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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Senior Editorial Robot at Macworld. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast).

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So, is the general consensus that iOS 8 betas are topping out at b5? Or do we think there’ll be a b6 before GM?@PVBrett @laurenalexg Which really is a topic not addressed enough in modern comics.From now on, I am outsourcing all of my memory to Twitter.I just told @mtabini something had never happened to me and he produced a tweet by me proving me wrong. So that happened.@lexfri @joelmmathis @jsnell So you’re the one who stole my spirit.@jsnell @lexfri Or is it just beginning?@lexfri Sup, Starsky?
@MikeTRose @macworld Thanks, Mike. I did an update. Looks like Intuit’s having people vote on most-desired feature. *eyeroll*Street sweeper and city bus are having a face-off on my street. My tax dollars at work.
Note also that this week’s @clockwisepod is episode 50! A true milestone. 25 hours! Roughly 1500 minutes! Approximately 90,000 seconds!@marusula @blankbaby Suggested riposte: “Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?” (I’ve seen Scott’s beard.)It was good having @drm510 and @jsnell on this week’s @clockwisepod, as they didn’t try to usurp me, @PhilipMichaels. http://t.co/IjReOLNhOX@kbourgoin @zandperl As I watch my MacBook Air easily use all 4GB of its memory, I agree wholeheartedly.@mrgan @Spaceageapp Oooh, pretty. Really looking forward to this one!@BodyofBreen @rgriff I think they will kill off third-party client access first. :|@zandperl Storage, you mean? (As opposed to RAM.) You can customize some of the higher end ones up to 1TB. Large Flash memory still pricey.@PVBrett Congratulations, man. Looking forward to it.@blankbaby The forest moon of Endor?@Harkaway “The toilet! Remember your failure at the toilet!”
@westwardview Oh, is that spot on the road where @porchdragon and @turrean found your bassinet?@jabbermaster Well, I did get to see some lovely countryside. But I had no more luck with the dowsing than when I did it at Stonehenge.@jabbermaster I got stuck there on a Sunday back in 2005, and stayed at a B&B where the proprietor (a retired plumber) took me dowsing.@MykeCole @jabbermaster Probably neither the first nor last time the entire publishing community will be disappointed in me.@MykeCole @jabbermaster It’s very low. I like having all the letters to work with, my friend.Wonder how @jabbermaster fared with this past Saturday’s puzzle. Got it in 31:36 with only a couple checks. *braces for incoming @MykeCole*@gte @reneritchie Finally, guys: the SHIELD/Supernatural crossover we’ve been waiting for. http://t.co/5pAUjFQZZyAnd yes, Incomparable shirts are for sale only until Friday midday, so hurry! http://t.co/LxlHfp2TM1 http://t.co/YRNQP9DX89
Retweeted by Dan Moren@mtabini Uh. Oh.@PVBrett Did you see the John Oliver segment on Ferguson? Brilliantly depressing. https://t.co/zIglwnCQYx@calzone My parents are having their roof replaced in October. Which means getting everything out of their attic. Yay.
@bhoagland I didn’t say it wasn't.@PVBrett These are your salad days.@porchdragon Track down that pesky grail next, why don’t ya?@BDoma @reneritchie I was on vacation!Yosemite users who didn’t like the truncated URLs in Safari, check out Preferences > Advanced. You’re welcome.@siegel Life, man. Life is tough.@laurenalexg Sure it does! It’s made up of pulped copies of The New Yorker.
@tinyasterisms @will_wagner Niceeeeee.@Jon_Alper @siracusa This one’s only four years old, so apparently pretty often?@jackbrewster @siracusa @gte I’m a renter, so not an option. Also my living room isn’t even remotely laid out for it.@siracusa @Jon_Alper I think that is outside of my price range. The 55-inch Vizio is pushing it as it is. DAMN IT GUYS, I WAS DONE.@siracusa My current one has wheels, which I like, although don’t end up using that often. But it’s starting to bow in the middle.@siracusa @gte Okay, John: Talk to me about TV stands.@gte He’s already weighed in. I didn’t get exactly what he got, but I did get the seal of approval.@reneritchie @capttaco Everybody knows I shoot first. ALWAYS.@DanJosef Oh, Jordan. I would never do that to you! Unless it was really really really really funny!@DanJosef That TV in that picture? It isn’t real. DUH DUH DUHHHHH.We’re back! In our latest episode, @dmoren introduces @lexfri to the joys of hacking and codebreaking. http://t.co/hluLH4KJJ9
Retweeted by Dan Moren@capttaco @reneritchie Nice. Well, I’m getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on the 55".@siracusa Yeah, I’m coming around. Bezels are much thinner these days.Okay, the Vizio Showroom augmented reality app may be helping sell me on the 55”. http://t.co/X8f7v3mI9o@PenLlawen I think only four currently: Mac mini, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Fire TV.@cbrough TVs. Very dangerous. You go first.@Awax @siracusa Ooh, Vizio has one! Perfect!@Awax @siracusa That sounded really cool, but apparently it’s been discontinued. :( http://t.co/0mKpFxL1LLReally glad that I’m crowdsourcing this whole TV buying problem. I feel like we can solve it if we work together, people.Other factor on the 49” vs. 55” decision: Amazon’s price on the 49” is a better deal—$30 off retail. 55” is only $1 off. $200+ diff btw them@newtonss @JasonT @Mr_Jiggs Only about 44 lbs., according to Amazon.@JasonT @Mr_Jiggs A 55” would definitely require a new TV stand as well. My current one had started to buckle under the 40".@siracusa Will have to check that out. I do have an Apple TV. One of my many HDMI devices.@siracusa Yeah. Oh well. I have not been playing as many games recently either...@Mr_Jiggs @newtonss 55” scares me. My living room isn’t that big right now, and I feel like it’d be too dominant. Maybe that’s unjustified?@siracusa Oh, CNet claims 41.73ms, which it dubs “Average.”@siracusa Yeah, the input lag is unclear. I’m not sure what it is on my current LCD either...@franckhertz Bigger issue: recommended plasma has just 2 HDMI/no analog audio out, which I use right now.@franckhertz I understand that it has better picture quality. A little more concerned about weight/heat/gloss/input lag.@jsnell Seen it. http://t.co/YHiIcph20xCurrent TV thinking: Eyeing the Vizio M2i series. Was thinking 42” or 49”, but last night @newtonss tried to convince me to go for 55”.@samroebuck @_LisaRodgers Hey, as long as he’s not the victim of a gruesome murder, I call that a win.@samroebuck @_LisaRodgers Sooooo, your saying pandering *doesn’t* work?@lexfri Well the older one apparently hates me, so you know, six of one…@flargh @chartier There is no way to unsubscribe. YOU WILL LIKE IT, GODDAMN IT.@flargh @chartier From now on, all my podcasts are distributed on vinyl, send directly to your house.@will_wagner I just assumed it was a Solid Snake Drive, right?@eholtam I don’t believe there’s any running, though I did download one from the MAS a long time ago. But I think it only runs on demand.Also just realized that I’ve apparently been using the two-year-old GarageBand 6 to edit all my podcasts. Whoops?Not even really sure what a “Disk Too Slow” error in GarageBand means when running on an SSD.
@porchdragon You never skim Meeple while you’re waiting in the grocery line?@cbarrett Look, I’m just here to amuse myself. You guys get to come along on the ride for free!I think maybe the best song about the Guardians of the Galaxy was Bob Dylan’s Tangled Up in Groot.@porchdragon @turrean Klaatu! Barada! Nik*cough**cough!@jeffcarlson It was about time travel all along! I KNEW IT!Ferguson’s Standoff http://t.co/E5z6KHX7H7
Retweeted by Dan MorenShark Facts: Most scientists agree that we'll never know exactly how many sharks are also ghosts. #TrueSharkFacts
Retweeted by Dan Moren@laurenalexg Maybe try some mussel building exercises?8 days left and we've sold 223 shirts so far! Thanks! http://t.co/ihOjieXgSz
Retweeted by Dan MorenYou asked, we answered: for a limited time you can get your own Macalope mug! With my mug on it! http://t.co/DL5WjhwIyD
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jsnell @TheMacalope Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re devaluing my limited-edition collector’s item!Shark Facts: Sharks can't produce their own blood and are reliant on the kindness of other marine life to lend them some. #TrueSharkFacts
Retweeted by Dan Moren@laurenalexg Oh, Lauren. Don’t be crabby.
Of course, the real problem with buying a new TV is I may have to buy a new TV stand.@jdriscoll @dnanian @siracusa @siegel @dustinrue @jandrewyang Well, as my TV’s broken and my receiver/speakers work I’m gonna replace the TV@turrean How 'bout now? /cc @steelfrogblog@dloehr @jsnell Berkshire Brewing Co. up here. http://t.co/UHI7YjkWGf@drwave @siracusa @siegel @dustinrue @jandrewyang I love sound…I just hate the fuss of setting up/calibrating, and my living room isn’t big.@jasonmp85 199…5? 6? It’s a tank, though. I love it.@jasonmp85 Old receiver, doesn’t have digital input.@siegel @dustinrue @jandrewyang I have just 2 decent bookshelf speakers that I’ve been using for many years. No surround here. Too much fuss@CastIrony @siegel @jandrewyang This is what I do. Except for my received only has analog out.@Awax Average, according to CNet. Probably not much worse than my 4-5 year old Samsung, I’d guess?
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