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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Senior Editorial Robot at Macworld. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast).

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Well played, @panic. Well played. http://t.co/Byo4VUWpKT@JasonT @TSindelar @Genevieve This is the stuff of nightmares.@turrean It is amazing how relaxed that picture can make me feel. As if a great wave of calm washed over me.@TSindelar I’m not sure that’s legitimately a year in which people can be born.Finding the right words is only maybe a quarter of the battle—the rest is putting them in the right order. #amrewriting
@heymermaid There’s supposedly a petition to get ten to bring it back permanently.@joesteel That is now the entire book.Of course all the changes made in the first half means the back half is scaring the crap out of me.Half day at work means getting back to work on rewriting the novel. I’ve hit roughly the halfway point on this draft.And yes, this is us committing to do a "Season 1" of radioplays later this year… http://t.co/1OxVFNnran
Retweeted by Dan MorenIf you liked our radio plays, we're re-running them as "Season Zero" of the new Incomparable Radio Theater podcast. http://t.co/1OxVFNnran
Retweeted by Dan Moren@reneritchie My prediction piece from this morning concurs with that pattern.@MykeCole See, that tweet needed an editor, Myke.The job of a great editor is making the writing so good, you think you wrote it yourself.If there’s an upcoming Apple event, it must be prognostication time. I run down the options over at Macworld: http://t.co/CvgFn7UZPC@JasonT Do you need write access? There are third-party tools to do it, but $$.“Wish we could say more”—oblique hinting at more Siri features?@JasonT I thought Boot Camp provided drivers for reading data, but not writing?“My Morning Giggles” is the name of @lexfri and my new podcast.My morning giggles: Brought to you by @dmoren and @lexfri And it should be GalaxyWorld
Retweeted by Dan Moren@reneritchie @lexfri Tim’s going to be mad when Lex and I start cracking jokes from the audience while he’s on stage.@lexfri I think you had a typo in there and meant “lieblogging.”@lexfri You’ll be watching me on the live stream, you mean?@lexfri iGumption, a patented feature of the iPhone 6.Keep hearing “blah blah both sides blah” but the thing is, I can’t recall women threatening to rape and murder men they don’t like.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@zandperl What a day that must have been.
@jsnell Apparently if you take out a mortgage in Russia, they’ll loan you one. http://t.co/6gkpMREg1CThank you, thank you, thank you @jsnell and @dmoren for filling 0.297619047619048% of my week with beautiful, nerdy bliss #ClockwisePodcast
Retweeted by Dan Moren@scottsimpson Clearly, you’ve forgotten.@lexfri You can take the Lex out of the Apple blogosphere, but … no, wait, that’s it.Not ALL mandates!@GlennF @dnanian ENOUGH WITH YOUR MANDATESPLAININ.@GlennF @dnanian Chip-and-PIN.@dnanian Really? Maybe I just don’t recognize them? (Granted, the EMV terminals I’ve seen are generally not operational.)@dnanian I was just about to post that I still think this is unlikely. I feel like I’ve seen more EMV machines rolled out than NFC.Always a relief when that surprising new mole on your arm turns out to be chocolate.BREAKING: Apple building entire building at Flint Center in order to accommodate new, MUCH LARGER iPhone.@PhilipMichaels In order to do this, I must steal some other college’s accreditation. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.@ddlevine @macworld It’s a little trickier on the iPhone, since you need to hit the “tabs” button, and THEN tap and hold the New Tab button.Dan Moren State Ploytechnic Institute & School of Mines -- Home of the Fightin' Decahedrons.
Retweeted by Dan MorenSent out a tweet about "our colleague @dmoren" that got auto-corrected to "college" and now I hope Dan gets accredited as a university.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@mtabini Two weeks, dude. Two weeks. ;)@saladinahmed @juliedillon Reminds me of this Norman Rockwell I saw at the museum this past weekend: http://t.co/euda4lZHb8Gentlemen, we’re going to the Olympics. By which I mean San Francisco.
Sometimes you just wanna cut all the cords. @pinatubo2000, @bradchacos join me, @jsnell on this week’s @clockwisepod: http://t.co/hxPb85J9CW@MykeCole Only Imperial stormtroopers are this precise.Helping my cousin move into her BU dorm reminds me of things I don’t miss about college.
@TPKill @TSindelar I’m betting we still get under that bar.@lexfri Banana Man is not happy with you.@mrgan Panorama time-lapses are where it’s at. Preferably with filters.@will_wagner @heymermaid But the problem is you never really no for sure… …until it’s too late.@MykeCole On weird ones, Groot.@heymermaid Basically Francis Ford Coppola’s most under-appreciated film.@Clarko Just bought a new TV, and thank god I have a fifth device in my living room that can stream Netflix.These are supremely well thought-out arguments against vaccines. “Why We Didn’t Vaccinate Our Child: http://t.co/ekVjF4MFtH” (via @lexfri)@jsnell That is awesome.@saladinahmed @mollycrabapple What, you don’t pay for your couches with *exposure*, Saladin?@saladinahmed Well, it’s a crappy article. We can agree on that much. I’m not sure about legally, but again, they’re public.@saladinahmed You don’t need to pay someone to quote them. My understanding has always been that since tweets are public, you can quote them
@MykeCole *sadly turns in Cyberguy business card* http://t.co/8gp91A6LeP@BodyofBreen Also, fleas are really into video games.@PVBrett Sun-ny war, kicking the clouds away….@monty_ashley @dloehr @jsnell @2minutetimelord Original Zahn trilogy!@siracusa @hotdogsladies @gruber @mrgan @gte @mantia Yeah, that cynicism’s definitely worn away as you’ve aged.@westwardview Important, scholarly work!
@dmoren Cruel Cousin: "And then Skeletor DEFEATED He-Man." Dan: "Nooooooo!!"
Retweeted by Dan MorenWait, that’s not Admiral Ackbar! IT’S A TRAP! http://t.co/9Klj7dyhqu@jsnell Jason, such jealousy is unbecoming.Whoops, sorry: that was clearly fake. I meant THIS passport. http://t.co/PNJcX7Nws2Good news, guys. I found my passport! http://t.co/FC5m32NqFfSeriously, though, I think it would make my mom pretty happy if I just shipped all these He-Man toys to @slutz.As long as I’m gifting my fellow @theincomparable panelists, this one’s for @blankbaby. http://t.co/anp8nfetWhHelping the folks clean out the attic. This one’s for you, @slutz. http://t.co/KFpSfYiu1b
So, is the general consensus that iOS 8 betas are topping out at b5? Or do we think there’ll be a b6 before GM?@PVBrett @laurenalexg Which really is a topic not addressed enough in modern comics.From now on, I am outsourcing all of my memory to Twitter.I just told @mtabini something had never happened to me and he produced a tweet by me proving me wrong. So that happened.@lexfri @joelmmathis @jsnell So you’re the one who stole my spirit.@jsnell @lexfri Or is it just beginning?@lexfri Sup, Starsky?
@MikeTRose @macworld Thanks, Mike. I did an update. Looks like Intuit’s having people vote on most-desired feature. *eyeroll*Street sweeper and city bus are having a face-off on my street. My tax dollars at work.
Note also that this week’s @clockwisepod is episode 50! A true milestone. 25 hours! Roughly 1500 minutes! Approximately 90,000 seconds!@marusula @blankbaby Suggested riposte: “Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?” (I’ve seen Scott’s beard.)It was good having @drm510 and @jsnell on this week’s @clockwisepod, as they didn’t try to usurp me, @PhilipMichaels. http://t.co/IjReOLNhOX@kbourgoin @zandperl As I watch my MacBook Air easily use all 4GB of its memory, I agree wholeheartedly.@mrgan @Spaceageapp Oooh, pretty. Really looking forward to this one!@BodyofBreen @rgriff I think they will kill off third-party client access first. :|@zandperl Storage, you mean? (As opposed to RAM.) You can customize some of the higher end ones up to 1TB. Large Flash memory still pricey.@PVBrett Congratulations, man. Looking forward to it.@blankbaby The forest moon of Endor?@Harkaway “The toilet! Remember your failure at the toilet!”
@westwardview Oh, is that spot on the road where @porchdragon and @turrean found your bassinet?@jabbermaster Well, I did get to see some lovely countryside. But I had no more luck with the dowsing than when I did it at Stonehenge.@jabbermaster I got stuck there on a Sunday back in 2005, and stayed at a B&B where the proprietor (a retired plumber) took me dowsing.@MykeCole @jabbermaster Probably neither the first nor last time the entire publishing community will be disappointed in me.@MykeCole @jabbermaster It’s very low. I like having all the letters to work with, my friend.Wonder how @jabbermaster fared with this past Saturday’s puzzle. Got it in 31:36 with only a couple checks. *braces for incoming @MykeCole*@gte @reneritchie Finally, guys: the SHIELD/Supernatural crossover we’ve been waiting for. http://t.co/5pAUjFQZZyAnd yes, Incomparable shirts are for sale only until Friday midday, so hurry! http://t.co/LxlHfp2TM1 http://t.co/YRNQP9DX89
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