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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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Order some coffee from @JurangFairTrade, @tradeasone, or @EqExCoop and help #endslavery in the coffee industry TODAY.
Most likely the clothes you buy are made with slave labor, or from slave picked cotton. So what can you do? READ: http://t.co/uUgs7lsmu0Want to get even more ideas on how to #endslavery delivered to your inbox? Sign up for our weekly newsletter: http://t.co/v3tPwp6U4i
Read the story of a nurse who became aware of #modernslavery and did something about it: http://t.co/Foo7Z2FIWVDid you head to @JurangFairTrade yet? Go right now: http://t.co/7EFe9MOiaZ They even have awesome espresso machines & #FairTrade tea!Need help organizing and antislavery group on your campus? Check out these 3 suggestions: http://t.co/yIP3pZZWor @The_FREEproject @HASlaveryNews stories today: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 10k children in Nepal carpet industry & 168 MIL kids still in #ChildLabor.An incredible piece by @minhspeakstruth on the definition of #HumanTrafficking and #Slaveryhttp://bit.ly/1E1gHPtBuying #FairTrade coffee is 1 of the easiest ways you can fight #modernslavery RIGHT NOW. Check out @JurangFairTrade: http://t.co/7EFe9MOiaZ"Required to pick a minimum of 480 lbs of fruit per hr earning $42 for a 9 hour shift." http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 http://t.co/9L88mMSPNG#ChildLabor stories are flooding the headlines today: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 Domestic Slavery is also popping up a lot!Need a morning pick me up? Have some coffee from @JurangFairTrade this #FairTrade Friday: http://t.co/7EFe9MOiaZ http://t.co/1DS4oodxo5#GSI2014 has govt. actions to help #EndModernSlavery. Call on your govt. to end #ForcedChildMarriage: http://t.co/gxB3kuysL0 @SlaveryIndex
Retweeted by End Slavery NowWe must ALWAYS protest against injustice. http://t.co/2otBT316dy
Happy endings might not always be what we think when it comes to surviving slavery: http://t.co/GiooJ3yU1D@BenjiManTV We have an awesome list of organizations you can support! http://t.co/m9OSMA4PSeWhat does it take to run a vibrant & effective #antislavery organization on campus and how do you maintain it? READ: http://t.co/yIP3pZZWorWe post the top #HumanTrafficking news stories every morning so you can be up to date on what's going on globally: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7We need your help to fight against #trafficking. This video is awesome, via @endslaverynow http://t.co/nfNvV5PkLx
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@pierrecote @RestavekFreedom New study to come out in Feb 2015, we look forward to the new data as well: http://t.co/LmefgjTY0o3 great suggestions for #antislavery organizing on campus! Written by @HASlavery: http://t.co/yIP3pZZWorIn 2012 the @ILO estimated 168 MIL children are engaged in child labor globally. Let's end it: http://t.co/XIjvMnCR6p http://t.co/ZDLxJ3dhezNews today: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 The Wyndham Hotel group is training their employees to spot HT in partnership with @Polaris_Project!If you've ever wanted to know what goods are made by slaves, head HERE: http://t.co/HEVUgTHdQD and find out how many slaves work for you.@pierrecote @RestavekFreedom Report that cites sources estimating between 150k-500k restaveks: http://t.co/gLn853Jucu hope this helps!Former African child slave & founder of @CH_Ghana speaks about his experience on Lake Volta: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7Today on #ChildrensDay we wish every child were free, but many are not. Learn about #ChildLabor & how to help END IT: http://t.co/XIjvMnCR6p@pierrecote Our source for the restavek information is @RestavekFreedom. View their site: http://t.co/lFnMmRZUvc to learn about the issue!Live in Connecticut? @SavetheChildren needs help in their office! Volunteer to #endslavery: http://t.co/UdeAnRIX0E
JOIN a @Love146 task force in your area! Get your community involved in fighting slavery today: http://t.co/UdeAnRIX0ENobel Prize winner @k_satyarthi says "I will use award to end child slavery": http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7And @RestavekFreedom is doing something about it. Getting children out of slavery and into schools: http://t.co/x4iiRtTvcd Support them!In modern Haiti more than 300,000 children are victims of domestic slavery: http://t.co/x4iiRtTvcd http://t.co/oirN8SiWReHeadlines today: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 Your thoughts on Qatar's labor violations? More on @ebay founder giving 50 MIL to combat slavery!Thanks @StephenAtHome for showing everyone the @FairFoodProgram label! http://t.co/CBm1EB0yfv
Retweeted by End Slavery NowApprox. 35.8m people are enslaved in the world. CLICK here to fight for stronger laws that reduce forced labour: http://t.co/DKTMSWINeg
Retweeted by End Slavery NowQatar's record questioned after given award without any significant reforms to its labour system: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 #WorldCupTo end slavery in our lifetime we need an army of modern day abolitionist to engage in the fight against trafficking: http://t.co/USSty2ELoHThose who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. - Abraham Lincoln
The simple truth remains that a collection of committed individuals, united around the basic cause of human freedom, can stamp out slavery.While the game (slavery) may have changed, the way to win has not: http://t.co/Nvl4lc1ilmOne is not born into the world to do everything but to do something. - Henry David ThoreauBe sure to give us a follow on Instagram for @endslaverynow behind the scenes & more ideas on how to fight slavery today!What does the fashion industry need to respect #HumanRigths? @guardian tells us: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7Back then Rev. John Rankin opened his home to runaway slaves. Today, safe houses do this same work here: http://t.co/Nvl4lc1ilm@aikidaniel Thanks so much! That is a great idea!@aikidaniel we do! Its under the Consumer Action section on our Act page, here is a link: http://t.co/sMFB79g8ljCall on the Mauritanian Government to free abolitionist Biram Dah Abeid: http://t.co/k36LqV1fha via @walkfree Tell us when you've signed!Do you know someone who could teach sewing or knitting for @CASTLA ? Have them sign up: http://t.co/UdeAnRIX0EIf you don't know what #GivingTuesday is, read about it HERE: http://t.co/F65zcOaiQ1Remember to start planning your Christmas budget to include #givingtuesday on December 2! Lets fund the end of slavery!Today's #News: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 Stories on Forced Labor, the fashion industry, the war on #sextrafficking & more.Slavery is not a historical concept but today's battle looks different than the ones of the past: http://t.co/Nvl4lc1ilmAt Least 10 Percent of World's Children Are in Forced Labor: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 #ForcedLabor #NewsGlobal @SlaveryIndex shows the need to prioritise efforts that help end #ForcedLabour: http://t.co/dYfPgZuRo9 #GSI2014
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@sharonja18 @NickKristof I do not know, check his tour cities to see if he will be near you: http://t.co/t7YT6RXFZ0 Check out the book also!"We have a perfect record of helping ourselves and an imperfect record in helping others." @NickKristof from his lecture last evening.@ThatOliviaCheng @SlaveryIndex We plenty of ideas on our ACT page: http://t.co/oDCE7A77gh @walkfree has ideas too: http://t.co/wuBcJdvbSk16.5 MIL of the ILO’s estimated 21 MIL victims worldwide are not victims of sexual exploitation but forced labor: http://t.co/AwFVlNhhj7
Why we need a victim centered definition of #HumanTrafficking: http://t.co/sljoG3r8C1What is the actual cost to get 1 more kid in school? @NickKristof explains in an incredible lecture for his new book. http://t.co/1Q8ys7AUqZAn estimated 14.29 mil people enslaved in India, 3.24 mil in China & 2.06 mil in Pakistan via @SlaveryIndex HERE: http://t.co/hftODUBq9kCheck out the #HumanTrafficking #News today: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 stories via @guardian @nytimes @BBCNewsAmazon will donate to #endslavery when you sign up for amazon smile! How awesome is that? CLICK: http://t.co/aedb3gpqErDo you know what sexual grooming looks like? Learn about the stages, this could save a life: http://t.co/ahbN1RAyyZ http://t.co/hx0sYPCIXyYazidi slaves speak out: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 More stories on #SlaveryIndex, Cotton Crimes, Survivors cover branding tattoos & more.The 2014 #SlaveryIndex is out today! An estimated 35.8 Million people enslaved today: http://t.co/hftODUBq9k @WalkFree @SlaveryIndexMT @EndSlaveryNow: See the story behind @GoodWeave and its fight against #ChildLabor: http://t.co/Eyfc5KCi71 http://t.co/ljS2HvF0ht
Retweeted by End Slavery NowYazidi girls have started to tell their stories after escaping from #ISIS #Slavery: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 via @nytimesDid you know that freedom is a PROCESS, it doesn't just end with rescue: http://t.co/SVRsBf3hFz
Crowd funding to #endslavery & volunteer opportunities on the blog this week! Want ways to get involved? Here you go: http://t.co/09S6Hvz1WACatch up on your news from this week: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7
Check out @BollAndBranch for this week's #FairTrade spotlight. Ethically made sheets, great price: http://t.co/XmWZ3bJ3MlCreating a crowdfunding website, solely dedicated to ending human slavery." @theendcrowd talks about their story: http://t.co/PrHEyoCvKj
A lot of awesome #FairTrade companies have been features on our site! Check them out: http://t.co/LBKP8FTUILAre Governments fulfilling their promise to prevent #ChildLabor? There are 168 million child laborers worldwide: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7We still have volunteer opportunities that need filled! It takes ALL of use to #endslavery: http://t.co/UdeAnRIX0EWhat is one thing you've started buying that is #FairTrade? What companies do you love? #Prevention #ModernSlaveryWhat does slavery look like today? Take a look: http://t.co/tUSOADUV6Y Image by @lisakristine http://t.co/77xQYyO9D4Preventing HT can be educating & having fun with high-risk youth. Through community-building we CAN end HT. RT @A21 http://t.co/Jhj0oEzGF8Read the #news today: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 Child labor violations, fishing industry & slavery, entertainment workers in Cambodia & more.@ciw @Publix @FairFoodProgram Where can we find a list of those companies participating in the program and those who need to join?.@Publix: Give thanks for those who harvest your tomatoes. Join the @FairFoodProgram! https://t.co/FGdoWTIZ5E
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@changemakers We want to end #modernslavery We provide resources to engage everyday people in the fight: http://t.co/I4zuDYyeD6 Please shareEXCITING NEWS! The first ever #FairTrade linen company is @BollAndBranch! Follow them & buy their beautiful sheets: http://t.co/XmWZ3bJ3Ml85 Million Children Work in Dangerous, Slavery-Like Conditions: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 #News #HumanTrafficking #ModernSlavery@brooke_hath @FreedomCenter @EndSlaveryNow what a great time! Excited about the work ahead!
Retweeted by End Slavery NowSlavery's last stronghold. An estimated 10%-20% of Mauritania’s population lives in slavery.: http://t.co/i01wMni9zf http://t.co/W0dZotEkmv
#BeTheChange take ACTION today: http://t.co/oDCE7A77gh http://t.co/FVskLWXa1rThe fight against #HumanTrafficking is not a choice of sex trafficking or labor trafficking, it's against trafficking:http://t.co/AwFVlNhhj7@HM Bans supplier after report of #ChildLabor: http://t.co/ws8ARgoDP7 More on #Qatar, #WorldCup, #FIFA, Online sex trade, and convictions.Have you found a volunteer opportunity near you yet? Check out our November volunteer spotlights: http://t.co/UdeAnRIX0E@GoodWeave Thanks for all the awesome work you're doing!!Are you a blogger passionate about ending slavery? @IJM needs you. E-mail them: getsocial(at)ijm(dot)org. #endslavery#ChildLabor violations ALL over the news this morning, check it out HERE: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVHey let's start thinking about #GivingTuesday! It's the Tuesday after #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday where you give to the charity you love.Students protested #ForcedLabor in cotton fields: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV http://t.co/cjID7qYlNj
Want to tell your friends about #modernslavery? Share this TED talk with them: http://t.co/qrk797oPYF by @lisakristineRead the news today: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV Stay informed about #HumanTrafficking around the world!See the story behind @GoodWeave and their fight against child labor in the carpet sector: http://t.co/aFhwWBjnIj http://t.co/QWxahoQ8eq
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