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Unemployment increased in July, yet stacks of House-passed jobs bills still lay #StuckInTheSenate. http://t.co/7tb3DQ9XwQ
Retweeted by NouvelleThere’s nothing extreme about the House bills with #border solutions #Americans support. http://t.co/pxxCJTS0eA #bordercrisis #immigration
Retweeted by NouvelleAs the House continues to work on immigration legislation, know this: I will continue to fight against amnesty. http://t.co/UL1oUU4h2F
Retweeted by Nouvelle@dinatitus @dccc Why is gov't in the student loan business in the first place? Gov't is too big, sell the loans back to the banks.@SpeakerBoehner @HouseVetAffairs @RepJeffMiller ThankYou for supporting our vets,but when will the #VA workers who broke the law,go to jail?@JoeGarcia Why doesn't our gov't have to follow our laws? Where is the #BorderFence that was MANDATED in the 1986 Amnesty Bill? #LawlessThanks, @HouseGOP, for selecting my 1-min floor speech on failures of #Obamacare as the "One-Minute of the Week." https://t.co/EgStndyFdj
Retweeted by NouvellePlease as Dem Reid to bring 300+ House passed Bills up for a vote: @BennieGThompson I'm ready to work. House Repubs want to play..games..You mean #Illegalimmigrants? @repdavidscott Rules Committee Repubs still trying to figure out..border bill..DREAM Act kids will be targeted.News Update Senate Passes McConnell Sponsored Funding for Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System http://t.co/kCvfrogeWS
Retweeted by NouvelleState Supreme Court upheld the state’s voter ID law - http://t.co/4jgfXeEW4X
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SteveWorks4You thank you for representing Texas and the American ideals Mr Stockman @DataGenesis
Retweeted by NouvelleCBS Reports On Cuomo Corruption Scandal; Still No Coverage From CNN http://t.co/LuohUy0zg4
Retweeted by Nouvelle@JohnDalyBooks It was chilling to hear O recall 911 as that time in history where AMERICA did something wrong (poured water on ppl's heads).At a time when terrorists are bombing Israel, Obama brags that at least we're not water-boarding anymore.
Retweeted by NouvelleStanding by a hero on #REDFriday #Hero @HonorChrisKyle @ChrisKyleFrog NEVER FORGET! http://t.co/VTPR3DeDEb
Retweeted by NouvelleObama: totally for killing terrorists, civilians & even American citizens with drones.. BUT draws the line with a little extra water
Retweeted by NouvelleObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs http://t.co/aeLScYh7Wq #aca #pjnet
Retweeted by NouvelleUpdates on the fights to #StopObamasAmnesty, #StandWithIsrael, protect privacy, keep the internet tax free, and more: http://t.co/TUYvAJrzNU
Retweeted by Nouvelle🇺🇸 Sheila Jackson Lee staffer allegedly threatens 'right wing, tea-bagger nut job' journalist with IRS http://t.co/w3uNTo9yKF #WIUNION
Retweeted by NouvelleAt Presser,O tries to pivot to his birthday.Why? Only a narcissist would look at the troubles in the world today, and say'What about me?'YepO just said'In a country as wealthy as ours,everybody should have access to H/C.' U.S.Nat'l Debt: $17,632,199,201,422 http://t.co/VJ3dKmmxLF#Illegalimmigrant charged with beating USC graduate student to death..with a bat..in order to rob him: http://t.co/H6e85MLKaH #TCOT #PJNETPLEASE HELP Sen CRUZ abolish the IRS call 1-800-656-8845 its time to get rid of this monster! PLEASE RETWEET #PJNET #C2gthr
Retweeted by NouvelleMedia have once again let Americans down; no watchdog. http://t.co/7PhQ7FUbFh
Retweeted by Nouvelle#FF @ladydshops @fmg223 @saveusrepublic2 @vickikellar @Jacie249 @cattinks @Tea_Party_Chris @Jim_Peoples_ @LeMarquand #FollowAll #BuildAnArmyMost Republicans think illegal immigration is the most important issue facing the country. http://t.co/10pdzYEj2W #TGDN #CCOT #PJNET #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleO just said "I have to give JohnKerry credit..'Umm..for the 72 Hr. ceasefire that lasted 2 Hrs. b/c Israeli soldiers were killed & captured?O said House wrote an #Immigration Bill that they KNEW Senate wouldn't pass,yet he has penned many exec.orders he KNOWS House wouldn't pass.O just said Congress wouldn't pass a minimum wage bill,so businesses were raising wages on their own. THAT'S HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK!#TCOT#FF @reactionariez @jonahsprotege @MollieOld @jasonsmook @Law1780 @49fireyourguns @plantlady35 @sbnauman @ShiloAnderson1 #Follow #BuildArmy!Wackos think Progessives are'out of this world,'I say that's just wishful thinking:) #FF @PubliusNV @rmcmartino1 @PolitixFireball @HeidiL_RNIf you think Lance Armstrong walked on Mars, you might be a Dem. Don't be a Dem #ff @rmcmartino1 @PolitixFireball @NouvelleNom @HeidiL_RN
Retweeted by NouvelleFight Big Gov't HERE: #FF @luckyseas1 @JohnJkt320 @LeMarquand @rjkok2 @robg_here @qnoftherealm @Cats_lmbo @blove65 @Dodarey @ShiloAnderson1Yep! #FF @luckyseas1 @JohnJkt320 @LeMarquand @rjkok2 @robg_here @qnoftherealm @Cats_lmbo @blove65 @Dodarey @gynadee @gerfingerpoken @bigmahi#FF @Steve_Repak @Papatul @TSimm246 @ILuvUSA @RichBusi @wrenmeyers @Rmueting @ArmyInfantryMom @FindMySoldier @ShiloAnderson1 #BuildAnArmy!1/6th of Americans go Hungry as @BarackObama Wastes Billions $ http://t.co/OZmuAtV2fO @chicagotribune @latimes @nypost @WhiteHouse @FoxNews
Retweeted by Nouvelle“@ROCKWITHBECK: 11,472,000 Americans Have Left Workforce Since Obama Took Office http://t.co/kvkJMD4sSr” #RedNationRising #CCOT #TCOT
Retweeted by Nouvelle
Pelosi:BenghaziFamilies don't wantNewCommittee:http://t.co/5DgWiPoIh6 IRScommissioner:Ppl don't wantSpecialProsecutor:http://t.co/UvpuhWwhqdTen FACTS Every Voter Must Know About #Obama's #FastAndFurious CRIME! #BrianTerryMatters #tcot #teaparty http://t.co/RCMWMv8Y5A
Retweeted by NouvelleO, "The United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam." http://t.co/CfLp75bJLTO,"Michelle& I don't want anyone telling us who our family's dr. should be & no one should decide that for you either..if you like your dr..The Hill: US production helps stabilize latest Middle east oil crisis: http://t.co/fpvx8ldHEc #fracking #energysecurity
Retweeted by Nouvelle44 groups representing oil, trucking, construction & labor urge immediate ok for #KeystoneXL http://t.co/M6o2TIOaWD #BuildItNow
Retweeted by NouvelleFrom today's @mercurynews: #fracking water suply fears unfounded: http://t.co/URP0IdOkMG
Retweeted by NouvelleSenate report: Green "Billionaire's Club" may be flouting the law @TomSteyer http://t.co/7tYE0X2NnS #DarkMoney
Retweeted by NouvelleO,"I consider it..my responsibility as President..to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear"http://t.co/yZsIl3xtzAO,"Bush..failure..in helping Israel achieve peace w/Palestinians..both wrong for our friendship w/Israel,as well as..damaging our standing..O,"I can make a firm plege,under my plan,no family making less than $250,000 a yr will see any form of tax increase..not any of your taxes."O,"I will cut taxes-for 95% of all working families,b/c,in an economy like this,the last thing we should do is raise taxes on..middle class"O,"If the ppl cannot trust their gov't to do the job for which it exits-to protect them & to promote their common welfare-all else is lost."Thomas Jefferson: Encroaches on Liberty & Rights by Government http://t.co/jshPCz8u83 via @CaptainJDavis
Retweeted by NouvelleOur video shows the diverse #energy sources that help ensure a reliable American electricity supply. Watch it here: http://t.co/FNu2XwlVQo
Retweeted by Nouvelle@Queen_V1216 @GeorgeEliseo @creepingsharia MOST #Illegalimmigrant Families Collect Welfare: http://t.co/rZrpbTT1TV #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOTPut them on a bus to the WH: @BenSwann_ O Sneaks 760 #Illegal #Immigrants Into Tennessee: http://t.co/ej9M6VUUR9 @BellanievePalm Beach: Lebanese brothers get 6 years in $6M food stamp racket http://t.co/zjoJr5hrVT
Retweeted by NouvelleMissed some of my updates? Get my daily newsletter https://t.co/OGALg2T61z (sign up on upper right) #CCOT #TeaParty #Pjnet
Retweeted by NouvelleU.S. Sues American Co. For Requiring Workers to Speak English: http://t.co/sEHdZPL4UI #Illegalimmigration #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARResearchers can find our full FOIA production on the Bill & @HillaryClinton conflicts at State here: http://t.co/dZd9eZk0wk
Retweeted by NouvelleICYMI: JW Forces Release of Clinton State Conflict of Interest Docs: http://t.co/fjibHEANKS via @JudicialWatch http://t.co/eW2mq32IcB
Retweeted by NouvelleClinton's speaking fees may have been foreign bribes to the administration: http://t.co/jiqmWDWyK4 via @UPI
Retweeted by NouvelleHouse to remain in session until border bill passes | @HouseGOP @SenTedCruz #SecureOurBorders No $$ for Illegals http://t.co/kgOOFjLu9O
Retweeted by NouvelleTo make it even more 'humanitarium,' take Pelosi,too! @SamThiessen Moving UN HQ from NYC to the Gaza Strip is a capital idea! Let's do it!!WOW! Thanks @JudicialWatch! By Oct1,DOJ must turn over index of all #FastAndFurious material held back since Sept'12 http://t.co/ONoEiyRyKONEW: Federal court releases hold on Fast & Furious documents case http://t.co/lLM3bfAGJ4
Retweeted by Nouvelle@oreillyfactor Carville said Dems passed #Immigration bill,but Repubs didn't. Reagan PASSED 1986ImmigrationBill that MANDATED a #BorderFence@NouvelleNom @WashingtonDCTea @MonicaCrowley No more USA tax dollars on illegal invaders
Retweeted by NouvelleCIA director apologizes to lawmakers as probe finds officers read Senate emails | http://t.co/srYi3LgviR@micolh @RepBarbaraLee Great reason to support the #FairTax...get Lobbyists out of Washington!Any border package bill that doesn't defund @BarackObama’s #amnesty is a #CrapChimichanga
Retweeted by Nouvelle@IMA1901 @RepLukeMesser @McGladrey @FaegreBD @BGDlegal Please support the #FairTax to get Crony Capitalism & Lobbyists out of Washington.@RepBarbaraLee Please support a #FairTax to get Crony Capitalism/Lobbyists out of Washington.@RepVeasey How in the WORLD did the GOP create the #humanitariancrisis on the Border?! #Lies #Lies #LiesHouse cancels border vote: http://t.co/lBRTEMjubT #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARScandal of fiddled(#fraud) #globalwarming data http://t.co/J9urXshocy @TweetCongress @NEWSHOUR @FoxNews @facethenation @theviewtv #militia
Retweeted by NouvelleDiscredited #GlobalWarming,now renamed #ClimateChange is simply a pretext to steal #liberty&money from #WETHEPEOPLE w/ #Agenda21& #CarbonTax
Retweeted by NouvelleAs this article points out, the weather isn't actually getting weirder at all: http://t.co/DFgkemovEO #climate #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleThank You! @RepKerryB I voted "yes" to allow the Speaker to sue @BarackObama. Find out why here -> http://t.co/UTspjbayhq #TCOT #TGDN #PJNETI voted "yes" to allow the Speaker to sue @BarackObama. Find out why here --> http://t.co/cD3s1H6djM #PJNET #tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleTweetCongress:https://t.co/XEGjD1UbpN @MonicaCrowley #MeltTheLines Sessions:HouseBorderBill Is'SurrenderToLawlessPres'http://t.co/Q2Yg6NjpACMediaContactList-http://t.co/0PxvPxhBa7 #MeltTheLines @MonicaCrowley Sessions:BorderBill Is'Surrender To LawlessPres' http://t.co/Q2Yg6NjpAC#MeltTheLines -> RT Jeff Sessions: House Border Bill Is a 'Surrender To a Lawless President' http://t.co/md315Rjm3Z via @NRO
Retweeted by NouvelleSatelliteData shows no #globalwarming for 17.8yrs; NOAA et al show tornado/hurricane intensity/frequency below normal http://t.co/CvsA5i1efn#IRS Agents' Testimony: NO Progressive Groups Were Targeted by IRS..... Despite Dem Claims to the Contrary http://t.co/iufFjkoktS … … …#tcot
Retweeted by NouvelleWisconsin Supreme Court upholds law that ended collective bargaining for public workers: http://t.co/DF3MTMSjZW #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOTUN puts new momentum behind its radical green agenda for 'climate change' http://t.co/iUIdT8Hj2H #itIsARedistributionSCAM #TCOT #PJNET #TGDNRepublican report alleges ‘billionaire’s club’ funding environmental causes through ‘shady’ network #TCOT #PJNET | http://t.co/nm5EoVjqdJArgentina misses default deadline after talks with creditors collapse: http://t.co/HcOdQia7H7 #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARWith @MichelleNunnGA at the helm, Points of Light gave $33K to Hamas-linked group. #gapol #gasen
Retweeted by NouvelleForbes: #ObamaCare - The Lies Continue http://t.co/Hobu1NJ7GI #aca #fullrepeal #pjnet
Retweeted by Nouvelle
@marthamaccallum Dems blame GOP for #ShutDown, but the issue was DELAYING the #ACA Employer Mandate, which O subsequently ILLEGALLY delayed!RIIIIGHHT! “@SpeakerBoehner: This isn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats; it’s about the #Constitution. http://t.co/TNnGY5WMgE
Retweeted by NouvelleDuring #BUDGET Debate, O refused GOP call for #ACA Employer Mandate delay,THEN used exec. action to delay Employer Mandate! Yep, sue him.In #Budget Debate,GOP wanted to repeal #ACA,then negotiated down to delaying EmployerMandate for 1year. O refused & blamed #ShutDown on GOP.This isn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats; it’s about the #Constitution. http://t.co/Mhnh80uJZO
Retweeted by NouvelleThanks to @BreitbartNews for running my #oped > Until We Stop the Flood, We Will Never Overcome This Border Crisis http://t.co/oekjglvYNe
Retweeted by Nouvelle.@Newsmax_Media reports: “GOP Highlighting Lack of Action in Democratic Senate” http://t.co/hYQghPxic5
Retweeted by NouvelleTwo women have been awarded a $200,000 grant to study the underlying sexism of Wikipedia. This is why America is broke.
Retweeted by NouvelleNew Polls: Obama Losing, GOP Gaining, On Immigration http://t.co/TbnORym9UH #Illegalimmigration #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #BorderFenceIt is not voter suppression to require an ID; it is voter suppression when you allow someone illegal to vote or to vote twice or more.
Retweeted by Nouvelle
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