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Now: editor, The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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Ranking: Among Dems running for U.S. Senate, @DrDavidAlameel is 3rd-most conservative http://t.co/yo9iWh8TJ0 http://t.co/VK2ZUNPbAq
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@xenocryptsite @JMilesColeman Certainly possible. But you don't see that consistently when you look at the chart.@JMilesColeman @xenocryptsite Not just this rating, either. Harkin isn't very far left in National Journal's either.@JMilesColeman @xenocryptsite @aliciaparlap This system has Braley to the left of Harkin...Check out the ideology gap between Braley and Ernst in Iowa: http://t.co/E2qU6WDxOS. (Graphic by @aliciaparlap) http://t.co/gr9WuJOypBAnd who is likely to use this rating system? @derekwillis: http://t.co/K0ArZgkqUCA new political rating - based on donations - allows for the first systemic comparison of candidate ideology. http://t.co/E2qU6WDxOSThe Iowa Senate race features the starkest ideological gap of any close race this year. http://t.co/E2qU6WDxOS
@jbarro It was delicious!How can @jbarro be so right about some things and so wrong about others? http://t.co/XER7i27XN3
@R_Thaler @AlexBerenson Gotta start with the first.Nothing says summer like the guy next to you on the pool deck reading @AlexBerenson's The Shadow Patrol.
Things that you can now rent: a power drill, a song, a tent, a Prada handbag, a painting, a dog, a drone. @clairecm: http://t.co/0uYA4m8hkt
@NickRiccardi Yes. Thanks for the exchange.@NickRiccardi My instinct is that org's have long known what draws readers, even if tools are finer now. Biz model seems bigger change.@gpblessing @nytimes @jbarro We're covering all those, voluminously. There's room for both.@NickRiccardi papers now less likely to do both than in past?@NickRiccardi Ah. But difference between investigative subjects and subjects of mass interest isn't new. Or you're saying that ...@NickRiccardi Nah. The fact that we spent several hours on that piece didn't stop us from spending months on: http://t.co/i5iAFunvlKOver a 24-hour period, the NYT posted more than 1.5 reader comments every minute on the @jbarro seat-recline piece: http://t.co/NVSxZ3Dp16Worth reading Harry and Nate, as always: http://t.co/sHpd5gU5q7. We still like our conclusion. Eg N.C. in 2012: http://t.co/QEZFn3CJKKGoogle researchers answer readers' questions about our piece on inequality and web searches: http://t.co/ocirfeLbYzI'm looking forward to @Nate_Cohn annoying the D.C. press corps with his pro-Mariners tweeting this weekend.MT @thewmo: Confusing drug prices: just the way insurers want it, so we just pay the bill and sigh. http://t.co/rRL36zUcAiDrug prices are so opaque that even an expert like @charlesornstein is flummoxed. http://t.co/rRL36zUcAi@Speroman Thanks, Speroman!
Oh, it's on. The great @UpshotNYT seat-recliner battle: http://t.co/X4m6ml36YV#IAGov moves from Likely R to Safe R. Terry Branstad can look forward to becoming longest tenured gov in US history. http://t.co/venva4k1uN
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe most likely single Senate outcome is 51-49 Republican. But 52-48 has risen. Our model: http://t.co/lsHyc6RCFw"There’s nothing wrong with making a living as a pundit, but as a substitute for reporting it can be a disaster." http://t.co/dHNZ1oPYHW
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe 2 Senators most willing to buck their party: Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. @derekwillis: http://t.co/XDtzdtp9Ls@kegerton Thanks a lot, Kate.Buying a warranty is usually a bad idea. But not always. How to spot the difference, @darlin: http://t.co/CGkMgN16ozWhy are people less willing to participate in polls these days? @kairyssdal and I discuss: http://t.co/HuVtLRgkhu
My name is José and I work here in Global Relations. I made this account for Jamie, he will being using it today. http://t.co/nNj4ZMcIfC
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAs @UpshotNYT explores merits of inflight reclining, a reminder that this topic has deep roots http://t.co/Vx3N9CvafM http://t.co/aZ5jSr13qU
Retweeted by David Leonhardtnow up to 1000+ comments on @jbarro’s airplane seat reclining story. insane.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@LoganDobson Only if you can promise it will be long and have at least 8 people on it.@albertocairo @sangerkatz @ajwalsh08 @KevinQ Thanks for the thoughtful critique. Small thing: I don't deserve credit as author. Wish I did!@kegerton Thanks!Jeez... Obama's approval in West Virginia per Gallup... 24% http://t.co/TU7XLuwkkU
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@albertocairo @ajwalsh08 @UpshotNYT Thanks. And fair point. We will do more on total spending.@robneyer Uh oh, I don't want to get in the middle of a Rob/Rany debate!@albertocairo @ajwalsh08 ... there is still a l-t deficit, thanks partly to demographics.@albertocairo @ajwalsh08 Pace of $ rise was bigger problem than demographics. Overall spend chart looks similar. Tho, as story notes ..."I have literally no memory of the Royals playing this well ... and if you’re under the age of 40, neither have you," http://t.co/iGthHV8Bf3The incredible shrinking Medicare budget crisis. http://t.co/aiwIZuIM6C http://t.co/d0iGxLe0BjThe drop in projected Medicare spending is bigger than the cost of jobless insurance, welfare and Amtrak — combined. http://t.co/aiwIZuIM6CThe decline in projected Medicare spending over the last 8 years is pretty stunning: http://t.co/22UrxLiqmkBusiness competition can be nasty. But the alternative is usually worse. @Neil_Irwin on Uber-v.-Lyft: http://t.co/OTzc49KPCd“Mary did things like go to the supermarket ... and give me a gin-and-tonic.” Winning profile, by @Rebeccamead_NYC: http://t.co/EUGwQojoTYThere's been a sharp decline in how much members of Congress are talking about Obamacare. @derekwillis: http://t.co/vjqKUGIVHjWorth reading. MT @mathewi: Should health of journalism be judged by if new media can support old infrastructure? No. http://t.co/CC7jLH0QePMT @JustinWolfers: Using technology to solve the age-old problem of public urination. http://t.co/5iB0O89PTY From Czech Rep., via @sotak@fionaspruill Congrats!NY Times election model say Republicans have a 67% chance of winning Senate majority. http://t.co/Vdmvo1D0OQ
Retweeted by David LeonhardtA reason for Nats' 2014 success: fewest caught stealing + non-pitcher sac bunts of any NL team. They don't give outs away. (Ht @joe_sheehan)
@mikebarnicle Thank you, sir! Just passing time until the Pats start playing...@BankoftheWest Thanks very much.@mattbai @UpshotNYT Hey, thanks!@RuthMantell Thanks very much.@ylanmui Thanks a lot, Ylan.Leo has changed to pink: The Republicans' odds of Senate takeover are up to 67%. @jshkatz explains, http://t.co/Cca83tJgmE@djheakin Thanks a lot, Doug.The actual jobless rate - even using the government's definition - is likely higher than the official number shows. http://t.co/QfmIm0RnHKThe jobless rate for people in 1st month of being interviewed by the Labor Dept: 7.5%. And in the last month: 6.1%. http://t.co/QfmIm0RnHKThe case against the corporate tax, from Mankiw: http://t.co/VFgm9MRmM6 And for it, from @econjared: http://t.co/bDj84n8LAtLower interest rates don’t increase college attendance and are an expensive way to reduce defaults. @dynarski: http://t.co/9olKtGfCM9
How to fight -- and not fight -- the Ebola conspiracy theories. @BrendanNyhan: http://t.co/pMHgv7fFIzOur Senate model now gives the Republicans a 64% chance of winning the Senate. Follow the model: @nytleo.All top 10 most deadly earthquake-related events in the last 100 years happened in developing countries http://t.co/H8GNwE6ajP
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMaybe a different position would have been a better swan song: Yanks 52-54 with Jeter starting at SS, 15-7 otherwise. (Per @joe_sheehan)My Jackson Hole recap: What a difference 20 years makes. http://t.co/HfTYFmRjXR
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@LoganDobson @jmartNYT How about least? a) Storrs b) Urbana c) Binghamton d) IrvineThis speaks extremely well of Ben Bernanke's ego: https://t.co/ygvyO7Jkd3Krugman's take on blue-to-red migration: http://t.co/Rsr3rqyDuYThere is good evidence that most Americans do not need to reduce their salt intake. http://t.co/qbz0jlUKAZ
@Wildavsky @rkelchen @GoldieStandard @washmonthly Yes, our project is much more of an analysis than a competitor to the existing players.The @washmonthly college guide and rankings should be available tomorrow morning. Find them at: http://t.co/fMQakAcr94
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@p19429342 Much smaller. Article discusses.Tim Howard is very likable. http://t.co/yu6Ln4ZhibAs a result of this migration, 12% of the red-state population today was born in a blue state. http://t.co/7woyA7ou4GThe number of red-state residents born in blue states has surged almost 25% since 2000. http://t.co/7woyA7ou4G
@HotlineJosh Thanks a lot, Josh. @gebeloffnytThe growing blue-state diaspora: liberals are moving and taking their political views with them. http://t.co/7woyA7ou4G
Jim Webb visits Iowa: http://t.co/V3ZKm6j2ea Asked about Hillary Clinton's record, Webb says, "There's time to have that discussion later."
Retweeted by David LeonhardtA cocktail in honor of the A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge, via @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/ePOATexJdILatest forecast: Democrat odds to keep Senate at 36%. Same chance that 3-pt NBA shot goes in http://t.co/kBEOjSVunq http://t.co/OhHQPiL51b
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhat's the right analogy to the US's economic problems? @tylercowen suggests 18th-century India. http://t.co/Dj4p3LUtHy. I learned a ton..."The new paper, like others of its genre, basically requires belief in a big coincidence," @BCAppelbaum: http://t.co/CLmmaBALbj@jbarro @hunterw @NYTimeskrugman @TPM Let the monetary discussion flow.If an issue angered as many Repubs as Ferguson angers Dems, GOP pols would act differently than Dem pols have @jbarro http://t.co/hifqaoLm0k
Typically sharp analysis from @jbarro: Why are national Democrats so cautious on Ferguson? http://t.co/394lkrMHhW@ezraklein @dylanmatt http://t.co/xGTeRaFt5LHow Scottish independence relates to larger fights over taxes, including in the US. @kbennhold: http://t.co/oWJqLVkAyVThe brutal economics of part-time work. @clairecm: http://t.co/T1sVg1bjQN
This analysis from @RichardvReeves couldn't be more timely: ~4/5 of blacks born in bottom fifth don't reach middle http://t.co/M2yopXA4wv.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWe should all take moment to praise @mrosenbergNYT’s work in and dedication to Afghanistan. For 5+ years provided excellent,nuanced coverage
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMiddle-class incomes are lower than they were 5 years ago. That's why people aren't buying economic happy talk. http://t.co/0DAmdbhqWDGood news for Hagan: new PPP poll in NC has her up 4. Bad news: after house effects, w/o Haugh, counts as Tillis +2. http://t.co/6t4Du4FViY
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