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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

svp & gm, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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We're going to the Finals. #DubNation@michaelsmith hockeyDwight Howard's playing hockey.Let's go #DUBS! Close this out.@mik3y you're like so-crates bro.@mik3y I would rather quit Twitter than not follow you! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ@mdudas @button @chrismaddern @mik3y how about some handwritten invites in red envelopes for ex-colleagues guys. Jeez.....
2) If you are too busy working and can't perform humanly functions like eating food, then you may require more than a food substitute.1) This narrative about Soylent rescuing the busy Valley entrepreneur because he/she doesn't have 20 minutes to eat is truly Onion-esque.@fredwilson my limited outsider view: there's plenty of imagination for what co's could be but too many ppl discounting risk to get there.
@hunterwalk same situation for me, midway through college. Ongoing source of internal conflict for me (optimizing for $ vs happiness)Silence from Rockets fans as .@StephenCurry30 walks back out. It's on. #DUBSLove those locker room sprints.@mikefyall maybe this game.@mikefyall seeing some speculation on Twitter about his right wrist. Fingers crossed.@mikefyall yeah they're pissed now@michaelsmith @josh_catlett no holding his wrist in that last shot. Phew.Momentum shift. Curry will come back hard. #DubNationCmon Steph!!Oh no Steph......@kilalani ;) Vegas influenced maybe.Anyone feel like covering Josh Smith?@Speroman if those are ribs, give him a high five for me.
You have to love the evolution of LeBron and his humility. "We're desperate", he says, for their next win.Wow. Two 3-0 Conference finals teams!The Eastern Conference finals. Otherwise known as the ugly jerseys vs the slightly less-ugly jerseys.@chamath as it should be. You guys are off to a great start! Side note: #DUBNATION@chamath usually disappointed by these newsletters but this one looks promising. Subscribed.
Word. https://t.co/urnAKj2yfXVIDEO: Steph Curry nails a 3 from the corner despite a Rockets fan's attempt at defense http://t.co/bUUKdzTBAx http://t.co/wPCgUyxSJX
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@joshelman @StephenCurry30 he is!This University of Houston team needs some work. #DubNation@MCHammer are you kidding me?! #DubNationHouston. *yawn* #DubNationGo Ireland!! ๐Ÿ€๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช
If Twitter could editorialize a sentiment analysis on this, that'd be a cool feature/ 'Overvalued in Silicon Valley', http://t.co/GeFgFGp2WW@KlasBack well done!
@righthalf privatized law enforcement.Good sports day. #DubNation #BeatLADubbbbbbsss!!@kdwalker I like the way you think!@mdudas couple old fashioneds after a Dodgers sweep at AT&T park tastes pretty good :)All ice should be rendered in the form of baseballs. http://t.co/KurKbeeFmYMadBum takes one deep. 1-0. He can do it all! #BeatLAGotham Club is the real deal. #BeatLA http://t.co/Kug414Ja59Exciting to see my pal .@timschulz crush our partnership announcement. @Bigcommerce + @braintree teaming up to rewire commerce experiences.@jmilinovich yeah I'm pretty sure they're related :)Irony: A guy named 'Bowser' is now leading sales at Nintendo America // cc @thisisamul // http://t.co/A4a3m5zhh3
Such an amazing meal by Jiro Lin tonight at @saisonsf // @satyap @tinab http://t.co/Nf7E84SovWAnyone seen @Betterment or @Wealthfront publish a distribution of portfolio sizes?
Good night for Bay Area sports. #BeatLA #DubNation@Ben_Nicoll @toddyatkins @KlasBack @braintree @lukefossett_ great. My other one is now a halter top :)@toddyatkins @KlasBack @braintree @Ben_Nicoll @L_Foss @lukefossett_ yes it's been ages since I've been to Frankie's.@KlasBack @braintree @toddyatkins @Ben_Nicoll @L_Foss hello gents.Steph Curry and the Warriors might have won the game, but Steph's daughter Riley Curry won the postgame interview. http://t.co/JgnP1UWWLL
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaThe intersection of: children of the 80s, Tesla owners, Apple Watch owners = Knight Rider! // http://t.co/jJksK4qgQU@insta_eich thank you sir. Much appreciated.@davidlee @svangel wow. Good for you. What an amazing run. One day we'll continue our philosophical mid-life crisis conversation over a ๐Ÿบ!Loved moderating .@ondemandco today // small and focused, real talk. Nice work @semil @shervin @2pasc #odc2015
I've realized tonight that having a burger and fried chicken at the same sitting is, for the most part, not a smart thing to do.
Let the trash talking commence, Houstonians. #DubNation@BenedictEvans if referring to prices, hard to conclude a market with inherent supply-demand imbalance is crazier than venture/startup mkt.
I'm pretty proud of myself. http://t.co/9USABA6Iom
That's what I call a momentum shift. #GoDubs #StephCurry@jordanhmckee periscopeApp vs Web by @BenedictEvans // What I def. agree with >> "presume your customers will *only* engage you on mobile" http://t.co/ezUhGfTc0y@stephenasmith fly @VirginAmericaThis ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ https://t.co/saXMuwv7P5
Oh no. B.B. King. An absolute legend.California gets closer to managing parental stupidity around vaccines. SB277 passes state senate. http://t.co/7Jce9DT0eD@kent_green @mvboeke @williamready agreed, and hopefully not a gateway to other strange behavior.@mvboeke my guess would be @williamready
@tomloverro if apple manages to fix autocorrect I'll feel safe in one of their cars.@vijaychattha small foods (shopkeep terminal I think), iron cactus, bravadoMore retailers around SOMA seeing me pull out my Coin, and saying "sorry, that thing doesn't work here".@joshelman throw it up every time you write up a term sheet and capture the magic! aside: I want one badly.
@mcgd and keep me in mind for V ;)@mcgd keep crushing it. Big fan.@benemills second order use case is having it hover around your apple watch all day at the office.@benemills that's exactly how I'm trying to justify it :)@benemills I have no use for one. But I need one.Have been on the buy page for Lily camera a half dozen times in the last two hours.@rpal23 gonna fire it up tonight.@nihalmehta must be from the motherland.Any hardcore Android users who can attest to the superiority of Cyanogen OS vs maybe clean-Google-Nexus-kinda Android? How much better?Just wow. Mad skills from Luis Suarez. But not sure it was intentional. https://t.co/gSYWRERCfq@erickschonfeld @adamnash do you publish a distribution of account size? Interesting for some of us who use trad. RIAs considering switch.
Tom Brady needs to skip the appeals and come clean. Spot on .@Ian_OConnor // http://t.co/ymTDvtxfn1If install ads are a proxy for hot startups, in-home massage services and local selling (Craigslist killers) are crushing it.Ran across one of my old vids, thought u would enjoy. GoPro test foot. w/ PSE sound from 50 secs onward ;) http://t.co/gLDGuiq86G / @StammyMother Still Searching For Preschool That Focuses Exclusively On Her Son - The Onion - America's Finest News Source http://t.co/TjXMuOQBCPIt's good to be a regular at your coffee shop when Coin doesn't work.
@KlasBack we will have to hit an 80s concert one of these days..@KlasBack welcome to 2003 ;)
If you find yourself in San Francisco flying solo for dinner, there is no better spot than a bar seat at Tadich Grill.PCI 3 with full control of your UX // Introducing Hosted Fields: a PCI solution that doesnโ€™t compromise your control https://t.co/zGZBJEdPVO@naval yep but without the device/ecosystem constraint and tolls for card issuers. Maybe an AP for 'everybody else'. Who issues your cards?@tomloverro they aren't really :)
Coin with Touch ID would be a very compelling product.@adambain don't eat yellow snow.
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