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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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This human colostomy bag actually typed the words “the not-hot-enough Alison Brie” is there some type of issue with the browser feedly? All of a sudden, won't load in any browser. Checked adblock & whited.Issues?Lambert. Huh. #GoDawgsPerson of Interest: Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix September 1 and Season 4 on September 22. No more excuses! #POI #PersonOfInterest
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Muted many VMA tags but still some narcissistic asshole chatter seeps through. Ugh.@Sockmonkey666 I shall look for you and St Peter there.@Sockmonkey666 I’m doing a ROME rewatch. Itchy, weepy and painful. Only now on day 6 do I feel like bourbon.@Sockmonkey666 we would not be good Galactic Hitchhikers. We have thrown in all the towels.@WendyHembrock definitely learned a lot about scope, budgets, size, etc@patman23 Thanks! Me too. Seeing things is not overrated.On the upside, I recorded an HBO ROME marathon yesterday, and I know it so well I don't actually need to *see* it.@patman23 (other than you're going to die) it will go way after "some time." Just feels like I'll never be the same. Argh.@patman23 I went last week, with a follow up on Tuesday. Did steroid & antibiotic packs. heat packs. Online sources always say...@patman23 Have you had one?I'm on day 6 of this BS and I can't see jack shit, with or without my glasses. And look like patient zero for the zombie virus.Anyone who has ever suffered from an eye infection/pinkeye: do you ever stop crying? Is everything blurry forever?@patman23 Lol. Elder abuse!@patman23 grounds for a child abuse case?
Good lord, how I've missed this...
Retweeted by ShanThere was college football today, and lo, it was good@WendyHembrock @TuningInToSciFi @SyfyTV Hear, Hear!Frustrating: Win10 keyboard media keys don't work after iTunes 12.2 upgrade. However, they DO still work when iTunes is in miniplayer modeDay 6 of an eye infection & I'm still crying like I was watching BRIAN'S SONG. Upside, I can't see how horrifying I look.@Sockmonkey666 stepping it up ETA 2’years
@saalon you probably just downloaded 5 albums in the backgroundYou can’t say WGN isn’t promoting #Elementary and #PersonOfInterest hope it works!@1Lcampesino @artincircles lol. I take it more as a volume issue than as a quality issue. My season pass list is still full.@artincircles Something that came from a Landgraf talk at TCA; idea that there's SO/TOO much programming@artincircles Every time I think I can't be surprised at how moronic fans can be, i'm astounded all over again.@EHGAssist What actor do you secretly suspect is a total digital creation and not a real person (like that movie SimONE)@artincircles Oh. Think she's had her hands full. (though if it was me, I'd be watching the hell out of the show instead)@BernieDawg NOW YOU JUST NEED ONE WITH A DRUM KIT@artincircles Who said that?@hollye83 Best Breakfast.@hollye83 Salty chips for breakfast?That is an amazing likeness. Thank you Tom @tomlenk x
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No matter how many times I watch SNOWPIERCER I can never see the “exposed” plane they talk about.@1Lcampesino there’s a Hellmouth in Cleveland. Definitely less than a day’s driveAt @EW HQ we just picked our 25 favorite covers for our upcoming 25th anniversary. Here's 1 of mine. What are yours?
Retweeted by ShanWhiny spoiler babies are a pestilence. Go back to your cocoons!
@KenFromChicago well, I’m not sure. Let me ask my imaginary dadthe Mr. Robot finale will however still air as scheduled in Canada and you can read all about it on The Bronze message boards
Retweeted by ShanLike USA does more harm to the world showing that Crisleys garbage than a show consisting of 60 straight minutes of fictional murders@UnpluggedCrazy and doesn’t look as goofy@UnpluggedCrazy yesIf a network is really concerned about society stop airing reality shows. Those fuckers are out there driving, breeding and voting.@stephsmith lol I know. Maybe I’ll finally watch another episode of Peaky Blinders. (With the subtitles on)And of course, I haven’t seen the finale. Don’t know what’s in it. Do know it’s fiction though.Although I'd bet 99% of that outrage would come from folks who haven't watched a minute of the show)Why risk unnecessary criticism and outrage against a show they want to succeed?Didn’t like it with Buffy (twice) and other shows. But as a marketer, I understand where USA is coming from.It assumes viewers are too stupid and too pearl-clutchy to tell fact from fiction.Personally I'm not fond of the decision to postpone the #MrRobot finale.Whoa, intrigued.
Retweeted by Shan@ugaalumniassoc Oh, nothing but love for my DAWgs. 😍
Retweeted by ShanI'm a cat person. #HappyNationalDogDay to YOU people.
Retweeted by Shan@WendyHembrock @JesseJacksonDFW @GoT_Academy're saying we get off on tangents? :D
Seriously folks, if you gave up on Black Sails during s1 give it another chance. S2 is one of the sharpest turnarounds I've ever seen.
Retweeted by ShanAlways & forever
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@djohnstonuga also, no bongs at halftime. Rules, man.Exclusive: WGN America Plans 100-Episode Binge Event for Person of Interest @TVGuide @adam_bryant
Retweeted by ShanWhy US comedy Reaper deserves more love | Den of Geek
@hraptis72 it was a blast. Safely home and eating French fries now lolIs there a way to Dubsmash "800-588-2300 Empire"
Retweeted by ShanBeach blanket bingo at Bens bday party in the river in some beach. Ridgefield?BBQ on a beach in the PNW. Feels like home. With more hippies. sport: tailgate golf (first time winner, too. Go Dawgs) Sunday @WendyHembrock @JesseJacksonDFW great! Can’t wait to talk to y’all sometime.Another thoughtful and funny show by our new favorite @GameOfThrones podcast. Check it out!!
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@TVandDinners works great for cat hair. Downside: motorized brush only works when u push (doesn’t stay in with a pull strike)Bye choo choo. Hello more wine. some wine. About to get in a train. Podcast! The TIST Small Council convenes again to further discuss @GoT_Academy videos… account of one man's loss of faith gets the logic exactly right. The burden of proof is everything:
Retweeted by Shan@TVandDinners I bought a Shark Pet Perfect II *just* for DAILY use on the upstairs chaise lougne where she likes the sunshine.@TVandDinners I'm pretty OCD, have a Dyson Animal, tape rollers & such. Still, when I moved they could have packed an entire box of cat hairAndy Johnson, Terry Hoage, and David Greene help Dawg fans realize there's ONLY 14 DAYS remaining!
Retweeted by Shan@Sockmonkey666 same here. I think I enjoy cheese more when everyone is in on the joke.@Sockmonkey666 it does have a lot of fun with its tone
So I’m gathering that Ashley Madison and Christian Mingle are the same thing?After an exhausting day.
Retweeted by Shan@DerfelMacklin thanks dudeRambaldi lives
Retweeted by Shan@HistoryofMatt yeah, like X-Files, I'm a fan of Fringe standalones too@HistoryofMatt Without the wit. Or Fringe S1 without the genre weirdness (Noble & Emerson similar anchors).@HistoryofMatt No, it's very cops and robbers like. Very CBSish. With 4-5 eps that hint at the potential. here you go!!
Retweeted by Shan@HistoryofMatt it's fantastic! Early run procedural grows into sci-fi greatness. If you're not a cop procedural fan, there's a skip list@NerdyBirdyxxx And feel ludicrously uneducated about math and physics!Wish this would have happened sooner for catch up/current ratings, but #PersonOfInterest is coming to Netflix! ooooh a top 5er for me. Sooo sooo good. Envy a first time view.
Lip Sync Battle is by far the dumbest thing I watch but if it gets more people to dig “20th Century Boy” that’s okay@TheTeleverse @TVandDinners @Serrae @ExtraHotPodcast “we are all now….domer” (yes, it’s the best podcast 👍🏻👍🏻)Group asks UGA to ‘bench’ football team chaplain
Retweeted by ShanThe first thing my hairdresser asked me when I sat down in her chair today was what I thought of Capaldi. I will never change hairdressers.
Retweeted by Shanthis is how it's done
Retweeted by ShanStoners Keep Stealing 420 Mile Markers, So Some States Have Replaced Them With 419.9 —
Retweeted by Shan@WendyHembrock @AUKathy2418 @JesseJacksonDFW @LouWSytsma thanks for listening!
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