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Dale McGladdery @dale42 Vancouver, BC

Avid film watcher, book reader and podcaster. Web dev and Drupaller by day, CFRO community radio host/producer by night.

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As announced at Barcelona DrupalCon, Drupal 8 Release Candidate 1 released today. looks like something to watch! Accelerated Mobile Pages
Back to the future, GE hosts sci-fi, again: General Electric has a Sci-Fi Podcast Also, marketing.
Consumers pay 16.6x more in data costs than top 50 news sites are making in ad revenue
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyPlaying with Docker software, this is not what I thought it was. Not even sure how to describe it. Virtual Process runner?
From Saving Private Ryan to Interstellar to The Martian, America has spent a ridiculous amount of money to retrieve Matt Damon.
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@davekellett “It is by coffee alone that I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of java that thoughts acquire speed”Playing around with Sigil ebook editor: Straightforward to create epub content, wonder how it does on big projects.As always, Roland is generous. @rtanglao: I’m loving our coffee mornings.
@mdiane_rogers I hope you enjoy more than I did! :)
@malcolm8 I know, right?!@malcolm8 Maybe fixed now, but last time I checked you couldn’t schedule automatic regular backups of your site.@mdiane_rogers I’m sorry you feel you need to punish yourself :(@malcolm8 Be sure you’re comfortable with their site backup/restore feature set
Last night I watched a movie from 1957 where a boy was bullied and his father simply asked how hard he gave back. Times have changed.The literal translation, I think. Intent wise I think they’re both the same. Anyone?
@aragusea Thanks!@aragusea Does The Pub have a proper RSS feed for podcasts? Would love to add it to my podcast client, but can’t find one.Discovered I still had a Drupal 5 site running! Was for a now inactive group. It’s now off-lined and archived, not unlike the group.When cute isn’t so cute: Large buck [deer] kills dog at Oak Bay residence too. I thought that was called massive fatigue?@sparkcbc This looks Spark-worthy: Serial entrepreneur now IBMer creates games to make businesses better.A Film Festival of Kick Ass Kung Fu/Martial Arts Films in the Public Domain
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyStudy links U.S. political polarization to TV news deregulation
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyEpic 10 1/2 hour sleep and I’m still ready for an afternoon nap … wtf body?.@jjdebenedictis @BinaryBad Or is it a diabolical plan by dogs to get out of fetching newspapers and blaming cats? Double win!Our stance on content blocking: It's not about good or bad ads. It’s about transparency, control & trust:
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@ianiv Awesome! Just remember: Recreating AOL for the 21st century.It took me a long time to realize that is wasn’t so much Margaret Atwood I didn’t like, it was a subset of her fans.I like listening to Margaret Atwood’s take on things. Smart & articulate. I wish I enjoyed her prose so I could support her w/book buys.Margaret Atwood interviewed on @canadaland podcast Discusses her @nationalpost censorship & other interesting things.
“Questions are the new comments”, a keynote on involving news consumers in story creation: So much win.Crazy interesting Radiolab piece about Nazi POW camps in the US: Nazi Summer Camp (31 min)Doesn’t “old stock” translate to “pure laine” in French? Is Stephen Harper borrowing from Jacques Parizeau?
@TheAmpHour Have you guys seen this story?: Why I spent my summer rescuing thousands of vintage manuals, OS X 10.10 let’s you turn off the auto-hide scroll bar “feature”.@jjdebenedictis @ReneeStephen I’ve always thought there’s a tech aura that influences equipment. That, or the gear can smell fear.
New #Bombernauts Powerup: The Clock! It doesn't actually explode, because its a fucking clock. Bomb for comparison
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyBREAKING: The British appear to have developed some sort of giant bomb, possibly attached to a rocket.
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Or shampooed my, um, your hair. Star reporter Paul Watson famously quit over a Franklin expedition story. Now that story is out. #cdnpoli
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My self-hosted SVN repo and 3 no-longer-required test instances are 1st on the chopping block. Down to 14 :)Dreamhost is end-of-life’ing PHP 5.3 & 5.4 so I’m reviewing my web instances. How did I wind up with 18? I may have a addiction.G’aaaaaaah. The course I was looking forward to starting tomorrow was cancelled :( @EricaHargreave, some other time, hopefully.@sillygwailo I never thought to put it on my bucket list, but I’ve dutifully checked it off, now! Thank you.Want your shot at a $1000 prize for your short story? Our #SiWC15 writing contest deadline is Friday. Don't miss it!
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@KathyKenzie_ I’m sure it was once a staffing requirement to have at least one Jen/Jennifer working at each Starbucks in Vancouver.We need a verb like "alone-ing". i.e. "I'm aloneing today," = I'm enjoying the hell out of having the house to myself right now; bugger off.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyLatest Every Frame a Painting by Tony Zhou: Vancouver Never Plays Itself
@mor10 I think it’s in line behind Pixels.Weapons of Mass Instruction: 1979 Ford Falcon Becomes a Tank Armored with 900 Free Books
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyHa, twitter/mac wants to autocorrect shortcode to shortcake. I'll have mine with strawberries, thank you!Fusion Page Builder for WordPress is kind of mind boggling. A graphic layout editor/UI that stores the layout data in the page w/shortcodes.Cool beans, WordPress has a “Planet” feed, now: pedantic, but I loves me an orderly git commit graph. CMS choice is seldom my call but I’m always interested in the “landscape”.@ygjb Yup. And totally crazy-making.Always a happy moment when updating a theme, plugin, or module fixes a bug caused by a WordPress or Drupal core update.I shake my head each and every time I sync a WordPress database. Why are site URLs hardcoded into the configuration? WTF. :(
Things your password must have.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyover40invan #22 What novel would you write? folks, the food and the cause are good! dale feels great affinity with blurry dale word f*ck has been around a long time! gardens using lure of open source to fight other walled garden:
Harper is hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker to take over his campaign? Is there no qualified Canadian? #elxn42
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Show me someone who hasn’t felt this way sometime in their career! Granting sudo to your boss
My fave: You're 64 times more likely to climb Mount Everest than click on a banner ad. #webperf #UX #perfmatters
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyLike to dance, here’s a fundraiser for you! $15 gets you a salsa lesson and a night of dancing. our interview w/Umbrella Health Co-op. The good they’re doing is a nice change from the horrible in the news. When I do that I'll sometimes work from both ends into the middle. Feels less uphill, somehow. :)Any Rockford Files fans out there? Remember the answering machine? Here are the messages: Thought so! But times has a habit of sneaking by. @sparkcbc@sparkcbc I suggest @cbolton97, (though I’m not sure he’s still a teenager)
“My Generation Hates Cultural Appropriation – But My Indian Parents Love It”
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Preview of witty "A Closer Walk with Jean Chretien" 2nite @ 9pm @HavanaVancouver by @coopradio host Jacques Lalonde
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyEvery time a developer says "temporary workaround" I remember this list.
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery21st century secret stash. Growing up, I had physical hiddy holes. If parentals ever found them, they never told me. are really yummy That is very kind, thank you. Have a great long weekend!Now I’m thinking, it’s online, why can’t I take a peek right away? :) Going in with an open mind, last you’ll hear of it! “See" you Tuesday
To the Apple dev who decided that encrypted disk password prompts wouldn't allow copy-paste: I will cut you with a San Quentin prison shank.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyI’m ready for a Mt. Everest dark comedy movie where the heroes are the sherpas (played by POC) and the climbers are the butt of the jokes.
@EricaHargreave Signed up for Social Media Storytelling. Still would prefer in-person to on-line, but looking forward to the course!
If someone tells me WordPress is easy I now have enough 1st hand experience to look them in the eye and honestly reply: You so fucking liePolice have blocked Cordoba between Cambie and Abbott. Quite a nice little traffic/bus snarl developing.
Our friends at @USFWC just announced their fall webinars! Great stuff, don't miss out: #coops #workercoops
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyUse WordPress and have dev/prod servers w/different mysql server versions? This can be a backup killer: Oh, I haven’t. I like the sound of the title!Fellow coders: Hack, a typeface designed for us! Zero & oh, el & one, unambiguous AND pretty. mystery writers, undercooked beans could poison you: Let the plots begin! You’re welcome :)Dear website owners using modal pop-ups: IT FEELS LIKE YOU’RE YELLING IN MY FACE!Wow, the website has turned into a functional wasteland. My nomination for usability hall of shame.
@samanthadelayed With @spacepug ’s new medieval sword skills I can almost imagine her attacking down trees with a battle axe :)@samanthadelayed If you’re ever back in Van, be sure to say hi. BIFF has changed but us old-timers would love to see you!@Clippernolan Board games FTW!@samanthadelayed Checkout out #BCStorm hashtag if you’re curious. I have coffee and power, so I’m good :)
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