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Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Professor of Advertising, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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Interesting post from @EdwardBoches on what marketing students should study: See my reply:
Retweeted by edwardboches“Advice for college students who want to be marketers” by @CarriBugbee @comugrad Was great. Need you back again. Will hit up Mike Howard.Huge thanks @gottesmd for help at Creative Workshop. #COMcreative. Cc @comugrad thanks! And the online podcast download doesn't have all those ads, either!
Retweeted by edwardboches.@OnPointRadio Great episode anyway. Now mandatory for all my students.@edwardboches we were aware of the irony here in our studio, don’t worry.
Retweeted by edwardbochesDon't miss @edwardboches and @amyshanler discuss the differences between Adv and PR tomorrow
Retweeted by edwardbochesA great Q from @faris. Think about this in light of VW. thoughts on the differences between advertising and public relations curated by @edwardboches
Retweeted by edwardboches@OnPointRadio @sinanaral I know that. But the irony was certainly missed by the folks at WBUR.Couldn't make it to #AdClubCMO with @VelcroBrand last week? Video of Julie Barry's full presentation is now online
Retweeted by edwardboches@Boston_Auto Doh. Just saying it is ironic that as they condemn and criticize interruptive ads, they interrupt the broadcast with "ads."@OnPointRadio @sinanaral Online, we have to sit through a preroll before we get to the fundraising ads. You should done on different episode@OnPointRadio @lieblink Well on WBUR you are running non stop fund raiser ads right now, interrupting a show about interrupting.@Boston_Auto Sure. But not my point.Ironic. Tom Ashbrook @OnPointRadio doing a show on adblocking. Meanwhile they interrupt the show w endless fundraising ads. Need NPRblockerHuge thanks to all who weighed in on the adv and PR conversation. Turned it into a Medium post for students. Hope … any students exploring the difference between Adv and PR, some industry pros weigh in. Students, come hear @amyshanler and me talk about the differences between Adv and PR, tomorrow in 209 at 4:00.These 27 Young Influentials are shaking up today's digitally driven business world:
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This is pretty cool. Like the Honda R thing. Thanks Kristina Saliba Watch on a laptop only. Watch this on a laptop. most creative people are shitty at relationships. No cognitive brain power by end of the day.
Just saved this article to Evernote. EyeEm Assignment: Do an ad campaign for EyeEm that focuses on the algorithm t… and simple. Zappos hacks Google lunch truck. Spreads a little happiness. Opportunity everywhere for one offs. Also, read @andjelicaaa, @benkunz, all the Think Google stuff.@shane_casey Read/follow @bbhlabs @faris and his book, Paid Attention. Next ed of Hey Whipple, Jan. '16 has six chapters on it that I wrote.@sustainableBU How many filtered water dispensers are there on campus? I know we have a few in COM. Is there a map or location finder?Art directors and art buyers beware. The algorithms are coming after you now. Software knows the clickable photos.
@benkunz Daily show reruns.@BrandDNA Thanks for that shoutout. Appreciate.We will all talk about gun control for a few hours and nothing will happen. Tragic beyond belief. But all too fami… Post your portfolio by midnight on Creative Hotlist for a chance to get published in @CommArts!
Retweeted by edwardboches@JasonFalls @dmscott Amen.@NickChilds pay for all your content?Hysterical. The inflated slogans of the university. Via Tobe Berkovitz Mobile Ad Blockers to the Test Good primer re iOSAmerican colleges pay agents to recruit foreign students. Fraud, fake records and more. All about the money.
@zanger @annecayer Probably more Grey.@annecayer @edwardboches He's my hair twin.
Retweeted by edwardboches.@Adweek article by @comugrad prof @edwardboches on how #Volkswagen just squandered 55 yrs of great #advertising:
Retweeted by edwardbochesCelebrity ads go digital. #BU #advertising prof @edwardboches says this approach leaves room for discovery, sharing:
Retweeted by edwardbochesThanks @DJcap for a great presentation yesterday to @comugrad students. And learned a new buzzword. Handheld names. Will use.Thanks @djcap for a great presentation today and thank @edwardboches for inviting him back to @comugrad
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VW supervisory board member who announced criminality of VW staff is named Olaf Lies.😌 @griner @edwardboches @Adweek
Retweeted by edwardboches@durjoy thanks for that . Appreciate..@edwardboches @hrspivak deadline for #3percentconf @Adobe #Student Scholarship is extended to 11/02.
Retweeted by edwardbochesWell said @edwardboches What would Bernbach, Koenig or Krone make of #VW today?
Retweeted by edwardbochesGreat, hard-hitting perspective from @edwardboches.
Retweeted by edwardbochesHow Volkswagen Just Squandered 55 Years of Great Advertising. My Latest @AdWeek Column. #COMCreative forward to hearing @djcap talk about his journey from @comugrad to @twitter. Thanks to @edwardboches for organizing.
Retweeted by edwardboches@adweek. All your links deliver about:blank on iOS. In my case you are only site having that problem. Reason? Do you know why? Me or you?
Very cool media hack: #COMCreative@wdowsett Ideas start on paper: #COMCreative2 min. Honda ad could have kept my attention for 2 more. Maybe 3. #COMcreative
Retweeted by edwardbochesOK students, get your social media act together. #COMCreative cc @comugradNASA says there's strong evidence of liquid water on Mars:
Retweeted by edwardboches10 Dream Jobs for Creatives and How the People Who Have Them Got Them. #COMCreative via @adweek for retail assignment. CM423. #COMCreative H&M Modern Essentials wDavid Beckham and Kevin Hart Though this could be great for brands and or publishers who already have large communities on FB.@LenKendall Could be like McDonald's. What business is FB in? Medium is long copy platform for writers. FB is something else, at least now.@LenKendall Would u cross post here and elsewhere if relevant to both communities? I still blog + post on Medium. Will FB be more personal?@LenKendall Thanks. Found it. Tried it. Not sure content will be as good. not noticed changes to Facebook Notes. via @LenKendall Will this challenge Medium? Or just clutter our feeds?@LenKendall Where is the source story for that new feature/service?A New Caption That Works for Every New Yorker Cartoon
Retweeted by edwardbochesIn the middle of football, brilliant bikes. And a brilliant piece. cc @michaeltabtabai @danielstein @dweingrod
Cindy Gallop: The white men at the top have zero interest in reinventing advertising - Digiday Terrific to hear. Glad if it helps.Ad-blocking poses an “existential threat” to online advertising? Perhaps. the Future, How Will We Talk to Our Technology? More ways to stay connected.
I feel a little sorry for all the great agencies and creatives who helped build the VW brand. feel for all the great agencies and creatives who've made the VW brand what it is.’s advertising will never be the same
"Epitaph" by Maya Beiser from Uncovered. Great album of covers. Cc Peter Deep is amazing. 27 attendees signed up so far. We should have more by Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you. #COMDMI
I will be take five lucky students 2 @FutureMBoston. Have more opps for those willing to attend and blog about it for @MITX. #COMcreativeI couldn't fit in a speaking gig @FutureMBoston, but I will definitely be there to hear others. Some great sessions.Students, great opportunity. @FutureMBoston and four innovative FutureM speakers for our #FutureM15 Twitter chat TOMORROW @ 12:30!
Retweeted by edwardbochesHey all you students. Read this. Short piece on success from BBDO chief David Lubars. Teamwork and collaboration. The new way of working. From Helayne Spivak to see our "advice" included in @hootsuite's new Podium SoMe training. W @armano @ScottMonty @DR4WARD @EmilyQuestions @lkhavinsonIt ain't over til it's over. can declare himself a social media expert. But there is much to know to represent a brand and develop strategy friends @Hootsuite are launching Podium, the new standard in social media education. Take a look: #knowyoursocial
Credit to @edwardboches.
Retweeted by edwardboches@edwardboches one of the more insightful articles on 'the insight' ! Really enjoyed it!
Retweeted by edwardbochesKnow #manbassadors like winners @edwardboches & @anthonyjreeves? Nominate them for this year's #3Cheers Award
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Hill Holliday is looking for: Studio Designer #job
Retweeted by edwardbochesHill Holliday is looking for: Talent Sourcer #job
Retweeted by edwardbochesWhy Disney Just Invested In A Virtual Reality Company. It's about the content. #shareacoke to gain weight. #shareacoke and add to the obesity epidemic. Come up w emojis for that and good to go.They love when you #shareacoke. As long as you don't #sharehonesty via @mashable
Retweeted by edwardbochesEmojis come to Twitter ads. #COMcreative
Congrats #RichardJenkins on your #Emmy win for @OliveKitteredgHBO
Retweeted by edwardbochesGen Z, different from Millenials. More digital. More private. More serious. Fodder for marketers. @bcfagency You are welcome. Glad you have it.
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