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Dave Morin @davemorin California / Montana

Entrepreneur & Investor / Co-Founder & CEO @Path / Boards of @Eventbrite, @USSkiTeam, & @SFMOMA

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The majestic Tetons. http://t.co/4jpmntUOXRRe: Facebook messenger. Imagine a real life single friend begging you for introductions to your eligible friends every, single, day.
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The most important article I've ever written. I hope it can make a difference. http://t.co/1hZ9UJIGdi
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"The sunsets, when the trees stood hushed awaiting their goodnight blessings. Divine, enduring, unwastable wealth." – John Muir
Retweeted by Dave Morin@ttunguz That's what we might call a Series B in 2014.
Retweeted by Dave MorinLivePerson's S-1 from 1999: $222k in trailing nine months revenue. That's a $300k ARR for a public co. $32M raised http://t.co/ELgbPnF14c
Retweeted by Dave MorinSwimming in an ocean of glow. In some moments it feels like Earth is actually alive #aurora http://t.co/I7I2LOQ5Ri
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Quora: Scale & Quality http://t.co/UrNyhj0Gz4
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Stronger by @kanyewest (at Path HQ) — https://t.co/nxRG4UpbXg@Dropbox @drewhouston props.@NeedWantInc fascinated. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do next.
@hedgewizard @path @jakemix that is a great idea.There is a rumor going around that the @Path team got awesome new t-shirts today featuring Ninja Jake. http://t.co/8fUHQxtAXeAlso delighted to welcome @vladimirleytus to Team @Path!Delighted to welcome @larue_ana to Team @Path!
Pretty clear that @theinformation is on fire. Good work guys! https://t.co/b5hfdPg1gv
Retweeted by Dave MorinThe creative adult is the child who has survived. (at @brit) [pic] — https://t.co/t4MERIikQM@PartywithaLocal love the idea. My travel experiences are always better with a local.
@rstephens @stuartlevinson we have great new stuff coming soon. Hard to communicate vision without product. Step #1 was merge, #2 product.@rstephens 3/ with @Path's approach to quality design and @TalkTo's pioneering service innovation we are excited about building the future.@rstephens 2/ @stuartlevinson and I are very excited about bringing the vision of texting businesses to life together.@rstephens 1/ that's helpful context. The danger of short tweets taken out of context on Twitter I guess.@rstephens @delk 2/ We are always open to constructive criticism however. It is how we evolve and get better.@rstephens @delk 1/ the entrepreneurial world needs less negativity, not more. Belittling the motivations of others does nothing for society@rstephens @delk #donthatecreate
Deaths from police shootings (latest available year) US 409 Germany 8 Britain 0 Japan 0 http://t.co/WXZj9mivRt http://t.co/G2MWHCn4vD
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Introducing @BoostedBoards Roadside Assistance: https://t.co/6iaDVurcjZ2 motor electric skateboard... powerful enough to push a #car http://t.co/ZjI3srG7MP http://t.co/5ICiZjFnWi
Retweeted by Dave MorinSmart Phones for Smart Kids @kpcb @johndoerr http://t.co/yll1qQJZFE via @WSJ
Retweeted by Dave MorinThankfully, we're born to learn. A very inspiring message from @khanacademy http://t.co/yqmBmRDmvv
Retweeted by Dave MorinSmart apps for smartphones and smarter kids - @khanacademy @duolingo @quizlet @remind @edmodo http://t.co/K58sa4FLhA
Retweeted by Dave Morin"Do the right thing, seek the truth, defend the weak, live courageous lives." - Emily Colson
Retweeted by Dave MorinTried to read @WSJ article. Couldn't remember password. Gave up. #passwordproblemThe Entrepreneurs - Edition 146 http://t.co/h7hyW60gpLChange yourself, change the world.You have 24 hours http://t.co/wfkvj6Vs2n
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@stanine @chrismessina @ed_lea @anildash @harper @arasin @johnolilly I see @bradfitz out there favoriting. Band coming back together :)@innonate @chrismessina @ChrisSaad @anildash @harper cc @PathService could we turn this thread into a Storify?@chrismessina @ed_lea @anildash @harper @arasin @johnolilly exactly. I shouldn't care what network my friends use when I share/message them.@harper @joshelman @johnolilly @anildash @arasin @chrismessina Harper definitely solution.12/Quoting @GreatDismal, the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed -- or it's not yet distributed at all. But it is here.
Retweeted by Dave Morin11/Those ideas are being dismissed now since the early attempts have't worked. This has the opposite predictive value vs what people think.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@pmarca @GreatDismal my favorite quote of all time.@Quan @pmarca triplcorn!@pmarca totally agree. Tired of the rhetoric around this, too. Nothing new under the sun.@pmarca 8/and the exceedingly rare unicorn triple hyphenate: inventor-entrepreneur-capitalist!@pmarca 7/ many examples of "hyphenate" players: inventor-entrepreneur, entrepreneur-capitalist...@pmarca 6/we've bundled many roles into one word "entrepreneur" over the last decade. All roles important in economy of innovation.@pmarca 5/ Capitalists create ideas to scale and profit.@pmarca 4/ or to put in context of this conversation: Inventors create ideas, Entrepreneurs create ideas on execution...@pmarca 3/ inventors invent. Entrepreneurs pioneer. Capitalists scale & profit.@pmarca 2/ innovation takes 3 types of people: inventors, entrepreneurs, capitalists.@pmarca 1/ my favorite thought framework for this is from Joseph Schumpter and his Theory of Economic Development.@pmarca perhaps, then, it is ideas on execution, then the execution that matter most.10/Fifth, therefore, most of the great ideas for the next two decades are already known. In labs, in failed startups, in big co prototypes.
Retweeted by Dave Morin9/Which is often why more pragmatic founders end up building the big & important companies -- the idealists were just too early.
Retweeted by Dave Morin8/Fourth, founders by definition live in the future, see a world that doesn't yet exist & try to make it so. Nailing timing = hardest thing.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@pmarca iPod.7/When idea X has been in the air, with repeated attempts to build X, yet most customers are not yet doing/using X, it's never too late.
Retweeted by Dave Morin6/Third, when you have the timing right, you almost always feel like you're too late. Terrified you've missed the window = great sign.
Retweeted by Dave Morin5/To quote Peter Thiel, it is often better to be the last company to market (hit timing right & take down the entire market) vs the first.
Retweeted by Dave Morin4/Second, it means that a much bigger risk for founders is "too early", vs "wrong" or "too late". Often doesn't match feedback from others.
Retweeted by Dave Morin3/This is interesting for several reasons. First, it means that criticism of the form "that will never happen" is usually misguided & wrong.
Retweeted by Dave Morin2/Track startups over multiple decades, what you find is that most ideas do end up working. It's much more a question of "when" not "if".
Retweeted by Dave Morin1/A thing I believe that few believe: Almost all Silicon Valley startup ideas from qualified founders = great ideas. But some are too early.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@pmarca seems a lot of folks believe this? I do.@arasin @anildash @harper @chrismessina @johnolilly it did, but for some reason not part of the mobile messaging conversation.@merket @harper @johnolilly @chrismessina this is not about the big players. It is about everyone else. & ultimately about consumer freedom.@anildash @harper @arasin @chrismessina @johnolilly simple. I want to send a message from my network of choice to your network of choice.@harper @johnolilly @chrismessina we are already on XMPP. Not clear it is totally right. Question is right way to think about this.@harper @arasin @anildash @chrismessina @johnolilly let's. I will get a meeting together.@anildash @harper @chrismessina @johnolilly working on it :) Need everyone's help thinking through it.@evanpro no apologies. This conversation is incredibly important and not being had right now. More!@johnolilly @chrismessina that's what we, Kakao, LINE, Snapchat, and many more are working on. Need protocol to send network to network.@harper @arasin @anildash @chrismessina @johnolilly yes, exactly. Needs completely transparent governance.@chrismessina @ChrisSaad @innonate @anildash @harper exactly. You should be free to choose your originating service.@chrismessina @ChrisSaad @innonate @anildash @harper there *will* be so much more. This is all still beginning. Only 1% started.@johnolilly @chrismessina rise of messaging apps on mobile evidence. Now need a way for all of them to talk to each other.@chrismessina @innonate @anildash @pauljacobson @harper Mozilla about web. Not about social.@chrismessina @innonate @anildash @pauljacobson @harper 4/ With completely transparent governance & organization.@chrismessina @innonate @anildash @pauljacobson @harper 3/ ideally working over long term time horizon on a decentralized protocol.@chrismessina @innonate @anildash @pauljacobson @harper 2/ a non-profit that acts as a social networking/messaging exchange.@chrismessina @innonate @anildash @pauljacobson @harper 1/ to be clear I'm not talking about a new service, I'm talking a non-profit.
@pauljacobson @chrismessina @anildash @harper old school. New era needs new thought. We are probably too far down this rabbit hole now :)@cindywu also still want to put up micro-prizes for research not being done yet.@cindywu why not allow extensions?@knowtheory @chrismessina @anildash @pauljacobson @harper both. Agree, very different.@chrismessina @harper @shellen not in patents and IP.@chrismessina @anildash @pauljacobson @harper @path yes, of course if something like this existed. Our ambition is quality.@chrismessina @anildash @pauljacobson @harper freedom to choose where to "live". Then, freedom to send messages from network to network.@anildash @pauljacobson @chrismessina @harper Mobile 2.0 begins now :)@fromedome @anildash @chrismessina @harper incentives definitely should be very real part of conversation.@anildash @chrismessina @pauljacobson @harper the expectation should return. Consumers deserve freedom.@anildash @chrismessina @harper 2/But only happens if society demands freedom first.@anildash @chrismessina @harper 1/ indeed. Phone interop & number (identity) portability would not have happened otherwise.@chrismessina @harper @shellen it is a cycle, not an end state. Open, closed. Open, closed. Innovation happens when opened.@harper @shellen @chrismessina everyone uses XMPP yet I can't send a message from one network to the other.@alexhorre @chrismessina @harper each time, in the beginning, networks were walled and closed. Then, society demanded freedom & interop.@anildash @captainhurst consumer choice.
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