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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired Porn Star. AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee. Published Writer. Radio Personality. Educator. Mother. Grandmother. AutismActivist. Hip Hop Head. HIS.

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Spinach and Brie Stuffed Chicken, Quinoa with Tomato & Olives & a Raw Kale, Red Cabbage & Shaved… https://t.co/balCVaah7vSpinach, Brie & Chicken... #nom https://t.co/FgTndh6KRDIntroducing my daughter to the joy that is The Lost Boys & The Corey's. She hated Twilight. She's… https://t.co/eUOTrcDsaygothamsartwayne is exhausted from too much fun. #brooklynboys #brooklyn #love #family #houseoflove https://t.co/qXPa81HIEeAre you ready for some Tacos?!?!?!?! Grab your friends and come hang out in our Brooklyn backyard,… https://t.co/LjAqC1TGCK
Round 1... #happybirthday #jarobiissoirrelevant https://t.co/SKomqatbEjJarobi of #TribeCalledQuest rockin' the #RaisedFistPropaganda Positive Tee for his birthday in #NYC https://t.co/ZYIeMubjeG
Retweeted by Sinnamon Lovegothamsartwayne loves when his physical therapist comes over and gives him a massage. https://t.co/QZoCqhVNfl
Come out and celebrate @jarobiwhite's birthday!!! #Repost @jarobiwhite ・・・ Go #jarobae it's ya… https://t.co/WFrJN53uGvBirthday shots because that's what he wants for his birthday. https://t.co/WtBtDeQrsHThere is no place like home... #August https://t.co/UdIupgz452Something new... <3 #August https://t.co/7bcYsMpuU7The Bees Mead... #August https://t.co/uEKA8PKm6s@JarobiWhite enjoying a pre-birthday Cocktail. https://t.co/6itiCJCJxeMississippi State Flag flying in Rockefeller Plaza. #confederateflag https://t.co/hn6TYKrtnHJust played: Play it Like You Mean It from Leaders Quest Mission (@DincoD & @JarobiWhite) on… https://t.co/M1loDJjY4PTune in right NOW to SiriusXM Channel 46 to The Ed Lover Show to @JarobiWhite chopping it up! Call in… https://t.co/K3eRYIgvhB@stayfoggy While you are at it, (because I know you don't know,) here's some research material http://t.co/OlxljqrLEL@stayfoggy equate to brand building for my company #CanelasKitchen.@stayfoggy Not to mention I run my boyfriend's event culinary & music event company. You may be working a "job," but I have 4 hustles that@stayfoggy I also use KitchenSurfing for personal chef gigs & TaskRabbit for personal shopping as well. #thinkbigger@stayfoggy the company I work with for to allow me to shop for my personal clients without having to process credit cards myself.@stayfoggy and a personal shopper through my food blog. So "working" at the same job, maybe, but for who? I work for myself and use the@stayfoggy Who do you work for? You might be surprised, but I launched a food blog in 2013, & started offering services as a personal chef@stayfoggy 20 years isn't longevity?@ncbroomes The US.
@ncbroomes There is no preparation necessary.@ncbroomes I have been retired for over 5 years. I told you that before#Repost @jarobiwhite ・・・ Hey! Make sure to tune in! Me and my homie @skyyhookradio chop it up!… https://t.co/bnGZCyRlDuJarobi White Launches "Tribe Taco Tuesdays" In Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn http://t.co/ncE4VADyIo
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveDude. This is why I adore @unclerush. Wishful thinking and positive affirmations will only take you… https://t.co/A0l29QxIFQWhile others sleep in, I grind. While others play, I reset my body & mind. While others wilt, I glow.… https://t.co/kgNTnXfjCgHappy Monday #TeamLove!! https://t.co/MylimXthOPHaven't been to my blog lately? Me either. Well this morning I had a perfectly good reason to write a… https://t.co/K2VlyXapKkJean Grae Slays... Always https://t.co/gvjzSKJmWa http://t.co/2JnDsXKHhsQuick breakfast before a super busy day. Canyon Bakehouse is killing it with whole grain #GlutenFreehttps://t.co/loistmajsq
@BrookeLovejones Definitely! I'd like that!Midnight baths Laughs and giggles Baby oil massages And baby yoga stretches For stiff limbs and… https://t.co/V9lN05OQmX@lainnafader Hope to see you at @JarobiWhite's next #TribeTacoTuesdays! We'll set you aside some tacos. ^_^Wait, what? It's not Tuesday?? Okay. I'll wait... #TribeTacoTuesdays #eatsrhymeslife #starwatsfreakshttps://t.co/UV5OlBKbdt@therealest007 lol! Nothing wrong with a little good food. ;)@therealest007 That's too bad! Love these GF bagels. Lower carb content & with Salmon or tuna, they are high in protein.Salmon Salad on an @UdisGlutenFree Everything Inside Bagel. #Brunch #canelaskitchen #houseoflove https://t.co/D12cCiMj08
Barilla #GlutenFree Fusilli with Salmon & Tomato Cream Sauce. #houseoflove #canelaskitchen https://t.co/WXcpZzr6sGThe incomparable Nina Simone. #restingbitchface #netflix #whathappenedmisssimone https://t.co/ZrIsAsSdJlNothing better than cuddles on a rainy day. https://t.co/mq3wGgB3bBAlways a good time running lines with @depthbeautygrit for @nygirlstv. https://t.co/tQlcRH9Rc6Shooting a scene for @nygirlstv. Watermelon Margarita? Why not! https://t.co/bhvhH6dlMZAll the old Spanish men are hitting on me while I wait for this bus... Lol! #feelingmyself #latehttps://t.co/lgk5DxFbHx@Ms_Sashii You will love the food!@Ms_Sashii Come through Tuesday, July 7 for the next Tribe Taco Tuesdays! http://t.co/pmntXPofFX
You don't know my life son. #Repost @_teamnatural ・・・ 😏 https://t.co/pDhh93MQ2HCelebrate!! #marriage #love #equalrightsforall https://t.co/H3dWoCVNYZ#selfie https://t.co/AoeUKVM1NGThe best party of the summer is just around the corner!!! Save the Date! Don't miss out!!! #Reposthttps://t.co/BVhk2DhR8d@lenubienne @JarobiWhite The next one is July 7! I know, I know... Tacos. Lol@lenubienne @JarobiWhite While it was great seeing you at the D'Angelo concert, I hope I get to see you at the next #TribeTacoTuesdays!About last night... @jarobiwhite rocking the Jungle Brothers show in the Bronx. #Reposthttps://t.co/8p6zUF9lMo*sigh* This guy has destroyed a perfectly good Pear Frittata. Smh... gothamsartwayne is a hot mess… https://t.co/LvTCzL2nVNLeftover Pear Frittata & Coffee for breakfast. On a Love high from the Jungle Brothers show last… https://t.co/Bk3D7kNXrf
@glutenfreebagel I would love to! DM me to discuss! I love doing product reviews for lesser known brands!
Bananas, Caramel Apple Pie Talenti, Nutella, Marachino Cherries, Whipped Cream and Chocolate… https://t.co/ICOTByLdIF@DrayaFaces These guys don't realize 1 woman isn't competition for another, & trying to belittle or pit 1 against another is unnecessary.@DrayaFaces :) Thanks for the retweet. I know what its like to have border obsessive fans "promoting" me by spamming others. Its annoying.@kingdove1015 @DrayaFaces It doesn't lend to promoting her, to spam other people with things about her.@kingdove1015 @DrayaFaces Yes, I am on the cover of some of the books. I appreciate your adoration of Draya, but it doesn't apply to me.@DantePosh Aww.. I know!! SO proud!
The 2015 Graduating Class of Brooklyn High School of The Arts https://t.co/zZFH313aXyReal Tears!!!!! https://t.co/275lCyXxRgFamily Business... https://t.co/dU8trDNPLpMother of the Grad... https://t.co/UfcAf2fZ28@melvinj84 Totally!!!!Tears as I type this... We are incredibly proud of you. You have proven you can overcome any… https://t.co/CLat5BILqlTears as I type this... We are incredibly proud of you. You have proven you can overcome any… https://t.co/SHOgxPPxGq3 Years ago today, I was partying in Sydney, Australia with my girl djjosiestyles & @msbigbadcj. I… https://t.co/52W6bSAh0e
@DaedaeCouture Aww...Wanna be served tacos by a member of A Tribe Called Quest? Get to Bed-Stuy this summer http://t.co/d05qatFY7H
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveMellow Man Ace Feat. Jarobi of Tribe, Cazal Organism- It was me man https://t.co/2FRBVzAtEK via @YouTube
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@what416 You asked how I was doing. I'm excellent. What are you asking?@what416 Excellent.Still need convincing to come sit with us tomorrow?! How about Lamb Vindaloo Tacos? And Buffalo… https://t.co/YAKU3IOa68#Repost @jarobiwhite ・・・ My peoples! The word is spreading. You want to be at the hottest after work… https://t.co/XUX1YEfQSDA Tribe Called Quest Rapper @JarobiWhite Brings 'Tribe Taco Tuesdays' to Brooklyn via @Dnainfo http://t.co/4DiRLdRbLl #TribeTacoTuesdays@JamilahLemieux Yes it was!! I haven't seen him live since Voodoo. This was awesome. Art enjoyed the show & took a pic with him backstage!I also see @JarobiWhite & @SinnamonLove !!!
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveD'Angelo. Spending an amazing Father's Day with NYC family @raydarellis, @sinnamonlove & @jarobiwhitehttps://t.co/vInWeoxiss
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@304_smith I am in a long term partnership, yes. Common law marriage.
@JamilahLemieux Wish I had known you were there! We were there as well!My Day is complete! D'Angelo concert with @JarobiWhite. #fathersday2015 https://t.co/UJ0on4GOSd@jarobiwhite gothamsartwayne & I are waiting for D'Angelo to hit the stage! #forresthills #queenshttps://t.co/cPAaF02QHZCutest cupcake ever. Not Gluten-Free. Life is so unfair. #mommyduty #japanesebakerycafe https://t.co/D6a4u6D9CtSpending a little QT with my baby boy. #facesofAutism #AspergersAwareness #AutismAwareness https://t.co/jp1HnjeA89Tuna Salad on @UdisGlutenFree Whole Wheat Bagel. #glutenfree #pescatarian #canelaskitchen #houseoflove https://t.co/eVMpEWRwvEHappy Father's Day to the Love of my life! @JarobiWhite, I adore the father you are, the stepfather… https://t.co/cIMLHAnOHe
@GibbonsAg I have been retired for over 5 years.@Daspeakahboxx My day is awesome.Namaste my Loves. https://t.co/Gw6YqQAQmRQueen shit. https://t.co/PyeB8UjBwsMother Earth. Tree of Life. #selfie #treeoflife #blackwomen #art #goddess https://t.co/5Bw7Eew0lxBe sure to follow @EatRhymesLife for the latest on @JarobiWhite's upcoming food events! #foodies #nyc #happyhour #afterworkevents #brooklyn
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