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Political junkie; @NBCNews reporter & analyst; @msnbc @dailyrundown host; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too. http://t.co/nxA4oXNX

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Genius! RT @natepentz: @chucktodd try the game where you try to get to 270 electoral votes@hsiemens I taught them the 18 wheeler trick. Front of semis are license plate gold minesDoing license plate game with kids on interstate today. They have this cool board to flip the states and plates. Me as kid at paper and pen@morningmoneyben do you realize that you can't travel in Austin without driving the "Ben White" ?Pic from last night: this Reuters photo of Pacquaio-Bradley is crazy http://t.co/ttLTZVt6j0
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@TheRoofMD @brennanpcarroll don't like the white. But like the other three
@Frank_Custer @JimBrownNFL32 and kick our collective you know whats!@Lakers305 me too! Tell me about those new unisTopics on #unscripted which starts now: pres legacies, future of football, health care postSebelius, late night shakeup, future of new mediaTune in now. #unscripted on SiriusXM POTUS Ch 124. @JimBrownNFL32 @CitizenCohn @BuzzFeedBen and NYT's Bill Carter is this week's lineupTime to go #unscripted Spent much of week in Austin at LBJ library. Have a fascinating chat w/ @JimBrownNFL32 about civil rights & football
Meet the new point person for health care who replaces Kathleen Sebelius. Coming up on @nbcnightlynewsI love Philly MT @JonathanTamari In Philly area Dem calls GOP candidate Garry Cobb "former Cowboy." Rs call him an ex-Eagle. Both accurate.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHere come the supercommittees: RNC/NRSC/NRCC form post-McCutcheon joint fundraising vehicle h/t @fschouten: http://t.co/srHKrrQeos
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Trulee_Pist don't tell my kids that. There's is next weekReminder: @NBCNews has been nominated for our use of social media by the #Webbys. Your vote is appreciated! http://t.co/2V1Ithkreo
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@560WQAM I was tempted to include jay brophy who caught one of the most important TDs in the rise of #theU Over #1 penn stateBeing wheels down in DC after a week where I didn't know when I wd actually come home feels just a bit better today. Spring break next wk!@560WQAM @CutlerRidgeLAZ @BillyCorben Irvin, Eddie Brown, Santana, Andre j and Wayne. Honorable mention: Stanley Shakespeare (All name team@smillerdegnan these better be impressive. Not some rumor a la the "new helmets"@NolteNC @jaketapper @EdMorrissey @GerryDales at least now you can claim there was bad cell service. Downside tho. Caller IDFour years after BP disaster, erosion quickens along Gulf shore http://t.co/nWKCF4muaz via @theadvocatebr
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGreat watch MT @Slate: Most famous desktop wallpaper ever is actually a real, unaltered photo! http://t.co/ezqLCYcs0o http://t.co/8N4I8zryNn
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@EdMorrissey @GerryDales sadly I agree. Too bad. I simply like "Beth" better than "Love Hurts".Friday fun fact: Linda Ronstadt writes that Warren Zevon was the only person she ever knew who subscribed to Jane's Defence Weekly.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMT @JFKLibrary Congrats @StephenAtHome next host of @Letterman! We found another Colbert in our archives: your dad! http://t.co/rR0KNSB9Fq
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@sarafagen2 @AP_Ken_Thomas @MediaPost a GIANT moment.this is a big deal. Internet Ad Revenue Hits $42.8 Billion In 2013, Surpasses Broadcast TV http://t.co/hwaumBKIUS via @mediapost
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLife after the Death Star disaster http://t.co/Ztck89CeYn
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@capitalweather remember. The year Andrew hit Miami, that was a "light" hurricane year in the tropics. It only takes one. #bepreparedExcited that @SenRandPaul will speak in @Harvard's @JFKJrForum on 4/25. To enter lottery or watch live stream, visit: http://t.co/HKdPlvimbC
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@soulcontroller @TODAYshow an Stairway was always #1 all time rock song whenever my local Miami rock station did its annual list@chucktodd @TODAYshow I consider a little song called "Stairway to Heaven" a rock ballad and it came out in 1971. Beth was 1975ish
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@WaldoWilbur on a Tarmac in AustinSylvia Burwell is an excellent choice to be the next #HHS Secretary
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@chucktodd @TODAYshow To answer my own question, Beth was before MTAF -- by about a month, at least according to the two Wikipedia entries.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@chucktodd @TODAYshow Was Beth before More Than a Feeling?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGeoWBush at LBJ Library: "Former presidents compare their libraries the way other men compare their … well ... Wonder how LBJ would've?"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHere is Jackie Robinson on first day playing as Brooklyn Dodger, Ebbets Field, today 1947: #Corbis http://t.co/dxj5qoVNha
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAbout to talk Sebelius, Obamacare with @LukeRussert @dailyrundown
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo does Kiss get credit for having the first hit hard rock/metal ballad hit with "Beth"? @TODAYshow (secretly my fav Kiss song)Really creepy Holocaust + wine & food festival-themed cruise. Seriously. http://t.co/IRjjgjmUdt
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@LukeRussert @TexasSports @dailyrundown would rather be known as the 2 star with the work ethic of a 4 or 5 star."We owe them everything..." @KISSOnline & Def Leppard to hire veterans as summer tour roadies http://t.co/2p32xoTey1 http://t.co/z7Jl4DgM36
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHometown boy actually! RT @WTOP: .@TheLewisBlack brings trademark act to D.C. http://t.co/gDaBYw88o4 http://t.co/KJzaDPaQjrSylvia Burwell on her Clinton campaign "war room"work on economic policy & healthcare @cspanwj http://t.co/v927a2ZoIL http://t.co/VlS2Vo6zTA
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@GarrettHaake @TODAYshow nice work! Welcome backHeading to @dailyrundown (today hosted by @LukeRussert) to talk 2016 and Sec. Sebelius stepping down. Tune in at 9!
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@DraperRobert sadly. I'm now in Austin airport@twortle there's not a campaign against the health care law? You can cherry pick a phrase and then miss actual meaning.@kyleswicegood trying!@DraperRobert for breakfast?@bigwind2001 @TODAYshow no. Still at LBJ librarySpent one more night in Austin for @todayshow to report on Sebelius resignation. In shadow of library of the POTUS who launched Medicare
I'd tell you what I have planned for @41ActionNews at 10, but you know what they say: Loose chimps sink ships
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTonite @Chucktodd on Obama's tribute to LBJ's legacy. "Making their lives better is what the hell the presidency is for." @nbcnightlynews
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ananavarro chicken tenders and the mac n cheese I bet -- I've done the same thing beforeAdd a new name to the GOP 2016 prez watch. Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn will "test the waters," aide tells RCP: http://t.co/KCwm9zXXc5
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@blyaonline nice Killian in the Twitter house@VBMiMi correct. Confirmation will likely happen. But that doesn't mean the hearing will be less painful for WH@dbred309kool POTUS sort of telegraphed this four months ago.@unpoetaloco you can't ignore it. IntertwinedRemember Burwell has already gotten through a Senate confirmation process as OMB Dir. But Senate GOP will be incentivized to make it roughNFL legend @JimBrownNFL32 joins @chucktodd to discuss his role in the battle for civil rights http://t.co/KI2cfSVXTy http://t.co/v54fCJzTjI
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@jaketapper good luck making it work NOW!Obama's Congress problem: @ChuckTodd reports on the complicated relationship between the 36th & 44th presidents: http://t.co/D9WezthQaG
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@TheFix stop.Looking forward to my 50th @JohnsHopkins reunion this weekend. My professors are still wondering how I graduated #TBT http://t.co/RefIr3dL5K
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@eddiemonsoon @dailyrundown @BarackObama was simply reporting what LBJ family and friends have been saying.@chucktodd interviews Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) after President Obama speech at #civilrightssummithttp://t.co/cQ4utgqyps
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo whatcha think of photo on Soc/Sec card idea that Bill Clinton endorsed? Turns it into nat'l I.D. card? makes left & right scratch headsMost overlooked development in the voting photo I.D. wars from here in Austin. http://t.co/VsqZoCmpVy (courtesy @ktumulty)The president will be speaking soon at the @LBJLibrary. @msnbc will air the speech & it can be watched on our stream: http://t.co/vQ5j6H70Nj
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSurprisingly few House GOPers who are running for Senate voted against the Ryan budget.12 GOP nos on Ryan budget: Broun, Crawford, Gibson, Gingrey, Hall, Jolly, Jones, Kingston, LoBiondo, Massie, McKinley, A. Scott
Retweeted by Chuck ToddInteresting: Big Ten announces that it is opening an NYC office. Makes sense, if you have a geographically nonsensical league.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHouse passes Ryan Budget 219-205, 12 #GOP vote against it.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMore great coverage of the Civil Rights Summit here in Austin at http://t.co/iB2bZmxRjB. Including Jim Brown q&a http://t.co/Oy9Zx4Dr7nApparently LBJ insisted library office have view of UT football practice field. Larger scoreboard than most stadiums http://t.co/T2y9LvSGYyLBJ library here on UT's campus the @dailyrundown backdrop. Packed show. Luci Baines Johnson & Jim Brown among guests http://t.co/cbyQaTnvLP
Trying. RT @TeflonTommy2: @chucktodd that joke would have been funnier 20 years ago. #findanewshowSign I watch too much Seinfeld: just passed an airport "duty free" sign and started to sing, "I like stop at the duty free shop."@eddiemonsoon @dailyrundown exactly the point the LBJ family wants to have made@kalsec @NBCNews @SenBobCorker time time time time.Jerry Brown appears to be cruising to re-election. http://t.co/feraOjFFJGGot one of those 2 hour @dailyrundown shows that I have to condense into an hour. From Kerry v McCain to Hillary's 2016 doubts; LBJ & #tdr50#scsen -- a fascinating fall campaign too even if Graham wins? 2 key develops: http://t.co/eWtUZv0OD5 and http://t.co/WRXvqe2Ci2
So basically, college basketball is pre-season tourneys, conf. tourneys and the NCAA tourney... reg season = meh?Maybe I'm late on this, but is anyone else wondering why the regular season matters in college basketball anymore? UConn-UK 14 legacy?Also on @dailyrundown: Our #tdr50 focus on NC: Why "Moral Mondays" launched there 1st. Plus: How LBJ folks want to de-Vietnam his legacyComing up: Russia meddling again in Ukraine? Sure looks like it; The "why" behind today's WH gender pay push. Both issues lead @dailyrundown
I love this. Thank u Sgt for your sacrifice. MT @TODAYshow: Sergeant surprises 8yo daughter http://t.co/5WhJ08mqbn http://t.co/ChtzwHMkjNJeb Bush Takes on Potential Weaknesses by @ChuckTodd @CarrieNBCNews @mmurraypolitics http://t.co/GNc2CDuKhv
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHere's the full story about digital privacy (or lack thereof) from the Post. http://t.co/DEaRHvTX2qWhat a great WPost lead: The "old-fashioned newspaper ... has one advantage over high-tech alternatives: You read it. It never reads you."Always a fun wrong answer! RT @cnads32: @chucktodd @dailyrundown frank underwood. #HouseOfCardsTrivia Time: WHO IS THE ONLY NORTH CAROLINIAN TO BE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE? Tweet your answer to @chucktodd and @dailyrundown
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHappy first full week of April. @dailyrundown Packed show. Afghan elections and 2016 lead. Big focus on NC too. #TDR50
@chucktodd It’s happened 331 times in a game that was nine innings or less. Happened 24 times last season...
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