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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

general manager, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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Odd to see a bunch of tech geeks tuning into police scanners, getting their kicks tweeting about vandalism/things burning in their own city.@tinab @vipulsahai @ashishb11 I think the A's have a better chance of winning the World Series than B checking Twitter. #doubleburn@vipulsahai @tinab orange and black is the new black.@satyap let's get you on the train from da 'game to SF and get some beers in you!!!! #ChampionsTogether@satyap @SFGiants fav fav fav!!!!!!The .@SFGiants are a DYNASTY!!!!!! BUM is a legend!!If Bumgarner throws a scoreless 8th inning, how does Bochy take the ball from him, for Casilla? Why would he?
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@satyap @SFGiants waiting to favorite this ...MadBum is the real deal.Beautiful control of the mound by Bum. Let's do this! #Game7 #OrangeOctoberCmon GIGANTES!!!!Panda showing that speed!!Well done umpire crew. Replay works.Dude is out.Bochy: "We'll do anything tonight. It's THAT game. There's no game tomorrow."
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya.@braintree SF office has a new arrival. http://t.co/XyKjFMNxohFormer boss .@obedier is back at it, trying to get point-of-sale hw to technological parity. Congrats! http://t.co/AdTg5IBQjK
@CSNBaggs how can Bochy not start Bum tomorrow?For the love of god and baseball Mr. Bochy, please start Bumgarner tomorrow. Please.For evening postseason away games since '10, the .@SFGiants fly in the morning vs late night. Better sleep works. http://t.co/T9jQgxVeLl
@EAT24 70 minute delivery time from a Thai place down the street? I assume that's CYA time and not reality.
Amazing company for Games 4 and 5. Amazing Giants wins! #OrangeOctober #BeatKC // .@tinab @williamready http://t.co/3LWgtbSaOZIncredible night. This team is GIANT. http://t.co/OVM8fT35PA
Absolutely insane .@SFGiants baseball!!! #OrangeOctober http://t.co/BPFoFUH4l5Petit throwing some solid ball. Thank you.BP: 240/120. #SFGiantsHangin w .@tinab // let's go GIANTS!!! http://t.co/54nmTb3XjeMadness http://t.co/LTKfItwgaa
@CSNBaggs chance they'll start MadBum tomorrow?Panda moves like a Cheetah.Romo: 18 pitches, 15 strikes.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaNice ribbie.Cmon B U S T E RNot sure about this plate umpire.#OrangeFriday // lets go Giants!!!!!!!!@mdudas well at least we have an Ebola czar who has zero experience in the field of healthcare.I see .@jmilinovich right next to @KimKardashian. I guess you've made it brother :) http://t.co/lLOWhLRmnjSkeeball running on @braintree via @joeythecat! Maybe one of my favorite uses yet! http://t.co/v2bq9HASPf
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya2) One of the worst policies I've seen in the restaurant biz in a long time. I like @TrouNormandSF + @baragricole but probably won't return.1) Restaurants adding auto-20% service charge? Diner taxed regardless of service quality, restaurant keeps wages low. http://t.co/6EKE8D01e3
@tristanwalker agree. Lost me after 3 mins. Delete.@Speroman very cool. Much cooler if you embed buy button + local delivery.Make sure to join our live chat w @SlashdotMedia - Truth, Myths and Facts about Mobile Commerce. http://t.co/TuNcTP8h9s
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaA very Happy Diwali to all of you. Fill your life with light and laughter!Christian Bale, one the best actors I've ever seen, will play Steve Jobs. Directed by Aaron Sorkin. Amazing. http://t.co/SGqfuE2jhR
@waynep understatementCmon Timmy!!!Giants pitching has vanished.@goddardcm makes sense. Also strengthened by the fact that we smashed the Cards? ;)Good take on Venmo creating real engagement> "How @Venmo is Winning The Battle for Social Payments http://t.co/j1ErsVphKo"@braintree @PayPal
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya
MadBum is a postseason tour de force!Game 1. MadBum! Go GIANTS!!!!!! #OrangeOctober #SFGiantsIf you haven't tried Apple Pay yet, great demo of Apple Pay in the @houzz app running on @braintree > https://t.co/IHwhiAOeoI via @Recode
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaGame 4 tickets secured. Phew.
@Speroman oh shut up and take a compliment :)Saw 'the rise and rise of Bitcoin' on flight back. Great docu charts the history. Will raise your interest level. http://t.co/zHIlCoSydnBig congrats to my man .@Speroman on getting promoted to VP. Well played Google. He's a critical asset for mobile. Long overdue.
phenomenal time and meetings this wk with the Braintree EU team! “@nunndn: @braintree EU with @aunkurarya in London http://t.co/wCOTKtSlbJ
And exciting to see many .@braintree merchants on Tim Cook's Apple Pay slide. https://t.co/7jF8SDs0e3Proud to give mobile developers choice: PayPal, Apple Pay, cards in one integration. And soon Bitcoin. https://t.co/7jF8SDs0e3 .@braintree@mandrews2020 lol you know me well my friend :)You can always count on beautiful cars in London. http://t.co/uKjUm8XmrS
Hej Stockholm
@kelloggfairbank Right and for an extra few euro, Kellogg Fairbank will personally drive you // @mdudas300 of these electric Car2Go Smart Cars throughout Amsterdam. Open/drive with your phone. 0.19 eur per minute. http://t.co/ROGOeIPXvq@MaudPas @DanielPearson left Paris already...but thanks for the offer. Next time!Tackling meetings in the nicest über ever with .@kelloggfairbank http://t.co/LzhokA7j5I
@waynep just gas. maintenance would def widen the gap.Befitting taxi pick up from Schiphol. Owner operates 2, spends 1/4 of what he did operating ICE cars cc @TeslaMotors http://t.co/Ymg4uRec08
@tinab what?@gracelee @davidlee survey says -- you got served David :) Happens to me daily.Good food day. cc @ayanonagon http://t.co/4MDPGg5F4m@ayanonagon that would be impressive!3,500 calorie day. Time to call it. Goodnight.Current view: http://t.co/ouBu7CH0fK
Tail cam http://t.co/fL5IYP54JeReal time nose-mounted flight camera is pretty cool. http://t.co/ctuh2vE7vc✈️ to paris. Giants win when I land please! #SFGiants #OrangeOctober@jimgoetz hope he subsequently upgraded the porsche :)@thomasschiavone merci!@thomasschiavone you're speaking my language.@thomasschiavone do everything, eat everything!Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London for the week. Half day Sunday in Paris all to myself -- food/wine/other recommendations appreciated :)
Got one!Seems impossible to get an available .@Postmates these days.Damn market.
@KlasBack yes site is back up. you don't get a number yet. you have 2 weeks to modify then you are locked and they issue you a VIN.@KlasBack deposit placed a few mins ago :)@georgezachary probably trading in my P85+ for this. Ridiculous.Almost exactly a yr ago I put a deposit on a P85+. Now I find myself in the exact same situation with the P85D. This isn't an iPhone, Tesla!If Tesla really is releasing a P85D that does 3.2 then I think my P85+ (3.9 secs) will be for sale. Hate you Elon.Opening @braintree's new office w/ Mayor @RahmEmanuel! Thank you for all you've done for Chicago's tech community! http://t.co/hVK8HrNCqp
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@amitchbr +1@amitchbr you noticing any of these issues?iPhone 6 observations: screen scratches easily, some of my pics are upside down, it gets warm, keyboard APIs need work, batt life is awesome@Jason @elonmusk @TeslaMotors Bought my P85+ less than a year ago and already worried it's not going to be the fastest :(@mikecurtis yikes. Surely there's some additional context.@ayanonagon do the bend test.Worried that .@TeslaMotors 'D' announcement today will mean more of my Dollars being transferred to them.
@mdudas what I appreciate most about @pmarca is lack of 'Twitter ego'. He engages, unlike others w/ big Twitter persona but no track record.
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