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early investor/board member @twitter & @tumblr, aspiring photographer, optimist & making a life with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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@adambain I just ordered this one thx sir!@2c2 thank you@veekster thanks!@idazz thank you kindly@JohnnyPatience :)@photosbypeter1 thanks :)@jakobfoto thanks!Summer feels like a distant memory #leica #kodak #35mm so peaceful. Such still beauty@JohnnyPatience beautifulCalls for gun control: "No, Mr. President, we are not 'numb' — we are terrified." #NYTLetters
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No dev has succeeded w/new interfaces & new platforms as many times as Harmonix. Excited for their rebirth & VR.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@thiswildidea what lens are you using with it?@arainert i’m very close to doing just that. Right now I just feel like a bad Facebook friend :)@anildash @benpopper nice bumping into you guys the other day :) do you use Facebook for? I’m so excited, can’t wait to see it.
Close every tab except the one where you donate to The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
Retweeted by Bijan SabetPre game, chilling. i’m too embarrassed to confess my coffee habits before my 30 day cold turkey. good for you on your 29 days!@RichardGinsberg @thinkingcup yes, i felt like i had the flue the first few days of withdrawal@sacca @fredwilson @dens @charitywater I would love to go there with Charity Water someday.@johnnypatience :)"I'm happy this idea has taken root; I hope it thrives" - @jack, 2006 @fredwilson what the wha? incredible.#tbt @laurensabet's Korea photographs with her #Rolleiflex and some Kodak film I can imagine a trip to Italy changing that. No place like it.@danrubin totally. Changed my sleep pattern and more energy. But first week was brutalSurvived 30 days without caffeine 😍. Having an espresso today but only 1 per day from now on (at @ThinkingCup)
@jonathancanlas gorgeous photograph@cindyloughridge @legionofhonor I love that museum@odower that’s the best@mllovelace :)You ain’t see anyone negotiate like my 9 year staring at a plate of kaleMy friend @dintersmith has produced this powerful film about education. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. do you live in Paris by chance. I am visiting next week.@profabartow @CPHWheel i am an open book. People know I tweet about my things I love including my work life and personal life@fredwilson i picked up the new iPhone 6S. Best phone I have ever had. So fast. Camera is amazing.New season, new home screen @Snowden joined Twitter, and here's the world's response.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@garethgibson @CPHWheel I am not under a gag order. I am an investor, customer and product tester.
Fuck yeah @fredwilson
@JohnnyPatience safe travels and hope to see you and Rebecca soon!@marxmatt canon 5d, mk iii is the largest social network for academics. Using that network to make a huge difference
Whoa, man #superbloodmoon
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@rebeccapatience wonderfulFrom our backyard a few moments ago #Supermoon thanks@WilliamWright thanks!Looking for a cool bike lock for city use. Any recommendations? 🚴@JohnnyPatience @CPHWheel it's so much fun!@atlephoto wow. That's incredible.
@marxmatt @CPHWheel handles like a dream@auerbach just took to a mtg. Worked great and so much fun. @bryce @cphwheel it is so much fun!@crldrx @cphwheel its a CinelliMy very own @CPHWheel arrived today. Beyond excited!
Thank u @zachklein for your amazing new book. Stunning photos by @noahkalina. Get yours here @kettlesyard wonderful photos@rafeoffer I'm terribly sorry. I just can't make the dates work.great post by @roelofbotha about virtual reality."Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical." #ripyogi
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@bfeld @sphero just ordered!@zen_bones wonderful post, Ray. Love the photographs
@jakobfoto what a fantastic collection of photographs! Love them all.@TheJasonTsay thank you@dens so cool
@joshu very cool@jakobfoto thanks@rebeccapatience i know. It's really amazing.@JohnnyPatience its was like a dream :)@joshu :)16 and driving. #leica #film #parenthood evening family dinner. Sufjan edition
@rafeoffer cool. Let me check!@DGDCphotos great to meet you. It was really all Johnny and Rebecca.@jakobfoto thanks. It was great to finally meet you in person@jdeplater thanks. Really looking forward to seeing your photos from your awesome trip
Just watched the documentary "20 feet from Stardom". No, I'm not crying. I just have allergies.@kaigradert I have that seem feeling@thiswildidea :)Here’s to the future. So excited to be investors. @johnolilly I love how we can talk about him without him knowing.@ebudde @johnolilly if new artists isn't the request than I go sufjan, m. ward, chet faker. And red wine. Lots of red wine.@ebudde @johnolilly absolutely. Just trying to recommend an artist John may not be familiar with.@codypriebe i'm honored@om @marcoarment this quote from @biz comes to mind thanks. it was a fun day for sure!Good on you Marco “@marcoarment: I’ve pulled Peace from the App Store. Why: i wonder why DVRs never had the same intense conversations amongst viewers…@johnolilly Father John Misty@johnolilly we need an allocation out here!@rebeccapatience thanks. i hope your health has returned!@monochrometones such a pleasure meeting you and your wife, Bill. Hope you had fun exploring Vermont@johnnypatience thanks!@basti @postmates i love it :)@samtakesthings thanks! it was great meeting you.@uncl3rick thanks!
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