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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet 95% chance of sarcasm, 100% chance of bleak contempt. E17 Resident

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@suzanne_moore eh???@markcoflaherty indeed. we used to go out guising and had to do a turn at each door.@NickCohen4 how utterly depressing.@Joannechocolat oh that's not good.@PeterArnottGlas @gibbzer that's the second party political broadcast for Scottish Labour I've seen in MSM in two days@youngandfoodish ha ha ha !@youngandfoodish is that place with the sandwich Cubanos open yet?@KosherSoul it was like watching the Spanish when someone makes paella with onions and chorizoSo....#jamieolivier makes a Western style #jollofrice #jollofgate This brother of Ghanaian&Nigerian descent warned y'all. #culinaryjustice
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@corrie_corfield @jessbrammar @BBCRadio4 it is so true though. I listen to other country's public radio and they can't hold a candle to R4Come and make pig's blood pancakes with me on 22nd Nov http://t.co/n50tI6Owvp@lisamarkwell oh LisaExtraordinary. Spanish protest party Podemos, only 6 months old, now 2nd most popular party(24.1%) HT @EduLorenGarcia http://t.co/IYrkoWTegh
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Damian_Barr yesLet's celebrate the amazing women working on the food industry. Come hear a few of them talk on Nov 13. #WomenInFood http://t.co/5ThTGGMyx4
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@chefcalum ha ha ha ha ha!@chefcalum bloody hell that's impressive@AndreDang @CulinaryAnth indeed. I saw the Jollof rice debacle nearly died laughing
@chefcalum did you do that yersel?“@joshspero: @R_McCormack If you think Rupert Murdoch is like Vladimir Putin, you ought to think again.” It's not a massive distance@petefrasermusic la la la la la la la la! (This is when you say oh I'd NEVER block YOU Rachel)People, please, FFS @StickyWalnut needs your help and money! http://t.co/ijQBUG3Zt6 #BurntTruffle #GaryUsher @kickstarter
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@joshspero I don't I am not that stupid. But at least Russia Today is more direct@joshspero because I don't see much difference tbh, so I'd be careful about stone throwing@joshspero and Murdoch is different?@joshspero why them in particular?I love dry Lambrusco, fizzy red wine. What's not to like??Anyway Come and make pig's blood pancakes on 22nd Nov http://t.co/n50tI6OwvpUnexpectedly brilliant time at the Spanish Embassy for the wine awards tonight. Not least because of @Timatkin excellent hosting.@Timatkin lovely to see you tonight can you DM me a non work e-mail address?@iamjamesward b) all of them especially Mariah CareyBeleagured Scottish Labour Party would be annihilated if a general election was held tomorrow, according to new poll http://t.co/coPXtK6hBY
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@alisonedillon ALREADY??Lanark the play:Alasdair Gray's masterpiece comes to @BBCRadio4 Saturday 2.30pm. With guest appearance from author himself. @canongatebooks
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@parkersarms *gets on train*@parkersarms ooooooooooh. Sounds AMAZING@parkersarms no. I mean smoking as in smoking like salmon etc.@parkersarms you SMOKE bone marrow?Is that Scottish poll for real?????@corrie_corfield I was just thinking the same thing.Come and make pig's blood pancakes on 22nd Nov http://t.co/n50tI6Owvp@jocrisp1 AMAZING@jocrisp1 YOU ARE STAYING THERE??!!"Glasgow is the United Kingdom’s hippest and most happening city." .. Well that's awkward, we voted to leave the UK!
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@jocrisp1 no, not during half term. I am not that mad.@blablafishcakes apart from giff gaff@blablafishcakes they are all the same, sadly.People are really loud in the National Gallery.@EOTierney I'll need to try that@CalMac_Updates thank God for that!@loveandgarbage killjoy. I used to love guising.I seem to have been sending Cal Mac Ferries e-mails in my sleep as I now have auto-replies from themThe things that are thought on the 56 bus.I wonder how long it will take @cornishgrill to get us Londoners, Scots and Northerners T-shirts saying "I am Cornish"@garlicconfit with voting turnouts what they are, not that many.@garlicconfit I'd vote for you.PIG DAY on 22nd Nov with @CulinaryAnth THERE WILL BE BLOOD PANCAKES!! http://t.co/n50tI6Owvp@FOURMAGAZINE it would be great on holiday though.I'm up for a Food Educator award in @JelliedEelMag #UrbanFoodAwards. Hoping a few people might vote for me! http://t.co/UINYjeA5DC
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@FOURMAGAZINE that looks amazing but in all honesty I'd rather have a bacon roll and a builder's tea right nowThis politics of denial over immigration is feeding a growing inhumanity | Suzanne Moore http://t.co/s9ZYP1B1ZW via @guardian
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@PatrickStrud if the numbers get big enough they hope they'll put an end to the sales.@PatrickStrud which end up in drug gangs in Mexico is US citizens are now getting killed@PatrickStrud friend Of mine in Mexico says their only hope of Texas stopping selling military grade weapons in shops@lemnsissay morning. How's tricks?@wildfoodboy oh lucky lucky you. Where are you?@KennyFarq I've never heard anyone ever start a convo about it. Not even on here or FB. Gaza, indyref, misogyny, poverty, yes. EU? Nothing@KennyFarq funny thing is it's not a major topic on the street in UKSo many wars could have been averted. Battle of Hasting cancelled due to health & safety concerns. h/t tom holland http://t.co/eq4ryXN29R
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack
@DianaHenryFood @rachellaudan @BBCRadio4 ha ha! No. Mostly as it's not Spanish or Catalan and football's not food.@DianaHenryFood @rachellaudan no. After today I want to learn German, and about football. Okay maybe not about football. . .@renireni yes. Very. Next question.@XantheClay oh Xanthe, I am sorry xxx@mattleys what date is that again?@Kirsty_C and if he wins will he be able to stop Labour imploding.@Kirsty_C interesting. And is he really pro Blair and pro austerity?@Kirsty_C goodness me. He's not universally admired.@Kirsty_C really? He's good?@IrvineWelsh see yer co-ciudadanos won the Mercury? Best accents on R4 World Tonight ever.@jessbrammar ha ha ha! I love their voices. Best real Edinburgh accents@mattleys you need to MEET UP WITH ME and tell me about it@mattleys having fun?@DeborahJaneOrr just what I was thinking when listeningJim Murphy's the one who's scared of eggs. #scottishlabour
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@lucyinglis R4?@CoercinABull oh Good GAWD.Are the attacks on our legal rights really all about saving money? http://t.co/rk3QTGSISQ
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack.@Number10gov I'm #BuildingBritian by trying to stop you privatising everything we've already built, but it's quite hard work tbh.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackAnyone need a Kp? I've got an old employee coming over in a few weeks. He's good and wants a lot of hours. Let me know. #kp #chef #london
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@danbliss we're sitting outside so easy to find.@danbliss if we're outside Palm 2. If we're not there When you get here we'll be inside upstairs@Louisa_Wells we're here outsideIt's nearly Food Bank Friday. Good #E17 folk please give what you can. We need tins meat/veg/fish - and lots of them @stellacreasy
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@danbliss it's at Palm 2 in Clapton Pond.@ChrisBulow I thought they must have been high tarIs the Spanish cigarette brand Ducados high or low tar? Same as Galloise if you know them.@timhayward I'm sure I'll see you soon.@LondonFoodFinds lovely to see you on Monday x@timhayward having fun?@mrjakobhartmann @CordonVerve @BlissHomeLondon is Bliss Home taking over Penny Fielding's old place?
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