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Axe-Static Process @axestatic Oregon and Greece

We love GUITARS, we love MADONNA, we love Madonna playing guitars.

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I stand behind Israel. Always!!!!! war sucks. Peace is the obvious solution. #prayforpeace
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processand more at http://t.co/3EZCL2QShA RT @MadOnHer13: Anyone suggest Madonna song to be play on acoustic guitar?Don't Tell me, I deserve it, Love Profusion, Secret RT @MadOnHer13: Anyone suggest Madonna song to be play on acoustic guitar?
Who's in Vegas? Make sure to check out @madonna's keyboardist/piannist/musician extra-ordinair @RickeyPageot with @dessydilauro TONIGHT!TONIGHT......VEGAS! http://t.co/bVf2mrYUZp
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWho is going to @Comic_Con this weekend? I'll be at the @shh_tweetsecret booth (#1601) Saturday from 2-3:30. Get their app! 7 day free trial
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWho is going to Comic-Con International International this weekend? I'll be there Saturday at the Its A Secret by... http://t.co/Jk6cPDq577
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@annaclare @Madonna seriously!my thoughts exactly :\ RT @p4ulmcr: @madonnarama Be nice if the whole Bluray/DVD was this clear!super awesome video angles that were not used in the final MDNA DVD :( http://t.co/o2ngTD0RqB @madonna2 Chord Tuesday - only moving 2 fingers •Click here to watch the video• http://t.co/JCLJRWbEKg http://t.co/3C12MbTAFN
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCheck out this never-before-seen footage from the Madonna MDNA Tour by #ExtremeJibs -- http://t.co/CLX9phyptO -- http://t.co/lrJkFoChox
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
Hey! You'll love it! @Axestatic RT @DrownedMadonna @Madonna spotted with guitars leaving for London http://t.co/FsiCXHpYLN
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@Madonna #MDNA Edinburgh two years ago today with @montepittman and @ttirritt One of the best shows we experienced! http://t.co/blAPoYFdmS
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessSee you in Vegas on Wednesday July 23rd till July 26th at @The Cosmopolitan Hotel/ Casino/ Resort at the "Book... http://t.co/ogvEvpOGgi
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process2 years ago since Soundcheck epicness.. https://t.co/lrKrRxUKQU @Cat1977 @gemdolla @Vickster_MM @_madonnalicious #edinburgh #spotthepompoms
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman Fabolous evening with #dwt . #madonna #rockgod #rayoflight that still shines bright http://t.co/Vzi4g9o9Xb
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAll I want for the next tour is #LoveProfusion on the guitar. Well, and #RescueMe - is that too much to ask? LUV @Madonna !!
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@MDNAMafia @DrownedMadonna @Madonna ha thanks!
What are you looking at! #unapologeticbitch http://t.co/ZxtBMkC9to
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWe out here at #626NightMarket! Damn, I got photobombed HARD hahaha 😦 @ 626 Night Market http://t.co/guJB9m6eQ1
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTime to get my guitar and catch up with @montepittman videos on @shh_tweetsecret .....
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The 10 Best Covers of Madonna Songs http://t.co/FEw8fl1lyb via @pastemagazine
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#jt2020tour Mohegan Sun Arena... Uncasville, CT #bfmlevelup http://t.co/l8QD7FSkFP
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMy TweetSecret Welcome page is now up! http://t.co/rdcGdTPpM7 Guitar lessons, performances, & more! Only $2.99 a month! @shh_tweetsecret RT!
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@annaclare @montepittman so hard to pick 1!We are stoked to see @montepittman playing some @ESPGuitarsUSA #liveformusic #axestatic@annaclare woah thanks!Respected guitarist @montepittman, best known as Madonna's guitar player & a solo artist, has joined the ESP family. http://t.co/xeRpFlP1Pt
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@rachel_hoffman LOL! it was the part when all the white music gear were unveiled to their glory @montepittman @stevesidelnyk @MarcusBassManThank you guys for always supporting!!! http://t.co/TX1ievy1Y9
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@BrianFrasierM that set is sooooo awesome! @ChrisAchzetYou can be the one that gets this custom made drumset that was used by @BrianFrasierM on the MDNA tour & Superbowl!! http://t.co/RRht357RqR"BFM Drumcraft Drumset" featured on Madonna's MDNA Tour 2012 & Superbowl XLVI is FOR SALE!!!! This… http://t.co/7Y5ubl716O
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessRT @MDNAMafia: MADONNA - I LOVE NEW YORK (Confessions Tour) #Guitar http://t.co/cRawwoGVcCMadonna playing guitar in men's pajamas in the band Emmy at Max's Kansas City. Stephen Bray can be seen on the drums. http://t.co/IQXEY6am3m
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessDavid Allan Coe, Madonna, Sam Adams, & me •Click here to watch the video• http://t.co/cOH2PD7Ylu http://t.co/rXgbrGMQfh
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWonderful day of classical music, beautiful grounds and great friends. #caramoor http://t.co/kyLvp8YIay
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTakin our #NeoRagtimeJamboree 2 #LasVegas nxt wk. Come get hep 2 the jive #VegasStrip @dessydilauro @Cosmopolitan_LV http://t.co/k8d31rxOdn
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHelping Brad & Nikki with a pedalboard •Click here to watch the video• http://t.co/IRc7lfAI7Y http://t.co/EweFyM4r3x
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@annaclare @montepittman @madonna haha that was hilarious! #Holiday
#IndependenceDay 5 YEARS AGO - @Madonna starts 2nd leg of STICKY & SWEET TOUR in London. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: http://t.co/j0W8R18Ce2
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Remember when we did a guitar cover of "Turn Up the Radio"? @madonna #MDNA http://t.co/Q9IDo4TF0TMagic makes the people come together yaaaaaaaasssssssssss. #messiah http://t.co/vcVA55s8Lw
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessComing soon........#promise #keep#sorceress#deep http://t.co/SBTTuQOOYw
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessDid this gem. Follow me on soundcloud. music each Monday. http://t.co/0ZqHBkrvkB
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThis week I'm playing: @DekanHouston on Wed 7/2,@LimeLightHou on Thurs 7/3, @BarcodeDC Saturday 7/5
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessFelt like a Buxom Beauty, headed off to Cipriani, this past weekend. #musiclife #grateful http://t.co/nxKppNpjuX
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessFollow me!!! Subscribe to my YouTube page: Instagram: mihrank YouTube: http://t.co/dVtJ7FmSlo
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI second this emotion. It ain't about who you played for, it's about how you play the music I call you to play... http://t.co/vFJrzSIhQg
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessYep, the Neo-Ragtime Jamboree is happening again at The Sayer's Club in Hollywood, this coming… http://t.co/iG89G3sW41
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#nowplaying Confessions on a dance floor.... @madonna #StuartPriceSomebody still working! Late night session. I love driving by and seeing this building. #Classic #LAhttp://t.co/pODDRBZ6xo
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#brianfrasiermoore #batteriemagazine Thank you guys for a GREAT article!!! pearl_drums pearldrumcorp… http://t.co/7FZAqzBYnB
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process...on a promo tour... ;) RT @mindlust: #MontePittman and #Madonna Confessions http://t.co/XAXlSd5WXK
RT This Sat @dessydilauro #neoragtime at @TheSayersClub special #BETAwardsWeekend edition #VIPservice @fusicology http://t.co/hKFEsvVE1l
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI hope you can feel what I was going thru when I wrote this! Share and enjoy please. #comingback http://t.co/zHfUczKoqq
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThis weeks office. I hope it's nice out all week. #change form the #studio #onlocation #jyoungchoreohttp://t.co/TdTfgveB6C
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I LOVE this song: AMAZING @madonna #Music http://t.co/84dRepAmPwShe looks pretty awesome here. #madonna #live #rayoflight #queenofpop #picoftheday #instalike #instacool #guitar ... http://t.co/XZjYqItsmS
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna is the most influential woman in history « Madonnarama - http://t.co/tSYE7rNiVk
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Here's our pal @montepittman demoing his new @ESPGuitarsUSA E-II FRX. http://t.co/6JI15RidAf
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#Madonna The Drowned World Tour (2001) http://t.co/4SNFL66paD
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessFun shots of our show last night at The Edison taken by Yoji Abe. Check em out! And make sure you catch us back... http://t.co/AkdiAaLU8k
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTonight I sang for the first time in front of an audience! Which has been a fear of mine for a very… http://t.co/zSxRQaNVEu
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process"Music makes the people come together, Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel" http://t.co/cFAi024hTp Happy Music Day! #FêteDeLaMusique ♪♬
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Listening to James Brown ("The Payback"!!) & P-Funk, grooving through my day. Xx http://t.co/hX2VoF24Tx
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessIf you want to know how @Madonna @Cirque @THETOLEDOSHOW @thefloorimprov have helped inspire our #neoragtime concept http://t.co/VEYqeDRAEX
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@RickeyPageot @Madonna haha awesome, Ric'key!.@RickeyPageot must've given a lesson or 2 to Mercy! RT: @Madonna: Mercy james gets her jazz flow on! #livingforlove http://t.co/LA5FEcDLgj
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#tbt to soundcheck in Medellin, Colombia bfm22 ktoonz69 😂 http://t.co/TzmzFrpirI
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processhttps://t.co/CDu4mkPezY invented by the amazing @sudhaha Re-post and pledge to this Kickstarter campaign for the most worthy cause : O )
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@dessydilauro @RickeyPageot You sounded wonderful last night! http://t.co/SeSuS1c2Cn
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessOur European summer tour is coming closer - are you guys ready for this? Please spread the word! See you soon!... http://t.co/b5JDFsLoZY
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
The new ESP E-II FRX is a pure shred machine. Guitarist @montepittman shows you the E-II FRX's amazing features. http://t.co/imDYipvU87
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
My fans MAKE me! I love you all so freakin much !!!!!!
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@DanCloudCampos you're in Greece?? have fun and eat souvlaki!!! :)SANTONRINI!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #santorini #greece #inlove #breathtaking #heavenhttp://t.co/1Lh60RUXmM
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Atlanta 1st front w/ #Madonna + I caught her guitar pick! @HectorIsaak: #DrownedWorldTour13Years @MadonnaNation http://t.co/XTFXRRtaK2
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna "Unapologetic Bitch" | "We-R-Superstars" (Full Instrumental Premiere) http://t.co/Qj6mjEOlL9
Happy Monday. Another banger. http://t.co/FkQU37nK4w
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MORE guitarrrrrr @madonna ... #DontTellMe #Secret .. cc @guyoseary @montepittman #Madonna13Awesome performance last night by dessydilauro and her Dancing Duchesses @jenny_kita and @valeree_pohlhttp://t.co/rQ357r1TcC
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAnyone in NYC have a pioneer DJM900 NEXUS they can lend me Mon and Tues this week? I would need it Monday and return late tues night 🙏
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
rickeypageot's photo http://t.co/3adbTfYjv9. Come join us tomorrow night at @Thesayersclub great performance. live music, dancing see you
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@dessydilauro @RickeyPageot anytime for you guys! :) #hephep11 performers on stage tmrw nite Don't miss @dessydilauro's #neoragtimejamboree @TheSayersClub @TheMuseBox #LAScene http://t.co/eXO2djrclQ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTomorrow night folks! This is going down @thesayersclub in Hollywood. The swankiest place in LA! 11… http://t.co/I2TQzcog6Q
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessShow some love to @dessydilauro , @RickeyPageot 's partner in crime (MDNA keyboardist/pianist) & vote for their songs http://t.co/Wsf8HZIRAjI need your help, I just entered a contest for "Live in The City". If I win, I get 10K, an all expenses paid trip... http://t.co/HNKtqmMzlo
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#Soundcloud is trending. Here's mine: https://t.co/GfUPHw001a
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessSharing stories with kids at the Detroit Achievement Academy! Very impresses by Kyle Smith and her team doing... http://t.co/gKQiA9K4dx
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#MusicMonday @nickirichards @KileyDean @BrianFrasierM @RickeyPageot @montepittman @jasonyangviolin @stevesidelnyk @WilliamOrbit @enferno#nowplaying one of the greatests: "Ray of Light" #MusicMonday @madonna https://t.co/14UOmRJuGMMADONNA TOUR 2015 : RT 4 The #Revolution Tour Fav for The #Iconic Tour
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessEpic @BrianFrasierM slayed as always! He makes it seem so effortless! 🙌 #RockInRio http://t.co/Xshm6eMp76
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The instrumentals/guitar on Madonna's Beautiful Stranger track , that 60's sound never gets old
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTwo years ago, on May 31st 2012, Madonna kicked off her MDNA Tour in Tel Aviv! Check out one of our videos... http://t.co/Jhg54DocQW
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessOne week from tonight, we are making our #NeoRagtimeJamboree Hollywood debut at @Thesayersclub. Gonna blow the... http://t.co/foSBLyDjI0
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThe MDNA Tour Band & Gear http://t.co/kkrbKauZhk @montepittman @BrianFrasierM @RickeyPageot @nickirichards @KileyDean @jasonyangviolin
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