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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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@jacinta_chung Would've been amazing, Brazil is so beautiful@jacinta_chung No, I can't afford to not take gig & go, so I'm upset it's not gonna work out :(I got invited to go to Rock in Rio but have to work, JFC, Really@BUSYBEE8 Woo hoo, we gained another oneSo sad to see my friends story on forensic files show, so missed@Edwin4NOH8 I will bring clothes 2nite & 2morrow though in case I change mind about tonite@Edwin4NOH8 co, I work til 12 both nites, maybe we can do Fruit Loop, Sun prob best for me@BUSYBEE8 What r u losing shit over, a panda? or friends dream? @SisterMerryMary @misshellirrific @129aquarius @bayoulady60 @crazyforadam@Edwin4NOH8 what r u doing sat & Sun niteI seriously was gonna go home right after work, I don't know what happenedSeriously just stopped & visited 2nd group of friends that just got off work, only in Vegas430am @adamlambert GhostTown on @1043NOW on drive home :)@Edwin4NOH8 I work til midnight every nite@Edwin4NOH8 Really, "day of" warning, I just got off work & having a drink with friend. Pirahnas looked busy when I drive by itAfter work cocktail with my buddy
@sutanamrull @RheaLitre I miss both of U, I think u both need to come to Vegas soon :)A dog almost peeped on my water bottle at the park during my jog, ha ha@misshellirrific Who says it didn't really happen ,) @BUSYBEE8 @SisterMerryMary
@Debberrific I know right!?, me too, he's changed our lives for the best :) #SoSappy@Debberrific I didn't do too many lil things but I've had some unique ops that I will take to my grave, ha haThis man is just too beautiful, @adamlambert just keeps getting sexier No, only had 1 meet & greet, years ago. I've been in presence and private party but never touched him, respected his spaceJFC, that was hot & can't believe I touched that sexiness last week #Heaven names his #fashion icons! Watch--> #Glamberts @ShelleyWade
Retweeted by adams madamsSo does each billboard magazine have different pix inside depending who's featured on front for men of style
@jctheproducer Awesome! Love it@Mix941 @jctheproducer Hey, U R at my work, too bad I'm not there today, I'd have u come down & say Hi@QuietRetreat :)
@Isolde_13 So fun, we have to do more often @tinydolly@Debberrific Ha ha, Ok, only in my dreamsOut with my girls @Isolde_13 & @tinydolly@SisterMerryMary Actually there was some cities next to me but don't burst my bubble, ha ha@Debberrific Who's to say I haven't already done that@Debberrific Oh God, I hope not, I don't want to be a familiar face he keeps seeing everywhere, ha ha@outlawbooster Right?! U can see them through those glasses, God us Glamberts r hilariousI swear, the more I look at this pic the more I believe that this move was just for me, he he landed his plane in Vegas, that's gonna shut down traffic for a bit, Errr@WaterNai I don't know what that drunkin gibberish was, ha ha@WaterNai how did I stu out this layI can't even right now with these party videos@WaterNai Yep, this is where my craziness comes from
@WaterNai JFC, $5 cake shots , this is badGot off work early & now gonna party with my family that's in townBack to work tonite, no fun@LenettePehowic Right! Help you take it off :)Jesus, more skin! knew this happened, thanx to whoever snapped this, looking good Adam Thanx, I gotta work tonite :(Just passed Ghost Town Rd again :)@OutlandoGirl really, is it too dancy. Yeah, I'm not a beach person either so that part sucked@OutlandoGirl Wish u were there, awesome concert, just wasn't long enoughHeading home extra early, beat the heat
I was going for ankle porn but only got shoes@aleebabee U 2, I luv U R the 1st one I always run into :)Some @adamlambert Shoe porn The Big D or the Lenny Kravitz, ha ha @Louise_mtn_wmn@BUSYBEE8 Yes because it's more rare @Louise_mtn_wmn @SisterMerryMary@BUSYBEE8 Girl, he looked good, I saw full stomach and back, my angle was Awesome 0_o@BUSYBEE8 Maybe Another Lonely nite, but not sure@CanGal_39 Right, AdorableMore @adamlambert moves's gotta be some pix out there of Adam's stomach when his shirt flew up :)@RabbitholeGirl No, that was back stageAdam after the show workin it out, this just happened Yep, they gave us drink tickets too@tinydolly I waited for all the peeps attacking him on cart & went farther out, he said Hi & I gave him hi five, Squeal@Merrie_NY Girl, I can't believe it, he was a sweetieOh MY God, @adamlambert just have me a high five, #OriginalHighView from VIP were in VIP, free drinks, whoop!!@BUSYBEE8 Yeah we ended up at some food event because their r no signs @WSOBVWe found it but still can't find entranceWe made it to Long Beach but there's no signs to Volleyball we r wandering around aimlessly #WSOBV SuxShoot gonna miss 1pm performance :(On my wayTrying to get ready for the beach, moving slowI dont know how I turned into celebrity food kitchen right now but I will do my bestWe R so fired, I knew the OC missed me
@BUSYBEE8 OC girl ,I don't know how its only 11:30 @SisterMerryMaryHow is it only 11pmI miss my OC, woo hoo, Party!@1027KIISFM playing @adamlambert GhostTown remix@dude__ette it's a sign, literally, ha ha @adamlambertJust passed Ghost Town Rd, on my way to see @adamlambert my air won't work in this heat, soaking wet driving through desert. The things we do 4 @adamlambert@tinydolly I'm bringing "Jr" with me, might wear to keep sun off face :) @Isolde_13 @saraplusadamm @KabbyPASorry I missed u in Vegas @CrisJanLim Now I'm on my way to LA , U wanna come play with us :)@WaterNai R u going to concert tomorrowMy road trip to Cali has started, wish my Vegas girls were going @Isolde_13 @tinydolly @saraplusadamm @KabbyPALove it, everytime I get in my car they r playing @adamlambert GhostTown @1043NOW
@WaterNai I am, paid $60 for itCan't believe I burnt out a one week old curling iron, stupid thing@Choose2Live I don't know what to wear, so not a beach or sun person@Choose2Live I thought Adam was performing a song at 1pm, I was gonna get there at noon@Choose2Live Yay, I'm bring my Bestie from OC, UR welcome to hang with us, we got the VIP@Cynthilu Yay, see u SatYay, I'm going to Cali, Fri & Sat, who's all going :)
@don89130 Where is it filming? @AshesofEdenn
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