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I may have got the Pizza Hut app mixed up with Grindr. Either way, there's a 10-Inch Vegetarian on its way and I'm not sure what to expect.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor.@Glinner Ha! Lord Timothy Bell wants the police to investigate a fantasized death threat against a dead woman who died of natural causes.Ha! "Vote 'No' -- you will get new powers." After 'No' vote: "@jackstrawmp: You can *never* ask this question again." #indyref
@Glinner Only way to be sure is to take off and nuke him from orbit.
@Glinner @Gizmodo https://t.co/8b4b54d49W@Glinner *eats popcorn*Hey Scotland, govt starts issuing your new uniforms 5pm tmrw. Collect from nearest official unity depot. One size fits all. Cheers, bye.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorPlato didn't like democracy -- it appeals (panders) to the lowest common denominator -- in the #indyref, that became the fear of change.Arr, fairly warned, be ye, says I. #TalkLikeAPirateDay #indyref #novoteSo the politics of fear facilitated by the mainstream media win out. #indyref
British Empire To Be Reduced To 8 Acres Around Buckingham Palace By 2050 http://t.co/MnBxm3Ug8P http://t.co/0WwTjhao8u
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor.@kashhill @craigtimberg Apple knows most will use iCloud. Real privacy preserving move would be to also encrypt backups ala @SpiderOak
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorthis seems darkly significant. "Apple's “warrant canary” disappears, suggesting new Patriot Act demands" https://t.co/MFjg6zMzC9
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorHaha! We've reached peak scaremonger, I think. #indyref https://t.co/qZQL3CIXO0Unable to adapt or even think clearly, Murdoch's News Corp runs crying to the government to save it from evil Google. http://t.co/E1TkVxFg4K
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorYou know you want to. #indyref #ScotlandDecides
@billybragg @democracynow Watched it earlier. Great show -- nice job. Your opponent struggled -- just kept repeating "petro state."Cdn Border Services obtained warrantless access to subscriber info 18K+ times in a year: How they did it http://t.co/MqYnzL4gQn
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@Baddiel "In the consciousness of the infinite, the conscious subject has for his object the infinity of his own nature." --Feuerbach
@Glinner It was shown as repeats for decades. Watched as a kid in Canada getting US networks. Think there's a point of burnout.@GreggstheBakers Store's posted hours are for 9 am on Sun. If 9:30 is opening time, then update the posted sign.@kellyoxford Remember watching him on SNL 30+ years ago. Mum heard him, stopped, looked, said, "bag of bones? -- what a load of shite."
Not sure how good the evidence is here, but if Comcast is trying to ban Tor it's a huge assault on web freedom. http://t.co/kKG9WA30VD
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIt's the suits vs. the dungarees all over again: http://t.co/XWJ6nYemiaInteresting that the Industrial revolution had Luddites, who came from the work force--in contrast, Digital Revolution has "rights holders."Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. OK fine, just pay once a month 5. Fuck you, now you own a U2 album
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWill there be a time when this era is seen for what it is -- the attempt to enforce artificial scarcity in order to protect the satus quo.@Glinner @jenlong http://t.co/wYjD1vdiWR
All in all you're just another node in the network.@GreggstheBakers Another lost sale at Redcar-- store can't be bothered to open on Sun. at the posted time--at 9:36 http://t.co/bzHZvpi7MU
@KimDotcom "These are not the servers you are looking for."@davidschneider Let's just cut right to the endgame: http://t.co/pCEKDz0162
Tonight! Our brief nightmare of not being at war in Iraq finally comes to an end.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@Kathbum @MockTheWeek @Baddiel Yeah, the joke only really works if there's a background level of annoyance at Quebec present. Tabernac.@CP24 The fruits of prohibition.Every president in past quarter century has gone on prime time TV to announce bombing of Iraq http://t.co/Sd7beUTHDa. http://t.co/b1M7jf2a3I
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Not just the U.S. RT @tinyrevolution The U.S. would be far far better off today if, in response to 9/11, we'd done literally nothingObama Vows To Split ISIS Into Dozens Of Extremist Splinter Groups http://t.co/O8YLccpez9 #ObamaSpeech http://t.co/Q9uTNhzyxC
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor
Great piece. @niamhrelease @Politics_co_uk @Release_drugs
#AppleLive http://t.co/VVatjxsHtA
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@ggreenwald @johnjcook Haha, just reading the full URL nearly drove me insane.@frankieboyle HA! "This isn't just about the political parties -- even though we've all agreed."
@GreatDismal "All woodshedding, all the time." http://t.co/jzDCAGmIRFSocial media accurately explained in the fewest possible terms: http://t.co/HKUHEcU0e2 #Futurama #SocialMedia@crushingbort @Glinner Have you created a petition yet?@Glinner I'm enjoying thinking of it in Game Of Thrones terms -- the south attempting to appease the north with a child offering.#RoyalBaby -- Last ditch effort to appease the north. But winter *is* coming: http://t.co/c7tBqlA9gR
Sir Patrick Stewart on being an old white man... http://t.co/bxU1XUNWQ7
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@MJMcKean Dude, don't bogart the honey dipper.
@pattonoswalt @CNN Ooh, it's the Philosopher's time to shine.@Glinner @steveindisguise That one shrill shriek captures everything that is #UKIP in a singular moment.
@jayrosen_nyu 5) New thing with raw feed pops up -- next big thing.@rustyrockets Check out "One Dimensional Man" by Herbert Marcuse if you haven't already. Oh, here, it's online: http://t.co/jhptiUUQyc@Glinner Ha, then there's this: http://t.co/HOWTgOe4z7@Glinner Police said the same of the Foley video -- by viewing it you may be committing a terrorist offence. Self terrorization?@SteveTransform *sigh* I'd still be a nicotine/tobacco addict without them. Scaremongering will cause harm to smokers.@sambaintv On a serious note, see @SpiderOak -- security conscious cloud backup. Referral link for extra gigabyte: https://t.co/WC3M8sks1w@sambaintv https://t.co/AaGq4Ein3B https://t.co/NmzqU8qSHh
UK spy agency GCHQ has a database filled with intimate Yahoo webcam pics. Save some outrage for them too, please. http://t.co/0P6h5uyorB
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorI don’t even trust real clouds anymore.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor
Nice, creepy logo for the Five Eyes alliance found in a GCHQ document http://t.co/Dai4LXezBf
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@RupertMyers @Glinner Haha, I would seriously doubt the optimism given the "fucksticks" address prior to the link's presentation.Chilling: UK police accessed journalists' phone records – without warrant – to get info on sources: http://t.co/1lWo2JRg3Q (Ht @Greg_Callus)
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe use of RIPA and similar legal tools on journalists was one of the dangers we tried to highlight last year with Snowden reporting.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorPolice, without any external oversight, got data of calls to a newspaper in relation to a story about police corruption & arrested sources
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThis sign is supposed to show you which things are forbidden. But it actually creates the coolest dog ever. http://t.co/kCL9RYnDWx
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@EricIdle Surprised no one has posted this one yet: http://t.co/teSbPseBRaRemember: it's *the terrorists!* who hate your freedom: https://t.co/JxwJDernEv@AThomsonA @Glinner Of course. http://t.co/osq8NtZlJU.@ggreenwald Abandon all critical faculties! Panic and comply with authority!The cloud is not your friend -- it was never designed to be so.@Glinner Yep, anyone keeping score will note that the West has been handing the win to "the terrorists!" for over a decade now. #freedombaby
And here's the problem, right here -- disseminate enough fear inducing propaganda and you get this result: https://t.co/gYC1y7wrbz
@SirPatStew Indeed -- and for much more than that, too.
Threat Level: Winter is coming.@Glinner The only way to be free from terror is to be frightened all the time. #TerrorAlertLogic
@ggreenwald @newacademic @benwizner By the Brits themselves, too. See my previous tweet in this thread.@ggreenwald @benwizner Better when you can hear the conversations: http://t.co/zSi7gnfN04@TransformDrugs That's because his only argument is fallacious -- an appeal to fear.@Glinner Great documentary if you haven't seen it -- "A Life in Hashistan" -- Afghanistan and hash: http://t.co/UqKnfA2siK
It's silly that having a puff of legal pot at the end of the night is news amongst a sea of scary drunk people
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor.@WHO #ecigs report finds reduced intake of toxicants to users/bystanders than tobacco use, yet refuses to admit the #harmreduction benefits
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@Glinner @robertflorence When I began watching I thought the whole video itself was satire of an actual ad. Wow.
@TomCLloyd @JustinTrudeau @pmharper @liberal_party Yeah, would be nice to get past the fear mongering for good. It's so tedious.@TomCLloyd @JustinTrudeau @pmharper They've been playing the "pot for kids" line for a while now.@TomCLloyd @JustinTrudeau @pmharper Indeed. Harper is a dangerous ideologue in every area.The Fun of Empire: Fighting on All Sides of a War in Syria: https://t.co/ZPj9XuImya
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@csoghoian @AlexanderAbdo @ACLU A quick plug for a Python MOOC starting Sept. 15th: https://t.co/uyUvTxpF9V
@mrmarksteel Said Morpheus to the rain.
@jodieginsberg @IndexCensorship Well argued.Where is Saudi Arabia on ISIS? Shocking report from one of the most informed writers on the region - Patrick Cockburn http://t.co/f05o36FrgN
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorGoing to try really really hard to believe in God just to fuck off Richard Dawkins.
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@krishgm That was for the folks at home, methinks.@ggreenwald "I am the law!"@BBCBreaking Source for that quote? -- no mention of the quoted text in that article.I don't advocate watching it, but this is idiotic -- viewing it "may be a terror offence." https://t.co/OesCAyH4ll@Glinner Does whatever a ballsack can.Reasons why patients were admitted to a US lunatic asylum in 1800s. Includes "menstrual deranged"; "novel reading". http://t.co/p2RLEhxM8e
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@rustyrockets More nuance and careful consideration from your pal Bill O'Reilly: https://t.co/EelR5SgvOH@the_intercept @rdevro @lukashermsmeier @PDPJ How are those "freedom fries" tasting these days, USA? Sticking on the way down, mayhap?
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