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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

If this is paradise I wish I had a lawn mower Mistress of Fire (apparently) Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy. E17 resident

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@holland_tom @DAaronovitch my experience of English people is they use Britain and England interchangeably and don't see a difference.@holland_tom @DAaronovitch I remember reading an Italian book on UK about 20 years saying there was no point to the Union post Empire.@holland_tom @DAaronovitch I mean the actual nuts and bolts of the Union as opposed to the actions taken under said Union@holland_tom @DAaronovitch So for English nationalism then, Scotland and the Union must be of no relevance.@holland_tom @DAaronovitch the Union has always been a bit of a dog's dinner, it was done pretty badly from the outset.@holland_tom @DAaronovitch to you, not to a lot of people of all backgrounds in Scotland. It will be very very close I think.@holland_tom @DAaronovitch Now? When the SNP has been going for 80 years?@Damian_Barr Finnegan's Wake? For a NON READER? They're having a laugh.Writers to @timesletters have a great sense of humour http://t.co/0fyCbp1oPg
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@thomasblythe Catherine's cheese shop, or her bar?“@TanyaGold1: Britain may have a sexist culture – but at least it's British sexism, eh? http://t.co/cpCC2G6V2j@" just brilliant@mcalpena ja ja ja! Por cierto, vengo en junio, creo.@mcalpena como son las monas de hoy?@waiyeehong I know, right? Daftness. . .For once I may even NOT make rice. . .Need to plan Easter Sunday lunch. With bombas.@DineHard @hotdinners @jamieandaston It's hard to find FOOD in Cuba ;-) Sandwich Cubano is really Miami. No one does Miami food here.@DAaronovitch @holland_tom and believe me this affects me personally far more than you. I could be effectively stateless.@DAaronovitch @holland_tom the responses to the failures of Westminster are so dramatically different.@DAaronovitch @holland_tom I don't get to vote either. Issue is if SNP and UKIP are essentially the same then the Union is finished as@TiernanDouieb they've taken the full bottles of malt whisky and left them instead to taunt us.@TiernanDouieb faerie folk. Only explanation.@TiernanDouieb no one in their right mind would drink that stuff.@lucyinglis I drove across Belguim once. I got out alive. I nearly gave my heart to the Risen Lord as it was evidence of a miracle.
At the tent of Real Madrid fans in Valencia before the game against Barca - with a Nazi flag ... #RealMadrid #Barca http://t.co/uJlGsawvi0
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@holland_tom @DAaronovitch paying any attention to it. Roll on Sep 16th, either which way.@holland_tom @DAaronovitch being ultra patronising to the Scottish are very very slim. The only worse than you lot ignoring Scotland is you>@holland_tom @DAaronovitch Jesus are you people paid by the YES campaign? I don't (£ Times) but chances of London media doing this withoutApparently, #Newnight knows of NOBODY who has been forced into faux-self-employment by a Jobcentre. I know six people.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackLove it! “@thejournal_ie: Anyone in Kilkenny looking for a wife? http://t.co/dCkHhqgcYD (via @DailyEdge) http://t.co/JNahKlAIGh
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBasically The Old Firm without the domestic violence.Watching via twitter tbhPfffffft@hotdinners @jamieandaston nope nowhere does a decent one. NO. WHERE. :-(@SteveDoherty1 @radio_vicky ALREADY??Someone asked @MaggieEdinburgh about land reform. Did no one know she's a geography lecturer *three hours later* #indyref
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackIt's possible you didn't see this.. Please share and tell friends. Thank you. http://t.co/eaFew3rhKf We are seeking a new HEAD CHEF !
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@LaFlafster @naomialderman i haven't hung around in bars and shagged randoms since well before the rise of Masterchef@faerietalefoody ask @thanecooks@LaFlafster @naomialderman so many people have met great men and women on it. Eventually. I think it would destroy my soul.@naomialderman you do online dating? I don't think I could cope with it.@AndreDang @London_Bea big time. Loads of people.'In a country as rich as Scotland food poverty should not exist'. What a failure of government, politics, the state. http://t.co/Hn6izu6Esj
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@WullieTalksPish lucky basturt.@dlknowles @WillardFoxton @joshspero in certain ways. *sigh*@DanRebellato so that it doesn't get broken into at the airport.
@DianaHenryFood good stuff, isn't it?So, we have men attributing things to the UN special rapporteur she didn't actually say, & ignoring the seriousness of what she did. Fabjus.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBut the UN rapporteur never said that we were the worst, or even one of the worst in the world #newsnight : http://t.co/p2U4v3zmkR
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@DianaHenryFood and I am NOT going to do any work or look for possible pitches when I'm there!!@DianaHenryFood I have some old friends on Arran that I am going to contact.@joshspero they did a Sarah Dunant Italian renaissance shagfest once.@DianaHenryFood I just want a few wee days.@lemnsissay I wanted Scottish countryside and midges and wee villages and cold.@lemnsissay if you want to talk about scars, my trip to the Port Patrick caravan park has just been cancelled. I am DEVASTATED.@DianaHenryFood exactly. I want some of that.@lemnsissay no but it's not the same. You're right. And scars are relative.@lemnsissay don't be daft I was a bit throw away trite, t'was my fault.I want long days, cold, midges and burnt sausages from the disposable barbecue.Or even the "it's too hot to move in May" countryside of Spain.Not this "not quite a city stuff" that passes for countryside down here.I want some Scottish countryside.I might try Arran.I am no longer going to Port Patrick in May. :-(@lemnsissay sorry, was a bit trite xUN denounces UK's 'boys' club sexist culture' - ITV News http://t.co/JJ5JF3npNL
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@lemnsissay no you are right, it won't be. . .@DianaHenryFood @KitchenBee @EatDrinkToast you and your Americans D ;-)9 minutes of BBC 1 news and I have become a fascist. #shootthemall #closetheschools #hangrapistsWhy would it be strange to call pro-Russian militia terrorists? #bbcnews@KateVWilliams no. Fancy going? (Also think Shetland suffers from stories being 2 hours and no 6)@XantheClay @Thanecooks you and me both sister.@KateVWilliams addison road, round the corner.@LoreleiKing ha ha! But seriously, we did.We used to have those cups #Shetland@KateVWilliams aye but he needs a wee bit more dark humour to match sidekick. That's all.@KateVWilliams they still have more banter. And everyone on it has a Glasgow accent.@KateVWilliams but they need to give DH more patter and the sidekick more seriousness.@KateVWilliams thing is Scotland, even Shetland, isn't Scandinavia. There is more banter and dark humour.@sritson aye. True.@BarkingAtTheTV that sometimes both happens? Definitely.@BarkingAtTheTV understanding of the market realities of hype. Confusing them with a quality restaurant? No.@DrAnnieGray I cannae betray Dougie Henshall and the islands@KateVWilliams it's a shame as I really want to like it.@BarkingAtTheTV sales in this town of tasteless fuckwits the former is more important than the latter.@BarkingAtTheTV PR bollocks is PR bollocks. Good crab and steak is good crab and steak.@hwallop sadly am not a London restaurant buff. There's a place in Soho, kitchen run by Hedone chef. ask @chrispople for the nameI wish I liked Shetland more #BBC1@hwallop Simon Rogan's new place?He says: 'a margin of wealth is useful for civilisation. Great wealth is destructive.'
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackWatching Kenneth Clark's Civilisation from 1969. The Smile of Reason episode is about the Age of Enlightenment leading to revolution ...
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Trinifood @NigelSlater first thing I noticed in Spain 20 years ago was how bad the veg looked and how good it tasted@somersetchef @Glinner chefs aren't real men. They are mostly liars, especially about women. ;-)@NigelSlater agricultural fairs in UK are fascinating. They never seem to be about food or actual farm practises.@BarkingAtTheTV indeed. But I imagine this one will actually be good.@hwallop go to Trangallan beside you?@hwallop really? Had an amazing time recently. merchants Tavern? Clove Club?@BarkingAtTheTV crab and steak with good PRYou are BRILLIANT telly @thanecooks xxx@hwallop cafe murano.
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