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“@ANIMALNewYork: Parting Shot http://t.co/RwrIz9Rae9” Why do you hate chipmunks @mfortki? http://t.co/0peSwOWAL0Pundit on @AlJazAmerica talking about replacing lethal injections with a firing squad in lieu of botched execution. Maybe, not?#tbt My grandma made this art over 60 years ago and I wish I would have asked her why the tusks look… http://t.co/R8xYCo0J1fVillage Voice latest media outlet to give urban explorers who had nothing to do with white flags more IG followers: http://t.co/9fNsgXChyCBut no mention of which charity or when alleged money will be given. LOL. RT @bigfootone BNE X BIGFOOT tee design for #cleanwater charityIn the mood to remind yourself how poor you are? Go read this site about the poshest private pools in NYC: http://t.co/gl2rp3Upbf The .5%The street art/graffiti world needs an Amber Alert type system whenever @BNE launches a new scam. I'm shocked DABS & MYLA are so naive.Are crows smarter than a first grader? http://t.co/si6LFikjCKThe worst part about this sign is that it had to be made in the first place. Clean up your shit. @… http://t.co/umwoMKdbj8Powerful feature by @AmyKNelson for @ANIMALNewYork. She asked people why they attended Eric Garner's funeral: http://t.co/FYpirpPw4tJust hit my inbox: "Kate Hudson wears shoes again"“@Newser: Lawyers Tried to Stop Botched Execution After 1 Hour http://t.co/y4BNvwJ5xg” Reporter: was like watching a fish out of water.Air Algerie Plane Disappears From Radar http://t.co/dYY68YxiN5
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@MicahRubin What they said ^^Mornin' http://t.co/inNVXfKKcS
Last time I checked in with @bne, Charity Water had cut their ties with him, as did faileart, and… http://t.co/65X6FcpQ0FCool fixed gear bike. http://t.co/r525yta85UThe Queen of England's horse is a junkie: http://t.co/TIB6Mf0K8L@drivenbyboredom @hamiltonnolan It also makes for a very common sense argument. Too bad the adults aren't as smart as the middle schoolers.Ballsy piece by @hamiltonnolan on Israel should've been carved out of Germany not Palestine http://t.co/xJwk1Kme93 One issue though: Zionism@JustinBrannan @RODRIQUEZKELMY And yet gave some ADAs the raises they deserve.An urban exploring friend said Last Suspect & Matt Doscher were just baiting media for Instagram followers. http://t.co/euEkYs2EEl It workedPeople Who Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names: Doug Weight. http://t.co/GPWglUUByS
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Cool photo of Lady Liberty: #nyc fireworks just becuzz #statueofliberty by gabribazzini http://t.co/V0uQO2dKRh
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@stuartathompson This is my view. Now imagine thunderous booms and what looked like an explosion behind the tower. http://t.co/Lrb3LIXctu@stuartathompson Huge booming sound & then some red flares, but it wasn't till last volley that I saw they were fireworks. It def jolted me.@stuartathompson Not sure, but it just scared the shit out of me. I'm on 20th floor of Waterside Plaza looking directly south at WTC1!The fireworks were sponsored by Marriott International. Reason still unknown. http://t.co/fENllm3N1v
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWow just saw and heard huge explosions behind WTC1 from Waterside Plaza. Then quickly realized it was fireworks. Heart still racing. Jesus.Unless you're reporting on an actual tree growing in Brooklyn, it's time journalists stop using that convention in headlines, etc.For some reason aymanndotcom doesn't approve of my lens cap. http://t.co/XnDGIOkKAi@grubstreet Cave paaaaaaaaaaaaarty: http://t.co/S9rqaeJ9K2Wine tasting in a secret cave just outside NYC organized by @BaronAmbrosia: http://t.co/09w6wpDSss by @AmyKNelson & @aymanndotcomThey said the same thing about Denver. Give it some time you fucking killjoys @MoodysRatings. http://t.co/lttZuxNIPf #legalalizeitRussia's Bill O'Reilly, Yekaterina Andreyeva, says flight #MH17 was an attempt by Ukraine to assassinate Putin. http://t.co/ffdNq4dhMZ@GQMagazine @marcecko @kanyewest @Mark_A_Green he got his own magazine handle wrong...
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI can't believe people buy dogs."Kimye is more culturally significant than Page Six: Kanye" Truth. Seriously though, who gives a shit about getting in @PageSix anymore?
@newtgingrich @DenverZoo Your head is giant.@jopiazza Make an escape plan.@impossiblecool 'roast without risk'"Black boxes" from #MH17 have been handed over to Malaysian representatives. agreements signed and stamped. 1:15 AM local time
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAuthor of WSJ op-ed arguing Israel is justified targeting civilians cuz of how they vote owes OBL a citation: http://t.co/KDcPxKvUa9
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWSJ article goes from oped to racist rant faster than Israel's Iron Dome defense system: http://t.co/sY0ELoIMMl“@ANIMALNewYork: Israeli PM Tweets Racist Image From English Account, But Not Arabic One http://t.co/vNbPUbYdhJ” (cc @Mondoweiss)Something tells me the US media isn't doing a fair job in its reporting on Israeli-Palestinian war (via @Mondoweiss). http://t.co/7rRFTJfUIw"We have seen that Al-Jazeera has become part of Hamas.” -Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Majali Wahbe. http://t.co/pFpiefOe31Old school. 1924 Model T Ford truck. http://t.co/XUfLDrntVmThese highly paid American news anchors are nothing more than makeup & fluff. A followup question is not part of their operating procedure.It's crazy how CNN, MSNBC, Fox & other crap US media outlets don't question officials on both sides of Israel-Palestine conflict like @ajam!Gaza official says Israeli shells hit hospital http://t.co/uVDZka73bz
.@SkyNews reporter criticized for going through Malaysia Flight MH17 victim’s suitcase. http://t.co/1aJBroJNFD http://t.co/KG6MTj3Z9r
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThe temporary morgue. We see five refrigerated railway trucks at Torez station. Told close to 200 bodies on board. http://t.co/zEVwbTl0HK
Retweeted by Bucky Turco“Hamas is conducting massive self-genocide” -Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett http://t.co/6NW1OvD3WO
@HeartAsArena Exactly. In that case, why investigate? It was God, not the NYPD obvs.Muslim guy at my bodega just tried to explain how it was God's plan for Eric Garner to die like he did. Now that's some dumb ass theology.Experts: Social media can feed Munchausen by proxy (from @AP) http://t.co/amz44kYj89The AP made no mention of chokehold in their initial dispatch on the NYPD's arrest of Eric Garner. http://t.co/B8cXTurdblEdward Snowden is speaking at the #HopeX hackers conference today. Tune in at 2pm ET: http://t.co/4O1MOHKnWF
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoMy report from the #MH17 crash site, where chaos and cover-ups are literally leaving victims by the side of the road. http://t.co/z7D7Mea0io
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@Moe_Diab @ghazalairshad That looks like the protest a few months ago against Israel's compulsory conscription for ultra Orthodox.It's painful to watch the U.S. media's coverage of Israeli - Palestinian conflict.IDF: 34 tunnel shafts uncovered in Gaza, including 5 reaching into Israel http://t.co/iEfOtVx3pb http://t.co/yHwb0XPZ7p
Retweeted by Bucky Turco"Hamas is now using animals to attack Israeli soldiers." -Fox News#JA #nyc #graffiti http://t.co/IhcCcgjODCGaza is a concentration camp, and it’s an American delusion not to recognize that http://t.co/5TsBiI99Cj
@_ob_yan Kickstarter! Let's go !Russia spotted editing Wikipedia page about downed Malaysia Air jet #MH17 http://t.co/ElrCgQvJxK via @verge
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@_ob_yan @digg Shoulda been herbs!Rocket fired from Gaza hits tree. Cat falls from tree, lands on all fours, walks away nonchalantly. https://t.co/NVCWxHznnf
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAttack by Israeli military in Gaza City about 24 hours into the ground operation. http://t.co/iwHZw6s6PK
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThanks for all the support. Im returning to #Gaza to report. Proud of NBC's continued commitment to cover the #Palestinian side of the story
Retweeted by Bucky Turco"In the morning, Downtown Brooklyn is like Manhattan," said green cabbie jubilantly about all the fares.So @NYDailyNews takes down the raw video. Reuploads to site with WPIX logo and then doesn't show entire video? http://t.co/btI4llOVet@UncommonNasa Ah. I thought you took the video. THanks for the heads up.@UncommonNasa Can you send to us?Proud to say I'm part of the team that helped kill original #Ratter logo. Shit looked like a #chihuahua http://t.co/YQKtACmQil #RIPchihuahua@MikeForester Earlier, I was.@MikeForester I don't want an inner tube.It's impossible to find inflatable rafts in the world's greatest metropolis, which is surrounded by water. No: #EMS #Paragon #Kmart #ToysRUs“@AJDaulerio: Oh right. #ff @ratterofficial because here. http://t.co/YQKtACmQil” Logo by @bckgrndtester. #MH17 #israel #hamas #chinesefood#sportsnut http://t.co/v58bDrAaRd“@ANIMALNewYork: Looks Like Poster Boy Did the “WTF Is Street Art Anyway?” Billboard http://t.co/RnU0xptMOQ” Very smart alteration!@pippi_esfumarse Right but I don't want to pay $60 for a tire tube when pool ones are much cheaper.Where does one get inner tubes, the kind you float in say a pool or a lagoon--not the bike kind--n Manhattan or Brooklyn?Spidey sense. #animalnewyork @ McQuaids Restaurant & Pub http://t.co/xO6zK0Dujt@brianvan Except in her case.@brianvan No they charged her with obstruction, which tentatively sounds like the right charge.@brianvan Word. But don't say your a lawyer unless, ya know, you are@brianvan Vulcan mind meld moment@brianvan I never said she should go to jail, merely that she needs a new hobby. She sucks at this one and is a shouty asshole!@brianvan @ANIMALNewYork Agreed. But after watching the elbow video and this, I'm almost convinced she's just a shouty asshole@brianvan @ANIMALNewYork Or she was just trying to be an asshole. I observed many of her types at OWS.“@ANIMALNewYork: Cecily McMillan In Court Again For Another Altercation with the NYPD http://t.co/Eo7A9mkxry” Someone needs a new hobby.Rebel leader Alexander Borodai arrives at #MH17 crash site with armed guards http://t.co/NVNDd19umk http://t.co/9ALQauwuhz
Retweeted by Bucky Turco“@ParisHilton: #Killedit ;) RT @ericnamofficial: @ParisHilton #killingit #alreadykillt” Just get on with the Apocalypse already.@jonathanmena Word up. But that's also an entirely different situation in every regard possible@jonathanmena Word, but it's still fucked upCNN making great use of it's absurd technology as you can see. #mh17 http://t.co/ooTUCch3PIMorning at #mh17 crash site. Roosters crowing, orange sun glowing. ground littered w human skeletons and plane fragments... #ukraine
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