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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Senior Editorial Robot at Macworld. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast).

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@BodyofBreen I’ve read most of them! They’re fun and they get a little more complex as they go on.@kidandy @jsnell Ouch.@dnanian @danielpunkass Hey, that’s not far from me. Middle of nowhere pshaw!Accomplished simple PHP scripting task for @settern this morning, so yes I basically feel like a god.Recorded live at Macworld/iWorld, it's our computer draft! http://t.co/bdcVMItZUn with @settern @dmoren @DanFrakes @jeffcarlson @MacSparky
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri Awesome. Thanks for making it happen!
@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri Holding breath.@PhilipMichaels @kelly_heather @jsnell It was a thorny issue, but I’m glad we … nope, there’s no way to work in ‘eloi eloi lama sabachthani’@PhilipMichaels I’m glad you’ve washed your hands of the whole affair.It was so nice of the office to give us a half day for Good Friday. Really gave me time to finish all this work.iOS 8 also to include free “Find My Bigfoot” app, as well as directions to Atlantis.Looking forward to WWDC keynote including information about Nessie.@reneritchie @Moltz @jsnell @jeffcarlson I hear the Agent Carter series is getting closer…@blankbaby You have to put them on a birthday cake first.Who says girls don't play D&D? (by Alexandra Mihai, ht @ToddStayton) http://t.co/dkMT03v36H
Retweeted by Dan Moren@settern Uh huh. Sure.Really, if you’re going to do a Batman vs. Superman movie, I think the template you want is L.A. Confidential.Today’s XKCD is great, but it was the hover-text that made me laugh. http://t.co/THY1c3nZZNTickling a baby shark: https://t.co/MoFP70XTvN
Retweeted by Dan Moren
@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri I should not be giddy about this, but kind of giddy!@MykeCole @SamSykesSwears Now you’ve done it. You’ve summoned the Elder God Yhcragilo. *cancels weekend plans*@jsnell Writer’s curse. https://t.co/78OggEm47M@reneritchie Good luck, brother.@reneritchie Doh. I’d send you my article, but I’m sure the iFixit folks can cover it if you need to replace. This the one you knocked off?@reneritchie Air or Pro?@reneritchie Oh man, I used to get that every other time I booted. That’s why I replaced my SSD.Have started to suspect that @SirPatStew and @IanMcKellen are actually just an elaborate @stephenfry/@hughlaurie sketch.@TSindelar I was so excited about this news that I spent quite a while reading Miracleman entries on Wikipedia.Gabriel Garcia Marquez passes away, but don’t worry: Chelsea Clinton’s pregnant. Circle of life, people.@scalzi A new @Harkaway book! Be still my beating heart.@zandperl Really? He’s our rep. Wacky!@JasonT @DreamtimeDrinne Read the Wirecutter reviews. They have budget options (some under $50, though mostly for in-ear).@JasonT Also, I generally trust @wirecutter: In-Ear: http://t.co/1uN0iEJdv8 Over-Ear: http://t.co/T9M32cYj2p@JasonT Yeah, they ain’t cheap. I think this is our latest review roundup. http://t.co/IIOCWxn4HVBarry Diller’s WSJ op-ed on Aereo is on the money. http://t.co/E8QFFsOk7l@calzone Really this is just devolving into an opportunity for @jmgold to tell us more about Solomon Grundy.@calzone @jmgold Also worst holy day name every. IS IT MONDAY OR IS IT THURSDAY?@lexfri @queuebit You might say it’s…touchy. *puts on sunglasses*If you missed @settern and my talk on iOS 7 tips at @MacworldExpo, we’ve posted it in article form at @Macworld. http://t.co/0tlAP8ifc7
@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri Literally giddy with anticipation. So cool.@cyberthreat Alas not yet, but I haven’t spent a ton of time investigating. GV is great, but not essential to me.@jsnell @gedeon Really? I swear we talked about this on one of @theincomparable eps.@jsnell @jtomposton @lexfri That is incredible. Will guarantee a shoutout on show.@gedeon Don’t. Trust. Anyone.Wikipedia is basically the best thing: List of animals with fraudulent diplomas http://t.co/VJ2wImziZj
Retweeted by Dan MorenNew! Travel, HBO, Passbook, and Amazon buys some comics. With @sfsooz and @DanFrakes! http://t.co/XpexbMNlOD
Retweeted by Dan Moren@turrean @settern Sword & Sworcery!@potatowire @theincomparable @korzdorfer @gte I’ll bring the rock salt.Apparently I’ve had a whole bunch of @square readers over the last few years. http://t.co/9TnCu58m4i@gte @Ihnatko It’s the best kind of leak: True, just not all the details.@jasonrbarry @Ihnatko Seems eminently plausible. Controlling expectations.@Ihnatko One of the best uses of a strategic leak ever. WSJ had that it was “under $1000” which everybody took as code for $999.It’s funny watching Agents of SHIELD on Hulu, because Nick Fury pops up in commercials hawking Capital One.@tjluoma Sure thing.@tjluoma I *think* it’s possible to port your GV number. https://t.co/hRdgvc7CFt@jsnell @reneritchie @gte @Moltz Huh. What do those two have in common….@reneritchie @gte @Moltz Yeah, say what you will about Marvel, but the way they’ve built out their universe is brilliant.@reneritchie @gte @Moltz Along with everybody else. That movie is going to be eight hours long.@jsnell @BodyofBreen Tons of swastikas! Just in time for Passover!@mattgriffin My nice Obi100 will apparently stop working in May. Which eliminates pretty much everything I was using.@calzone Yep. Well, as soon as they shut off VOIP client access in May, I will probably stop using it. Oh well!@calzone As we know, they’re super good about communicating things, too.Thanks Google for slowly killing everything I liked about Google Voice. Between this and VOIP client support dying in May, pretty much done.As of today, Google has officially shut off GrowlVoice's access to Google Voice as part of their integration of Google Voice into Hangouts.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@robcostain @gte @reneritchie Indeed. From The Longbow Hunters.@gte @reneritchie Totally snuck Ollie onto the site, just for you guys. http://t.co/DL8QPX3kQj@jasonpermenter Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn and shoveling the steps.@settern Sorry, you’ll have to discuss with @BodyofBreen! I’m OUT!@jasonpermenter Goddamn it, Permenter. https://t.co/6Kz98kSrcV@turrean Thanks for reminding me I’m in Slytherin. :(@GlennF @settern Sadly, without the martinis.@turrean I hope you gave them some Turkish Delight.This whole waking up to the sound of my landlord scraping ice off his windshield in the middle of April thing is some Lovecraftian shit.
@siracusa But I don’t want to play Myth, John! I WANT EV.Having finished @theincomparable computer game draft, I take away this: Somebody needs to port the Escape Velocity series to iPad.@GlennF @jsnell @hotdogsladies The Rocketeer is one of the best movies about jetpacks.@gte @theincomparable I miss you. :(Hey, go listen to us talk about computer games on @theincomparable, live right now: http://t.co/7ufwP0AIWk@blankbaby @dloehr @Ihnatko @jsnell @garyrogers @slutz Hey, one of us has actually played a Scottish engineer. ALL I’M SAYING.@JasonT @RoboTony Shit, I am buying him a pipe to go with that.@MykeCole Chag Pesach Sameach, brother.@saladinahmed @GailSimone There’s a Perry White joke in there somewhere…Apparently I live in the best neighborhood for millennials in the sixth best city for millennials. http://t.co/oMuVndpCSn GET OFF MY LAWN.http://t.co/bu54wpS5oZ
Retweeted by Dan Moren@MykeCole @BetaWntrSoldier That fish is a loose cannon, but he gets results! Is it more dangerous to bring him or more dangerous NOT TO?@MykeCole What’s @BetaWntrSoldier up to?@reneritchie @drbarnard Followed by the Uncanny Valley.Look, after 60 years of being frozen in ice, the LEAST they could have done was promote him to Major America.@atlauren Nope. I’ve given up on most of the Star Wars novels post the one where they kill Chewie.@PVBrett Just George Lucas. THAT GUY.Blood Moon: Eclipse is my favorite film in the Blood Moon series.@TPKill Mushrooms KILL.
@joelmmathis As Pulitzer Prize nominee but never winner Dan Moren was telling you...@brianskoog Haven’t had any problems. It’s a little unwieldy, but seems to work as advertised.@jsnell It’s been a long strange journey.My new mic setup is, admittedly, a bit terrifying. http://t.co/VGCMAsbj2n@debkennedy07 Yep, we link to their site in the review: http://t.co/u2z0qpqcyu@lexfri Thank god that recurring reminder I set finally kicked in.@PVBrett Believe me, I too am disappointed that we cannot categorically resolve shooting order but I can see why he’d want to stay out of it@zandperl OH MY GOD. YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND. Sometimes sabotage can take more subtle forms.
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