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>@keachhagey correctly parses $TWX's statement spurning @rupertmurdoch's bid. He can only raise so much debt: http://t.co/QubzpvQNiqSo @alansmurray replaces Andy Sewer as top editor of Fortune... He's a "digital champion and media visionary," acc to the release.
$TWX board tried to fend off @rupertmurdoch's takeover bid with a rule change but Time Warner is still vulnerable: http://t.co/Dmig6a5iaeNow we know: Aereo reveals its subscriber numbers for the first time. http://t.co/9qYoxsGJ1B via @pkafkaAnd btw, @rupertmurdoch, about 11 percent of $TWX shares have changed hands since news of your spurned offer hit the headlines.Hey, @rupertmurdoch, $TWX just abolished bylaw provision that allowed the calling of a special meeting if 15 percent of shareholders ask.Who's been better for shareholders? $TWX's Jeff Bewkes? Or $FOXA's @rupertmurdoch? http://t.co/AIrDNEG1B5
So @rupertmurdoch is close to selling his Sky businesses, potentially netting him $13.5B cash. Hear that, $TWX? http://t.co/EP9XWqvF2fCOST REVS it ain't -- remember that, New York? -- but guess this passes for tagging these days: http://t.co/ygAR7U0umj
@steveray adding $TWX debt and subtracting its cash would make it closer to $95 B so that doesn't add up either@edmundlee Not everybody - http://t.co/MaSr7l3ATS
Retweeted by Edmund LeeEveryone's reporting @rupertmurdoch bid for $TWX is $80 billion. How? http://t.co/wF6ncM3Dl2>@WSJ says the new Forbes owners paid $300 million (amounts to 63% stake): http://t.co/rhna3VTsio.@jackshafer's A+ take on media consolidation http://t.co/UgvcQ56LKi Then listen to @rakonturmiami's @FullDRadio http://t.co/TwmKDPScbq $TWX
Retweeted by Edmund Leeblowing every deadline right nowForbes Said Valued at $475 Million in Sale of Controlling Stake http://t.co/AUwtf029Nt via @BloombergNews@jledbetter you are right... Elevation bought a 45% stake for ~$240 million, which they later wrote down. But on $-to-$ terms, not great@jledbetter checkingThe Forbes sale values the total company at $475 million. @moonalice and rest of Elevation made out nicely.There is a $$ figure for that Forbes sale, and it's high, so I'm double checking.Forbes sale completed. Now majority owned by Hong Kong investment group. Forbes family to retain a minority stake.
There's a reason @darcyday runs the best comms team in the business. Lovely seeing you all @FTPressOffice. Cheers. -Ed@doreeshafrir @alisonwillmore aka pseudointellectual@joeciarallo @sarahfrier yeah, she strikes me a very fly by the seat of her pants type of exec@joeciarallo @sarahfrier how do you know?@joeciarallo @sarahfrier change your mind, corral top execs, sign agreements w/partners, engineer it, test it, deploy it < 6 mos (right)>@HillaryClinton has just entered the building. That is all.OH: "We just Uber and then they'll Venmo me to split the bill when we go out."
.@rupertmurdoch and Lachlan Murdoch working together this morning. http://t.co/nbsg4xtxDR
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMe: "Busy day." Wife: "What happened?" Me: "@rupertmurdoch wants to buy Time Warner." Wife: "But didn't they turn it down?" Me: "___"Murdoch's $75bn+ bid for Time Warner fascinating for Fox succession plan: Lachlan, James or Chase? http://t.co/lcE4AJAVbZ via @edmundlee
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThere's been more media back-channeling on the $TWX + $FOXA deal than I've seen on other m&a bids.Challenge for Murdoch-owned pubs to write about his TWX deal, but @asharma does nice analysis here. http://t.co/VUdhxmdqBL
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@joepompeo @mlcalderone @felixgillette it's all just words to them i guess@mlcalderone @felixgillette wow that's crazy@mlcalderone @felixgillette what's with that byline thing?Time Warner rebuffs Rupert Murdoch's takeover bid. He's unlikely to give up that easily, says Bloomberg's @edmundlee. http://t.co/0HmxhCvrsT
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTWX CEO Jeff Bewkes takes to video to explain why @rupertmurdoch takeover doesn't make sense: http://t.co/EYqRVtbBmv (Unusual for Bewkes)>@RupertMurdoch wants HBO so badly, he’s willing to buy all of Time Warner Inc. to get it. Smart from @ErikSchatzker http://t.co/5RhfUgGZhZ@kate_vandy would love to...i've emailedPoints to the person who can find a picture of Jeff Bewkes and @rupertmurdoch together at Sun Valley last week.Hey @rupertmurdoch. $TWX shareholders appear to like your idea: http://t.co/7UIs3PxcOfWhy would a Fox-Time Warner deal make sense? @EdmundLee reports http://t.co/bvRunsUXuJ
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNow seems like the right time to re-up my 7/6 commentary from @CNNReliable: imagining @RupertMurdoch owning @TWXCorp http://t.co/hvvoCkLTZ8
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBig media shareholder sounds off: "@MarioGabelli: Time Warner ....done deal ....question. Who will buyer be,price!Google Apple”Fox confirms it offered to buy Time Warner, though it doesn't cite the price. Discussions aren't currently ongoing. http://t.co/uN1MmbijNV
Retweeted by Edmund Lee>@rupertmurdoch willing to go above $85 a share for TWX acc to sources... On @BloombergNews nowIn which Jeff Bewkes lies about takeover interest http://t.co/HCtJLW2jJM
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIt was turned down... "@dealbook: Rupert Murdoch Said to Have Made Offer for Time Warner http://t.co/gjLBzojPZj
@AntDeRosa @JillAbramson @Cosmopolitan wasn't that from a speech she gave?So it looks like this was actually @JillAbramson's first post-NYT sitdown: http://t.co/CK1olrncFE via @CosmopolitanThe @awl will do their "Whiteness" posts from time to time, but then also this: http://t.co/9Me7fikLinYou thought @karaswisher was tough? She tells @benjwallace, "we’re going to have to start pissing people off more." http://t.co/872v5JSlTtNews: NPR's top news exec Margaret Low Smith to leave to become new president of Live Events at Atlantic Mefia
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe big-picture take on NBA's renewal talks and how it exposes Time Warner Inc's vulnerability: http://t.co/KXxsFXjasO
Driver earns more through taxi-apps than working as attorney: http://t.co/O4wPpIqivL http://t.co/euBNMWIZcS
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Ich gratuliere #GER deserve the win
The whole thing is a piece of art... "@minakimes: this might be the greatest baseball gif...ever http://t.co/y3EDnZUtyM
@DrewKerr that was a missbest read of the week: The Mystery of the Vanishing Screwball http://t.co/VOAsCffdNR@jeffbercovici @dmac1 love the markets http://t.co/bMxlR68ckG@dmac1 but that's not to say your story wasn't worth it -- in fact, I wanted a running tally of all sightings at Sun Valley@dmac1 deal discussion started way before.. Also, everyone bumps into everyone on the walkway@jennifersaba love the steve adler byline@jennifersaba http://t.co/bG0GNyoxzz.@katierosman taking her talents to 8th Avenue. Big upgrade for NYT. https://t.co/NAcFw2nENs
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNo TV; no press conf; no Facebook post. Just good old-media standby @sinow w/the @kingjames exclusive...uh, online: http://t.co/bpclALyVvJ@sherman4949 @PreetaTweets he tends to coy that way@PreetaTweets that's why we all go to sun valley@joshsternberg the cool moguls never doGuys, of all the deals that ACTUALLY came out of Sun Valley, the parties in question didn't linger in public view.Media execs from Disney to CBS get questioned over Comcast's merger w/ $TWC http://t.co/zjEMsoG2rS @edmundlee
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLatest ranking of news sites winning on Facebook: http://t.co/vzdulKiGSk Compare to Jan: http://t.co/Orkd2BEtWk Huffington Post > BuzzFeed
@stuloeser drinks on me then@stuloeser @BloombergTV @pimmfox @maxhaot @philworthy @alejandrasoto_ dude I'm on the same floor - come by say hi next timeDay of the undead? Aereo: We're not dead (http://t.co/0fEMGuqdDk). Crumbs: We're not either (http://t.co/6Njt1scxB2) http://t.co/ymEUXo7VmJ
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@Jessicalessin now if only they'd let the scribes back into Duchins, or if @ericschmidt would do this again: http://t.co/bPcqsY5tlQEnd of an era. @ericschmidt says no press scrum at #SV14 #sunvalley. Was always fun but not very newsy.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@kenli729 @PreetaTweets @brianstelter @RickEdmonds I love how Ken is already killing newspapers@dmac1 you need to check the other entrance...not everyone stays at the Inn side@PreetaTweets @kenli729 @brianstelter @RickEdmonds nothing's bananas when it's @rupertmurdoch also he only wants latimes & would need waiverLotta amateur hour in my feed last hour or so.For all the media reporters/pundits/analysts/sources I follow, some aren't included. Bad info is just bad.In addition to reporters, #SunValley security also looking to repel...drones: http://t.co/e3CJcqZtTa fr @anoushasakoui @sarahfrier
@jp2e aww too kind but @sarahfrier @anoushasakoui are much more pleasantThis is like Facebook vs MySpace.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@MattZeitlin @edmundlee @mattlynley we must figure out this mystery..@rupertmurdoch how many pairs of pink & black striped socks do you own?
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@MattZeitlin @mattlynley @peterlauria3 ahhh@mattlynley @peterlauria3 'the future' btw those photos are from completely diff days but they're both wearing the same clothes.@peterlauria3 i think it's one pair http://t.co/0vejs0fnZ4That first half was for those Philistines who've been trying to use 'stats' to explain football in recent weeks. #stepoff
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNo mercy, so German@ceodonovan @deanbaquet internal memo...but I think some sites may have posted by nowThe thrust of @deanbaquet memo is the innovation report, so it's not just a thesis anymore. These positions will cost real $$>@deanbaquet says these new "editors will also be involved in social media training for the staff"brush up those resumes: @deanbaquet announces ew deputy ed. posts focused on digital: Int, Nat, Metro, Sports, Biz, Culture, Sci, Mag, MediaMoguls arriving at #SV14. Asked @dickc if he was excited to have a new CFO joining. (Got a nod.) $TWTR
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLatest twist in Amazon/Hachette tug of war: http://t.co/Xzi9FcMlnZ & http://t.co/qwn4DrhW3N
Retweeted by Edmund Leeand so it begins... MT @anoushasakoui: This bad boy is the famed coke machine with 140 flavors. ... at #SunValley http://t.co/oS55qO8kMb
Dov Charney is in the American Apparel store on East Houston Street. http://t.co/zDkjpKb2SS and http://t.co/P9V14xVSu9
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