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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more:

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A day of powerful conversations. Now @karaswisher & @hosain talk about the massive future of #wearables #codemobile is 7 years old today!
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@THErealDVORAK @VanityFair @Medium here at the #VFSummit - was in earlier tweet. Sorry!"It turns out everything impactful you want to do has controversy" - Mark Zuckerberg #VFSummitWatching Mark Zuckerberg talk about product is like watching the world's best conductor. #VR #inspired #VFSummit he just said it on stage so pretty sure it is confirmed.Oh how I miss David Carr. #mediaWait @VICE handed out $1 million at their holiday party to employees? Is that true?@andrewhyde apparently raising over $50 million is now considered an adorable arts and crafts project.This interview is painful @VanityFair and pretty sure @medium isn't a "project". #VFSummit #mediaI love this so much -> Facebook Plunges Into Home Repair Matchmaking Service cc @getyourpro
If you start the conversation with "I am the founder of a unicorn" to me I will punch you in your face. Or at least visualize it.Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo's Next Gig: Writing for "Silicon Valley" Sounds *a lot* more fun than running Twitter
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWow I am SHOCKED. Shocked I say. could listen to these guys talk all day. #VFSummit @WalterIsaacson and Graydon Carter kicking things off.
I mean finally. Like how long have we waited? #thisisreal #whatiswrongwithus right but you distributed it. I am as impressed with the distributor as I am with the manufacturer.@karaswisher always.@brooke #winning
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWe can all acknowledge a happy Kara is better than an unhappy angry scary Kara. Cc @karaswisher #twitter#metatwitter#adambainisCOOnice
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI can't even think of anything more witty to say as it speaks for itself. #Trumpkin might be your greatest yet.@ReformedBroker so the whole sexual deviant thing not a good business practice?Our flight attendant just began talking in a British accent á la Madonna. Good times. #SFbound
Epic concert event @U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris airs 11/14. #U2ieTour #U2onHBO
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@jennydeluxe I think I was standing right behind you. Which also means I am the oldest person here.Has to be one of the best covers yet of the @NYTmag
I think the debate about @WebSummitHQ is ridiculous. Boy could I tell u some stories of some bad apples and they aren't them. Simmer down.@brooke I am trump's running mate
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingDude @karaswisher you are dangerously close to looking like a Republican. Maybe you should run. I would vote for U.
Why iPads and Chromebooks won’t save the classroom via @FastCoDesign / cc @TeamKanoIs Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn ready to step in for Lloyd Blankfein? $GS via @WSJ@JamieStelter all but C.
I love Law & Order marathons when the convicted serial rapist from the last episode is the super moral judge in the next. #lawnorderSome publishers say ‘No’ to automated ad sales via @WSJ cc @Refinery29 #adweekSo tonight I learned the right way to pronounce @danprimack's last name. Thx @editorialiste @brooke
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingOH: I would totally convert for the baby pope. Cc @ReformedBrokerBeing in the communications business whilst Mercury is in retrograde SUCKS. I legit cannot wait for October 9th. I might have a party.I am hoping to learn how to code in the next 12 months. "Coding School General Assembly Raises $70 Million" from the Top: Refinery29 co-founder Philippe von Borries via @Digiday
@rstephens omgomgomgPensive Potato. @MarkRonson sorry I missed you DAVID!!!Apartment space in NY is so silly apparently moving trucks are a thing of the past. Samsung pays where Apple can’t via @WSJ - well this makes the game interesting. Samsung FTW.@Gadgetoid @mtulls @11AliveNews @BrewPR Raspberry Pi 2.@mtulls @11AliveNews @BrewPR it is a kit that uses Raspberry Pi 2 but other components as well. Then teaches u to code!Journalism is dead. Digital biz model doesn't work at all. Business Insider sells for $442 million. @pkafka
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThis is the computer a 7-year-old can build via @11alivenews #kano cc @brewpr
Can a dog be a sociopath? Asking for a friend.
To Unite the Earth, Connect It
Leaving London and leaving this whopper behind. What a book! Carried w/me all summer & sad to see it end. #NewYork
@Mariobatali not even the Pope will keep me away from the lamb chops at Babbo. I will walk.@brooke No you live in Jersey now Hoboken is v. nice.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@Mariobatali but I miss your food too much MB. I must return!@dj I'm having anxiety.@salsop that's like public transport right?? :) I will TRY it.Say you were landing at noon at Newark airport tomorrow and trying to get back into NYC would that be insane b/c of Pope? What are options?
London I am in you. Let's play.
An amazing tribute to Bono's mom. #Iris #whatasong #u2 #Stockholm amazing to be fly on the wall. A discussion w/baseball revolutionaries, Billy Beane & Bill James #NetSuite
.@SnoopDogg speaks with Ted Chung at #TCDisrupt
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAnd they take Stockholm. #U2
The team behind U2 is incredible. Logistics of this are madness yet grace under fire and so beautifully handled.
#NowPlaying "Song For Someone - Live From San Jose" by U2 from Song For Someone - Single I LOVE THIS ♫ @MikeIsaac @SarahNEmerson and chic. I look like a homeless person compared to everyone here.@MikeIsaac @SarahNEmerson it is totally fair frankly.Everyone in Stockholm is beautiful. I think it must be the law here or something.
Big news. incredible story behind one man's three-year quest to bring down nutrition giant Herbalife
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@MikeIsaac @jyarow mike that was a perfect tweet.@lizzieohreally I agree wholeheartedly.The TV/mirror thing seems very Swedish to me. #stockholmorbust this actually happens then I am ridiculous. man. The myth. The legend. #BillyBeane #Moneyball #NetSuite #OaklandAs
OH: she doesn't do conferences on boats or music festivals either!@CoryTV is that including the Louboutins?For 4yrs, the more Salesforce spends on marketing, the less sales grow. $CRM #Dreamforce #BadSign
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingA 20-something sold his 1st company for $80 million in a year, now he's raising $11 million for new startup via @sai@robinwauters @himanginik @neilswmurray that is a VERY good question and highly overdue!!@robinwauters @himanginik @neilswmurray wow well that's one way to go about PR. A bad way. But one way!Ahmed Mohamed Is the Muslim Hero America’s Been Waiting For via @thedailybeast #nerdswinSo impressed with @paddycosgrave & the whole @WebSummitHQ team. What a story. -> Announcing Web Summit for Schools the Way for America’s Small Businesses, One Lesson at a Time - via @fundera#FUNDERAFUNDED -> Fundera Picks Up $11.5 Million In Series B Funding via @techcrunch cc @fundera
OH: get in the fucking sea. #TrumpThank you @markwilliams0n because this is my new everything. #follow @getinthesea cc @Roystonlangdon #getintheseaI love when a competitor to a client sends me a head of comms job description with ALL the cool private product details and roadmap!Hey guys. There was some back and forth earlier but all issues resolved & August app is LIVE in the app store #iOS9 is going abroad. First up for the digital publisher: A U.K. site. via @pkafka -> Congrats @Refinery29!
@jonathanmprince @MikeIsaac no one really does the 2nd day. 😇@katierosman @erin_gs yoga in Loubs is really the future ladies.@jonathanmprince @MikeIsaac this is like the most enabling tweet. Also Prince I will now tweet u since u don't respond to texts. #shamingu@MikeIsaac no.Stockholm. U2. Perfection. As is this amazing auction for an incredible cause. Bid away. See u in Sweden! is pretty awesome. #eero
Like one of your best. #music #spotify
So I have a new obsession.
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