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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive. http://t.co/ralPYfT6kF

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Archivists, France, 1937. http://t.co/NtzNTXzfQq
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSpotify is a Booming, Billion Dollar Business http://t.co/kAuez6oL6j by @pkafka
Retweeted by Edmund Lee>@nytimes hires ex-NPR exec @kinseywilson as editor of "innovation" sounds like role previously held by denise warren http://t.co/G9cUIBnVYh@MattZeitlin @fmanjoo @MikeIsaac @Amy_Schatz the idea of the press serving readers by exposing bad company practices is old school. not newSo that errant @Anthonynoto tweet? @KurtWagner8's got a good list of possible targets (concentrate on first one) http://t.co/QUJP0FJOsM
performing an exegesis on @anthonynoto's Twitter profile will totally help you, so keep doing that.power of Premiership "@jimkennedy250: The Sun Says It Now Has 225k Subscribers Paying To Access Its Digital Content http://t.co/l4C8ZjZ9JwWhat qualifies you to expose media corruption? I have a six-volume edition of Tolkien and basically no other books. http://t.co/G3JVhiMBzP
Retweeted by Edmund Leehey @scotus nerds and Asians...the Bakke case continues to reverberate: Harvard’s Asian Problem: http://t.co/7tpMq6zzcA via @WSJ
Today my eldest asked me if the Barclays logo is the Twitter bird's dad. http://t.co/qITcIcosUh
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@ryanchittum @ICIJorg congrats! look forward to seeing the projectGuys, I'm leaving CJR to do a project for @ICIJorg. Pour one out for The Audit. We had a good long run. And send jobs/gigs my way come Feb!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@Wrochette agree. management done diff than other cos, partly bec family owns. As to dvds, yes, peers do but puts shrhldrs+fam ahead of co.@Wrochette most cases I'd agree dividend shouldn't factor, but there's no good reason for the dvd payout at Times, other than family desire@Wrochette yes, decent ebitda, but fully diluted still losing $. Also they hope to buy building back not monetize acc to sources.@Wrochette @nytimes first 9 mos this yr vs last net losses: http://t.co/bfd8OVZePO@Wrochette @nytimes net cash = ~ $300m (not factoring pension obligations) Short runway for co. whose net losses ^ 85% first 9 mos this yr@Wrochette @nytimes true, but sales have stalled and it's still losing money. So even cap structure sucks. Holding $ would buy more time.All that you need before going into this thread: reporting > sensibility https://t.co/GzKaeT0iEv.@nytimes could layoff as many as 25 journos while still paying a $24m yrly dividend (updated w/specific fire dates): http://t.co/AMjTshpgsE
The @nytimes could still end up cutting 25 newsroom staffers acc to latest buyout count: http://t.co/PE7QmX3qE4
@MattZeitlin @kevinroose @Recode @pkafka this is a great idea@MikeIsaac you can...right here on the twitters@kevinroose @Recode @pkafka hardest part of my job sometimes is figuring out that main image (transparency is what we were going for)@kevinroose @Recode @pkafka would a clear window pane have been better? (serious question)@kevinroose @Recode @pkafka think about itmedia, media, media... @BuzzFeedBen tells @pkafka no disclosure needed on that whole Uber thing: http://t.co/3DmP5dsQYCA warm welcome to @EricNewcomer to @BloombergTech, where he will be covering startups soon!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@realdanlyons, the former Fake Steve Jobs, is now head of @Valleywag http://t.co/bVfy1bmdWu by @pkafka@fmanjoo @felixsalmon hmmm@Matthaber @lizgannes @bruces i know it well my friend, and yesno, and I miss it RT @jimaley: Land of Plenty on 58th btw 3d and Lex: is there any better szechuan in midtown?It's creepy but common for tech companies to snoop on users http://t.co/a5UTQRXVg7 by @LizGannes@nitashatiku way to goNetflix's @reedhastings summons TV moguls Les Moonves, Richard Plepler, others to a summit http://t.co/8PbPdPVfK0 by @pkafka@MattZeitlin they should give out little badge icons next to your twitter or facebook handle to show you've donated, like the old PBS toteWe'd like to make a second season of Serial. To do that, we need your help: https://t.co/XEI3RfuxFT
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@TheStalwart terminal still defaulting to that "last price" key i seeThose crazy tech journos with their blogs and their insider tackling. We're the @nytimes we don't really cover tech....not like that.
I'm mad as hell: @jackshafer departs Reuters. http://t.co/rfCqPKiSYCJust a late Wednesday evening listening to the @taylorswift13 with my 9-yr-old. Waiting to explain the whole evil incarnate thing.Yahoo's Mayer is looking for something to buy... possibly BlackBerry: http://t.co/7VuEDyeZ3Q by @karaswisherAlways presume it's on the record: http://t.co/Su8JTMuITT @MichaelWolffNYC any answer to a followup Q doesn't change what was said beforeApple's music subscription service (aka Beats) could launch as soon as March, @mattgarrahan @tim report: http://t.co/VwmGXQtsRC via @FT
scoop @keachhagey @VranicaWSJ Nielsen to track Netflix Amazon viewers. aka CBS wants to know if SVOD deals are fair http://t.co/hijRnTSoLg@pmarca I dunno, I worked at one of the better college newspapers...
Retweeted by Edmund LeeJ Franzen's new novel 'Purity' to be followed by 'Chastity' and 'Keep Your Elbows off the Table' in the 'Censorious Trilogy'
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAggregators: feature linking co. blog post on announcements doesn't serve readers. It's a press release, a spun version of the news.Fact Uber exec outlined v specific ways to do oppo research on press suggests co already budgeted it: http://t.co/mERuC9mOW2 by @BuzzFeedBen@kenli729 @DelRey @edmundlee did ken not tell you? This is how you are getting paid now
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@samgustin @lyft yupHiya @lyftpro-am http://t.co/POVnxVL0x4
Mustread from @LisaCullen, a personal ticktock on the angst and agita of the TV pitch season (I know it too well) http://t.co/mAtW5nRNcq
Hard to run a media play that has multiple owners...Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff heads for the door. (Memo) http://t.co/iCqyQnhPCo by @pkafka
@alexia @DelRey @MikeIsaac CONSPIRACYBitcoin company Coinbase raising funds at $400 million valuation. virtual vigorish: http://t.co/rzHFFJ2NQ7 scoop from @DelReyAll these crappy posts about the Google Wallet API shutdown are forcing me to write about it. I blame you all.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee>@theOnion for sale w/ $3m ebitda this year, $8m next. Old media sells 5-6x so 10x might be fair for funny http://t.co/NC5x73Rdlk by @pkafkasilicon valley interviewer asks black applicant why they all sit together at lunch, also the n-word: http://t.co/jSQLyHyj2o via @sarahfrier
Gave out two email addresses today.Which magazine had the best Taylor Swift cover? An investigation: http://t.co/h3FlBtknhZ
Retweeted by Edmund LeeConfirmed. @johnjcook leaving @intercept to return to @Gawker. Please DM or email me any news or tips.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBREAKING @johnjcook still working for First Look Media as of 9:42 et. He's in the office! MUST CREDIT RECODE http://t.co/abNmBMX6nc
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSony's web-TV service has no ABC, ESPN, AMC or premiums. Unless it's priced < $40, it's not exactly a cable killer: http://t.co/VWdgjmo0nI
@pmarca @WeberWest @fredwilson a model that works for one is not a model{AWN Equity CACS <go>} used that function a lot on FOXA-TWX, which hasn't (yet) happened: http://t.co/YN43DV4CC7 @peterlauria3 @buzzfeednewsMe to my 9-yr-old: "You can email your friends right?" Her "We're not all in the digital world like you guys. It's the curse of technology.""Taylor Swift has been paid less than $500,000 in the past 12 months for domestic streaming of her songs" http://t.co/UglhzftcBt
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWait, Paper mag still exists? http://t.co/WcVSC1kferRemember, the goal is to not suck.@kaylatausche @SquawkCNBC nice to be here!Getting older finding it takes longer to fully substantiate myself ahead of an early TV hit. More coffee.
Yeah I don't think I need to push any harder but it's fun to read stuff that tells me I should! http://t.co/cWfyT9LtcE@felixsalmon @TheStalwart @Riccanomix more importantly you want the Twitter logo next to your bio on the terminal. Bberg-twtr verified@sarahw @adamwitwer damn, def my favorite Twitter bot. cc @SFNickReuters wants to be a consumer brand again. I think I know how this movie ends. http://t.co/2sjmWR22ze
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
pickier piketty "@EconBizFin: ...It is the 0.01% who are really getting ahead in America http://t.co/kBhkp0uhaK http://t.co/FHt3qx2fOx@mslopatto @LisaMcIntire typewritingNews that Time Warner is looking at Ten Network of Oz seems ironic given Lachlan Murdoch's role there http://t.co/rXkitXhl9t via @smh
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI'm urging the @FCC to keep the internet open and free. Here's my plan to protect #NetNeutrality for everyone: http://t.co/3y3YLQD6MB –bo
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Just witnessed Amazon Express truck in #ParkSlope
Rebekah Brooks had friends among cops, News Corp attys & News IT. Which hid this damning email till now? http://t.co/Mpl9tEEWQh
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Congrats to @ThaRealEdPark, book-spine wonk and all around literary, who lands @penguinpress http://t.co/jxoXJRnvXoUber looking to raise more money at a $25 billion valuation http://t.co/z0XhmBrGQe by @LizGannes@fmanjoo possibly a new business...same-day delivery: http://t.co/Wj4HhgTF0fWaPo appoints a CFO, a role that's typically focused on cleaning up balance sheets, finding cost cuts: http://t.co/6MLGeR0sT3
media reporters: loved ya, missed ya tonight. And fair warning...I'm handing off The List for the next one. Time for youngs to take over.BuzzFeed doesn't do clickbait...really: http://t.co/KJutKPr7ao by @BuzzFeedBenMaybe I’d write better on coke -- Aaron Sorkin on Studio 1.0, @BloombergTV 5:30pPT/8:30pET http://t.co/9sgSBiCOQ9
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@dickc @NBAOfficial you mean with video?Bloomberg needs new deputy editor for media team, and you get to work with the very talented @srabil: http://t.co/RuPvJRnZYF@bristei welcome to the interwebs sir@bristei old news dude. 2013: http://t.co/IPlwiivjMY 2012: http://t.co/smRx0GdfXm 2011: http://t.co/2jEB0CRg6e@bristei other sites do that aplenty@bristei that biz is dying a little every quarter, has been for yearsAOL is really an ad tech company: http://t.co/Wd90k5QVZLbig get, congrats RT @mattcampbel: Thrilled to welcome the FT's talented @EdHammondNY to the Bloomberg machine. The best is yet to come...
Tech revenue history http://t.co/7GYSUNsKpc
Retweeted by Edmund LeeA first in the 12-year history of "Whiskey Bible,” a Japanese whiskey named best in the world http://t.co/SGvj2x2DmF http://t.co/IJxT2hOKxq
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
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