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@Office365 isn't @Outlook the web mail service while I meant the desktop program? I use business you for emailWin! Follow @CultBoxTV and RT for a chance to win 2 x media streaming players for your TV worth £69.99: http://t.co/5uSV1EnUuA #RokuCB
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Win! Follow @CultBoxTV and RT for a chance to win 3 x 'Doctor Who' t-shirts: http://t.co/Hx1eu71KS7 #ShirtsCB http://t.co/zlOW6iQDjq
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Office365 Will Do. I have Home and Business :) Most often used #msOffice tool would be Outlook!
@Office365 no idea yet. But I'll find a way!I'd like to thank @Microsoft and @Office365 for 1TB (!) of @OneDrive!!!
I'm back 😊
My doctor has a Chrombook
@retrotap @randeroo cool. Thanks!@retrotap @randeroo that would explain it then. What newsletter?Why do I get spam every day for "The Genie Zip Bra"???
@CarmenCrincoli make sure they know how to show respect :)I hear @richcampbell and @carlfranklin are going to be in NY, I think we need to have a DNR meetup!
@shmulyeng DM me an email address an I'll have the job posting sent to you :)
@datachick so very very trueAnyone in the NJ area looking for a #WebDeveloper Job?@datachick went on a tour of Israel. Everyone else needed WiFi to get their iPhones online, I just sat there with my phone browsing :)@datachick It's made international travel so much easier@datachick Mines never been locked so maybe@TheRomit thanks
@jrharmon82 thanksI'm happy to say I got my next job lined up already :) MapText Inc! http://t.co/2tSJ6ufY56 #NewJobSo Internet, we can crowdfund $22K some random potato salad, can I get $1500 to tech outfit a special ed classroom? http://t.co/atKDZypMyB
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Watching @bbcdoctorwho on @Netflix in 5.1 surround sound!
My best friend's uncle is the longest tenured current employee at MicrosoftAnyone know how my @MonoGameTeam JavaScript port exploded in popularity?
@jrharmon82 thing is the 1020 would take better video (1080@30 vs. 720@25) and have panorama mode@jrharmon82 in my case the 1020 would be a secondary device since I have VerizonAny camera buffs out there to help me figure out if if a point and shoot or a Lumia 1020 is better?@kwalker I've removed some browser detection since I only run in IE, added brace collapsing, and one more thing that I'm blanking on.
@kwalker thanks. Hardest part will be porting my customizationsI really want to be on twitter more. Sadly work currently stops that@kwalker finally getting around to upgrading my Orion hub usage from 4.0. Any place to see a change log for 5.0 and 6.0?@spidermuffinart @SaraJChipps is cooler than David Bowie
WP8.1 Calendar fix is ready and getting posted to the store. Will take a bit of time to show up everywhere. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardSkulls and Crossbones - Perfect for codingI did not wake up to see an MVP award. Would have been more worried if I had!Got the intro music to #hansalminutes stick in my head @shanselman
Holy shit people legitimately think @SCOTUSblog is actually the Supreme Court tweeting and are complaining about it.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardWith all my work on Humanizer.Js I've got Spear's Womanizer in my headHate to say but I just got a big reminder on how good I'm not. Think I'll put the idea on the back burner.About 2 months late but yay! "@CodeontheGo: Version 2.0 is in the store!"@migueldeicaza guess I got a lot of reading ahead of me. Thanks!@antumbral I get the feeling you're above my head on this because I'm honestly lost 😊@antumbral lets take a step back to the shared static properties. Do you mean you want to be able to access static methods from instances?@antumbral how would you do the equivalent in C#?
@antumbral so you want shared static methods?@antumbral and we can do that in JS too. Static methods get attached to the constructor function and instance to the prototype@antumbral ok. There's something in missing here. Example?@antumbral why you want to do that?Really, @risingstarabc? I'm on a @WindowsPhone. The music dl link should not be sending me to *iTunes*. Come on, guys. Get it on Xbox Music.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@antumbral what you trying to do?Would a JavaScript implementation of EAS make sense?@migueldeicaza I'm thinking of creating a CIL VES implementation. Any recomendations of place to start learning?I want to take .NET to the last platform it's only partially made it to.I've got an idea for my next project but to call it insane would be niceFor my next trick: Keep object references in JSON from JavaScript using http://t.co/J9gW2FnIJm syntax! https://t.co/WaI22IPsgo@MehdiKhalili @robertmclaws Thanks. What helped was that for the most part the code is very similar in JS.Already working on my next C#/JS related projectI present version 1.0.0 of Humanizer.Js https://t.co/5s6Xktui36 @robertmclaws @MehdiKhalili@shanselman that's what we get for not jumping quick enough. ThanksIf Google supports diversity then where's Google Maps for Windows Phone?
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@SpaceShot yup@SpaceShot same but I sadly live in the present :(@sbisson with a killer camera!@andybbtt11 I'm looking for used on ebay@sbisson my problem with using it as a phone is I'm on VerizonThinking of buying a #Lumia1020 just to use it as a camera. Thoughts?If you are not paying for a product, IMO you lose your right to complain if the product tries to mind-fuck you and then quantify the result.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@shanselman The Surface still available?@shanselman Sent an email to my brother. Hopefully he'll get back to me soon@shanselman price?I really wish I was paid to convert C# to JavaScript. Would make the headaches not as bad@WithinRafael what is a trerrania?
Maybe I'm weird but I prefer VSDoc to JSDoc@robertmclaws ok, thanks
@robertmclaws how about enums?@robertmclaws how do you add intellisense comments to TypeScript?
I just solved the perfect crime to win the new #XboxOne and #Lumia630. Can you solve it? http://t.co/2YAWAoTc84 #lumiadetective
Microsoft pioneered flat and simple UI in smartphones 4 years ago. Interesting to see Apple and Google catch up in their own unique ways
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardGoogle has steadfastly refused to support Windows 8.x. Now we know why - they've been building a clone. http://t.co/p9GzU3MRlx
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@ThatConference thinking of coming this year. How would getting Kosher food for the meals happen if I do?
@antumbral My general rule is that while they may be overconfident odds are I'd be worseWell it's two months later but version 2.0 should be out this week.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardCheck out my new Twitter background created with @TileMeApp for #WindowsPhone!RT @NokiaUS RT for a shot to win this All-American Lumia 1020. Rules: http://t.co/8jV0LOOcf9 http://t.co/eM0Mpku8Ab #TeamLumia #sponsoredThis is utter genius. Especially the France/England/Portugal bit. http://t.co/6AQ34beD8o
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@robertmclaws @MehdiKhalili be my guest, I'd love to accept i :)@robertmclaws @MehdiKhalili It's a thought. Currently just implementing VSDoc for all "public" functionsFirst commit to https://t.co/ICWxErrR1g @robertmclaws @MehdiKhalili
Important update to Web Essentials 2013 released. You should update ASAP http://t.co/4RKMpXSS8H Please RT
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardYou know you're in trouble when certification crashes your app but no one including development support can recreate the crash
Hardest part of converting Humanizer to JavaScript is the Regular Expressions #CSharpToJavaScriptEveryone pls vote for Xbox Music: http://t.co/kjBrvKecgt
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@robertmclaws @MehdiKhalili cool!@MehdiKhalili @robertmclaws eventually at https://t.co/ICWxErrR1g@MehdiKhalili @robertmclaws will be on github. Currently doing some core work before I make the first commit to GH@robertmclaws @MehdiKhalili This will take some time but I was in need of a good JS project to work on so...@robertmclaws currently converting Humanizer to JS :)@BuddyPlatform Thinking of using it for my Metro IDE, but first need to add some features :)
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