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Software Developer at Lufthansa. I do the impossible in C# and JavaScript, sometimes at the same time! Also dating the amazing @MathnSkating. Opinions mine

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@film_girl why do you never count the MS band in the smart watch debates?@IrisClasson suffer no moreThinking of using my Raspberry Pi to build an in car computer on Windows 10 IoT. First issue is lack of Bluetooth 😞@Spacekatgal Taylor Swift!
@robertmclaws that works thanks@robertmclaws I have to ask what the A in WTAF stands for?
@sbisson fooyAfter listening to the latest @_RocketFM I have to ask: @Spacekatgal was I honestly an accidental follow? I'll be ok if I was@getwired ok, yeah that is funky@getwired so what don't you get?@AndrewGetraer lol thanks@sbisson Would the Raspberry Pi Windows 10 build run on anything with similar hardware? I want to do a project that the Pi is too big forI think I have a way to compile and run C# at runtime in a Universal Application :)"There are people who actually like programming. I don't understand why they like programming." - Well if PHP is your idea of programming...
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired Isn't WaaS just Software Assurance?
Added podcasts I listen to to my blog. I think that's it for the changes for now. Time to move on to other projects. Back to #WinFSOnce my blog is working I have a goal of blogging once a week. Should be good for me. Even more so since I got an editor!After talking with @terrajobst I'm going to stop #CILJS and instead convert the #JSIL compiler to JS/TSFor every step the web / js crowd take just remember - flash & silverlight had already solved those interactive problems :)
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getify @jonathansampson I use it for WinJS@jonathansampson @getify and almond?@jonathansampson @getify what about almond? Or require?@jonathansampson some Js librariesI just published "Papas, please let your babies grow up to be princesses." on @Medium https://t.co/EXVYSzWgG7
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@lookitskris number is replacing my Pro 1@VSProfiler @VisualStudio interesting, I'll have to see about that@maryjofoley @WithinRafael everything gets a decade of support, everything@WithinRafael decade life span rememberI love what @SaraJChipps is doing. She isn't trying to kill the "pink aisle." She's trying to engineer it. Rock on. https://t.co/TlxFnQkCgB
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardJava was publicly released 20 years today. So @BrendanEich built JavaScript's prototype a week before Java was out. As ham is to hamster! :)
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardSounds like its time for me to upgrade to #Windows10flickr auto-tagging #algorithm maps Auchwitz to "sport", black people to "ape" and "animal" http://t.co/TEWLaxQM5c http://t.co/JyDfLcoOwo
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@marypcbuk @CarmenCrincoli I sadly was not at Ignite@CarmenCrincoli svira beard it is not then!#HoloLens http://t.co/nEIidLGkkR #bldwinI've spent all night fighting with @BuildWinJS, and I've got little to show for it :(
@CarmenCrincoli the beard is new, I'm guessing this is the last week?@msdev @reybango I sadly missed my local one yesterday :(@doomquasar This is what youtube is for :)Unless you're selling lingerie or swimwear, T&A is a bad way to sell a product. If Budweiser and Coors do it, you shouldn't.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardHoloLens http://t.co/nEIidLoJtj
So apparently you can't have a Pivot in a Flyout in @BuildWinJS :(@Spacekatgal http://t.co/ezzjbnpOsG
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@noopkat how so?@Spacekatgal One day it will be ∞ daysOne line of code, ONE LINE, is all it took to fix my issue.Today I spent 9 HOURS going crazy because #Direct2D uses a pool for BitmapRenderTargets@SwiftOnSecurity isn't that all of them.....OH: SF tech culture is focused on solving one problem: What is my mother no longer doing for me?
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@samusclone the fact that you know what XP mode is makes you at least 5 times cooler"America is failing its children by not teaching code in every high school" //No. It isn't.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@noopkat same
@troyhunt I couldn't stand what I did, good lord what you're doing@troyhunt Clearly I have to up my flying game. And I work for an airline!@troyhunt My SF to Zurich doesn't seem so bad nowI'm thinking of moving all my VMs to Azure. While I'll need internet to access them I won't have to sync them between machinesSlowly entering all the business cards I got at #bldwin into my contacts
@marypcbuk @Spacekatgal true, and just fear it's a slippery slideQuick little class I created at work to help with multi-threaded disposable classes https://t.co/geZhrxbHGP@marypcbuk @Spacekatgal fan boy ism is bad, no matter what it's forThis makes me think of @Georgia_Dow RT @Twin_Alchemist: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ still true http://t.co/UYS8EOcgHjIntroducing Facebook Instant Articles. You never have to leave Facebook to get content. http://t.co/sIC9UwaYcP
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI'm such a fan boy. I get excited when @Spacekatgal favorites my tweets. Really need to snap out of it@Spacekatgal be fun from a development stand point@wpdev already talking with my bosses how we can use @HoloLens@Spacekatgal I loved her outfit, very modern
@BuildWinJS redoing my blog in WinJS! http://t.co/D0GJXeVSaxThink I'm done with the blog redo but I'm going to have to work on down level support@noopkat need to go to more meetups but I hate going to the city@noopkat conferences are so much fun though, and all the people. It's like a meetup on steroids@noopkat Wish I could go to more conferences but that would get in the way of developing :)@noopkat Yes, you're speaking at Oslo. No problem and thanks :) it was fun. Just got back from a trip to Zurich which was just after BUILD@noopkat What's new by you?@noopkat And look at that, follow through. Should add that to linkedin :)
Learned something new and surprising yesterday: all Internet traffic flows through a central point in Oslo called the Nexus.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardThoughts on the new look for http://t.co/D0GJXeVSax? #MyBlogRocket is live!! [SCREAMS] http://t.co/vYmhsU5D4t
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardIt’s the first Rocket live podcast, and @film_girl has been drinking. http://t.co/pLYNi8m2Td @_RelayFM @doomquasar
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI heard that @_RocketFM would be live streaming tonight? Is this happening? @Spacekatgal @film_girl @doomquasar
I find it so interesting how people prove @Spacekatgal's point for her when replying to her@Spacekatgal all the power to husband for fielding themMy main fear of using #WinJS for my blog is older browsers not being supportedMy new look for my blog is all #WinJS@sbisson I don't feel so bad now 😊@sbisson been a bit out of the loop. Will check that out!@sbisson wait there's a version of Node based on Chakra?@jbevain @antumbral I think that might result in infinite recursion
Decided it's time to unfollow some people I follow just because I'm a groupie@jbevain I'm thinking of porting the JSIL compiler to TS. That way you can take .NET code & execute it in the browser with no extra work
Generator-CSharp will get attention as will WinFSMy blog really needs a UX redoCIL.JS is going to go through some heavy rethinking, mighty even be replaced.Between my trip to #bldwin and Zurich I've had some time to rethink what projects I'm spending time onThanks to my trip to Zurich I'm caught up on @_RocketFM and @Isometricshow@jbevain what do you think of porting Cecil to typescript?@antumbral what do you think of the idea of making the JSIL compiler run in JS?Back in the USA
Zurich has been great! Wish I could be here and actually have time to "visit", not just work
@bdsams @getwired it's missing the signaturesIt's over, people. Go home. The shark has been jumped. http://t.co/dZDSc2gPi2
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