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Mostly nonsense, occasionally stamping out microbiological inumeracy, making food safer, and making podcasts.

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@hotdogsladies @EffingBoring I think you are thinking of "guaraná".@ProfCharlesHaas @benjaminchapman Perfect, Thanks!@ProfCharlesHaas @benjaminchapman Chuck, are you free April 30 at 1 PM?@lexfri so you have been up late all week partying, and now it's my fault?
@benjaminchapman It might not be cost effective, but it's the right thing to do. Cc:@barfblog@lexfri You still have to drive home from Newark. The worst is not over!@johnroderick for Seattle transportation benevolent dictator!
How a Vinyl Record is created. For @caseyliss, @marcoarment and @siracusa. http://t.co/1AEKGIBaGWThat’s fine for Merlin.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@lexfri can we open the kimono and drill down on the net net? I always like it when @hotdogsladies does that.
@johnroderick noooooooooo!@benjaminchapman #citizenlowfat, no so much, #citizensoyummy, yes!@LetendreDan @benjaminchapman technically it was a barfblog by @barfblog, but I wrote 90% of it and then Doug did his magic.The same is true today. http://t.co/TgBZcRRtPS http://t.co/30QaoCxSY3
@tjluoma @automatic Wow does that look like a cool app. Why have I not heard of this?there should be a place where words are spelled correctly
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@lexfri 😳@danielpunkass Love mine. So no help here.Yep, it's like that. https://t.co/d7irEfSVT8
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@daveseah Yup. Nextdesk terra http://t.co/qMfpESTGb0, shown in all it's messy glory in the photo in the wide shot 😱 http://t.co/TSNGGDl7Vf@daveseah Dave, Just caught your interview on Systematic. It reminded me of the awesome stuff that you do. I'm a fan. http://t.co/v0hBFrpLlJFeynman's van with quantum diagrams restored thanks to Seamus Blackley Ralph Leighton Edward Tufte. RF would approve! http://t.co/L5vOPHLRw0
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerHere's how long that teen would have to pee in the Portland reservoir to make it unsafe to drink: http://t.co/VDjoZBR910
Retweeted by Don Schaffner“@_tessr: No no, this is not raw cookie dough, this is *cookie tartare*” still can't recommend it #citizenfoodsafety@aaronecarroll came for the 420, stayed for the antibacterial soap and 5 second rule stuff. You have a new fan, sent fan mail, sort of 😜@ryanqnorth I'm pretty sure they do, you just need to relax your definitions of "chocolate" and "eggs".I didn't answer the question you asked. I answered the question you should have asked.
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@AcademicsSay I do it for the free drinks.@jsnell @hotdogsladies @dloehr Ha! That reminded me of this: http://t.co/5lKCzLOO37@mathowie everyone knows that pasta should be in the "gluten foods" aisle.Any job that can be measured by productivity is a job humans should not be doing. Productivity is for robots.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@TheMacalope that "magical fairy company that pays more taxes than it is required"... would be is SERIOUS trouble with its shareholders.@johnroderick Show me ALL the blueprints.Future ATP show topic. True or false. Discuss. @caseyliss @siracusa @marcoarment http://t.co/OcUC4xeYtm
THANKS OBAMA! http://t.co/Htvc0CcKCH
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerCan the puck please be going to a place where no one uses the “skating to where the puck is going to be” metaphor anymore?
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@benjaminchapman terrible risk management.I've seen worse rust. I've seen the wreck of the Titanic. I've seen ATTACK SHIPS ON FIRE OFF THE SHOULDER OF ORION.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@johnroderick Have you considered kicking that handsome dude off your podcast? He might be holding you back.
@benjaminchapman My grandfather sang that to me one day. I thought he was just making it up!@benjaminchapman I think you're thinking of Mairzy Doats.@benjaminchapman I think you are thinking of Escargot."There are a couple of food safety facts in your article that you have wrong." http://t.co/wGq5qGWDuF
@hotdogsladies s1e1, and in order from there. Maybe there's something wrong with me but I can't imagine watching it any other way.@lexfri 😣@benjaminchapman and that, is how you do a press release, bitches. Peer reviewed science first. Then talk about it.@lukei4655 like ANIMALS!
You're good at getting the dispensers Embassy suites, just not good at filling the dispensers. #citizenfoodsafety http://t.co/psUiTcneqE@benjaminchapman @bugcounter #citizenfoodsafety I was told the meat fridge was "just cycling"...manager was informed http://t.co/JBifp1D7Z7
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hotdogsladies does this look CLEAN to you?@johnroderick "Uh, uh, papers, um, just papers, uh, you know, uh, my papers, business papers."Just finished Slaughterhouse Five. Somehow I’d never read it before. It is beautiful & more than worth its reputation.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner"Please try your best to complete your review in a timely manner." So, I'll do nothing until you remind me, ok? Ok. #fb
For @benjaminchapman: http://t.co/8Im1TQjrNc"You may work here, but you’re not my mother." #citizenfoodsafety. Maybe. Funny? Eminently. http://t.co/jV40OlpXpbEWR ✈️ ORD
You know how Einstein got bad grades as a kid? Well, mine are even worse! #CalvinAndHobbes
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@johnroderick @danielpunkass Maybe his levels of compliment go to eleven?jfdickerson's photo http://t.co/LFptzwzgQM mouse footprint in butter, that doesn't seem very sanitary. #citizenfoodsafety
This makes me think of @johnroderick. I'm not sure why. Maybe the beard? http://t.co/Xdh3YE8iPHYeah, you know who else had a hit TV show? Hitler.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@BSauders Flattopped condiment containers solve the problem without using an egg carton. http://t.co/bLTTwIaegH
Obligatory “TSA banality of evil” tweet. I cannot funnel through their dull-witted security theater without raging at the idiocy.
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerIt was the buns, with Salmonella, in the buffet line. Old Country Buffet outbreak linked to dinner rolls. http://t.co/hYakZw4xA7
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@knit_wit OMG, and can we please stop putting "note new area code and phone number" at the bottom of all our emails too!Is there any telephone answering system where "menu options have changed" is not true? Can we just all agree to stop saying that?
@hotdogsladies why I have never heard of this! This sounds positively delightful. Purchasing this forthwith, posthaste and without delay.Your Daily Lex (April 4, 2014: What the Hell, Man?), it's okay to be serious. Thanks for this one @lexfri http://t.co/317mB0DC78Just heard Letterman is taking over The Colbert Report.
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@JennyFromABlok thanks for the update Jenn. Cc: @benjaminchapmanDo you know what would be "Simply Better" French's? A cooking temperature not "no longer pink". #citizenfoodsafety http://t.co/hIAFHDGLOv@knit_wit Turns out, you have to delete all THREE index files, and then be very very very patient. Back up and running with no issues.So apparently my mail.app email database is corrupt. This is all going to turn out okay right?@lukei4655 sounds way better than what I was imagining ;)@lukei4655 is that a western porno?
A number of our citizens have been swindled lately by parties claiming to be agents of the Manhattan pants company. NJ1889
Retweeted by Don Schaffner#HailHydra http://t.co/v9LZVScr5A
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerSeriously cool app for less junk mail “@GlennF: Junked mail: What comes around... | The Economist http://t.co/cwKIYDnw4eWhoops, note to self: be careful when DragonDictate is turned on. http://t.co/bPkV7A0jxxThe authors wish to thank the reviewer for carefully adding all those hyphens which make the work so so much better. Or maybe I mean so-so?@hotdogsladies @danbenjamin "How Politics Makes Us Stupid" possible B2W topic? Via @gruber http://t.co/lHSRBUfFJX"How politics makes us stupid - Vox" more like "science communication is hard". http://t.co/2b9rTy7y5H"I’m barfing; does it matter where foodborne illness happens?" @barfblog nails it. Well said, Doug. http://t.co/wh61BZmQQ2
Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring Roderick on the Line. Get 10% off with offer code…wait for it…“SUPERTRAIN”! http://t.co/gcxUdQMqrO
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerFor you @benjaminchapman “@hotdogsladies: RotL, Ep. 105: "Hippie Clean" The Problem: Communication is complicated. http://t.co/OnLCSu2G0k@bugcounter I can spin one of his panels into a professional development opportunity. At the very least I can bring a #Supertrain sign.
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerAttn @ZacWZissou “@johnroderick: I am landed in Denver and am brimming over with enthusiasm for the #CWA2014 ...”
“@danbenjamin: Horrified chair is horrified. @ Chuck E. Cheese's http://t.co/4xyLwdmxPW” cc: @FacesPics@BSauders @alisonannyoung @USATODAY sadly these yahoos are taking out more than themselves.Miracle health device crowdfunds $730k on Indiegogo. It might be bullshit http://t.co/1maCWJVHEf
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"Blaz Flooflux, CEO of Garnzooble Industries, is talking about wearable kittens and faxable pizzas" http://t.co/mBjIs4J1BH"CFIA Finds Cantaloupe Mostly Salmonella Free" I just wish they'd also tested them for Listeria. #fb http://t.co/gHWb83RRKcThe consequences of unsafe home canning are scary: 10-year-old boy dies of botulism linked to canned tomatoes http://t.co/yHf5myzwla
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Eating as many rocket salads as possible while in Ireland. #fb http://t.co/s3h6MFNzPD
@dloehr @hotdogsladies and that makes three of us. Mostly now I want to hear him tell @johnroderick how to say his last name.@benjaminchapman @BSauders Maybe not. Lawyers, sprouters, raw milk drinkers, the innumerate. I'll talk to anyone. Even molecular biologists.@johnroderick what time does the microwave say?I support the scientifics.
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EWR ✈️ DUB #fbFood Safety Talk 58: Where's my wallet? is up (at iTunes too). Listen to @bugcounter and I chat with @bmarler http://t.co/L5nM13aYVM
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