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Erica Cho @ericach0 New York City!

Korean-American actor from the South. Loves: NYC, travel, Frenchies & laughing until it hurts. http://t.co/AV1gp7QO

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My inbox is exploding with Thanksgiving sale/Black Friday offers. Including Amazon's most wished for in cat supplies (I don't own a cat) πŸ’©The Syrian Electronic Army apparently hacked a slew of news websites ― including the Daily News for a brief period. http://t.co/ZWfIhmPTit
Retweeted by Erica ChoJust visited an LA Times blog + got a page that said I got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.
😨 "@Gothamist: Photos: Penn Station Is The Worst Place On Earth Right Now http://t.co/GqyliWvl0P #Thanksgiving http://t.co/JcvT8RbF3q" #NYC@chrissyteigen That was fun! Again! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.@Raquel_boop @chrissyteigen you should never regret this. Right, @amyschumer?@RealHughJackman It's about time!A judge famously quipped that a prosecutor could get a grand jury "to indict a ham sandwich." Cops are another matter http://t.co/oLP79LAvHD
Retweeted by Erica Cho
@oneupmanshipman Cha-ching!! πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’²@oneupmanshipman ha! Premature win. I'd slam down my "T" + announce "Otherwise known as Groundhog" Or world class whiskey from VT!Bring back spring!! I need more 71 degree NY days like today. @bklynbotanic Next year, then? http://t.co/RVZ4bKSayyWhat, huh? OH. πŸ’œ"@CuteEmergency: Best dog costume ever. http://t.co/X6npfYIkmm"@MegumiHaggerty The 71 temps allowed me to wear some forgotten fall outerwear. Hi, sweater cape! πŸ‘‹Get excitedβ€”the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer will premiere this weekend: http://t.co/I0kFF0grEH http://t.co/sNyQPlmz6n
Retweeted by Erica Cho@Dan2335 Noooooo! #ParanormalActivity
Used the Sleepbot app for the 1st time last night. It records you while you sleep. I sleep talk in a voice that isn't mine. #creepy
The plate's not big enough. #DinosaurBBQ #PortionControl #YouDidNotEatThat #YesIDid http://t.co/Q0KMltP0dJ
It's hard being a wing woman.
@oneupmanshipman I think of him every time I watch this show! His response: I'm not THAT bad! (Thank God)He looks at apt for $750 with no shower/toilet in kitchen. Ends up buying an RV for $4000 with horrible stench- cause someone died in it.Every time I pull $1 outta my wallet, I die a lil inside.-bartender who takes home everyone's leftover drinks+garnishes #ExtremeCheapskates@DoubleSixx Me, too! The MRI will help pinpoint the issue.Just had MRI on neck due to pain. Culprit?"@TIME: what happens to spine when you're texting http://t.co/GFal7x2IvB http://t.co/mkbym6Lq8t"Go Cho! πŸ‘Œ"@margaretcho: Getting naked in the street for the homeless. If you have, give. If you need, take. http://t.co/Ps5juC8UQo"@chrissyteigen wow, he enjoys his showers #oface *blushingSame. @ The Grey Dog http://t.co/jh4hUMmBQC
Haha. Man spreaders. Gross. But really...stop. http://t.co/E8jndNPzPF via @TasneemN @buzzfeednewsWorked #MusiciansOnCall. @JessieJ sounded incredible live. @nickjonas pumped up "Jealous" with a choir. Artists doing good!! #charity
New #Netflix series: Marco Polo. A more Asian Game of Thrones? http://t.co/vBPfq1CyWu@chrissyteigen if she only knew who she texted....GAH! Definitely looking for that cheese, by the way.@jeanniemai Oh maaaaiiiiii (insert George Takei expression here)@mrkenanderson @thetruerage haha! Great quote!My worst nightmare. People are nuts. I hope the vid leads to an arrest. http://t.co/QiVDMv8H6f@MuseumModernArt Thank you so much for this amazing surprise in the mail! πŸ’œ #moma #matisse #nyc http://t.co/RRLXAbL5xARIP, Peter Kassig. Thank you for all you have done to help ease the suffering of your fellow human beings.@jovi_jill Nice! Yeah, that was a sweet ride. No problem!@jovi_jill Bc it looked just like him + his plate said Dark V12 which is a guitar finish. Or huge rich fan who got surgery to look like him?Happiest birthday to my witty little niece catecataldo!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ Glowsticks, pasta + pudding pie! http://t.co/jViH07syWp
Joined Audible just to download Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" for the ride to CT. (Have patience thru Prologue. You'll be rewarded at Ch1)I think we just passed Richie Sambora? Looks like him + that plate. Hmmmm http://t.co/u4ybt2iuJf@Dan2335 @parksandrecnbc Bah. Everything kills you nowadays.@Dan2335 @parksandrecnbc I wanna watch it again! This time with some snark hole!This Snake Juice @parksandrecnbc ep is everything. The hangovers, club bathroom girl arguments, Jean-Ralphio's raps.Right after her hair caught on fire and got smacked out by the director. #acting #blooper http://t.co/DTourXggRoAs the home phone rings and we all look around in confusion. "I have a landline because I'm Italian!" Is this true?
So many laughs with these girls! Selling fancy perfume for our #westandcomedy #sketch #acting http://t.co/OgfpdXSIvUGorgeous room for shooting our sketch with @westandcomedy! Picking out wardrobe. Meow! 😺 #westandcomedy http://t.co/td2WXRpwHX@Jorge_Z geesh, realized I tweeted myself with googly eyes when they're meant for you! Thanx for sharing the film!! 😍😍😍@chrissyteigen you are so brave. πŸ—πŸ—+ massage =πŸ’¨@chrissyteigen Yeah, about that tweet 😜@kathykuohome Lumbersexual clients for Ted + Krystal! #rowhouseshowdown "@peoplemag: the new #lumbersexual trend http://t.co/QXgEfcFD7b"@NastashaStrang That's awesome! I don't know what it means, but it's gotta be good!
@Dan2335 I don't think you ever want to see the pee spray in the women's restroom.@NastashaStrang πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Got 2 self taped #audition requests. 1 down, 1 to go. I crack up while editing. It can be truly horrifying. http://t.co/GK8Uq5oc3P #actingThis LGBT event has an all gender bathroom. I was actually wondering whether we'd ever get to that point. Thoughts?
@chrissyteigen pls tell me you have seen this Instagram account http://t.co/oGcsegsa5R #GoodDudes http://t.co/x0IMwrcMtz.@bye_felipe calls out men who can't deal with rejection. It is sad. http://t.co/l51bbvNUAS http://t.co/oGcsegsa5R #SheDontWantHisPene
@Kris561_ It would be an honor.πŸ˜‚@jasonrsol Thanks so much. Our 1st time writinf + producing. Gotta start somewhere!@Kris561_ i dunno, man. I've got a craving for two. Just two stuck togetherWho else craved a glazed Krispy Kreme donut after seeing that cover? 🍩🍩 so.much.glaze #BreakTheInternetYay! Our lil film is a finalist in the Tiny Film Festival! I'm really excited. You can watch + vote here: http://t.co/454cjDF1IU #TAC #TFFSince there's an #OITNB cookbook, why not a Crazy Eyes shadow palette, Red + Morello lipsticks, Pennsatucky hoodie.@oliviamunn πŸ™Œ "@peoplemag: We believe in pie for breakfast because YOLO http://t.co/V1V1tUJcgF via @greatideas http://t.co/0LGoIO4xkv"I almost gave up here. #artbytheglazz taught me to keep going. I was even a finalist + won a free… http://t.co/PORWW17uhDAnd so it begins... http://t.co/Bz4cGsfYGf
@chrissyteigen I love the 90s feel to the pic. And that meat is very impressive.Thank you to our veterans and service members!When people just text : "Hey." πŸ™…πŸ‘ŽπŸ’©@JohnMayer You do that, too?!You know those typos were bugging ya!"@mashable:Insta lets u edit captions after posting pic: http://t.co/OwhGZfDc7H http://t.co/3ACWkQofJG"
At home in GA. Just realized I bought wine on a Sunday here. My 1st time since they passed the law in 2011. Bless those voters' hearts! πŸ’•πŸ·Never gets old. Watching non-Asians speak #Korean fluently. http://t.co/6G4iUErSez
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘"@madeleine: .@ConanOBrien Never get into a word war with a diplomat. We talk even more than comedians."TouchΓ©, Mrs. Albright! http://t.co/9wOX2Cr6UUAmazing to watch Homeland casting director Judy Henderson teach last night. Huge fan of the actors in that show! Gives me shivers.@DoubleSixx best "feel better" gift ever!@DoubleSixx Imagine how #1 felt like. Actually, AND #2. Totally sucks.
@DoubleSixx yup! OG Spin + 2.0. Think there was beef between 1st one and them.@MegumiHaggerty Of course! Someone who's in it shared the list + I saw you. Yay!@DoubleSixx both Spinderellas!@MegumiHaggerty Just saw you're #68 on this IMDb list of Multiracial Asian female celebrities! http://t.co/bvG7VHbzDm πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘@chrissyteigen you just made my day. French fries (and Frenchies) = my favorites!Why did Salt n Pepa want the bow legged one?
Rivers Cuomo of Weezer takes 15 fans to a Shakespeare play for Nerd Nights in LA. Just apply on his website. So awesome
NY catcalling vid: accurate. My Southern side compels me to politely respond to comments/"salutations". 90% of time, it gets uncomfortable.Her facial expressions = my thoughts! I was livid when he said nobody pointed a gun + made you live in NY. Then said we should carry guns.Catcall vid debate. Is this guy SERIOUS? "There is nothing more that a woman loves to hear than how pretty she is.” http://t.co/x0ajr1EH3E
@Kris561_ The clouds, the hills, the ocean! It's heaven!!@DoubleSixx yeah, they're getting enough sugar anyway. 😡😲😨😒 <---- kids crashingThis lil guy Patches helped us pass out candy. But he kept humping the driveway. Parents would avert… http://t.co/LyrarbuCsbPretty sure people thought I just look like this. And pretty sure the kids weren't too excited about pretzels. http://t.co/kr2t7Qh6ZCI like her style. Break from curling hair spent serenading me with fake guitar playing. http://t.co/5iAU9ppBQl
Impromptu tour of #PalosVerde #CA #travel http://t.co/6BiUDqAg7R
@violadavis WOW.Just watched 1st EP of @HowToGetAwayABC on flight + I'm intrigued by story/your character!! Need to land STAT + catch up!@Delta I'm wearing a neck collar of shame. But your crew has been so kind + helpful. Pls give them πŸ’°πŸ«πŸ¬. DL472 to LAXMom texting me to say she realizes my foot resembles the rear foot of a RAT. At a pet store looking at mice. Thnx MA! http://t.co/GW8RTomNTv
Ivy League easy A? UPenn Offers 'Wasting Time on Internet’ Course http://t.co/v7GWYaR7FL via @intelligencer
@chrissyteigen come back 😭
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