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Snopes has some clarifications about the MGM lion. http://t.co/mc6Nqtn8RI @montepittman
@KGRojo88 As in deciding what to read or start watching next@TommyJoeRatliff Aw, shucks ๐Ÿ˜Š@danzr4ever Fantastic!I recommend The Dresden Files graphic novels, @EpicReads. There's a new one soon, too. Woot! @longshotauthor @HarriedWizard@KGRojo88 Nearly as bad as being between books. D-:@PersonalityGrow @AnnZuccardy A few together make up such a huge chunk of the population that the rest can really feel like outliers.
@PersonalityGrow @AnnZuccardy Not too many ENTPs, either. When I found that out, I said, "Well, that explains some things."@PersonalityGrow @jenniferlagarde As ENTP, I like all the possibilities in the Cont. Store, I just don't want to execute the tedious plans.@fatnutritionist What?! Like a bad toga party?@fatnutritionist And good health should be the real goal, whatever size and shape that is for the individual@fatnutritionist Ppl who feel good about themselves (e.g. cute outfit) tend to take better care of themselves, leading to healthy lifestyle@fatnutritionist Well, bedclothes as clothes are an unfortunate trend for all sizes. I saw a young woman in Target in her pajamas. Ugh@fatnutritionist Given what the average size is and the number of fat people, it makes no sense not to make more larger-sized clothes.@brigidkeely @fatnutritionist Talbots makes good clothes for tailored staples, & they have a whole plus size store. Check for one near you.@Jakeshears Oo! Toby is giving you the stink eye. That look says, "Where the hell have you been?!" I think you're in trouble. D-:@fatnutritionist So close! ...But not quite the same thing. HahaPlease explain to me why @Nestle has its water plant in CA, where we have no water, instead of somewhere damp & rainy. #drought #moveNestle@fatnutritionist Was it an ex w/ a mean & frumpy girlfriend while you were in a cute outfit & looking fab? 'Cause that does make it better.LA- I'm DJing at the Standard DTLA on Sunday... And I just might drop something new! https://t.co/pXtz0a0QwR
Retweeted by Lanai T.I feel like the people who were surprised that Dumbledore was gay missed that whole section with Grindlewald. @jk_rowling @MuggleNet @simsFrench choreographer @YanisMarshall does it again (in heels) to @NickJonas' "Jealous" remix: http://t.co/EO5q8S8FTJ http://t.co/JdUXq5M2oY
Retweeted by Lanai T.Just the pipes, she told herself, having no idea at all why pipes would make such a noise. Night School Legacy, Daugherty #creepy #basementsI'm surprised me and the devil aren't best bros. I'm always his advocate during discussion. What gives, Devil? #ENTPproblems #ENTP
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San Diego police got body cams. Complaints are down 41%. Use of bodily force down 47%. Use of pepper spray down 31%. http://t.co/C1A91GKUf3
Retweeted by Lanai T.Happy Birthday Emmy! "Emmy Noether revolutionized mathematics โ€” and still faced sexism all her life" http://t.co/I75KNuuUMU via @bradplumer
Retweeted by Lanai T.@KylePineda2 #ENTP FTW!.@babymegs_ Loads! First publisher to turn down Harry also sent @RGalbraith his rudest rejection. They don't even want me in a beard.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@jamiegrove Waves to fellow #ENTP and to @jk_rowling. Please send any excess gilded silk folders.@jk_rowling then again apparently p's procrastinate and j's get down to business straight away. I must say I am the former ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Retweeted by Lanai T.That Hubble Telescope picture explained in depth. I have never had anything blow my mind so hard. http://t.co/3RE0IaBcqb
Retweeted by Lanai T.@inkophile I like those! What is the one in the top row, second from the end?
A:It just turned into an unexpected therapy session. R:I hate it when therapy jumps out & surprises you like that. Night School by Daugherty
@longshotauthor @MykeCole "I command you to...WANK"?! How rude & invasive! Wanking is a personal matter. AND there were baddies to fight.
Deaf man and his cat. http://t.co/wSeLRJUS2v
Retweeted by Lanai T.@_youhadonejob The number of people who had to fail at their one job for this to happen is astounding.@KOlusola Congratulations!!! @PTXofficial @billboard@danzr4ever Dreadfully so!
My family is English, so on SPD, I just nod and smile and try not to think of the centuries of political tension. @montepittman @lisa_curry@TommyJoeRatliff Glad to hear you're on the mend.
Didn't selfie sticks used to be called friends?
Retweeted by Lanai T.@adamsmadams I'm so sorry! HugsYes !!!! I finally took My first class with Brian :) Such a great class, always challenging to Dance beside all... http://t.co/57otMHmjQS
Retweeted by Lanai T.Really wondering how it was I managed to not know about @PTXofficial doing their #PTXOnYahooLive show until after the fact. ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜จHow about you,@danzr4ever? Is this how you treadmill? https://t.co/P5wIoq3Bct @adamsmadams @TaylorG90@adamsmadams I think @TaylorG90 should post a response video showing us his stylish treadmill moves.Is this what you do at the gym, @adamsmadams and @TaylorG90? https://t.co/P5wIoq3Bct
Where're the lines between inspiration, borrowing, & stealing? How much does intent matter? What's a fair share? @montepittman @AlexSkolnick
@adamlambert Saw the pic you posted. Whoa! Hey, now! Let's not get all crazy and take this "compatible" thing too far.@adamlambert Aquarius; Sagittarius rising; Pisces moon. Compatible? Absolutely! You and I would get along like a house on fire.
@montepittman Do you follow @jasperfforde? He sometimes posts Star Wars pics from back in the day. His current photography is great, too.
Author: So, I've got this children's book. It's about a hungry caterpillar. Agent: Pass Author: A VERY hungry caterpillar. Agent: Go on...
Retweeted by Lanai T.@neiltyson But as I'm sure you've heard, corporations are people, too. #pfftMusic training makes a difference. School districts, pay attention! http://t.co/iFmkyxVOZU @montepittmanChappie is rated R for "brief" nudity. Chappie is naked the whole time. How is that brief nudity?! #posthumanismYour message re: women's roles disgusts me, and your clarification made no real difference. Grow up, and do better. @SALVO_ID
@TommyJoeRatliff Nice! If you put together a blues set, I'd come.Dangit! I'm between books again. #betweenbooks #whatsnext #lostinagoodbook
For many, it doesn't matter if one's religious/philosophical treatise actually condones one's behavior-one bends interp. to suit @jk_rowling
Bleak House is a document about the interpretation of documents. [...] It raises questions about its own status as a text' (J.Hillis Miller)
Retweeted by Lanai T.To make a house seem dated for next buyer, knock down walls & put modern features in a period house. Make current w/ style, not reno. @hgtv@adamsmadams How is your family holding up?Went to the eye doc. Don't need to pretend to be Harry/Trelawney in order to sport some really thick glasses. haha @jk_rowling #WorldBookDay@Jakeshears Wow!! Congratulations. :-Dโ€œ@FayeThomasPhoto: Sneaky preview from todays cat-yoga shoot with the lovely Miss @Evy_Lynch ;) x http://t.co/0qghjd0zSmโ€ feat. Puff :)
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But when women point these things out they're "whiners" or scornfully called feminists, like being a feminist is a bad thing. @diegomcgreevy
@danzr4ever It's just nice knowing that it was a sound investment and you're building equity. :-)@adamsmadams My grandmother just turned 98. Imagine the things they've seen...!@adamsmadams That sounds much more comfortable.@danzr4ever I asked from the person who owes me. As she gave me were the sweet sounds of crickets. >:-|@danzr4ever Congratulations!What?! @SockDreams That's your shop? Darling!! @MizTroublewhen people tell us that we look cute https://t.co/T4iW3Q7OH3
Retweeted by Lanai T.@adamsmadams Wow! Hugs. I'm sorry you're going through this. My thoughts are with you and your family.
@montepittman You having the same name as MY band has caused no end of problems for me. All this guitar stuff when WE play kazoos... ;-)@montepittman Why on Earth would Facebook do that?What the hail?!?!
Maybe instead of teaching girls [they should cover] up, we should be teaching boys that we're not sex objects [to] look at. G Finalyson
Real win is when [...] people of color can be in everyday stories. Where we're not saying, "These are the movies for black people."H Berry@sims That's more like it! Haha@sims You only watched five? Surprised you had so much restraint. HahaHow do you come up with a great palindromic sentence? We have some tips for you: http://t.co/CvWpGmj0UC
Retweeted by Lanai T.@S_Lucero @nasubijutsu @jk_rowling Grammar humor http://t.co/kCkTgxT0nT@adamsmadams @LoriAndJava Escaped llamas being chased down the freeway. A black one and a white one, I believe. Haha@TommyJoeRatliff Bahaha!
@LoriAndJava @adamsmadams But what colors are the llamas when you look at them? Haha@LoriAndJava @adamsmadams I see gold and blue but I interpret it as white in odd lighting, since light blue would be an unusual choice@montepittman @Debberrific Musicians don't disagree? Bahaha! Once got into it w/ 2 other nice ppl over a 3 pt. flute piece we were playing@Debberrific @montepittman Oh, dear. I tried to talk sports, but I have no idea who these people are. lol@montepittman @Debberrific Psh! I'm gonna pick a fight right now! *dusts off vintage Yo Mama... book of insults*@montepittman @Deberrific Who are you rooting for being the home team at the new stadium?@montepittman And yes, you have been cyber bullied. Whatever they think or how justified they feel, that is uncalled for.@montepittman Oh, no! That's terrible. I'm so sorry.@montepittman An overflow relief valve can only go so far. ๐ŸŒ‹๐ŸŒŠโšก๏ธ๐ŸŽ†@montepittman Well, you had certainly managed to hold your tongue for a really long time. Haha@sims What does it mean if you see gold and blue?It disgusts me that your commercials are so one-sidedly exploitative. Yeah, sex sells, but stop objectifying women, @CarlsJr
So, Run All Night. What are we at now, Taken 5? @sims@LoriAndJava Well, damn. I can't help you there. haha Then again.... *checks Rolodex*@KGRojo88 I think it is a cultural thing for some people, and probably an extension of people wanting their little girls to look cute.
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