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RIP Ben Crowninshield Bradlee 1921-2014 legendary Washington Post editor who looked after #WaterGate story & #PentagonPapers battle @ SCOTUSImplant Dentistry magazine brings the heat with their click bait headlines. http://t.co/0buzGtkVBsNice job @KyleKoster: http://t.co/j8G9Pu2qCr #BroAnimalShout out to U.S. vice president and America's favorite drunk uncle @JoeBiden. http://t.co/pRNFE2x2jt #ZeroVision. @DavidCovucci There's no contest. Team Nacho Cheese all the way. Cool Ranch is a dressing that belongs on a salad. @KyleKosterBro beef. One bro: Nacho Cheese Doritos are the tits. http://t.co/7DiXAPVfT0 Another bro: Cool Ranch are the tits. http://t.co/U8ioBFRjbSA graffiti-tagged subway with a Bernard Goetz-looking man is featured in a NYC haunted house: http://t.co/P0peMxQ57S http://t.co/1lnXlkmOQK
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt's all about "Dachshund's Cree" today: http://t.co/o0ug0Xt36NGive me a break Monica. You reap what you blow, I mean sow.
I reset the box. Restarted Iron Man 3. Now there's a gray box on the screen. #verizonfios http://t.co/I0c7eXbWZWI just rented Iron Man 3. Thanks @verizonfios, picture looks great. http://t.co/9svS9UggvjThe @osgemeos mural on the #BoweryWall is under wraps, again, and the countdown towards full… http://t.co/4zdSQqqF3nAbout 22 million live in ebola-stricken counties in West Africa. How do you justify banning all of them based on a few thousand sick people?Here's the exact location http://t.co/t9NasE3pFc of #Banksy's new #Bristol mural. http://t.co/vdhUyo1hoV http://t.co/mbG15SgalW
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@Trez56 @ANIMALNewYork Not even close.Intrepid Huff Post reporter claims to have found Sesame Street (http://t.co/qItII3rxTZ) via @diggThis graffiti is fake and was wheat-pasted in an Soho alley for TV series "Forever." http://t.co/gm00vpJHcg http://t.co/4jXKYQVnVc
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@soalexgoes Ahh... Yeah I couldn't find the credit at first.@soalexgoes That illustration looks like work of Imp Kerr http://t.co/ZnqePFtoEPNews about #Banksy today that is real: http://t.co/2T2uD6VkYy@kyliepentelow @thereaIbanksy That Twitter handle is not Banksy, but that new mural is.@CorinnePulitzer NOT a Banksy. More likely an ad for HBO's new documentary.New Footage Shows Unauthorized Tagging and Failed Getaway At the Whitney http://t.co/Qg5HbgDVIW
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoArtnet trolling hard with the untrue headline for effect: "Has Banksy Been Arrested Outside London?" http://t.co/Dp4s5lrbH9?Prop car. (Soho) #MozartInTheJungle http://t.co/cv45TNPDc1Cop Recites Law That Says Busking Is Legal, Then Arrests Busker http://t.co/9VkAi8ZAmZ
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
Just copped 3 more, that makes 8. #WorkUniform http://t.co/Cjbj8ySMN8Unauthorized tagging near a Koons at the Whitney shouts out the #PPP (Peter Pan Posse) http://t.co/AVti4LMSDt http://t.co/8FCBiTjhkZ
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoGo Jaguars!“@ANIMALNewYork: Watch Unauthorized Work Get Added To Jeff Koons Retrospective http://t.co/blVpiZxzNQ” #PPPIrony. (Downtown Brooklyn) http://t.co/yOZeOjOIpu
Asser Levy's finally coming around. Here's the mini-football field. #sportsnut @ Asser Levy Park http://t.co/b5l0tQBneoMelissa Mark-Viverito, Speaker of the New York City Council, is at the La Marqueta Chase alleycat. http://t.co/HFaZznYtBZ
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI don't get pets. They lead such boring lives.Bombed van. (Bushwick) http://t.co/Crykxr0rHM@smerconish @brianstelter @FrankBruni @franksesno @CNN YES! Absurdly so. The stats don't warrant the threat level.@fiahmad Not sure.@hragv Jesus.Since when did ice coffee, the most terrible thing ever, become the default way to serve coffee? Of course I want my coffee hot.
"Fish heads, fish heads, Roly-poly fish heads, fish heads, fish heads, eat them up yum!" (Chinatown) http://t.co/6MaWkTpFEa@NY1thecall The perception of Ebola is so overblown. It's similar to NYC's anti-bike hysteria. Despite the stats, the threat is exaggerated@errollouis Did he tell him that he'll break him like a little boy?Thousands die from the flu each year in the U.S. & yet everyone's running around like Ebola is the Rage virus. #28TweetsLaterParting Shot http://t.co/QyKzX9BA6K (Photo: @aymanndotcom) http://t.co/sPLGSHEnJk
Retweeted by Bucky Turco"There's a cock on my plate" @rhettjonez "Mine's black" @aymanndotcom "I can't take you guys anywhere" @buckyturco http://t.co/XzmfOxyiuR
Retweeted by Bucky Turco"Ebola causes headaches, feelings of nausea & is very difficult to get rid of." "Is it a virus or a free U2 album?" #ebolajokes@Cristoforo1012 @lizzyf620 @samfbiddle @max_read Dude. I play Vectrex.@lizzyf620 @samfbiddle @max_read Holy fucking white people problems.If it's being widely reported that a secret space drone has returned to Earth, it's not that secret.Doing this story made me realize how many frightened, corporate stewards there are doing "street art." http://t.co/2QoJqboP9nThe Stupidest Ebola Merchandise On The Internet http://t.co/RWmy3K84gM
Retweeted by Bucky Turco#SEN4 (Downtown Brooklyn) http://t.co/VLYip3fKrV"This nation must NOT be caught off guard when faced with a pandemic," -Then-Senator Obama to then-President Bush in 2005 about Avian Flu.
There are New Yorkers who are calling into @NY1thecall and demanding a ban on all flights from Ebola-infected countries in Africa.Amsterdam with my @weedist fam. #tbt 2012 http://t.co/tjv5BxSDU0NY1’s @PatKiernan Tells the Gray Lady To Go Fuck Herself In the Nicest Way Possible http://t.co/7W6VVVQVFF http://t.co/DCxsdBKCYK
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAfter Banksy told Nick Walker every parody of the Mona Lisa has been done, NW came up w/this: http://t.co/0oM7D70jNZ http://t.co/GCtRPQglt4
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt was great meeting and talking with @Apishangel in person. He's having an exhibit tonight on Broome Street: http://t.co/fnKsBTiEfD@patcartelli @ANIMALNewYork Cyclists should have to treat red lights like 4-way stop signs.“@ANIMALNewYork: "No quick and easy fix for mental illness" http://t.co/2Xq6iGvivq http://t.co/DbgBWdjER2” Great interview by @roguecheddar"The woman every day seh a hustler..." -Eek A Mouse (Soho) http://t.co/gCdA5LzqXs
I only endorse people I know away from the internet. My good friend @vandal_express is an artistic visionary. Check his work out.
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@johnpeabody LOL.Giant snails and tall, thin, faceless woman. #Soho http://t.co/HVMKr9i9D2These are the only things from Village Voice's Best Of New York poll you need to know. The rest is the worst. http://t.co/6cDLZFMjE3
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThe Reason Why Erykah Badu Made Less Than $4 While Busking In NYC Is Cause She Sucked http://t.co/fB5qxynMxg
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@lainnafader @jordansarge I often find myself in agreement w/ what Jordan writes but this is way more accurate to me: http://t.co/yruf7jxCsf@MatadorContent Do I have email? Feel free to use whatever you want.@RichJuz @jordansarge This is the F tain and these guys probably aren't junkies, but they sound waaaaay better: http://t.co/u7yqfDT4VJ@RichJuz @jordansarge Wow. Low standards all of a sudden. Her voice sounds terrible and she's being an asshole. Shocker she made $3.60@RichJuz @jordansarge Did you not listen to the lyrics where's she's condescending to streets performers and the unemployed?Erykah Badu didn't make any money cause SHE sucks, not New York @jordansarge. The junkie on the M train sings better: http://t.co/qEZu5yn22o“@KyleKoster: RT if you're interested in me writing a longform profile of @buckyturco of @ANIMALNewYork fame.” RT if you're NOT interested!An Abductee Outsider Artist’s Tender Documents Of His Extraterrestrial Romance http://t.co/KZdDaQ6Wfy
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoShould I need to brush a tooth, this will come in handy. http://t.co/LWc1FwMpwLThis Millennium Falcon Is Made Out Of Weed http://t.co/cxMHEvGWWO
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The homogenizing factor aside, this is why New Yorkers hate 7-Eleven: 99 cent Linden's? Stop gentrifying bodega food. http://t.co/tfkcDKFMLqSprite coming off the best in this performance.Crowd at BET awards all from VH1
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIs this a Metro PC ad? What's going on here? #BETDoug E. Fresh!This battle was pretty ill but the Marine Expeditionary Force Band totally watched the movie Drumline. http://t.co/f2pXLSr0nl cc @NickCannonThe Catholic Church is, and always will be, gayer than the gayest gay man.@realsugarqueen No. Was just guessing my dream whip@realsugarqueen was it a dope car? M5?@realsugarqueen What?! @mfortki Anyone who can deal with me for 5 years while making ANIMAL bigger & better than it's ever been deserves a special award.some personal news: After 2 great years, I'm leaving Salon to join @ANIMALNewYork as managing editor. Very excited to join (1/2)
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSo about that weed expo in NYC? @AmyKNelson went & not only left with knowledge about the industry, but also weed: http://t.co/aXFfA6xMxwA Christian haunted house where drug addicts are the ghosts and ghouls http://t.co/5rGaNf6KNSThe comments are more of a hate crime than the mild vandalism. http://t.co/mi3HVXFqRQ re: Crown Heights deliThe UK's @DailyMailUK did a great job distorting the facts in Crown Heights deli vandalized story. http://t.co/vhQu91MoLzDoesn't the smoke bomber who popped out of a subway grate kind of look like famed urban explorer Steve Duncan?"Somewhere in the country people are flocking to the new Domino's Pizza recipe." -@PatKiernan being cordial about REAL NYers not eating DP.
.@ANIMALNewYork Hacktivists Dramatis Personai took to the streets of NYC to protest erosion of privacy rights. http://t.co/gtj43PFFpA
Retweeted by Bucky Turco“@ANIMALNewYork: "Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar…" http://t.co/0Y2ehySieb” #BurningSpear!@daweiner it was in NYC at the Marriott Marquis.Best press pass ever. #NYCweedexpo #InternationalCannabisAssociation http://t.co/JDPfDQV5rKDear Internet. If you're going to create a massive gallery of Cosplay from ComicCon, include the freaking descriptions of who's who.Today, in chyrons that needed a few more seconds before airing live: "As ISIS draws near, is Baghdad vulnerable?"
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
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