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Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. http://t.co/DYUccd9xRg
@IyanlaVanzant @solomonP could not be any more relevant right now
@pearsonified Digging through Thesis 2 core kind of changed everything for me. :DYup. MT @pearsonified Understanding the Thesis Options API will reveal the pattern behind ALL interfaces/options http://t.co/nhEY1AK1wQ@SDavisMedia Looove it! #winningCan't wait to show y'all the site I built for @Seth_Waite's new site. It's a huge step in the new direction I'm taking my design style.@LewisHowes thanks man, you as well! been loving what you've been putting out into the world, very very inspiring. keep it up. :DCrushed my workout while listening to @LewisHowes' School of Greatness. I definitely blame the podcast for my extra motivation today.@ramit Can't wait to dig into the first module today. :D@ericakfranz diggin the new blog!@mangeric_ job interview?
@TomFrankly @mykristinaellis DJ is the best! Strange Brew is a new favorite of mine as well. Little more south, but killer atmosphere.
Loving this: @RaajTram just unveiled @donnygamblejr's Financial Blog on Thesis #thesiswp: http://t.co/eTqrLiIjqK
Retweeted by Alex ManginiGetting stronger in the gym. Deadlifted 255 for 5 sets. As a 160lb guy, I'm feeling good. #gainzRT @blenderhd "You can’t even enjoy a fucking sunset anymore without wondering what’s in it for you." http://t.co/VUxQuw78Tg
@tungdo I got it covered but I'll keep you in mind next time. Thanks dude, you do good work (& thanks for the rec @devinsays)@tomsbiketrip Love it,
@TechVoltz for sure. got skype? I'm alex-77789.How to Display Email Signup Forms with #WordPress in 2 Easy Steps — http://t.co/NHDcH6DmWp@TechVoltz Thanks for the follow man. Been reading your conversations about young people in WP the past 2 days & stoked to see what you do.I will reply to email today. I will reply to email today. I will reply to email today. I will reply to email today. I will reply to email to
I'm just going to stay home, stuff my face, and write words/code all day. Yeah, that sounds good.@mattmurley haha sorry no no. I'm at my beginning because I don't want to be a twig anymore. Your journey is different than mine of course.@mattmurley hell no it isn't! It's just the beginning.
I'm usually the skinniest guy in the gym, but I swear I'm the one working the hardest.
Appreciate what you have. http://t.co/tJ56TBMiXm
Retweeted by Alex Mangini
Anyone looking for a #WordPress design job? If you can make a bare theme look beautiful, @ me.@TheScienceGuy I loved watching you as a kid! If you have time me & lots of others would love to hear you on the @collegeinfogeek podcast :)@NickGuidryMBA No worries! Your temporary password is "changeme!" (no quotes).@NickGuidryMBA Just added MD3 to your account. You can login and download it here: http://t.co/d8RJW9ZCGn
Headline of the night: "Allen Iverson is talking about practice again"@therealmarkhess Glad to hear!! I'll reply back soon.parse_url is so fucking cool. http://t.co/iiFEftNL6W@byderekj @TomFrankly hahaha that dude was not playing around either. Haven't been to bennu in a while :(
@Aboundlessworld Haha that's the spirit!!!I got called cocky today because I charge a lot for the things I make. I've made it, you guys. :)What are your thoughts on the typography of this blog post? http://t.co/NHDcH6DmWpwait. no. false alarm on that last tweet.Left a print_r() in shipped code. LOL.teh post workout reward. http://t.co/7ZT6YZMoQk@mangeric_ same!!!@mangeric_ thanksgiving?
This is a big deal: I just launched my daily video show: seanwes tv. 5 new episodes are up! http://t.co/fG8HakqvNp http://t.co/xfnIW6kndP
Retweeted by Alex ManginiHow to Display Email Signup Forms with #WordPress in 2 Easy Steps (plus a free bonus form design): http://t.co/NHDcH6DmWp@Seth_Waite Thank you thank you!...it just never gets old. #humblingIt's so damn cool seeing what people do with your work.It's never been this easy to add email signup forms to #WordPress. Let me show you with my new plugin: http://t.co/NHDcH6DmWp
The Good Guys smacking down the Broncos! #GoPatriotsTaking Control of the CSS/JS that WordPress Plugins Load http://t.co/72TWDk2cG0
Empty gym on a Saturday, gonna be a good one today.
If you're looking for a set of Wordpress themes with strong support, @afrais and @Kolakube should be on your list. http://t.co/zyidwE9iYn
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@seanwes Can't wait!Freelance interface/web designer looking to take on some new projects. Availability is very open. Retweets welcome 😊
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@TomFrankly thank ya sir. :DGusty Geek is also rocking a new look in time for Halloween — a customized version of #MarketersDelight. Check it: http://t.co/MpHgTkMLlMHappy Halloween! @GutsyGeek has advice that'll help you pick up girls on this great holiday: http://t.co/WrBSeVR1blIn the meantime I'll be grinding away on a couple of sweet client sites built with Marketers Delight: http://t.co/h6srBA88Qi just watch me@TomFrankly You should know that watching you build @collegeinfogeek into a behemoth has really lit a fire under my ass to do the same. :DI have a pretty dope blog post on @kolakube coming up next week. I'm psyched to start publishing my own thoughts into real words! #bloglifeOne of my favorite apps is @quickcast. It saves so much time and typing, and people love when I answer their support tickets with it. :D
RT @pearsonified: Decreasing your page load speed matters. See what @ratracegrad did to save over 50% #thesiswp: http://t.co/kdWJEMrjQb
We deprive ourselves of experiences because we spend too much time stuck inside our comfort zones.
Retweeted by Alex ManginiNo More Zero Days — https://t.co/oAQ2QREJEM Very much worth at least one read. (h/t @ITSergioFelix)@JHTScherck @wpengine woohoo!@wpengine Hey, I think you guys are missing a link on your last FAQ item --> http://t.co/XyPgUOixJi
worth a read http://t.co/S2mhHlF1UK
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@mangeric_ Fill me in!If you want a badass wordpress theme, check out my mates @afrais's Marketers Delight -> http://t.co/rMz1Vuw0u8 #codedlikeaboss
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@SDavisMedia so damn true.If there's a lesson life keeps teaching me, it's that being honest is always the right thing to do. Especially with yourself.@brianhogg it's an exciting time for all of us! Opportunities are everywhere.You guys are great, 1 tweet = 2 new jobs. I love WordPress.@GabeJohansson boom! I just made it to 225x5 and feel almost as cool as you. ;)Eager to take on a new #WordPress redesign/dev project! If you're looking, check out my work & let's chat: http://t.co/jqzgFun27gEasy Digital Downloads v2.1.8 has just been released: https://t.co/wK4w8kznva
Retweeted by Alex Mangini
@leogopal @pearsonified With the help of @tommcfarlin of course: https://t.co/4D3KU4WarcIT STICKS! IT'S STUCK! 🙏@SDavisMedia checking this out now!!Sticky sidebars will be the death of me. -_-Easily add email signup forms to your site with my new plugin. Watch this: http://t.co/Vt78Q8mDlI Then download: http://t.co/vyLfuYYqDM@tommcfarlin lmaooo@Richer_Image @pearsonified THAT is dope.@pearsonified hell yeah. very worth the .5 seconds it takes to implement too.@Richer_Image Yeah it does! For the first time in a while, the post editor actually looks appealing to write in lol. And it took like 5 mins@pearsonified Trying to get the type juuuust right and make it a true WYSIWYG for my client. http://t.co/ylt2b6VNkhFirst time styling the editor in #WordPress. It is *really* worth the extra effort.
@dalepartridge Thanks for this, Dale. Gave me the push I needed to make my morning awesome tomorrow (today was bleh).
Like I said earlier, pairing HTML and CSS is an art. I don’t care how many other languages you know. Respect HTML and CSS just the same.
Retweeted by Alex ManginiJust sent out a little bug fix to Spotlight. Go to your Themes page in your Dashboard to get it! http://t.co/HvH2ViYcGvSore AF. gonna be a good day.head in the clouds but keep your feet on the ground... ♫I'm looking for another #WordPress project. Need a website? Check out my past work: http://t.co/jqzgFun27g
@SDavisMedia @eddwp !!!!!!Friends, I have some terrible news—longtime Thesis support hero @philbarron passed away yesterday. He was uncommonly thoughtful and helpful.
Retweeted by Alex Mangini@pearsonified starting to understand this myself
@AllenJlawson the struggle is real tho.@AllenJlawson I just walked around school all day building up excitement for work, then rush home and went crazy in front of the computer.
@daddypotamus Here ya go! http://t.co/jqzgFun27gIf I can combine the dev skills I've taught myself over the past 2 years with a new design sense — I will fuck some shit up.
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