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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

EVP for Business Development, Science House. Futurist, @SciEntEx. INfluencer, @LinkedIn. Maker of Mystery Jars, writer of stories.

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@melissapierce that's why the key to the Imagination Age is smarter, not faster or more.@mathowie @ceodonovan what a great piece of writing and ohhhhhh, *why* did I decide to watch the video??@zhandlen was just listening to one of my favorite Fiona Apple songs, Every Single Night.@onholdwith yes, the call center for @Verizon is the worst but @VZWSupport helped me instantly via Twitter.And I LOVE the idea here: http://t.co/0AQAJH5FJ2
Retweeted by Rita J. King"We're artists. We're alike. We're cousins." Jay-Z's Picasso Baby: https://t.co/TMOUamLp7g"Why do these grapes look like peppers?" "They're Witches Fingers." "What does that mean?" "It means they're Witches Fingers."How to quit your job: https://t.co/BTiNm457UH love this one, @brainpicker!
Energizing to see brilliant collaborator @osmanrashid, creator of @GalxyzLab! http://t.co/ZAulTY3lVEIs your "type" fixed for life, or can you change? https://t.co/81TtHcFGnd
This post on @heather_berlin also includes our fellow Advocate for Curiosity @missmayim: http://t.co/7TKv9QP7GL #brainsGreat article on my curiosity about the brain, improv, & "life" after death @RitaJKing @CuriosityReview @WeizmannInst http://t.co/o54jCLODBL
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@vzwsupport 121 minutes on hold. Please DM me with info to contact a live person. You don't follow me so I can't DM you.@VZWSupport 61 minutes so far.@vzwsupport I'm still on hold@VZWSupport followed, thanks!@VZWSupport I've been on hold FOREVER trying to activate my new phone after your automated system didn't work. Any way to speed this up?!@pgolds1984 can you DM me your email?@pgolds1984 I will come and visit ASAP!@broadinstitute I love what you're doing and this news just made my day.@broadinstitute I've been studying sociopathy intensively for a project and this work has made me rethink everything I thought I understood.@sethmnookin @broadinstitute @carlzimmer @bencareynyt yes! We need to know as much as we can about our mysterious brains. Excellent!We need to know everything we can about how our brains and minds work. This is great. http://t.co/lkhN0H2k1xI need to tweet about this twice: SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR DONATION to study mental illness: http://t.co/GPD0KEe6ZA
Retweeted by Rita J. King@Noahpinion @pmarca I love to help philanthropists figure out where to put their science dollars.
@brillhart can't wait until Roomba can mop *and* make hummus!@avflox thanks!@adamclarkestes yes, thanks!@mims in the future we will have driverless cars everywhere.@avflox that just happened to me today in real life. A ferry, but still.A New England ferry ride that felt like it might end in cannibalism or some stripe of cold-induced insanity.Pirates. http://t.co/NvkTHN5imo
@ChicagoMBA I'm trying to figure out the best way to think about networked empathy as we speak. Will keep you posted. @pmarcaWhen James found out that today is both National Ice Cream Day *and* International Chess Day, well, those of you who know him can imagine.Tennessee Williams had great taste in places to go and write.@pmarca I've been studying sociopathy non-stop for weeks for a project and you are right...networked empathy is the only solution!"After dinner," said James, "I'm going to digitize this book." http://t.co/Q3wN9wh6KwA library with an entire ship inside! http://t.co/RaznPzTUfPThe myth of the lone genius is completely outdated in the Imagination Age. http://t.co/jypNzIHHxeImagine what you might create inside there. http://t.co/93S261szli
Parking lot gravel made of crushed plates and pottery. http://t.co/4tKjpv1DGqA bike with an art cart attached. http://t.co/qjXU5qb1oM@harper @johnmaeda good to emphasize the point that it really depends what's being coded and why.
@nytimes I love the Elaine Stritch interview so much.In a parallel universe I own a sandwich shop and every table has gorgeous flowers and beautifully… http://t.co/hIiXjqwtWD@DelMonacoFoods buon compleanno!I think we can all agree that as flower beards go, #12 takes the prize. http://t.co/KxejlUqYzUI got the same letter @johncleese wrote when I asked @HelenWalters about *her* fan club! http://t.co/rhOQzrYozp
On my way to give a talk about what we can learn from salespeople, psychopaths and zen masters.I once saw an old gravestone etched with a phrase that stays in my mind: "Whatsoever thy hand doeth, doeth with all thy might."
@appendixjournal @lettersofnote he's not shooting the idea down.@alexismadrigal #2 on 5 Intriguing Things is a verbatim conversation @heather_berlin and I had yesterday about death, memory & imagination.
@maxinebedat, @heather_berlin and @RichardGarriott, thank you for making today so memorable. Loved every minute with each of you..@davidkwong practiced his fabulous TED talk at Science House first! Here it is: http://t.co/8JgEEcfFg1 @TEDTalks@mileskahn I think it's amazing too!
@mileskahn how does it manifest?@IlanaCT I'd love to know more about how it manifests!Are you a synesthete? @Pharrell is! Have *you* ever seen music? http://t.co/AkKZDkCBEE @CuriosityReview@pickover do they have tiny, fully functioning brains inside?@pmarca I agree. The concept of what dominance by moneyed interest means has evolved, just like the arms they granted the right to bear.
The Manhattanhenge crowd is out with some serious cameras. Makes me feel like we're just one big tribe north of 14th St tonight.Lots of implications for neurolaw in Wisdom of Psychopaths. Thanks for this one, @amsciam! http://t.co/H2ApTPcx0GPlanting a lavender field on the roof of Science House. http://t.co/LWijAescyL@Tim_OConnell you're welcome
Just Genius. http://t.co/wPWsc9PAFJA microscopic mosaic of butterfly wings glimpsed through a ViewMaster. http://t.co/uGki7v0Ibt@pmarca The culture is so entrenched that at this point it's hard for the actual human beings who perpetuate it to see it for what it is.@pmarca it's a complicated, long term power game, hard for the public to parse out. Yet the US has always been an experiment...@pmarca one of the reasons I left journalism (aside from slow industry transformation) was the dry info delivery method.@pmarca I spent several years investigating and reporting on relationships between corp & gov, and doing math on contract procurement.@pmarca If you mean so we can try and implement policy change by understanding how it developed, I'm with you.@pmarca what do you mean balanced by?@rachsyme @MARIADAHVANA @rachsyme @chapmanchapman @brendanjcahill @Tim_OConnell @theodoragoss etc. are you following @WorstMuse?!"I'm training myself to make the computer-perfect move," James said, "but I'm still playing humans."@mkazoo @parisreview They went to high school together?! That's like Truman Capote and Harper Lee. Amazing!My friend, brilliant astrophysicist @Summer_Ash, has a bionic heart: http://t.co/3z2XQoKmb3This is so great, @jasonsilva! http://t.co/9u1fj9SWHD@gpetroff @davcron @gedesign yes!@Tim_OConnell by tomorrow, cat will have name @renatazipporah@starkness it's so much fun! @nickgray
@davcron @gedesign let's do it! I've been thinking about it ever since I interviewed you and @gpetroff last year@davcron @gedesign @gpetroff that looks glorious@davcron @gedesign @gpetroff hope the team has an offsite at Science House someday!@evanoneil la mort est une illusionInteresting. “@dailydot: This company is challenging you to a 99-day Facebook fast: http://t.co/d67Wty8F6w@eric_andersen I like that idea@pickover I encouraged everyone to "take a step back."@pickover I actually did one of the tricks at a meeting after reading that, then told everyone I did it on purpose to appear smart.@renatazipporah @tim_oconnell that is totally going to happen@renatazipporah @Tim_OConnell be careful or you'll be preparing three course meals every day. Annie won't eat without "flair."
Thanks for @reidhoffman's book, @LinkedIn! A problem lots of @ScienceHouse clients face. Want me to review, @danroth? http://t.co/NUnQ6WvvNtIt's good to save space in your life for the strangers who will show up to shape the future with you. Inspired by @MuSuNaHi.Today in @CuriosityReview: Can you see music? The Sight of Sound: http://t.co/3iicrZA46CStudying evil and villainy for a project and just wish @markgatiss could magically appear at Science House for a conversation.@cheeky_geeky prohibited is for people who easily take orders. Strictly prohibited is like, expect death or incarceration.@johnccarver greetings to YOU, pilgrim! I had not seen that but I am so glad you sent it my way. Let's catch up soon....Pink flower skyscraper. http://t.co/gKEyt5Pp49Trust your leader? What if you don't? http://t.co/HLsXmdMhZy
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@megadisrupter I believe in keeping the mission mantra-length. I'm with you and @GuyKawasaki on that for sure.Does your mission command attention? https://t.co/eRO8wsROtB cc @CultureInst
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