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David Leonhardt @DLeonhardt The New York Times, in D.C.

Now: editor, The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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Republicans are about to have a divisive, bruising primary. And they shouldn't worry much about that. @BrendanNyhan: http://t.co/N4JbsD9vgYAbout what should blogger Ben Bernanke blog? @Neil_Irwin has some suggestions: http://t.co/gc7BdyeIe7@crampell I'd guess rounds to 0. You think otherwise?Red meat is not the enemy. Over-eating is. @aaronecarroll: http://t.co/0u2U7k701I http://t.co/c7bsMOoBrHU.S. counties with higher inequality have lower life expectancy, all else equal. @sangerkatz: http://t.co/EYOORkSU1V http://t.co/c9LjF6gkppThe seafood lobby -- @NFImedia -- tries intimidation, repeatedly tweeting photo of a Time reporter whose story it didn't like."Jeb is counting on the party’s hunger to win & Walker is counting on their urge to fight." Smart story by @jmartNYT http://t.co/aCNlyOYeVF
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThis look into the Fords' post-White House California home - then and now - is delightful. http://t.co/ODRmXbzND3 http://t.co/VfHA1m40J0@globalwideviews At this stage in '08 cycle, Obama was the 1st choice of 20% of Dem voters. Cruz isn't close. Walker's a more legit analogy.
You know who picked Michigan State to meet Wisconsin in the final? @ScottWalker: http://t.co/kOEUyPNl0AA la Belichick. MT @ThePlayoffGuru: Cal was absolutely right not to call timeout. Make Notre Dame come up with something...
@kairyssdal Thanks!Is it possible to standardize high-quality coordinated care models? Great piece from @sangerkatz: http://t.co/PdecVH7NSP
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@harrisonmarkey Thanks. You have a raincheck for a Kumquat Sour. It's very good.@jacaissie I just tweeted it with photo.Thank you, @harrisonmarkey: http://t.co/Zg3iGPldPU http://t.co/D3fdh4LADNAnyone have a recommendation for making cocktails with candied kumquats?
Celebrating John F. Burns, War Reporter and Witness to Era-Defining Events (and also a great colleague!) http://t.co/nQIX4CGLvn
Retweeted by David LeonhardtGood @ezraklein piece on Harry Reid's legacy. http://t.co/hih6q1JaXzOutcome of the Ellen Pao case? Silicon Valley may find it harder to operate as a band of outsiders. http://t.co/ZLS3mV7plT
Retweeted by David LeonhardtBetter health care, better service, lower costs: Is it possible? @sangerkatz: http://t.co/eUeUWWUDiv http://t.co/DU5T5A77AB@DoubleChinner @UpshotNYT He's a US Senator from the 2d largest state and one with influence over many House members.@LoganDobson Nah, we're not the arbiters. Your party is. We're just the messenger.How should the media handle a major politician running for president -- with little chance? @UpshotNYT newsletter: http://t.co/Y8WWPGuAXe@stramdog Fixed. Thanks.@Nicks2Cents Thanks. We've corrected.War is declining. If it seems otherwise, part of the explanation is that we forgot most of the wars in the past. http://t.co/GvM5KaTxmM
Retweeted by David LeonhardtNo, we do not need Uber in Vegas. http://t.co/gEEobTNNBc
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMT @WilcoxNMP: The "decline in marriage rates ... begin in ’60s, before the widening of inequality in the 1970s" http://t.co/UzIHqJgh7G@ottoDiedAct Thanks. We've corrected.@JackScholl Thanks. I'll pass that on.@Grahambrose @yaledailynews Thanks so much, Graham.How good is Kentucky's defense? Probably the greatest in college-basketball history. http://t.co/Ew0HY8rVBm http://t.co/TGHNaSaqWh@AnnaLipin @UpshotNYT Thanks so much for the kind tweets, Anna.
@nancook Thanks a lot.Americans increasingly like it hot. @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/GBV8g2E2gh http://t.co/GRa0Os5k7dCongrats Bob Carniaux, of North Kingstown, R.I., who leads the @nytimes bracket - for now. http://t.co/t9WNmnBfHl http://t.co/gMeFGPJWzJMicrosoft is trying to expand sick-leave by requiring its contractors to offer it. @clairecm: http://t.co/uqFuVihT4Y
Religious-right leaders don't seem to have a firm grasp of "viable." @tripgabriel: http://t.co/TqQexgMnvh http://t.co/my2LYgc90c
Chuck Bednarik's was amazing football player. That's not all: "flew 30 missions over Europe as a gunner on a B-24." http://t.co/5Lekd7TXj4
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAlso, bad upward mobility: http://t.co/8Gh9u8UETn MT @NickTimiraos: Atlanta, the most inequality of any US city, http://t.co/BQ3F8yKke7
Why Ted Cruz has such a tiny chance of winning the nomination, @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/txh6Gj0fFUYou know that sometimes you just want to touch and feel your graphic. So we 3d printed the yield curve. http://t.co/DCSvmloDcb
Retweeted by David LeonhardtUnique program with every existing MLB logo at the time: 1970 @MLB All-Star Game guide. http://t.co/0nRLQowxgw
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@Black13Black In the middle... http://t.co/5XOe2Ms8X2San Francisco has the highest share of gay residents, but New York still has the most, http://t.co/kMLrtDbCaI http://t.co/OmnmxA772fThe main question about Ted Cruz: Does he have a tiny chance to win the nomination or no chance at all? @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/nrTF0Rl3fV
Measuring America's gay and lesbian community. The best estimates yet: http://t.co/VCmCsdLnyG @DLeonhardt @clairecm http://t.co/gVvefN1aHh
Retweeted by David Leonhardt
@anachtomi Yeah, I get that. I wonder if it's partly generational.It's legal to possess, grow or give away pot. But you can't sell it. D.C.'s experiment, @jbarro: http://t.co/u9cI8rqJ4s@felixsalmon Thanks, and point well taken. We'll add that.@fredgatesdesign Metro areas, not cities.@frankcarey Well, NY Metro...@felixsalmon Gallup asks: "Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender?"@AlexBerenson makes clear that there is some real variation but, as you note, less than with most other demographic groups.@AlexBerenson Yes, I really do agree. I just think difference is a problematic metric when the topline % is small. The 2x comparison both@statesdj We looked at a lot of correlations. I think wealth would be positive but not enormous.@AlexBerenson Yes, we talk in some detail about that. But is difference the right measure? SF's is 2+ times bigger than non-top-50 metro.@statesdj Sorry, missing "not" before "sure."@statesdj I agree with the broad point, and we discuss it in some detail. But I'm sure I'd use "uniformly." SF is 2+x areas outside top 50.@JedKolko No.@JedKolko Yes, we need richness of Census to get that. Even Galup's 370,000+ sample can't get to n'hood detail.The metro areas of the West have the highest percentages of L.G.B.T. population -- including, yes, Salt Lake City. http://t.co/cp27ptcRDVThe most detailed analysis yet of the demography of gay America: http://t.co/cp27ptcRDV http://t.co/oSKkbNyQ9Z@GChernack Depends which tourney you're talking about. http://t.co/dnWqjzMXvXThank you, Tar Heels.
@anachtomi Thanks!Eli Manning has entered our bracket game, and you should too. Still 25 minutes left... http://t.co/KC0XwDKBNLThe only table you need to help fill out your bracket, http://t.co/qOR7zU1n68 http://t.co/d0Uf3GvccPIn case you weren’t wowed enough by this data viz, you can drag-click it around and move the 3D chart. http://t.co/oPkV3Wt0uU
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@jbenton Not that I deserve any credit for this, but... thanks!
.@LizMair's comments on Iowa might not have been politically smart, but she has a point. http://t.co/ez9hmTbvkW http://t.co/vWxKVWh2U7
Retweeted by David LeonhardtCongrats to Larry Ingrassia, one of the new LA Times managing editors (and one of the best editors and mentors I've ever had).The future of brackets. RT @UpshotNYT: It's not too late to fill out The Upshot's N.C.A.A. bracket. http://t.co/hOJsnt9zhj
Retweeted by David LeonhardtYes, Scott Walker's bracket is more conservative than Jeb Bush's, http://t.co/zOL7TKgDp4 http://t.co/gx6JxAGeJxMT @ryanavent Sort of feel like it’s time for NYT data viz'ers to take a few years off to try minor-league baseball. http://t.co/fhn94qS1kpAll the truths of the universe are somewhere in this chart. http://t.co/EtNwePc6KC
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe chart that predicts the economy's future, from @amandacox and @driven_by_data, http://t.co/Z60IVjRsku http://t.co/B808Pq0XisPolitical polling averages are superior to individual poll results, part CCCLXXXV. http://t.co/N9lcfmm0AZ@davidfrum The former quantifies the latter. Otherwise, the CW can be redefined as people see fit.Prediction markets seem to agree that Bibi won. https://t.co/fwHVjE5BL7 http://t.co/vY8tvtW9qX
@ericfingerhut @wilsonandrews That's why the per-possession data is so meaningful.@suellentrop @wilsonandrews It does so!And the guy who wrote that Kentucky article went to ... UNC. http://t.co/GqteiDVHebKentucky's defense isn't just good. It's probably the best ever. @wilsonandrews: http://t.co/gbfE4uvnyX http://t.co/ONGB38N1EVThe Israel election is so close that even prediction markets agree it's a toss-up, http://t.co/9By3S6uuDNJeb's bracket: 3 Iowa teams in the Sweet 16 Virginia wins it all. And - hey, Gov. Walker - Wisconsin loses to Baylor. http://t.co/6dbVOPXsEU.@JebBush has an entry in the @nytimes bracket for risk takers, and you should too: http://t.co/6dbVOPXsEU http://t.co/Bo2ZKAyH6Q.@NYTArchives Today in 1905: Franklin D. Roosevelt married his distant cousin, Eleanor. http://t.co/CYfvk3XOz4http://t.co/52GmrBajDc
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMT @iyad_elbaghdadi: See if you can spot the democratic elections in Egypt, http://t.co/SzETw8LkZDTax cuts: They still don't pay for themselves. But here's how to pretend they do: http://t.co/NGx2vRWveR http://t.co/IFP6b5nbEj
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe rising dollar is creating problems for China, India and other countries, @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/bQsSwtoJpv http://t.co/1KZjSyjdnO"This would not pass muster as an undergraduate’s model," said the economist cited by the model's creator. @jbarro: http://t.co/ClCN7Fzbcg
"Which would I rather my children use — alcohol or marijuana?" @aaronecarroll, http://t.co/ZmSTCF69wWIt's still early, but 38% of NYT readers have Kentucky winning. Tables update every 2 minutes. http://t.co/JnzNh2kZXh http://t.co/bzXDE3Z4AE
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@chazfirestone @UpshotNYT Thanks a lot.@chazfirestone @UpshotNYT An example here: http://t.co/1VECbIkQQY@cjhardwick Thanks a lot.The more unusual a pick is, the more points you receive for getting it right. March Madness, @UpshotNYT-style: http://t.co/KNN5YWtt8zThe @nytimes has created a new kind of NCAA bracket: You help decide how many points each game is worth. Play! http://t.co/KNN5YWtt8z
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