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Shan @TNRLM Maryland

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@artincircles phenomonal acting to show those little variations.@artincircles And Sarah was slightly better as Cosima than she was as Alison, because she's had a bit of time to understand. Just...@artincircles And how awesome was she (TM) acting as Sarah acting as Cosima. It was good; Sarah's a skilled grifter, but it was nuancedNew from Time-Life: Tywin Lannister explains the birds and the bees. #GoT@lafergs Who wasn't? Even the robot from "I robot you Jane" was better@artincircles His arm was never in question. And he certainly knows about strikeouts.The Farscape Movie is Officially Happening http://t.co/fEtpWHTC30Easter is almost over. Did you have a good one? http://t.co/oYW8xGrOal
Retweeted by ShanPhotoset: doctorwho: Happy Easter! http://t.co/KwKHKGUOJZOh for fuck's sake, Uggla. #BravesWell OF COURSE you send a handmade card with your illegal pistol. #AlisonPhoto: An awesome housewarming gift! And my house isn’t even warm (or mine) yet! http://t.co/JErnn5ccUaIt's Easter and 4/20? The Reece's Peanut Butter Egg must be quite the desirable commodity today!
Retweeted by ShanNew Podcast! The Small Council is back again to discuss episode 2 of season 4 of Game of Thrones "The Lion and the … http://t.co/oxe0Hc1yDo
Now, it's CLONE TIME. #OrphanBlackFinally saw the #VeronicaMarsMovie . A very good expanded episode of the series. Great to see all those characters & actors again. B+@DerfelMacklin tell me that’s a joke and you’ve seen this masterpiece beforemaybe one day a future explorer will find this in our dust and build a better society around it https://t.co/r2Jc5ASXBd
Retweeted by ShanPet Bedside Manner - I love talking to the vet. Every vet I’ve had has always been so sweet and had such a... http://t.co/ghhg320l3WPhoto: NBC’s promo department can’t spell. http://t.co/Y9vETxkA9I@sitakatherine it's so discordant and unsettling. Which is the goal, I suppose. Puts me on edge.@borednihilist Is this your first time watching the show?@borednihilist the movie (and subsequently theme of show) had a great, iconic score.
nonononononononono #Hannibal
Retweeted by ShanBut hell, I watched fucking RINGER until the end. My BUFFY love is strong and irrational.Of course, the more troubling part of that is that I'm still watching THE CRAZY ONES.I can't look at that one girl on THE CRAZY ONES. Her eyes are so far apart she's like a fish.In about 20 minutes, BBCA is starting an #OrphanBlack marathon. You're welcome.@borednihilist Sorry dude. I'd pour ya one if I could.@borednihilist BOURBON. Like 42, the answer to all of life's questions.@NoelMu Needless to say, most concerts after that were all downhill.@TheTeleverse Never heard that. I do remember "Power Couple" from my soap watching youth.@NoelMu One of my first concerts was on this tour: Vanity 6 opening for The Time opening for Prince.Interesting list. Not sure I agree, of course, but a fun read. http://t.co/2iG4XuI9aTUni Watch » Feeling Blue - I was just talking about the Braves blue jersey, and that I thought we were... http://t.co/LJuCscKPumI used every character available to me to express my loathing of TV babies and if I'd had 1400 characters I'd have done the same!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ShanGODDAMMIT "PARKS & RECREATION" EVERYONE KNOWS BABIES KILL TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@hraptis72 Awwww. All better now?@Sockmonkey666 He's so big! And rambunctious!@Sockmonkey666 That's the funniest thing I've read all day.Let's see if Leslie Knope cares enough about the Parks department to abort these babies. #ParksandRec
Retweeted by ShanFinally time for #Fargo don'tchaknowInteresting piece on Andrelton's hitting approach. http://t.co/iXYn9QzGDC@Angie_Dawg That's just like a bonus, man@Angie_Dawg All the way west - Vancouver WA@Angie_Dawg I'm moving just in time!Well, I think we all know what side I'm on in this debate http://t.co/luqZxw1vC8Oh no. #PTI@DerfelMacklin Yes. Tweetdeck does that for DMs for some reason.There are rumors circulating that I have been cut from Wu-Tang Clan. And who the heck is Andre Johnson?
Retweeted by Shan@feliciaday thanks for the update! I thought I was losing my mind because it didn’t turn up in searches.@feliciaday hey where is SPOOKED? I thought it was supposed to be on Hulu yesterday.Video: A hard hitting documentary on life in the SEC. http://t.co/5ekEM7ji3A@artincircles I'm guessing since it was CGI overlay, they could add it pretty late. Still, fantastic!All the Firefly theme song remixes in one place. Shiny. http://t.co/vVcZdw0rWm
Finally getting around to watching last night's #POI. I love this show. http://t.co/TcPPEGD6Ym@Ludakrisi Awww, he's so cute!Complete game 1-0 shutout for Teheran. #Braves@Angie_Dawg I think that should be like "Voldemort."@Angie_Dawg Uggla? :)Teheran enters the 9th with a 2 hit shutout. #Braves@artincircles Truly. A seminal, important show. But not homework! It's FUN. So moving, occasionally scary, and really FUNNY.@artincircles Have I steered you wrong yet? :)@artincircles S1 is hard, man. Some great moments sprinkled throughout, and it picks up at the end. But a great, GREAT show in totality.@artincircles S1 was at least 50% shaky all around. But SMG and especially Hannigan and Head were pretty damned great.@artincircles But he was MUCH better as an actor on his own show. When he started on BtVS, he was so wooden he could have staked himself@artincircles Yeah, he didn't know he was a vamp. And he...tried...the "Oirish" accent again. Oy.@artincircles And Wes, one of the all time great Whedonverse characters, reverting to his "head boy" persona. Lots o chuckles.@artincircles I couldn't stand him at first. Great work by the actor/writers over the long haul.@artincircles Yep, and Fred kept wanting to find some weed and get high. A secret high school stoner.@artincircles Honestly, all of 'em. Shaw, Finch, Reese and Fusco too. The show is just on fire.Hell, at this point, Bear could carry an ep@artincircles yes, JJ would have been great. But as long as she's still on POI, I can live with it. Plus, nice to see her pop into the MCU@artincircles It was. But I loved Fred, too. Nerdy southerner is total catnip for me. (Also, Fred in "Spin the Bottle" cracked me up)@artincircles So good. Loved that character. That ep when she was switching back and forth with Fred's parents? Amazing. & UR right re Root@artincircles Ah ok. When you were praising Acker, I didn't want to spoil anything about her turn in S5. Magnificent.@artincircles oh, that's good. Did you watch the entire series?@artincircles An Angel reference? I thought you weren't yet into the Whedon canon?Photo: This is what my DVR recorded for most FOX shows last night. Was it just sad because there’s no more... http://t.co/vZzUgVTAltHave you seen NEAR DARK? http://t.co/zzfCeqWTZu If not, fix that shit.The Seger Seven - A fair piece on Seger, whom I like despite the fact that he seems to be a critical... http://t.co/ZUvs8l27ox@Jen_eration_x then I assume you have knowledge of the coming zombie apocalypse.@Jen_eration_x well, that probably rules out “in my lifetime”.@Jen_eration_x hope I live to see logic prevail but I doubt it@artincircles @steosphere that’s a good list.@moryan Speaking of which, did you see this? https://t.co/sfUnAdSVZ9 Rhys is so very good at accents. Never realzed that.(I'm trusting google translate that I didn't just tweet "fuck your mother and her wig" in Russian)отличная новость! RT @moryan: Great news for fans of #TheAmericans -- it's renewed for a 3rd season. Slap on your wig & celebrate!.@alydenisof oh and what were we thinking #youth http://t.co/FBfxGGwHhu
Retweeted by ShanShiny. http://t.co/gQe8RYRtRdLast 2 Agents of SHIELD=legit good. Real stakes & conflict will tend to spice up a show & characters. Hope those eps start of a good run.
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Photo: One of the shows I most look forward to each week is also one of the shows in my current rotation... http://t.co/gDlFTThSzlFirst time in 80 years, baby! http://t.co/0EfdRXCmRuVideo: If COSMOS was shorter. http://t.co/vPI77ldhbm@artincircles I just started a tumblr this weekend, and had ALL KINDS of problems with passwords and log ins working on all devices. Ugh.Phillies Fans' Reactions To Dan Uggla's Grand Slam Are Amazing - Your most compelling sports video of the... http://t.co/pteK4yovLY
@artincircles Yep. I think it's back for 6 eps to close out.Hey, #Warehouse13 long time no see.Holy shit. Continuing my GoT analogy, Uggla hitting a grand slam is like making Ser Dontos the star of the show. #Braves@Sockmonkey666 Cool. Hope you enjoy it!Was doing a #GameOfThrones podcast, came back to check on the #Braves game and that has turned into the Purple Wedding. #choking
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