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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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@Morgan_Dancer We didn't get to see, they didn't have enough seats :(@Morgan_Dancer It looks good, think it comes out next week, I will let u know if goodOff to see pre showing of The Other Woman@Strut__Laady Aww thanks, think I gotta cold :(@adamlambert Luv it!!Soup & a hot bath when ur sick always helps :)Survived another nite of work
@BUSYBEE8 Better, still really tender@Isolde_13 Ok @asherly89 @BecksLS78 @HonoraryBrit@FlTNESS @TommyJoeRatliff What do they consider not trying, I hear brushing my teeth burns a few calories, ha ha@Isolde_13 I know there current & prob don't know a lot of older stuff @asherly89 @BecksLS78 @HonoraryBritTotally sick, my roomie says allergies, I don't know, but I'm still ready to rock it on the party bus tonite@freestylebunny Exactly!!!Hate it when my models cancel, 2nd time with this girl too, so pissed@asherly89 Yeah, I wanna listen in car, maybe spotify or pandora @Isolde_13 @BecksLS78 @HonoraryBrit@Isolde_13 I gotta figure out how to get all these songs so I can do my homework @asherly89 @BecksLS78 @HonoraryBritI still have 1 Queen ticket - Vegas 7/5 - Gold 3, Row MM, Seat 14 - Face Value $251 - Please RT
@jermjackson5 on wife swap, Yay!@Isolde_13 @tinydolly I'm in@Isolde_13 @tinydolly :)@tinydolly We gotta have more girl days @Isolde_13Yay, car fixed & thanks @tinydolly for taking care of me today :)Just realized, U were in Vegas ur last Bday, Right? Time has flown by@Runxandersmith Ya, what an awesome Bday gift :) @PledgeMusicForgot it's tax day, boo, hiss, Damn U IRS@tinydolly heading there now, u want me to go with@tinydolly Gonna b near u today@HannaBec Ha ha, right?! sounds like my job on the party bus every nite, We'll show u how's it's done in Vegas :) @negativeneil
Look out Victorias Secret, there's a new Queen in town “@courtneyact: BAM!!! #dragrace @rupaulsdragrace http://t.co/GMbZQU9Lhi@dude__ette Just hurts, mostly when I brush hairLongest work meeting ever, now I'm ready for some @RuPaulsDragRace@SisterMerryMary About knocked myself out last nite, but I'm OK 0_o@BUSYBEE8 yeah, I'm gonna live, just about cracked my head open on the bus doing something stupid, I was seeing stars for sureGuess I was too busy with my head trauma last nite that I missed the green hair post, wonder if it was 4 something special, he's so crazy@dude__ette So I survived the night, just a nice bruised head and slight headache, Whew #VegasProblems ha haXander Smith (@Runxandersmith): Outside has reached 25% http://t.co/OnC5ln9VZV @PledgeMusic #Outside
Retweeted by adams madamsU know it was a crazy nite when u come home & put an ice pack on Ur head & double check that there's no blood 0_oGot my first injury on the party bus, could possibly have a concussion but gonna dance it out, ha ha
Nap time before I gotta get ready for work 2niteMy arms r so sore, too many stripper pole tricks on the party bus yesterdayFinally heading home, longest day ever on the party bus 0_o@LoveMrSpencer Oh No, sorry to hear, hopefully u will B back to normal soon :)@BUSYBEE8 it's what I do, however 1st time on the bus
@HannaBec I try ,)Yep, this was my afternoon on the party bus http://t.co/pD5mPQ84ZhJust had too much fun on our day party bus, time for nap & get ready for night time party bus :)The pools in Vegas R crazy, they thought my mints were drugs, please?! the only thing I have R drinks in my suitOff to pool party bus run & it's so nice out
Day off, Yay@WaterNai let's hope, ha ha, but that wasn't my plan@WaterNai It's just being nice, hopefully, ha ha
@Isolde_13 @Ravenika Totally, but dollar drinks & free peanuts@Isolde_13 R we really at a country bar!?@LoriAndJava Awesome, ha ha@MRSLAMBERTLUST I wanted to do more but I had to get an appointmentJust helped this poor older couple who's car broke down & didn't have a cell phone@Isolde_13 OMG, yes they have an awesome $5 happy hour special, when r u goingLunch over, back to the grind for 2 more hours@danzr4ever ha ha, me too@Isolde_13 where u going@Isolde_13 U wanna do some happy hour later1 of the girls I'm wrking with got purse stolen at club, don't know why people put their stuff down unattended but feel so bad 4 her@Isolde_13 Yep, I'm getting complaints from the venues now about him, so now I have some real ammunitionLast day of gig then going to other job to complain about an employee, kinda nervous, don't want it to backfire
@dude__ette I know, it was only ticket I could get before I got the GA tix & my roomie doesn't want me to not B with her :(@Isolde_13 Well look closely in that pic @dude__ette@Isolde_13 what's going on in the pants there @dude__ette@Isolde_13 @dude__ette uh oh, she's gonna drink the Kool-aidDay 3 done, 1 more to goDay 3 of my 9 hour work day@316pisces Dont worry, Ur not missing an Adam opportunity of any sort, ha ha @markandmercedes @Mix941@316pisces U had to b listening, just answering a funny question they were talking about @markandmercedes @Mix941@markandmercedes @Mix941 Duh, Adam Lambert. My friends always do, like I wouldn't already know the info of whatever it is, ha ha
Heading to the @HardRockHotelLV for dinnerPlanning a pre-Queen get together for Vegas Sat show, details coming, who's interested@Isolde_13 Why r u not at workNot feeling a 100% today, over worked, I need a vacation
Aww, my friend is so sad of her Dads passing, he will be missed, Mickey Rooney is a legend :(Longest day ever, finally home & taking a soak, legs r so sore, ughh@Isolde_13 The way he was talking about Ur ages was weird to me & his tantrum was immature, didn't c a long term, mayb just a friend typeDelirious@Isolde_13 I day run & don't look back, especially after other nite @LoriAndJava@Isolde_13 Really, weird @LoriAndJavaMove over Kickstarter cuz PLEDGE MUSIC campaign starts APR 14! My new CD almost here! Plz Retweet http://t.co/AJNTqhM9Tw
Retweeted by adams madamsOff to another gig this week, gonna be a long week I can tell
I didn't realize Mickey Rooney died today. At 93 he lived a long full life@MomDuck Check my site, I listed other people who have tix 4 Vegas • http://t.co/qjOuVSGuYa@MomDuck Sat, 5th. Gold 3, Row MM, seat 14Yay, my girl is in town to work with me, slumber party, whoop!What a night 0_oWoah, not used to the new @BodyEnglishLV set up, but think it's a good idea, but something's not right
@Isolde_13 Hot stuff@SisterMerryMary Me too, but I have to hold her hand on the first nite @BUSYBEE8@BUSYBEE8 NO, she's not a Glambert, she wants to see Queen, but she likes Adam@BUSYBEE8 Such a drama ticket buying thing, she doesn't understand, I ended up just buying 4 myself when I couldn't find anything together@freestylebunny I know, I did something stupid last time too, which I traded in phone & realized it was my fault, oopps@panameragirl Who knows, but glad I don't have to send in for another one, Whew@BUSYBEE8 Best seat I could find at presale, later found GA's & my roomie is pissed if I don't stay with her at concert, so cant use it@freestylebunny OMG, I figured it out, somehow I accidentally hit "Do not Disturb", which I've never used 0_o@panameragirl OMG, I figured it out, somehow I accidentally hit "Do not Disturb", which I've never used 0_o
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