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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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Billboard, by the way, calls this story "barely believable". Best possible praise. http://t.co/KKcKYVon2D
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingOH: #OLDRICHWHITEDUDESEATINGSOFTWAREOH #OLDRICHWHITEDUDES@jguynn @DenaCook @ImJustPo @brandee @jessiwrites Anna Wintour wears stripes so I wear stripes.If I could come back as anything I think I would come back as a surfer becuase what a lif it would be. http://t.co/U7roHDX5bR
Welcome to Twitter @ImJustPo! Excited to help show you the ropes though not really sure I am the best inspiration. :)Thanks for tip @rmastrosimone: I MAY be stockpiling #WhisperingAngel and will sell to highest bidder. #RoseAllDay http://t.co/uSl6iEm78P@KirkYuhnke wrong Brooke!
Oh they are back on. Cameras rolling. Sunglasses back.Federer wins. Anna takes her sunglasses off and puts them in her bag. Game. Set. Match. #USOpenMatosevic gets crowd cheering insanely as he points to Michael Jordan as Federer waits to serve. Crowd goes wild. Anna smiles! #USOpenIn other #USOpen news, every junior banker are here and they are drunk and they are loud. Is it 1986?Also I would like to point out Anna is wearing stripes and I'm wearing stripes. #Anna #USOpen #twinsAnna is smiling and giggling. We all now feel collectively I think it is fair to say we can smile and laugh too. #Anna #USOpenESPN interviewing MJ in the seats during #Federer. Anna is not amused. #USOpenShe's still wearing her sunglasses. No one else dares. This is Anna's moment. We all put ours away. #USOpenLive tweeting Anna. She twists her water bottle cap differently than others. She makes water bottles look elegant. #USOpenI really wish I could take a pic but Anna Wintour is sitting next to Michael Jordan at the #USOpen and they look fabulous.Guess what? We've added an opening act to the Appreciation Event! Please welcome @Spacehog to Treasure Island. #oow14 http://t.co/PxON9eqcyB
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSensors let Alzheimer's patients stay at home, safely CC @smartthings http://t.co/r5btL4O01z5 Tips to Hack Your #SmallBiz Credit Score by @JaredHecht http://t.co/ltOS6lq6J6 via @Inc cc @fundera #creditscoreAutomattic Acquires BruteProtect To Help Keep WordPress Users Safe http://t.co/MCKa671zEi via @techcrunch #wordpressdotcom
Julia Roberts looks fantastic and is super sassy. I like it. #Emmys@lea or Marie Claire. I mean the man is pretty.Dinklage. Dinklage was robbbbbbbed. #GoT #Emmys ok maybe the accent is bad but whatever.I personally think #ProjectRunway should freaking win the Emmy already. #makeitworkJust stop with this Big Bang Theory ridiculousness because it is absurd. #Emmys@brooke Golden Globes is our sweet spot. Soon.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThe VMAs make me feel old. The Emmys make me feel young. What's this mom show???@drew ask @ccdipOH: Gift Guides.Oh no I guess everyone has to go camp on their Gulfstreams for the night! #roughingit #BurningMan http://t.co/l82iC3clEm
@kmaverick Blue was dancing. I can't. Too much. I can't.@cpen ditto.Remember rock music?
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAm going to get back into the whole body glitter thing now. #beyonce #VMAsBeyoncé is perfect. That is all. #VMAs@dawallach truth.@anildash I just wish that is what would be showcased in the first hour of this show.@jonathanwald @Usher STOP. That is not being fair to Earth Wind & Fire.There is a law that when something gets SO bad it has to begin to get good again right? Thats how I feel about the state of music right now.Girl power? So far all the ladies in the audience are throwing shade at the ladies on stage. Pouty petulant ladies. #VMAs@kmaverick I am legit so confused. Why does it say 1989?? I cannot shake this off because I am annoyed.@kmaverick WHAT IS THIS SONG?????@jennydeluxe nailed it.Did nicki minaj's dress break? Why is she holding it like that? Also everyone in audience is scowling. #VMAsOMG http://t.co/tCPWlqjqHn
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWhat is happening with the lack of fashion or am in a time wrap for reals?? #versace #denim #VMAs@RichJuz can they get a better stylist by then please?I turned on the #VMAs and I think I'm watching it from 1997? I mean the fashion of these girl "bands" feels very DELIA to me.You guys Miley Cyrus is edgy and punk now. She is wearing leather, safety pin earrings and gonna make music w/the Flaming Lips. #VMAs #stopWhen Silicon Valley sounds stupid? When talking about food creation in the cloud. #stop Cc @JessSeinfeld @Mariobatali http://t.co/eTD0qYsPNA
The new champion of small business lending? @Fundera & @jaredhecht. #Bloomberg http://t.co/3uy1kIlYDCI urge you guys to watch this. What is #ALS? THIS is ALS. http://t.co/RGCRnbML3h@kurtbradley they are my backup singersWe did this for you @wauckward. #soulcycle #wauckthisway cc @jackielamp @CCdip @april_conyers http://t.co/aLuvLlbPbo
Happy happy birthday to my mini-me little love bug @HaleyHammerling. You are my everything. http://t.co/QMpwjNgCLi
first day at the office spotify #nyc #thefuture #thechurchofjohncoltrane #empirestate @ Spotify NYC http://t.co/a9JgsogPlZ
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingFortune's loss is WIRED's MASSIVE GAIN. Congrats @WIRED & @jessiwrites https://t.co/nPAygOb37m@MicahSingleton I LOVED meeting you!! Thank you SO very much for coming our way.About.me, The Startup That Bought Itself Back From AOL, Wants To Add Some Life To Your Resume http://t.co/eytXKDXGFK via @saiKnow how @CharityWater helps millions? With these yellow jugs of clean water + http://t.co/mDxz3gbbx3 cc @Brooke http://t.co/fZhb9h4qTt
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingYou know you're fucked (sorry but appropriate) when TV reporters are mocking you, police dudes. #Ferguson http://t.co/EGsA8N2fjiThe About.me Backstory Reimagines The Resume For A New Generation Of Users http://t.co/5wN54MuvxH via @techcrunch@brooke you are an inspiration. Loved our empowering women breakfast. Thank you @charitywater @iamGelilabekele
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAmazed by power women brekkie @charitywater. Thank u @desireegruber @caro @mbaratz @JessicaLStroup @iamGelilabekele & others! #water #womenLadies' power breakfast to kick off @charitywater's #septembercampaign. Thank you @brooke for… http://t.co/lEWonkwCEz
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingEat your heart out Pinterest. #breakfast #septembercampaign #charitywater @ charity: water http://t.co/FNetuX0glc
@steveell directorsguild at brewpr dot com@MediocreMilo Sadly no...Definitely somethign to watch - ->This face-tracking projection is the craziest thing you'll see today http://t.co/ZwyPgpt0gr via @vergeCan we make Mondays #HiringMonday? Anyway same drill. We are hiring experienced PR people in #NYC. #techPR Resumes-jobs at brewpr dot comCops pretending to be military. Camo in the midwest. Freaking bananas. #Ferguson #JohnOliver http://t.co/y38JaSznd6
SmartThings CEO: We're keeping the platform open after the Samsung buy (@gigastacey - @gigaom) http://t.co/FSxcLTLo2g
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling
OK so i am coming up for air now...what's this about Julia Allison marrying herself at Burning Man? I can't. #BurningManisDead@brooke congrats on all the smart things that Brew did to help get them there. Also hustle.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@LaurenGoode SIMMER DOWN. :)@brooke Imagine: daily Verge faxes
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@reckless YESI'm an old fashioned girl. Still get such a thrill seeing stories in print. #SmartThings #Samsung #IoT #OpenistheWay http://t.co/2Z2UGe41Ae
So proud of @smartthings & @ahawkinson and cannot wait to continue working them within the Samsung family! CC @BrewPRBREAKING NEWS! Congrats @smartthings -> Internet of Bling: Samsung Buys SmartThings http://t.co/AJDTYORGjy via @karaswisherGood move Twitter -->Twitter says it will improve harassment policies after Zelda Williams quits service http://t.co/TRpqIMuJs9 via @vergeThe best fitness tracker you can buy http://t.co/sJwBArb8tv via @vergeOh how I wish this existed when I was a kid! --> No boys allowed: Girls Who Code takes on gender gap http://t.co/nYmKzq8jZl via @usatoday@Gawker @samfbiddle Um many are donating money AND doing the challenge. It is about awareness and getting people involved. Come on.
@brooke They should be outed, booted off social media and possibly have charges brought against them. It's disgusting.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThe people who do this are truly horrific bullies, far worse than "pranksters". We are seeing this happen too much. http://t.co/KX6gZTqQffUsing Software to Keep Pro Athletes and Startup Millionaires From Going Broke http://t.co/PhKoYfPiIM via @BW cc @wealthfront @wauckward
Bogart has his girl back after all these years. I hope they are dancing.The San Francisco 49ers Have Started Using @Wealthfront To Manage Their Money http://t.co/xRqmLN9MUC@ajt @jyarow That's good.Totally make that MAVEN stop it. Please. Also maven sounds old. Also tech people on Secret are boring. #thisis40 http://t.co/AhscVFpDOY@kanes @jyarow @nitashatiku DAMMIT.@jyarow I mean I would describe him as EARLY STAGE.@fmanjoo @jyarow OBVIOUSLY this is due to your frustration the NYT isn't on this first.@jyarow great. I would like to nominate Potato. He encompasses everything great in early stage pre series A dogs. http://t.co/0pOdxvIud3@jyarow Like puppies...Hey @businessinsider can you let us know when you start compiling the top 50 dogs in technology list? Asking for a friend. Thanks.@april_conyers @CCdip @wauckward @jesstenny @jackielamp Apes...you ok? I mean I know it is NOT a CORGY.
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