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"Today’s technology can provide a perfect platform for secrecy." #infidelity http://t.co/9hiAtwxtpMRT @PaigeValdiserri: Reconnect w/ yourself! RT @PsychAlive: A brief guide to psychological #defenses: http://t.co/ckM50JCapIAs we grow up, we unconsciously adopt and integrate this pattern of destructive thoughts toward ourselves and others. http://t.co/DVFt9rsi74Looking to develop yourself or your relationship? Check out this workshop in beautiful Ojai, CA: http://t.co/mbLMLhblt9"Compassion is its own reward, as it leaves us feeling good within ourselves." http://t.co/h0h2Czl8HS
Reconnect w/ yourself! RT @PsychAlive: A brief guide to psychological #defenses: http://t.co/O8u98lCGcr
Retweeted by PsychAlive“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” David Richo#Technology can set a stage for deceptive behavior and stir up a whole new realm of #jealousy and paranoia. http://t.co/o8JeEvHMzQWhat’s keeping me from feeling? http://t.co/ygboXMFLfgIs Your Attachment Style Shaping Your Life? A FREE Webinar presented by PsychAlive http://t.co/O9P1HxL4X0
Are you terrified of failure? This might explain why... http://t.co/HjFEi9CsqNRead about "Personal Sexual Identity" http://t.co/XQHDTtWiFaHow Can We Tell the Difference Between Real Love and Fantasy: http://t.co/ldWcUBSy5BA study showed "women with most pessimistic and cynical personalities, had higher rates of these diseases and death." http://t.co/sSISurkyu7
There's no time like the present to stop procrastinating! http://t.co/9A2SdB8ybE'It's all in the mind" George Harrison'Daily Self Portrait: Fashion is More than What You Wear' by the stylish @DrDonnaRockwell http://t.co/HF2ZWo5GhAWorking Behind the Wall: Mental Health of Correctional-Based Staff - http://t.co/r1nWWMA0s3 via @PsychAlive @Yasir_Naqvi @DanSidsworth
Retweeted by PsychAlive"Each of us has an “inner critic” judging our every action and instructing us on how to live our lives." http://t.co/4cTrJZc5nD
Dr. James Garbarino talks about raising children in proximity to modern day “social toxins” http://t.co/556ClzxG0YA brief guide to psychological #defenses: http://t.co/X9MImWcyJtThis free Webinar with @DrLisaFirestone can help individuals stop self-sabotaging by countering negative thinking: http://t.co/kkXxvWXtsz
“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” ~ David Richo"Trust violations simply perpetuate the cycle of dishonesty and paranoia." http://t.co/fnu2X6mNPO #relationshipproblems
Cynicism may be hurting you more than you know… Learn more here: http://t.co/7AFCMHoB9O #cynicism"Through others we become ourselves" Lev S VygotskiDr. Robert Firestone on why so many people are afraid to grow up: http://t.co/sjE6iWvQcu
"No matter what, your relationship should always expand your life, not shrink it." ~@DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/RsxImvFhAKThe more you develop yourself as a strong, confident individual, the more likely you are to find a happy relationship http://t.co/zByUofrImKLearn about common risk factors for suicide: http://t.co/krKChaKZyl Knowledge can save lives!"Purchasing w/ the click of a button doesn’t have the same cognitive effect as dishing out money at a cash register." http://t.co/lMS4NiwNge
@DrLisaFirestone discusses when is a flirtation innocent and when does it go too far? http://t.co/pJAxYtiBzP #flirting"One problem with the Internet is that your online behavior has a certain feeling of distance from real life." http://t.co/CJe89r3SDV"Don’t kid yourself. The way we present ourselves matters." ~@DrDonnaRockwell http://t.co/9zVVwCU5KbYour attachment style influences how you relate in everything from your intimate relationships to your parenting. http://t.co/9msNWy2F9C
"Self-assured? Confident? Self-possessed? Style is more than what you wear." ~@DrDonnaRockwell http://t.co/mlzBkovPJkHow can a person in a suicidal state help themselves when they feel hopeless? http://t.co/U1vX3PjNkAOvercome Your Fear of Love - A Weekend Retreat in Ojai, CA http://t.co/Ej0OCljCqWFlirtation or Infidelity? What’s Okay and What’s Not: http://t.co/gXn70i5n6VLiving Life as an Authentic Adult - http://t.co/ayU8Bb2wF9 via @PsychAlive #psychiatry #Mental_Health
Retweeted by PsychAlive"One mistake people make when they think about fidelity is the assumption that they’ve forfeited their freedom" http://t.co/8PmmmpkPrQ
VIDEO: Dr. Peter Levine on What Drew Him to Study #Trauma http://t.co/uPxSvAzCPoAre you concerned for the safety or well-being of someone you know? Visit our suicide prevention advice page: http://t.co/yrN2hcyLfjVIDEO: Dr. James Garbarino on Connection Between Violent Men and Childhood Trauma http://t.co/1MjCzvMLWp#Addicted to relationships, like any drug, provides a quick fix. But, the fix will not last. @PsychAlive, http://t.co/rvXPxTGBt2
Retweeted by PsychAliveHow to Stop Sabotaging Yourself - a Free Webinar Presented by PsychAlive http://t.co/1iFwLPcl4y
Learn how YOU can help someone who is at risk for suicide today! Visit our suicide prevention advice page: http://t.co/1LTnPMR1A5Does money stress you out and make you feel bad about yourself? Read about how to stop using money to feel bad: http://t.co/YRwAswobgMWhat is really causing us so much anxiety? http://t.co/ZY5ksspFuy
"Trust can be a difficult thing to build, because people already carry their own defenses & distrust from the past." http://t.co/1vnlkubLfGFive Ways to Avoid an Infidelity: http://t.co/48mdP0qVak
'@ThomasMaage "What do you struggle with every day?” Anxiety' Anxiety can be very painful. Here's our #anxiety page: http://t.co/mt9HIYfqdNInteresting post on "What #Love is Not": http://t.co/RNlx2ya5TP via @PsychAlive #relationships
Retweeted by PsychAliveThinking of ending your relationship? @DrLisaFirestone suggests you try these 5 things first: http://t.co/b7GOamN9P4What do you struggle with every day?
#Mindfulness can help people achieve an integrated state, in which they are less likely to be overtaken by emotions. http://t.co/67LI4Zy5fh"Redefining love in terms of action can benefit an intimate relationship enormously." ~@DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/kz6hie2EJZ #love!Neurological studies now show that couples can keep their brains firing like newlyweds over long-term relationships http://t.co/8kYqVuMK2IVIDEO: Dr. Peter A. Levine on Helping #Children who Experience #Trauma http://t.co/mrxDuoAXqo
Understanding that #depression, like any affliction, requires attention and targeted treatment can help millions. http://t.co/zWMdp1WVAlAnger can lead to depression when, in attempting to suppress it, people turn it on themselves. http://t.co/YanlPMIURnWatch fascinating clips from our exclusive interview with Dr. Peter Levine http://t.co/QnzxLKyHOjFinding a Cure for Overeating: an interesting read by eating disorder specialist Angela Wurtzel http://t.co/kLmzFdnVT7
VIDEO: Dr. Peter Levine on the Impact of Infant #Attachment on Society http://t.co/tlzd1eTkjT"Depression is striking people at younger ages, making it all the more important to treat depression early and well." http://t.co/1Y7zBSHGkG"There may now be hard science behind the notion that true #love can last a lifetime" http://t.co/uPQoMEachDWatch trauma expert, Dr. Peter Levine's exclusive interview with PsychAlive: http://t.co/TojYf8loO8
"Ultimately, you can become the person you want to be in your relationship." ~@drlisafirestone http://t.co/2VNKI55jSNIn order to make #love last, we often have to sharpen our skills of loving: http://t.co/4YodfrtW5xStudies show that optimistic women have lower rates of coronary heart disease, cancer-related deaths, and mortality. http://t.co/FLd1WrCMbM"Many couples can preserve “romantic #love” by avoiding the trappings of a “Fantasy Bond.”" http://t.co/COyjs2Iwdc
Is this real love? Or a fantasy? Read about how you can tell the difference: http://t.co/rhdFFdcPjv"People choose online dating because it’s efficient!" http://t.co/4IAAh17oHmCheck out PsychAlive's upcoming FREE and Continuing Education #WEBINARS: http://t.co/c7ufKY89hR
Read about the many psychological benefits of #LAUGHING: http://t.co/oaet8OgQR5 #LOL #laughitupWhen we get cynical, we are often indulging in self-righteous attitudes and forming expectations about people. http://t.co/EEHncJMm6H
"Studies show that individual happiness & self-confidence are key factors in determining a successful #relationship." http://t.co/O6ymtISsqFWatch excerpts from PsychAlive's exclusive interview with #trauma expert Dr. Peter A. Levine - PsychAlive http://t.co/jCASv13MzDVIDEO: Dr. Peter A. Levine on Somatic Experiencing Approach and #PTSD http://t.co/CkwQlnavZ8 #trauma
What Parents Need to Know About the Teenage Brain - http://t.co/Pkjgyr3orY via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveCultivate a compassionate attitude. Be curious, open, accepting, and loving toward yourself. http://t.co/pgojvEn4J4Curious about love, relationships and infidelity in the 21st century, check out this Webinar with Dr. Pat Love: http://t.co/BQEMAfXXD1A MUST-READ article on how cynicism ruins people's lives. http://t.co/mgm8MiA0QoCan hostility and negativity actually be life-threatening conditions? Read more here: http://t.co/KpmQfZ1fKl"The fantasy bond is an illusion of connection a couple forms that replaces real acts of love, affection, & relating" http://t.co/CAor7PRnT7
Silence the Inner Voice That's Stressing You Out by Dr. Lisa Firestone http://t.co/layu71Bgno via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveDon't miss PsychAlive's upcoming #Webinars on topics from relationships to attachment to self-dabotage: http://t.co/lZXuagSoYERead about some effective methods for treating #depression: http://t.co/2Lg4RQK1CW"Although most of us say we want real love, many of us find it hard to tolerate." http://t.co/xs6FxNl2NbExcellent article for anyone trying to understand Narcissism RT @psychalive Have you noticed a rise in #narcissism? http://t.co/3IptXkih8l
Retweeted by PsychAlive
“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it." ~@BreneBrown“We forget very easily what gives us pain.” ~ Graham Greene“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” ~ @BrenéBrownWe apologize to anyone having trouble accessing PsychAlive today, we are working out some kinks with our server."Couples who’ve been together a long time & wish to get back their romantic edge should know it's an attainable goal" http://t.co/4BG5V9MUr2
"When in the role of a relationship, you can lose a sense of who you really are and how you really feel." http://t.co/XHzIvVeE4v“Cynicism is usually triggered when we feel hurt by or angry at something and don't deal with the feeling directly." @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveRead expert neurobiologist Dr. Daniel Siegal's wonderful description of the #brain: http://t.co/xkRuPMuwfuWhen we see love as a product of action, we can look into ourselves w/ fresh eyes & examine how loving we truly are. http://t.co/HCxMgMETty"Laughing releases endorphins into the brain that provide feelings of happiness and a heightened sense of well-being" http://t.co/plWy4Z3qMY
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