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Centered Dem. Pro Obama, Pro Jobs Act, Pro Obamacare. Anti GOP obstructionism. Take back House & States in 2014! I Block RW Trolls! #UniteBlue

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I LOVED Howard Dean when he would do his holler! Very passionate indeed! @wolfiemouse @WayneEdH @NHLABOR_NEWS @TheRevAl @howardean
Retweeted by WayneEdH@NLuvWitUOnly @WayneEdH @NHLABOR_NEWS @TheRevAl @howardean A lot of people loved the #HowardDeanCheer I blame paid media 4 slanting the view
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My most exciting title yet: Grandmother-To-Be! @billclinton and I are thrilled that Chelsea and Marc are expecting their first child!
Retweeted by WayneEdHInstead of impeaching Atty General Holder and holding his pay check, the GOP should be charged for TREASON against our country & the ppl.
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue GOP: "It's a Train Wreck, Disaster, Killing People, Failed"! HERE'S the REAL Train Wreck... http://t.co/ZONuhTf1LM@allanbrauer @hewitt_pearl @TPM that's because Eric Cantor is a smug little weasel http://t.co/L6H8Fwlw4E
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH Reckon law enforcement will handcuff and jail a child who squats because they cant hold their bladder any longer?
Retweeted by WayneEdHNew Rule Prohibits Voters In Miami-Dade County From Using The Restroom, No Matter How Long The Lines! http://t.co/v0hx9mzRD4#UniteBlue #TheRevAl That GOP Congressman Farenthold looks like he could be one of the Adams Family! #WhataBunchaFreakingNutJobs#UniteBlue #TheRevAl Ahhhhh... The Gop Leadership.... http://t.co/8ZHZYE0x6w.@WayneEdH @ZonkerPHL Parker Bros cld make a "Fortune" ... er, am I barking up the wrong tree when I shld be pissing on a hydrant? Silly me!
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@CerealKyler Do you have any photos of Alice & Mike Pinera?#BundyRanch Hey Bundy, just pay what you owe! Tell Peg, Bud, Kelly & that neighbor of yours, Marcy Rhodes, hello. #Moocher #Wacko@thedahlimmama @WayneEdH .In my op freezing Bundy's accts would be more effective then armed conflict.Ppl who wave guns are weak whiny bunch
Retweeted by WayneEdH@KennettDems Today’s sermon: They are going to vote in 2014 Are you? http://t.co/REjgnygdMi
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue They don't own it All, Yet.... http://t.co/j7MIwPADaF@thedahlimmama Ron Paul = WackoRon Paul: Bundy Ranch = Waco. http://t.co/kZzla9MR3h You just KNOW he wishes it would! #GOPHatriots #UniteBlue #LibCrib
Retweeted by WayneEdH"@Illuminati_Stop: BARACK OBAMA WAS BORN IN 1961. 1+9+6+1= 17. YOU KNOW WHO USED TO BE 17 YEARS OLD? HITLER." @PhilyB95
Retweeted by WayneEdH@hardball @JoyAnnReid @shannonrwatts I am a physician & refuse to just accept treating victims of gun violence as routine- VOTING Nov 2014!!
Retweeted by WayneEdH@BullmastiffDog @WayneEdH @gratepool //Enjoy Tea Party Barbie! http://t.co/PDvAzY8nNZ
Retweeted by WayneEdH@gratepool @WayneEdH hey it's better than ignorant narcissist RW white supremacist Barbie!! : )
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH At least they're consistently disgusting and losers, BP always... Vote Wendy Davis!
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH stay classy tea party!
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue Just saw a post on FB from the "Tea Party" rallying against Wendy Davis, calling her the "Abortion Barbie"! #VoteForWendyGovTX@tvitin @bayonnebernie Here is the ALEC BILL ABOUT MINIMUM WAGE http://t.co/mb0aewCTYH
Retweeted by WayneEdH@TeaPartyCat @dremmelqueen Calvin Bundy please pay your grazing fees ~~ Where as we have Corporate Subsides that are due to be paid out.
Retweeted by WayneEdH#Ukraine about to erupt, just as the GOP's hero, Putin, planned! Not gonna be good for the people there! #UniteBlueLet’s send President Obama @BarackObama a BLUE CONGRESS he can WORK with in 2014! http://t.co/108vcItM10
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue So, Bundy idiots were gonna use Women as shields? Other News: It's been 8 years since a sitting VP shot anyone in the face.@randyprine This election is so important! The poor are dying every day without healthcare! Republican party are real life death panels!
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH LOLLOLOLOLOL But that's an insult to Al ;p
Retweeted by WayneEdHSo who are these 'rogue' Federal Agents? @activistmode http://t.co/NcqgCrEuKd
Retweeted by WayneEdH@lurkingsmirking I was thinking more like.... http://t.co/ZUyknhaBob#LibCrib Cliven Bundy. Any relation to Ted?
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@brokencup @WayneEdH @Allnkat they get fooled by lies and social hate policies to voteGOP GOP then uses power for $ tax cuts
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @Allnkat They would vote for heartless republicans, because they are brainless republicans
Retweeted by WayneEdH@TheRevAl #UniteBlue Rush Limbaugh says he's human but where's the evidence? #NutJobs@TheRevAl #UniteBlue Nein Nein Nein! Pizza Nut rearing his lecherous head again?! #HermanCain@WayneEdH @AnneLewisChicag You mean, "Oklahoma Kommissar of Worker Exploitation holds wages down." Nothing a free market would allow.
Retweeted by WayneEdHSome idiot breaks the law for years and infringes on tax-payer lands and he is a GOP Hero?? He's just a law-breaking moocher! #UniteBlue@WayneEdH @insiderwisdom25 MAYBE... because they watch Nazi-FOX Brainwash Channel,.. and that's what they are told to do. NO COMMON SENSE.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH So does OK residents agree with this ban?
Retweeted by WayneEdH#BundyRanch #UniteBlue What's all the fuss about this Bundy dude? http://t.co/80UtgHHp1uOK GOP Gov Signs Ban On Minimum Wage Increase! Why would Anyone vote for these heartless Jerks?! #UniteBlue http://t.co/lO4grgzcTl
If you take food stamps for your hungry kids, you're a moocher. If you own cattle & steal food from Federal lands, you're a Hero! #GOPlogic
Retweeted by WayneEdH#BundyBattle is about #moocher & #taker, no hero, a #deadbeat. We live by same rules, he needs to suffer the consequences of his actions
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue Sheesh! What do you get for the person who has everything?? http://t.co/EXGRGFPkYP@Algrandmother @WayneEdH @tfrogdotcom @chrislhayes Cut his electric,cut his water ,freeze his bank account block roads to his property then
Retweeted by WayneEdHGuy's been trespassing since 93. Court ordered him to stop, hasnt. Owes $1M in trespassing fines. Threatens war. Hero to idiots #BundyRanch
Retweeted by WayneEdH@tfrogdotcom @chrislhayes tell Bundy to get off MY highway & out of MY Post offices.. My taxes pay for these . Cut his services off !!!
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue So, What's with this Bundy guy?? http://t.co/L5zP1sabxaNews flash Bundy Ranch family: USA was NOT behind U. That was a bunch of jobless KKK & Teathuglicans w/nowhere to go since Westboro guy died
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @TheRevAl Sick in bed w/cold & watched entire TP conf. Their comments outrageous on so many levels. Watch faces in audience; nuts!
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue #TheRevAl #PoliticsNation Cooking the books on ACA? Obviously the GOP has Romnesia! Obamacare covers that!#UniteBlue @TheRevAl #PoliticsNation Everytime Marsha Blackburn speaks, an Angel pukes!Sheesh! Putin getting brazen! Not just an intentional provocation but a Dangerous intentional provocation! #UniteBlue
@WayneEdH @Stwallace23 Paul Ryan is t epitome of a death panel, ruthless & merciless killing as he goes, his dream is our death. UnAmerican!
Retweeted by WayneEdH
@WayneEdH Teach these ReTHUGS a lesson and #throwthemallout!
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue Wow, the radical, extremist, Waste of Human Skin, GOP sure loves them some Granny-Killer Wonk!.... http://t.co/Ghfhp3ZBqU#UniteBlue GOP Blocks Equal Pay Bill in Senate! Cause, ya know, there's No GOP #WarOnWomen! http://t.co/0Ze4cdAIpA@WayneEdH Give #POTUS a Congress he can work with! #VOTE2014 - replace Repu Senate & House w/#Dems! #UniteBlue!
Retweeted by WayneEdHPBO: "We need u to take these mid-terms as seriously as any presidential election you've ever been involved in"! http://t.co/luZthYtf1v@WayneEdH Rick Scott is an agent of #Hydra. @AgentsofSHIELD unite.
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue MUST-WATCH: Rick Scott stumbles to explain his campaign's lies!.... https://t.co/1K2YcdVljb http://t.co/KYJ9hT9CkP
All Senate Republicans Say ‘No’ to Paycheck Fairness http://t.co/ePTOLjyJGD #tcot #p2 #4jobs #VoteDemocratic
Retweeted by WayneEdH#Hardball Jim Demint is such a Gohmert (and He's Demint-ed!! #PairOfNitwits #UniteBlue@michaelterry337 Granny-Killer strikes again! #LyingRyanHouse Republicans to vote Thursday on Paul Ryan's Medicare-ending budget http://t.co/kMVhxsn282 #OutInTheCold #PaulRyanDontCare #UniteBlue
Retweeted by WayneEdHI realize that letting his rear-end over-ride his mouth & brain is not a big deal to Louis Gohmert! #WhattaJerk #Hardball #UniteBlue#UniteBlue #VoteOutTheGOP2014 More GOP political hypocrisy.... http://t.co/IHzjKoQwqE@WayneEdH Didn't U Just Love Gohmert Put Down? My. My. What A Guy. Eric Holder Is So Cool. Puttin RWNJ Gohmert On Notice That He'd Had Enuf!
Retweeted by WayneEdH
Congrats to Eric Holder for putting it on NutJob Louie Gohmert and to John Kerry for shutting up Windbag McCain & their RW BS! #UniteBlue@geraldpeterson4 @WayneEdH Eisenhower ran the country like a democrat.
Retweeted by WayneEdH
@WayneEdH @adam_zander The same ones who sold us out to trickle down, too.
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue Are you PO'd at the Right People??.... http://t.co/bfBh7BTGAF#GotHypocrisyMuch #UniteBlue Christian GOP Congressman Caught Cheating on Sexy Surveillance Tape! http://t.co/k5xqtPThM2#UniteBlue Remember, It's the Same Darned People.... http://t.co/fyr0kzjVS8@WayneEdH Please!!! Young #Dems don't let your Grandparents vote via butt-cracks!!! #UniteBlue #StrongerTogether.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@mhrt70 @WayneEdH Good point! Rummy was/is an idiot.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @MR_PRIME69 Few remember the uproar about lack of body armor. Rummy didn't see it as priority. Cheney: welcome mats. Evil !
Retweeted by WayneEdH@banditDerenzio Yes! And isn't that special! #ChurchLady#UniteBlue This explains some of those Seniors voting for GOP!.... http://t.co/qGQHVCFBwT@WayneEdH I thought it was pronounced Satan.
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue #Hardball Bush/Cheney sent people to war over a Lie, didn't give them Body Armor & the GOP is Outraged at people getting Ins?#UniteBlue #Hardball Cheney is actually pronounced... Buttchunk... http://t.co/46xRXQuQGSIt's: Train Wreck, Killing People, Hurting Economy, Death Panels, Hurting Seniors, Adding to Debt! But, enough about the JOB House! #EdShow
@bannerite @WayneEdH Vote against anyone finances by the Koch bros.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@bannerite An extremely astute analysis, thank you. @WayneEdH
Retweeted by WayneEdH#UniteBlue Sheesh, What a Koch.... http://t.co/GQFlJXvNRgIron Butterfly with Mike Pinera performing "Easy Rider"..... https://t.co/ei50d96mFGBlues Image featuring Mike Pinera (of Blues Image, Iron Butterfly & Alice Cooper) "Like" on Facebook: https://t.co/GDZZ5pvxy3#UniteBlue Five Years of President Obama.... http://t.co/FFSQsxC8d0#UniteBlue #LieAboutEverything GOP Rhetoric & Misinformation is Bizzare.... http://t.co/5SPGNGyH8C
@WayneEdH #BatshitcrazyBachmann
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @edshow ..cannot STAND Heidi Harris..what rock did she crawl out from under..Ed, u musta' been desperate to book her..
Retweeted by WayneEdH#EdShow @EdShow Wow, that Heidi Winger was Out There! Tort reform?? Chris Christie: "Pastry, did someone say pastry"? #UniteBlueThe Neo-Republican Party is NOT your Father's GOP! Harming America worse than a foreign enemy as they are doing it from the inside!#UniteBlue Obamacare?????????? http://t.co/UOXVedAr3J
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