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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Senior Editorial Robot at Macworld. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast).

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@GlennF @dloehr I’m building a rogues gallery.@gknauss I have never laughed so hard at a scene as I did at that.@dmoren "I'll tell you about your mother the next time I see y--" HIT BY BUS.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@lexfri It’s the opposite of a vicious circle.Now I’m obsessed with the idea of The Question being in season 3 of Arrow.Also: Holy fuck.Moren’s Law of Television: Any time somebody is about to say something important in a car, that car will get hit by something.We’re covering Apple financials live over at @macworld. Come visit! http://t.co/gDvZM29HN6@reneritchie @Moltz @gte He’s actually kind of grown on me as an evil character. I’m sure if they redeem him my interest will subside.@reneritchie @Moltz @gte I don’t know, I’m enjoying it much more. I thought the editing on the cello show-off/Ward stalking Skye was great.@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri The anticipation is killing me. KILLING ME.Sartre was way ahead of his time with writing No Exit long before the world would invent webinars
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jonseff You know who else is sad about that? @pinatubo2000.Hey, Antonin Scalia probably doesn’t know you can’t stream your HBO shows on Amazon. Somebody think of the poor supreme court justices!@reneritchie Some day.Queen Joffrey http://t.co/YBlzxbwo0y
Retweeted by Dan Moren@calzone More like “HBOhhhhh that sucks.”“HBO to stream its shows on Amazon Instant Video” is one of those headlines that’s way more exciting than the story: http://t.co/Wuwbq66E0c@ImJimScott @jsnell I lived in Scotland; that’s just how they did British accents!@jsnell Blimey, guv’nor!
@gte @siracusa He’s such a Crowley, amirite?@siracusa @gte I’m right here, John. RIGHT HERE.Agents of SHIELD continues to be actually, surprisingly good.@mcelhearn Well, sounds like you don’t need to renew your OS X one next year.@MacVader @rgriff That’s cause they grabbed it off Apple’s site. It’s here: http://t.co/BT3E1DM0FX@mcelhearn Well, I have an iOS dev account. But I think the dev program has other benefits besides pre-release. Still, ask Apple. ;)@petvas @jsnell @macworld The Beta Seed for OS X program is absolutely new. Go ahead, check. I’ll wait.I’d think Apple would still potentially release beta to devs first? Maybe waves? Devs -> Beta Seed -> Gen Pop?@mcelhearn I’m guessing not so much, but you can always try.Apple’s now offering users the ability to test pre-release versions of OS X! http://t.co/JZZsFHRmV9@DenZhadanov @macworld News related? Probably me! But you can always hit the news address at our site too.@rgriff While watching that video, I thought to myself “There are a lot of awesome titles at Apple, but that is probably the best.”Choose Your Poisson, the hit French game show.Kind of want to register http://t.co/3ULbWYTTVo, which would really just be chibi anime versions of characters from The Wire.@MykeCole Surely you mean http://t.co/zKeQuyTUeK@PVBrett I think I figured out what’s causing your migraines.Every time I read about over-the-top video services, all I can think is what would Stallone think? http://t.co/nptvywY5V9@lschmeiser The RiffTrax of Jurassic Park, which features Mike Nelson and Weird Al, comments liberally on this.@gte Only if it’s miniature.
Initially typed that Apple’s data centers were completely powered “by renewable energy swords” which made this article like 3000% awesomer.Thanks to @BodyofBreen and @pinatubo2000 for joining me in what was probably the smallest @macworld staff meeting probably ever.I was going to take a screenshot of the new Apple TV apps to put in my story, but I made the mistake of installing an update on the Apple TV@jsnell I will never trust @TheTechShark again.Did I say "your"? I meant "a" glove compartments, please continue to live your life normally for the remainder. Shouldn't take long
Retweeted by Dan MorenFrankly we're about 3 months out from being able to fit through a doggy door, or hide in your glove compartment
Retweeted by Dan Moren@lexfri WEIGHT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!@angelheartscake Man, I’m interested in every part of that except the zombie sitting in the corner.
@joesteel Standalone. Fantasy, not SF.@jtomposton About 4000 words.@jsnell It is unusual for me. I’ve finished maybe 2 or 3 short stories in the last decade.@dloehr @gte Only one Supernatural episode, according to IMDB, but yeah, I’m familiar with their work on @ThrillingAdv.@gte Huh. Hadn’t heard of it, but I recognize some names. I’ll check it out! Thanks!@gte Isn’t it all, brother. Isn’t it all.Bombs away! First short story submission in a while. We’ll see how that goes.@jasonpbecker It is, as movies go, universally applicable.I will forever love @dmoren for his deep dedication to Sneakers.
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@BodyofBreen I’ve read most of them! They’re fun and they get a little more complex as they go on.@kidandy @jsnell Ouch.@dnanian @danielpunkass Hey, that’s not far from me. Middle of nowhere pshaw!Accomplished simple PHP scripting task for @settern this morning, so yes I basically feel like a god.Recorded live at Macworld/iWorld, it's our computer draft! http://t.co/bdcVMItZUn with @settern @dmoren @DanFrakes @jeffcarlson @MacSparky
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri Awesome. Thanks for making it happen!
@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri Holding breath.@PhilipMichaels @kelly_heather @jsnell It was a thorny issue, but I’m glad we … nope, there’s no way to work in ‘eloi eloi lama sabachthani’@PhilipMichaels I’m glad you’ve washed your hands of the whole affair.It was so nice of the office to give us a half day for Good Friday. Really gave me time to finish all this work.iOS 8 also to include free “Find My Bigfoot” app, as well as directions to Atlantis.Looking forward to WWDC keynote including information about Nessie.@reneritchie @Moltz @jsnell @jeffcarlson I hear the Agent Carter series is getting closer…@blankbaby You have to put them on a birthday cake first.Who says girls don't play D&D? (by Alexandra Mihai, ht @ToddStayton) http://t.co/dkMT03v36H
Retweeted by Dan Moren@settern Uh huh. Sure.Really, if you’re going to do a Batman vs. Superman movie, I think the template you want is L.A. Confidential.Today’s XKCD is great, but it was the hover-text that made me laugh. http://t.co/THY1c3nZZNTickling a baby shark: https://t.co/MoFP70XTvN
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@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri I should not be giddy about this, but kind of giddy!@MykeCole @SamSykesSwears Now you’ve done it. You’ve summoned the Elder God Yhcragilo. *cancels weekend plans*@jsnell Writer’s curse. https://t.co/78OggEm47M@reneritchie Good luck, brother.@reneritchie Doh. I’d send you my article, but I’m sure the iFixit folks can cover it if you need to replace. This the one you knocked off?@reneritchie Air or Pro?@reneritchie Oh man, I used to get that every other time I booted. That’s why I replaced my SSD.Have started to suspect that @SirPatStew and @IanMcKellen are actually just an elaborate @stephenfry/@hughlaurie sketch.@TSindelar I was so excited about this news that I spent quite a while reading Miracleman entries on Wikipedia.Gabriel Garcia Marquez passes away, but don’t worry: Chelsea Clinton’s pregnant. Circle of life, people.@scalzi A new @Harkaway book! Be still my beating heart.@zandperl Really? He’s our rep. Wacky!@JasonT @DreamtimeDrinne Read the Wirecutter reviews. They have budget options (some under $50, though mostly for in-ear).@JasonT Also, I generally trust @wirecutter: In-Ear: http://t.co/1uN0iEJdv8 Over-Ear: http://t.co/T9M32cYj2p@JasonT Yeah, they ain’t cheap. I think this is our latest review roundup. http://t.co/IIOCWxn4HVBarry Diller’s WSJ op-ed on Aereo is on the money. http://t.co/E8QFFsOk7l@calzone Really this is just devolving into an opportunity for @jmgold to tell us more about Solomon Grundy.@calzone @jmgold Also worst holy day name every. IS IT MONDAY OR IS IT THURSDAY?@lexfri @queuebit You might say it’s…touchy. *puts on sunglasses*If you missed @settern and my talk on iOS 7 tips at @MacworldExpo, we’ve posted it in article form at @Macworld. http://t.co/0tlAP8ifc7
@jtomposton @jsnell @lexfri Literally giddy with anticipation. So cool.@cyberthreat Alas not yet, but I haven’t spent a ton of time investigating. GV is great, but not essential to me.@jsnell @gedeon Really? I swear we talked about this on one of @theincomparable eps.@jsnell @jtomposton @lexfri That is incredible. Will guarantee a shoutout on show.@gedeon Don’t. Trust. Anyone.
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