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Ellen Gustafson @ellengustafson San Diego + the World

Author: #WetheEaters Co-Founder: Food Tank, FEED. Founder: Apron Project, 30 Project. Foodie, Feeder, Fighter for a better food system. Proud Navy Wife.

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Giving Tuesday- @HC2pt0 is having an awesome benefit workout in NYC w @nataliapetrzela! Go to http://t.co/pJI5VGUVDa http://t.co/58HUmruAAYA smart food system innovation to support! via @nprnews: How 'Double Bucks' For Food Stamps Conquered Capitol Hill http://t.co/sGW3qHC0ptFor The Next Food Drive, Go For The Canned Tuna, Not The Saltines http://t.co/lDii6LFr5v
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGood! More info for #WetheEaters = more real choice. F.D.A. to Require Calorie Count, Even for Movie Popcorn @nytimes http://t.co/yEiqYHdZgc@ellengustafson Digital Gym is showing @FoodChainsFilm, an exposé on farm labor and the Fair Food Program http://t.co/75r6JoUu0E #Fairfood
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafsonhttp://t.co/0CSUNSe6qG
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NEW: Michael Brown's family: "We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions."
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonPut into sharp focus: @LSPnow report connects the crop subsidy dots. How a Safety Net Became a Farm Policy Disaster http://t.co/Xvrt72ip2n
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonWe talked to @EvaLongoria about farmworkers rights & the new documentary @FoodChains http://t.co/qvtaHNzFcp http://t.co/WCzf6SIRV1
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonYes, Men cook too! #getinthekitchen When Their Workday Ends, More Fathers Are Heading Into the Kitchen, via @nytimes http://t.co/IsPR54skbjWe need a more comprehensive approach to chemical exposure & safety. Thx @livablefuture! Making Chemistry Green http://t.co/nQlGyT9m9s
Why on earth would we do this. The USDA approved imports of Chinese chicken to the US. http://t.co/wLKE3cdelb
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonOld cellphone vs new cellphone http://t.co/SuSAHSG539
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSunday morning "clean-out-the-fridge-before-the-thanksgiving-week-shop" juice: kale, celery, carrot, 2… http://t.co/rJSwaQRU46
2 great cases for a walk: https://t.co/WrHFpwnzh9 & @TIME: For a better life, do this one simple thing this weekend http://t.co/ceDunQuZGg
Today is the day! Which will you be doing today? Get theater tickets -->... http://t.co/tod6a2XBEj
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonTONIGHT! @FoodChainsFilm is in theaters. If you eat, see it! In for a Penny, in for a Pound, & Better Work Conditions http://t.co/h2gjtjILui
Interesting take on food waste & excess RT @TheWorldPost Pope Francis demands just distribution of the world's wealth http://t.co/G82f3MBgEp@ethicurean The real @HungerGames @bamco @michaelpollan @bittman @NaomiStarkman @ellengustafson @EdibleSF @CivilEats http://t.co/46OBy0Zqu2
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGreat melding of ancient and modern, using Instagram to track lunar farming techniques. http://t.co/4QhGjHN70I http://t.co/ozGJ18LLG7
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My takeaway fr @JeffDSachs talk re post 2015 at #ICN2: define what good nutrition for all means & this will drive what sustainable ag means
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonLooking forward to @FoodChainsFilm with @ellengustafson on 11/30! Join me at the 5pm show at @DigitalGymSD http://t.co/k3NLhcWyZ9
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonOne Chart Reveals Something Troubling About Who Really Makes Your Organic Food http://t.co/OOb3elG002 via @micnews http://t.co/Hyb7Hps875
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonPicked up a copy of the new selfmagazine w/ my piece on saturated fat on p.99!! Check it out!… http://t.co/P5geQNw5jc
Keeping sweets a treat isn't the worst thing. #wetheeaters RT @nytopinion: When Is a Chocolate Shortage a Good Thing? http://t.co/l6WYWA0wcp"A well-paid, fairly treated labor force marks the foundation of a truly sustainable food system" @keshari http://t.co/h4VmQEhogi
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThe obesegenic environment we live in includes pollution & overly abundant junk food. Obesity Is Tied to Pollutants http://t.co/BPCcss7mgfGreat article and I concur. RT @BrianHalweil Mayo Suit Puts #Foodtech on Map, Builds a New Food Movement Alliance. http://t.co/pvj30f2Xa6
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Homemade pesto to accompany dinner tonight. #justcook #wetheeaters #eatIN @ my kitchen http://t.co/DcCLfqLliwThis Vet needs help. Thx for sharing @sophiabush #givingseason Air Force K9 Handler/Combat Veteran Needs Assistance http://t.co/LkkpsX4eDmFarm-fresh food could also save military health cc @Mission_Ready Farming Could Save Veterans, and Vice Versa http://t.co/TXTi1GGoDCObesity + hunger = 1 global food issue @TEDTalks @ellengustafson http://t.co/v4rudw5ZXn
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFood Chains will be in theaters on Nov 21st. GO SEE IT!!!! http://t.co/75U5dgI4s3Love that Wellness Warrior made these gorgeous graphics for the Food Shifts at the end of my book #WetheEaters!!! http://t.co/V3wN4v73P4Great reminder in advance of holiday food-fests- via @nprnews: To End Food Waste, Change Needs To Begin At Home http://t.co/JZNtH9KLanA good read for Monday morning. Make your time count, not your life "busy". “The Cult of Busy” by @dinakaplan https://t.co/n5R7WQwqJe
Read @EvaLongoria and @CIW Greg Asbed's: The Secret Life of Fruit: Five Startling Things Your Grocer Won't Tell You http://t.co/hZakVChmiy
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonNavy weddings are the prettiest weddings. #lovelove #militaryfamily #groomwearswhite http://t.co/RKzA1u3SW2Where there's a will, there's a way....and I will always try to find a local, organic coffee shop when… http://t.co/TnhW1JoVUHvia @nprnews: A Glimmer Of Hope In The Fight Against Hunger In America http://t.co/xd6JUMlWsu
Is @McDonalds driving #orangutan habitat loss? RT to demand McD’s uses zero deforestation #PalmOil http://t.co/ZsxagRPFAk
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonOn a scale of 1 to 10, this 9-yr-old gives kale a "1 million." @NPRCoryTurner investigates. http://t.co/nSOTRMI6La http://t.co/4BGBvdUXpB
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonDallas, DC, LA from Mon-Thurs...so nice to wake up Friday in San Diego. #home #RiseAndGrind #TGIF
"It is time to stop the Malthusian fear-mongering" about feeding the world in 2050 http://t.co/iOCsyYePb9 … via @ensiamedia
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThrilled for @MrSanjayR @keshari @ciw Lucas Benitez and @EvaLongoria for the success of the @FoodChainsFilm LA premiere!! Awesome event!"We are the most well fed country in the world, and the people who feed us go to bed hungry." - @EvaLongoria at the #FoodChains premiere
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@FoodChainsFilm so excited to be at the LA Premiere! Such an important film for our understanding of food systems and justice.#wetheeaters Don’t Ask How to Feed the 9 Billion, via @nytimes http://t.co/0FiPaWHq2WSo happy to see a postcard for @FoodChainsFilm at the spot I stopped for coffee in DC! In Theaters Nov 21st!! http://t.co/ko05CjVgmr
@ellengustafson:one of greatest innovations in food today is engagement of communities & consumers #wwffuller # http://t.co/9s85CT1pg7
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@helenegayle from @CARE #wwffuller Better nutrition? Try: women's empowerment, focus on health & resilience of ecosystems, working together.Dr Jennifer Clapp: let's change the question abt how to produce enough food to how we get everyone access to food. #WWFfuller
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson"Organic food is more expensive because the demand outweighs supply (by 4x), not because it's more expensive to produce" - @apartovi #NYTFFT
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSometimes the best business case is not in the interest of the public & environment. We need true cost accounting - @SusFoodTrust #NYTFFT
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson2.5B small-scale producers feed 70% of world - Jennifer Clapp @ #wwffuller
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSo excited to be moderating all day @WWF #WWFFuller Symposium "Whole Planet, Full Plate" Follow along online! http://t.co/TTjmiU4WcKWatch this! RT @dquerey: TODAY: the 2014 #WWFfuller Symposium @NatGeo HQ in DC or watch remotely http://t.co/e36k30emiO #world_wildlife #wwfLearning the lesson that food isn't just another widget: Walmart Memo Orders Stores to Improve Grocery Performance http://t.co/dVYSyO6wmp
One more "reflection" from my #veteransday walk around DC today...let's not forget that great people… http://t.co/ebc8ksWOz7‘What You Sign Up For’ When You Marry Into the Military http://t.co/Gp9SHspbmi #vetsday2014 love to all my fellow #militaryspouses2 great @NYtimes pieces by a fellow Navy wife: On Veterans Day, Offering Gratitude and Accepting It http://t.co/odw3VMcXMb &A beautiful day to remember #veteransday #vetsday2014 @ Arlington National Cemetery http://t.co/jHpkEnxBSPMore #VetsDay2014 love to @iava @Mission_Ready @missioncontinue @TMFoundation @BlueStarFamily @PaulRieckhoff @TeamRubicon @USNavy #milfam 🇺🇸Sending #VetsDay2014 love to veteran/food friends @Farm_Vet_Co @ARCHISACRES @growingwarrior @Ground_OpsHappy Veterans Day from our house to yours. #militaryfamily #loveyourcountry #rememberthefallen http://t.co/QMBX94Grdfhttp://t.co/HQUQS5Mb41http://t.co/ziOc8BVwMa
RT @cdixon: Unilever is suing a Hampton Creek for using the word "Mayonnaise" for its healthy, plant-based substitute http://t.co/kQlF8qWR3PVeterans & military spouses come in & enjoy a free tall brewed coffee on Veterans Day—Nov 11. Participating US stores http://t.co/wJSo1tnsiY
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52% of millennials would rather go to a food festival than a music festival, says Arthur Rubinfeld of SBUX #CIAMLfood
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonEntrepreneurs will change food. RT @Food_Tank: 4 Things You Need to Accelerate America’s Organic Food Supply http://t.co/GlGW5uQn6V
#familydinner The Husband caught some rock fish for dinner tonight. Was easy to dredge in egg and then… http://t.co/3d3G3fRnumPause on my evening jog back home in San Diego. #grateful #naturegram and #boatgram http://t.co/fcjTsgK9cwSo true in food too! Big biz is often anti-free mkt. RT @nytopinion: Republicans Are Only Sometimes the Party of Uber http://t.co/MJQ2PVDMIUWal-Mart Promises Organic Food for Everyone - Businessweek http://t.co/F8vchghjA9
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHow The Internet Has Changed The Way We Eat http://t.co/zOQ0zuozQJ #foodtech #foodstartups
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson4th victim dies from Washington school attack http://t.co/d7DY1l3ppb Death toll exceeds Benghazi, but Congress won't dare offend NRA masters
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
#FF @dongomezjr (on my #FF every week until he comes home from Afghanistan). @IAVA
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonWhat the Doctor Ordered: Urban Farming http://t.co/uii63tGvb3 via @Wellness_OrgGreat seeing our collective efforts paying off: “Meat Companies Go Antibiotic-Free as More Consumers Demand It” http://t.co/WWpe2i20A7
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
Thanks for saving some fall leaves for me, #DC. @ Georgetown, Washington, D.C., U.S.A http://t.co/fRyWS5n62c@WRAGtweets great conversation today about food access in DC, loved hearing from @chfprez @ArcadiaFood @WRAGPrez @Mission_Ready @ashleykoff"@Mission_Ready calls food security a nat'l sec. issue. Obesity is leading medical disqualifier for military." --Sam Kass @WRAGtweets"@chefjoseandres says too often we talk about food as a problem, but food is integral part of the solution." --Lindsay Smith @WRAGtweets
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonLoving learning about @ArcadiaFood and their awesome healthy food, mobile markets, double food stamps & veteran farmer programs in DC!!@GreensforGreens Yes! Thanks @ZaytinyaChef for the many delicious veggie dishes you're creating @ZaytinyaDC w @chefjoseandres!!!#wetheeaters need campaign finance reform! Election Day Entailed Casting Votes for Soda Taxes and Food Issues Too http://t.co/tAO83Gy0g6
Every time I come to DC I try to eat @ZaytinyaDC and the team there didn't disappoint tonight. @chefjoseandres, you make damn good food!!Not the greatest pic of the White House, but I still have to pause every time I walk by. Pretty… http://t.co/130t8zpfp6The Nation's First Soda Tax Passes By Huge Majority http://t.co/V0dIMQIg6P
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonMass. law now says that if you throw out more than a ton of food waste a month, it can't go to a landfill http://t.co/vaLls9y2g1 @NPRFood
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Oregano yet another prop for a failing system! http://t.co/3A06s6Go3C how about systems that don't need crutches?
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonDouble-fisting @kavarna coffee house in downtown Green Bay, WI before my talk @uwgb tonight! http://t.co/YXPmtZ8D2AThis video does a great job showing why a lot of people don’t have voter IDs: http://t.co/liUpF3lkyk
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGreat image and message from @paulrieckhoff #govote #exerciseyourright #freedomisntfree http://t.co/fxolqCTEYA
Now that's a good looking stove top! (Yes, even though it's electric.) #eatyourveggies @ my kitchen http://t.co/CIFbr6KdxvLove this @instagram "campaign" from @selfmagazine #exerciseyourright #votewithyourvote #wetheeaters http://t.co/DmQkiwdD5PWe Could End Hunger If We Recovered Half Of The 1.3 Billion Tons Of Food Wasted Each Year http://t.co/doq2N88K0N via @HuffPostImpactLove this piece (not the headline) RT @TIME: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: American politicians are a greater threat than ISIS http://t.co/XAguaZKbXE
Trying to make it feel like fall in San Diego! 🍁🍂🍁🍂 #eastcoasttransplants #firelitwindowsopen http://t.co/vkkpQuMiAg
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