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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired PornStar. AVN & Urban X HallofFame Inductee. RelationshipColumnist @TheWellVersed. RadioPersonality. Educator. Mother. AutismActivist. HipHop Head. HIS.

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10 Realistic Rules for Good Non-Monogamous-Relationships: http://t.co/1cYPICxNL1Over 15 Mistresses will be at @CYN_Studios_NYC BDSM Play Party this Thursday night! Discounted tickets on sale NOW! https://t.co/5oNe7qMsR8@ProfessorBLove Hi Brian!@jetsetHER Oh! Yes of course! Text me so I know when you need it by. :)@jetsetHER Promo me? Que tal? (Note the Cali Spanglish...) lol@jetsetHER You know I may be sweet, family oriented and educated... but i'm still from Flint at the end of the day. lol!@jetsetHER But its okay, the non-stop flight from LA is much cheaper than your being in the midwest. I should see more o you now! ;-)@jetsetHER Aww... You know I love you girl! I'm low key hurt you're moving to LA after i've left instead of joining me in NYC. *side eye*I think my crazy is a fair balance. Chi is crazy as hell, Sin is a little too nice to be fully crazy. I'm semi crazy
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveA few years ago, I had a problem with a man friend. Sin was like "you know my brothers are right up the street. They'll handle it."
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveQuiet as it's kept, @sinnamonlove is also a bit crazy. But her heart is so pure that it's a balance.
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@khasedough Not for me.@khasedough How do a cop's kids feel when they find out their parent shoots and sometimes kills people? Do they love them any less?WILL MIMI FAUST'S DAUGHTER BE DAMAGED BY SEX TAPE SCANDAL? http://t.co/dk1R0cqtbw via @theGrio
@Swann1977 @thatgirlmystic Yes.Don't forget! Tickets for @CYN_Studios_NYC Spring Physical Domination Play Party on April 24th are on sale NOW! https://t.co/5oNe7qMsR8@JacobKJ17 One can not judge how another loves: monogamous, non-monogamous, poly - we should only concern ourselves w/our lives, not others.The world is forever changing and it's a wonder, just like life .
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@JacobKJ17 I support LOVE: consensual, abundant, giving.@FeministaJones True. You should be able to not be interested simply because you're not interested, not becuz you are another man's propertyIts that kind of day in the office. ^_^ http://t.co/wlWbWjYL8z #pandora@itstracyg @HarveyWins @theGrio Imagine how much you have to make in order to afford childcare and still pay the bills?!@itstracyg @HarveyWins @theGrio As a new grandmother I'm quickly recalling my days as a young divorcee paying $300/ wk for childcare per kid@itstracyg @HarveyWins @theGrio Low Hours, High Pay & Flexible Scheduling make sex work highly desirable for parents with young children.@itstracyg @HarveyWins @theGrio There aren't any stats on parents who work in varied forms of sex work, including porn, stripping, webcam...@itstracyg @HarveyWins @theGrio People often don't realize the large number of women AND men who are parents in the sex industry.
@MissyElliott omigod... cute!@MySljustice67 Hello.@ImUpNextB Sorry, I'm an Android user.Thank you. :) @blackpapi67Ladies!! If you would like to appear at @CYN_Studios_NYC play party this week, contact CynStudiosNYC@Gmail.com for the guest list!Come party @ @CYN_Studios_NYC 4/24! Ladies FREE all night! Guys $30 in Advance, $40 at door! https://t.co/I0EJ7m7f8X http://t.co/3jaAtzXtRF
I got : John Travolta! Which celebrity are you from the 1970s? http://t.co/veO6BFyB01 via @play_buzzEx pornstar @SinnamonLove on #mimifaust and what's it's like being a mom in the sex industry http://t.co/0HBWxfqnWB by @harveywins
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@djgreenhornet No, I'm one of the managers at @CYN_Studios_NYC.In the dungeon and already doled out excellent advice on marketing to 2 of our Dommes. SUPER stoked. ^_^@NoisySilentOne Thanks. :)@BuckAngel @Bawdy Aww... Are you coming to NY Buck??My latest :Ex pornstar @SinnamonLove on what's it's like about being a mom in the sex industry http://t.co/v9zvwMrEPl #MimiFaust @thegrio
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@MissAngelaDavis Oh emm GEE she is cute!!! :)@firefire100 @eonline ha!@eonline I can, because I'm 40. What do people think 40 is supposed to look like?@sexinstilettos lol!@sexinstilettos lolI checked off 98 out of 100 on this list! How Many Life Skills Do You Have? http://t.co/TSrR7S5Q4S via @buzzfeed@chantarose @leonoraepstein Do it again now and see how you feel!I got A-! What Grade Are You Getting In Life? http://t.co/2h1tCVdGJ4 via @leonoraepstein
#NowPlaying Scarlet Pussy by Prince on @Rdio: http://t.co/ENRsVyzoryWell Prince my man. You got that one right! Lol http://t.co/hNEgRsDdTe
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveTonight is busy at @CYN_Studios_NYC! Mistresses Sage, Zariah, Leyla, Viviene, Courvier, Mia & Alexa are all here! http://t.co/3eiNAQ5EePLife has been taking some real funny changes this year. SO over the insanity and ready for the new quarter to begin. Spring cleaning is NOW!
@BritneyNYC We should totally get together one of these days!@BritneyNYC :) Soon! We were hoping to package and sell them, but it seems soup is not allowed for home businesses.Sent comfort in a jar to a friend today: Tomato Basil Cheddar & Potato Leek Soup... but not the Carrot Ginger. #love http://t.co/mBeTAg2Twp
@Pamskid Aww... Sweet!@ttodhunter wow.. but as a series??My phone STILL won't hold a charge... but I'll have a new phone in a few days. #grateful #PatienceOmigod... for the last few days I have had no working cell phone or laptop. I felt like I was excommunicated from Life.@BklynEbonyFeet howdie!
Watching Mad Mrn with the fair prince. ^_^ #Art http://t.co/P0ML609ZG5Letting go of anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness & fear.p http://t.co/KwZyl3EfoG
@misslainie @_ambassador Someone told my friend she looks like Belle Knox. :)@_ambassador I'll have to ask my friend @misslainie. She's done some PR with her. :)@courtneytrouble @CYN_Studios_NYC AWESOME!@courtneytrouble We should hang out and do something while you're here! Drinks, food, dancing? All of the above?@courtneytrouble hahahaha! If you are looking for locations for your shoots, I am one of the managers at @Cyn_Studios_NYC. ^_^@courtneytrouble Not sure.. my phone eats numbers. DM please? What are you up to while in town?@courtneytrouble Would love to see you while you are in town!Pakistani family: 9-month-old booked on attempted murder charge http://t.co/3VOYlOohrz@lingerie_addict @kissmedeadlier ooh... cute!!!
If you are a Dominatrix, Sub, Switch or Adult Film Star looking to feature at @CYN_Studios_NYC, hit me up!Loving my new gig as one of the managers at @CYN_Studios_NYC! The Mistresses here are simply wonderful. ^__^A little dinner from home... Jarobi's Chicken Salad & Tomato Basil Cheddar Soup. Chicken Salad recipe… http://t.co/zjOvHjDVVU#HouseofLove http://t.co/xRjr4hLTYg
@chosenjcarr29 Duh. The book is the screenplay the movie is based on.Found another gem from the Book Man on my block today for $1. That's right, a dollar. #happygirlhttp://t.co/Vz16mdd9ZQ
I just took a short test to find out my mental age! Take the test for yourself: http://t.co/dqahHcrVLH @piixemto@TracyReneeJones Phone is broken. Just messaged you on DM..@TracyReneeJones HOLA!
Working the nightshift at @cyn_studios_nyc as the night manager this evening... had to bring s little… http://t.co/D6LESL6oOJ@Pamskid Thank you so much. :)Homemade carrot ginger soup. #CanelasKitchen #HouseofLove #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegetarian http://t.co/6Mt0ua9zaN
After a long day of keeping Brooklyn, (and Gotham safe,) our little crime fighter is fast asleep.… http://t.co/M7VJYep0Ig
Good morning #TeamLove. Send all your love & positive energy to Brooklyn & #HouseofLove today. Thank you. http://t.co/EPQHSaTT6N
Brooklyn, I missed you. http://t.co/347EFs1NUZ
Hehehe! http://t.co/UvCwaOVr4F^_^ Sheila is and forever will be... the Queen. ♥ http://t.co/k9igg1TRDMBy the combined powers of #naturalhair, I bring you these cutie pies omg. #carefreeblackgirls2k14 http://t.co/lxV1VhTClY
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@SBTRKT Are you performing at all while you are here?@keAHNtuh Yeah, we definitely don't look alike. They wete totally reaching.
At the door at @cyn_studios_nyc for a physical domination party tonight! Check out… http://t.co/wBPiEcdduD
@YankeeMan1973 @BlackBabes_69 Aww.. I loved those pics! Lol@ProfessorBLove Totally. :)Shoulf be my motto. :) http://t.co/eTUUzpYoSIFETISH PLAY PARTY TOMORROW! Midtown Manhattan at CYN Studios NYC. Call 212-244-7801 #bdsm #follow4follow http://t.co/gXisg0JrEL
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveThat moment when you feel life is slowly returning to normal >#happygirl #100happydays #100daysofhappy http://t.co/objbcyRFKwI can not tell you how happy I am! #BajaFresh has opened stores in NYC! Yay!!! http://t.co/hwijlosqwc@CireKaine3D No.@KevinHilson Who knows... I'm just greeting people as the arrive. :)
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