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Aren't they special? She wants to be president, except #Benghazi happened. #BenghaziCoverUp http://t.co/jOu7cNKdxUThere is hope for America's future: she's holding this sign. http://t.co/FGJkEY9PQY
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI believe that is the goal of some on the left! Nanny state micro manager jackasses! "@sassybarbara12 @ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Any land owned by the UN should be immediately confiscated by the state! The feds have to be stopped! This is too much BS!
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@TiredOfTyranny @ResistTyranny It stops further development by private owners. Do they intend to "Herd" residents into urban cities?
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny some of this land is owned by the UN, why do they own ANY land in the US?!?!?!
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@scruffypastor @ResistTyranny one place is in the smokey mountains in TN 8' chain link with concerntina wire around the top.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Shocking that they never mention his party. Those dirty dems can dish it out, but can never take it. Truth hurts.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyTime for Feds to return to states!"@ResistTyranny: Why do the Federals own *ANY* of this? http://t.co/BXJebQvyQT #RedNationRising #teaparty
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThis guy *should* lose his job: http://t.co/jiMteDdYlq #policebrutality #PoliceStateWhy do the Federals own *ANY* of this? http://t.co/NW2VyuJecd #RedNationRising #teapartyWestern leaders would prefer to be land managers. As opposed to @BLMNational: http://t.co/umBzwka7B8 #Federals@ResistTyranny Sounds like somebody took lessons from somebody else in power from Illinois!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHere's one of the most aggressive states to date: http://t.co/te6rxb37ID #education#Heartbleed virus exposes registered #ObamaCare clients: http://t.co/abJ1Et5M0C #HeartbleedVirusNewspaper confuses @NancyPelosi with @Pontifex. She must speak Latin, too. http://t.co/GDsN7tYFof“@AnneJp1946: @ResistTyranny Actually they understand it pretty well.” No, his writing proves it. He lives in an alternate universe.Friends, if each of us created just one parody account of douche hammer Mayor Jim Ardis the world would be a better place. It's for the kids
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWhat's the matter with politicians? Get a load of this mayor: http://t.co/KJNfZNWYve #PoliceState #PeoriaIndoctrination - #CommonCore: http://t.co/6ldCfxUfhSAmen! NEVER in America! *Rev. Graham: Muslims Who ‘Want to Practice Sharia Law’ Should ‘Go Back Where You Came From’. http://t.co/gMJqEnIRtH
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny When Feds make deals w/ foreign powers for use of said lands, they should be taken back to prevent treasons of #HarryReid
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny How long before BO gets his monument?
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAbolition of all private property ownership: http://t.co/5ro9yHlBjC (via @MFS001) #communism #Obama50 western leaders gather in #Utah to talk getting land back from Federals: http://t.co/umBzwka7B8Federals strip property from rancher: http://t.co/9jcmbeW6da #EminentDomain #thievesIn Nazi Germany, monuments were made to honor Hitler's love of Socialism: http://t.co/ibAVAmAMAt@ResistTyranny @RedNationRising They understand their reverence to & belief in the infalibility of enormous govt.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @RedNationRising @nytimes Timothy Egan is an idiot
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny What you expect to hear from someone who is one of 40, 000 people per square mile.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny #Bundy #BundyRanch New York Times is #corrupt & #irrelevant
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyEvidence that New York Times writers don't understand ANYTHING: http://t.co/BWOoNEKX7T #Bundy #BundyRanch
“@hale_razor: You all get me. I appreciate you. And it's not the bourbon talking. #OkItMightBetheBourbonTalking” #OKButItsNotIn 2012, it cost about 10.09 cents to make a nickel.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#TopTen reasons an empty chair is better than President #Obama: http://t.co/vY2OEudcecEveryday, more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHow liberals "think": MT @SwampGreen: @ResistTyranny Pay your taxes, thank the government and join the human race.@ResistTyranny @KyLawnDude to many lies and her i don't care attitude about 4americans who died tells u what kind of POTUS she would be
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyJustice Scalia - if #taxes get too high, ‘perhaps you should revolt’: http://t.co/RW6EIvkeeV #RedNationRisingShe wants to be President, but #Benghazi happened. #BenghaziCoverup http://t.co/EAbH1FeCD5My #ObamaCare? Where does it say that? http://t.co/55vuT8kPMeFederals - Big, bonded and bloated: http://t.co/T632nNkbAX #IRS@ResistTyranny although no believes it because we all know @SenatorReid is a corrupt politician, liar, thief, bully, tyrannt, son is too
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny America has been taken over by power hungry oligarchs.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWas George Mason Warning about @SenatorReid ? Need for Term Limits http://t.co/Q6XrC06lT0 http://t.co/lsDPLu4mdn @ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAhhh, #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake? http://t.co/GbhTsNJtAN #Obama@ResistTyranny They should "manage" our open borders for illegal immigrants and leave citizens alone!
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny"Domestic, violent terrorist wannabes." That's @SenatorReid's take: http://t.co/ukzTpwHGvh #Bundy #BundyRanchWhat's happening to our land? #Bundy #BundyRanch #RedNationRising http://t.co/dfzVYhGczI#teaparty #RedNationRising http://t.co/GKCeRgGTo2If you ask Google Maps for walking directions from The Shire to Mordor, it tells you that "One does not simply walk into Mordor."
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Illegal #immigrant outs herself to @HillaryClinton. Not much danger there: http://t.co/9OsDvDxt2m #Immigration@gobudley We've never been talked to by a #muslim here in the States. Which is probably just as well.Here's an unscientific survey. If you've NEVER been "witnessed to" by a Muslim, RT this. Are they after CONVERTS or CONQUEST?
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyYour tiny town has an #MRAP! And you don't know *what* to do with it: http://t.co/EKAq59BHJB #PoliceStateDo laws no longer apply? http://t.co/LIem0BuoQ0 #RedNationRising #tcotWhy you don't arrest Twitter parody accounts: http://t.co/KJNfZNWYve #PoliceState@PaulReverePress We've been fighting liberals since 2009. May we be remembered as such. @peytonjames@PaulReverePress @ResistTyranny Same here, man.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#FF @ResistTyranny @peytonjames Often called my "sock accounts." I'm honored by the reference. #tcot #ocra #RedNationRising #tlot
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#FF @uglyhonest @EricSteeleLive @BeanfromPa @TrucksHorsesDog @LilSouthernSass @drscott_atlanta @Jim_Peoples_ @ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Patriots gather at #ClivenBundy's. @SenatorReid calls every one of them "domestic terrorists:" http://t.co/KR1KqEnsxO #Bundy #BundyRanchDo laws no longer apply? http://t.co/LIem0BuoQ0 #RedNationRisingAll Federal agencies have SWAT units. For now, anyway: http://t.co/FOC9kajscI #RedNationRising#Sebelius is dreaming if she thinks she can beat the #teaparty candidate: http://t.co/vPY9eDRTOyMSNBC siding with govt against Bundy. Shocking.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe sad truth for Atheists... And the reason I am a Calvinist. http://t.co/J4pjuuRru2
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyFor #HolyWeek, @NancyPelosi washes feet. Of #immigrants: http://t.co/GDsN7tYFof #illegal #RedNationRising“@KarrattiPaul: @ResistTyranny love Walsh blog” He tells it like it is.The Matt Walsh Blog published an open letter to the big #narcissist: http://t.co/xF0VNpNQG5 #ObamaRT @mrgeology: In Nazi Germany, monuments were made to honor Hitler's love of Socialism: http://t.co/ibAVAmAMAt.@HillaryClinton's net worth estimated at $21+ million. Yeah, she's for the little guy: http://t.co/tRQvHfklnW #RedNationRisingGood morning #FIST warriors. today we fight sharia law #FF ===> @saddletrap @belvdere @ResistTyranny @dlamage @Phils2cents @dhtyler
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @SpeakerBoehner Remove #Boehner from office. #Deport #Illegal #Aliens #NoAmnesty #NoDreamers #NoAnchorBabies #EVerify
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny.@SpeakerBoehner "hellbent on getting it done." Well, we're just as opposed: http://t.co/OOzoMu9VJY #illegal #immigration
Wondering how the #Bundy standoff avoided a massacre? http://t.co/CUnRzkEvYk #BundyRanch#ClivenBundy supporters called "domestic terrorists" by @SenatorReid. Reid called "domestic Boy Scout" by all. http://t.co/DxaWjGNuwT#HarryReid is a bigger terrorist than AlQaeda. #BundyRanch @PJStrikeForce @jjauthor @Mike_USPatriot @betseyross @ResistTyranny @megynkelly
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Illegal #immigrant outs self to @HillaryClinton. Not much danger there: http://t.co/9OsDvDxt2m #Immigration@MS1AZ @ResistTyranny @JustBeFreeNow14 @SenatorReid U got that right!!
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny This liberal government is despicable.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @SenatorReid His constant talking about Repubs. & Koch Bros -besides Dem tactic-helps deflect attention on himself.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThis --> MT @LilMissRightie: @fakedansavage you are completely consumed w/irrational hate. It will shave years off your life.RT @repubsunited: Congratulations to Chelsea Clinton for her newly announced clump of cells.Government - not just Federals - wants private land: http://t.co/evDFjH1GS2 #EminentDomain #Bundy #BundyRanch #RedNationRising@ResistTyranny @JustBeFreeNow14 @SenatorReid Anyone who has lived in Nevada knows this guy is so crooked he must screw his socks on.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe'd be scared if we were @SenatorReid, too: http://t.co/80wN4mlYhp (h/t @SpeakingOut59)@ResistTyranny The sad thing about 1st amendment area signs is that BLM had them printed up ahead of time. They planned ahead to corral us.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @ludy730 By "The United States" he really meant himself personally.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny The man can only act on what he thinks. No experience in the real world #EmptyVessel #Rookie #NoEarningPower #PittyTheFool
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt's not an "area," Federals. #FirstAmendment #1A http://t.co/CaPOtdkorw@ResistTyranny Yep he owed some donors half a billion $, so why not use our tax money to buy off his debit?? Last I heard that's grand theft
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Show me a poor politician~ I'll show you a CITIZEN workin' FOR the people. I'll bring Tar; you bring Feathers @SenatorReid
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @SenatorReid and now he doesn't have any self worth. Money doesn't buy good manners and/or integrity!
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny.@SenatorReid was worth almost nothing when he was elected. He's now a muti-millionaire. Any questions?@ResistTyranny You thought he was serious? (j/k) Name the last truth that came from his prevaricating hole? #DontHurtYourself #OneTrickPony
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyRT @oaaselect: This is for the #Bundy family, @Oathkeepers, Militia, and the rest of the Patriots. Keep pushing! http://t.co/k3oz2QG2ss"Probably the toughest interview was Jon Stewart [of @TheDailyShow]." ~Jay Carnie #Obama.@TheDemocrats lone strategy for 2014: http://t.co/kprASuKynMWe're tired of reading and posting quotes from the "leader" of the Western world.
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