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PeteWadeinIndy @PeteWadeinIndy Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tea Party member recovering from @GOP. My opinions are, at times, unintentionally offensive. PROUDLY A TARGET OF IRS FOR BEING A TEA PARTY MEMBER!

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@JohnKerry @act4america If Kerry told me it was sunny outside, I'd take my umbrella. This man is a traitor and he works for a traitor.Considering the substantial lack of control on our boarders, and the threats made by ISIS, it behooves all Americans to arm themselves.Wearing my model 1911 Colt today. Feels like I have 2 bricks on my belt compared to my Sig. :)
@LADowd @Cindyrealestate @715Robcross Given his drug history, he made have been trippin' at the time?@TwitchyTeam @HarrietBaldwin Obviously prepared by a democrat precinct observer.Obama wants amnesty to allow illegals to pay taxes, but most will only earn enuf to get full refunds and possibly earned income tax refunds.@kinxbitz @ByronYork I understand your feelings... and the frustration... but remember, it was Teddy Roosevelt that put Wilson in office.Miley Cyrus Wipes Her Ass With The Mexican Flag http://t.co/pZ08RUVwIi #tcot #pjnet
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@kinxbitz @ByronYork Kinx, I hope you are right.... but I doubt it. The MSM would line up to bring him down. The media blitz will blind us.Seriously, THIS IS PROPAGANDA. perpetrated by @TheWeek . DISGUSTING! http://t.co/vGnzXVtYv9
@SenatorReid @Sanddragger HURRAY FOR @gop! I hope they kick your pruney ass back to Nevada where you belong you communist pig!@ByronYork Walker has been my pick all along. I love Cruz and Jindal. I'd elect them tomorrow. Unfortunately, American voters will not.@DLoesch Your opinion? Why do #democrats want to take guns away from citizens when ISIS may be among us? Anyone?3 new followers in the last day and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it http://t.co/5VAeZMZNXn
@DLoesch, a beckoning lighthouse in a storm of liberal madness.@Lakota07 All are great folk, indeed! A couple are my very favorites...but they can't win and we all know it. Lets get some folks who can.Autumn in Indiana. Don't miss it this year. http://t.co/RxOgdLtja1The beauty of God's creation on display. Autumn in Indiana. Its one of the great joys of my life. It returns Sept 22 Come visit.Time continues its trek across creation, the unseen force that ever draws the soul of humanity toward its creator. Autumn returns 9/22/14.@kurtimus @TeamCavuto I suppose its only a 'fact' if @MSNBC, @MMFA reports it. @FoxNews is considered the most balanced network in news.@kurtimus @TeamCavuto Sorry, I thought someone of your massive intellect wouldn't be offended. You're obviously less gifted than I supposed.Its no wonder Europeans think Americans are nuts. Consider MSM propaganda on the wonder of Obama & so called 'police burtality' of Ferguson.@JAXconservative Thanks!http://t.co/wXATGF64DN
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@JAXconservative where / when was this taken?@PeteWadeinIndy AND #DEMOCRATS love this hick! Of course, they love her whoremonger husband, too, even after Monica in the oval office!Hillary can't control Bill. She made a fool of herself with the 'easy button'. She was the chief fool in Benghazi attack. She liked Assad.@kurtimus @TeamCavuto (Its easy to see why Kurt only has 21 followers. :>0@TeamCavuto Don't gripe about MSM if YOU continue to watch their programming & fill their pockets with advertising dollars. Its your fault.We're discussing this report RIGHT NOW on #CAVUTO. What do you make of this? http://t.co/diW4EYR6FG
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy#Democrats, your party suffered to much loss under Obama . Will you throw away the rest of your credibility with another social experiment?
MT @THETXEMBASSY: #BringBackOurMarine #KillISIS http://t.co/uqS9f5pBW8 #RedMeat
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyPlease help us show @Liberty_Chick (Mandy Nagy) how much she means to us all while she recovers from a stroke http://t.co/EAqlzIc4WK
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@NiceDeb @BreitbartConvo .... AND PEOPLE CAN'T WAIT TO SIGN UP FOR OBAMACARE.... AND, IT WAS JUST A FEW ROGUE AGENTS IN CINCINNATII'm really glad that social experiment sitting in the White House isn't a muslim..... we'd be in deep trouble then, for sure.Gotta wonder, 'what was he thinkin'" A fool goes to N. Korea to 'go to prison to expose rights violations', now wants U.S. to get him out?Obama says Arabs offer to join airstrikes..... but he also says the IRS scandal is a bunch about nothing.If you believe the muslims and christians serve the 'same god', explain why Christians are not commanded to 'behead infidels'.I will treat Methodists, Baptists and muslims the same when Methodists and Baptist begin beheadings.Amazing that Ralph Reed is considered a plague carrier in D.C. while the Muslim Brotherhood is welcomed.... even though Obama is not MuslimDo I treat muslims different than Baptists? Yes! For this, muslims say I'm racist, to which I reply, Baptists are not trying to kill me.Arming 'rebels' in Syria is direct support of ISIS. Solution? Let the Syrian nationalists & ISIS kill each other; then fight the winner.If you can get arrested 4having a lemonade stand w/o a license, but not 4 being in the country illegally-#YouMightBeALiberal #HarkinSteakFry
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@jimgeraghty Yep... except he's a whoremonger and she's an enabler.Found $100 on the street yesterday.... It will be part of a new firearm today. :>)@bitslaw Yeah.... God knows they have nothing else to do. Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast N Furious, DOJ, Obamacare.....@ariannahuff would be better recognized if she just changed her name to Tokyo Rose. The propaganda matches! http://t.co/YAl4In4TDK@YahooNews and @HuffingtonPost , both propagandists for Obama and liberal democrats.... http://t.co/YAl4In4TDK@PeteWadeinIndy Unfortunately, with our current, destructive, accentuate-the-negative-eliminate-the-positive Progmedia, the answer is no.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@HuffingtonPost How close to insane are you people???? You make Americans want to vomit with this kind of crap! http://t.co/YAl4In4TDKDear @SarahPalinUSA, I can't speak for everyone else but, as for me, you owe me no apologies.Is it just me? Or are all the presidential candidates, from both parties, very disappointing? Can't America do better than this?Nice day, yesterday with wife at Paramount Theater, Anderson, Indiana to see David Payne, "An Evening with C.S. Lewis". Great performance.I see the live road show, 'Hillary and the Whoremonger' has arrived in Iowa to do more 'not compaigning'. What a revolting pair.
If a spouse violates marital vows, the offended may always be suspicious of the offender. Also true of the IRS. It will never be trusted.The nagging question will always be, is if the IRS still targeting or is it legit? The @BreitbartNews audit is a perfect example.I’m ready to engage with my 4 new followers in the past day. I know them via http://t.co/5VAeZMZNXn
@Shaper079 Those where it is 'taught' are called seminaries. Athiestic views are taught in sceince at almost every college in America.@Shaper079 Take your finger and run it down a list of colleges. Pick one at random. Its done there daily.@jimgeraghty It has leaned horribly left since the departure of Scott. Really sad.DISCRIMINATION! Atheists allowed to teach their beliefs in classrooms but Christians cannot. That is the very essence of discrimination.A person who believes there is no god is welcome to preach his beliefs in any schoolyard in America. One who believes there is a God cannot.Those demanding 'tolerance' for homosexuals... and acceptance of their lifestyle.... have no qualms about denying Christians their rights.Another example of supporters of homosexual lifestyles going overboard. http://t.co/rfidP1x0Bz@SassyPantsjj Just showing the picture is probably racist enough to get Sharpton & Jackson to march on your house!@robertbirsinger You cain't do dat! Is a black thang, man.... jus takin' care a bizniz... you know what I'm sayin' dogg?I inhaled once, but I never tried marijuana.... wait.... what??@jeffB_iz @angry_vet_ A better song: "Duh Duh Duh! Duh Duh Duh! Duh! Duh! Duh! Momma talkin' to me, try to teach me how to live"How oblivious the uninformed are is magnified by their unconcern over ISIS or any crisis. It's eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow we die.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@EpicHistoryPics @SassyPantsjj What? No african americans? Where are the asians? No muslims? Where's @realDonaldTrump ?Plaudits to Ted Cruz for exposing hissing & booing elements of the Mid-East "Christian" Conference for the rancid bigots they are.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyIf you wonder where the 'chip on Holder's shoulder' came from, just ask his muslim boss. Both dispise whites & Christians. #HolderChallengeIf you wonder where the 'chip on Holder's shoulder' came from, just ask his muslim boss. Both dispise whites, especially white Christians.@RealJamesWoods @sandykjack #Holderchallenge Holder has declared the unofficial LEGAL hunting season on white people. You should be armed.Bush also told VP - and I quote - "We're at war Dick and we're going to find out who did this and we're going to kick their ass."
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyTo learn more about the work, watch and share this video from Joel C. Rosenberg about the heart of The Joshua Fund | https://t.co/aZNW22OqFR
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyThis is Israel's 9/11 Living Memorial outside Jerusalem, the only 9/11 memorial in the Middle East. #911anniversary http://t.co/QE4pZS5KPX
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyTo the insane libs at @Salon & in MO, is abortion so desparate a thing it has to happen in less than 72 hrs? Appointment waits are longer!If @Salon @nytimes @HuffingtonPost and @msnbc had been around in 1939, their propaganda staff would have been required to wear brown shirts
@DLoesch To use a phrase coined by Dr. Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory, "Curse you Will Wheaton!". Too much hollyweird at a young age.@DRUDGE_REPORT Maybe Americans are fed up with Hollywoods promotion of Obama, homosexuality & gay marriage, eco-activism & socialistic crap?TRUE RT @iowahawkblog @Mike_USPatriot Americans are weary of war. Especially war fought by half-measures & guided by cultural sensitivities.Yes, Americans are weary of war. Especially war fought by half-measures and guided by cultural sensitivities.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@DLoesch Here's a better strategy. Let Syrians kill Syrians.... then we only have to kill the victor.@PeteWadeinIndy @ReporterGreen He is just doing what any good Islamic extremist is allowed to do LIE!
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@DLoesch Among the troops you will easily find the answer; Kill em all and let God sort em out.In fawning over McCain after Carney battle, remember: John McCain wanted to arm the people last year that he wants to bomb this year.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyTerror Army Known as "Islamic State" Not Considered Islamic by President Obama http://t.co/WoxwQPUqVy via @townhallcom @KatiePavlich
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyOBAMA, speaking as a true two-faced MUSLIM says ISIL and ISIS "is not Islamic". Obvioulsy, he would know.Not much strategy tonight from #Obama - his claim that #ISIL is "not Islamic" underscores the point that he isn't governing in reality #ISIS
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy'Fascinating': Ari Fleischer offers 'chilling' account of 9/11 with President Bush http://t.co/zpQ26iwm7J
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyPersonally, if you support Obama, you are not my friend. I don't care who you are; movie stars, musicians, factory workers or grandmothers
Operation Enduring Incompetence #NameObamaISISOperation
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyDesert Storm 3: Revenge of the Nerds #NameObamaISISOperation http://t.co/EVqjpjzECb
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy#NameObamaISISOperation - Shrinking Eagle
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy#NameObamaISISOperation Operation Desert Worm
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy#NameObamaISISOperation "Operation Nine Iron" Its not much of a name but, with Obama, that's par for the course.#NameObamaISISOperation "Operation Nine Iron"@DanaTheBlaze @DLoesch I think one of #ObamaStrategies will be to bomb all their golf courses.Having trouble paying your child's tuition? Too bad he's not an illegal alien. The Govt to pay $761M to educate illegals this year.
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