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watching for the followstried to track down my reporter to get him update $TWTR scoop with market move...and he's already on @CNBC's how we @Recode like to break news Google scoop from @mhbergen: Google CEO Pichai makes first major exec shuffle as CEO: Twitter scoop from @KurtWagner8: company-wide layoffs next week is offering EMC $27.25 a share in cash plus tracking stock in $VMW by @ahess247Twitter ad exec Glenn Brown, who oversaw Twitter's video ad push, is leaving by @pkafka
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe Tea Party has unwittingly turned US Congress into a parliament. Pro-Am is #badbookcovers #friday...
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Hollywood Accused Of "White-Washing" Roles Meant For Asians. In other words, today is Thursday:
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@fmanjoo @MikeIsaac yeah like that, but try it this side of the Hudson, and don't apologize@MikeIsaac any and all conversations outside of NY don't matter; I know @fmanjoo abides, otherwise he wouldn't tweet as much as he doesjust taught my 10-yr-old how to steal syntax, rhythm, structure from the books you like in your own writing.Wall Street's just one big Bloomberg chat:
Retweeted by Edmund LeeApple Pay will soon work at Starbucks #CodeMobile by @carmeldea
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhen a Moment on @HillaryClinton is composed entirely of @foxnewspolitics tweets how's that not an editorial call? of the massive leveraged buyout.
My twitter just now. no. @adambain @Recode @RecodeEvents @kevinweil late's just take it straight to @karaswisher and @Bankoff@edmundlee @Recode @RecodeEvents @kevinweil not only will I pay for original, but I plan to turn them into plush toys. Will cut you in.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@adambain @Recode @RecodeEvents @kevinweil I don't want to get in the way of your needs. Will take it up with the boss.@adambain @Recode @RecodeEvents @kevinweil we're having one made up for you at the next one, so maybe Kevin can bid thenSyria has now become a proxy battleground for a "war" between the U.S. and Russia. day of powerful conversations. Now @karaswisher & @hosain talk about the massive future of #wearables #codemobile
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"I don't think having a big Twitter presence is a prerequisite to being a CEO in the mobile business" $T CEO Glenn Lurie #codemobile
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe former Top Gear hosts have started filming their new Amazon show via @vergeSmartphone is the remote control for your life. glen lurie #codemobile
Retweeted by Edmund Leenote to reporter from me: "it's a 2-sentence flick" #whathaveibecomeinteresting. ~9 times ebitda profit. higher than I would have estimated. on-again off again a while. If accelerating likely 'cause TV cos want to prop up their model in face of Netflix"hope": what SV entrepreneurs use when determining how much money to invest here's the video of our chat w @ev -- his first since @jack named permanent CEO #vfsummit
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMICHAEL LEWIS: "Silicon Valley is a hard place to write about... because there's a lack of emotional content." [Interesting!]
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBravo @nytimes. Ambition is good. i sleep with $NYT spreadsheet under my pillow ;)The stars of the show have arrived. And OMG @edmundlee was right. - they are covered in plastic. #codemobile
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAlso, that growth rate is likely to decline over time. 15% is very aggressive. The S&P 500 has grown ~13% CAGR last 5 years, for example.@robenfarzad @MichaelWolffNYC $NYT plans to double digital $$ in 5 years. That's a 15% yrly growth rate. It's actually growing at 13%. So how? hell the earnest pronouncements of millennials)Google has a 10am et embargo for its Instant Articles launch today but we can tweet before so there you go.
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Next Starring Role for Dick Costolo: Telling "Silicon Valley" About Silicon Valey via @karaswisher
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@joshsternberg @zseward @jakebeckman :shudder:@inafried @zpower they've been Saran-wrapped since. your ass ain't gettin close@joshsternberg @zseward @jakebeckman the cranky, crappy announcer is part of the culture tho. Twitter too earnest/rabid. No art or character@zseward @jakebeckman i hear rugby's hot ;)@zseward @jakebeckman i meant, you know, the whole thing@zseward Of course, they *want* the TV ad $$$. Once they admit that to themselves maybe they'll pay for the rights. Before @finkd does.@zseward trying it too...but TV is actually better because I can see what's happening...go figureRedstone owns 80% of 2 companies worth $40B, can barely talk. Maybe just hand to Moonves? cc @Dana_McClintock is @MikeBloomberg not on this list? cc @ksheekeyIf you start the conversation with "I am the founder of a unicorn" to me I will punch you in your face. Or at least visualize it.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@mhbergen @nkulw @MikeIsaac that's edmundlee edit rule No. 78! lovely@nkulw @MikeIsaac will never ack millennial neologisms bec millennialFollowed this 'Moment' on Twitter about a coffee acquisition. Now all "caught up" as the kids say, thanks @MikeIsaac up my presentation for ReCode Mobile tomorrow.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSeems like @TwitterMoments really wants me to take a trip to the Galapagos. Is it just me?@magicandrew @AntDeRosa as soon as you write something, as soon as you decide what to include and not include, you are.@AntDeRosa thanks. @magicandrew masthead good for transparency, that's why I asked.@AntDeRosa masthead anywhere?@AntDeRosa @MSF_USA also, who's writing the top descriptions?Nicely done @theinformation @Jessicalessin potentially more compelling for first timers. Unlike Snapchat (media brand) and Fb (friend algo), @TwitterMoments curation less clear1st imp of @twittermoments: transliteration of an A1 page; lacks character. A play to highlight photos/videos, not story. Still impenetrable
Twitter General Counsel @vijaya Gadde also pulls double duty, named permanent comms head
Retweeted by Edmund Leeso a messaging startup aimed at taking out Bloomberg not only has @GoldmanSachs backing it but now Google too, $TWTR filed the SEC doc naming @Jack as CEO 5 mins before he tweeted it.“We also discussed ad nauseam the challenges of Jack doing both his CEO jobs at once. I honestly didn’t…” — @ev @jack’s back as Twitter CEO. Here’s why he’s ready: by @DelRey @KurtWagner8's official, @jack is now CEO of $TWTR, Like we told you:
yes, Star Wars has always been po-mo. Baudrillard yeah yeah know it's AMERICAN FOOTBALL time rn but i wrote a big EUROPEAN FOOTBALL feature today and here it is (pls read it)
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@adambain so it is! You know I'm counting on you!@alexbarinka not very texan you ask me ;)Which one gets you the COO title? Also, does it matter?
This gif has so many characters and subplots, it's like a Shakespearean tragedy
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWas a good week. Celebratory with @kenli729 @Tyrangiel @ravisomaiya @Tyrangiel indeed and in which case would've guessed Netflix not ViceJosh @Tyrangiel "may" be going to Vice @ravisomaiya reports: now $TWTR up 5% this morning since: @jack Dorsey is ready to save Twitter by @DelRey and @KurtWagner8
The #Yankees have now won 10,000 games in team history. What a night! #PinstripePride
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@JBFlint why do you think i drink?@jtemple me toodon't care how late it is or how much spirits i've imbibed...always happy to edit good copyit's me @kenli729 @DelRey were just subtweetingOH in my office where one dude went to a New England boarding school: Pret is the Subway of Europe.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI work with some stuckup people "Pret is like the Subway of Europe"
Retweeted by Edmund LeeStunned by @Tyrangiel departure. One of the smartest editors I've worked with. Made Businessweek sing. Best of luck, Josh.Bloomberg has named Ellen Pollock the new editor of Businessweek.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLooks like Josh @Tyrangiel has resigned from Bloomberg Businessweek. Memo sent to staff. Last day tomorrow. Big loss.
Autonomous vehicles are inevitable, get used to it, @mat says. Good text. (needs some sc-fi cover art) set to unveil its 'Instant Articles' next week. via @mhbergen.@jack's back for be named permanent CEO of Twitter: by @karaswisher
Bill Simmons fans....
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@jack's not "precious" about the 140, willing to make executive decisions: "follow" a term of art within journalism for "I won"just watching for follows
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