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@justinrocket @YouTube What event is that?Reddit user helps find man's missing mother in a city of more than 8 million: http://t.co/YO79f7g7tE
Retweeted by Scott BealeFacebook profit grows 193% backed by strength of mobile http://t.co/zGFC8JcgN9 http://t.co/JUBJGr9JB3
Retweeted by Scott BealeMark Pincus Steps Down From All Operational Roles at Zynga: "Ultimately a Ship Is Better With One… http://t.co/y35Cvj6o7j via @karaswisher
Retweeted by Scott BealeWoah. @Etsy bought @GrandSt. Congrats @amandapey and team. Looks like a great fit. http://t.co/ik4tUKKRym
Retweeted by Scott Beale@lindsaykap Ok, that’s a bit more progressive.@monteiro I have a filter setup for those.@lindsaykap Oh please don’t tell me you actually use that phrase. In fact I would bet that some people have email filters for that.Two words you never, ever want to see in an email: “circling back”Are you game? #HouseofCardsAgainstHumanity http://t.co/CUXHKEsKt4
Retweeted by Scott Beale@sdenike I have one word for you: @PocketAn interview with @rhettmiller for episode 50 of RiYL, including a surprisingly uplifting 9/11 story! http://t.co/B2Gu2ULWnt
Retweeted by Scott BealeDo you like the way I write? Then please vote for me for Best Local Writer in the @SFWeekly poll http://t.co/aGUmGMuRKb
Retweeted by Scott BealeOutline of the old Facebook Like Thumb at the former Facebook offices in NYC. http://t.co/DXJcw0ZBsh@jayzombie @itspetergabriel @acarboni It’s quite soothing actually. Like a lazy day on a farm.All the vocals in ‘In Your Eyes’ by @itspetergabriel replaced by @acarboni clucking like a chicken. http://t.co/MC3FHWosBlReally chuffed to see our @The_Globe films on the superb @LaughingSquid blog, perfectly in time for #Shakespeare450th http://t.co/1XrCLe86ZN
Retweeted by Scott BealeYou should subscribe to my pal @jdalrymple The Loop Magazine. It is worth the price. https://t.co/zlUUcfsujR
Retweeted by Scott BealeHey @netflix. . Ill gladly absorb your planned price hike if you stop expiring movies like they're fruit. Also, add real obscure stuff.
Retweeted by Scott BealeHBO Content Is Coming To Amazon Prime Instant Video Including ‘Sopranos’ And ‘The Wire’ http://t.co/cctOWcMnDK by @mjburnsy on @TechCrunch@CVBonello Great to meet you last night. Thanks for hosting the open house, the space is amazing. Looking forward to when it is full swing..@mbharrigan & @CVBonello welcoming the crowd last night at @GCTech. Thanks @wrmayo letting me know about the space. http://t.co/Odaw8ShS2qGrand Central Tech, a new 15K sq ft startup community in Facebook’s old NYC offices next to Grand Central Terminal. http://t.co/lPb8MK5RxHMeet the new Crunchbase http://t.co/T3nPzXaXrg
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe new Twitter profile actually tells you the exact *minute* you joined as well. http://t.co/F8yFlb35qD
Retweeted by Scott BealeWow, there are some great people involved in this new revolving group blog collaboration thing. https://t.co/ds8Pb23Fnz via @waxpancake
Retweeted by Scott Beale
Facebook's old digs are open for tenants (@ Grand Central Tech w/ @scottbeale) http://t.co/2nONzPHuFg http://t.co/aIahPbGAn4
Retweeted by Scott BealeApple logo with a green leaf. @ Grand Central Terminal http://t.co/2bajbrUqUBApple Opens OS X Beta Testing To All Users With New Seed Program http://t.co/OubFIHmZGE by @drizzled
Retweeted by Scott BealeiOS 7.1.1 is now available with improved Touch ID recognition and other bug fixes http://t.co/XPmQiXaOWE http://t.co/qChXG8pFRS
Retweeted by Scott BealeHBO Renews Comedies ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘Veep’ for 2015 http://t.co/KT3re9Obi8 via @RatesRick on @VarietyAwesome! RT @RickWebb: Oh hey. @timehop is on Android now! https://t.co/Pr4eJch1oh#MyNYPD hashtag campaign backfires horribly: http://t.co/yqhzwh1oln http://t.co/2LpPuRdRT4
Retweeted by Scott BealeYeah, the “More” drop-down menu on the new Twitter profile could just be a link to “Lists”. Unless they’re planning on adding other thingsHave you seen the new HOPE website? http://t.co/n5EWHa8MfN
Retweeted by Scott BealeAt least Twitter didn’t limit their reduced resolution header image to 140 colors.@sdenike @twitter I’m sure it even looks worse on a retina display.@parislemon My assumption is that the home page will be getting the 3 column “embiggening” soon. Get us use to the profiles first, then…I really wish that @Twitter didn’t reduce the resolution of their new header images so much. You’ll see that happen when you hit “apply”.Twitter still doesn’t realize how useful Lists are, they’re the one thing they left out of the main nav. http://t.co/SvXVsHQsbm
Retweeted by Scott BealeAh, didn’t notice that. How soon until it is called “likes”? RT @TaylorLorenz: Ew hate how they added Fav count to the new profile pageThe new @Twitter profiles are now available for everyone. New features include larger header image & pinned tweet. http://t.co/Dvkp5iP0HVLet's fork Wikipedia. One version maintains the status quo. One reboots as more friendly to editors. Anything goes. Which is better in 1 yr?
Retweeted by Scott BealeHilarious @HBOGO ads that promise teens a way to watch awkward @HBO show scenes “far, far away from their parents”. http://t.co/mGme43MP7O@mollybloom @ryanchris Yeah, I was just thinking about how lofts were considered so evil back then.Open House tonight 6-8, FREE office space for a year in Midtown - http://t.co/LdM97VbLGC be there ore be square! cc @CVBonello
Retweeted by Scott Bealea girl just applied to work for us with a comic sans cover letter. #hired
Retweeted by Scott BealeEvery line from Speed is being tweeted, in its entirety, by @Speed_1994.
Retweeted by Scott Beale@monteiro @ryanchris Agreed.@giordanobc @ryanchris Well there’s a big difference, that was an @improvevery prank. http://t.co/MHVX0j91jiFound this today on the walk home. After 15 years, SF is starting to bum me out completely. http://t.co/H0Cc6XJPFS
Retweeted by Scott BealeMy friend @DanPatterson is working with @SmallWorldNews in Sudan. He’s posting raw materials of his reporting here: http://t.co/8grw9OU5MY
Retweeted by Scott Beale@ryanchris Yeah, what @harryh said.
Kent St. has never seen anything like this: The @Kickstarter Block Party! Be here May 3. https://t.co/3eWouCHa15
Retweeted by Scott Beale@I_Poop_U Thanks!Walking on the subway grates is like the HOV lane of NYC sidewalks.
Retweeted by Scott Beale‘Spaghetti’,The Fourth & Final Episode of AT&True Detective Spoof featuring @RossMarquand http://t.co/W131LUsOVQ
Retweeted by Scott BealeTickets are now on sale for The Webutante Ball, sponsored by @Tealium Early Adopter tickets are only $50! http://t.co/mgpushAnPw
Retweeted by Scott BealePicking up some @Intelligentsia beans at @BlueSpoonNYC. http://t.co/61gowm6PJ5Glasshole creep busted by his own hashtag http://t.co/STFGOcrbj4 by @fruzse
Retweeted by Scott Beale
Just discovered this at my uncle & aunt’s house, an unopened US Bicentennial commemorative bottle of @7UP from 1976. http://t.co/J3o6H5bmRfFrilled Oculus #MagicTheGathering http://t.co/vpKdGDSHIeLove this artwork for Tell Tale Heart IPA. http://t.co/psGrX1LANe
Whoa… this is kind of surprising. Nike cutting the FuelBand? Is this because of Apple? http://t.co/5RpxIUCICO via @cpen
Retweeted by Scott BealeSuch an amazing artist. @SirMitchell will soon be rocking his @Marvel art show at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. http://t.co/ygq0j8DKqa
Retweeted by Scott Beale
@nmcglynn @blakeley @lindsaykap Congrats!@AnthonyBaker I haven’t tried to update it yet.@ekai @BreezeByRK @RunKeeper Yeah, it uses the built-in motion sensor which is only in the 5s. Glad to see more apps using that feature.@parislemon Agreed Verizon is horrible in NYC.New @Flickr 3.0 mobile app is out for iOS & Android. http://t.co/Kg7TgXaZzOSo far I’m pretty impressed with @BreezeByRK, the new activity tracker iPhone app by @RunKeeper, really great UI. http://t.co/JAdSKYH45rI normally loathe lists of tweets as stories, but this from @alyssabereznak is absolutely delightful reading https://t.co/ThSYZLKVhw
Retweeted by Scott Beale
Kermit the Frog & Fozzie Bear having an improvised existential conversation while filming The Muppet Movie in 1979. http://t.co/60BrjQYBtY@bre It looks like a Hot Wheels car.@rstevens I bet they like you even more.@thewillbeard Best consumed using a fork of course.Ha, forgot about that: http://t.co/SOu9yOr61G RT @thewillbeard: @ScottBeale reminds me of that office episode where Michael goes to sbarro#InappropriateLocalRestaurant RT @thewillbeard: @ScottBeale or a red lobster in MaineThe only Olive Garden I’ll go to is in Tuscany https://t.co/YCmJXvRyd6 RT @DanDotLewis: @ScottBeale Or an Olive Garden anywhereThe Facebook dinosaur (I think that’s a dinosaur) just conducted a “privacy checkup” with me as I was posting. http://t.co/ORpz2mpE7z@thewillbeard Ha, that’s a good one for the list!It always amazes me when I see someone ordering a Domino’s Pizza in NYC. It’s like going to a Taco Bell in San Francisco.Best thing I've read about the current climate around SF gentrification is @kimmaicutler's article: http://t.co/QKskbhZFnn Well done, K-M.
Retweeted by Scott Beale@RossMarquand @HRLori You guys should consider going, it would be a great place to promote @TheImpressGuys.@RossMarquand - @HRLori & I are going to @VidCon for 1st time this year. Many friends who have @YouTube channels have been going for years.@LarryChiang Thank you sir!The golden rule of sad death announcements on Facebook is that someone, somewhere will hit the "Like" button and confuse everyone who didn't
Retweeted by Scott Beale4^2 = "four squared" = 16 + April = April 16 = today = Foursquare Day = Happy @4sqDay!
Retweeted by Scott BealeIt's a new RiYL with @fingerbo talking the return of Minimum Wage. http://t.co/4ImlMp2apv
Retweeted by Scott BealeI wish there was an option similar to "Do Not Call" for cold marketing emails selling services. My answer has never been anything but no.
Retweeted by Scott Beale
Why that @USAirways employee wasn’t fired, in one chart http://t.co/5gcP74wL5P
Retweeted by Scott BealeBy far my favorite thing to come out of PAX East is BioShock Infinite barbershop quartet cosplay. http://t.co/jlmLY8ILWB
Retweeted by Scott BealeHey, so apparently if you buy tickets to HOPE X (which I am attending), 10% goes to the EFF. https://t.co/OGXmBnrfgz
Retweeted by Scott Beale@alexandrak On Twitter? I must have missed it. Anyway, great joke.Why do teenage girls always travel in odd numbers? Because they can't even.
Retweeted by Scott BealeThis is the biggest hashtag fail I've ever seen on Twitter... http://t.co/nQ2dg7YSsK
Retweeted by Scott Beale
Magic the Gathering of the Juggalos
Retweeted by Scott BealeDozens of teenagers are now tweeting bomb jokes to American Airlines http://t.co/yY0b9l4ttV
Retweeted by Scott BealeNYC BOOK LAUNCH TONIGHT! Join me & @brainpicker starting 7p, hosted by @DEARDAVEMAG. Free & open to the public! http://t.co/jjvkdLTy5n
Retweeted by Scott Beale@joesabia Congrats on the gig, sounds awesome.
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