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Having a great time watching Apple bloggers hating on Apple after realizing their SEO-linkbait in the form of nude celeb photos didn’t workMicrosoft updates Office for iPad apps with more affordable monthly subscriptions http://t.co/KpSkFRbIt3 http://t.co/GeGIcv9JVdWatch now: Xerox PARC scientist Larry Tesler recounts Steve Jobs’s visit to PARC labs where he “saw the future” https://t.co/NzwOw5kaHrPaid features coming to @IFTTT soon, reports @nytimesbits http://t.co/nw1xn7XEEJ@rockymtnapple You’re welcome :D@rockymtnapple No, only GMOS X Yosemite Developer Preview 7 is out, get downloading!Beamdog announces Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition coming to mobile and desktop soon http://t.co/em2rUUZsvS http://t.co/eLYFLy6DDWNetflix Recommend with Facebook-enabled private video sharing now available http://t.co/KxGn6qltj4 http://t.co/KSG5Wns3m1Two times stronger iPhone 6 battery makes another appearance on photos http://t.co/17ESyYsgLv via @NowhereElseFr http://t.co/wqO8adjWGb@matthewmspace Wrong: 800M people readily put in their CC info in iTunes. iWallet will tap that info so no changeApple’s just been granted a patent on radial menus for touchscreen devices http://t.co/GOsdPeARjz http://t.co/5qowlle1WSDEAL: Worms 3 for iPhone and iPad [$5 → $1] https://t.co/Ro0E1cAk8RNew video compares nearly-assembled 4.7" iPhone 6 to iPhone 5s http://t.co/6wh5kcQYLS http://t.co/Y8RFtJLVuC@jyarow I know a bit about the technique used to gain access to their account. Nothing to do with hacking.@jyarow This time around iCloud wasn’t hacked. Stupid celebs don’t know how to create a strong password, that’s allNo more mobile site, no tablets site, no desktop site — just one responsive @verge for everything. The Verge 2.0 http://t.co/Wavl6g5sV5Official 'Ask Me Anything' app from @reddit_AMA now available on iPhone http://t.co/wxLXKHFSff http://t.co/TygJtDq0XtFormer Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée on Tim Cook’s first three years as Apple CEO http://t.co/Gka7106tusSony’s interchangeable E-Mount lenses coming to smartphones soon http://t.co/As2F6s9VN8 http://t.co/nGoBHVGOX8ProCamera7 can now share directly to EyeEm http://t.co/K5lkzWF9qgOpera can now define word in Opera Mini mode http://t.co/h5hFsxkQ9aMicrosoft shows off HTC One M8 features in new Cortana vs. Siri ad, titled ‘Mirror, Mirror’ http://t.co/QKC5tEd1zi http://t.co/2ZeET9uBVe
Stop linkbaiting. Allegedly confirmed. RT @cultofmac: September 19 iPhone 6 launch affirmed by Dutch carrier http://t.co/rtkDvpJJKPJennifer Lawrence on iCloud: http://t.co/RcfvDmkbtK
Retweeted by Christian ZibregBTW, happy Labor Day to my U.S. followers! Everyone else, educate yourself here http://t.co/5ug995PyRQI’ll believe @tim_cook’s doubling-down on secrecy only if #iphone6 turns out to be anything like the design leaks we’ve witnessed thus far.A source close to well-known Dutch provider says iPhone 6 pre-orders starting on September 19 in the Netherlands http://t.co/VvQMLPSyngThe cat is almost out of the bag: cheeky ad by British carrier @O2 hints at #iPhone6 http://t.co/JuPdI7uqUq http://t.co/4csF0SViHHDEAL: 868-HACK for iPhone and iPad [$6 → $3] https://t.co/oQD6Ojevk5Good question RT @mantia: What's Apple Campus 2's address gonna be, huh?Why Apple's mobile-payments system might actually work http://t.co/duKa3sUN7A
Retweeted by Christian ZibregWow, Plácido Domingo will be the closing act for iTunes Festival London http://t.co/u8WEr7bxIM@SalvadorRudy As will for the rest of the world outside key markets like China, France, Germany, UK, Italy etc.Poll time: would you use iPhone 6 as your iWallet? http://t.co/euxMKMuyGc http://t.co/I48wmWuBv6DEAL: Steampunk word game W.E.L.D.E.R for Mac [$5 → FREE] https://t.co/IpApVEDec5Modern Combat 5: Blackout receives a bunch of multiplayer fixes http://t.co/6NyF4ZW8r4@zaheenhafzer Thanks. If only @twitter had the ‘Edit’ function…@ChanceHMiller How about zero-interest installments. Apple does have a range of special financing offers available http://t.co/JmTSTdCcgB@SalvadorRudy Slate was awesome, it had an ominous Darth Vader feel to it. But those dings and scratches spoiled the fun for meGoogle holding even in India on September 15, Android One likely in tow http://t.co/kdjs3Zv6mo http://t.co/aokNY7tTpo@SalvadorRudy How’s so? Major colors are supported :DGreat news: @anandtech founder @anandshimpi joins #Apple for undisclosed role http://t.co/37jpbKaIrK http://t.co/nlp4wHOwUC“Trustworthy paragons of journalism” identified, all over again http://t.co/ZS3U3KtJjkOMG, Apple confirms silver, gray and gold iPhone colors!!! http://t.co/O5UnKYsbdUSaving you a click: reversible USB cable RT @BGR: Here's another way the iPhone 6 might disappoint you http://t.co/YLc1pqmvZL by @bwreedbgrClaimed 5.5" iPhone 6 rear shell caught on video http://t.co/SxGvksy4P4 via @NowhereElseFr http://t.co/3tVoQKZUbc@mtabini @macworld Sure thing. Great write-up BTW! Though I’m still not sold on wireless charging :DApple reportedly patches Find My iPhone vulnerability to hack Apple ID accounts http://t.co/JpR3bRgcsG http://t.co/S3IqH4qjkwNot sold RT @mtabini: On @macworld today, I write about an ongoing fixation of mine: wireless charging iDevices. http://t.co/PCI5jMeGP2Analyst doesn't expect reversible Lightning cable and redesigned charger to ship with iPhone 6 http://t.co/vCxN81UaUQ http://t.co/kvuAQH83L7
Haha “@joeyellis: OMG! Found this in a bar last night in Cupertino. Someone's getting fired!!! http://t.co/i19AVNUK8i@seekokhean sureWife of BBC star Paul Ross found out about his drug/gay affair via Find My iPhone http://t.co/eJKCvAwEsC@seekokhean I was hoping it would launch in a few other marketsYou are not invited and more in a recap of this week's most important Apple news http://t.co/cZ7z5WdRz4Hearing that iPhone payment system will be US-exclusive at launch….Apple + AmEx http://t.co/LPq7gA2rrHPoll time: can Apple wearable survive with a $400 price tag? Cast you vote here. http://t.co/L3xMM950dN http://t.co/ZEyHyOGjkE
No, I did not miss it so stop with the ICYMI bait!Apple mulling $400 price point for wearable device http://t.co/ELTBdqQcqV http://t.co/VHoB5LZQne
Samsung’s answer to Google Maps? Nokia HERE. Exclusive to Samsung hardware. Smart move. http://t.co/pWMFYVE8zQ http://t.co/TSu0NuHMfqContext: tablets aren’t “collapsing” over phablets like #GalaxyNote (nice for your linkbait), but suffering from 3-4 yr replacement cycle.Linkbait RT @BGR: The Galaxy Note didn't 'kill' the iPhone... but it may be hurting the iPad http://t.co/MTGbOXKHgu64-bit version of Chrome for Mac in the works, try out beta now http://t.co/4LQAq6BMgO@PhoneDog_Cam Nice catch :DT-Mobile stole Uncarrier 7.0 tagline from Google Chrome Blog! http://t.co/ntxoVTPaGeIntroducing Project Wing, self-flying vehicles from Google https://t.co/lRmoHzBKTh https://t.co/pWksriqAMUFacebook testing Graph Search on mobile with ability to resurface old content by keyword http://t.co/KF04AklDaREvery true fan and avid blogger should read this fine piece of reporting to learn what makes Apple PR tick http://t.co/hGCgL03NStFrom PR perspective, terrible idea timing Uncarrier 7.0 the day after Apple event @JohnLegere http://t.co/2EEikf5zqAGreat news from @wearemacphun http://t.co/K0oc1KLWCOSo there’s now something called http://t.co/WjOwm8oU3q, interesting http://t.co/pxZViqAXYz@nategorby that’s the travesty of Samsung ad :)@SonnyDickson http://t.co/dC0uEImct4 ?Reminder: Apple-owned AuthenTec didn’t just make fingerprint sensors, they supplied NFC chips, tooFun poll time: who wants a giant 13-inch iPad? http://t.co/xuvywL4LdK http://t.co/gHnKmgRzCcWow RT @benwood: Biggest smartwatch or smallest tablet? Neptune Pine has arrived at last. @getneptune http://t.co/ww3iRAg62S@PhoneDog_Cam Good point. But I sincerely doubt anyone can tell the 11-gram difference just by holding devices casually in hand@PhoneDog_Cam The 23-gram difference versus 11 grams@nategorby Sure, it’s just that Samsung cunningly wants us to believe that New Yorkers are mostly anti-iPadRemarkable: street-goers tell a meager 11-gram difference in weight between Galaxy Tab S and iPad Air just by holding http://t.co/P18oapnkxiAmazing: hipster in Samsung ad picks up the subtle 0.9mm difference in depth between the Tab S and the iPad Air, just by looking.New Samsung ad positions Galaxy Tab S as thinner, lighter and brighter than iPad Air [VIDEO] http://t.co/NhKZG91oYx http://t.co/vwCOLmXE7pAmazing fact: Apple worked with Dutch chipmaker NXP before. FYI, the M7 motion coprocessor inside iPhone 5S is an NXP moduleNice, @tim_cook remembers Martin Luther King https://t.co/xP28oMJERxSamsung Unpacked trailer is here: Ready to Note? https://t.co/93uxPCORGxApple-designed A8 processor for #iPhone6 finally gets caught on photo . High-rez shot here http://t.co/oWnfqzDnvm http://t.co/GxHe0dgmtJUsing Apple’s Swift for Android development? Yes, please! http://t.co/a2Kzo6gdQx@AMITNKALRA Unlocked iPhones typically go on sale after a few weeks or months following the launchJimmy Kimmel shows what taking pictures with a huge iPad would be like https://t.co/V16OWXUji0It’s awesome #iPhone6 is s harkening back to the days of the original iPhone. More shots here http://t.co/2jqb4L5r5p http://t.co/q3fY6EIN8PPhotos: claimed production iPhone 6 model with color-matched antenna breaks http://t.co/2jqb4L5r5p via @NowhereElseFr http://t.co/ZDnzdn1QXM
Bloomberg confirms September 9 Apple wearable unveiling http://t.co/KsZBzpNAIb@IanFuchs Hopefully it won’t be like the Mac Pro was at WWDC and then hitting store shelves 6 months later :D@IanFuchs Exactly, that’s what I was thinking, too - double-iPhone launch like last September, maybe varying release datesIt’s not just you: @instagram is offline http://t.co/K6MfHis0LQ http://t.co/3ajNcvme8tJust released for the Mac: Pixlr from @Autodesk Download free https://t.co/2Z7sIxrRvw http://t.co/gfOmdmBp2t@IanFuchs The only thing that’s confusing are the rumors and that report. This’ll never happen. One event - multiple iPhones.@ppanah @NickPomes Finally, this. Apple doesn’t have what 40% of smartphone buyers want and it’s going to fix it http://t.co/Sp5RUtCrlh
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