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Sarah Smith @_sarahliz sass city, usa

Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness.

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@Ceejwilson222 yesss! I'm adding you! sarahliz0727 :)
slow down mom! http://t.co/gC8SstrI0r
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThis super burly, manly guy is just chilling next to me at Sonic in penguin flannel pajamas smokin' a cig. Why do I think this is so epic?Awesome first #NSOmentors meeting tonight! I can't wait to see what the summer has in store for us!Is no one gonna call me out on the fact that my "blood moon" snap last night was just a red emoji w/ a black screen? http://t.co/4Q0ds12Am5So ready for summer. http://t.co/pZpE4ABr0t
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThis is a thing and it explains so much right now. #moon #nosleep http://t.co/XC3ecwym5fWell...I'm just gonna cry myself to sleep now since @WilliamAlex3rd just BLOCKED ME on Twitter... #cool #loveyoutoothe bags under my eyes are designer
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
@Joekisor95 that's ok because i gave it anyway. :)@Joekisor95 wow so inspiring. You should write a novel.@AntJamesMusic πŸ™‹@WilliamAlex3rd "But he's not even ripped! He's just toned. It's not impressive!" --you earlier today 😝I'd like to propose that instead of "I plead the 5th" you can just say "Hodor."
Retweeted by Sarah SmithThis lunar eclipse we're having tonight sounds pretty awesome. Too bad I'll probably be asleep for it!#Rangers fans are still a bit butthurt! h/t @baseballreddit . http://t.co/rpmumOxU1f
Retweeted by Sarah SmithLast night's Game of Thrones...YES πŸ‘Œ@LP_WPS Open at your own risk haha http://t.co/CvPwJvXQoMThat US Airways tweet brought whole new meaning to the phrase, "Take your comments and shove 'em..." 😳Someone at @USAirways is definitely getting fired for that tweet today. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚My excuse for when I'm late to class http://t.co/MVBfKy9Qq1
Retweeted by Sarah SmithSo please, for the sake of What's ears. Turn down for him.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI'd like to imagine that "What" is an elderly man who is fed up with loud music and Lil Jon is asking us to do him a favor.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@JuliannePaige The internet...ITS A TRAP!!@JuliannePaige the same thing happened to me this week! I was like oh my quiz is due at midnight then did nothing about it!@JuliannePaige STORY OF MY LIFE
Wow @amandacampo01 and I went from being some of the oldest people at a show last week to some of the youngest this week. #BlueOctober#Easter is Coming #GameOfThrones #GoT http://t.co/5cAxa4yNwH
Retweeted by Sarah SmithLol remember when I was laying out by the pool yesterday getting a tan and now there's a freeze warning for Tuesday??"I love me...i love me enough for the both of us." http://t.co/IckQApKFwL
Retweeted by Sarah SmithMUST-SEE VIDEO: El Paso teammates pull a hilarious prank on Jeff Francoeur: http://t.co/euZ4D5Gmvo http://t.co/k1Bc99t6kB
Retweeted by Sarah SmithGoing to see Blue October tonight on Dickson! Middle school me is super stoked. 😊
@_sarahliz It's literally impossible to forget a legend such as Pete Wheeler.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithYES YES YES! Remember Pete Wheeler? @OhPhillmore β€œ@FillWerrell: Greatest game ever http://t.co/ryrnKp6pFn”@MaKayKay_ Oh yeah!! That guy on his scooter lol I've always meant to try him!@Hescaren3 As you've repeatedly told me, I live "in the ghetto" so there's no way in heck I'm walking anywhere!!@MaKayKay_ I don't want pizza though! What else delivers?I really want to go get food, but I don't want to lose my parking spot. #thestruggleJust checked my snapchat stories & it's all shaky videos of people jumping w/ a rapper wayyyy off in the distance... http://t.co/hQgPYbIepp@brianlogandales I NEED THIS OMGMy son told me tonight he doesn’t like bacon, which breaks my heart cause I didn’t know I was raising Voldemort.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@ItsTed__93 @MaKayKay_ Can you just make us a dictionary full of British insults??@ItsTed__93 @MaKayKay_ Oh I get your sense of humor but the fact is you still said y'all πŸ˜’@MaKayKay_ @ItsTed__93 YASSSS we are rubbing off on him!!There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith
Tie game. Bottom of the 9th. Bases loaded. Two outs. Now tell me baseball isn't exciting!"Who??"--Me after every player in the Rangers lineup comes up to bat.@Ceejwilson222 Is everything ok? Your tweets have been super depressing and now I'm concerned!Can we get Bret Bielema in to a dance off? I'D DIE.β€œ@SportsNation: Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury turned football practice into a DANCE-OFF http://t.co/7Br0mJsvgP http://t.co/pQzmkEdVY8”@WilliamAlex3rd lol he's good! πŸ˜‚@WilliamAlex3rd β€œ@CollegeHumor: Drake Dresses in Disguise and Asks People About @Drake http://t.co/RBplsx9nn1 http://t.co/W796qFppCF”Please don't post a screenshot if your battery percentage is low, I can't focus on the picture because your low battery is stressing me out.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@OhPhillmore it's all good bro! It's not like you ever tweet anyway lol 😝Happy Friday everyone! http://t.co/piJW5cbA5zCamera Shy by @SCHOOLBOYHUMOR just came on my Spotify Radio. It's bringin back so many memories. Man, those were some GOOD times!
@lexynicfields @MaKayKay_ Wow! Have we really known each other for nearly three years now?? Crazy!!@lexynicfields @MaKayKay_ Still one of my favorite concert memories to this day!!Life is not the mountain tops, it's the walking in between. I like you walking next to me.my future husband is probably sending some other girl cute goodnight texts, im so mad at him rn
Retweeted by Sarah SmithHappy National Siblings Day to my brother Charlie Chaplin...errrr....I mean @OhPhillmore! http://t.co/wtXJtyYWMB*stabs your gums* Dentist: you're bleeding because u don't floss http://t.co/mtYBBr67Rd
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI was going to get out of my car but then Complicated by Avril Lavigne came on the radio, so, naturally, I had to stay. #tbtI don't care how much you love your frat, posting 100 pictures to Instagram in a two hour period is beyond excessive. #unfollowed #sorry
@WilliamAlex3rd alright I can respect that. Literally don't think I've seen the Jungle Book though. If I have, I don't remember a bit of it!@WilliamAlex3rd it's perfect. What's your fav then?@Ceejwilson222 Another CJ Wilson!Shooot I thought my name was common! β€œ@chanelpuke: he said "life man, just life" πŸ˜‚ http://t.co/ApYqQyrKJG”@WilliamAlex3rd .......um .......excuse me? πŸ˜’@WilliamAlex3rd Peter Pan of course!@WilliamAlex3rd YESSS that's my second fav!@AntJamesMusic This may be the nicest thing you've ever put on twitter! 😊I snapped you 365 times. I snap chatted you everyday for a year. It wasn't over, it still isn't over.
Retweeted by Sarah SmithShoutout to my brother @OhPhillmore for getting BEST ACTOR at Area today!& congrats to the ENTIRE cast of #LesMisPG for advancing to Region!Want to WIN some goodies? Retweet this or follow us today!! Chancellor's Ball Facebook Event: https://t.co/t1L24byJIn http://t.co/Yjvgl7Or2G
Retweeted by Sarah SmithSending all of my love and good vibes to the cast of #LesMisPG right now! Break a leg everyone!!I guarantee this is one of the weirdest things you'll see all day...thanks @BuzzFeed.... https://t.co/HjFWsLoRB6Holy wow, this song is incredible! @benrector please please please play this on Thursday!! https://t.co/uNKrBumvJo
Just got done with orientation--I can't wait to start my new job as a pharmacy technician!!Going back and watching old episodes of HIMYM and I'm getting super angry. This isn't cool!YASSSS πŸ‰ β€œ@BuzzFeedEnt: #GameOfThrones renewed for 2 more seasons by HBO!”Congrats to Kikko Haydar on signing a pro contract overseas with Sagesse of the Lebanon Division A League. #WPS http://t.co/UYmAZwGzAx
Retweeted by Sarah SmithCorgi tickles! http://t.co/e6dPsAFyVr
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@theJillianK that's exactly what i've been saying! it's like they didn't even try!@missmeggiejean but the first guy was so handsome!!!
But seriously, how can HBO recast a character so drastically different looking from the first actor? http://t.co/15mE55sGfvOMG ITS GAME OF THRONES TIME WITH @mikeswayne4! #excitementThere are too many similarites between Bieber and King Joffrey for it to just be a coincidence. I’m canceling my HBOGo
Retweeted by Sarah SmithSometimes I'm just too nice and it puts me in super awkward situations.Way to go CEEJ! #throwstrikes β€œ@MLB: Good hair, great pitching line. We give you, @str8edgeracer. http://t.co/o1Wfpp0164”I'm excited to say I'll be a playing free show at my alma mater, the University of Arkansas, this Thursday! Show is at the Gardens at 9pm!
Retweeted by Sarah SmithI'm meant to be cleaning my apartment but I've been sucked in to this episode of Dr. Phil. HELP! How does this happen??Shoutout to my bathroom mirror for being deceiving and making me believe my hair looked somewhat presentable before I left this morning. 😳✌️Happy 35th birthday to three-time All-Star Adrian Beltre. http://t.co/yauK3DbKYj
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@hunterxward πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My newest pet peeve is when businesses spell their names with K's instead of C's or Q's. Examples: Kozy Kamp, Kwik Kleen. #grindsmygears πŸ˜’Pharrell, I get it man. You’re happy. That’s great! Tip of the cap. But like, shut the hell up. That’s all.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith@ActuallyNPH But why center all of season 9 around the wedding weekend if they're just going to break B&R up 5 mins in to the finale?TONIGHT! β€œ@BuzzFeed: 61 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of "Game Of Thrones" http://t.co/kevoeRRMZV”Attention female citizens of Fayetteville: Riff Raff is having a MASSIVE sale today. I probably bought too much...@Ceejwilson222 Hold up...you watch GOT?? I knew I thought you were awesome last night for a reason! 😊 oh & still waiting on that followback!
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