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Shan @TNRLM Heading West

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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#DrunkHistory is doing Baltimore. #flashbacksHoly sh*t. I just discovered I'm on a panel at #SDCC with JOHN NOBLE. JOHN! NOBLE! I'll be sitting next to JOHN NOBLE.
Retweeted by Shan@hraptis72 Indeed! Thanks for coming and for the pix!
@Ludakrisi you probably need to search http://t.co/z6XnjCvOS8 for CanadiansWell you got yourself into it, way to get yourself out of it. #Kimbrel #Braves@OldDarth @jwj170104 fortunately for my figure the jersey is bigger in the inside@jwj170104 nice!@jwj170104 the back http://t.co/yLTz1e0kDf@jwj170104 did we already compare notes on this? http://t.co/Ub7CwIqz41Being "intolerant" of bigots isn't the same as being a bigot. The two are not equal. It's okay to be intolerant of intolerance. #Dungy
Retweeted by Shan
Hooray for the Brewcycle! And bacon! http://t.co/fGhEOlwSdC
Table bacon. Yes it’s called that. http://t.co/YdSy2TlIDoBrew cycle ready for stop two http://t.co/aDBHgspOwGBrewcycle awaiting our return after atop one. http://t.co/DNpyOVoFsX@sarahherring Oh, enjoy. What a terrific show.@sarahherring you’ve never watched it before?Peter Bishop? Alice Morgan? Jimmy McNulty? Lisa Miller? FUCKING SOLD SHOWTIME.
Boat trip! http://t.co/a1PIRTR13b@borednihilist Anything is up for analysis, sure. And I can just roll my eyes at the self seriousness, too.@Junkyard_Dawg1 Just don't tell anyone what they can go do in a cup.@borednihilist a parody of the original song. With silliness in the lyrics about the author's communications annoyances. Not a treatise.@borednihilist Or assigning an inner life to a pet rock.@borednihilist it's a funny parody song. Invocations of "privilege" and other sociopolitical nonsense are taking things WAAAAY too seriouslyPhoto: Fantastic scene. http://t.co/ZeRsyDvbn8@Junkyard_Dawg1 winner winner chicken dinner. Or maybe steak, now.That last RT makes me want to vomit over the ridiculous PC victimhood run amok. It's a parody song. Get the fuck over yourself.People are debating the "privileged prescriptivist" view of a Weird Al song. I have died and gone back to college. http://t.co/oZcjtsYyol
Retweeted by ShanThe first act of YOU’RE THE WORST ends with a CPAP on a one night stand. SOLD!I enjoyed MARRIED but I don’t know if I can deal with those teeth.
@d_m_elms killer women with Tricia Helfer?@DerfelMacklin I jumped out of my chair. wow. Great casting.Deborah Ann Woll on DAREDEVIL? Be still my heart.http://t.co/RT2HA0Qibd@lafergs NOPE. No script=no watch. (Sports is the best "reality" show for me) I realize I'm on an island on this.@lafergs On some things, yep. I do not share your appreciation for reality shows, though.@lafergs Fortunately, it's only a 22 min investment to find out. (Though "mean" is a positive word for me)@lafergs Seriously, comedy is SO subjective. Hard to trust reviews unless you know someone's taste.@lafergs The edge of this seat? I'm sitting there.I see critics complaining MARRIED and YOU'RE THE WORST are "too mean." Seeing as ARRESTED & VEEP are my fave sitcoms, I'll check them out
@laci2517 We have to use front AND back here, but I did do this http://t.co/uHMdcRzzI1
Retta…so good in tonight’s #DrunkHistory about Sugar Hill Gang@jowrotethis aww. Too bad. That’s my favorite podcast. Except for ones you’re on. Or I’m on. :)Finally watched 20 FEET FROM STARDOM. Terrific, moving documentary.@jwj170104 @TuningInToSciFi @WendyHembrock @OldDarth I saw that this morning. Well done.A female Thor? What the hell makes them think THAT would be cool? http://t.co/Tg2Ti8PIOo
Retweeted by Shan@DropEdge It's an ice age!@artincircles I'll stick around. Plenty of shows have found their sea legs in later seasons. Easy to be impatient these days. :)@artincircles You're harder on it than I am, but I get your point. Even as a mild fan, it wasted a shit ton of potential@artincircles Again, it got better by the end. Also, the wit got sharper. Not an all timer for me, but now fun & watchable@artincircles I stuck with SHIELD and thought it got pretty entertaining by the finale. The AC creative team will be key@artincircles I am SO psyched about that show. Atwell was just sublime in that role.@poniewozik Even worse was seeing Clippy. *shudder*OMG this Weird Al parody of "Blurred Lines" is MAGNIFICENT http://t.co/xjYAY4KxAO@jowrotethis I'm very surprised she hasn't been approached by features yet. Maybe she has and turned them down, but she's awesome@TVandDinners That little hand touch was more moving than I lot of what I've seen on TV this yearDaaaamn. #24LAD that was so good. Tight, emotional story and a good cast. Well done, Jack.@courtney_s @borednihilist @theefefe I tweeted my response before reading further up the timeline. YES.@borednihilist @courtney_s @theefefe I liked Jo and Ellen, dammit.Riker discretion tip: Remember to clear your holodeck history.
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Saw several places today, but loving this logo. http://t.co/RqpzZre5OC
Retweeted by ShanNew resting spot. http://t.co/J33CXKXEgN@artincircles agreed. I'm always happy when a show has a fun, well cast Scooby GangThat last RT was so good. #Blessed #NotReallyBlessedNoSuchThingICYMI: St. Paul Saints became "Mr. Paul Aints" for annual atheist night -> http://t.co/dboHyAtthG http://t.co/dbB6zxG4BD
Retweeted by Shan@artincircles I liked it before they joined. That's just icing on a delicious cake. (Plus I already adored Acker)Jon Snow may know nothing but the small council has a little something http://t.co/NtvVJ08tZB @TuningInToSciFi
Retweeted by ShanI really really really miss this show. "@onlysarahshahi: Oh boy. Let the crazy begin- @AmyAcker Shaw+Root http://t.co/lhKtBXRvJc"
Retweeted by ShanO@artincircles are you in board with Defiance? Good cast, up/down S1, huh? of a finale but S2 is on fire@artincircles as usual I will alert you if a miracle happens. 😃@artincircles I have some room for a slice of cheese or two in the summer. And Defiance got really good so maybe it could improve@artincircles it doesn’t have the knowing wit of Once. Nor the charming performers.@artincircles oh Dominiin makes Once look like Deadwood.@artincircles are you a fan of “so bad it’s good?” Is so, that’s a show for you.
Okay, #TheLeftovers that was damned good. Might stick around for this show now.@Junkyard_Dawg1 that’s great! Tell her I said hi.@Junkyard_Dawg1 does she need someone to teach her how to throw a putter? I’m available.So Uggla is late on more than just fastballs. #Braves@artincircles I will. I keep it in the DVR as a laundry folder.@artincircles I like to think that successes with that & NFL make it easier for NBC to continue to support critical darlings like HannibalCan you get suspended a game for just being terrible at what you do? #Braves@NoelMu don’t file that next to your Village People albums.@NoelMu ah. I don’t do iTunes on my TV. but will look at all the other options if it’s migrating to PPV in various platforms.@NoelMu is it on demand now? Heard good things and would like to check that one out.So tonight is looking like a bourbon, steak and #Gravity kind of night.
@brawatch just had a nitro brew last week. So smooth!@stephsmith I enjoyed how they brought racing to life and the 2 leads were great@stephsmith I really liked that one. I thought the acting was great, and u could dig in despite the “sport” but maybe not.@stephsmith I thought that was really good and underrated. But I like auto racing.I listen to a lot of the DirecTV music channels but keep coming back to Retro Disco. #ChildOfThe70s
@laci2517 what? No need to stop at one. 😄@SethEmerson I graduated from UGA and recently lived in Maryland. That’s an easy choice.@laci2517 the metaphorical carrotI WANT THAT TEE. RT @LegendsTNT Brace yourselves, #Legends is coming August 13. #dontkillseanbean http://t.co/lOrKGoUswT
Retweeted by Shan@zmalldaylong all 3.@DerfelMacklin I mean, the good actors CAN do it. Doesn't mean I like it. I still think all of Head's lines onDominion look dubbed@borednihilist Eh, I can't do that. Would put me in conflict with too many things and make appreciating art unnecessarily complicated@DerfelMacklin Between Gillan and Tennant and Head, I feel we should organize a "keep your accent" protest movement@borednihilist Eh, that's not important to me. Polanski is a scumbag, but CHINATOWN is still one of the greatest films ever made@borednihilist I try hard to separate the extra textual BS from the actual product@zmalldaylong Enjoyed them far more than I expected too. Still on the season pass list.@borednihilist Adler was great on Sherlock. She's a character that can benefit from multiple interpretations.ELEMENTARY did well by her too
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