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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here:

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@thirtyacres @qualityrye You Pemoulies are class acts, and very talented. I can't imagine how (cont) @BizarreFoods @travelchannel I am so sorry. Please accept my apologies, last minute switches often not grabbed by channel guidesDuh RT @cmonstah: Seriously you guys who hasn't drank goat blood?RT @qualityrye: Kevin Pemoulie on why he's closing @thirtyacres and state of Seattle dining: Seattle's gain.Via @hels Sad that the amazing @thirtyacres is closing and so so happy for Seattle to get the Pemoulies #bonvoyage@agilboard @travelchannel @bizarrefoods now airs Tuesday nights 8e/7c. Croatia tomorrow! Last minute schedule change. Apologies to all.Bas du Fort has a nice view too, just a tree. But growing in a fort built by the Brits in 1759, taken by the French i… On Food, Travel And His 200th Episode Of @BizarreFoods via @Forbes did a great job for @forbes on this one. Not same old boring q and a Help Fund my pal Hank Shaw's Venison Cookbook Square Park now has a Josh Ozersky memorial bench:
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@omar1800 What does that mean?Our lobsters our now mixing with mango and sauce chien plus a little lime of rock lobster there 3yrs ago. this is doubly heartbreaking RT @NewsBreaker: ISIS destroys Arch of Triumph, Palmyra - @CNNLove this RT @RollingStone: Dead & Company give away tickets to their upcoming New York show @andy @andersoncooper come have lunch with @ferranadria @chefjoseandres and I on Saturday, @andrewzimmern's @BizarreFoods is back, but it now airs on Tuesdays instead of Mondays
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernAlmost wild okra.... The seeds are tilled into sides of hills and left untended until harv… turmeric so fresh that it peels itself, just so you know @Andy @andersoncooper @ferranadria @chefjoseandres will all be in town on same weekend #onlyinMNGet on this! RT @Lee_Schrager #SOBEWFF @MasterCard exclusive presale starts NOW! Head to & don't say I didn't tell u#Grill fired up? This grilled sweet onion salad is beautiful & a cinch to put together: Alert enough folks to the day/time switch and you're in!!World Beard Mustache Championships - See Croatian facial hair TUESDAY nite on new @bizarrefoods #newnight #newtimeHey everyone: @bizarrefoods won't air on Mondays, it's been switched to Tuesday's! Spread the word please.
@ChickenTakeover @KSbraga @HughAcheson @carlahall @chefsymon @amazon @TheFatHam I need some hot chicken, RFN...Rex, you lead NFL in penalties. The WHOLE league, indefensible no matter how loudly you say it doesn't matter. good tacos in Austin at @torchystacos: #NationalTacoDay beats homarus Americanus. Nothing RT @BaezEyo: @andrewzimmern Which one taste better in your opinion rock or Maine lobster?@PiranhaBrothers Amazing !!!! We all share today, it's a gift....I guess that's why we call it the present. Retweet for #sobersunday!Headed home to port’m curating the next @quarterly Culinary Box – I promise everything will be Minnesota nice: Lobster. Down. Down .... Spear fishing mania Tempura Tacos: #recipe #NationalTacoDay Our @giants look great today. We're going to be ok. Dallas rematch for me couldn't come soon enough. I might even suit upHe's live on @wccoradio. @nategarvis talks #entrepreneurship
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@harolddieterle I knew I'd get shit from you on that!!! Ivory looked good tho. I have 3 devices streaming on a fishing dock in GuadeloupeMy @giants seem to have regained some swagger and the Vikes will be tested today for sure. We will see if Zimmer's D performs at Mile High@lily_adame Truffle fries are awesome. I toss mine in truffle butter and truffle salt when they come out of fryerAnd the Falcons and Jets seem legit too! Something crazy is happening in our universeIt's awful. There's no real truffle in it. Use real truffle butter or straight truffle RT (cont) You too my friendI'm not a Philly fan but can someone explain to me wtf happened to the Eagles this year? They are awful. My kids Pop Warner team is better.Details on Spartina, a new Italian restaurant opening on Melrose Ave @FoodThink @Jenn_Harris_
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@CorinaHardgrave @Kevinthornton5 @SunTimesIreland @forkncork Congrats brother KFantastic 5 star review of @Kevinthornton5 restaurant in today's @SunTimesIreland by @forkncork #IrelandsBest
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@ONECampaign recounts their blogging experience at the #GlobalCitizen Festival—
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernDone RT @HungryInChicago: @andrewzimmern Hey AZ do me a solid and get me his digitzA naked Chinese man lifts/swings 3 crates of beer with his junk. Why? Please tell me why? @Bourdain Pieds de Cochon Joe beef Wilenskys Schwartzs Bremner Maison publique That's a startThrowback Sunday to one hour ago .... Sometime the setting makes the food taste better and… it up for #NationalTacoDay & use this flatbread for taco shells: de poulet... Caribe style spicy curried yard bird. style boudin noir. Spicy hot and seasoned with sweet spices. Blend of many cultures. snapper "a vapeur" with tomato. Pure and simple. This fish was alive 15 minutes ago ... Madras restaurant @jen_davidsonnyc because I have no idea what this building is all about but I love … Range RT @rileydolan: @andrewzimmern where in Minnesota is that?Don't mess with me today, ex French Spec-ops 100% large and in charge. We're arm wrestling… office today morning from 30,000 feet for all RT @CNN: A landslide in El Cambray, Guatemala, has claimed the lives of at least 86 people. RT @schakrab: @KevinCollins00 Sam & I were watching @andrewzimmern eat in Montreal, (cont)
@larsleafblad Old news bro.Manny's!!! RT @WisemanMegan: @andrewzimmern I'm here...where are you? Your two biggest fans got married yesterday. How about a RT for me and my new wife, @saralaughs1203.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI don't want to hear that the Terps aren't any good this year, Michigans D is continuing to impress and will only get better@FlightChef Happy birthday palSo proud of them RT @DavidMcCoyWCCO: Number of meaningless games #MNTwins played in 2015: One. Tomorrow's game. Just one. That ain't bad.All you need to know about sports in 2015 RT @SInow: Things so bad at Texas, players tweeting (cont), I guess that answers all the questions about my Gopher team this year. NW shuts out MN 27-0So needed RT @ariannahuff: Nancy Pelosi calls for a Select Committee on Gun Violence news!! RT @nytimes: The biggest change in the American diet in the last decade: We're (cont) I have some 3000 year old butter pulled from an Irish bog along with a pile of bones that has your name on it!My brother!! RT @Zak_Bagans: "Eat ur heart out @andrewzimmern " I could never be as extreme as him sometimes I try your own Salmon Gravlax is well worth the effort: Automne Hiver Septembre 2015 Avril 2016 Maison VerotParis @DufourAurelien @TristanCrepin @hugo_William91
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernGreat read! the culinary variety of a borough like queens is what defines NYC excellence to me. (cont) See you soon amigo... You, me and @ferranadria take on Minneapolis!You have a point RT @chefjoseandres: @andrewzimmern @beardfoundation when we do JB the Movie, guess who will be the actor playing him!...How about those @twins !!!@chefkalt @spartina_la are hot new IG accounts to follow. Good luck brother. Spartina has … @delta and catching up on my reading and I bumped into @richardblais profile. to the Twin Cities for showing some amazing love for the @beardfoundation #jbftaste @beardfoundation @gavinkaysen @kimbartmann Anywhere Appetite for Change is... I want to be there
@chefjwaxman classic #jbftasteamerica @beardfoundation @gavinkaysen and I @beardfoundation #jbftasteamerica fish #jbftasteamerica @beardfoundation from @spoonandstable @gavinkaysen #twinhornsofjoy #jbftasteamerica @beardfoundation to tail gods @avecchicago @offalchris @Mr_St_JOHN
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhy Betty White is my spirit animal shrimp and beef with all the fixings, served with rice paper sheets to roll your o… for a Minnesotan tribute to Ferran Adrià @artsmia @spoonandstable @BachelorFarmer fancy or complicated, but deeply satisfying – coconut #pie @BizarreFoods MOVES TO NEW NIGHT Tuesdays at 9/8CT Watch me tear it up on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast SPREAD THE WORD!A Favorite Fall Soup – an awesome lunch with salad and crusty bread:
thanks to all fans for making this season of Bizarre Foods take off like never before. Monday night is CROATIA. Shows keep getting better!"We are the only advanced country in the world that sees these mass shootings every few months" —@POTUS #UCCShooting
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