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Fred Beukema @beukema Minneapolis, MN

Struct Eng, Improv, husband/dad. || You may think that you crave true love, but it is not a game for cowards. Neither is Scrabble. - Onion horoscopes

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@johnmoe @wits @ColinHanks Ew.Green Line carries 44k people per day in a 24' (plus platforms) right of way. I-94 carries ~200k cars/day in a 250' ROW.
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cc @AlumniGrinnell MT @larsleafblad: Best use of collegiate marketing $? Send every alum hat, mug & shirt w logo. Walking billboards.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@fivemanjob What's weird is that it happens all the time when I'm connected to wifi. No clue.
This has been popping up for 2 days; WHAT item, @apple? http://t.co/2ZMLECUnIf@jezconolly ah! You wrote it. Cool.@jezconolly thanks for the heads up. I have the BFI book they refer to. Would be interested to see this one too.
Fuck me, but more to the point, fuck iOS8: now I get to Restore iPhone.@tanehisicoates Find it bizarre that he doesn't use the word "brain" except in quoting you. Pretty key part of the question, even for Xtian.
@MyLittleBloggie Reggie Bush is talking about hitting his daughter, who is one. ONE!Reggie Bush ... hits a baby? Is that what he's saying here? http://t.co/D0k1OhnNnf
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@dbrauer Got general/political angle from reports, but w/ your specifics and acronyms, was drifting. Remembered your shopping tweets.@dbrauer Would love to see an explainer by you on Pref1/MNsure; clear you understand better than most, but I'm not following your tweets.So glad a professional football organization is here to judge whether something is child abuse or not. #offseasonrevenuestream@kumailn real answer: banana peels have an intense laxative effect.
More than once I've found audio from an episode of Parks & Rec @ 97.9 fm near the Uptown Walgreens. Weird.@JoshDCarson the one at Shops at Lyndale looked open on Saturday.@johnmoe Yes! Board game nerds *love* auction mechanics.@johnmoe As much as I dislike Monopoly, should note it's only as long as it is because everyone plays it wrong. #freeparkingcashgrab@tvoti - Please explain the tenets of Homeland Trutherism.@dbrauer @StribRoper "new shell"? That's unfinished.Watched "Blow Out." Boy did that movie throw away a serious bid for greatness in the last 20 minutes.
@TPM Dollars to donuts no more Americans now that we're in for the fight, now they'll work through a European rotation.Watching Carpenter's The Thing in prep for @tchorrorfest show w/ @ClackyJ @octoberdandy @beukema @MrJakeScott & rest of the cast. #boo
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Discounts for #TCHF tickets and multishow passes end Mon. night. Get yours before its too late! http://t.co/uaL86ez3m8
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@cwethern @OnanRulz I don't think BTE is going to showing up on any greatest album lists 15-20 years out, though.@stoatno1 Sad. Sorry to hear.@stoatno1 ?!And playing a 1980 KDIC interview with The Replacements.Hey, they're talking about Grinnell Relays on Morning Edition.
Jack ass trucker playing anti-zipper merge vigilante on Shepard Road this evening. What a tool.@LineLearner When I used to understudy @josheakright and others, I'd record the show and dump the audio to my iPod. Your app's a great idea.@josheakright @LineLearner - Neat! I wonder if it lets you record a whole rehearsal and then chop it up.@ncroal #cahiersducinemagate
@MyLittleBloggie ah: one of my wife's students. Sorry you were pulled into it.@MyLittleBloggie are legit. I count 12 tweets of yours I've favorited in ~3 years on twitter.@MyLittleBloggie FWIW, those faves don't show up in my list of faves. May want to check whether emails (did this come as emails?) 1/@MyLittleBloggie Ok. Password changed. Please let me know if it continues or not. Thanks for heads up.@MyLittleBloggie ok. Clearly I need to change my password. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will fix. Please don't block me.@MyLittleBloggie huh. Being hacked, maybe? Very curious. What are they about? We're they favorited today?Wonderful news for our insect friends. http://t.co/0BNGBmqJjP
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaMany hawks favor perpetual war in practice, but few openly demand it like this: http://t.co/TfH9GiyIaW
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThis is the same reason I don't trust focus groups : 2001 reactions to iPod announcement. Some things never change. http://t.co/SVueBmBR3A
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@soniasaraiya (I'm not intentionally pitching the show to you, you just keep talking about stuff they just talked about & it's great) (2/2)@soniasaraiya - @paulscheern apparently wrote a college thesis on it (see recent @XFilesFiles episode for his explanation) (1/2)
Man, wait until the #gamergate dudes find out Mary Lucia is Paul Westerberg's sister. #twopeoplewillgetthisBuried in today's Apple news is the discontinuation of the iPod Classic, which has this music packrat VERY VERY NERVOUS.@KenJennings @woot MN is very livable and so non-seismic that the earthquake load chapter is stricken from our building code by law.Poop plant. Livin’ in a movie.@tomlommel Really well done, Lommel.ICYMI: Bob Odenkirk ("Breaking Bad," "Mr Show") is coming to the BNW on 11/5! http://t.co/CSTcYNVtHQ
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Watch Ms. B get a face full of whip cream to #WhipLungCancer https://t.co/2URiG44zaq
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@SamsonIsSexy Holla.
@tanehisicoates @chrislhayes Arrests that are not followed by prosecutions should be accounted for in an officer’s performance review.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@RobinKimball probably depends on combination of hardware brands. Generally, phone store should be able to xfer.@RobinKimball link to Facebook before and after. Easy peasy.Finished playing the Walking Dead Season Two. I endorse all of this: http://t.co/5uaGwjt6s4
@mattzollerseitz @soniasaraiya Hey @AdamLevyGanesha, this might be up your alley.
Performing in Creature Feature tonight @hugetheater! Like scary movies and improv? this show is for you! Info at http://t.co/CWnHTm6jEA
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@soniasaraiya This week it’s the episodes 3 and One Breath, hence my question.@soniasaraiya TV’s Kumail Nanjiani is watching through the xfiles two eps at a time, podcasting about them.@soniasaraiya Are you playing along with @kumailn and @XFilesFiles ?
@RobinKimball @LarsenOnFilm @filmspotting Papillon.@ncroal Where's Jack Thompson when you need him?
@MyLittleBloggie I nominate the popcorn shop and The Lobby Shoppe II (but not I).@bengarvin @dbrauer - I've sat in those chairs half a dozen times waiting for a friend for lunch. No idea I was "trespassing" each time.@R_Sohn @bravenewgrrrl - You don't understand. We parents have NOTHING ELSE GOING ON. The kid is the only game in town.There is only one way to listen to Gustav Holst's First Suite, and that is LOUDLY AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE LOUDER LOUDER
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@drewgmackie I think it went the other way, FWIW.
Best summer wx I can remember RT @andyrathbun: Twin Cities: 2 90+ degree days this yr (last yr: 19). If holds, fewest since 1981 #mnwx
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@MyLittleBloggie for putting the onus of (specifically) rape prevention on victims. Maddening. (2/2)@MyLittleBloggie Should add part of my reaction is that "I lock my doors" is lately infuriating for how often it's used as argument (1/2)@MyLittleBloggie I do, too, but that's not the analogy. This is paying someone (Floyd Home Security?) and them not doing their job.@MyLittleBloggie Apple's failure, and violation by the hackers. Victims had reasonable expectations: http://t.co/6tGvj5Lkt0@ncroal Here's a question. How is it so many people "Wrote the article?" Are the theorists lumping many discrete articles into one?This sign is supposed to show you which things are forbidden. But it actually creates the coolest dog ever. http://t.co/kCL9RYnDWx
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A decade ago it was popular to predict the appearance of a gaming TMZ. Today my money is on the reactionary arrival of a gaming FOX news.
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@kumailn Pullman now. I can’t even.
@johnmoe Wendell appears to be a midpoint between you and Nic Cage.@drewgmackie Doing so in late May?@thegynomite it’s supposed to make him look badass or mysterious or something, but just makes him look like a MRA. Anti-marketing.
Never heard of The Dunning school until this week. Thanks .@tanehisicoates for showing me an academic villain!Can't wait to read Marc Thiessen's op-ed arguing that ISIS didn't torture Foley and others and that it was merely "enhanced interrogation."
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@frankcifaldi @laura_hudson Seems like a list worth growing!.@tvoti .@AlyssaRosenberg Here's a thing I wrote about the fabula/syuzhet idea years ago: http://t.co/qpPQhHk3xz.@tvoti .@AlyssaRosenberg Y'all familiar with "fabula" and "syuzhet'? Russian formalist terms, useful in Hello Kitty / Sopranos convo.@TimOfLegend @ValiantCheese Suicide Suggestion is the least metal Ozzy song.Hello Kitty died at the end of the Sopranos. Tony Soprano is a little girl, not a cat. #predictabletweets@PatrickRothfuss @scalzi Woah: they carry anthologies and autographed copies at the damn airport?@GrinnellCollege Confused. Wasn't music major. Took Trumpet lessons for credit '00-'01 -- included in tuition? Slightly increased tuition?
@drewgmackie I was finally chased away from the show by Brawl in the Family and the episodes that preceded it. Just wasn't fun anymore.@drewgmackie Terrible episode. Just terrible.@drewgmackie - which is that?@beukema I thought this was the year @kumailn's Comp Sci degree would finally pay off.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaInternet. Stop what you are doing. We have new word meaning dickhead. https://t.co/XuE1k8QTUZ
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe Star Tribune asks, "What's your favorite way of getting to the fair?" As a prizewinning piglet in the arms of a 4H kid.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series over the last five years: Jim Parsons, Jim Parsons, Jon Cryer, Jim Parsons, Jim Parsons
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@kumailn liar.
Once you look at Jaime Lannister in real life it's very hard to stop looking at Jaime Lannister in real life. #Emmys #jawline
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@ClackyJ nominated me. I nominate @octoberdandy, @litwille & Whitney D-H (cc @westwind1979) #IceBucketChallenge http://t.co/vZ5YQ3TxTG
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