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Quint of Ain't It Cool News and movie fiend.

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@Luceobrien Quint AICN@kkjordan @DrewAtHitFix Bill will eventually start calling him butthead and ruin it. That'll be your chance to swoop in and steal Drew away@kkjordan @DrewAtHitFix photos or it didn't happen!@kkjordan @loquaciousmuse give Drew a sloppy mouth-kiss for me@loquaciousmuse Aidan Turner, too.@loquaciousmuse you have no idea. Got a ton of his fans following me while on location with the Hobbit crew
@kennethwilsonuk Somebody's picking up on some hidden messages in that tweet. :)@loquaciousmuse You ain't chopped meat yourself, sister.@scottEweinberg Thanks, Scott.Had a very fun time on a wonderful set with low key, awesome people. #vague #sorry@EggettCarl that'd be a looonnnggg memo. Email me and we'll hammer out some details.@EggettCarl quint@aintitcool.com is best for me.Everybody wish @edgarwright a happy birthday. I'd do it myself, but I'm a very busy man.@MildlyAmused Women can't use weapons, silly. Only strong macho men.@MildlyAmused coffee's in the kitchen. While you're in there, bake me a pie, woman!Happy Easter Weekend from me and pink Easter Bunny John Wayne! http://t.co/N8rmVjadSS
@bdgrabinski he got to love up on sexy-ass Rogue, that is why.@colliderfrosty Not me, but I kind of wish I was. I like WonderCon. It reminds me of SDCC 14 years ago.@DrGMLaTulippe I'm going to Facebook this shit. The horror cannot be contained, only passed on.@DrGMLaTulippe The escalation in that routine is next level incredible.@houx I heart those Burnseseses.@DrGMLaTulippe Um.@houx You at Bob's?@Katiejackson96 Ha! That's too awesome. I was wondering if you guys were going to mingle with the visiting royalty.@redman4192 Nice! The few, the proud, the owners of a Mondo Jaws poster.@FilmandPaint nope, because that'd likely give away what I'm doing. I'll announce the series in a couple weeks.@DrewAtHitFix Getting a redirect 404 error that takes me to the front page of HitFix. Found the story in the Motion Captured section, though@PeterSteinberg1 Related... technically yes. But that's very misleading. It's a retrospective interview, I'll say that much.Hate to be that guy, but I'm transcribing an interview that you guys can't read until next month and I'm so goddamned excited about it.#ThrowbackThursday - Nerding out at the original San Diego Comic-Con #StarWars panel in 1976. #SDCC #tbt http://t.co/XBLdqWlFJf
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@nailbiter111 @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson AI is fascinating to me, a love-letter to his friend and collaborator@nailbiter111 @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson There are parts that flat don't work. Then there's breathtaking beauty@Cbake1369 @Kloipy @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson Plus she looks like she's surprised to be there the whole movie@Cbake1369 @Kloipy @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson She's written more like an Indy fangirl than his equal.@Cbake1369 @Kloipy @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson What they do to Marion is criminal.@Cbake1369 @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @Kloipy @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson 1941 is a trainwreck, but it's consistently entertaining.@ajbowen Wasn't me!@ThreeOranges @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson Every few years I go back to give it another shot and am struck by how clunky it is@Kloipy @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson But you're right either way. Amazing visual storytelling there.@Kloipy @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson Underrated or underseen? I think people who have seen it rate it highly, no?@filmfest_ca Maaaayyyybbbeeee.@iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson I'd take a while Lex and Tim solo adventure over any single scene with gymnast girl@iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson Terminal isn't bad. Worst crime is it's forgettable.@George0Connor This is Canadian food! Vegas is home to many extravagant buffets. Enjoy yo-self.@mattkward Smoke's, chili cheese and bacon.@iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson Yeeeessshh. Well, we'll always have Temple of Doom.@ThreeOranges @iamchoppah @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson I like Always, but I haven't revisited it in easily 10 years.@HFXBen Oooooo, them kimchi fries sounds right up my alley.@NordlingAICN @iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @danielwcarlson Lost World has an edge because of the cinematography. But it's still a wet fart.@kml423 It'd be worth it. Except now it's digesting in my belly, so now that's gross. But still.@HFXBen yessir.@iamchoppah @ThreeOranges @NordlingAICN @danielwcarlson If TV counts, Something Evil. If not... tie between The Lost World and Crystal Skull@iamchoppah @nailbiter111 yeah, my heart's surely going to explode like Belloq's head.I'm in a rush to finish the next book, so the entire second half will be written from Hodor's perspective. http://t.co/6trvaOZHp0
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@cheekyricardo Chili cheese and bacon poutine.@tom923 Smoke's.@nailbiter111 Chili cheese and bacon poutine. aka #fatmanspride@baddladd Chili cheese and bacon poutine. My poor, poor heart.@DrewAtHitFix I love how individual stories read. Front page still reminds me of a casino. So much stuff happening everywhere!Says a lot about me that I would walk 2 miles for this, but not for my health. http://t.co/w2pAGA1d4H@scottEweinberg @colingeddes no, I will relish this one time I reviewed a horror-ish flick before you! #simplevictories@scottEweinberg @colingeddes (Read in best Dreyfuss) I got that beat. I got that beat. http://t.co/AkyNjuBYyk@dead_anchoress @HorrorCon2013 Me too. It's amazing what was marketed to kids in the '80s.Who remembers the Freddy Fright Squirter? Made by Entertech in 1989. Its like if Krueger himself was Spitting on you. http://t.co/RuC89NRFj2
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@Rob__McCallum I am indeed carless.@A_Dry_Cool_Wit I can make an appointment to do that, right? If I could spend the day with Rob Ford I would.@Rob__McCallum Is it super far away?Have an unexpected free day in Toronto. Downtown highlights, anyone? I'm a stone's throw from the Bloor Cinema.@ASamanthaRae no, you're the best! Well, Rob Ford's the best, but you're the second best.@ASamanthaRae I'd give you a real KitKat, but I'm in another country at the moment.@ASamanthaRae here you go: https://t.co/wjgIfpzagt
@bdgrabinski @PeterSHall @EricDSnider read the updated version. Something's not adding up, but I don't know enough to really speak to it@EricDSnider @PeterSHall @ldmullen ah, nevermind. Retracted.@PeterSHall @ldmullen I know you mean statutory, but you put a whole different spin on the accusations with that description.@DrGMLaTulippe @superherohq @PeterSHall @EvanDickson of all the stories that's the least crazy.@DrGMLaTulippe @PeterSHall @EvanDickson OKAY, I'LL TALK!@MelindaMDaniels His name is Mayor Rob Ford, Melinda! The honorable Mayor Rob Ford.@PeterSHall @DrGMLaTulippe well, there was that one time I promised Singer I wouldn't ever talk about his secret underage sex parties...@jhoffman @mjsamps @devincf and Jordan knows this beeeccaaauuuussseeee...@DrGMLaTulippe @PeterSHall what Geoff said.@iamchoppah @russfischer Yep, like I said. Very calculated.@Ethan_Anderton Even if it's not valid, this has the potential to stinkbomb his entire future career.@russfischer this guy wants money, not jail-time for Singer.@russfischer I've been hearing stories since the late '90s. Not the Apt Pupil shower one, either. I don't doubt these parties happened.@russfischer ... a lawsuit instead of criminal suit? Statute of limitations passed, maybe? Damn, I've already spent too much time on this@russfischer thought the exact same thing. Not saying the suit isn't valid, but it's obviously incredibly calculated.@NordlingAICN there a new one? I imported a foreign blu many moons ago.@HQ10 a tiny technicality.@HQ10 you shut your dirty mouth! Rob Ford will be Mayor forever!The first face to greet me once I cleared customs in Toronto. I kind of love him. http://t.co/MQnR0bAHNw@pzenisek @MondoNews You just better hope I don't get in line before you because I'm buying them out.@MondoNews Oh. Maaaaaaaaahhhh GGGgggaawwwweeeedddeeeddeeedd.Travel Update 3: My 70-something white Canadian driver apparently has women and children in both Ecuador and Cuba.@bdrew73 I'm not complaining. Better it smell nostalgic than like stale airport trace farts.Travel update #2: The Detroit airport smells just like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Carry on.Layover in Detroit. Oddly appropriate that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang just shuffled up on my iPod. Fingers crossed for the RoboCop theme nextTravel update: 90% sure I saw David Gordon Green while in the security line at the Austin Airport. Go about your day.@ColinHanks so far so good, dude!
@scottEweinberg @DannyTRS @jim_napier @rianjohnson @mikeryan Clash of the Titans, too@rianjohnson @mikeryan @DannyTRS technically Mike did while I merely commented that I would have
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