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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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@DarynD Yeah, me too 0_o#TBT with @TommyJoeRatliff @brianlondon @ my girl @Isolde_13 http://t.co/tKM6qLZbbGFinally getting my hair done :)@GlamPimpLinda Yes, it's dangerous to live hereHow did I miss this video (screen cap) http://t.co/QaZLYwyCcg@BUSYBEE8 I had a lot for u 0_o@Kitanneglam Aww thanx, it is a fun jobMy fiends rock http://t.co/GnC833PlIMLove my friends from Paris http://t.co/XZCjNW84ha
Free drinks r kicking in@BUSYBEE8 I wish u were here tooOut with one of my girls, Free drinks for ladies 2nite, gotta luv Vegas@citygirl36 Right, but damn I need that paycheckI don't like this getting up early thing@DarynD Me too :) @dolusglitz @Ala4afam@islandgirljams I like Ur fantasy ,)@adamlambert OMG, wasn't @ladygaga awesome, just saw her 2x, best booty shots in the Party pit #FamousAss http://t.co/Jy8iI0BOVN
@Rebecca0313 He could possibly pass for his brother, see a little resemblancePLEASE HELP by Donating and/or Sharing this link. He needs surgery asap! Thank you!!! http://t.co/0wB0CfGcFe http://t.co/ptYCAXciSY
Retweeted by adams madams@Rebecca0313 Hilarious@cuckooforadam41 U guys r so entertaining me at work right now, keep it coming @GlamDianee @alla_Smit @GlambeR5t @glambert06@Rebecca0313 That's cool, & love the photobombFound in purse from last few weeks, Gaga confetti & army men, ha ha http://t.co/jYy3SW4EKj2nd week at new job however they r cutting back shifts until we pick up but I will take what I can :)@Choose2Live That's awesome, not fun moving but fun adventure @316pisces @silentdescant @KabbyPA @Isolde_13@Choose2Live *Waves Back* @KabbyPA @Isolde_13 @316pisces
@Jaksox I luv it & color is so vibrant, I will add it to the rest :)@Merrie_NY Oh yes, had it for years, since idol days, haven't contributed much lately but had to do add some porn , ha haMore updates to My Couch Porn page #KillerQueen http://t.co/Vv7yQGHNWEfinally catching up on the Korea show, so awesome, love everyone singing along with the accents :)Yay, I was able to reschedule my Jury Duty, Whoop!
We def need more of these selfies “@adamlambert: Selphie http://t.co/7ZD2RFuz7D@DarynD Awww :)OMG, so sore today, muscles hurt that I didn't even know existed
We have http://t.co/l4JC7AmdU7 tonite, Whoop!Working both new jobs today, this will be my first nite gig on my ownWho knew golf was such a workout, so soreAwesoem day at job, made god tips :)Off to my 3rd day of new job, gotta make some Australia money *wishful thinking*OSAKA audience seen by my selfie stick iPhone ... Ookini !! Hit Me With Your Selfie Stick !!! Cheers ! Bri http://t.co/vL5cjGbl5d
Retweeted by adams madamsToday I have tix to Michael Jackson on @Mix941 ,some people call me the king of radio... well my mom does anyway. #ListenToWin #OnAir8ToNoon
Retweeted by adams madams
:)@tinydolly @Isolde_13 It will happen again@BUSYBEE8 Can't always be crazy, ha haWatching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Luv this show@Choose2Live here's our group shot http://t.co/cC5trpMurH@Choose2Live Yeah, it's so hot here & now u can be comfy & get same experience . I golfed 9 holes today, it was so much fun@Choose2Live I do, It's Vegas, ha ha. I'm actually indoors, it's a awesome high end golf simulator company@Choose2Live Yeah, real fun, golf caddie, brand new company too, so it's exciting to see it grow@Choose2Live I know right, started a new job, working a ton, exhausted!U know it's a crazy nite when it consists of washing my hair & washing my uniform #LetsGoCrazyHa ha, Raspberry Beret came on, reminds of the good old days @Isolde_13 @tinydollyGRAND OPENING @GoLowLV AUG 15TH! join us & tee off! http://t.co/PPaZTKklqY Call us at 702.778.4600 http://t.co/Nz6CoS5ChmClosed last nite & opening today, needed more sleep@saraplusadamm Yeah, simulators, so indoors, whoop!
@saraplusadamm Yep, Yay! Working everyday too@Isolde_13 Yep, u know me, gotta burn candle from both ends1st day of work done, which was easy & fun@Isolde_13 No a golf gig@Isolde_13 I start my other new job today, so will have some funds@Isolde_13 yep & purse cocktails@Isolde_13 Me too, we will pack some peanut butter & crackers for our trip, ha ha1st day of other new job, should be fun & we have the cutest outfits@Isolde_13 well we got some fun around the corner@Isolde_13 That happened at my last place, flooded garage & my crap, ughh@Isolde_13 Thank goodness u got it before it burst@Isolde_13 Oh no the water heater now, did it burstI don't know why I always ask the cats what there doing today, especially when they never answer back. 0_o@Rebecca0313 I gotta catch up too
My view right now in Vegas http://t.co/Q2lR8XOz2wOff to see one of my OC girlfriends for dinner@iMJulianM6 OMG, Awesome, Squeeee!!!!@adamlambert What happens to ur costumes after the tours?I love twitter parties :)@Choose2Live Maybe not yet, there's still more concerts :)@adamlambert Is it true, there may be a Queen tour DVD? *Crossing Fingers*@adamlambert WHERE ARE U?Disco Nap@ELEC_BLUE weird he didn't arrive with Bri & Roger, or that fans didn't know when he's coming in, where r our Adam NinjasIs there no pix of Adam in Korea
@BUSYBEE8 still training at one, & trained for another new one today which starts Thur@BUSYBEE8 Ha ha, I like how u think@omgrudelicious Thanx, hope I can sleep@freestylebunny Well Damn it to HellI have a really weird bad headache that won't go away, ArghhThese flash flood alerts r ruining my tv shows, Errr@Nevaeh1088 :)Photoshoot went awesome :)Off to post office to send out more Vegas magazine Queen reviews, I still have some left if u need emGetting ready for my photoshoot today
@RedRoseQueen1 Yes, I need clones & maybe make an AL one while they r at it :) @missnisha6849@missnisha6849 Thanx :) but wish I could do them all 0_o@Choose2Live Right, Why!? I could use the extra $ tooI either have no gigs or 3 all at once, what timing, gonna have to turn down a 2 week gig because I'm over booked, ughhThanks ! @FoxVegas @VicStiX @OfficialRMT @adamlambert @QueenWillRock We hear you ! Bri X
Retweeted by adams madams"Let's Be Cops" was so funny, a must seeOff to see "Let's be Cops", looks so funnyHair done & ready for photoshoot tomorrow :)@Rebecca0313 Yeah, I just got on our local news, so sad, luv him too@Rebecca0313 Just heard, that's crazy, but some r saying a hoax too
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