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RT @GarethWong Nice RT @TIME: 50 must-have iPad apps including a password lifesaver http://t.co/y1ZdCjMO4p @daamoth
RT @GarethWong nice one Fabrice! RT @ediggs: The Evolution of Marketplaces & full stack marketplace by @fabricegrinda http://t.co/u8552ZvafP
RT @GarethWong Google updates terms of service to reflect its scanning of users' emails  http://t.co/7OKTzT3zVn cc @aral  what can I use?RT @GarethWong interesting @GlimmerGuy Find Your Passion With These 8 Thought-Provoking Questions  http://t.co/WsfpHJkzLL
RT @GarethWong #MustWatch @Aral @theRSAorg "free is a lie" @indie_phone http://t.co/Id8bNJJuvX Long term,consumer protection=viable future!
RT @GarethWong "IBM Squeezing Israel Cyber Guru as $584 Million Wiped Out" - http://t.co/89rFaPA1Jc @BloombergNews @gablovaRT @GarethWong Don’t slouch, young lady http://t.co/TlJYtjol6p via @Salon
RT @GarethWong Bitcoin Mining Boom Sputters as Prospectors FaceLosses http://t.co/28JYltFTDT @olgakharif ToldUSo? http://t.co/ZPN49tjCd9one 4 the w/e @4oD How to Be a Billionaire http://t.co/FvaqjPY8R9 @mickbirch @ditskov @Naveen_Jain_CEO good luck, we r casted workaholicsRT @GarethWong RT @StanfordBiz RT @StanfordEntrepr: James March: What Don Quixote Teaches Us About Leadership http://t.co/4gGToMGTiC
@be_champion: Mk sense! @HarvardHealth: How Being Humble, Kind, and Calm Will Make Your Life Easier via @helpguideorg http://t.co/IASB1937hy
RT @GarethWong Hollywood heavyweights put climate change on TV http://t.co/Mldw5gZmJX @YEARSofLIVING http://t.co/nPdH4Oy0fB @HuffPostGreenRT @GarethWong RT @DR4WARD: How Do You Develop A Successful Content Marketing Project? http://t.co/RHHk6djGRP #infographicRT @GarethWong @RoyalAcademy of Arts Family fun: Make UR own prints w/ worksheets http://t.co/OBl1W4omMc #PrintMonth https://t.co/EoJSscp7V7
"@brainpicker: Hungry for some excellent reads across psychology, art, science, creativity, and more? Devour these: http://t.co/pyAhF6BXvp"@SallyOsberg: "A story well-told can make a difference." @jeffskoll on his storytelling dreams becoming 50+ films @SkollWorldForum #SkollWFRT @MikeBloomberg: .@BloombergNEF summit is helping speed the transition to clean energy. Watch the livestream: http://t.co/K6OvAiCi2z@bcctc @SqftCrowd @raffaelarein @Pikock_ @jotted @CakeGroupNY @MKohSD @cherylonbrand @Stuart_Diamond many thanks for following! ;-)Applications for a full scholarship worth $30k to @singularityu summer programme end on Sunday. Apply now at http://t.co/MF6GPHg3sH
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @GarethWong too true! @nestaimpact: wise words from @MMaryMcKenna on her top 5 lessons on building a start-up http://t.co/hLNhaTeuluRT @GarethWong You Need to Stop Using Windows XP. Here's What to Do Next. http://t.co/POolDlweZc @film_girl
any1 can help/suggest/advice? should I ditch @blogger? as my blog looks horrible & cannot really change/fix easily! http://t.co/QTEFxIfP8nIndeed, some progress, but we need more. don't forget, Investing in renewable does not mean the final products/services are sustainable!Risky internet money market funds have forced financial reforms in China, yet more disclosures are needed @FT http://t.co/MVZ45uU8qx
Retweeted by CXO Europecos most don't think Long! RT @TrillionFund global renewable energy generation growing, but investment falling http://t.co/cq64lUAwldRT @GarethWong RT @successmagazine 11 strategies for managing #stress http://t.co/MtsuwHF7nB & The Stress Institute http://t.co/ee2T3skxZ6RT @GarethWong: RT @BBCNewsnight: WATCH: How much water do we really need? @DoctorChrisVT explains https://t.co/6Z8My8zV16
RT @GarethWong RT @LiamABlack As we head 4 @SkollWorldForum @OxfordJam what r our real #socent motivations? http://t.co/BlZlL8rIXM #SkollWFRT @OgilvyUK Listen 2 @cherylonbrand O&M Advertising London's CEO, podcast discussing @Adweek & @Ogilvy http://t.co/gRKngglw4B #AWEurope@jmccrank Dark markets may be more harmful than HFT http://t.co/eBwVOr7B2h IEX eyes stock exchange status http://t.co/Rdmj2snLo6 @reutersFantatic article on #leadership: Transforming the Corporate Sector http://t.co/g3P8eX1hoD @guardian @joconfino #AshokaAtSkoll #bethechange
@NickKristof My comments re meaningful jobs, Financial KPIs/market challenges & what our kids & the world might need http://t.co/m74iwXg7rc
A grad with a hearbreaking message for all of us about seeking meaning, not just money http://t.co/n5MQ36JOnz http://t.co/zTpeKy8CNe
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @GarethWong "@tom_watson: Lovely "my first boss" story of Bibi and @DavidLammy: http://t.co/AuAmsP0kvQ" indeed! Kids, let's work hard!?!RT @GarethWong @V_and_A The Medal Cabinet Appeal - Victoria and Albert Museum http://t.co/DBiETbHlC9 join 6Jun event http://t.co/xpAkinT478.@GarethWong who owns our data? RT @DParkerIIP @Evernote 's Quiet Destruction Of The Notepad http://t.co/D9NDY5tsVV @forbes @KarstenStrauss
RT @GarethWong Mozilla CEO Resigns Over Support for Anti-Gay Marriage Stance" http://t.co/DOPRfqGKaF @BloombergNews @pburrows@nicknyhan @billrand @akhmed_u Can Twitter Predict Economy Better Than Wall Street Economists? http://t.co/2JH8aP1FHN @kantar @JoshZumbrun
RT @GarethWong likewise over here! RT @lindarottenberg: Getting ready for the #GameOfThrones premiere this Sunday! http://t.co/7AiC8pEjGgProf Bing Xiang @CKGSBglobal Joint EMBA course launch https://t.co/lsOL5UGVeg Prof Dominique Turpin @IMD_Bschool https://t.co/EQKSVU7kZSRT @GarethWong Vegetarians Found To Have More Cancer, Allergies And Mental Health Disorders http://t.co/xF1RhY1qaW @science2_0 balanced=keyRT @MLiebreich "Successive UK governments in recent yrs hv put PR b4 public health wrt air pollution. http://t.co/h927bugaaW @GeoffreyLeanRT @learngive Get ready! #GivingWithPurpose begins 2morrow @edXOnline, Top 10 list of why you'll want to be there https://t.co/8TZLnQHR18RT @GarethWong & opportunities ;) ! RT @benhuh: It's all over. There is a crack on my frame. It's the end of an era. http://t.co/ZTjBcxDUd0
Nice! @NU_PolicySchool Rebecca Riccio's #GivingWithPurpose online course will feature @PatrickDempsey @BW http://t.co/ARro4ctqb2 @edXOnline:) RT @SteveSchlenker My answer to How many hours per week does a venture capitalist expect startup founders to work? http://t.co/xxzHimRMvJWho's behind London's best coffee? http://t.co/tFbbBAeKMi Gr8 Feature 4EastEnd!?@1ookmumnohands @AllpressE2 @TimeOutLondon @climpsonandsonsRT @GarethWong Nice look4ward to @lewis_dartnell 's book on @NewYorker list of books to watch out for this month: http://t.co/G4hJZbUcyMRT @GarethWong: RT @CNBCAsia: China puts billion new consumers on map: Li & Fung http://t.co/DxhPFx6LzD @DharaCNBC
RT @BBCPanorama 'The Mayor & Our Money' http://t.co/Dz2HqiTrSA http://t.co/qQYP5NOifp @EricPickles inspector is gr8 but fixing it is better!.@GarethWong @SciAm Food & Water Shortages May Prove Major Risks of #climatechange http://t.co/cXQghJx4Q7 @dbiello @IPCC_CH #climateimpacts
RT @GarethWong RT @timogeo @EliteDaily We weren't 'waiting' 4app @funkmastabaker + @lanewinfield already launched it: http://t.co/Nf0X60PxDDRT @GarethWong @Ideas42 Applying Behavioral Economics 2 Improve Microsavings Outcomes pdf http://t.co/x4d3YsYaNr @alexfiorillo cc @benmanganRT @guardiantech: NSA revelations 'changing how businesses store sensitive data' http://t.co/0Aat4jqrB6 @mrmatthewtaylor end of US cloud?Parents who starve children of love face jail @Telegraph http://t.co/91Zhjluf83 @ChristopherHope wow,long overdue! Hope will b used properly
How #CityAccelerator will help drive econ opportunity & progress for all. My new blog w/@Citi Brandee McHale http://t.co/qUELBR408M #cities
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @GarethWong RT @TIME: 11 Google search tips everyone should know http://t.co/JDPikixsSl @TechliciousRT @havasww: Catch the 10 trends from @CakeGroupNY and @HavasMedia at #sxsw 2014! http://t.co/YZVXJSlm59 #sxswhavas #havas #havaswwRT @GarethWong RT @p2173: Saving the Internet - this year's #PDF theme http://t.co/nusr2mSmmART @GarethWong much needed! RT @BBCNews: Government planning crackdown on nuisance marketing calls http://t.co/j5qtVQBlxu
RT @GarethWong RT @NewYorker: Putin’s New War on “Traitors” http://t.co/6aSTv6nl5tRT @GarethWong RT @ScienceLife Neurobiologist Peggy Mason is out 2debunk “neuromyths” @neuroMOOC course abt the brain http://t.co/cRbDm9ij3h@NYTimes Test UR Focus http://t.co/kPr6djKFAd Juggle tasks http://t.co/QaiKmizkdd Gr8 Prof Clifford Nass http://t.co/VIfDHJIyOw UR Results?RT @TIME Study:Talking abt link b/w alcohol & cancer may lead college kids 2 reconsider binge drinking http://t.co/QK9oSCJiL7 @acsifferlinRT @GarethWong RT @FT The unscaling myth http://t.co/CSwSffXIXA thought provoking indeed @izakaminskaRT @GarethWong The Luxury Cars With The Best Value @Forbes http://t.co/HcpSbRKvrO @HannahElliott
Gr8 2see @InvestHK_LDN @AneeshVarma @toodlepip @DParkerIIP talked about #HK ecosystem #Launchpad2014 @StartmeupHK https://t.co/0l5up7goF1
lawyers & consultants' dream case RT @DealBook Falcone Accused of Using Company Assets in Cash Crunch http://t.co/K2oF3bih1g @jottedRT @PennyWriter Richard Cunniff, co-founder of top Sequoia Fund, dies at 91 @BloombergNews http://t.co/leZDTYMWZs Graham/Buffett schoolRT @GarethWong agree RT @bupbin simply amazing work on #MidasList @alexrkonrad http://t.co/KWU279x3yX He's wearing anti-VC #bodyarmor 2day
secret Senate House documents reveals UL outsourcing lost money, undermined services, was purely ideologically driven http://t.co/ytTbLQOYa1
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @garethwong @MattGarrahan @nytimes boss takes swipe @Bloomberg o/r China(Justin Smith demurred when asked2respond) http://t.co/6WNfPUyBEgRT @GarethWong gutted I'll b missing both @ChrisGiles_ + Spencer Dale BoE and #LordTurner tonight, hope both will be recorded..!?RT @GarethWong: "Pimco Chases BlackRock in ETFs as Money Returns to Bonds" http://t.co/pacuX66EGo @CondonAtBberg @ToddSPCAPIQ @DaveNadigRT @GarethWong RT @hkanji: Vice is worth $1 billion? http://t.co/AkYkrbuOu3 @shanesmith30
RT @GarethWong @BBCPanorama JimGee @COUNTERFRAUD Financial Cost of Healthcare Fraud Report2014 http://t.co/DFqbJAMULr http://t.co/ttWLLXzG8V@nytimes Clifford Nass,Warned of a Data Deluge,Died Nov13 http://t.co/VWIwNJKJqp RIP #MustTake Distractability Test http://t.co/bzSa2a7Qqn
Retweeted by CXO EuropeLook 4ward 2 meet @henryjacksonsoc RT @ecfr: Will China dominate the 21st century? @JonathanFenby doesn't think so http://t.co/jrYolYqvObRT @GarethWong @PamelaRyckman Bootstrapping, baby.4those who think VC is a prerequisite 4 starting a company @wadhwa http://t.co/6iVq4GUhQDRT @unngls @UNSDSN deadline 28Mar 4consultation on draft report Indicators 4 #SustDev Goals http://t.co/TtKLWNlc8m #Post2015 #indicators2015Congrat! @eisingerj @kleinmatic Indescribably proud of my @propublica colleagues 4winning 8 SND awards of excellence http://t.co/aQeLi9PVbs
good luck! RT @MikeBloomberg: The private sector is helping stop the flow of illegal guns: @AGSchneiderman @mercnews http://t.co/nmokzoUZ4jRT @GarethWong as expected RT @AsiaSociety: JPMorgan top China banker Fang to leave amid hiring probe http://t.co/nBn3o2sfy1 via @Reuters"@LiquidThread: A fun and helpful resource from @lakey RT: Introducing The Periodic Table of Content Marketing http://t.co/ijTwq9iDlp
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @nytimes Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem http://t.co/ucEfyXkSQT yup shld aspire 2fix issues/biz, rather than aspire 2b nxt TechStar/Exit!RT @GarethWong @MITnews Study: Attractive men fare best in gaining venture capital http://t.co/x7mvJ9wHqO
Indeed @michaelpollan @e2theb this is very serious RT @marktran Crisis in Korea as younger generation abandons kimchi http://t.co/7OphbVuhdGRT @GarethWong "Champagne Exports Are Seen Driving Demand as France Lags" - http://t.co/xyBch4jOzL @BloombergLPRT @NYTimes Au Revoir, Entrepreneurs http://t.co/9uNsjDWZWN @LizAlderman @ediggs @fleurpellerin @Segalenassocies @emilieldn @axellelemaireRT @GarethWong "Wall Street’s Ties to Putin Threatened as Sanctions Bite" http://t.co/3FyLqjfYk2 @BloombergLP @jason_corcoran @borisg_workRT @GarethWong RT @matthewherper: A Threat to Male Fertility http://t.co/fCZ0TU7qS6 by @DeborahBlum @nytimeswell"Forget About Profits,Just Do Deals!" http://t.co/GZqVIgZfpy @BloombergView well said @JonathanWeil depends on BalanceSheet last buyer! HP?RT @GarethWong Exercising On an Empty Stomach: The Surprising Benefits http://t.co/D0QHtFRr6B via @greatistRT @clarkaw @TorontoStar thinks we r mean 2 BoE Governor - "Why Mark Carney gets no love in Britain" http://t.co/Ui8wlzVAMZ @TheGrtRecession
#MustWatch & Action @intelligence2 @DanielGolemanEI on Focus- The Secret to High Performance & Fulfilment https://t.co/XZ7matRAF8 #Be_Champ
Retweeted by CXO EuropeRT @WiredUK: The human nose knows more than 1 trillion scents. Magsnifficent! http://t.co/yzWW79D1hJ by @NicholasTufnell cc @adriancheokRT @GarethWong MustWATCH: 2days left to download @JezzaNeumann @BBCiPlayer TB: Return of the Plague http://t.co/QD2ASgx8Z4 #TBSilientKiller
@GarethWong @Pikock_ Sure thing, most Parisien CXO I meet prefer Fouquet's than 13eme.. U name the place/resturant? any good dim sum place?MustWatch #RSAEconomy @TheRSAOrg panel on post-crash economy http://t.co/3ErceV1puE w/ @paulmasonnews @MazzucatoM @SeumasMilne @BenChu_RT @dealbook @Carl_C_Icahn Calls on eBay to Sell 20% of PayPal Unit to the Public http://t.co/aVsNzk2Js4 don't fall for it @Donahoe_John
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