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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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Chocolate dragon egg? #jacquestorres #inmybelly cc @rmastrosimone http://t.co/qi9KY2tsPH
These eels were alive. Then they weren't. Then they were in my belly. #dinner #DelPosto http://t.co/ZuFDBtu7Cb@jonmchu @tonyhawk so so so clever.
Extraordinary, emotional story of running Boston last year. And this year. From @dens. https://t.co/0ikYqPRVDy (Cheering for you & @chelsa!)
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingNice scoop by @nickstatt: Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware http://t.co/T15V3ulBic via @CNET
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling#Savetheelephants! MT @adage: Massive eggs land at New York's Rockefeller Center: http://t.co/PaDGAFAWaj http://t.co/1oafZzX0L5Such a fascinating business. "@Jana Mobile creating a new currency for emerging markets" http://t.co/gI5L7QLc7nSuch a cool idea! Watch REM's @m_millsey REMinisce over some vinyl records. (Had to pun) #VinylTest http://t.co/Bs47uMJReF via @MTVAn incredible opportunity for a writer to join our client @Fundera's amazing team in a crucial role. #hiring #NYC http://t.co/YVhuMyTfluWorld's chillest orangutan: http://t.co/Db9sARVgQi http://t.co/AuFB1YuOJ1
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@thebingblog @USAirways #nevergoingtohappen@catherinetabor great advice!! Thank you!@brooke as an advocate for female entrepreneurs and a successful one yourself, I wanted to pass along my story. http://t.co/2HACzkVrm2
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@jyarow @USAirways they are most def not having a good week.Definitely not ever flying @USAirways! http://t.co/H0BlE0O1Cz
This is an incredible organization. If just one of you got involved it would make a difference. #ElephantFamily http://t.co/w5hBHP7kQDThanks to @RyanSeacrest for making people who watch this stuff dumb. Appreciate it. #KILLSBRAINCELLS http://t.co/zVJpKAKUloAn amazing surprise from @crystale & @sacca! Enough @cartographwines to at least get thru the weekend. Starting now. http://t.co/8pnVu36ATDThe Next Buzzfeeds? 5 Hot New Websites CC @refinery29 http://t.co/r6Jh2XMNOg via @THRService in the restaurant during the day has gotten SO bad. Need a new go to. (@ Crosby Street Hotel) http://t.co/vBfuazrdsFVery very clever. J. Crew Took Out A Full-Page Ad To Respond To One Customer's Open Letter http://t.co/SweS24EobW via @Retail
Countdown to 40 - T minus 14 days. @katierosman kicks it off with #POPROCKS. #grateful http://t.co/ceVSXkQKDMHot mobile games company Scopely lands ex Disney exec as COO http://t.co/I2KrtX4UJ5
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@anildash @rachelsklar @WSJPR agree@anildash @rachelsklar @WSJPR ...they are obvi GOING to have women speakers so why not have a few for 1st announcement? It's perception.@anildash @rachelsklar @WSJPR I appreciate that perspective and I am not of the camp of "a woman for the sake of having a woman" BUT...@GreeterDan assistant, wife, girlfriend...always.@GreeterDan NO WAY. Dear lord there are some bad eggs out there.@rachelsklar @WSJPR Agreed. Tone deaf & bad PR. I am sure they will have women but for optics they shld have in initial line up. #PR101Beyond thrilled that @BrewPR is working with L'Oreal and @nycbabylon on their #WomeninDigital Initiative, something near & dear to my heart.Who's in @marieclaire today? @kfalter, the founder and CEO of @Poptip that's who! #powerwoman cc @BrewPR http://t.co/jPmhcr6OiO@AlexMLeo My team just ran out the door after seeing your tweet. :)FUN is when your office building turns off the heat because it is SPRING & WAS 70 degrees but now arctic and we are in coats at desks.The Exit that Wasn't - @tonysphere talks about buying @aboutdotme back and oh the fun he is having! -http://t.co/e71r80cX8R
@arpigreco I GIVE UP!!!@april_conyers I have references cc @CCdip @wauckward@Aubs yup@april_conyers are you hiring??It is snowing. I give up NY. #Spring http://t.co/t7xAif1vOgReunion tacos with @dj at @ElToroBlancoNYC! http://t.co/DenL6e1Dpj@jordanrcrook DUDE I blame the twitter unfollow bug.I bet your day is better than this person's day. http://t.co/gZjdbXVd2A
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI said it was the coolest & now u can see! Look Inside @Shutterstock's Empire State Building HQ @Supercompressor http://t.co/ccVgiycRvuUp for 2 #WebbysPV this year, @Refinery29! Vote now for fashion/beauty http://t.co/5ey7fY6P9o & email newsletter http://t.co/QAJXTmNEvo
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@danprimack @felixsalmon some interesting parallels here. #redlightdistrict http://t.co/krv5XgTuR5@brianstelter @brooke I blame the ghost of Ed Kotch
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@AmyKNelson tequila is the only answer.More on NYC weather. A fiasco. Cc @brianstelter @stevekovach http://t.co/yPxJQdFnp9Why did the NY weatherman just say to keep an eye out for snow this evening? What is happening???I am pretty sure most would in my life would agree most of what I do is random. Keeps you on your toes though! http://t.co/4OBB0Wo9FgHey @PeerIndex: How 'bout @tgr @karaswisher @clarashih @ginab @brooke @thelist @nglaros @sarahcuda @heatherharde @caterina @edyson @marissa
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New job Monday!! Hiring in NYC @BrewPR office specifically 3+ years experience. #TechPR Resumes—> jobs at brewpr dot com.@jyarow @nichcarlson @SAI wait for the book. One day. But it is pretty shocking and doesn't seem to change with time or success.@nichcarlson @SAI @jyarow seen some amazing things.A Female Tech CEO Got A Truly Awful Email When She Tried To Hire Someone http://t.co/KQNrDkbzsB via @sai This is so gross.
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Being "ladylike" is a strength not a weakness and should be embraced http://t.co/lqp1EUqsqf
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@samfbiddle @DenaCook in Augusta GA. The south is better.Wings are my favorite food group. #Masters #TBonz cc @DenaCook http://t.co/uwIimGCwzpCongrats Bubba Watson. You make this sport FUN. #Masters http://t.co/9qesY5Dyb3This is what makes Bubba Watson the greatest player in the PGA in my opinion. #overalls #Masters http://t.co/lW6R5U4rdu@brooke Q's nickname IS Bubba... #furtherevidence
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingCan someone please start the Quincy Smith/Bubba Watson are the same person memes please? Thanks! #Masters #CodeHeading to #Masters with @DenaCook Southern belles don't know what to make of us! No phones allowed so, BYE! http://t.co/2j0RUK9K1KWow the @nytimes sure does have the HOTS for @larryellison today!
My first love. My dear friend. #Masters cc @m_millsey http://t.co/IRjSgM6ml0Where one goes after a lot of watching golf. #TBONZ #Masters2014 #notcoachella http://t.co/pR2pip5ueB@cwaxler @saucony amaze.@brooke @saucony the goyard of shoes
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@cwaxler @saucony no. Way. Want!!!Infuriating how @WSJ forces paying subscribers to shill for their app when emailing articles http://t.co/87Ok16yvya
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@april_conyers @fmanjoo no. Those are ugly.@drew hahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahaha@AnnaHolmes we have a farm of sorts.@AnnaHolmes I would love this very much. So would Moose. http://t.co/P7o4t4QqkV@AnnaHolmes I had visions of changing her "claw color" on a regular basis. I was able to get 2 on before she attacked. I lost.@AnnaHolmes did it. Moose was not as enthusiastic as I was.@susanmcp1 @AnnaHolmes #thisis40@susanmcp1 @AnnaHolmes kids. Kids. I'm in Georgia for golf tourney waiting for my friends as I inhale fried chicken and white wine. W/ice.@AnnaHolmes love it so much.@catherinetabor @DenaCook KROGER'S. Natch. :)Continuing the Georgia theme - Letterman news breaker, @m_millsey talk about his beloved Braves w/ Billboard. #REM http://t.co/Afj22RKkRGThis is Rosé in Georgia. Which is actually a serious problem. @denacook bring supplies stat! http://t.co/W0P1P7g7eDOh Georgia. How I've missedd u. http://t.co/X32yYpcVaP@ReggieBradford @ebrookes yeah but u were right. A little too steamy here for that level of cashmere. :)@ebrookes next year u and @ReggieBradford and I gotta hang and dine on pimento cheese!@ebrookes I really only come for the pimento cheese sammys. I do love them so. Are u still here??#notCoachella (@ Augusta Regional Airport (AGS)) http://t.co/kdrAGWxqTt@morsels @MediaREDEF @FastCompany oh stop.It gets weirder. @Delta flight attendant giving security briefing just explained if oxygen masks drop we shld stop screaming and crying..@ScottHarrison of charity:water, which has provided 4 million people w/ clean water, makes our #nyophilanthropy list http://t.co/glmpTBm5xu
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@MediaREDEF @morsels @FastCompany hahaha original idea. Or not. http://t.co/c4KO90kERO@Michael_Bloom always.The Masters is JUST like Coachella but for old white rich dudes who wear a lot of khaki. http://t.co/Hqeethpf0EWhile I give @Delta credit for having tables and tons of outlets they actually need to turn power on. #decorativeonly http://t.co/gM9m0k9g1EMaybe I'm wrong but seeing an uneven lumpy steep hill as a walkway in an airport is weird right? #LGA #Delta http://t.co/4gIstnuOEPGeorgia on my mind.... (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) w/ 123 others) http://t.co/x6QD6sIywLProtecting Yourself From the “Heartbleed” Security Flaw / http://t.co/hyNSKc6FGq
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@patkiernan the NoMad hotel. 1170 Broadway. Great lunch spot! Cc @JamieStelterThis is 100% true, I was there: The great 1980s Dungeons & Dragons panic http://t.co/L0xgWXlJtB
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@startupman @aweissman always a good time for one of their dogs.
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