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Mostly nonsense, occasionally stamping out microbiological inumeracy, making food safer, and making podcasts.

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@johnroderick Helping people. As you do. Important research.@backblaze @siracusa @atpfm Oh great, another @songadaymann song stuck in my head for hours (Seriously, love the service, loved the ad).Accidental Tech Podcast: 110: And on That Bombshell… @siracusa weighs in on confusing government food safety temps. http://t.co/sITrgUfp4U@danbenjamin @hrmra @siracusa I think you are thinking of @hotdogsladies. 😝@siracusa @hrmra humble too.@emilynagoski So good. Thanks.@hrmra @benjaminchapman thanks!See what I mean @hrmra! @siracusa is seldom wrong. I've almost forgotten about that cold and flu thing back in the day.@hrmra It depends and it's complicated. Hence many, many episodes of http://t.co/Wy6xCFrxVQ with @benjaminchapman.@hrmra @siracusa @atpfm Cool, it's next in the queue. I'll listen this week.@drinkerthinker your cat is camping so you can enjoy your coffee and book in peace?@hrmra Did he get it wrong somewhere? Correcting @siracusa is a rare event.Practice paint accidentally turned in to some kind of fan art http://t.co/9gsEj9oeRr
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According to a recent Pew study, fewer than 2% of internet users will ever verify whether a given Pew study actually exists.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hotdogsladies Related: 73.6% of all statistics are made up.Kinda can’t believe I’ve still never been a gritty San Francisco detective methodically tracking a deranged counterculture psychopath.
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerTechnically speaking, any watch Tim Cook wears is an Apple Watch.
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@siracusa @marcoarment @caseyliss does it get stuck in your head too, @songadaymann?@mbbatz @benjaminchapman All the degrees. Cook it for all the degrees.@johnroderick @mcaufman @Mike_Doughty_ handsome!I'm proud of this week's Back to Work. http://t.co/KNmr0wqJQ9
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@mbbatz @ainzlie I think you are thinking of SnackNewWave.@ainzlie @mbbatz they already know about the thing *after* normcore.@mbbatz @ainzlie think of the children... the children!@mbbatz "and boy are my arms tired" [rim shot].@mbbatz So. Pretty much all food is pee, poop or farts, eventually.@mbbatz does that look artis-anal to you?@mbbatz eating is so complicated.
#Chagas disease is an underrecognized threat in the #US http://t.co/nHnP9Y6ET3 http://t.co/4ZRgXWDxQc
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@danbenjamin This is what happens from too many cell phones. Not enough phone booths.Good manuscripts tell a story. Great manuscripts start one.
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Absolutely: “@drsteventucker: "Everything we eat both causes & prevents #cancer" - http://t.co/99OD8LS2XZ http://t.co/3GTECGUPHG
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerRe-posting this Supergirls photo by @b_smialowski because the White House Science Fair is the best http://t.co/e60nW1DcwK
Retweeted by Don Schaffner"Tell us about the Oxford Comma War, grandpa!" "A dark time. Ruled by terror, fire and pedantry. ...I mean 'terror, fire, and pedantry.'"
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerLooking for women with PhDs in science, math, CS, or engineering to help with a philanthropy project! If you know someone I’d love an intro.
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@jxpx777 @hotdogsladies I think you are thinking of @siracusa@hotdogsladies In fact they are protective. Like +5 Mithril armor for your gut. Turns out.And hopefully kills all the Norovirus. Cc: @marksholdice @hotdogsladies @johnroderick @RoderickOn http://t.co/hVEijIOGWw@johnroderick @timidiceberg @RoderickOn so angry right now. http://t.co/QzeAc6jcUmFor all you potty mouth science nerds. http://t.co/4fPu9eLM7b http://t.co/c3MbLivbEfAre you made of Nickel, Cerium, Arsenic, and Sulfur? Because you've got a NiCe AsS!
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerYelp + Open Data = The End of Food Poisoning? http://t.co/ek6CowNeat
Retweeted by Don Schaffner“@ThatEricAlper: People having more fun at work than I do. http://t.co/HgPGGB4PON” #fb@tiffanyarment Groundhog Day?@tiffanyarment The Big Lebowski?
Do The Hippogriff by Jason Buckle & Steve Claydon & Jarvis Cocker & Jonny Greenwood & Steve Mackey And Phil Selway. http://t.co/6wyFyGwE7qGod, grant me the wisdom to know when I’m standing in the middle of an isle and the courage to keep moving and get out of the way.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@alftello So sorry, our email server gets blocked for sending spam sometimes. You can use donschaffner at gmail.@hotdogsladies https://t.co/hFbrtwhG2t
@hotdogsladies @johnroderick spot on. http://t.co/SQjgbjqSzL“@truebe: 1/1 Just write a goddamn blogpost.” Or post a goddamn podcast. Mea culpa.Had an absolute blast with @gruber on @thetalkshow. MacBook, Photos for Mac, the PowerBook Duo, and (of course) 🍏⌚️. http://t.co/tBBP0iLqAg
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@settern @gruber @thetalkshow so excited to listen!@benjaminchapman "Sundown you better take care If I find salmonella been creepin' 'round my back stairs"Just because you are old doesn't mean you can't be cool. http://t.co/4Q0vyeSML4@hotdogsladies as long as David Simon gets to make season six of The Wire first, I'm fine with that.If you love podcasting, you’ll love @mikebeasterfeld’s interview show, Better Know a Jackal, now at home on @5by5! http://t.co/miQSPEif9L
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@lukei4655 I know. Stupid work.@lukei4655 Just checked my calendar. Microbiology conference in New Orleans. But thanks for the invite. I'd really love to be there.Roderick on the Line: 147: “The Om of Surrender” shout out to all the great fans, including @capnmariam http://t.co/7fgYvVXHT1@hotdogsladies Om I god. I can't wait.@johnroderick what about Leonardo's or Raphael's? I'm pretty sure all the ninja turtles did a version of David.FYI, I grew up watching Phil Rizzuto and the money store commercials in upstate NY. @danbenjamin @hotdogsladies http://t.co/tATwN2xsID
@benjaminchapman @ShipLives a couple of early references on the topic cited here: http://t.co/YrMMLi5WGU@benjaminchapman Well, it took 2 for the almond board, so I'd give them two. t think Barfblog list a dozen walnuts incidents.
@kwarrine @benjaminchapman sprouters are a disorganized lot, without much money, and without a simple solution like pasteurization.@kwarrine @benjaminchapman The walnut people learn slower than the almond people. What's the right number of outbreaks before taking action?@benjaminchapman So, methinks 'tis a problem.@benjaminchapman Because the Almond Board are awesome and forward thinking. The Walnut Board? Maybe not so much.
@johnroderick So sorry John. I'm blame myself for not working hard enoughHey, everybody knows it’s been a great year for viruses, but if you haven’t tried this latest stomach flu you haven’t lived!
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@FoodRiskGuy probably safer than a rare beef burger, but it depends on their controls. Filing away for discussion with @benjaminchapman@FoodRiskGuy @ImpossibleFoods "meats and cheeses made entirely from plants". In other words not meat and not cheese.@mbbatz oh for fuck sake.Turns out. https://t.co/gx3QpxX41C
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@johnroderick I think you are thinking of landjaeger.@ZSchaffner, re: https://t.co/NoYIu9rhri, Kristin usually insists that I throw them out before they are fully knackered,@johnroderick ok, what's you favorite?@johnroderick what's yours?Everyone should own at least one knackered piece of their dad’s clothing.
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerI think retirees should be required to watch one hour of TED talks a day if they watch more than an hour of tv a day.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@thx1766 oh my.@thx1766 Whoa. Yeah. I can't believe Apple lets them sell those that way.@thx1766 nasty.@thx1766 that's vile. And because it's a root kit, reformatting is the only solution?What do we want: Open access. When do we want it: Immediately following forthcoming granting agency policy changes to require it.
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@hotdogsladies 🍀Yup. http://t.co/YX2RY8nCltBoom. http://t.co/MqeEvIhyUuHappy Cake day! I did not do well in math.
Retweeted by Don Schaffnerxkcd: Terry Pratchett http://t.co/CA102bRkX9@ryanbahniuk @romanmars DC Union station too.Happy Birthtime to music improving QUINCY JONES! 98 today! Happy Birthtime Quicky! Thrills, Pills and Bellyaches! http://t.co/ZVjXxiKjGr
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That Time Hunter S. Thompson Did An Apple Ad: http://t.co/fPQ8vvGewG
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerPay what you want to charity for every Bloom County, ever? oh man https://t.co/2QCsqN5HGE
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@mbbatz @LennyMBernstein but it's fruit! Fruit is "healthy". 😣Important discussion on how increasing clinical culture-independent diagnostic testing impacts disease surveillance http://t.co/3usGkd1mNf
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@mbbatz This is such an important issue for the future of food safety. Thanks for sharing.
@benjaminchapman yup@benjaminchapman looks like its not even new http://t.co/xinULcMs8m
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