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Reheated cinnamon rolls and Lao Tzu. Recipe for success. http://t.co/XeW089rSrK"To report first quarter 2014 financial results" is like that song I can't get out if my head.Canoeing in a Crystal Clear Lake, Italy http://t.co/rapYDM5vgm
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@hminternational @TimFarms where is this goat for sale? I'm in TN?
@erperkin @hseanbrock Santa's Pub!!! Love it.Don't believe everything you think.
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BundyRanch: Sheriff Mack Confirms SWAT Raid Imminent: http://t.co/NmAORhh3to via @YouTube I pray this isn't true
Retweeted by Tatia RoseRussia & Germany have a long history of collaborating to chop up Eastern European nations, so perhaps it's just business as usual.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseSeven more cassettes and I'll have fulfilled the terms of my Columbia House contract.
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Voice teacher and little daughter of our Guitar teacher tonight at #RMG #FAMILY http://t.co/UiCqGzVoAGNever has this rung more true for me... "The Truth is like a thin blanket on a cold night." - Richard RoseI have the most caring, compassionate teaching staff at #RMG I can't explain how grateful I am.If I can't live in peace, I will live in service... Until I find peace again.we’re all gonna die. RT @HasaniSinclair: RT @BreakingNews: Google to buy Titan Aerospace (hi-alt drone makers) @WSJ http://t.co/k0ttP4X7VN
Retweeted by Tatia RoseContractor and Designer were here today. This expansion is happening. Whew. #RMG
We are fools by choice.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseJust finished revising an O&G contract and now headed to a 5 y/o Spider-Man Bday party. #stilettogrind#nashvilleunderground http://t.co/aUvnszue2q
BMW recalls half million cars http://t.co/ae4pcOW4HH
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThis mornings trading = going through the "managers special" bin at the grocery store. Can't help myself, it's where I found RAD last year.LNG says it's nonsense that they could replace Ukraine as a Nat Gas supplier to EU. Everything about this says buy LNG.Is Wu-Tang Clan's New Album A Look Into Future Music Industry Sales? http://t.co/YO6WdLxRbg via @forbes
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This is the day that just keeps on giving. Thanks Thursday but a gift card would've been just fine.Company that must protect privacy (Dropbox) adds warrantless wiretap enabler (Condi Rice) to board. http://t.co/ZB0sospDCT
Retweeted by Tatia RoseHillary Clinton had a shoe throwed at her. I'm a comic and an Arab. I have nothing inoffensive to say. That is all. #Duck
Retweeted by Tatia RoseMoon over New York City http://t.co/prYi8d4AUu
Retweeted by Tatia RoseZoo: Chimp broke tree limb, used it as ladder, "then enticed 6 other chimps to join" http://t.co/YZmtGGupNl - @ABC http://t.co/3LG5VrFs0g
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"If I may correct you..." -The Stock MarketRunning this Bit€h http://t.co/FtAbm4mYqB
China External Debt Up 17% at $863 Bln as of End-2013 - SAFE http://t.co/ZGXqK4EnEx
Retweeted by Tatia RoseGreat chat w/ @RoseMusicGroup tonight! Getting ready for the next season of music, business & ministry!
Retweeted by Tatia RoseHere's to you William Shakespeare. I think I picked a good spot to write this press release for… http://t.co/PtTxMH10GA.@AllenToussaint, members of @Dumpstaphunk and more to celebrate James Brown's birthday :: http://t.co/lT7fnQFKtp
Retweeted by Tatia RoseSchoolboy Q Live APRIL 29TH at Anthem with Audio Push, Isaiah Rashad and Vince Staples. Get tickets at… http://t.co/KBf6EW7pXe
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For my next bad decision, I will fail to rectify the current one.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseNo way this goes wrong... http://t.co/m4bF1JF4K4Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller http://t.co/eHn1F59gWV
Retweeted by Tatia RoseWhat Happened to Chicago’s Murder Rate After Illinois Upheld Concealed Carry and Why it Matters http://t.co/30EWv26MoD
Retweeted by Tatia RoseThe love she lost hastened the arrival of some poor suitors.Eventually love,never again a forbidden dream,was a new life flaunted forever.
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@bslade Feelings. Sometimes they have to come out or they ruin you; and sometimes they have to stay in or they ruin you.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseTelling someone your problems is like giving them a treasure map to ruin your life
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The question was... "How fast CAN YOU do it." My response... In three octaves. #Hanon http://t.co/N1qsmRLYeu.@jackiefoz1 @billykaos again, Twitter only IPO'd 122m shares out of 588m, that means there's 476m coming for sale post lock up $TWTR
Retweeted by Tatia Rose"Id rather spend more money and give people the right product. They will come back for the quality only I can offer." -John Brescio
So this is why this country is in so much debt. http://t.co/NHaO5HsxDH
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Vodafone to add 150 shops in UK http://t.co/gmZWCwmgqV
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@MarshaAmbrosius yo the show was DOPE!!! love the energy and believe me YOUR NOT THAT B@$%&, BUT YOUR THAT B@%&$. #NASHVILLE #MERCYLOUNGE
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Come to Rose Music Group for #musiclessons ! http://t.co/gE6WUq1Aua!! Hey @CNBC, spoken like someone who's truly been compromised.
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Yep yep!! Exclusive DJ Set with Questlove April 18th at Seen! Get tickets now at http://t.co/CbvAkgfZVS http://t.co/z3hH1YUzc3
Retweeted by Tatia Rose“We provide liquidity when it’s totally unnecessary.”
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North Korea and South Korea have reportedly traded fire near a disputed maritime border. http://t.co/fcfQcIa9hM
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Life's a piano and I'm wearing boxing gloves
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After multiple clinical trials, I've cracked the pharmaceutical composition of ZzQuil. It's Skyy vodka and grape soda. You're welcome.
Everybody should just bring their tracks (and check books) to @lyricanvas if you need bass… http://t.co/IafuPTjtSg
Retweeted by Tatia RoseJudge Napolitano. #truthGood Doc on TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY. http://t.co/k6WJiZ7pGW@busrep unless you were fishing in the nat gas pond today. There are many smart energy plays to be made on the Russian sanctions.@DecisionZero @DailyCaller only applicable if he's referring to the people that designed the site lol.If you wanna better baby, be better to your baby. -Ernest Tubbs
After dinner jam, hosted by Sophia, with my friend and his son. He is an amazing individual and just… http://t.co/czhuXI68HJFor 7 years I have been teaching lessons to a young Autistic woman named Megan. At the end of every… http://t.co/14fZWs4pVj@ConneHMo you are correct Senator"Trillions of collective market capitalizations are on the line. So a couple billion is chump change.” - tech logic http://t.co/MxLjatSz4i
Retweeted by Tatia RoseI think we all know how the Kardashians like their coffee.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseJust learned that Native Americans are exempt from the insurance mandate. Peaked my interest in terms of US domestic policy exemptions.Nashville's @KingsOfLeon headline this year's Lollapalooza festival w/ Eminem, Outkast: http://t.co/trXdBysGFZ
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@2Lsonacloud paging @lovenoise...King Digital IPO... for those who didn't learn their lesson with ZNGA.
On Tuesdays, we have #BanjoLessons here at #RMG. I find the picking patterns joyfully meditative. It really is the little things...#Nashville #MarshaAmbrosius with @jasoneskridge APR 2 #MercyLounge http://t.co/aGy4SgdSKC@RoseMusicGroup much love http://t.co/jUPE5MpsX8
Retweeted by Tatia RoseCheck out @BYNDTH's new spring/summer release at http://t.co/hljpWvrzP1. There's nothing like it! http://t.co/2aJfqjQW9s@redsteeze Oh my. What's funny about the term "blue blood" is that it is used to refer to "elitists" which I think is pretty ironic here lol"Sean Penn is heading to Venezuela to offer government-sponsored acting classes to aspiring thespians." NOT THE ONION http://t.co/ZsG6uO6USG
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TEPCO fails to restart Fukushima water decontamination process. http://t.co/rpXuLCazGo
Retweeted by Tatia Rose@MarshaAmbrosius and @jasoneskridge LIVE in #Nashville April 2nd @mercylounge ...whew this is gonna be something else.If only. RT @GuyFieri: Check out my new cookbook, GUY ON FIRE, on sale 5/6! Pre order a signed copy http://t.co/klSpOHwQfz #guyonfire
Retweeted by Tatia RoseAttitude: By @ChuckSwindoll. http://t.co/pb4NZNGoaN
Retweeted by Tatia RosePlease RT Missing Male 3YO Founder's Pointe. Gray shirt no pants
Retweeted by Tatia RoseVandy rape suspect Vandenburg's defense team has filed a motion for the entire case to be thrown out http://t.co/d5fngPpEsW #LiveOnFox17
Retweeted by Tatia Rose"I'd hit that" -old people who drive
Retweeted by Tatia Rose“People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach.”-Marguerite de Navarre #SouthSideEnergy
Retweeted by Tatia RoseLawd, Jon Stewart is killin this Fox News skit. #crying
It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, @CIISUS @drscott_atlanta @GeneLingerfelt @jjauthor http://t.co/EcqrNoPFvZ
Retweeted by Tatia Rose“@DeepakChopra: @LKrauss1 & @RichardDawkins please note RT @ahmwire: #physics #CosmicConsciousness http://t.co/BIQEXAgQwq”🌟
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She blinded me with selfies.
Retweeted by Tatia RoseHear Miguel’s ‘Bennie and the Jets’ Cover http://t.co/vg1pV4f3lz via @vulture
Retweeted by Tatia Rose"The ocean is a beautiful, frightening place" http://t.co/qFrcKbrYF8
Retweeted by Tatia RoseMedia wrongly attack Drudge after he admits paying Obamacare penalty - Washington Times http://t.co/5p4kVoRKae
Retweeted by Tatia Rose#globalists #comingout RT:GoldmanSachs: WhatDoTheCapital MarketsPower? @nytimes infographic: http://t.co/XrEEmhlrZB http://t.co/NRWhPehkcnNashville student group protests voter ID law, sings, leaves Tennessee Capitol http://t.co/M3XJaVIgn5
Retweeted by Tatia RoseShoprite opens in strife-torn Nigeria http://t.co/SjBofE2CHY
Retweeted by Tatia RoseSophie likes filling out extra W9s laying around the office. Definitely my child. http://t.co/oXkK41Ezmq"The Catalina f*cking wine mixer."@ConneHMo Welcome to @RoseMusicGroup Conne. Well... you were already here... but Still lol.
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