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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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I would like to see a diagram showing it is worth the money he raises to piss of an entire city with the traffic fiascos. #ObamaInLANetSUITE baby. #earnings #cloud #awesomeness http://t.co/34E8EpPCA5 by @ahess247@reckless @backlon I accept this challenge.AMAZING news MT @reckless: I'm going back to The Verge as EiC, and @backlon will be our new executive editor. http://t.co/uQWmqSBCbo@drew @april_conyers 12 on the nose. #impressed
Because driving thru LA when Obama is in town is my idea of a GOOD time. (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)) http://t.co/LJL2LmWAl2@april_conyers alwaysIf this becomes a trend a lot of people will be pulled off planes due to their frustrated tweets! http://t.co/CQ4z7sBTx8Always fun when @karaswisher smacks other media reports down! "There Have Been No Google-Spotify Acquisition Talks" http://t.co/mrC9ZSq82w
And how I love these boys this band. @spacehog #summerland http://t.co/A58EB132DZ@ThePeterHa I very much am.Sell out crowd tonight and what a great crowd. #Portland cc @spacehog @everclearband #Summerland http://t.co/iP6VB6bZsh@ThePeterHa I don't have enough tattoos to fit in here.@parislemon yeah plug it in. Gets weirder.You guys @IAmChronixx is on the Tonight Show with @jimmyfallon tonight. Definitely check out or set DVRs. #badass #JamaicaInside Shutterstock’s Fourth Annual Hackathon http://t.co/7yZxqCPz2f via @techcrunch@film_girl @brooke I think they have a unicycle ride sharing service
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@fxshaw a disaster.Uber isn't in Portland yet. A fiasco.Does anyone else take a fake phone call when walking towards people holding clipboards trying to get you to sign up for their cause?Cc @m_millsey RT @MediaREDEF: Longbox: R.E.M.'s Out Of Time (Roman - @romanmars) http://t.co/sX7v4YeNqqGreen, cool and grey. As I had hoped. (@ Portland International Airport (PDX) - @flypdx w/ 20 others) http://t.co/X7eFaTqrgxi interviewed every band on the summerland tour, so here's the first one, for spacehog's beloved "in the meantime" http://t.co/2MRzexxFXr
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@SeanMichaelMc @femaregion1 @CDCemergency omg.Quantifind Raises $12M To Translate Social Media Data Into Sales http://t.co/uqjYac1xWy via @techcrunch#Portland: Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 & Spacehog - Jul 22 at Mcmenamins Crystal Ballroom Tickets: http://t.co/jBqg3IxK6j
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@MicahSingleton @reckless YESThis was the cake at Christina Aguilera's baby shower. You're welcome. http://t.co/d7pWY9C8HH@jheil bring it.Thank you @CCdip @wauckward for your thoughts and understanding during this difficult time. http://t.co/xwocQbm7BM@wmalanw not my posse.Two men currently on Portland-bound flight asking flight attendants to find a place for their hipster fedora hats.@seanludwig @Delta pretty gruesome. No question.@mcwellons @ReformedBroker burrito bowl is my jam.Yo @Delta FTW! Cross country flight with no TVs and no outlets. #welcometothe90s And THIS is Biz class. http://t.co/W6GznfhPJ0Portland-bound and that anxious feeling that plagues me that wifi won't work on the plane. #wifiorbust http://t.co/AjUjq8L85p
@jatplay Um WOW blast from the past!! THAT was unexpected!! Cool on alum...who?Going to Portland, Oregon tomorrow for the first time. Anyone in town want to go to a rock show? LMK! #SummerlandSo here's the thing...this is when you start diversifying your assets, get liquid and bunker down. http://t.co/xpqyBNqDFwLove when Swisher talks Spotify. --> Google's New Business Head Joins Spotify Board,http://t.co/EW09xCkQjH via @karaswisherFootball coaches should probably not speak to the media. http://t.co/uWT5wZa2Yb@brooke @crowdrise I've raised $ for charities for races, birthdays, other fundraisers, etc. So much fun & always the best experience!
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@brooke i have used @crowdrise, but you already knew that :) here is my most recent campaign https://t.co/FmdpvaetIK
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHas anyone used @crowdrise? Find it really intriguing and would love to hear your experience.I love this man with my entire being. We should all want to be him. Embrace life and dance. https://t.co/v3fxNOVMQnBREAKING: Leaving The Register end of July to join Bloomberg News to cover Enterprise Tech on the West Coast.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling#Jobs Monday -- > @BrewPR is HIRING. Experienced #TechPR people. #NYC Send resumes to jobs at brewpr dot com.
@stevekovach no they just pictured an ewok. I mean really.You win this round @MailOnline. #headlines #EWOKALYPSE http://t.co/FnqJas13FbThis makes me smile. http://t.co/RqpTFWM6ogRIP Maverick/Rockford/Noah #Garner http://t.co/kzQBZ2rktl
@inafried you are the BEST at this game.Sweet! Cc @Roystonlangdon RT @Viss: @brooke mission accomplished. I said you sent me and they got a bit excited http://t.co/GvSStm2J6fU #RemoveALetterRuinABand
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@Viss but go check out the tshirts. The silver shiny alien is badass.@Viss couldn't make tonight's show. That pic was from LA.@Viss go to the merch table and go say hi to the spacehog boys. Buy a tshirt. Tell them I told u too. Go go. :) #trustmeAn amazing moment from @SPACEHOG's LA show the other night. @antonylangdon about to join @Roystonlangdon on stage. http://t.co/BjWSO8PEsS@Viss sexy indeed!Best addition to my hood. #NYC #FOOD (at @Claudette_nyc w/ 5 others) http://t.co/ExRvaBiKSrWas just asked if I wanted anti wrinkle cream. For my puppy. #NYC (at @KiehlsNyc) http://t.co/FBh7VGrKV0
NYC... For the weekend. (@ John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) w/ 148 others) http://t.co/H5YXT0pLkj@rapino99 @guyoseary @LiveNation @aliciakeys congrats guys!!Join us tonight for #SummerlandTour with @EverclearBand, @SoulAsylum, @Eve6 and @Spacehog starting at 9pm. Free! http://t.co/KPv43SQsVx
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@april_conyers it will take away our sidewalk rage!! And keep u walking a straight line young lady.It has come to this. It was bound to really. http://t.co/S3dSptCV72
@RobGlaser wtf does that mean?@msg so then come if you're in town. :)@msg @SPACEHOG @EverclearBand u weren't even alive in the 90s right?Hey LA pals. Come hang w/me for an early show at House of Blues. 7PM start for @SPACEHOG and then Eve 6, Soul Asylum & @EverclearBand #musicMy Twitter stream is equal parts: Plane being shot out of sky, Israel and Gaza killing each other, Meg Whitman named chairman of the board.@DreMoran on top of everything else this is creating added anxiety. Looking for juice.What a lovely news day today is. http://t.co/KhlXldDzsNRelativity Units, Refinery29 Partner On Digital To TV Development #Hollywood http://t.co/A3gqd4Y1m7This place is fantastic. (at @Palihouse w/ 3 others) http://t.co/SmYQAVH7O7
Still no sign of "the cockpit". Really unnerving to be told they had a late night. #missingpilots cc @AmericanAir@AmericanAir do we still get miles if the "cockpit is missing" which we were just informed of?@cpen makes you wonder that's for sure."We are waiting for our cockpit as our cockpit had a late night thanks for your understanding" seems like a weird announcement.@fromedome that's like the chupacabra to me though. I have so many miles to go before I get there. Starting from beginning. @AmericanAir@AmericanAir working hard at it. :)My new life goal is to get major status on @AmericanAir because from where I'm sitting in the back the front looks soooooooo nice.I'm confused. What do I do now?? #lazypants http://t.co/j6pjxAWGpTPSA: if you eat a bacon egg and cheese on 7 grain bread it is healthy.Gotta say I'm a little teary over the Jeter tribute ad. #RE2PECT
Rumors and speculation, people. Rumors and speculation.Attention tourists coming to #NYC - - Avoid Tavern on the Green at ALL costs. https://t.co/5oOigtYkS2I am pretty sure if I unfollow everyone who post pics from airplanes or food I will have no friends. Something I need to analyze.It's gone too far. To quote @racheldodes, an abomination. http://t.co/mZSP3Nkjaa
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSome of the best advice I got once was to work w/a trusted travel agent for company travel. If your company needs a referral LMK. The BEST.Wow I thought @TWC was bad but my interaction w/their people has always been delightful. @comcast wins THIS round! http://t.co/KG2DeJcqfNHiring AAEs & AEs in NYC office @BrewPR. 1-4 years experience. #Resumes -- > jobs at brewpr dot com #techpr #prjobsnyc@ajs I think that goes without saying. :)This pretty much means anything can get funded. Wonder what would have happened of a female founder. http://t.co/NZDhniAHi3Ladies & gentlemen, the iconic @karaswisher in the most incredible of profiles. #badass http://t.co/mB3k1Ilw7M@dhellinger clear eyes full hearts can't lose
@P2chairman I love him. But not THAT much. :) #toofar?@ReformedBroker best father ever.@Aubs because then he pees on himself. So low to the ground. Sigh.@Aubs @lilabelle yeah she was. Potato, not so much.
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