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Political junkie; @NBCNews reporter & analyst; @msnbc @dailyrundown host; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too. http://t.co/nxA4oXNX

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Show is on now, btw. Here is a clip from Daniel Silva. https://t.co/fxZqXoL9ymHave a fun summer reader #unscripted today: Daniel Silva, Brad Meltzer, Joe Klein on politics in fictional settings. SiriusXM Ch 124
Honored and humbled to be in the company of great MTP moderators, including David, Tom and of course Tim. All three taught me so much.Quite the un-Vale-ing @SavannahGuthrie and @feldmike (Sorry. Couldn't resist the pun. Warn her about my bad jokes)It's a girl! Meet Vale Guthrie Feldman! http://t.co/lsqXd6oqAV #CongratsSavannah http://t.co/eo9DjuuX79
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThose cheeks! #CongratsSavannah http://t.co/NtsyZiaPYW
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWe have a baby! #congratsSavannah http://t.co/3QWBq64Geo
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRT: @SavannahGuthrie : My 3am wake up call sounds a lot different now. Sweeter. // but this sound is like music to my ears.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMy 3am wake up call sounds a lot different now. Sweeter...
Retweeted by Chuck ToddYou should never miss @TODAYshow but be sure to definitely tune in this morning!
RIP Dotty Lynch, as smart as she was good as she was generous to all of us in and around politics. #wayfarertoast
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A unique #unscripted: elected officials that get things done: the mayors of Houston, Burlington, Charleston, OKC & Madison. SiriusXM Ch. 124Where does gov't work? Where polarization doesn't dominate... only place that exists.. the cities. #unscripted. SiriusSM POTUS Ch. 124
Obama defends his forpol record in @tomfriedman interview. Calls Libya intervention biggest lesson learned http://t.co/sWc3dWvvSxHawaii Senate debates look like this.... cc: @chucktodd http://t.co/G6w48ySFq6
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNixon resigns: 40 years later, a @chucktodd doc http://t.co/1AUS93wScZ
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@chucktodd's fine show about RN's resignation (including moi & others) got bumped by war, but here 'tis: http://t.co/nUIPoUm511
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCan't miss this @dailyrundown special: @chucktodd remembers an extraordinary day in American history. http://t.co/oflhRK7dhk
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGreat news, our @dailyrundown Nixon resignation special avail on demand. New interviews. Old footage. Good stuff. http://t.co/P6upOvgiNn15 years ago i wrote a book re US in world "The Reluctant Sheriff." after hearing Pres Obama tonite on #Iraq, might be time for new edition
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRussia proposed sending "Russian peacekeepers” to E. Ukraine. A "Russian peacekeeper" in Ukraine is an oxymoron. Russia has sabotaged peace.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFor those wondering about the @dailyrundown Nixon resignation special, it will be avail in its entirety this weekend. Details to come.
Maureen McDonnell's chief of staff told prosecutors the first lady was a "nut bag" http://t.co/jccz0jb6yh
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@jraykitty @PaulDavisKS mentioned it multiple times this week and when I had Brownback on...Watch Fred Yang discuss latest #nbcwsjpoll with Chuck Todd: The summer of our discontent. @chucktodd http://t.co/CpIClmNhxj
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@rhc047 @RedAlert @mchalfant16 and I'm fatigued by folks who simply assume if folks don't agree with them, they are biased...Avoid unnecessary jargon except on the sports page, where you're free to just slather it on like barbecue sauce.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Gladiator_BBall @Studio1ADon I was just glad it wasn't a women's prison@lindastern Dems are more supportive of Cong. Dems... than GOPers are of Cong. GOPers... make sense?@MasterDJJeffrey so everything is just hunky dory with the KS GOP... Ok, then...@truth2b @dailyrundown you apparently are tweeting the wrong person... i don't slant.. i deal in factsIf you want to understand this weird electoral environment, don't miss @dailyrundown today as we dive deep into this anxiety mixed w/angerA special edition of @dailyrundown -- most extensive look at just how hard its been for the country to dig out from the Great Recession.Caroline Kennedy, new U.S. ambassador, attended memorial service in Hiroshima today--Obama first to send envoy. http://t.co/QcfwDLq2Ke
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLove this from this morning's @TODAYshow - a man's leg gets stuck and people push together to free him https://t.co/LeuJlG1iLq #peoplepower
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIt was bound to happen. The Orange Room meets the #nbcwsjpoll See you on @todayshow in a few. Just how angry at Washington are you?
I asked @govsambrownback why KS Republicans were voting against him or @SenPatRoberts. His answer? Obama made them: http://t.co/b4McOj1t4M
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTo recap, the 3 incumbents who have lost primaries: 1) Oldest member of congress 2) House majority leader 3) Santa Claus guy
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTomorrow, a special edition of @dailyrundown "How America is still digging out from the Great Recession" -- an in depth look #nbcwsjpollAs Ds/Rs fight over which is the least-lousy party, the American people flip a collective middle finger https://t.co/DQ6QJkFezi @chucktodd
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@brianestwick exact opposite. Interest I. This election is lower than in ether 2006 or 2010.@Bridd65Bridd @NBCNews curious. Does being more anti-politics make u less interested in what DC is doing or u have given up totallyMessage folks WANT their vote to send: 33% want incumbents on either side to lose; 24% want Dems to help Obama; 22% want GOPers as checkMeanwhile, the Cong. GOP brand is 19%/54%..Cong. Dem brand 31%/46%... This is why you can't assume JUST Obama's rating drives 2014 dynamicsBack to POTUS, his job rating on foreign policy is even lower than his overall... 36%; Job on economy, a tad higher, 42%. #nbcwsjpoll64% dissatisfied with America's role in the world; 62% dissastisfied with state of the economy. #nbcwsjpoll Again... just a BRUTAL pollAnd 76% do NOT feel confident their children's generation will do better than them.; 60% describe country in "state of decline" #nbcwsjpollBut the anger and dissatisfaction is deeper than just anti-DC. 79% dissatisfied with ENTIRE political system. #nbcwsjpollAnother BRUTAL NBC/WSJ poll for all of Washington. POTUS job rating at 40% (all-time low). Cong. job rating 14%.Back in '76, fmr. Sen. Dole (R-KS) said the GOP had a perception problem. Last wk he told @chucktodd they still do: http://t.co/ueMKGREuWs
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@SenRandPaul in IA attacking Hillary Clinton again for "Hillary’s war in Libya, Hillary’s war in Syria" that weren't approved by Congress
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@BeckyQuick @SquawkCNBC @dailyrundown you know I agree with that! Got to do a show switch or simulcast soon!One funny line from Dole that didn't make air regarding KS politics: I've yet to meet a voter I didn't want voting for me."Report: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to be questioned Wednesday by Army investigators http://t.co/0anh1ikEqM http://t.co/VRzDOuHHsK
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRemember, the @dailyrundown is one place that walks and chews gum... Your campaign 2014 HQs and everything you need to know around worldPlus: more of my exclusive sitdown with Bob Dole as he assesses the GOP and KS. @dailyrundown.Has Kansas been "Washington-ized" thanks to polarization trickling down? @dailyrundown on most surprising 2014 battleground stateMaureen McDonnell told Ann Romney that Williams' diet supplement could "potentially" cure her MS. http://t.co/tWp6T19q07 via @washingtonpost
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@DanSileoShow all Vinny had to do was hand the ball off to Alonzo... NO ONE was stopping Highsmith that night NO ONE!!!!@InsideCableNews @chucktodd Updated to include Mr. McClellan and Mr. Nessen says Josh Earnest, https://t.co/EM1bNU8chq
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@DanSileoShow first night I ever drank too much... ugh; lesson learned on a NUMBER of levels@DanSileoShow Yeah...I am VERY excited about the playmakers on O... it's the D and QB position that are TOO questionable right now@DanSileoShow agreed... i'm NOT optimistic this year about our Canes... Low expectations though means I could be pleasantly surprised@pkcapitol @mikememoli @PressSec "just about"@sandyErivers Should be here when it is posted. http://t.co/1q2oJeWWTw@sandyErivers just was sent out on email... I'm sure it will be posted soonLooks like just about every living WH press sec. signed on to a joint statement on Brady, delivered officially from the WH. Nice touch@nielslesniewski definitely remember back in the day, the Western Dems were all more likely to support a BBA@chucktodd Mark Udall is pro-Balanced Budget Amendment. He sponsored one: http://t.co/S5UPlsJh9s
Retweeted by Chuck ToddA Dem House candidate in favor of the Balanced Budget Amendment? https://t.co/1IAsniVmUP // Romanoff comes closeHow to get things done in Washington: @ChuckTodd's exclusive sit-down with Bob Dole on Senate gridlock: http://t.co/wBrniitzHZ
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@NatnlParkPlanet @msnbc that's about the dumbest attack I've gotten. Come on now. I'm agenda free. Always have been.So can one of the umpteen data news sites calculate how many new emails get generated based off of every reply. #inboxwontshrinkhttp://t.co/CV72c58Fi0 RT @chucktodd: Could Chaffetz & Cummings fix House oversight? Interesting RT @jasoninthehouse http://t.co/mrYpMnviyY
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ZekeJMiller @PressSec he said that part week@posglen @TheFix here is a better solution. Don't report the numbers. Trying to get folks. Esp the aggregators to start having standardsFormer White House Press Secretary James Brady has died, according to a statement from his family
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCoffman and Romanoff already have about $5M banked between them in what could be the most expensive House race of 2014 #CO06
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAre Hamptons Police Really Searching for an Egg Salad Recipe Worth $4,000? (NO THEY AREN'T IT'S FAKE IT'S NOT REAL.) http://t.co/Dd5nUN8vU0
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAfter Cantor's abrupt resignation, there are no Jewish GOP Members of Congress for 1st time since 1955. http://t.co/dVIgy1TXfo
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBeen good yr for incumbents, despite general voter anger. Watching 2 members this wk (#TN04 #MI11) who could lose http://t.co/W0ueNQiOY2
Retweeted by Chuck ToddShattering The Glass Closet: Former BP CEO @LordJohnBrown on issues w/ running a business while in the closet: http://t.co/O7ayDQJk4T #MTP
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCould Chaffetz and Cummings fix House oversight? Interesting. RT @jasoninthehouse: At Arches with repcummings http://t.co/ps8y1CjST5Article in Sunday's @MiamiHerald on "Why is Latin America coddling Hamas?": http://t.co/lqDwsecDPJ
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@nickconfessore if Cuomo were embarking on a prez campaign, fallout for him IN state would be worse."The Jets will win the Super Bowl if they bring back Mark Sanchez." -- Romney 2016 backer.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Litzz11 @algore oh, I mentioned.@MarianneMorgan1 we in media have been hyping too much. Playing to fears rather than scientific reality. FrustratingI still find it humorous, for some reason, that Sheldon Adelson and Barack Obama have the same birthday today.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGood news for House GOP on immig: They acted on border, while Senate didn't. Bad news: That action contradicted what leaders once wanted
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo maybe 80 is the new 70? ND incumbent who is 80 seeks new 10 year judicial term http://t.co/cBW1PZbAqzMy 1st read (aptly named!) every AM is @NBCFirstRead by @chucktodd and team. http://t.co/Qt76358Wwh Best coverage of national landscape
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Crutnacker actually. I'm all for it constructive and without four letter words. Cool?August is new Labor Day. Campaign kickoff in full swing. @dailyrundown to focus on 6 primaries in 6 days. & Part 1 of my Bob Dole sitdown@chucktodd Tragically, Crockett and Tubbs were cropped out of this photo.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIf it's Monday, apparently, it's Linkedin spam day
@RalstonReports if you write it, they will come. #campaignfieldofdreamsThis calls for a Kickstarter. RT @eorden: BREAKING in the Hamptons police blotter http://t.co/XGFwXPzMnn
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI should be on this list! #snubbed. RT @washingtonpost: Map: The richest person in each state http://t.co/ircIc35f85 http://t.co/nDWbz4XlKZ
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@owillis I hear Romney likes unicorns
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