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VP Comms, @true_x_media. Startup advisory type. I write stuff too. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton; outdoorsy lady; been told I look like Arya Stark all grown up.

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#trueSUMMER (at @RevelNyc w/ 3 others) https://t.co/rWRIx6fByN@harryh I own almost no "home gadgets" besides kitchen ones so I wasn't even sure where to look!@harryh hmmmm. thank you.OK Twitter, I need recommendations for an accurate and reliable yet non-insanely-expensive bathroom scale. For me, not the cat.@schmooey @northriverlobsterco @LeighBelz ahhhh so excited, our whole office is going there on MondayGet your copy of On! The Future of Now. Proceeds benefit @charitywater http://t.co/FIImlN0cwT #futureofnow http://t.co/AiliiZw8Ut
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@wesleyverhoeve we met through a google group. she needed a new home.@wesleyverhoeve My apartment is a dual purpose space for human living plus cat living.I get entirely too much amusement out of telling people to consult http://t.co/TwB1UAXBxG but capitalizing it as http://t.co/57itLiToZe.The best thing I learned about Mashable is that the “Turkey" category on its site covers the country and the poultry http://t.co/3hjvBhfClg
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHighlight of today's 15 hour drive: Hardscrabble Mountain. At the base they hand you a Q and take away all your vowels.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@slobotski Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Full moon in July.
@slobotski swimming with whale sharksGreen-eyed monster wants the human to put her laptop away. #caterpillar #catstagram #catsofinstagramhttp://t.co/kp2jojzTo8@RaoulMiller @epc I avoid taking the 4/5 at peak rush hour (at my stop, around 8:40am) as a result. It's really nuts.@epc @RaoulMiller Yup. Montague tunnel being closed has put a lot of additional pressure on the 4/5.@RaoulMiller @epc Agree. The trains are increasingly slow from BK and the Borough Hall platforms are getting more and more packed.@epc Nah, that's the 2/3. I take the 4/5 and the platforms are absolute mayhem in the mornings.In the ongoing battle of Caro vs. The Rush-Hour Manhattan-Bound 4/5 Train, the train metaphorically gouged out my eyeballs today.
And now, a carrot juice margarita to close out the weekend. @ Gran Electrica http://t.co/vvpczXVTlCEarlier today I was mocking the fact that there was a food truck in my neighborhood that served only… http://t.co/Fu2U08N1ztThere is a GLUTEN FREE DOG FOOD TRUCK on Joralemon St. Food trucks are over. Brooklyn is over. Everything is over. http://t.co/4pWuRnKfwNWe are pickling cauliflower today. Sorry everybody, Brooklyn has won.Hipsters in Airstreams Discover RV Park Camping http://t.co/u3rIUg5LV2 http://t.co/pilwuwZEMf
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
@shnayerson haaaaaaaa. Yes.BF thinks redcoat uniforms on Turn would make nice menswear, which is not great to point out when your GF is half Irish and half Québécoise@beerbabe @StoneBrewingCo ChicagoI would say that Turn is the best show on AMC except that how does a New Yorker with an American accent have a son with an Irish accent?Sorry, but courting press because you were "supposed to be on that flight" is tacky as all hell in any scenario. http://t.co/EMxZUXBWOoEverything is beautiful and nothing hurt. Because mimosas. (No really, I can't feel my feet.)
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFor #Caturday we bought Caterpillar 3 new kinds of treats, or rather we bought them because I had to… http://t.co/pjAVap5Y4yShe walked over to me and she said, "Let's talk about what you've planned for me for #Caturday." http://t.co/ZOnENKAvZxEveryone who is here at opening time on a Saturday is here because they ran out of pet food last night. (@ PetSmart) https://t.co/iQ5jPisRUtGood morning #brooklynheights http://t.co/UV39vrBPr0
@michaelleung she wasn't carded. She's in her carrier (long story as to why she is here). I don't think anyone has noticed.Be it known that July 18, 2014 at Randolph Beer marked Caterpillar the cat's first trip to a bar. Kitty was not amused. #dontevenaskFew cities can both exhaust me and energize me the way NYC does.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyDoes YOUR company's Northeast sales director lead office wine tastings on Friday afternoons while… http://t.co/MGzykvQSn8The Life of an Editor so much depends upon waiting for other people to email you back.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFinding roommates with a cat is akin to saying I have 25 kids on okcupid :( #firstcatworldproblems #clydeisluckyheissocute
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@soapdotcom I think the first one will work better actually since this is a bathtub that needs a hair catcher rather than a stall shower :)@soapdotcom @casadotcom YESS! I had already searched @casadotcom and couldn't find anything but this is perfect.The fact that I can't buy shower hair traps on @soapdotcom is really irritating me this morning. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE EVERYTHINGGGGGGood grief! Mathematics makes strong case that “snoopy2” can be just fine as a password http://t.co/nb0xhZL2WM via @arstechnica
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It's a good sign for America that Weird Al Yankovic's comeback is going better than Dick Cheney's.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThat next week's news stories be about kittens riding dolphins, a cure for cancer, and Betty White running a unicorn preserve, we pray.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyDiscussions about where Media goes next: http://t.co/qwu7X5UHmT (contributions from @JackK @bethcomstock @caro @SophieAnnKelly and more)
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DaniFankhauser thank you!Really really psyched to unveil our blog #MediaFuture today: http://t.co/VQO0aCE9VGNow unveiling a new destination for insights, opinions, and ideas across the media landscape. Meet #MediaFuture http://t.co/FUEb6zJ4OA
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#childrenofmillennials // http://t.co/aCvH8FYFNH
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI'm so glad I never made good on any of my threats to move away from this city permanently. #nofilterhttp://t.co/KLEFfXPUmYAhoy. @ GRAND BANKS http://t.co/2UNpBF9jAk@42 I'm super hourglassy and I've had great luck with their dresses actually. Subscription is just accessories though.Signing up for @RenttheRunway subscription service. What a freaking awesome idea.@deancollins I actually did that a few months ago and am apparently not used to having a new subway stop :)Why, yes, it's possible to get on the subway in the wrong direction after living in NYC for 7 years.
Absolutely beautiful presentation of the cocktails here. #mixology @ Bacchanal http://t.co/bhCQNhqjZ5The last few days on @thelist has yielded essential insight into @JillAbramson’s management style AND trendy ice cream in Brooklyn. #vital
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyChecked @TSA Instagram to see if there was a pic of the Silly String they found in my carry-on last month. There wasn't. I feel rejected :(A fantastic day to forget my umbrella. @ true[X] NYC http://t.co/cRuVwSgStVIf you like to stare at pics of food, here's what we ate at that rad dinner in Hudson I went to with @DistrictDrive http://t.co/PGb85Y4Oc6Will winemakers someday use drones to keep an eye on grapes? New insight from wine innovators: http://t.co/FaeyV8Ykvl http://t.co/Hfd2kz9DsK
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI can't use "brianalvey" as my Verizon account username because it contains a word that's on their "Do Not Use" list. Unbelievable.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@dmintz13 and over here this isn't America, it's New York CitySaw a man on my bus in full suit, fedora, matching socks & wingtips reading a broadsheet newspaper & didn't ask him what time travel is like
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFacepalm of the day: TSA agent flags flyer as sketchy bc his ID is from a foreign place called "District of Columbia" http://t.co/UalXOxFAOd
My little Caterpillar had a big health scare yesterday and we were concerned we'd have to take her to… http://t.co/rgZVr2SHN5
Argentina: 90, Germany 98 (days of maternity leave) #usaZero
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@sogrady Monktoberfest is about 4 weeks later, so yeah.Brewing the beer for a family wedding. I'll take this over maid of honor any day. (It's going to be a… http://t.co/KihnyyIek8Were they going to show a Snyder's of Hanover pretzel commercial on ABC if #ARG had won?#GER clearly only won because everyone at our party devoured the keg of homebrew and ignored the Argentinian malbecOne of the guys here was in the bathroom when #GER scored. We texted him to say he missed it. He ran back in screaming with his fly down.Ok rooting for #ARG because they have the cooler popeWe bought #whiskey barrels for aging beers. Caterpillar thinks that they make great kitty nap spots.… http://t.co/FNkBUt4isPWhen I have no other allegiances it always just comes down to the food and beverage factor. #GER #ARGReally conflicted re: who to root for because I really like beer but I also like red wine, and I really like schnitzel but I also dig steakNow, to find out whether the liquor store is already sold out of cheap Argentinian wine. #ARGvsGERalligator tacos? be still my beating heart MT @jopiazza: Grilled gator tacos at the Gator Grill #Everglades #Florida http://t.co/lo3Vw884GR
Overheard: I don't want the homeless to see how much my coconut water costs when I'm walking around Jersey City.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI think this restaurant might be my spirit animal. #hudsonvalley #taxidermy #chesterfield #nydistricthttp://t.co/hCCoD9qyyR@sogrady @oxbowbeer oh it totally is.And then we headed to the gorgeous Hillrock Estate Distillery for a tour and tasting. Of course… http://t.co/IT0fbm9rYTWhat a lovely place to visit. Not a bad view from the old chicken coop. #hudsonvalley #farmtotablehttp://t.co/dCk0eWY7KSI'm at Hillrock Estate Distillery (Ancram, NY) https://t.co/QCVhdoF71oThe first corn and cherry tomatoes of the season in the #hudsonvalley. #farmtotable #foodpornhttp://t.co/lShZ9Id5z3Want to know who is basically in heaven if he gets to play fetch with dogs while drinking wine? This… http://t.co/HKWK4kCsotLunch at the orchard, getting some #farmtotable on with @districtdrive #nydistrict @ Montgomery Place http://t.co/7WAdEdJz5HNot going to say no to an invitation to a chauffeured ride to the Hudson Valley for an afternoon of… http://t.co/uW3OtT8sb0Winning boat in mixed 2x was Maritime RC, a guy in his early 20s and an unbelievably fit 50ish woman who was possibly his mom. #rowingAnd re: #rowing, our men's 4+ came in 3rd. In the mixed 2x we kind of tanked and came in 4th after an initial tight pack for 2nd placeRaces over! Now zipping up to the Hudson Valley in a red @Buick for a @DistrictDrive #NYDistrict adventure. #therewillbewhiskeySo this morning at the Carnegie Lake Regatta I have to cox a boat of guys in $3 Walmart hunting… http://t.co/GpTB4yXCPO
@petercipollone Yeah, we don't plan too good.#victorydance RT @benparr: @caro You made a notification appear for me saying you were talking about Duck Dynasty. Bad. Bad!@petercipollone not a USRowing affiliated club! CLRA regatta wouldn't accept fake clubs so we are rowing as Fat Cat.Buying team uniforms for tomorrow #rowing #duckdynasty (@ Walmart) https://t.co/sUskBIEOUfWhat would otherwise be a lovely picture of a sunset is completely ruined by four bros in spandex… http://t.co/uUwIssLQkXView from the #coxswain seat! Carnegie Lake Regatta tomorrow in the men's 4+ (#coxing) and mixed 2x… http://t.co/FS6n5AByk3
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