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David Leonhardt @DLeonhardt The New York Times, in D.C.

Now: building The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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CNN actually asked marketing experts whether the Ku Klux Klan could re-brand itself: http://t.co/Pg3uFJoiqZ
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAnd score one for good-humored humility. http://t.co/F3Us1D3ND2MT @BMcCarthy32: Uber cars are nice and all, but sometimes I long for a smelly cab that cares little for lives of passengers & pedestrians.
The French drink 1.5x per capita the whiskey that Americans do. MT @jamescrabtree: http://t.co/xZqCy0MWJg http://t.co/REqkYEiJBH
For the 6th time in 7 years, an Eastern team has won the NCAA hockey title -- by far the best stretch ever for the East. Congrats, Union.
@bj_bethel @jonathanchait That's his point."How easy would it be to argue that Republicans would never do such things to a white president?" @jonathanchait: http://t.co/iyYORcUeIIMT @AshleyRParker: @peterbakernyt on what the outlines of a Jeb Bush candidacy could look like: http://t.co/yFjnpiJfM6Jeb has spent a decade on a pedestal w/in the GOP. How would he react to Cruz charging him in a debate w/a rhetorical (presumably) chainsaw?
Retweeted by David LeonhardtDeserved belly scratches for all at Vox! Congratulations. MT @AnnieLowrey: Breaking wonkdog reaction to @voxdotcom: http://t.co/2byvCJYr8T
RT @derekwillis: Serious piece on sexism in tech by @clairecm: http://t.co/rsAi0V4ohF It's not you, it's me(n).
@jbarro Oops, I forgot to mention: none of my advice applies to drinks...
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMT @mviser: This is what CBS thought you’d want to see instead of the Final Four: An infomercial on Zumba. http://t.co/LA7C4ppasu@WSJecon Would be interested to see evidence backing up 1st sentence. Don't necessarily doubt it, just don't see it.He managed to fight the Nazis at both Normandy and Kursk. http://t.co/N5gNIzwjlxPirates 1, Cards 0. On yet another homer from the alumni of Horace Mann. That's 87 in all.@robneyer You're right. If audience is umps, my frame is bad. If audience is people skeptical that racism exists ...
More smart & thoughtful writing from @robneyer: http://t.co/qtJHwzVr8C. To me, racial bias=racism even if not done by intentional racists.The photographer Anja Niedringhaus, shot in Afghanistan, is the 32d AP staffer to be killed pursuing the news http://t.co/AQ0ncR8jEY
Retweeted by David Leonhardt"I don't have bad handwriting. I have my own font," says my 12-year-old.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtSharing a @delta Shuttle this AM with former Prez Jimmy Carter, who is greeting passengers b4 takeoff http://t.co/1unZ1dFSP4
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"... fans protested outside carrying signs saying 'Keep Redskins White!'" http://t.co/PquAXfrCtw
Washington, DC, has more than 500,000 adults. 36,000 of them probably just elected the next mayor.@kairyssdal Also, the Yanks are a young team on the way up. They'll catch the Astros eventually.@kairyssdal On the bright side, the Astros are tough competition.
Looks like a pretty sweet deal: @theretronaut July 1980: 10MB Hard Drive: $3,495 (http://t.co/B8SrhYp2Wm ) http://t.co/vnujaBXkDE
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I did a little piece on @DLeonhardt's Upshot gambit for the April issue of Capital magazine: http://t.co/iwZnsvHdoW
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@kairyssdal Such a likable and plucky group.Good @daveweigel piece reminds me of when Dems were saying @FiveThirtyEight was wrong to predict Walker recall win. http://t.co/gx6KSeG2t9Just in case anyone was wondering whether racism was still a daily reality ... http://t.co/AcT2UtBiReworth a re-read from @jbarro: why people hated the individual market pre-ACA (hint: cost) http://t.co/z1nlbKzkiS http://t.co/MOUvzJ4cF0
Retweeted by David LeonhardtOur long annual nightmare is over. Happy Opening Day!33 years ago tonight. MT @BeschlossDC: Bush & Haig in WH Situation Room after President Reagan was shot: http://t.co/XE0o9dHRkU@jazayerli Is Hyun-Jin Ryu having the greatest March in baseball history?
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Fitting that an old Big East team kept the Big Ten from realizing the 3-in-F4 dream ... http://t.co/H2fL4Z1s86The Big Ten's great weekend (so far) means it could have 3 of the Final Four. Which makes me think back to ... http://t.co/lPhxJPdMJT
@shearm @MarkHalperin @jmartNYT "out of context" is the last refuge of scoundrels.@MarkHalperin @jmartNYT Little-known: Usually humble @shearm sometimes compares himself to Derek Jeter. (Tho Shear has better range.).@jakesilverstein’s conscious uncoupling from @texasmonthly means the mag will hire only its fifth editor in 41 years #wow
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@PaulSkallas As player, yes. As captain, 1 title in 13 seasons. Mostly coincidence. But team hasn't won many titles with him as clear leaderI'm excited to read this: Age of Ambition, by @eosnos, http://t.co/FiQ7j3ySMBIrony: Jeter is a great ballplayer and weak leader. Never used his capital to improve team problems like ARod circus. http://t.co/saFOVNFg7s@peterlattman @jpodhoretz Yes, I'm with Peter on that one. And I've always loved it. Our version of "Welcome to NY."A paradox: Obama's giving Americans the foreign policy they want, yet they hate the results http://t.co/rhJd9wvk0p
Retweeted by David LeonhardtDerek Jeter. The world's 11th greatest leader. Talk amongst yourselves. http://t.co/7vRczM4xoU
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Sirens went off all over Iowa when @SarahPalinUSA endorsed @joniernst for US Senate - it coincided with statewide tornado drill. #iapolitics
Retweeted by David Leonhardt"We tilt the field in favor of organized labor." - @MittRomney on Hannity. It'd be interesting to hear the longer version of that case.
@jbenton Few people know the evil that lies behind the smiling face of @kevinjdelaney.@kevinjdelaney @raju Yes! You're still free. We still charge. But who can lure back @AlexBerenson?@raju @kevinjdelaney +1. Sometime, we'll tell Raju about our old bare-knuckle newspaper competition, Kevin.NEW @washingtonpost poll: Mayor race a 2-candidate affair; Bowser 30% to Gray 27%, in new Post DC poll. http://t.co/MAdcdEBXQf @mikedebonis
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThis is the kind of trenchant cricket analysis you'll find at The Upshot. MT @derekwillis: Wow, shocking stuff from Bangladesh. Go Windies!@jamieurman Lifelong Red Sox. Followed now by Nats (location) and Astros (marriage)."the landscape for data-filled news is wide open & ... just beginning to grow toward the level of likely demand..." http://t.co/CvRYPoxtCuTurns out they knew nothing MT @DLeonhardt: Nativists once said Catholics could never be real Americans. http://t.co/D7TGZdMfzi
Retweeted by David LeonhardtIt's worth recalling that nativists once said Catholics could never be real Americans. http://t.co/fx9Cxpe2dbThis Adam Liptak story is the best thing in the New York Times today. (And it's very funny). http://t.co/me0wGtQ6sO
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@jonahkeri The joys of journalism.@jayrosen_nyu Thanks much.@jonahkeri I had no idea their beginning was so problematic. And I'm happy to be thinking about The Spaceman again.Valderi, Valdera. @jonahkeri's rollicking history of Les Expos is out. http://t.co/AcjFnhqrN1
@DanielYRubin Thanks.@Beau1u Most can take it. Yes, it creates financial issues for many. But "can't" is also sometimes an excuse. http://t.co/bAsoNGh0hoBaseball is returning to Montreal and Stade Olympique. MT @EdwardGarnett: http://t.co/J9nqPWtC75@DanielYRubin Any good takedowns of +/- you recommend?A reminder to the dads of the world: Take paternity leave. And go long, if you can. http://t.co/mrHb1Rd75kYikes: The Capitals have been worse when Ovechkin's on the ice this year than almost any other NHL team/player combo. http://t.co/6ARhcaNw8VMT @FranklinFoer: The world's second largest dispenser of botox serves Silicon Valley. http://t.co/RqWsI5Fz2c
Smart @jwpetersNYT @jmartNYT look at Rand Paul taking steps toward organizing for 2016. "Stubborn & fiercely loyal" - http://t.co/mKV5VwMhEm
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@DLeonhardt they hear *that* you're said something before they can process *what* you've said; their first instinct is to Get Out The Way.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMT @anniemurphypaul: Excessive homework can seem like epidemic, but it's problem of privileged few: http://t.co/c5WUPCH6WJA lesson in norms: People walking on left side of path. Biking from behind, I say, "On your right." They jump to their right. Near accident.@raju @georgia_wells Yes. But big difference from a tweeter's point of view!... but isn't "first do no harm" also a kind of philosophy, not economics? http://t.co/1nfYO0T4YuI agree with @gregmankiw that economists often practice political philosophy while pretending to practice economics ... (1/2)@raju @georgia_wells Oh, maybe you meant: "Outside the 13% but not as large." I don't know. I could see bigger or smaller.@raju @georgia_wells I assume they're not in 13%. They read without ever tweeting. Many do.@seththoughts PS Congrats on game.@raju @georgia_wells Any way to know what % seem to be active readers? Big diff between active readers and dormant users.@seththoughts ... about what we know about "growing up" patterns of Boomers born in cities.@seththoughts Yes. City->burbs moving patterns were so strong in these years that I have a hard time putting much stock on any arg's ...@seththoughts Again, great piece. We're very glad to have you in our pages!@seththoughts I just wonder whether many urban-born Boomers grew up in burbs. It's even possible this combo correlates most strongly w fame.@PoliticaILine No, it's a reasonable point too. Thanks!@PoliticaILine @Nate_Cohn @seththoughts Wikipedia isn't meaningless, for these purposes. I think it's one reasonable definition of notoreity@DLeonhardt @seththoughts and many were born in city hospitals, even if they lived in the suburbs
Retweeted by David Leonhardt...his data shows only where kids were *born*. I bet many city-born success-story Boomers moved to burbs as kids and grew up there.Only 1 quibble with that excellent @seththoughts piece: He suggests that growing up in burbs may reduce kids' odds of success. Maybe. But...Kids who grow up in college towns - and near immigrants - more likely to become famous/successful. http://t.co/mwneB67oMkMillenials with tattoos. MT @nycjim: British scientists identify 1,300-year-old tattoo on Sudanese mummy. http://t.co/He7CKZgGeW@lpolgreen The first of those two facts means you should still care about the outcome. Go Spartans!The last great Michigan State-Harvard game... (And here's hoping for the same result.) http://t.co/FCxFuG5g76
How did Subway go from "lose weight with Jared" to "Fritos on my sub?"
Retweeted by David LeonhardtChico Marx was born tomorrow 1887: #MGM http://t.co/b0ThjAowls
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Pulling hard for my good friend Coach K and the @DukeBasketball Blue Devils today. Bracket otherwise in shambles. #MarchMadness
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@jbenton Boston has long known more about baseball than pizza. May this begin to improve the situation.
MT @pdacosta: Not exactly urgency: "The unemployment rate is projected to reach its longer-run normal level by the end of 2016." -Yellen@_ChrisVersace Thanks much. Credit to @jbarro.@jbarro @DLeonhardt the filtering makes it not a bourbon. Must be straight from barrel and made in US
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@MichaelRStrain @jbarro Interesting fact: Bourbon County is dry, whereas Christian County, KY, is wet.
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