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Created backstage at the world's top fashion shows. We believe in Rock & Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion. LONG LIVE COLOUR!

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Taking it back to #NYFW SS 2013 with this fabulous nail look. What will the trends be this year? #TBT http://t.co/A6DpFskatZ@kahvemikahve Love it!@editorsbeauty So glad to hear this, Alicia!So it's been a couple of days now & my @butterLONDON home gel nails seem to be holding up. Normal I chip them I within a couple of hours!
Retweeted by butter LONDON@frrlfrrl Congratulations, Samantha! Your nails will sure be a hit at the ceremony. x
@SarahStylesSea You are welcome! Let us know what you think if you give it a try, we think you'll love it. x@JSpazzlow Well, we are slightly obsessed with you, Jenn. x@EricaChristinaD Loved reading your review, Erica. So glad you are a fan! x@Kris10inGermany @OrganizedJen Thanks for the love, dahlings! x@1technodiva @Seatac Thanks for stopping by, Shelley!@XOMeaghanTweets We couldn't agree more. It's one of our favourites!@jdeebot Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience better. x@jdeebot Hi Jaya, so sorry to hear this. We always "cap the free edge" with colour after each coat to seal it in.@withkendra @CoverFX @SigmaBeauty @Vitacost @GressaSkin @Sibu_Beauty @MilionDollarTan Can't wait! x@SarahStylesSea So pretty, Sarah! Did you know we have Ladybird in our new LIPPY Moisture Matte Lipstick?@XOMeaghanTweets So glad you love Ruby Murray, Meaghan! x
@ThatFelineDevil Hey there, so sorry to hear you're not a fan of our formula. How can we help? xYou could win gorgeous @butterLONDON goodies every single day this month. "How?", you ask. All is revealed this way>> http://t.co/yCihblAhxU
Retweeted by butter LONDON@hollyfbond All beautiful purples, great choices! x@sofieeee Hi Sophie, our UK website has the Illusionists collection here: http://t.co/CL7yv5gOiY. x@hollyfbond Thanks for checking us out, Holly! Which colours did you pick up?
@WaxandLashBar @nailsmag Aww, we're honoured! x@melissadominic We hope you love your first bottle, Melissa!@mysimplemodchic It will be live on our website tomorrow morning! We can't wait!@pattydukesnyc So glad you love it! x@BeautySpeakBlog This must be Royal Navy? So beautiful on you, Becci. Thanks for sharing x@spingelsays @sarahujar We are honoured! Thanks for the love x@mwilks88 @JoMaloneLondon Love it! Thanks for your support, Molly.@true_kelsey We are glad to hear that, Kelsey! x@FinestFinn Thank you! x@Claire_A_BelleH Please email us at marketingpr@butterlondon.com for charity inquiries. x@Appu0483 Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Appu! We're excited for the launch of these products.@ChloesofCaptiva We love this! x@roomzoomproject Hello! We are e-mailing you now. Cheers x@KleinfeldBridal Thanks for the follow! x
@mrswallaceblogs @essie Our favourite is Come to Bed Red, of course. x
@BlueySays that's what we like to hear. :) cheers!@gingergorewhore So lovely. Thanks for sharing, Sabrina!@ClassicFLL Love! Let us know when you try the real Come to Bed Red - and let us know what you think. x@TT_Mirror No matter, we would still love to see them.@TT_Mirror Wow, that's quite the haul! You'll have to show us once you're finished. x@TT_Mirror Sounds lovely! Which colour did you pick up? #beautychat@bellabeautybox2 Thank you for the mention! <3 #beautychat@BeautyHigh @MLouiseLove Thanks for the mention! Let us know if we can help pick your new favourite nail lacquer. x@shannonmarie_s Love it, Shannon!@withkendra Loved this video! So glad you love our CHEEKY Creme Blush in Piccadilly Circus. x@BlueySays We are so glad you love it, looks fabulous on you!@editorsbeauty Let us know your thoughts, Alicia! x
@Pinterest Who can we contact about your Fashion Week boards this year? xIt's a Social Affair! Just a few hours left to grab one LIPPY Lip Gloss and get one free! http://t.co/dURJ7AxGVm http://t.co/C7n2gjSjZxDon't miss out on our Buy One, Get One sale on LIPPY Lip Gloss! Today only! http://t.co/R6MwSvA2ax@AoifeCrean One of our most popular colours, Aoife! Great choice. x@PRROCKSTAAR Email us at marketingPR@butterlondon.com with details!So gorgeous! x MT @ashleyTIA: Wearing @butterLONDON’s new Ruby Murray Moisture Matte Lipstick http://t.co/Ifat3b4bPP@PRROCKSTAAR We hope you love your new goodies! x@ashleyTIA Looks AWESOME on you, Ashley. Thanks for sharing! x@tylerrbug Thanks for the love, Tyler! Which topcoat are you using? x@gingergorewhore Going all out, that's what we like to hear. Share a photo when you're done! xIt's a Social Affair! Buy one LIPPY Lipgloss, get one complementary TODAY ONLY! http://t.co/dURJ7AxGVm http://t.co/fMWZHtprtX
@JleerBrand Hmm, we are a little biased and love them all. One of each! x@ladymarge Be sure to share a photo with it on, Margaret. We can't wait to see! xCan you guess this popular butter LONDON colour? http://t.co/T7l83x5iwP@LoveHairBway It's such a lovely colour indeed. x@OrganizedJen @Hello___K We will keep our eyes peeled for it, Jennifer! x@RacingFashion This will be a hot one! We hope you love it just as much as we do. x@vanitypresse Thank you for sharing! So glad you love the Scoundrel shade. x@Hello___K @OrganizedJen Which colours do you have your eye on? x@CeeTaylor__ Great choices, we love those ones too. x@torchainz We would love to see it on you! So glad you love it. x@CeeTaylor__ We care! Which colours are your favourite this fall?@Hello___K @OrganizedJen Hi Kathryn! Let us know if we can answer any questions about our lacquer or cosmetics. x
@hardlyfatal Let us know what you think! We hope you love it just as much as we do. xPick & mix! Stock up on lacquers and save with this great deal on http://t.co/fSYiCSBRnt! http://t.co/T31ZotSRm1 http://t.co/6C3K45q3qQ@MakeupOverMind Thanks for stopping by! x@glamodo This is amazing! Thank you for sharing. x
@chicblackchick Oooh, yes we love that colour. So glad you love!@nelsontwirlies How fun! We would love to help you pick out some colours for your little toes. x@chicblackchick Oh so clever, Monica. Which colour is your favourite? x@pinksugacupcake when you are finished with each coat, to seal it in. Let us know if this helps. x@pinksugacupcake So sorry to hear this. What colour did this happen with? We suggest adding a swipe of colour to the tip of the nail@Italkfunny2U @colinmeloy @ULTA_Beauty Thanks for the mention! Cheers!@BeautyNoted @NARSissist Love! x@Rosamapose @AsiaChloeBrown @Mattieologie Let us know if you have any questions! Cheers x
#bLTip: Never be seen without a perfect mani. 😉 http://t.co/dssIIUBls4
@BeHappyPolish Such a beautiful colour indeed. Cheers xWe're wearing LIPPY Moisture Matte Lipstick in Abbey Rose today. Find YOUR perfect matte. http://t.co/SnSK0g5nrT http://t.co/LZ75RM0dc2@BeHappyPolish We're so glad you are loving Moisture Matte, Jessica! Which colour did you go with? xI received a new @butterLONDON #MoistureMatte #lipstick and all I can say is FREAKING WOW!
Retweeted by butter LONDON
FYI, you can buy foundation for your nails: http://t.co/AgjqCUDhTH (cc: @butterLONDON)
Retweeted by butter LONDON@thecoveteur So glad you love our Nail Foundation! It's truly an amazing product. Cheers! xMatch your nails to your #DressedUpDenim with @butterLONDON. Page 6 of our denim guide has more info: http://t.co/NP4OiZOJxo
Retweeted by butter LONDON@gembolini Hi Gemma! So glad you love Trout Pout and Hen Party. Both colours look fab on you. x
Follow us & @butterLONDON then enter for a chance to win! https://t.co/LP2PryUKY4 http://t.co/TjBOXMOjb6
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@hopeybear1207 So sorry again about this, Hope. We know you will love West End Wonderland and La Moss once you receive replacements. x@sh_rashid_net Yes we do, as long as it is shipping to the USA.@HeatherNKing It will be a hot item, we hope you get to try it soon. x@CupcakeNova Hi Cassilynn, which colours do you have your eye on? xIntroducing our New! LIPPY Moisture Matte Lipstick! Check them out: http://t.co/TWiiy2JR2S http://t.co/YdS58fWxtl@SNLands Trust us, Sarah, they are worth it! The moisture and matte combo is amazing. Which colour are you eyeing? x@HeatherNKing Thank you, Heather! They are pretty amazing, which shade is catching your eye? x
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