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Alex Mangini @afrais New Jersey → Austin, Texas

I make Kolakube and ride my bike. Bored of tradition. I'm just doing what makes me happy. Blogging at http://t.co/A2YLVBUuaP

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WordPress theme devs take note. Check this theme by @afrais w/ landing and squeeze page templates http://t.co/HAj1k0EDwv
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@jonnastor Thank you so much Jon. :) I hope to prove you right!@psahalot wow looks great man! Glad to see you switching things up over there too. :)@psahalot thanks man. :) how’s your skin shop been doing?What do you think of the new direction I'm taking @kolakube? http://t.co/TtiUPFeKOI #wordpress@TomFrankly YOU DID IT!New blog post: From WordPress Frameworks to Themes and Beyond: The New Direction of Kolakube http://t.co/vDvajyEFQkI think I'm starting to get this blogging thing again. Can't wait to share this new post with you guys tomorrow!
Stoked to give this interview with @Aboundlessworld a listen later. :) http://t.co/bAhBCboZn1It's that easy folks... RT @chrislema Pricing #protip Charge more. Charge Sooner. Charge often.@KaneJamison Thanks Kane! As of now, that can be done with a few lines of CSS in a child theme.Have you seen Spotlight yet? http://t.co/5skr9l140q
Oh hey inbox. old friend. old pal.Time to catch up on that not-theme-development related stuff...@godhammer @LangilleDoes lol, once I saw @kristarella’s tutorial I knew that whatever I built needed to have EXIF. Way too cool@godhammer Thank you sir! I knew someone out there would appreciate the EXIF!@nutsandbolts Thanks so much Andrea! :)@ryandonsullivan Thanks for the RT man. :)@Aboundlessworld Wow man, thank you thank you!!!@DewaneMutunga Thanks! I think its my favorite feature of the whole theme.@pearsonified Thanks so much for the tweet man. :)*exhales* Spotlight, my new #WordPress theme, is here! Check it out: http://t.co/5skr9l140qMy girlfriend surprised me with @TorchyTaco’s while I’m frantically getting Spotlight ready for launch… you know it’s love. :)Loving @eddwp right now. Dropping my new #WordPress theme in a couple hours, stay tuned!Crunch time.
@riazsidi Thank you!Freelancers should check out @afrais' beautiful new theme Spotlight: http://t.co/5lZos8mFfv
Retweeted by Alex ManginiFat fingers, fat buttons.Spotlight for #WordPress drops tomorrow! Your portfolio will look nice on a phone: http://t.co/F74DYsVijs@SDavisMedia Think I watched a bit of that a while ago. Enjoy!Designing product pages for @kolakube is my faaavorite. I love building products, but nothing is as great as working on my own site.Who’s up?
@byderekj Hahaha, I’m over here reminiscing hard! Being on the verge of releasing something new always brings me there.Anybody remember these old @kolakube designs? http://t.co/xqImNJhO2P@brucecat Yeah, seems to be a problem for a lot of people on Twitter today!@williejackson Ah what the hell. >:|
Mind-bending. http://t.co/7j6OgXWSVH
Hey folks here’s the deal: you pick something you want to get good at and you devote every day of your life to it. That’s it. No secrets.
Retweeted by Alex ManginiA MUST read! —> RT @TomFrankly A man must constantly exceed his level. http://t.co/LWwOCCEDk4 by @SteveKambGreat tip here —> RT @SDavisMedia Be Careful Using the_date() Function in Your Post Bylines http://t.co/TvyOTrpMjGI love me a disastrous, messy, “where the hell did I put that thing?” desk.@matt_jared awesome!! if you’d like any help or feedback, reach out any time!@matt_jared Really appreciate the shares man. :)
But can it survive Monster Widget?@nphaskins But seriously, let's. :DTime to play my favorite game of "which element is causing a horizontal scrollbar on mobile?!".@solomonP Thank you for the support as always man, it really means a lot! :)Step into the Spotlight: 3 Ways to Create a Website That Gets You More Clients—http://t.co/cQU5YoRbT6@bastianallgeier +1. Color snapper is the best color picker I’ve ever used.
@fholmboe For now, revert back to what you had. Shoot me an email alex@kolakube.com and I'll help you out. Sorry for the troubles!@fholmboe Hey Fredrik, that error happens because you're running an old version of MD. Version 3.1 is the latest & will work with Thesis 2.1@SDavisMedia Soooo smooth, and super easy to read... nice work.@bgardner @rob_neu @SDavisMedia @laurenmancke Looking forward to seeing it. :)@rob_neu @SDavisMedia Exactly, this tutorial makes a seemingly-hard thing look really easy to accomplish.Theme devs, stop supporting drop down menus and responsiveness if you’re not going to implement a full solution. There are many.
Retweeted by Alex ManginiCheck out #spotlightwp’s menu on smaller screen widths. http://t.co/fHIgfgrZzz Magnificent!
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@riazsidi just wanted to let you know I have a demo for Spotlight. :) http://t.co/WfdUgJcWPp@JonnyRowntree Yep, all from scratch! I have some huge plans for these themes later down the road.@JonnyRowntree Thank you so much Jonny!Here's a direct link to the Spotlight demo: http://t.co/WfdUgJcWPp #wordpress #spotlightwpAlways kind of scary emailing your list about a new product...You can now view a live demo of my new #WordPress theme, Spotlight! Learn more and preorder it here: http://t.co/sGJtNN36NmLeaving empty HTML tags = bad practice. Leaving empty gaps of space, or "fill in your content" messages = unacceptable. #wordpressthemesThe REAL first impression your theme makes on users is what it looks like on a fresh, blank install of #WordPress.The look of an empty theme is just as important as a theme full of content. Design for every view possible, #WordPress theme designers.Spotlight for #WordPress comes with some pretty useful page templates: http://t.co/9nbF5TK062Catch a little sneak peak and preorder Spotlight for #WordPress: http://t.co/sGJtNN36Nm (Demo coming a little later today)Makes waaay more sense… MT @redcrew Why Users Fill Out Less If You Mark Required Fields http://t.co/Ve4k6APsYsLate night revelations. Ho-ly shit.@CarlSednaoui hope you’ve been well man! I miss the city.@CarlSednaoui I’m looking for an answer to that myself, but may follow up with the recommendation from @wpsitecarehttp://t.co/ocsYCFLUJG
@riazsidi Will do, be sure to check my Twitter or join the Kolakube newsletter for more updates. :) Thanks Riaz, that means a lot!@riazsidi No, there isn't one yet!@techsperia Respect!did_action(), where have you been my whole life? http://t.co/ABhDxR8WIw@DewaneMutunga Can I even blame my age here? I'm trying to come up with some kind of excuse, lol.@johntmeyer Lol, let's try this conversation again the next time you're in Austin. :p@DanGamito Thanks so much man! I'm gonna email blast it tomorrow, and send some personal emails out to some friends. Outside of that, nada.@SDavisMedia Yeah, that's been the case for a lot of rappers I've been getting into the past year or so. This is some good shit!@johntmeyer Austin! Been in NJ my whole life, though.@SDavisMedia Dude... seriously... I need to get out there more.How the hell have I never heard of Pharrell Williams until today?!@DanGamito Back to products! Fell off for quite a while and had to pick up the slack with freelancing.@DanGamito Kolakube's not really optimized for it like it used to be (I'm trying to change direction), but I do get leads consistently.I've never been more excited to release a theme like I am with Spotlight. This theme sets the stage for the bigger vision I have @Kolakube.You can preorder my new #WordPress theme, Spotlight starting.. now. It's launching April 22nd. Check it out!: http://t.co/sGJtNN36NmNew @Kolakube: Step into the Spotlight: 3 Ways to Create a Website That Gets You More Clients — http://t.co/cQU5YoRbT6
@AdamKyleBalan That's what scares me about it.@bgardner Definitely agree. It turns out, the most epic thing of all is just getting your words out there.Wow, I'm rusty at this blogging thing.Thank you for this post, @bgardner. I've been overthinking what my blogs mean to me lately. The Little Things — http://t.co/BbkEdVBVBQ@SDavisMedia @mattonomics Yeah, I’d love some brisket tacos to forget the fact that I’m drinking coffee. :)@blenderhd Oh word. I guess I'm doing this coffee thing right then!@DanGamito Man, what a cruel world we live in. #crackjokes@blenderhd It tastes pretty great, but it's just making me feel sick lol. I guess I don't drink it enough to enjoy it fully.Become comfortable being uncomfortable. @SingleFounder #microconf #entrepreneur
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@blenderhd Cream & all the sugar.@Aboundlessworld Training my body to get addicted to this stuff kind of scares me. O_O I try to only bust it out when I really need it.I'm actually drinking coffee... how do y'all drink this stuff every day? I'm already sick.Getting something ready to show you guys tomorrow. #wordpress #spotlightwp
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