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Centered Dem. Pro Obama, Pro Jobs Act, Pro Obamacare. Anti GOP obstructionism. Take back House & States in 2014! I Block RW Trolls! #UniteBlue

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#IamARepublican because I believe in protecting the fetus at any cost but not after it's born!#IamARepublican because I like Thumping the Bible instead of reading it and I don't believe we are our brother's keepers!#IamARepublican because I wasn't concerned about the debt until Obama became president
Retweeted by WayneEdH“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”! The GOP says "Hell No"!! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014The ONLY Voter Fraud is done by the GOP with their gerrymandering & Voter Suppression! #AnythingToWinGOP #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014@WayneEdH @dierdrelewis an anti drug mrssage, just say no to koch addiction and vote out the addicts like the bad desease that they are.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @dierdrelewis an anti drug message, just say no to kock addiction
Retweeted by WayneEdHThis Do-Nothing GOP Congress has NEVER done Anything to help Country & People! That's why they run on #TanSuitsAndSalutes #VoteEmOUT2014It's time for #Turkey to quit acting like our Do-Nothing GOP Congress & grow a pair & help defeat ISIS!! #NatoMemberThe Return of Frothy The Blowhard.... http://t.co/qsocHdO7BpLAST Day to Register to Vote in Florida is Oct 6th!! Get er done!! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014 #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014I'm absolutely Sick of the Lazy, Non-Working Moochers living off the Govt teet!! But enough about the GOP Congress! #VoteOutDoNothingGOPCheck out hiw much the Republican Party loves this country by their voting record #Uniteblue #Libcrib http://t.co/VG6DjgYAHb
Retweeted by WayneEdHHAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Tomorrow will be One Year since the GOP Shutdown the Govt to get rid of Healthcare for All Americans! #VoteOutGOP2014Here's a Good Reason to Vote... #SCOTUS!! Here's some more.... http://t.co/LjsnaDKz2UWhat will Boehner do about war?? Nothing, because that's what they Always Do!! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014 #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014@WayneEdH @amk4obama @CleanHouse2014 Though some news outlets this morning are predicting big win for Dems DO NOT be complacent! #VoteBlue
Retweeted by WayneEdH@amk4obama @CleanHouse2014 Gotta Do It!!... http://t.co/J3LUcXYaa2Don't sit on your ass. Go Vote. http://t.co/33AEsQWSrK
Retweeted by WayneEdH#NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 Just Vote This Guy OUT!!!.... http://t.co/XbmGjPLXabDon't stand in the GOP-Created Lines!! Request an Absentee Ballot in Florida NOW & vote OUT Rick Scott! http://t.co/zXDTFKPWouYay!!!! FL starts mailing absentee ballots today!! I Can't Wait to Vote straight DEM Ticket!! #NeedRecordDemTurnout2014 #VoteOutGOP2014.@Team_Mitch and his corporate cronies think they can buy Kentucky's Senate seat. #KYSen http://t.co/96fh2fP51t
Retweeted by WayneEdHJust Vote McConnell, Rick Scott & rest of Do-Nothing GOP OUT! Only Good Republican is an Out-Of-Office One! http://t.co/qofc3xLWSq@WayneEdH wake up folks get rid of him. You have the power vote
Retweeted by WayneEdHA PAC to get Rick Scott re-elected sends mailer saying u should already have absentee ballot in FL! NOT TRUE! Mailing starts today! #VOTE@WayneEdH @CHHolte Let me answer that! Because he is a corrupt liar, with blind loyalty to the Koch brothers. Not to forget,he is a racist!
Retweeted by WayneEdHRick Scott not only didn't expand Medicaid, he took power to regulate premiums away from Insurance Commissioner!! http://t.co/skiFxp9WgvPled the 5TH 75 Times to Avoid a Federal Prison turn Defrauding Medicaid n Medicare & He's the Governor of #Florida http://t.co/NWRnmiXyRi
Retweeted by WayneEdHMitch McConnell Chickens Out and Goes Silent On Offer to Debate Alison Lundergan Grimes http://t.co/iQR6BlrK9W
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @JBarryGardner Politricks ?!?!
Retweeted by WayneEdH
@donnabrazile @jwhiteatc The REAL Train Wreck..... http://t.co/UW0tC8yHlxI'm taking my soul to the poll on Nov 4th. You have the right to be heard. You have a right to vote, so please register to vote. And vote!
Retweeted by WayneEdHShow Ohio’s GOP what you think of this. Commit to vote: http://t.co/uYxYnzh3L2 #IWillVote http://t.co/rFMJZSZ5u7
Retweeted by WayneEdH@THEJordonBrown @WayneEdH lol With 28 faves it must be the super silent majority
Retweeted by WayneEdHDan Patrick's real belief on gay marriage. #LtGovDebate http://t.co/fnqrXVIh1n
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH Exactly why we need Dems in WH and retain Senate tilnwe can change that awful court.
Retweeted by WayneEdHFinally!! John Cleese explains why Fox News is like they are!!! http://t.co/EYpqlER7Oo.@danpatrick is against women, teachers, unions. He's FOR Religious Right white men. That leaves out a lot of TX. #LtGovDebate
Retweeted by WayneEdHDan Patrick voted against restoring education funding in 2013 PANTS ON FIRE DAN! http://t.co/Mydiao2Wwi #LtGovDebate #VivaLeticia
Retweeted by WayneEdHThe 5 GOP partisan hacks in #SCOTUS wants it to be harder for you to vote! They just voted to make that a reality in OH! #NonPartisanMyButt@maryjane_10_ @brontyman Many hardworking Americans of that generation born at home. Voted for decades. Heartbreaking http://t.co/47Hvj2P0y3
Retweeted by WayneEdH#LtGovDebate - We're the last hope? The model for the other states?! Whoa, @DanPatrick, it's actually embarrassing.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@sugaree71 @WayneEdH @maddow It's like all progress is GOING BACKWARDS FAST. WTAF?
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH: Am especially concerned about the national precedent SC decision may set re voting rights. #maddow @maddow
Retweeted by WayneEdH@QueenVictory14 @WayneEdH @msnbc He's a con, pushing a totalitarian movement ideology and willing to say anything to win his battles.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@TheDailyEdge @WayneEdH That is treason-- and they are buying influence which should be against the laws also
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @msnbc Two choices...A. He is a dirty rotten scoundrel or B. He's an idiot. Shall we try all if the above?? #UniteBlue
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH The same reason the fascist Koch brothers want to remain secret and lie about what they are truly trying to do.
Retweeted by WayneEdHRepublicans are drug addicts Republicans lie to you Republicans let you down again and again #RepublicansArePeopleToo http://t.co/dBDzK9I0vV
Retweeted by WayneEdH#Iowa farmers feeling effects of #climatechange but Jodi Ernst swears allegiance to the Kochs http://t.co/4fQAP7iAsv http://t.co/hhPi9PHlaO
Retweeted by WayneEdHWhy is Mitch McConnell telling Media exact opposite of what he recently told the Koch brothers on Minimum wage? http://t.co/HrQ1BHonYjRT @Florida_Justice @EMC_Square2 @maddow #UniteBlue #VoteBlue @VoteOutGOPn2014 @TheDailyEdge @TNTweetersUSA http://t.co/3w4UBJazCJ
Retweeted by WayneEdHNot telling truth? Sen McCain totally ignores Bush deal w/Maliki that mandated troop withdrawal. http://t.co/W92wAUMlyz @NewDay @ChrisCuomo
Retweeted by WayneEdHWe CANNOT let Rs EXTREMISTS control of Senate, and thus the path of the entire U.S government for the next two years. http://t.co/LYeFT8gwTK
Retweeted by WayneEdHSame GOP partisan Hacks in #SCOTUS that took the teeth out of the Voter Rights Act has now Stopped Early Voting in OH! #VoteOutTheGOP2014Received over $314,000 from the Chemical Industry. Blocked the Safe Chemicals Act. @UniteBlueKY #KYSen #PDMFNB http://t.co/EbWJ6SS072
Retweeted by WayneEdHHMMmmm, 5 to 4! Go Figure! Partisan Hacks! Supreme Court blocks Ohio early voting on eve of balloting! http://t.co/7UFtRn2LGxMitch McConnell attacks his opponent for answering yes to: 'Do you believe in climate change?' http://t.co/lQpwTmXzEf http://t.co/7Q4Agd0rD8
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH .Now you've crossed the line, Wayne! Boehner golfing in Syria without a caddy???
Retweeted by WayneEdHGOP Motto: Lie, Deny, Campaign & DO NOTHING! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014@DAVIDCOMFORT And make him carry #MushroomCloudMcCain!@WayneEdH .OK, then make him bring his own WMD golf clubs.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@DAVIDCOMFORT Sorry, with all the GOP cuts, no money for his flack jacket or thermos!@WayneEdH .Get Boner out of tanning salon, give him flack jacket & thermos of martinis, send him to Syria, to lead charge.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH Then we should get @SpeakerBoehner a pair of boots and air drop him into Syria, parachute optional. #Vote2014 #UniteBlue #p2
Retweeted by WayneEdHWhen will GOP Congress debate & vote on war powers? They will handle it the way they handle Everything, by Doing Nothing! #VoteOutGOP2014Boehner, speaker of the house and full time D-Bag, wants U.S. boots on the ground! Still on vacation & won't debate or vote on war! #VoteThe Biggest Do-Nothing Speaker of the House in History, Boehner, wants U.S. Troops on the ground in Syria! #WheresTheVote? #VoteOutGOP2014Enough About ISIL, Obama Needs To Take Off The Gloves and Go After Republicans http://t.co/IziIpUPeBD via @politicususa
Retweeted by WayneEdHMedia seems to have the talent & will to put a negative slant on everything & create controversy for ratings! #VoteOutDoNothingGOP2014
Is PBO morphing into Bush?? Seriously CNN?? #Sheesh And you put on Ken Cuccinelli as well??? #MajorFail
GOP policies are SO Terrible that they resort to slamming PBO on Tan Suits & Salutes!? They have & Do Nothing! #VoteOutDoNothingGOP2014GOP Congress opinions on war on ISIS is Meaningless as they won't even debate it or vote on it! Just another GOP political meme! #Vote2014@smerconish Your guest is full of it! If he was to track down & report on every "Lie" a politician says, he would have NO time left!Shout it out loud & run on it.... http://t.co/cGAJZkGO6qThey Just Make Me Sick!.... http://t.co/pCwkZ2ZYmdBoehner & GOP won't debate or vote on war power on ISIS cause Doing Nothing is what they do! But use ISIS to slam PBO for campaigns! #VOTE
@JacquelineHine1 Ignorance! There's nothing more detrimental to a senior citizen than a REPUBLICAN! The end! @WayneEdH @BillMoyersHQ
Retweeted by WayneEdH@HutchissonMike @DcLincoln761 @assholeofday Here's Another Reason... http://t.co/exJlDvDBxw@assholeofday @DcLincoln761 The Reich Wing's misogyny and #WarOnWomen is a major reason that I'm going to #VoteBlue this November.
Retweeted by WayneEdHPBO has moved the economy & Country forward even with a GOP anvil attached to both ankles!! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOPGOP is counting on the "People Who Were In A Coma 2001 to 2009" demographic! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014Oklahoma Man Beheads One Woman, Brutally Stabs Another - http://t.co/GlK3jsjsaU #alton #beheading #beheaded #insanity #p2 #tcot
Retweeted by WayneEdH@mch7576 @politicususa That's because they replaced David Gregory with David Gregory with a goatee! #MeetThePressFAIL #WontWatchChuck Todd Is Doing Worse Than David Gregory As Meet The Press Continues To Nosedive http://t.co/nD7sKZVi57 via @politicususa
Retweeted by WayneEdHConstantly amazed by President #Obama's sheer genius. 62 Nations join coalition against #ISIS http://t.co/etYlmz0m3H
Retweeted by WayneEdH@Maxeightyeight @WayneEdH @BillMoyersHQ Tell me again Y any senior wld vote GOP
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH If I were him I wouldn't throw stones at anybody else being ugly.
Retweeted by WayneEdHThe GOP's greatest opponent is Video Tape!! #Liars #PeopleHaters #KochLovers #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014Rep Robert Pittenger (R-NC) denies making anti-LGBT comments, forgets it's on tape! http://t.co/NIvPo7NjYa #NC09 #NCSen
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH Yep, he actually said that! #MushroomCloudMcCainRepublican Greg Abbott Backs Out Of Only Statewide TV Debate With Wendy Davis #TeamWendy via http://t.co/Otj0AEkblz http://t.co/d2GWuL7dFO
Retweeted by WayneEdHAnother Elderly Woman Gets Caught in GOP’s War on Voting http://t.co/UUzE62sp63 via @BillMoyersHQ
Retweeted by WayneEdH.@RepBecerra: "GOP's not just trying to keep us from voting. They're making it impossible for us to vote." http://t.co/CY6LuLtnRG
Retweeted by WayneEdHJon Stewart shreds Fox’s Eric Bolling: ‘F*ck you and all your false patriotism’ http://t.co/aJ4Yr8MGui
Retweeted by WayneEdHGOP should Stop Thumping the Bible & Start Reading it! We ARE our Brother's Keepers!! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014I love this quote from Maryland State Senator, Jamie Raskin! http://t.co/hc3poAeL5a
Retweeted by WayneEdHWe need Eric Holder as our next Supreme Court Justice!! #VoteOutTheDoNothingGOP2014Koch Industries Ad on how great they are for America is Sickening! #BoycottKoch Here's a list of their products. http://t.co/dhTaFXE1sv
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