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Mother,Wife,Singer,Songwriter, Producer....a real BO$$!!! Submit a name for my NEW Tequila here: http://t.co/AY3VSi2XKb

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Can't Stop Loving You... @babydoll_omg @Beauty_OMG @star_omg #officiallymissguided 💜💘💙 👑🙏😉 http://t.co/hOAX8EfFK3My babies @babydoll_omg @Beauty_OMG & @star_omg tonight http://t.co/NL5l5wxmMCI love this drawing of my son Majorbaby jajuangr8art did by hand!! Great job!! U guys should follow… http://t.co/xUq7qgGlT5God takes good care of his children!! Hope your a believer!! Good morning world!!👑 http://t.co/NzqHYrnTO0
Awe thx friend I love u too thatshekinah your the best Ever!!!😍😘👑 http://t.co/37fp4DY3d1Kickin it wit my niece @kamayapr at the press conference of a new venue I partnered up on Real Hair… http://t.co/5YZGt4xnLHHe is REAL🙏 Good Day!!👑 http://t.co/MHmhr3YQ7MTurning down..big press conference today for my new reality show I partnered up on!Real Hair stylists… http://t.co/iSf0LxseOs
@Beauty_OMG @star_omg @babydoll_omg getting ready for Michigan....DO YOU REMEMBER??😏😏😏 #teamomghttp://t.co/zYdTzMIRo0Blessed & Thankful...🙏👑 http://t.co/MUNUzd0UW5Back to work... On our Family Hustle! king_harris_8 Majorbaby & I... The 3 musketeers 😻👑😎 http://t.co/AFILMYV0vdPatient!!!!!👑🙏 http://t.co/TDhXn12YBH
#rp kingfarrarijones Awe thx bae..u know u my bissh & it's all love bck!! & I can't forget my wall of… http://t.co/Ya8NbN7tmY#rp Awe thx bae..u know u my bissh! Love u bck!! & u know I'm loving that wall in Ian's studio!! Can't… http://t.co/OapwCrabhTLove waking up to these two king_harris_8 & Majorbaby! My poor little red boy got sun burn on his… http://t.co/ig4AMk3VY8Can't wait to see this Baddie @star_omg tonight! My bae had rehearsal & couldn't make it! Missing all… http://t.co/nChOGispEYMajorbaby & Chris ending their night in the arcade! I hope this monster is tired now! http://t.co/TLUNoYxAj5
Trappin out Da Bando.. It's ok to be ratched sometimes! Funtimes!00"00"098868/2 http://t.co/8dlrOtAUhXthatshekinah & @kamayapr goldiemine it's their turn now! http://t.co/sPp13GkOWBFlying withy boys king_harris_8 & Majorbaby http://t.co/HxB4TUs9AZOur pilot was cool..playing that troubleman31 for his boys king_harris_8 & Majorbaby http://t.co/Nr3Nd4NCKfThey loving this😉😉😉👑 http://t.co/QizOtXnG5AWe bout to take off http://t.co/jmyD1mkhN6Rode our doom buggy & scooters aboutwo & me_andreag on the spider tho! Bout to take a helicopter ride!! http://t.co/CfFZY6xXZkking_harris_8 hit the beach early came in took a shower to go bck to take his little brother!! Major… http://t.co/j5Hp1zOtvqNae Nae on the beach this morning!! king_harris_8 & my Majorkid http://t.co/Bc7rAkJKda
I love @tonygaskins post! Money & Power... U can loose both if in the wrong hands!!! Be careful who u… http://t.co/ejrVrXP9HpSurf board...lol http://t.co/g17sR3sF0lSimple things in life means everything to them! Fun with my babies!! We miss all our brothers &… http://t.co/cghsxPitFNJust kickin it!!😜 http://t.co/FZHRL8psTxBus party! Drunk In Love gets everybody crunk! Need a new dance all we know it's twerkin! http://t.co/TFRo67QiU3king_harris_8 think he both of our man thatshekinah My protector http://t.co/b56b4JOgq3king_harris_8 really think he both of our man thatshekinah My protector👑😏😻 http://t.co/XAoSJ3w9yrWe bout to turn this city up! Soon as we find us something to eat!! king_harris_8 itskaylastar & Mya &… http://t.co/1klWGThpqOThey jet skiing & I'm glad I missed it!! http://t.co/APJeDf3EMJMajor my snaggle tooth kid..just lost his front tooth today!! http://t.co/8zF5mNGephI got my hands full! My two little men no how to show mommy LOVE! Majorbaby & king_harris_8 The 3… http://t.co/Cizs7PsmYmMe & my little twin king_harris_8 laying in the bunk catching up on some cartoons!! These kids haven't… http://t.co/LIE1zjXOf2
Heading down the road with this crew..well this is just a few of us!! king_harris_8 @kamayapr my… http://t.co/f7EZTWgAdyFinally get a chance to have fun for spring break since king_harris_8 is done with tutoring!… http://t.co/hnsnR0W3GnAwe thank u buddy.. U know I love u bck!!😘😻 http://t.co/717X17L3E2
@professu1 @Tip @ArsenioHall @TinyMajorMama Dooope!
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My boo's @TinyMajorMama & @ThatShekinah be having me dead like I can't 😂😭
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@ShekinahJo @TinyMajorMama I love the show more when u 2 are on together! Hilarious! #VH1 need 2 come up with a show just for u 2
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisRT @_LilCookieLee: I really like @TinyMajorMama ! She holds her own defends what is hers and will go the ... http://t.co/gQPqWg5ioIComing soonRT @CallMeCelebrity: @ShekinahJo & @TinyMajorMama Need They Own Show lol. They Crack Me Up!!! #familyhustle😍😘RT @Love_Marieeee: Ti & Tiny lil family so cute ... I love king & majorfuck all that TI & TINY on Lmfao
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisHope yall ready to laugh a little me & my buddy thatshekinah bck tonight on Family Hustle vh1 9 est. &… http://t.co/KcHcbS22TJTru story😏😏Happy Monday😉😉👑 http://t.co/KTywRnMoWhThx vh1 for my big box of gifts!!😘 http://t.co/qwPocedShDMy LuvBugs.. king_harris_8 & Majorbaby.. http://t.co/KXdJl7k50I
This waist trainer really works! U should invest in one if u haven't already gwenieb will get u… http://t.co/jnkfeOQy1NMake sure u watch my sister @kandi All about being Kandi on Centric tv tonight at 9pm est. I will be… http://t.co/gLUKmsdRmcWomen Helping Women Rebuild....such an honor to amongst so many amazing women and to be honored. 😘 http://t.co/yqKOHtCxWD
My baby @kandi last moments before she say I DO! So happy to share this special day with her! She's… http://t.co/yHobmnMXeH#rp Awe thx bae..u know we in love with u too tasiasword #teamcancer😉😜 http://t.co/sUtpOUJS0xMy babies @Beauty_OMG @babydoll_omg & @star_omg got real deal fans & we haven't had an album yet! But… http://t.co/hQVtv948I6
With my sister @kandi at her rehearsal dinner with @tasiaword rasheedadabosschick tamera_wynn It's her… http://t.co/27DSFFwXD1
Hope u guys are tune in! Vh1 & thx to all my fam @toyawright tamarbraxtonher & shamrastar @kandi for… http://t.co/wVItvugn1soooo killlemmm! i know ima be watchin #FamilyHustle 2night just to see all this sexiness on my tv screen 😍 @Star_OMG http://t.co/ww9zkpc6df
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisMy Luvbugs @Beauty_OMG king_harris_8 & @star_omg don't miss The Family Hustle Tonight at 9pm est.… http://t.co/NSZIWnMPSuPromise my King king_harris_8 I would bring him lunch today. He requested steak..lol but he always… http://t.co/sxkNk9jwI8Congratulations to my luv @lambolux & lamboluxcs they just had a baby boy..Brandus..I can't wait to… http://t.co/JOz0YfV0Kk
#rp @shunmelson thx boo😍😘 http://t.co/2Pm5jYyTaEI'm headed to Palace on Old National Hwy if you n da city come kick with me!! #TurnUP #PH 💯✔️ http://t.co/Wz69G3rQlk
At my long time friend/sister @kandi Bridal shower! thatshekinah @phaderaparks rasheedadabosschick we… http://t.co/KfoP7OsW1wFeels good to be in my city.. Me & gwenieb thuggin it tonight!! #HoodSexy #Prettyhustlin #atlnights http://t.co/LAZhBQOf00
#tbt she has always been beautiful to me!! @star_omg 💙😘💙 http://t.co/E3sw8ymQ3TMore #tbt of my Life.. king_harris_8 & princess_of_da_south ❤️💛 http://t.co/tNNJzlXXoG#tbt awe I love this pic of my little live stuff animal.. My Majorbaby😘😍💚 http://t.co/SftC0lqtUA#tbt Me & the King of my heart my troublekid king_harris_8 http://t.co/QaHTs2lKhQ
Man I'm getting love from everywhere today! Your the best thatshekinah u keep me laughing,fussing &… http://t.co/Cwx2e7O7UnThank u my 1st💙💙💙 u caught me didn't u..😜 & u looking so Gorg..those boy shorts tho😱 Love u more than… http://t.co/niG03kT0YpGood morning..Loving NYC tune in to Hot 97.5 I'm bout to kick it with hot97amshow with my boy… http://t.co/O7oWyG3O8P
Juicy & Sweet 🍑🍑 thatshekinah & me..😜👑 http://t.co/klhWzKq9da@TheOjinika Thanks so much for having me!“@TheOjinika: Thanks a million to @tinymajormama for stopping by wpix this morning. She and tip are back with all… http://t.co/rTooIjL4Vp#RP from @xoxoclaire_com. Thank you for an amazing interview for @thefashionbomb! Let's me, you and… http://t.co/FOBh5uM3EeStill werking...NYC has been Good to me! @shunmelson u did that..u the sssh & u know it!! Can't forget… http://t.co/sVy2oW5PZi@WendyWilliams thx..I love u! Shekinah is so stoked about your comments on her shirt!Kickin Ssssh in the Big City... S/O to my girl teeraeinc she been down a long time & always there when… http://t.co/JKeo5cb6KZHad a great time with Wendy @wendywilliams show like always!! S/O to my glam crew thatshekinah on my… http://t.co/H9xvjMIOiACounting down to couch time with wendyshow! Tune in y'all! http://t.co/yjTxjCee6FDon't miss me today coming up on wendyshow! http://t.co/DAqEfcRBnsAye it's my babe @lipstik_ki bday!! She's with my oldest girl group @frenchkxxx she got stupid vocals!… http://t.co/OO0DeMNJpIHad a great time on PIX 11 Morning News with @korionair and lisamateotv! http://t.co/j0NSDNEUduHey New York I'm live in 5,4,3,2,1 on the PIX 11 Morning News! http://t.co/zBgEbSkSuTHey NY! Watch me live this morning on the PIX 11 Morning News around 8:45a!
Just got a reading from @lindalauren live on @arise360tv. http://t.co/p09Qyg8mZMAt @arise360tv. Tune in now! I'm on with @mrshannonlanier and @lolaogunnaike! http://t.co/tGFuVXXJYL http://t.co/8153UdJuO9Having a great day in the Big City always great to see my guy realsway we go way bck! #MyRadioFam http://t.co/Y3iaWtXRaVEarly morning in NY..headed realsway tune in to SiriusXm Sway In The Morning! S/O to my fav stylist… http://t.co/Q0Nr7o51NsWe just got off wwhl with our guy andy we had a great time tonight!! #kickinssshinNYCity http://t.co/lRiXYMCaIc
Me & my girl @kandi on the set of wwhl make sure u guys tune in tonight at 11pm est. we going live baby!! http://t.co/nKq5FdItNdHey everyone, I'll be on Watch What Happens Live @BravoWWHL with the amazing @Andy and my girl @Kandi tonight at 11p on Bravo!I got 3 true BADDIES @Beauty_OMG my birthday girl @babydoll_omg & @star_omg I love y'all to pieces!… http://t.co/rPuKQK7n61Happy Birthday to Babydoll @babydoll_omg u are an amazing little 19yr old lady! Sweet,& humble & so… http://t.co/9Db9a6NYQQ
I'm addicted to lashes..had to get bck after all that water.. Thx to @sixweezi she is mobile too! Such… http://t.co/vaKW5qfTp7
Man this was an adventure here..that started out as a nice place to take pix as u can see in the big… http://t.co/D6qBya3SAc
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