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Stuart Elmore @digitalgravy Peterborough, UK

Software Engineer with a passion for JavaScript, HTML and CSS. (in)Famous for fixing your code problems! Worked for @Skype. Views are my own blah blah

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My cat doesn't know how to "cat"... http://t.co/Nc3uGP0RDN@WebsiteAngel @andyreedman I'm sure you can work mine out ;)
Monaco Race the Sun The Bridge Gunpoint Gone Home Papers Plz Prison Architect Luftrausers Hammerwatch SteamWorld Dig https://t.co/ojk4vmKJiw
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@Joffff @pborocurryclub hmmm this is an interesting concept. Let me consult the calendar!Apple releases U2 album removal tool http://t.co/Za82zVCUbo (cmts http://t.co/0LDzwzo9hD)
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@HazelLCottrell we (@Joffff et al) found that a few months ago and most of us were spontaneously sick on our keyboards.Incredible shot of a swimmer who is above the surface, but hasn't broke the water tension. http://t.co/zX5ccaaGan
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@Joffff @HazelLCottrell Hahahaha! You're kidding, right? :P@HazelLCottrell @localbuzzmarket I was on the way to my Mum's in Ramsey from shopping in Cambridge!
I have no iPhone, so I've just found Bono climbing through my window to sneak a vinyl copy of their LP onto my shelf.I hit him with a broom
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@seanuk /me spends the afternoon building a bot that follows then unfollows @seanuk...@HazelLCottrell just saw your car in Warboys?!
@andyreedman presumably because noone's watching."Hey bro, you got the time?" "Yeah, it's ... hang on. Just a sec. God fucking damnit. " http://t.co/2R4MXIVIcY
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@version7 yup.Every time I hear Apple say "intimate" about their watch, I think of this http://t.co/yp6a2ybEJ6
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreThe Apple Watch reminds me of the first iteration of the iPhone. I think it's a pretty exciting start to what will become something great
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreWe need to raise money for Jony Ive. #HelpTeachJonyToReadJony Ive is no longer human, he has transcended to something more 'refined'.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreJony Ive. He's still locked in that white room. #freejonyiveOMG APPLE ARE BRING OUT iEARTH?!@dannycroft @andyreedman HOUSE!Erm, also, doesn't NFC payments only work for payments under £15?Apple Pay: Guaranteed to maybe not even work in the UK™No-one, ever, has done anything to make the credit card system. Ever. Oh, apart from Chip and Pin for ALL OF EUROPE.@nmyers89 There is also a Japanese (Or cantonese?) man in the background :(@scottmkroberts *without Chinese translation"It just works." - Apple on anything but their livestream.Phil Schiller’s Chinese is impeccable. #appleevent
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@rowungiles both, simultaneously.So, refreshing Safari helps reboot the multilingual #AppleEvent livestream for about 5 seconds. Colour me impressed.Oh, good. Yep. Totally missed iPhone 6 being announced. Good work whoever's in charge of the live stream.Glad to see there's been a lot of work put into this #AppleEvent livestream...Errr....? WTF is happening? #AppleEvent is just falling apart. Piss up in a brewery anyone?!.@andyreedman iTRUCK HYPE!@scottmkroberts hahaha! God this is just getting worse and worse now. First the double music now this? Wow.@scottmkroberts wait, are you not seeing the test card?Loving this. #AppleEvent #Fail http://t.co/3H4dPfeb3WWho the hell is in charge of the audio at the #AppleEvent?! Steve Jobs wouldn't stood for this.@kurtcruse OMG I can barely watch it.
@InTRobbie welcome back!@DavidDarnes the lol will come when they don't announce a watch at all.@InTRobbie Are you back in the land of internet and phone reception now?? :)@WebsiteAngel Hellooo! It was http://t.co/2NzhZv40H7 :)Morning! Here is william the conkeror #doodle #autumn #illustration http://t.co/Hc5KTLDE6b
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@SRobTweets Just read your Harry Potter / JS slides and I'm very impressed :) #goodWork@InTRobbie Where are you bud?
2:34pm. An ENTIRE wedding party crosses Abbey Road and holds up traffic. @ahttp://t.co/OseUlIV99G http://t.co/rgMxLQETz3This most entertaining watching for a Saturday afternoon: http://t.co/5vF6RWFyDn Pedestrians pissing off motorists crossing Abbey Road@swedishchefstu man, why don't you have ads running on there?! What're you looking at in terms of hits?Woken up by this little face. Think he's hungry. http://t.co/A6g7RL1ZTV
@WebsiteAngel You're supposed to stop at red lights hun ;)@SheyMouse @HazelLCottrell erm, well, not for 'public' consumption anyway...#freejonyive http://t.co/odmbwznitX
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@andyreedman @WebsiteAngel lol! DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY OR I'LL TURN INTO... A banana.@andyreedman @WebsiteAngel omg Eric Wimp. How did we not remember that?@seanuk I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!@seanuk definitely like the minimalist 2 and 4 :)
IKEA Channels Apple in a Hilarious Ad for Its New Catalog ‘Bookbook’ http://t.co/GUtd8baAKt (cmts http://t.co/Jb3QwHM6D3)
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@seanuk @liz_e This is just awesome
@studioromeo you're not supposed to stick them up your bum #ringoffire
@benhuggy As soon as Google Drive uses delta changes I'll be popping an encrypted disk up on it!@benhuggy https://t.co/g41Fq5Fzcz / http://t.co/6rwZknTfMR@benhuggy @Dropbox probably nothing, unless you want Dropbox to just happily sift through it all and casually delete it with no backups.
@liz_e wowee! Congrats :) glad to hear all is good! Adventurous little doggies!@HazelLCottrell just like to point out I also fall into the category of not knowing much and I'm not a hot young girl. I think...?@DavidDarnes @Joffff BECAUSE SCIENCE@HazelLCottrell @CCPboro Thursday next week!!! :D@HazelLCottrell ... That wording though...!
@CCPboro @HazelLCottrell wow that image is massively sexist.
@Sips_ thank you for stopping at the end for a pic! Totally made my day! http://t.co/zf1c1j5ZE3Thanks for ruining Insomnia52 @Sips_@Joffff yeah but it had a too far draw length for me :-/@Joffff yeah but it had t@Joffff no I ended up getting an Apple wired 105 board instead. Decided I needed something quiet. May yet get a mechanical one.Holy crap I need to get more into eSports. Find it far more entertaining than physical sports!CS:GO Finals! #hype #Insomnia52 http://t.co/SPvNIF866R
OH MY GOD I ACTUALLY LET OUT AN UNCONTROLLABLE SCREAMOK, Five Nights at Freddy's is a genuinely terrifying game. https://t.co/VvPfy9wRpf
@BenjaminReid OMG IT'S SO CLOSE!@BenjaminReid DAY 4 EPICNESS!This could be the best thing to ever grace Twitch... 2 fish fighting each other on Street Fighter II http://t.co/AjmSZDY1yg@andyreedman ... on their website... http://t.co/On2C0414aI@andyreedman Yeah I spotted the hashtag hijacking by MacMillan this morning and wasn't sure what to make of it. There's no mention of ALS...@andyreedman haha no I'd rather just give the cash :P@andyreedman well yeah, that's true, but then that's kinda the luck of the draw. It was started by a kid in US with ALS/MND and went viral.@andyreedman (Link: http://t.co/zmUXDMhNkw || http://t.co/9NpaUA3xRM)@andyreedman Also, it's ALS this week, it could be cancer next week, and I'm all good for raising awareness and funds for charity!@andyreedman I've been thinking the same thing until I was told they've raised "$15.6 million in donations compared to $1.8 million" Jul-Aug
I'm a grown man but I just yelped with fear watching this... https://t.co/bK3UAlsSln #dontDoHorror
It might look like the World's Worst Latte "art"™, but goof grief it's tasty! http://t.co/7NwnUvYkfe@rem this one works: https://t.co/MlzPO7aOWR
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreIf you’re still unsure what #Fergerson is about, or just want to get even more angry, please watch and share this: https://t.co/K9LsKDeo7T
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@mike_armstrong MBP 15" 2.5GHz, iPad Air 32GB, iPad Mini 16GB :)Very excited today as my @ConnectingCambs Destination Digital Grant has been accepted! New equipment AHOY! :)
@Joffff @studioromeo Ah ok, that's one thing we really liked about the Tassimo - the Costa Lattes are superb.@studioromeo @Joffff Surely it needs to run Coffeescript!?@Joffff @studioromeo Does it do lattes?@Joffff it's actually remarkably clean! All you need to do is bang out the grinds, rinse it and wipe the milk steamer! Simples!@Joffff ... espressos for visitors and/or me. So after some research settled on the Delonghi BCO 410: http://t.co/ECBQsiQc2i it is LUSH
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