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Poll time: can Apple wearable survive with a $400 price tag? Cast you vote here. http://t.co/L3xMM950dN http://t.co/ZEyHyOGjkE
No, I did not miss it so stop with the ICYMI bait!Apple mulling $400 price point for wearable device http://t.co/ELTBdqQcqV http://t.co/VHoB5LZQne
Samsung’s answer to Google Maps? Nokia HERE. Exclusive to Samsung hardware. Smart move. http://t.co/pWMFYVE8zQ http://t.co/TSu0NuHMfqContext: tablets aren’t “collapsing” over phablets like #GalaxyNote (nice for your linkbait), but suffering from 3-4 yr replacement cycle.Linkbait RT @BGR: The Galaxy Note didn't 'kill' the iPhone... but it may be hurting the iPad http://t.co/MTGbOXKHgu64-bit version of Chrome for Mac in the works, try out beta now http://t.co/4LQAq6BMgO@PhoneDog_Cam Nice catch :DT-Mobile stole Uncarrier 7.0 tagline from Google Chrome Blog! http://t.co/ntxoVTPaGeIntroducing Project Wing, self-flying vehicles from Google https://t.co/lRmoHzBKTh https://t.co/pWksriqAMUFacebook testing Graph Search on mobile with ability to resurface old content by keyword http://t.co/KF04AklDaREvery true fan and avid blogger should read this fine piece of reporting to learn what makes Apple PR tick http://t.co/hGCgL03NStFrom PR perspective, terrible idea timing Uncarrier 7.0 the day after Apple event @JohnLegere http://t.co/2EEikf5zqAGreat news from @wearemacphun http://t.co/K0oc1KLWCOSo there’s now something called http://t.co/WjOwm8oU3q, interesting http://t.co/pxZViqAXYz@nategorby that’s the travesty of Samsung ad :)@SonnyDickson http://t.co/dC0uEImct4 ?Reminder: Apple-owned AuthenTec didn’t just make fingerprint sensors, they supplied NFC chips, tooFun poll time: who wants a giant 13-inch iPad? http://t.co/xuvywL4LdK http://t.co/gHnKmgRzCcWow RT @benwood: Biggest smartwatch or smallest tablet? Neptune Pine has arrived at last. @getneptune http://t.co/ww3iRAg62S@PhoneDog_Cam Good point. But I sincerely doubt anyone can tell the 11-gram difference just by holding devices casually in hand@PhoneDog_Cam The 23-gram difference versus 11 grams@nategorby Sure, it’s just that Samsung cunningly wants us to believe that New Yorkers are mostly anti-iPadRemarkable: street-goers tell a meager 11-gram difference in weight between Galaxy Tab S and iPad Air just by holding http://t.co/P18oapnkxiAmazing: hipster in Samsung ad picks up the subtle 0.9mm difference in depth between the Tab S and the iPad Air, just by looking.New Samsung ad positions Galaxy Tab S as thinner, lighter and brighter than iPad Air [VIDEO] http://t.co/NhKZG91oYx http://t.co/vwCOLmXE7pAmazing fact: Apple worked with Dutch chipmaker NXP before. FYI, the M7 motion coprocessor inside iPhone 5S is an NXP moduleNice, @tim_cook remembers Martin Luther King https://t.co/xP28oMJERxSamsung Unpacked trailer is here: Ready to Note? https://t.co/93uxPCORGxApple-designed A8 processor for #iPhone6 finally gets caught on photo . High-rez shot here http://t.co/oWnfqzDnvm http://t.co/GxHe0dgmtJUsing Apple’s Swift for Android development? Yes, please! http://t.co/a2Kzo6gdQx@AMITNKALRA Unlocked iPhones typically go on sale after a few weeks or months following the launchJimmy Kimmel shows what taking pictures with a huge iPad would be like https://t.co/V16OWXUji0It’s awesome #iPhone6 is s harkening back to the days of the original iPhone. More shots here http://t.co/2jqb4L5r5p http://t.co/q3fY6EIN8PPhotos: claimed production iPhone 6 model with color-matched antenna breaks http://t.co/2jqb4L5r5p via @NowhereElseFr http://t.co/ZDnzdn1QXM
Bloomberg confirms September 9 Apple wearable unveiling http://t.co/KsZBzpNAIb@IanFuchs Hopefully it won’t be like the Mac Pro was at WWDC and then hitting store shelves 6 months later :D@IanFuchs Exactly, that’s what I was thinking, too - double-iPhone launch like last September, maybe varying release datesIt’s not just you: @instagram is offline http://t.co/K6MfHis0LQ http://t.co/3ajNcvme8tJust released for the Mac: Pixlr from @Autodesk Download free https://t.co/2Z7sIxrRvw http://t.co/gfOmdmBp2t@IanFuchs The only thing that’s confusing are the rumors and that report. This’ll never happen. One event - multiple iPhones.@ppanah @NickPomes Finally, this. Apple doesn’t have what 40% of smartphone buyers want and it’s going to fix it http://t.co/Sp5RUtCrlh@ppanah @NickPomes Re; iPhablet - iPads come in 2 screen sizes. It only makes sense for iPhones to offer more choice in this regard@ppanah @NickPomes Re: fragmentation - why else would Apple push devs to create auto-adaptive layouts? Not a problem in Apple land.Anyways, time for a fun poll — is Apple wearable going to unmask itself come September 9, do you think? http://t.co/KiYtO5KXpnOn a brighter note, meet Apple’s new #FreeAppoftheWeek @AppStore “Free” has a funny meaning these days. http://t.co/hCNoYkChHvThat stupid rumor is based on sources inside Spain-based carrier Telefonica. Stopped reading at “Telefonica is still negotiating with Apple”Translating unsubsidized iPhone prices from EUR to USD won’t do you any favors so I’m filing this one under the “No way” drawerAnother stupid Apple rumor: both 4.7 and 5.5” iPhone 6 models will carry an increased price tag http://t.co/9wZRvzFFNuBoth iPhones will be announced on September 9. When one or the other goes on sale is irrelevant.I mean, it’s a screen size difference (mostly). Does anyone really see Apple hold another media event to unveil 5.5” iPhone 6?Can anyone in their right mind explain to me like I was a nine-year-old why the heck would new iPhones be announced via two media events?Crazy rumor has it that only 4.7” iPhone 6 and 8 gig iPhone 5s will be announced come September 9 http://t.co/cR34uBUwax I don’t buy it@NickPomes Attention to detail :p@NickPomes There’s a difference between bloggers knowing and Apple official announcing. It’s not official until it’s official :D@NickPomes How’s so? I don’t see Apple confirming a new iPhone for September 9.@SalvadorRudy Granted, it’s a beta so…@SalvadorRudy That shouldn’t have to do anything with this. apple encourages using auto-layouts, even more so with incoming new form factorsRelevant in light of September 9: why #iWatch may not release before Spring 2015 http://t.co/X3gJMSTK5uWow RT @cultofmac: Flint Center hasn’t updated its site since Steve Jobs introduced the iMac http://t.co/DLsZJfAch6 http://t.co/bBI2PVq451Nice! RT @Marketingland: It’s Now Possible To Tag A Facebook Page From A Third-Party Platform http://t.co/j9qQZ1rxWS@SalvadorRudy I want it to better utilize available screen real estate. As in, full widthFrom Monday: OneDrive for iOS updated with All Photos view and improved file search http://t.co/0Z3XuF38al@andrewr727 you’re not crazy. Also, flip the “6” in #iPhone6 and you get the “9” from September 9 :)Hmmm. Share sheets in #ios8 need some more work in landscape mode http://t.co/64B1I4ykaCSo what exactly does this update include, @facebook? http://t.co/CJVfOBuBjqIt’s high time we started the #iphone6s rumor cycleMy inter Kremlinologist says the Apple invite hints at the watch face http://t.co/xFgzvwlJxZMental note: buy yourself a hat ASAP RT @jdalrymple: Holy shit people, hang on to your hats, this is going to be a wild ride.If you needed more proof that this is The New Apple: @Gizmodo has received the invite, too!Article update: @JohnPaczkowski of @Recode has “been hearing the same” about the NFC-enabled iPhone 6 http://t.co/o5y3JcFUpfApple’s Ive last September: “I would love, love, love to show you what we are working on now, but I'd lose my job" http://t.co/M8bJrlSqszThat said, Flint Center capacity (and other clues) hint at the massive Sep. 9 event, as @JakeOSmith posits http://t.co/frNdAVqkO5@gingerlabs Most definitely. Can you DM regarding promo codes and a review?The Flint Center saw Apple unveil the original Mac in 1984, Bondi Blue iMac in 1998 and hold annual shareholders meetingYour “Wish we could say more” wallpapers for the iPhone, iPad and Mac are right here http://t.co/PPRneeaZNc http://t.co/swclG1LYbiRemind for iPhone lets teachers communicate securely with their students via text http://t.co/Bgv9ZNbhOk http://t.co/zpS5CSzqpEWaiting……….. RT @Jim_Gresham: Apple Event 9.9.2014 Wallpapers coming shortly to @iDownloadBlog ft @JasonZigrino http://t.co/EZ0CP0kVRkNotability by @gingerlabs now available for the Mac http://t.co/wOut60XHv8 Ten bucks https://t.co/XxqDMwNLU7 http://t.co/UKmBTp3zfOHm. @Microsoft blogs about @onedrive iOS update @idownloadblog reported on Monday https://t.co/3x5ozzNymb http://t.co/0Z3XuF38alShit, forgot I have a dentist appointment on September 9.Is your wallet ready for September 9? Mine still hasn’t recovered from Apple’s stellar 2013 :(Apple sends out invites for September 9 event http://t.co/AatI1ybIgGLots of awesomeness in this CloudApp 3.0 update, now with screen recording http://t.co/bymyJxR4GWVivendi, the owner of Universal Music just raised another $9.8 billion for a buying spree in media and content - http://t.co/93odpiKv0Z
Retweeted by Christian ZibregWow, @IFTTT just raised $30 million in funding! http://t.co/nw1xn7XEEJGroupon offering $15 iTunes Gift Cards for $10 http://t.co/DvkKgJUOPt http://t.co/RoOnLx0AmLHaha, up to the point RT @stagueve: Hope this will help… #Apple #iPhone6 http://t.co/9uYk4ZLK2fRemarkable: @Uber is now available in 180 cities globally and to 55% of US population http://t.co/XCVbs5NhBhIMDb app pulls 'On DVD/Blu-ray' pages and external links, adds showtimes refinements http://t.co/fLk5pWOKFC http://t.co/o4CeUe84aBWired: iPhone will have NFC chip and feature its own payment platform http://t.co/o5y3JcFUpfNice: Quora releases iPad app, introduces rich-text editor and revamped look http://t.co/Cdrgd4Xcvk http://t.co/wPpuLqV9oTNo Going Back: Walking Dead: The Game—Season 2 finale now available http://t.co/kMhGdHTbXE https://t.co/Bd7ZttUCMO http://t.co/iljIBSpLf6Latest @Wunderlist update by @6Wunderkinder enhances mobile editing of your to-dos and tasks http://t.co/Gx389Q7Z6o http://t.co/LZhpVpOCIhXbox One SmartGlass app now lets you record game clips and more http://t.co/oGihWR9UuK http://t.co/rWPGybr51rLeaks! New iPhone 6 parts reveal larger speaker, embedded Apple logo and redesigned vibrator via @NowhereElseFr http://t.co/N4DlwEPzrdThe Fifth Avenue Apple Store’s iconic glass cube design? Patented! http://t.co/eiBfF7P7n6 http://t.co/UpNhqdItjXAmazon overhauls Audible app, improves search, adds Discover tab and more http://t.co/AtmZ8BfwUO http://t.co/hyAviDPRNEQuick math: #iOS8 keyboards + @TextExpander = awesome snippet expansion on iPhone and iPad http://t.co/fyxz52xUJi http://t.co/BVdXAdTFUR
Quotebook by Lickability, my fav iOS notebook for quotes, has received a massive update http://t.co/0jyXNioyui
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