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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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Wow, just started poring down rain here in VegasCan't wait for new video & the fact it was filmed in Vegas, #peppermill Awesomeness! @adamlambert
Hoping to get an upcoming gig booked through my company, hopefully lead to some other big opportunities :)
Off to work :(@saraplusadamm set list "Live" Live
Set list "Live" jeez, this is gonna be a crazy concert nite & band hasn't even started yetThis looks cool, U can kill some zombies in Vegas
@BUSYBEE8 They don't care, wouldn't even give me time off for a funeral @SisterMerryMary@SisterMerryMary I'm gonna try, but won't know til it gets closer because of work @BUSYBEE8Temporary brain loss today, literally forgot my own address right now, WowJeez, brain not working today o_OIt's October! Time for laughing @adamlambert - Love this pic :) Yumm, can't wait to try one of those :) @SisterMerryMaryI love that my wrk buddy is still waiting for me at bar for after work drinksShittiest nite at work, not even a chance to use bathroom or eat, kill me now
Those new magazine pix, Dying, love them :)Love when I find the garage door open, leaving house open to anybody while I'm sleeping. Thanks roomies while I could raped & pillaged
@Rebecca0313 I know Right!? @RunxandersmithLove when my friends text me & say they saw me on TV, guess my episode of CSI was on, whoop!@xParadiseHarryx It was, ha ha. But had to get home before the sun came upWas just gonna have 1 drink after work with coworker, don't know what happened, cause im just getting home@MercedesInTheAM "Let's Dance"
OMG, so excited to go to Raiders game next month, hoping it works out with work :)Ok, Dec show could be very doable :)
Darn, going into work, can't flail with everyone but I will try ,)
Today is my Monday at work, hoping for some good biz, need to plan next trip :)@HannaBec Cost wouldn't be too bad, esp if I can split room & car or cab @Rebecca0313@Rebecca0313 10/28 (Wed) interested in going to Houston show. :)@mstj55 He was awesome :)And I got the Stevie Wonder set list So close to a legend that is Stevie Wonder @lifeisbeautiful
Stevie Fn Wonder at @lifeisbeautiful is happening to see Stevie Wonder tonight, crossing fingers I can get tix :)
@LoriAndJava Good for temporaryDentist appt done, went better than I planned, now waiting for novacaine to wear off 0_oTime to get teeth worked on, hoping it looks good, only first step
Can't play @CandyCrushSaga for 72 hours, that's OK I will just go play @playcookiejamBig Brother time :)Can't wait to see amazing flowers we are putting together for Sundays funeral, gonna be a celebration of a great manWe are saddened to learn of the passing of former Raiders executive Al LoCasale:
Retweeted by adams madamsDebating Australia tripWas looking at old dates for upcoming concerts, I'm all messed up, ha ha.@lilybop2010 Cool, Thanks, guess I missed thisSo excited, bought my own personal cloud so I can clean up my iphone, download newer OS system and actually use my phone@lilybop2010 Too cute, what is this from, is it new@outlawbooster ha ha. I never had problems til this yearI guess on the brighter side, I have a few days off to get teeth fixed, the whole process just sux thoughThank goodness for my care credit card
@AlliCrain Thanx, bad timing@AlliCrain & I'm suppose to have a photoshoot soon for upcoming gig, not sure if I can get fixed in time@AlliCrain Yeah, 2k to fix, totally sux :(@AlliCrain broke tooth eating at the Peppermill :(Just call me snaggle tooth :(Really! Just chipped my tooth at Breakfast on food, not funny. Just happens to be at Adams new video location.
Friends are in town, things are gonna get crazy@tinydolly What?! Really! Awesome!!! @devenlane @adamlambert
Crazy nite at @iHeartRadio concert, so fun but a bit of a blur
I can't feel my face #iheartradioConcert hasn't even started & I'm already buzzedI'm ready for some music, awesome seats! #iheartradio so awesome, u wanna plan a trip to Germany show with me, that's my goal@CrisJanLim Nice setup, hope it's going good :)On way to gig & love seeing all the tour busses at Hard Rock, such a groupie, ha ha
Gotta get up at 6am, last day o f gig, then hopefully @iheartradio :)@dude__ette Oh, ha ha. Ok let's just imagine we were there@dude__ette OMG, U R?! The energy must be intense, so jealous :)That was so intense, if I was there, I would be crying with so many emotions @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert #rockinrio@Rebecca0313 @QueenWillRock OMG, Germany on Adams Bday would be the bomb@missnisha6849 I don't want to miss radio gaga & all the clapsMy home internet is acting up, it can't handle @adamlambert liveLost feed@Rebecca0313 We gotta make this happenSo Awesome, now I gotta go see @QueenWillRock live again somehow :)Adam Lambert, Please #SNL41Music they chanting Adam! :)Oh got rid of arrowIs everyone getting that dumb arrow on screen@freestylebunny! Live linkThe Longest Yard is on TBS, don't miss my awesome cheerleading skills *\o/*@1iota Any extra seats for 2morrow (Sat), I'm off at 5 & can come straight over #iheartradiomusicfestival@sutanamrull I love that hat, now go add some ears to it@Choose2Live OMG U R there, I was gonna go but couldn't afford to not work a gig
The only way I know what season it is in Vegas is by walking through the @VenetianVegas Right, totally :)OMG, love this Adam pic
Had one day off & start another 3 day gig, which is a super easy gig, woo hooSo Awesome they did Ghost town@mmadamimadamm Ha haJust had some fierce drag queens walk pass my car
Adam is making me miss Brazil, one of my fav places I've been
How can I go home now if they r playing Ghost town@outlawbooster Time is flying by so fast, it will be here before we know itNew after work place :)
Going to work hungover is never fun 0_o
At the Pole Show LA show, so awesome
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