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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/RHsN9TXQ32

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You win RT @tadfriend: 8-yr-old twins as an Arnold Palmer (lemons on back) and a Caesar salad http://t.co/FMrcMSatgaAgree RT @ScotlandEatsOut: Main course at Castle Terrace @dominicjack #outstanding #Lunch #michelinstar http://t.co/u5eIWbOVCCAnswer this week's @usetrippy Question of the Week. http://t.co/HeDaXQ2zwy #travel http://t.co/SHF427h8Mt#Podcast: Kevin @Pang joins us to talk about food journalism, Hot Doug's & his new film For Grace. Listen: http://t.co/HPw1EqWvbrYes... We have matching outfits. #halloween #puglife http://t.co/XaIhdfouUJ#Interview: Authors of French Roots Jean-Pierre & Denise Moullé http://t.co/bYXFz9Ld8bHis highness is not amused #halloween #puglife http://t.co/VZdmLI3ZTJjenvankaam has best Halloween outfit ever http://t.co/10DrfzD0IOSi! RT @ROHAN_ARORA: "@OttaviaBourdain: My favorite jelly bean http://t.co/mxYvFDNlwf"@andrewzimmern Thoughts? Chorizo?#VIDEO: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. http://t.co/gkOzf1MxXd #happyhalloween#Recipe: Veal Brain tacos http://t.co/jfQ8rBUIPc #happyhalloweenIm in! RT @si_vault: If there are any bald middle-aged men who haven't thrown away their '70s (cont) http://t.co/vFxu6IRTvAHappy Halloween Joseph Campbell on the mythic roots of Halloween: http://t.co/qwMBylwohc http://t.co/FnyGEruCZs@pete_wells any chance you'd spread the word? 1.8 Million meals last year. http://t.co/TEPEjUmR4f I'd be honored if you'd attend.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: Comté Cheese Soufflé http://t.co/OhyXwiNqeq http://t.co/ykzFvdR6bL.@fwscout's new book is all about mastering #KitchenMistakes. Here's one chef tip I learned the hard way. http://t.co/kGJknoAB8sTwin Cities: Next Friday marks the start of the #BigCentral Coffee Championships at Uppercut Boxing Gym. More info: http://t.co/c7EHAtXCU3Be a traveler, not a tourist. Get the free ebook here: http://t.co/Lv8Ys6MapO #travel
An amazing evening w @fwscout celebrating her new book and only picture I got was what we are at Tilia… http://t.co/qupDCwHoTYBugs are trending @andrewzimmern! @TheFoodLabUT announces #FoodLabChallenge finalists this Saturday (Nov-1): http://t.co/xZy4TKBtBx
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: Leek Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette & Egg http://t.co/Q9XAY3GrNe http://t.co/Q7FKT4yDz9Why kitchen shears are an essential #kitchen tool: http://t.co/1IsmfiRM2DTry this #recipe from Margarita Carrillo Arronte's "Mexico: The Cookbook": Green Chilaquiles with Chicken http://t.co/45dCG6TVncOn this wk's @GFYPodcast: Tourist traps, gas leaks, & my #NYCWFF recap. Listen: http://t.co/ZYWY6i2ozMSince #Halloween is tomorrow, here’s a throwback to one of my favorite costumes I’ve ever worn. #tbt http://t.co/Lq1Pgd1N0XSticky Rice & Peanut Sauce http://t.co/rZ43VALQQP #recipeToast soldiers with sea urchin butter and radish from @tiliampls Steven Brown #onlyinMNhttp://t.co/VHeDaLCyArLangoustine tartare from tim_mckee @youngchef2 exploreminnesota #onlyinMN @beardfoundation http://t.co/hnsZRA6WiKPeterson Limousin Farms beef short rib via JP Samuelson #onlyinMN @exploreminn @beardfoundation dinner http://t.co/7FmKXQ2t3NSteven Brown's foie Gras agnolotti with pumpkin and apple cider exploreminnesota #onlyinMNhttp://t.co/A1Rd1ETqHH5 Questions an Eater Entrepreneur: Andrew Zimmern | Creating Social Value | Babson Blogs http://t.co/S8zp9eAgq2
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhat's in the box?! Hint: @culturedpickle http://t.co/vEyaxeWFKw #unboxing http://t.co/9yUQzDYatxWorld Series hangover? Where to eat meat in #KC: http://t.co/9t38vXVsmw http://t.co/spDWlccMCWI show off my new #cookware collection. Check it out! http://t.co/Neixth85gsMy #travel guide to #MexicoCity http://t.co/46tu2w0rTU http://t.co/e90kuemafVShow your @GFYPodcast pride (or just get a cool hat)! http://t.co/umQNalSj1E #goforkyourself
You get the government you show up and vote for... Be there on Nov 4.... VOTEThings got crazy today in Hastings! Thx to all who make recovery possible even "inside" http://t.co/pl6RwqVwA1Staff training courtesy of Bill Summerville spoonandstable @ Spoon and Stable http://t.co/RRoIhHtTVVulteriorepicure gavinkaysen spoonandstable GO KC! @ Spoon and Stable http://t.co/jCjReCvc3zhttps://t.co/u2yjPeaeTm The nicest people are from Minnesota. @andrewzimmern and @gavinkaysen are two great examples. @spoonandstable
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhere to Eat Meat in Kansas City http://t.co/M7mrRHNp5i #WorldSeriesTemperatures are dropping. Help someone prepare with the right outerwear. http://t.co/bA4rocf6J9 #coatforcoat#Autumn comfort food: Radicchio & Pumpkin Risotto. http://t.co/bvzD7xnyFr #recipe#Recipe: Beef Cheeks & Wine Tamales http://t.co/o3WtNRlBIh http://t.co/w8BA5thpQrIf you're in the Rochester, MN area on Nov. 2 be sure to check out Feast! http://t.co/6mEOIWnOvxMy go-to travel vest. Never hit the road without it. http://t.co/L22l97ttTk #Travelgear http://t.co/JjEKjE7oFBReminder that the foodie event of the year is only one day away! @fwscout & @andrewzimmern talk at Hennepin Central Library 7-9pm
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernA funny shot of @andrewzimmern and I mugging it at Tasco do João with João's silly bibs that he only http://t.co/OUwDqJ2NHT
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@AndrewZimmern on Simple Cooking Tricks, Developing TV, and Addiction http://t.co/dGhFQ08Xju Includes links, show notes, and more...
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHow to make perfect stir-fry every time. http://t.co/tO3zT5ZgCC @kitchenmistakes #recipe http://t.co/FhQZtjVS2kHow I Eat SweeTango Apples http://t.co/DHIc1KtUfi @SweeTango #sp.@JenniferMcLagan explains why #bitter isn't a bad word on #5questions. http://t.co/RXew6Zrwm9@TootsMacFarlane @phish Their live version of Lovin Cup is in heavy rotation on my iPhoneNo matter how cool you are, if a child hands you a plastic phone, you answer it
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernId go 98% RT @foodandwine: There’s a 95% chance @jamiebiss will get you to like tripe: http://t.co/9zj8HxmrJO
Oh, and Ka-Boom.. RT @rlach: @GaudetMatthew @andrewzimmern @EricGabrynowicz @cjaeckle @AlexRSaenz @HughAcheson uh oh.@tferriss It was an honor conversing with you my friend...New Tim Ferriss Show - @AndrewZimmern on Simple Cooking Tricks, Developing TV, and Addiction http://t.co/WhG0SE4qiW
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernLet's see where we are in April RT @rlach: @GaudetMatthew @andrewzimmern @EricGabrynowicz @cjaeckle @AlexRSaenz @HughAcheson uh oh.#Recipe: Crème Caramel with Cheese http://t.co/gTk0jmQFBlSign up for my newsletter, get a free ebook. http://t.co/Lv8Ys6MapO #travel #recipes http://t.co/FL2hOWy4Ly#Recipe: Grilled Beef Rolls with Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce http://t.co/gZAvCvT6WC#Recipe: Veal Brain tacos http://t.co/jfQ8rBUIPc #halloween11 Ways to Use Your Kitchen Shears: http://t.co/1IsmfiRM2D#Recipe: Simple Shellfish Paella http://t.co/cJsaGdjcysAffordable housing for those in need? http://t.co/HutvKRCIDeEntrepreneurial action takes many forms @babson #babsonfood http://t.co/v131yb0kJu#Recommendations: Places to eat in #MexicoCity http://t.co/46tu2w0rTUIt's @SweeTango Tuesday! I'm sending a dozen of em to one lucky follower. RT for a chance to win. #SweeTangoTuesMargarita Carrillo Arronte's Green Chilaquiles with Chicken http://t.co/45dCG6TVnc #recipe#Recipe: Sticky Rice & Peanut Sauce http://t.co/rZ43VALQQP http://t.co/8EphAFHI5f
Kulcha is the new naan: http://t.co/hPXlA9QfIB @andrewzimmern
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMiss you my friend. Hope all is well RT @longdrivesouth: Jaw dropped couple'a times eating in (cont) http://t.co/W3oQpXpz4aCheck out our reccos after every premiere RT @andrewzimmern: Where to eat in #MexicoCity http://t.co/46tu2w0rTU http://t.co/NpwBCL9JqeDeep/wide RT @chankpc: @andrewzimmern What does "most complex vertically and horizontally" mean?January RT @JordanBreschini: @andrewzimmern When are you going to do a show in Panama?Where to eat in #MexicoCity http://t.co/46tu2w0rTU http://t.co/NpwBCL9JqeThanks all. See you next week ... Check Out that awesome mole as we head off into the sunset... Adios Amigos #BizarreFoodsThis man is one of my favorite people in the world. @enriqueolvera wants to see what people love (cont) http://t.co/s9gYg2xJDoWhaddya think? Great start to the new season or what? Lisbon Ireland Newfoundland Brooklyn and more in coming weeks #BizarreFoodsIt's a gift RT @JM_Finn: Only @andrewzimmern can say that food's creamy & musty or old puss (cont) http://t.co/iKkcXSxExy@enriqueolvera gives me a cooking lesson second to none... Pay attention kids. Amazing chef and teacher. Funny guy too. #BizarreFoodsHuitlacoche is a fungus worth seeking out my friends... Puestos in Xochimilco are superb #BizarreFoodsWhat's bigger? Something "out the wazoo" or a "massapeckasuckaload" #BizarreFoods@Ruthincondechi knows her stuff. She taught me so much #BizarreFoodsHuge love to @streetgourmetla @pquintanachef @rickbayless @alexatupak for all the inspirationBut we find lots of ways to thank them RT @hollandap: @andrewzimmern do you give these families money for eating their hard earned food?It's complex. Most don't want any. RT @hollandap: @andrewzimmern do you give these families money for eating their hard earned food?Wait til you see how superb the food is in Xochimilco market proper ... The corn smut was everywhere .. #BizarreFoodsBasilios tamales were the best I've eaten... Holy crap those egg tamales are beyond insanely good. And his wife's salsa was out of controlBasilio was a man I want to be like when I grow up. Tough, loving and pure of heart. I admire him immensely #BizarreFoodsMexico City offers the best street food on planet earth. I used to think it was Singapore or Bangkok or Hanoi. No longer #BizarreFoods@ruthincondechi steals the show in a few minutes. #BizarreFoods gets to Xochimilco and I never wanted to leave. Anyone been?I can't wait for you all to see what I found in Xochimilco. Most travelers never ever get there and they are missing the city's best spotI have a serious food woody watching this show and I've seen it before!!! How about you all? #BizarreFoodsThings keep getting better... Here comes escamoles and aloe Vera blooms #BizarreFoodsJose Carlos had the best stink bugs in his yard that I've ever had. And his cactus worms were superb. Would you try them? #BizarreFoods#BizarreFoods Mexico City is a group effort. Huge love to the dozens of folks who make this amazing programMexico and China have the two most complex cuisines vertically and horizontally. I could shoot whole seasons in either place #BizarreFoods
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