxK http://t.co/KZLI5leSr4
Why is this big fundraising deadline so important? Watch the GIF. http://t.co/jrdrQ2KJ7E http://t.co/AA3rykLS2jURGENT: Watch this GIF. We need your help. http://t.co/jrdrQ2KJ7E http://t.co/KZLI5leSr4A day after admitting he has no strategy, Obama headlines two Democrat fundraisers. http://t.co/ogTu0oYJGn http://t.co/9oE9rj2VDdThink POTUS is finally drafting a strategy? Think again. His schedule today is full of fundraisers. http://t.co/ogTu0oYJGnA day after admitting he has no strategy, President Obama is packing his schedule with Democrat fundraisers. http://t.co/ogTu0oYJGn
President Obama actually said this today when asked about #ISIS. RETWEET if you want real leadership. http://t.co/wq1Ebp4Mx3What’s the Obama strategy? To have no strategy. #Ukraine #ISIS #Russia http://t.co/wq1Ebp4Mx368 days until the November elections. We're in full-gear to stop Nancy Pelosi. What about you? https://t.co/j9E3jrkEiqMultimillionaire @WoolfforNY calls for end to “tax loopholes for millionaires” – while using them himself. http://t.co/g8idNO7zyk #ny21Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker? Yeah, neither can we. https://t.co/jjCZ7Q0M7RObama should have gone to these northeast Democrats’ districts instead of Martha’s Vineyard http://t.co/uZDFn7nLmy
Red State: “Democrat @GwenForCongress's Two-Faced Position On #ObamaCare.” http://t.co/qwLnE5a4RL #FL02Sean Eldridge attacks #BurgerKing - while his husband personally profits from it. http://t.co/wAekxRdSWr #NY19.@NRCC Memo: Arizona Primary Results http://t.co/vhy7ZTrKtt #DriveTo245.@NRCC Memo: Florida Primary Results http://t.co/R1opToliyi #DriveTo245
Congratulations to tonight’s primary winners in Arizona and Florida! On to November! #AZPol #Sayfie http://t.co/Jf9pnPKdSR9 #Emmys that Obama might actually have won. http://t.co/BiWQwZDBYk http://t.co/AMrNhN6Ag1If these 9 categories were actually at the #Emmys, and Obama won them, would you watch? http://t.co/BiWQwZDBYk http://t.co/AMrNhN6Ag1http://t.co/BiWQwZDBYk MT @VP: Congrats @OfficialJLD. Fellow Veep with a sense of humor, and a good friend. #Emmys http://t.co/Q9PpNvvgbqObama was NOT at the #Emmys last night, despite rumors. But here’s 9 awards that might get him there next year. http://t.co/BiWQwZDBYkHe’s no #BreakingBad. But here are 9 awards Obama could have won last night at the #Emmys http://t.co/DcWuEjLnGO http://t.co/AMrNhN6Ag19 awards that President Obama could have won last night at the #Emmys. http://t.co/BiWQwZDBYk http://t.co/AMrNhN6Ag1Now the #IRS says that the missing Lois Lerner emails exist, but they don’t want to get them. http://t.co/LqtVWGg0UJ http://t.co/GZSxjybFa7Wait, hold the phone: the #IRS just admitted that the missing emails actually still exist. http://t.co/LqtVWGg0UJ
Stand with Republican women like @BarbaraComstock and @AnnRomney against Democrats’ attacks: http://t.co/hLgERtLfDr http://t.co/ZPNtMKHtnQ.@AnnDRomney is right, Democrats. Being a mother is a “real job.” RETWEET if you agree. http://t.co/hLgERtLfDr http://t.co/ZPNtMKHtnQStand with @AnnDRomney & @BarbaraComstock. Help fight back against Democrats’ sexist attacks: http://t.co/hLgERtLfDr http://t.co/jvlenXUbLPDid you see what this Democrat said about @BarbaraComstock? Help her demand an apology: http://t.co/hLgERtLfDr http://t.co/6OvWhBITwdRT @AnnDRomney: I stand w/ @BarbaraComstock for Congress- lawyer, businesswoman, public servant, Mom-all "real jobs” http://t.co/LzvleSSgAq
A Democrat said this mother of 3 has never had a real job. Help @BarbaraComstock fight back: http://t.co/hLgERtLfDr http://t.co/jvlenXUbLP
Her Democrat opponent says @BarbaraComstock has never had a real job. Help her fight back: http://t.co/hLgERtLfDr http://t.co/jvlenXUbLPRNC’s @SharonDay Statement On @johnfoustva’s Anti-Woman Attack on @BarbaraComstock: http://t.co/kGf2P2PDfi #VA10
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