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@bdsams yet I know so many geeks (self included) that are getting it for productivityHave we given Microsoft kudos yet for a) not having a new product leaked, & b) being available to buy the day it was announced? /cc @fxshaw
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired it sounds like its name alone should have warned you@getwired do I want to know what book?@CarmenCrincoli true. Guess my plans of moving my home server to the cloud have been killed@CarmenCrincoli couldn't use set one up in Azure?@antumbral @Dacidbro wait....this exists? I thought you were joking?!?!@antumbral @Dacidbro isn't that D&D?@dotMorten @windowsphone I had that problem with Waze on my 822!@timgabrhel @BAV0 #MSBand not YET open to 3rd party devs... but the team is working on that for a future update. I don't know timing.
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Current Status #TS1989 http://t.co/20bT59AGgP@violetblue but its just pointing out the obvious,.,,@SwiftOnSecurity what do you have against #XboxMusic?Ok, it's only @taylorswift13's old stuff. I can still play #Red #StillWorriedWHY HAS @taylorswift13 REMOVED ALL HER MUSIC FROM #XboxMusic!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! #FanApocalypse #WhatWillIDoNow?@jonathansampson jealous!@AndrewGetraer I feel like you might as well ask why is the sky blue?The tweet of the year RT @fekberg @shanselman I've had people SCAN their phones to "screenshot" an app.@draginol @josefajardo Yes but the OS is split into programs. So even if those programs assume single core they can execute in parallel@SaraJChipps Is that sarcasm? I'm not sure...@The_Doolio you should go as Oswin Oswald, she's a total #Hottieween! #Halloween #SelfieABC.@onedrive covers storage, but what would cover backup and media?Wondering if I could replace my home server with the cloud....Dahhhh. @panerabread is sending the username and password in a GET request, visible in the URL. Dahhhh. http://t.co/aaLbLStbU8
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@thurrott I've synced 533GB of data so far... it's taken days/weeks@MattRosoff I've seen it in several interviews now but no one seems to have asked him what his Torah portion is. Inquiring Jews want to know
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@johnobeto @dinabass @DrPizza I own two I think, one pocket and one wrist.@johnobeto @dinabass @DrPizza I'd wear it as a watch but I admit I'm not one who cares that much about fashion when it comes watches@DrPizza @dinabass Actually it's worse. It won't accept US Zip codes if you have everything set to US either. I can't enter my zip code@dinabass @DrPizza @johnobeto I thought it told the time?@CarmenCrincoli honestly if I hadn't I would be all over the band.@CarmenCrincoli how about I just bought a Lumia Icon outright so my "free spending money" need to recharge?If you’re on AT&T turn off WiFi and visit on your device to opt out of their horrible tracking token.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@conceptdev @dotMorten http://t.co/MZ9sZqqeBq they anwser that in the FAQMicrophone and works with Cortana. That is the feature that will get me to wear something on my wrist. More than a pedometer.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@RealDarrenCohen Not good but nothing saying they want the show cancelled
@SwiftOnSecurity link to something saying this?@WinObs I'm still shocked @Microsoft hadn't already nabbed it @microsoftband@WinObs @CarmenCrincoli from the Band's site's screen shots that doesn't look right for a BandI can't be the only one waiting for #WinRT for #MicrosfotBand can I?@bdsams I have no bloody idea. Someone there really needs to do some thinking@jjklee I'm not sure it support any wallet/money system actually @bdsamsNot sure if the apps advantage Agent has is worth it....@bdsams it doesn't support Apple Pay either so it's double doomedI paid $150 for a year ago for a not here yet @agentwatches and I now for $50 more I could have gotten a Band. Agent's advantage? Apps?@manan it's MS, not surprised@Daniel_Rubino @WinObs It's a first but a very good trendSo it's really a Smart Watch pretending to be a fitness band? #MicrosoftBand@abrahamvivas @taylorswift13 I looked but it's not there?Ars Commenter: "I'd rather Google create some cool feature and W3C add it to the spec later than wait". Congrats. You just invented IE5.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@robertmclaws @raganwald good point. I need to look into it more@robertmclaws @raganwald could be but if ACH can decrypt it so can someone else@robertmclaws @raganwald based on what I know the QR code contains your bank info.@GhostITMG @onedrive :)What media bias looks like. MT @hormiga: Private companies are pioneers. NASA just blows up. @FoxNews about #Antares http://t.co/xs4uIADA0Q
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardMajor US Retailers: “We failed to keep your credit card data safe, so now we’ll try taking your bank account information.”
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@GhostITMG that's my guess too. Luckily I have the rip synced to @onedrive :)
So sad I can't stream #TS1989 on #XboxMusic. Now I won't be able to listen at work. Why @taylorswift13, why?@GhostITMG apparently it won't music match the album :(RT @Shmuelie: Updated #HumanizerJS to reflect changes in #Humanizer https://t.co/uAGs3CxLrJ #javascript #OSS
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@GhostITMG very true. Just bought the album at target 😊10 minutes before the store closes but I got it #TS1989 #SuchAFanGirl http://t.co/1oaefV4uN9@robertmclaws happy to hear that :)@robertmclaws you ever get around to using #HumanizerJS? If not what could I add to change that?Updated #HumanizerJS to reflect changes in #Humanizer https://t.co/5s6XktLl56.@SwiftOnSecurity I use my phone for when I want to check a suspicious link in an email because I know nothing (should) happen@getwired @GlennF totally true.@ahalam @SwiftOnSecurity @GlennF @getwired it's like they took Windows Mobile and renamed it.@GlennF @getwired @Shmuelie Android is a platform built to empower/blame users for not knowing every possible fcked up thing Android can do
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired @GlennF I completely agree that it's an issue but I think it's not most/every phone as the article makes it seem@GlennF @getwired I'm sorry but that makes it a huge fail in the US. Still a problem but fail@GlennF @getwired My question is how the tracking app works on an iPhone. Sandboxing anyone?@GhostITMG yes but I don't know what will happen to the extra tracksThis amused me. http://t.co/ciiMg42GoT
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard.@SwiftOnSecurity My watch says I like you. http://t.co/b2uZJ6xrdN
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Caught between buying #TS1989 in Target or on Xbox Music. Do I want it in the cloud or in hard copy with extra tracks #TayorFanIssuesAt the Microsoft Store, you can disconnect a laptop, sit with it on your lap, pick it up and hold it. Apple Store: tethered with 2 inches.
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If I follow you and you let services like unfollow tweet stupid statistics about your follower count, it'll go down by one
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardGenerics and Enums http://t.co/DeYyal8KtGChanging an API to not throw errors is HARD!Actually maybe I should go as @SwiftOnSecurity
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Oh my gosh can we just talk about the preview for the Doctor Who finale?!?! I HAVE NO WORDS! #DoctorIdiot #DoctorWho #InTheForestOfTheNight
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@jongallant I'll give them a lookI need a domain hoster that will let me have crazy sub domains like http://t.co/vD2nX1zAmY or http://t.co/oSrEKnmNQWMKVs are just containers. Saying they're popular with pirates is like saying PCs are popular with pirates. Yeah, and?
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@jongallant wow. I'm paying 1&1 $15@jongallant how much they want?@robertmclaws @Nawzil8 I'm just happy it's not Window Lumia@browserstack Just created an account. The email address I DMed@CarmenCrincoli It's Google, they could do it I'm sure @marypcbuk @migueldeicaza @bitcrazed@CarmenCrincoli They do realize that they could just build a different compiler... *headdesk* @marypcbuk @migueldeicaza @bitcrazed@browserstack Did you mean the email I have an account with? Don't have one yet. Currently comparing services and that is a major factor@CarmenCrincoli The sad thing here is I'm not completely sure your if you're joking or not @marypcbuk @migueldeicaza @bitcrazedSo apparently the Angular team needed to reinvent the wheel.... Not helping me decide to start using it@marypcbuk @migueldeicaza so in other words exactly as @bitcrazed put it #StupidTurfWars@browserstack done@migueldeicaza @marypcbuk "Atscript"?@browserstack is it possible to launch a browser session in a browser via an API?Future desired interaction: "Cortana, in 10 minutes, please start my car and set the A/C to high heat." /cc @marcusash
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@jbrodkin as long as I can keep my unlimited on Verizon I won't complain too much
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