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Earlier, I spoke to the #FloodWallStreet polar bear. I spoke to him for exactly 13 seconds. Here him roar: http://t.co/DlfLupBppG@brandonwenerd @AmyKNelson @ANIMALNewYork Dammit, no.NYPD pushing back #floodwallstreet protestors earlier near entrance to Wall Street. (Photo: @AmyKNelson) http://t.co/lZKJe9RFbj
Retweeted by Bucky Turco#ArtistNotebook @shardstylee http://t.co/5n6U9K5NAC http://t.co/JDBxNu4sC3
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI'm on with @AmyKNelson reporting on #FloodWallStreet march. Follow @animalnewyork for updates. Here's a polar bear. http://t.co/AnmLkBI9NB. @krucoff #FloodWallStreet
My last tweet: 1:09PM https://t.co/lZDZ2dzWw7 Then phone died. The amount of neocons hecklers on my TL is the thing Fox Nation is made of.@carney No. The 41 other right wing idiots who've bombarded my timeline. But I'd be happy to debate you if you count yourself amongst them.I'd love to argue all day with science-denying, right wing fucktards on the Internet but I've got yard work to do. So, U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A 🇺🇸@redsteeze @tlingerfelt22 @kimoco That's not eugenics you muppet, lol. Plus I was being facetious, kinda.@tlingerfelt22 @kimoco @redsteeze Actually overpopulation is an issue too and some of you people need to stop replicating like rodents.1 RT is all it took to get a gaggle of neocon zealots to tweet at me incessantly. The right is organized like a well trained terror cell.@kimoco @TheAustinFitz @_FreeMarketeer @redsteeze Well, it is an ideology that refutes evolution and other basic tenets of science, so...@TheAustinFitz @kimoco @_FreeMarketeer @redsteeze The rantings of a madman. Also technically, it's better than speaking: humans emit CO2.Biology: ✔️ Astronomy: ✔️ Advanced medicine: ✔️ Physics: ✔️ Chemistry:✔️Math: ✔️Environmental science: Nah, fuck that. #rightwing@redsteeze Huh? LOL@TheAustinFitz @kimoco @redsteeze Right wing troll tactic: all environmentalists must design coconut cell phones & live in bark houses.@SageCommander @redsteeze Because equating Hamas with climate marchers is so reasonable. So yes, the right sounds fucking nuts.“@redsteeze: #PeopleClimateMarch http://t.co/7vy7QmUeux” Right wing trolls losing their mind on Twitter because #climatemarchThe Earth is overrated anyway. Kill the planet!Hung the giz_mta_xtc_ris next to the @cycletc5. #homecollection http://t.co/dC5aFz7qFdAerial shot of #climatemarch in NYC. Seconds later NYPD told @aymanndotcom to bring it down. (Photo: #ANIMALthree) http://t.co/ODRQ5bfCfe
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWherein @Gawker commenters are left of Che Guevara on a story about a NYPD crash: http://t.co/LaKjU4hSU4 … #kinja
@pippi_esfumarse In Long Island I am."#morallyvacant" -@AmyKNelson
Tonight at @BurgerItUp, graffiti artist #VEW is showcasing new work. GO there. Starts at 7PM http://t.co/nQGhSrLBqb http://t.co/PUqIaDZmOJ
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@ExcuseMySarcasm @hamiltonnolan Tell 'em @ExcuseMySarcasm!Art that @hamiltonnolan would like: http://t.co/o1znEmxxGq@whitmckenz Only if you're the person asking.Exclusive and Breaking: Is this NYC's most ghetto ATM? http://t.co/WRJyw1BW66OMG, the best thing...RT @claudiacukrov: @darrylohrt PAUL OUTLAW!!!! http://t.co/PM597f6Uf6
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAccording to the guy who hung this bear by a noose in his van, it was a representation of how he was… http://t.co/V3zrx2i3FaRegarding the iPhone 6, which of the following brand's carrier plans is unlike the others? http://t.co/fnC1trPYytBound Soldier Street Art Buffed Off Brooklyn Wall Lives On As Print http://t.co/7iznuungDH http://t.co/P6b2H3vEZC
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoJenny from the... back. http://t.co/ozc8XDsdwdDon't let the likely outcome of the Scotland vote dissuade you Texas.
@Scotland Hello. Are you a yes or no vote for independence?Whether Scotland votes yes or no, Americans still won't be able to make out their English.Scotland's secession ballot is outstandingly simple: http://t.co/Z6L4k5DnF7 http://t.co/dsPKkhPsPN
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoICYMI: Pot Tourism: How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado. http://t.co/f7bF8HU6bN AKA our most-popular article via natural search 4 mos running
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoHmm, not so sure amNewYork is reporting on the East Village accurately. http://t.co/xmeoIrriSl“@ANIMALNewYork: Take a ride on NY's best/craziest DIY art tour bus! @jenandoutlaws http://t.co/FtlCVT434U http://t.co/yoUCKfpIG0” Duck!Here's a GIF of that cop from the Sunset Park melee video (http://t.co/B9HNoEo8sG) who was suspended. #NYPDpunt http://t.co/NNjUTcG0PM
Retweeted by Bucky Turco.@BreitbartNews when obama took office britain was 1 country and now insurgents have taken over scotland and obama has NO PLAN to bomb them
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAccording to @DeathAndTaxes, 190 Bowery was "Manhattan’s last great punk rock building." http://t.co/0Z6WIVa5Sk LOL!#tbt #ftw #1981 http://t.co/198KQwGFOJ#ISIS became weapons of mass destruction real fast... and without a 9/11.“@sdoocy: Fun lunch w/Elisabeth, Brian, & the guy who makes my ties @realDonaldTrump http://t.co/B2sewmTr7B” Made in China. Also that hair!
@MarkLusby @BBCgmu @ChrisPageTV @audioboo That's some really nice graffiti though.@JoeyBoots This comment 158 weeks ago. LOL. http://t.co/I3XWJIg39a@JenXperience Ha. I escaped no problem after 1 segment. Someone owes me minutes of my life.I somehow stumbled onto America's Got Talent and am shocked this exists.@TheBigEasy58 @dan1ellep @AmyKNelson How the other half lives... in a bubble. Police can do no wrong, like ya know, angels from heavenKECH & his bestie. #nyc #graffiti #bushwick http://t.co/8StD8CK7yEDespite being in the limelight, videos of the NYPD acting crazily keep surfacing (http://t.co/XVQpjREBoQ), making them frightfully brazen!Intrepid reporter @AmyKNelson has been in Sunset Park all day, snagged interview with man who shot vid of NYPD chaos: http://t.co/xH4KZ4XBzd@dennisjansen @KeeganNYC Great point. There's def more footage out there.Three years later & #OWS hasn't learned a fucking thing. Good story @macfathom #Shame #Shame #Shame http://t.co/dPEkoe9eBc. @AmyKNelson spoke to one of the people who was arrested during Sunday's Sunset Park clash with the NYPD: http://t.co/n6pDh5la7e@dogstoevsky @mylestanzer Ever since the raid and removal of encampment, its been like that.Today is the 3rd anniversary of #OWS. The first-ever post ANIMAL did was on Sept 7 by @mylestanzer http://t.co/w9BnK8JshUI thought gay people were, for the most part, liberals: https://t.co/qLWP4HeDQG What happened?"Tomorrow 9/18 - Mad. Sq. Art Presents Tony Cragg: Walks of Life" (congrats @tcraggs22)This ad for terrorism drama 'Homeland' screams: worst CIA agent ever. Also, Little Red Riding Hood. http://t.co/aQRPPPxgwMMelee in Brooklyn caught on video prompts #NYPD to launch another internal investigation, cops tell ANIMAL: http://t.co/rcXiQ0XTlE
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
Captain America sucks.“@ANIMALNewYork: Parting Shot http://t.co/9UP2DEfiI6” This unsolicited contribution by @anthonyLISTER to the @LisaProjectNYC is ace.#tourists #selfies http://t.co/rLIyOOVuEHGo @HIGH_TIMES_Mag softball team who's smoking the competition! http://t.co/CQqm2pjoAi They beat the @WSJ 11-5 this weekend."Are there any Italians in ISIS?" ***pause*** "Italian ISIS?" -@JerrySeinfeld on @billmaher this weekend.Servicey poop post via @digg https://t.co/Z27xl2CzzUTune into @HuffPostLive at 10am to hear @AmyKNelson talk about a newsy thing: http://t.co/0PfBu6oJ19
Retweeted by Bucky Turco"If Scotland votes 'yes' the UK will split and we will go our separate ways forever." Prime Minister Cameron sounding like a lover scorned.
@carolineavenue @eastriverferry World's most gangsta ferryAyn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI need sizzurp. Who's holding? #AskingForAFriend #SeriouslyThoughWhat the hell was all that blue face paint in 'Braveheart' about? #scottishindependence
@ImPaulGale Really great work Paul. Top shelf.Wherein @RealAlexJones sounds like @seanhannity (http://t.co/6LKkkjH3A7) and doesn't undertand difference between weather and climate."Can I get a dollar, or two, or five," said this homeless guy to me in Hell's Kitchen. #InflationaryBegging@JADADEVICA @AntonioFrench Cool. The collective that organized it, YAMS http://t.co/F5XSUI98hE, is very talented, interesting.I read this as "Doctor Who"... Doctor Who Performed Joan Rivers' Endoscopy Steps Down http://t.co/x68lgRvE8c#Ferguson-themed art show opens in New York City. (cc @AntonioFrench) http://t.co/y69qEqLHN5The best thing about the Ford brothers is that they're both pretty terrible. #Canada #PoliticsThe best kind of rich to be. #SEO #nyc #graffiti @ Bronx, New York http://t.co/N1JlVMR84DMy sincere condolences to the @Gawker intern who had to compile this. http://t.co/xiwDUhXetoBout damn time @JamieStelter got a shout-out in a punk song. http://t.co/EPUYqcktf5 via @romenesko
Retweeted by Bucky Turco#FlashbackFriday Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives 9/14/2001 http://t.co/TnxddSK5xK“@hamiltonnolan: JAM OF THE CENTURY @patkiernan @RogerClark41 http://t.co/W5jrVKmtIC” This is pretty epic too: http://t.co/41hdVoEJ5yListen to this punk tribute to @patkiernan and @RogerClark41. http://t.co/BMAJYydjYf
#COST #FreedomTunnel #tbt @ Freedom Tunnel http://t.co/gECWPpoUCjHere is the back of @NYGovCuomo's head. http://t.co/JpF1MRcdr7@TheNeighborVB @Thatindianbruh I never understood why conspiracy theorists treat this as a smoking gun. Lots of erroneous reporting that dayLooks like Cuomo will have a much bigger entourage this year for his annual ride from Rescue 1 firehouse to WTC site. http://t.co/VCKZTBe8Zp“@WILL_MOY: @buckyturco hi where my money bucky i waiting” All about that paper!
Until we all refer to ISIS/ISIL by the same name, there can be no victory.About those leaked Gmail accnts & the suspicious site media outlets were telling you to use check said Gmail accnts: http://t.co/eSPSZXrxxUThis yellow taxi needs some work. http://t.co/sXDljwG5jNI just saw four entire subway cars covered from top to bottom, but they were adorned with ads for Vimeo, not graffiti. #wholecars@jezebeldodai @cordjefferson @desusnice How did I not make this list?
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