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VP Comms & Chief Arya Stark Lookalike, @true_x_media. I write stuff & climb mountains. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton. Caterpillar the cat's pet human.

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I'm going to try to work out tomorrow (might be tough considering we anticipate this will be a pretty… http://t.co/AfZUeKUFiCHello #Ibiza. http://t.co/Gd9opc3ExxI'm at Aeroport d'Eivissa (IBZ) - @aenaaeropuertos in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Illes Balears https://t.co/0Z6gsuYZFJ@Airport_FRA Thank you! Always impressed by the efficiency here and loved the @lufthansa lounge.I'm at Lufthansa Senator Lounge Z in Frankfurt am Main https://t.co/JGxEODZnDw@hutchins it's fantastic. Got it at Flight 001.I'm at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - @airport_fra in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen https://t.co/jT5zGnsMjW
Ready to jet. #frequentflyer @ Lufthansa Senator Lounge - JFK international airport http://t.co/RUd6k0ThHq@superwuster I'm sure @SeanFinnegan can give you some advice.JFK > FRA > IBZ (@ John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York, NY) https://t.co/Ik7jr6l9G0The [Satire] tag on Facebook is an unnecessary disruption of Darwinism
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIn the car on the way back from talking about uber on #foxbusiness. Thank you to the whole team for… http://t.co/AOt81cbpIKTalking @Uber on @FoxBusiness soon -- tune in! (at @NewsCorp Building in New York, NY) https://t.co/lfhnbToA5uGross VC who called @RenttheRunway founder "too cute" better regret belittling. Affluent women spend THOUSANDS on RTR http://t.co/fPSgjucc7QI was sad to miss my friends at dybrkr this morning, but wanted to get in one last morning run along… http://t.co/x7p3mZThsA@ranajune welcome back lady!I am making a triumphant return to your television sets today! Catch me talking @Uber on @FoxBusiness with @MelissaAFrancis around 2:30 ET.Uber Opens Its API With 11 Launch Partners, Including OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and United Airlines http://t.co/IYHKWieonc via @techcrunch
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyPercent of female senior VCs is falling, by @mcbridesg http://t.co/h0lzxKLKTh "I just figured I'd never fit in."
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(And honestly, I only didn't call the cops because I walked out of the apartment and saw that my next-door neighbor had beaten me to it.)Almost called cops on a group of teenagers having a noisy midnight dance party in the street. I am old. But #BrooklynHeights is residential!What did I do today that was "healthy?" Truth be told, not a ton: I didn't work out, I didn't eat… http://t.co/w7t7kSzSTyUh-oh everybody, I had a glass of whiskey and googled "cara delevigne eyebrow tutorial." Somebody please hide my tweezers.FYI the Rick Perry mugshot works on the Warby Parker virtual try-on tool in case you want to see some hipster stylez http://t.co/GpfyOTZ62v
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@ginavergel7 Thank you!I am blonde once again. http://t.co/thUI3gWBKx@jessiwrites Wow, congratulations!@mager WOWWWWW! @Smartthings is lucky to have you!I am at a loss as to how an Amazon search for a harness for my cat leads to a rec for Sexy Unicorn Leg Warmers. http://t.co/5S6J91GCeD@JasonAbbruzzese Totally agree. I wrote this on my personal blog immediately after the situation started getting ugly http://t.co/uvJFyJSBDi"The press is a third player in this situation that is not helping." @mashable gets it right on #Ferguson http://t.co/QtCNw3TvMaYes. MT @JasonAbbruzzese: The media has played an important role in Ferguson. But has it become a third force? http://t.co/QtCNw3TvMaBot traffic—scrapers, hackers, spammers, impersonators—has been estimated to be as high as 61 percent of all traffic http://t.co/uYNRXetUfD
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@AdamSinger @louisgray wooo! congrats!@kmaverick i hiked breakneck in 100-degree weather and near the end the only word i was capable of saying was "dogfish"@kmaverick but there are bars in Cold Spring, so it's basically just an uphill walk to a bar.@kmaverick Take one of the weekend morning trains to Breakneck Ridge, hike to Cold Spring, and take a train back from there.My @lyft driver said that his first month driving in SF he thought there was a large company called Startup and everyone worked there.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@threedukes http://t.co/ZyyNeDCefNMajor FOMO since one of my favorite industry events, @TheConfMalmo, is going on right now and I can't be there for it :(Amazed by power women brekkie @charitywater. Thank u @desireegruber @caro @mbaratz @JessicaLStroup @iamGelilabekele & others! #water #women
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyLadies' power breakfast to kick off @charitywater's #septembercampaign. Thank you @brooke for… http://t.co/lEWonkwCEz@WithDrake @charitywater @mbaratz @paullyoung I see no crazy Aussies here but I'll keep lookingI'm at @charitywater HQ in New York, NY w/ @mbaratz https://t.co/dHR9e0GANo
Anybody who thinks cats don't have the capacity for love can settle the issue with the little cuddle… http://t.co/eS15kEEELA@anildash @nitashatiku that was my thought exactlyRunning was about the last thing I wanted to do today, so I had to tell myself that an attitude of… http://t.co/DNSittP0Pu
You get a bonus #100healthydays for Day 7. @jmifkovich wanted to stop at a pub in Hartford on our… http://t.co/I3AeMKsKYZ1 week in to #100healthydays! I did not want to wake up early to go for a run, but convinced myself… http://t.co/jOug7bzDVe
@petrillic @commagere I had a craving for the taste of coffee, and it was 9pm, so...@caro nothing you have done in your life made you deserve decaf. I'm so very sorry that this happened to you.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyBe it known that right now I am drinking decaf coffee for the first time in my life.It's #Caturday and I miss my little furry glutton so much. Reframing @jmifkovich here - amazed he… http://t.co/P6gPlarytiSuch an adorable little urban sanctuary just a short drive from Boston. But since it's Boston, you… http://t.co/ln2BjkHdCQWe made a friend. It hops. @ Mass Audubon Habitat http://t.co/2YFPIhlreq#100healthydays day 6: Post-Charles River run. Endurance levels still pretty terrible, but oddly… http://t.co/OYvzo1WsmR@neiltyson What about the Asiatic Lion and the Sun Bear?Happy 75th anniv. to The Wizard of Oz. Gotta love it even though Lions & Tigers & Bears hail from three different continents.
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#100healthydays day 5: Unwinding with tea after a 5 and a half hour flight from LA and the wedding… http://t.co/GoT7u73bpfThis is so much nicer than my high school boathouse. #rowing @ Cambridge Boat Club http://t.co/VfnqtShulS@nirenel oh my goodness. Outstretched paws on arm...that's what Caterpillar does. It melts my heart.In all my time living in the Northeast, I have never been to this airport. https://t.co/4ofQyuBVMK@nirenel Yes, I do! She's such a little bundle of cuddles. What kind of cat(s) do you have???Flying to Boston for a weekend detour before I go back home to NYC. Did the math and I'll be clocking… http://t.co/g3TjXeKlph@lhockenson @thekenyeung @benparr @alex A+ MUST HAPPEN@lhockenson @thekenyeung @benparr @alex And a BACON LUGE@benparr @Alex WHERE IS THE WHONDERFUL WHISKEY WHATERFALL@brooke #NothingShocksMeAnymore@JMacCNY @Thrillist @TheRealPSK omg. I don't think I can even drink those anymore!I'm at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - @flylaxairport in Los Angeles, CA https://t.co/JtL28gr4TF
Perhaps the only thing I've seen on @getsecret that has made me actually laugh out loud. https://t.co/n07aVMd7Dt http://t.co/97QXhDaJHNBecause it's 5:00 somewhere. Toasted a productive day of work as well as a grueling morning workout at… http://t.co/0LwvzIW7NuGodzilla Wave http://t.co/dMnNlOgWfZ
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIf you work in PR you should read this post by @vanessacamones about @uber vs. @lyft combative tactics. http://t.co/yXFvyVF10eJournalism and advertising need to stop imitating each others' successes. I wrote this for #mediafuture: http://t.co/DrnxtC9WUT@bozatwork yeah, except if you show up looking too casual for certain work-related stuff in NYC it can be taken the wrong wayI don't see eye to eye with Rand Paul on a lot of things. This is the exception: "We must demilitarize the police" http://t.co/VJwwdNZqtc
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@EMcCutchan Ha, wow. That isn't me. (First name is spelled differently.)The Gauntlet is Down to Modernize: 5 Q's w/ @stacymartinet http://t.co/VonM7Ll3gk #mediafuture via @true_X_media
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@inafried @fmanjoo @MikeIsaac At least they acknowledge it on their homepage.@GeorgeThalheim EVERY WEEK IS #JORTSWEEKPart of the fun of being in LA for work is going to meetings wearing outfits that would never fly in NYC. #JortsAndABlazer@JMacCNY @sarahkunst @timehop @rachellehruska @guestofaguest as corny as that place was I totally miss it@sarahkunst @timehop @rachellehruska @JMacCNY @guestofaguest where WAS that? Was it the Broadway & Bleecker "speakeasy?"Wow. This was 5 years ago! Crazy times, @timehop. cc @rachellehruska @jmaccny http://t.co/Wp9UIwQHIT http://t.co/T2iWvQ1CHYMorning burn. #100healthydays day 4 is off-leash and wants a dog biscuit. @ Runyon Canyon Park http://t.co/kYC2pZ4IhPYou can be Pro-Police and be Anti what's happening in Ferguson. If you have functioning brain cells, you should be.
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Lesson One: Do not abuse reporters if you don't want a story to spread. Lesson Two: Everyone is a reporter.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWe need to take a hard look not just at our law enforcement but at our culture of us-against-them hysteria. http://t.co/uvJFyJSBDiI think cops are unfairly demonized most of the time, but I'm deeply disturbed that #ferguson police thinks it's right to react like this.If you're wondering why there isn't more outrage over #Ferguson, it's because the vast majority of Americans don't get news from twitter
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThe gentleman on the left has more personal body armor and weaponry than I did while invading Iraq. http://t.co/5u6TxyIbkk
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@dearsarah @chefgreeny I am kind of obsessed with grilled cheese.@dearsarah And that was two "thank you so much"-s in the same tweet, my brain is clearly zonked :)@dearsarah Thank you so much! As of this afternoon, I think we have chosen a venue, but thank you so much!Tired feet tonight after a day of walking around West Hollywood to tour event venues as well as a… http://t.co/zmcBenc0PlOK, journalists, you've done well enough reporting on the arrest of your own. You always do. Back to reporting on the citizenry.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI have two big new maps to frame and am excited to try @framebridgeinc for them: http://t.co/QaEkBMUAEC via @frankgruber @techcocktailThe Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson http://t.co/8PNn8eteO2
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyDoes @Airbnb have a "rent split" option a la @Uber fare splitting? If not, they should. Invaluable for big group holiday weekend houses!
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