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Brian Dukes @briandukes St Louis, MO

I am a web developer working for @EngageSoftware, developing websites on the DNN Platform (a DNN MVP). I also serve Jesus at City Lights Church.

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Beyond excited to have @darrel_miller joining the Runscope team! http://t.co/POIO3EXQqp
Retweeted by Brian DukesMaking Remote Work Work http://t.co/H5MErD3yH8
Retweeted by Brian Dukes.@TheTifah from @PageCXVI shares the stories behind their latest record, just in time for #GoodFriday. http://t.co/DWqm9JePMI
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe excellent @PageCXVI has released an album for Holy Week, and you can listen to the whole thing right here. http://t.co/IOULdedieQ
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Kudos DropBox: you are engineering a portfolio of things people are willing to pay for, instead of engineering ways for selling ads.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#PowerShell ISE script browser searches 9000 scripts from TechNet http://t.co/4RJPH8F38p http://t.co/wDrGM5gdEg
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe’re slammed and need help… any #DNN moonlighters light on work DM me & let’s chat.
Retweeted by Brian DukesIf something is too easy to do quality suffers.
Retweeted by Brian DukesAutoMapper 3.2.0 released http://t.co/wJv7voHj0h
Retweeted by Brian DukesReleased: #dnnfnl new version, fix for #dnn 7.2.2: https://t.co/Ve0fmqcgKI
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As an example of how far Bing has come, I forgot I switched my default to it today and thought I was using Google just now.
Retweeted by Brian DukesYou can still download my classic book Mindfire: Big Ideas For Curious Minds for #FREE - to celebrate by bday! http://t.co/SMlmwJ3jsu
Retweeted by Brian DukesSo happy to see @Telerik embracing OSS. We've released Kendo UI Core under an Apache license http://t.co/JJG2Nf6WvT
Retweeted by Brian DukesPester for powershell tests. fake functions so you can simulate various situations and test your powershell scripts. https://t.co/gReOlX5Miu
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Wow, Learn Git (http://t.co/VFUGrNvejR) is a great resource for diving deep into modern version control :)
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Learn how to contribute to the DNN Platform using Git and Github in the new issue of DNN Magazine: http://t.co/KxvegzIiE9
Retweeted by Brian Dukeswe "never have to live with usability problems… because we can happily change those tools" MT @jeremydmiller: Blogged http://t.co/RA6511dOMHDid you miss it? Microsoft Is Not Killing Off TFS for Git -- Visual Studio Magazine http://t.co/VVeFdvNznY
Retweeted by Brian DukesGreat WP8.1 review makes me think I could end up staying in the WP ecosystem. http://t.co/JFfiRMsYr2
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Surprisingly interesting reading. The appellate court's opinion is pretty withering. https://t.co/SZoNkb3cVO
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@frazelledazzell https://t.co/Bmz643Z8aWSo, any of you think that your marriage could survive trying to teach your non-techie spouse how to use Git?
Retweeted by Brian DukesSomeone at GeoTrust years ago “Seriously, what are the chances everyone is going to reissue their cert at the same time?”
Retweeted by Brian DukesRT @unclebobmartin: It is ironic that C++ and Java are both desperately trying to become lisp BY ADDING COMPLEXITY. #accu2014
Retweeted by Brian DukesFrom yesterday: FubuMVC Lessons Learned -- "fubu new", Standardization, and Polyglot Programming http://t.co/YGvB2mNqqs
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Colbert: "I won't be doing the new show in character, so we'll all get to find out how much of him was me. I'm looking forward to it."
Retweeted by Brian Dukes“One guy, one night, patched OpenSSL. Not enough defenders noticed, and it took Neel Mehta to do something.” — http://t.co/5LSZWrFZPd
Retweeted by Brian DukesWoohoo - My new DNN Module Development course is in the top 25% of all @pluralsight courses - that a first for me #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian Dukesalways floors me when I hear about *developers* who still don’t use a password manager. do they still use an iomega zip drive too or what
Retweeted by Brian DukesMy publisher closed, so I’m giving my CSS Animations pocket guide away for any price you choose. No strings attached! http://t.co/y0DlqqUFKN
Retweeted by Brian DukesHey #git users, take care with 2.0 version. Important changes in #push command. http://t.co/7pF9TJ44MB
Retweeted by Brian Dukeslogs show heartbleed attack in 2013 from IPs associated w/ IRC spybots lurking in freenode. likely intel agencies? https://t.co/Vzz83Vxbb8
Retweeted by Brian DukesIf you haven't checked out my new album "Gold Tips" you can stream it on MSN before you buy. http://t.co/y3xLJidco0 we want the gold, sucka!
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Here's Everywhere You Should Enable Two-Factor Authentication Right Now http://t.co/AVXMsIv9LL
Retweeted by Brian DukesCheat sheet: learn everything Microsoft announced and released last week in 2 minutes in a single outline: http://t.co/eyOqVBeliz
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@dotPeek is there a benefit to using the symbol server instead of @ReSharper decompiling?dotPeek 1.2 EAP has started! Introducing a set of features for debugging decompiled code in Visual Studio: http://t.co/rlyWgtCEqb
Retweeted by Brian DukesHere's some excellent hip hop for your ears: a new album from @iamPLAYDOUGH and @djseanp called 'Gold Tips.' http://t.co/jzx47zxtnM
Retweeted by Brian DukesSlack. RT @tottinge: Question of the Day: "What is your favorite remote pair-programming tool?"
Retweeted by Brian DukesPro Tip for Chrome Users: ● chrome://settings ● Search "ssl" ● ☑ Check for server certificate revocation Stay safe, all.
Retweeted by Brian DukesOh joy, it's bok choy! #WelcomeBackSpring http://t.co/GA9Z32zZzQ
Retweeted by Brian DukesEach morning you wake up and delete a dozen emails you'll never read. Take a moment today and actually unsubscribe from those mailing lists.
Retweeted by Brian DukesBad comments are worse than bad code, since bad code doesn't lie.
Retweeted by Brian DukesVery interesting rumor MT @JorgenPramberg: Microsoft phasing out the TFS version control... moving to Git... Unofficially confirmed... todayI've spent a *heap* of time reading #heartbleed info and planning remediation, here's what you need to know: http://t.co/lz17MH1zh2
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Check out this cool new article from @FortuneMagazine talking about how #stl is trying to become the next tech hub http://t.co/sompdIL7VU
Retweeted by Brian DukesI'm embarrassed for the mainstream news for not getting that heartbleed is breaking news, unlike a lot of the garbage they're reporting.
Retweeted by Brian DukesDetails on our response to the Heartbleed vulnerability so far: https://t.co/gZk64z4S1U
Retweeted by Brian DukesPREMIERE: @PageCXVI – Good Friday To Easter -- http://t.co/JZee5fFKbf
Retweeted by Brian DukesNew music AND a video premiere - what a day! http://t.co/KwmTDATDXh
Retweeted by Brian DukesYeah, so if it hasn’t sunk in yet, *every* password you have is potentially compromised. *Every* *Password*.
Retweeted by Brian DukesSo just in case the graveness of #Heartbleed hasn't been realised by some yet, Yahoo is leaking user credentials http://t.co/G1v1UBgyiH
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Untrusted, a JavaScript adventure game you play by modifying its source http://t.co/s7shz2vPf9
Retweeted by Brian DukesTop #bldwin takeaway: MS staff enthusiasm. They're enjoying the chase.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
The best heuristic I've found for telling jr devs from sr ones is whether they're sad or happy when you delete their code from the codebase.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
New Boxstarter out. setup CI for #Chocolatey packages, tweak a ton of windows UI settings and many bug fixes http://t.co/7r5Nfmw5qn
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@shanselman @migueldeicaza what's the difference/relationship between the .Net Foundation and @outercurve?Followers who RT this have a chance to win a #TableTopDay game bundle! NoPurchNec http://t.co/E2G6fI97is http://t.co/VvxvWFnSeD
Retweeted by Brian DukesNew music from Rain for Roots is out next week! “The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This”, April 8, pre-order here: http://t.co/JTh6Cn25EI
Retweeted by Brian DukesPerhaps the most frustrating thing about the Mozilla situation is the overly simplified analysis by spectators. Disheartening.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Seriously, ReSharper is not going anywhere even with #Roslyn in sight. We'll elaborate next week. Follow us for details. #bldwin
Retweeted by Brian DukesNow that Microsoft put Halo's Cortana in a phone I want Valve to make a phone. I want GLaDOS as my passive aggressive assistant.
Retweeted by Brian DukesI can't decide if Eich's resignation is a victory for LGBT rights or a blow to personal freedom. Its a sad way to accomplish either one
Retweeted by Brian DukesBrendan Eich has stepped down as Mozilla’s CEO: http://t.co/QYLZL9h29T
Retweeted by Brian DukesApt-Get for Windows "OneGet", supports @chocolateynuget. Thanks @ferventcoder for helping them see the light! http://t.co/JfBoSxehtB
Retweeted by Brian DukesSpring in Saint Louis isn't just tornadoes & hail, it's Opening Day! Make a proper baseball lunch with #LocalFood. http://t.co/lxqnW5D9uh
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#OneGet and #Chocolatey will be working together : https://t.co/1aCHgrrsYr to make one great taste.
Retweeted by Brian DukesHappy to see #Roslyn open sourced.
Retweeted by Brian DukesNew #PowerShell v5 adds support for installing #chocolatey application packages: http://t.co/nGyuJWD6Cl and http://t.co/OM4BQSrGkn
Retweeted by Brian DukesThank you @slicknet for creating a free online book about ECMAScript 6. I'm sure it'll be a top resource. http://t.co/ENvKCXVwvR
Retweeted by Brian DukesCurrently just $25 including shipping to North America folks, including some laptop stickers :D http://t.co/S4fmf4bVKT
Retweeted by Brian DukesJsHint also now burned in to #VisualStudio #bldwin
Retweeted by Brian DukesICanHaz Script SourceMaps In IE dev tools? Yes, yes you can. http://t.co/xVinTDlu5c
Retweeted by Brian DukesThis makes me so happy! http://t.co/VlXD5uTIty http://t.co/qoUTYkigUZ
Retweeted by Brian DukesStart playing with prerelease bits of #chocolatey now. http://t.co/6lo6h7NClW choco install chocolatey -pre
Retweeted by Brian DukesCSS Variables, with their newly modified syntax, will be enabled by default in Firefox starting from version 31. https://t.co/W6MTU9BL5b
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
My new @pluralsight course on DNN Module Development went live today. #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian DukesRT @pluralsight: Ready to create #DNN modules? Start with our new DotNetNuke Module Development course by @cnurse ==> http://t.co/510ZsDiV8i
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@platypusguy @BestGit It was, in fact, an elaborate hoax https://t.co/rZAZWfq4ccjQuery core browser support changes are coming! Goodbye IE6 and IE7! http://t.co/Z3W0jrHfkz
Retweeted by Brian DukesIt's called Taco Bell because Alexander Graham Bell also invented the taco.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
visibility:visible on child elements overrides visibility:hidden on a parent http://t.co/cTliCvcIi8
Retweeted by Brian DukesI like @jmarnold ’s old rule that it’s time to take a break if you find yourself wanting to write nontrivial code without tests
Retweeted by Brian DukesAh, April Fool's Day. The day we set aside every year to learn how few people are qualified to work at The Onion.
Retweeted by Brian DukesEvery http://t.co/7AWUG9ABID developer in existence should be familiar with http://t.co/WrPTPBozGt (“Install-Package ImageResizer” via NuGet
Retweeted by Brian Dukesi find this curious - two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-) http://t.co/PuRhxt2u2O
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Spring is here! It's time to clean up your code with these linters https://t.co/qLbqoYLDfA
Retweeted by Brian Dukesyour complete #crimsoncord prep kit http://t.co/T6ss0tvGRJ
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhat can C# do that F# cannot? http://t.co/VJ1fClOqrM
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhat the hell, let’s just call StructureMap 3 live today: https://t.co/z8dWPZihFX
Retweeted by Brian DukesIt's official. @ScottGu is the new Exec VP of Cloud & Enterprise: http://t.co/jubtjPwSI3 Background: http://t.co/buFgVR3NbI
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhat better way to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary than with the comic strip that started it all? - http://t.co/FBt2rgnfsa
Retweeted by Brian DukesLettuce, Swiss chard & kale this week. Carrots, beets, spinach & kohlrabi in the next few weeks. #WelcomeBackSpring! http://t.co/Kqf1qsqJjo
Retweeted by Brian DukesA Critical Step towards #NoEstimates - http://t.co/wkORoaaGxj
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Being a disciple: I love _____, but I love Jesus MORE. What's your passion?
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
We started a @waterdeep KICKSTARTER campaign for a new Double Album! The short video alone is TOTALLY worth your time http://t.co/jF77Ur7Cs0
Retweeted by Brian DukesCONFIRMED: Office for iPad is not only now available, but PowerPoint for iPad supports *Animated GIFs*. http://t.co/3GoknQBn6t
Retweeted by Brian DukesTIL that in the TMNT comic books, April O'Neil was originally a computer programmer. This was in 1984. http://t.co/G5uc0YUKfo
Retweeted by Brian DukesReally enjoyed the interview with #dnncms CEO @navinnagiah, on honesty in a corporate culture@MerchantCircle are y'all aware that @bloglines isn't working?
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