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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett on R4 Kitchen Cabinet Likes a wee whisky E17 resident Tunnocks Trafficker

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Tonight's 'Drunk With Mother' is a one off 'Cook For Mother While Drunk' special. ApparentlyThis is v bad news. We need more independent scrutiny, not less
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@PeterKGeoghegan atm I am reading David Daiches memoir of inter war childhood and we haven't changed. . .@PeterKGeoghegan I'll need to read it, but if you make me weep for Scotland's childhoods I will hunt you down.@PeterKGeoghegan that book made me weep The stuff on the failure of the '79 referendum and the emotional fall out was too like my childhood@blablafishcakes Ach well people have done worse. One of my pal's 'I can't have any sexual relationships" as a failed DM is still my fav@blablafishcakes that wasn't a DM delete@Finelychopped @cookinacurry oh that's lovely to see you all together x@blablafishcakes as in watching or on Twitter?@BirlinnBooks are we playing the whole of Samoa or just Western Samoa?There is something utterly heartbreaking about listening to Margaret Bennett.@bryony_gordon actually yes. Google Helen Galpin, she used to have some@DigiBungalow how goes the house?@blablafishcakes are they saying it a lot?@TheYellowBrolly *whistles* 😇@thebooktower must be as every spirit alcohol website does it.@TheYellowBrolly as long as isn’t like the draw Scotland had yesterday@thebooktower must be a t'internet requirement@TheYellowBrolly sorry, I had Tesco ready made samosas.@thebooktower all of them do now.@foodjournalist that was very very funny.@TheYellowBrolly you Laura, definitely you.@foodjournalist it was amazing, although tbh the bus home was the best.@MaltReview @DonaldColville @SpecialReleases hmmmm MibbeBut I knew you were all on edge wondering What is Rachel Drinking Tonight. So now you can rest easy.I'm drinking a Glenfarclas, I thought you'd want to know. I took a photo but it was rubbish, so there's not photographic proof.@MaltReview @DonaldColville @SpecialReleases to ME@foodjournalist @MaltReview @SpecialReleases I'd never had you pegged as an evil man Donald.@foodjournalist Donald where's Yer troosers. Thank me later@garlicconfit @angelamalik they've been going up here for over 20 years tbf@stridingedge it's on my to do list Eric.@angelamalik they might be good you knowThe Tesco in Milingavie has haggis pakora. HAGGIS PAKORA PEOPLE@MayMilesThomas @Ranjitskitchen thanks but we’re nowhere near there.This time we’ve come to Patisserie Valerie as at least we know what we’re getting.Discussing last week’s rip off trip to Babu’s Kitchen with embarrassed pal who took me on the basis of glowing critics reviewsWho is Craig Raine?5 things from @Common_Weal’s Book of Ideas to boost Scottish culture:
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackThe boobs are coming to get me. has glass ball lights on metal spikes that look like a Woody Allen riff on Madonna’s bra.* *ask your Mother young people@MatofKilburnia i’m back down 19th then up for a bit of Nov. what dates are you up here?I still feel like an out of place teenager.I’ve accidentally come to a very hip looking bar in Glasgow. I remember it was THE place when it opened.@AngrySalmond yeah but it’s the first time most of them have been for anything other than grouseBig Mac oh that’s that Modern Art museum. I thought it was very cleverTUNNOCKS !!'m really enjoying this, the first of 364 consecutive National Prose Days.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AndreDang @garlicconfit oh I dare you to!@qmulbioethics oh I like tweed. Sadly I have the budget for nylon@qmulbioethics not competitive at all then?@alanbissett have they turned the old Oxfam shop into a bookshop?@AndreDang @garlicconfit No, but I might have a hawk am back on 19th. Come up! There's plenty of space
@ScottishLit @RobertJSomynne instead, I've stopped watching. Waste of time.@simonvarwell not simultaneously.'We had trouble getting men to be in suffragette. The agents kept saying the parts weren't big enough' #Suffragette director Sarah Gavron
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@PeterArnottGlas *stabs self*“@Magnus_Jamieson: Roses are red Violets are bluesers The Scotland team Are a bunchae losers” #NationalPoetryDayThe Scotsmen on my timeline are making me laugh, #curseoftheScotsAh good. Didn’t really want to blame Germany when we are always responsible for our own pishness. Phew
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@kieran_hurley so my Timeline has decreed.A piper on the roof, two wonder goals and another glorious failure #BeingScottish
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack“@kieran_hurley: ah for fucksake that's that then #SCOPOL” guess we lost then.“@JamieRoss7: For. Fuck. Sake.” oops@kieran_hurley aye, there is that.@kieran_hurley we'd need a nostalgic chorus we could weep to when drunk.@kieran_hurley then we could all stand around and look glum and dour. Ace.@kieran_hurley the Spanish one has no words as no one could agree on them after Franco died.@Sheriffbrody you can feel a bit homeless being an ex Pat Scot in London atm, but he is playing ostrich.@Sheriffbrody it's a very weird programme with ex pat Marr pretending nothing has happened. Which I understand, it's hard.@kieran_hurley tbf God Save our Queen is even worse@Jangleton painfully so.@Sheriffbrody radio 4. Being British. Not propaganda at all . . .@Jangleton not being able to afford a home is a third world problem. London is becoming a third world style state.Getting Marr to read broad Scots is like asking me to read out in a West Country Accent. Imagine . . .Bloody hell they've let Andrew Marr read out some bollox in pseudo Scots #R4@garlicconfit I'd have noticed thatThe BBC is really piling on the Britishness, isn't it? #R4Might be a goal. . . mibbeOh I think Scotland just did something@WeeRascal ahhh I see . . .@WeeRascal do you not get to go for free if you’re nominated?@WeeRascal ahhh@Jangleton the whole housing situation is making me not want to go back.@WeeRascal again??@VictorOlliver so many badly needed jobs in rural areas. Gone.Oh my GAWD! The Beechgrove garden still exists!!! (Except for viewers in rUK who have their own programmes)Have we lost yet? #SCOPOL@mightyspice pitch it before me and you’re dead John boy@mightyspice “get thin and lose the will to live” #nextbook@authorpetermay am in Milingavie so a wee bit far@authorpetermay she’s gone out now and I’m in the house alone with an empty and a nearly full drinks cabinet. #empty@authorpetermay and a wee ride to the pub@mightyspice it will make you THIN!! 😂😂😂@McMoop oh fuck they didn’t, did they?@mightyspice yes it is.@javiderios cierto! 😎@javiderios 😂😂
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