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Empire's News Editor, host of The Empire Podcast and occasional Videblogisode Man. Tweets about Liverpool FC at - yes! - @ChrisHewittLFC. Instagram: ctah1976

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Day 1 is over. Best: the Penguins of Madagascar footage. Worst: the $5 burger I ate in desperation and which will undoubtedly resurface.@seragonz @NickdeSemlyen No booth, sadly! But we will be setting up a wheelbarrow filled with swag that we'll be rolling through Hall H.I'm at the Star Wars Rebels panel. I keep typing that as Star Wars Revels. Which is a different word! Hahahaha! I'm very, very tired. #SDCCI think BBC News just solved the 'unavoidable circumstances' surrounding the cancellation of Secret Cinema tonight… http://t.co/BWTCfyPL5z
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The director of Project Almanac, Dean Israelite, is the younger cousin of Turtles director Jonathan Liebesman. What an inspirational story.Christ. RT @boxofficemojo: Focus Features will release 'Christ the Lord' ahead of Easter 2016: http://t.co/eHY3atwvbJAwkward: Jonathan Liebesman's name was spelled incorrectly on his name badge. Oops.A guy has just taken four minutes to ask a rambling question of the Turtles panel. As @jamescdyer says, Comic-Con has a better class of nut.@Pidge76 @doctorjr It's a psychological thing. He's not Bruce Wayne once the cowl is on.@doctorjr No, Keaton did.The ears, the chin, yadda yadda. Affleck's Batman is all about the voice. Got a feeling we might not have to wait that long to hear it.Trevor: I pay more rent, it should be MY name. Jeffrey: I did most of the decorating! Trevor: Wait, I have an IDEA! http://t.co/p1x6APnaeT
Retweeted by Chris HewittApple announced quarterly profits of $7.75bn. That's way more than Orange but of course you can't compare them.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@thegreaves Eh? No. The opposite. Was that not clear?Looking at a photo of the Secret Cinema Hill Valley set taken today and it looks about as finished as Hill Valley circa 1885.
Retweeted by Chris HewittWatching Jim Parsons in person is a disarming experience. You can absolutely see why they made Sheldon sweeter as Big Bang developed.Remarkable rates: http://t.co/JkeLMDaqqA
Retweeted by Chris HewittHall H activity about to begin with DreamWorks Animation. Disappointingly, nobody is cosplaying as that annoying kid with the fishing rod.Hall H two thirds empty. No, wait, half empty. No, wait, a third empty. STOP MOVING, EVERYONE, SO I CAN DO A HEAD COUNT. #ComicCon2014@aliciamalone Alright, I'll pop in but NO personal questions.http://t.co/KVpT1ChWvG
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@aliciamalone Ah, that room. Won't be there this year - light a candle in my memory!If your Secret Cinema outing was cancelled, just go to the cinema. Much easier.
Retweeted by Chris HewittToday's scream of existential despair: strangely melodic.@LukeWhiston @DanielBettridge Always be thankful that you're not me. ALWAYS.Day 1 of Comic-Con is the perfect time to experience technical problems that rate an 11 on the Fuchter Scale.girl did you fall from heaven? Is there a war in heaven? Has the Heavenly Host finally rebelled against the Creator? Who is winning, tell me
Retweeted by Chris HewittJust wanked the first 50 Shades Of Grey trailer. No! I mean I just wanked the first 50 Shades Of Grey trailer. Phew, nobody noticed. #wankedCan't stop watching this. The exact moment Tim Lovejoy realises he's made a bad career choice. http://t.co/ZAFE7bCiLH
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@londonfilmgeek Jesus. Worst nightmare. Maybe third worst. But still a VERY REAL FEAR.@watsongc It's Man United. I wouldn't watch them if they were playing in my room.Walked the floor at #ComicCon's preview night. It's an audio-visual bombardment like no other, like someone smashed a Michel Gondry piñata.@johnwilliedean A company called Chunk make great Star Wars tees. Bought this from a great Crouch End shop called @RhodaCrouchEnd.@yogoldsmith YOU HAVE TO FIND ME FIRST!@swhelband A gathering? Magic! (Is that right? Did I get it right?)Got my #ComicCon2014 pass. Fairly happy about it. http://t.co/wCOQeC2w7L
@Ian_Gibson How big is the font? See you later!BOOM: RT @Marvel: Mark your calendars! #Marvel Studios adds a 3rd date to 2018 with a new film on May 4! http://t.co/lN0dW18Kit
Retweeted by Chris HewittApparently it's National Batman Day. To celebrate, I've just killed someone's parents. He'll thank me in about 25 years. #hero@jemjayjemba All sorted (ish) now. Nice meeting you too - sorry for the jetlagged incoherence!@nclowe It does not. Helen's off on holiday. No Whedon special for you!@swhelband I am, just about. And thanks!@aw_tanner Can't promise anything... But you never know!@Beggar_So I am Groot.@lennyukdeejay A question I ask myself every single day.@ChristPA See you here! Perhaps! #bigplace #dontgetlost@jamesjammcmahon The amazing thing about that phrase is there'll be a small group of people more angry about the C-word than the sentiment.Sadly couldn't be at Comic-Con 2014, but here's a snap from last year: @empiremagazine's @ChrisHewitt with Boba-rine. http://t.co/ycCXLYFu5e
Retweeted by Chris HewittMorning all. Feeling GREAT after a few hours of fitful sleep on a bed only marginally less uncomfortable than having sex with Groot. #SDCC@McKelvie It's worse than that. I won't name the company as the staff have been very helpful.Good news! We have arrived in San Diego, and checked into THE WORST HOTEL IN ALL OF CHRISTENDOM. Yes, I know, I shouldn't moan. But fuck it.@Sepulin @NickdeSemlyen @changoespacial On it. In it. #missyouguysalready #especiallyanadelaregueueueueueuera@devincf Same here. Fuck it, let's start our own Hall H. Mind you, I probably wouldn't get into that either.We have arrived at Comic-Con! Already in a long line. Must be for Hall H. I'm cosplaying as 'Guy about to undergo full body cavity search'.
THERE WILL BE NO IDLE CHIT-CHAT.@NickdeSemlyen @joelmeadows1 EXCLUSIVE! TO EVERYONE!On the plane with @jamescdyer, en route to the whale's vagina. We might stop by San Diego for a bit as well. Comic-Con, here we come!This is still the best Robbie Keane related thing ever. http://t.co/hU2YYnOIpV
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@MooseAllain Thanks for making me laugh out loud on a train. Everyone thinks I'm a buffoon now, and I'm having to juggle to keep them happy.Occasionally stop passers-by in the street & ask for their serial number. When they look baffled, check behind their ear, note it, walk on.
Retweeted by Chris HewittI could've sworn I saw...No,no it's nothing http://t.co/ptvQA0uw0J
Retweeted by Chris HewittGot an automated PPI bollocks call... With a New York 212 area code, so I answered it. The bots are learning. Tricksy PPI bots.@HokusBloke @ThePCCLondon The man himself.I need no excuse to rewatch Rush Hour 3, but this will do: I'm hosting An Evening With Jackie Chan @ThePCCLondon on August 11. Details TBA.@mar_gar_ine Oh yeah, I'm living the dream, alright. Every day's a gift.As it's Prince George's birthday, the Home Office has upgraded its Nicholas Witchell warning to red, so unplug all TVs & stay safe, people.
Retweeted by Chris HewittCongratulations to Prince George on bagging his first commoner. May it be the first of many, my liege!Seen it... http://t.co/k5L9cT95QN
Retweeted by Chris HewittOh Twitter ❤️ http://t.co/sUWMS8UojO
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Wow. According to the IMDb parents' guide, Pudsey the Dog: The Movie is *not* what I expected. http://t.co/lOJIPZoAHU http://t.co/6ifVM31Asm
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@nickmurftweets Spent a large part of the weekend quoting Get Carter. You lucky devil."I got your back" - World's worst nipple piercer.
Retweeted by Chris HewittT-shirts? Check. Spare pair of jeans? Dictaphone? Check. Full-size Rocket Raccoon love pillow? Check. Packing for #ComicCon2014 is complete!Downloading movies on Sky Go for the flight to San Diego. God help me, I've gone for the remake of Get Carter. I don't know why.@K_D_B_ Is that what we were hoping for? I wasn't. I was hoping for fun and that's what I got. It's epic in places, but hugely entertaining.@williambgoss @bdgrabinski @mrbeaks Reshoots?@markusj75 Did you see my previous tweet?@mojorisingkc You win a prize. The prize is me staring at you.@ellardent @NickdeSemlyen I'm gonna swing in and disagree. There's a big setpiece, but excellent character moments aplenty within.@SuzyK69 Thanks! Neeeeeeeeever gonna happen! #WalkingAlone@AintreeIron Not quite that good, but very good.@mavery1986 @HelenLOHara YES YE SYES GIMME GIMME@Shawky1969 Well, good for you. Just for you, then - it's the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back.@mavery1986 @HelenLOHara No. It gives me a headache.@QueenSerenity42 Totes true.@mavery1986 @HelenLOHara Never 3D. For any film. 2D all the way.Guardians is a movie about a bunch of A-holes, made by a bunch of grade-A weirdos, that just happened to cost around $200 million.Guardians Of The Galaxy is the best Star Wars movie since Return Of The Jedi. So much fun.I am Groot.@TimonSingh @DanJolin @AliPlumb @HelenLOHara *blocked and reported for spam*@TimonSingh @DanJolin @AliPlumb @HelenLOHara Oh, no need to CC me in on that. I just host the bloody thing. Honestly, some people. Tsk.@Beggar_So @HelenLOHara Thank you!@SummerRay They are. They never let me stay out late or have friends round for sleepovers. Stupid mums.If you've noticed a marked improvement in the quality of my tweets over the weekend, that's because I wasn't online and didn't tweet. Oh.@SummerRay HOW DARE YOU ALL THOSE WOMEN ARE MY MUM
These promoted tweets are really starting to get on my Wickes, it's got our name on it.
Retweeted by Chris HewittOn top of a cliff, my friend Baz has map problems. Never down, Baz. Never down. http://t.co/rAIBCzvrfmWent walking along these bastarding things yesterday. #SevenSisters #nature #shattered http://t.co/an1E6pTadHDon't just think of Rory McIlroy's Open win as a victory for all of Northern Ireland. Think of it as a victory for me.
Bet this wins all the cartoonist awards for @BrookesTimes this year. Masterpiece http://t.co/d8NDXx1EOB
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