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@pjwilks I'm not a beer drinker, but of course I support this idea. #Idrinktoyerleg@ItsRaytweets He totally rocks a Clark Kent vibe at the dinner scene.@elfredderino @RichardDreyfuss The range on display by both is epic. And yes, it's tacky tagging you in this, Mr. Dreyfuss, but it's true.@rianjohnson @DrewAtHitFix I am never wrong, Rian. I thought you knew this already.How @RichardDreyfuss and Holly Hunter weren't nominated for Always is beyond me. There's some next level understated work in that film.@DustyKramKram I had the exact same thought. Pilots, afterlife, love story...@DrewAtHitFix Don't get it. You're right, the Ted character is the weak link, but he's not bad so much as not as great as Hunter & Dreyfuss@DustyKramKram I've never seen it! Totally tracking it down, though. Trumbo + Fleming + Tracy? That story? Gotta be great.Hey, fuck all of you who scared me off of revisiting Always for so long. The movie is great!Congrats to my dear friend Drew Struzan. http://t.co/OUaQMeMCd1 #SaulBassAward
Retweeted by Eric VespeThrowing on my least-watched Spielberg. I watched it once as a young man and I remember almost nothing about it: http://t.co/T3QVyKMIt4@ManMadeMoon were you talking about me!?! http://t.co/oOY6WpQqEM@firstshowing @mattkward @CarterNixon You know I've stood up for you when others wouldn't. I'm saying you're overreacting. Listen or don't.
@firstshowing @mattkward @CarterNixon If Matt was trying to bully you he would have tagged you in the remark.@firstshowing @mattkward @CarterNixon telling someone to "shut up" multiple times is civil? Take a breath, dude.@firstshowing @mattkward @CarterNixon They didn't tag you into the conversation and when you came in Matt was being civil. You were not.@firstshowing @mattkward @CarterNixon don't be a dick, Alex.@Ed_Travis @Aaron_Morgan @daviddelgadoh @JeremyKKirk I'm on the phone with my lawyer.@Ed_Travis @daviddelgadoh @Aaron_Morgan @JeremyKKirk I'm what now?@A_Dry_Cool_Wit @RandyBuechele Just think he missed the mark with the Halloweens. Shoddy filmmaking and he misunderstood his monster@A_Dry_Cool_Wit @RandyBuechele It's cool if you dig Rob Zombie. I wouldn't go so far as make fun of you for liking his movies.@joecuffe No way, Jose!Polishing off the Halloween box set. H2 it is. Rob Zombie sure has a way with dialogue. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh, fuck. Fuck."@iamchoppah The update is that the filming has been done and PBS is putting the show out, no?@iamchoppah Could very well be. I don't know, but that's different than that bullshit article you keep tweeting and RTing.@SentientOmlette Well, fuck me I guess, but thanks for reading us back in the day.@iamchoppah The article said there have been no comments. There have been, you just don't like them.@SentientOmlette I'm saying he's commented on the show via facebook and twitter.@iamchoppah But "no updates" is horseshit. He's commented on it on Twitter and posted pics from the shooting on Facebook.@iamchoppah I've told you before that I'm as frustrated as you are that Harry hasn't been more transparent about this.@iamchoppah There is, you just haven't seen it yet. Every fact in that piece is bullshit conspiracy theory stuff.@SentientOmlette @iamchoppah I already tore down the logic of that article weeks ago and you're still putting it out there?@SentientOmlette @iamchoppah For fuck's sake, Chop. I'm going to have to unfollow you if you keep this up.@rianjohnson @Justin_Marks_ @turbofaggots Guys, he was 100% unaware of the negative implications. It means a food or bundle of sticks.Hi I'm gonna go to sleep now but if you have cable 1) what are you weird and 2) please tune in to #GothFitness on @adultswim at 4amEST #LuvU
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@bdgrabinski (read as Goldblum) Ramen... burgers? Burgers?
@Jason_Chatfield @leithmcp Josh Brolin is Thanos! Serkis looks to be playing a human character this time around! Yay!People are like "There are too many superhero movies" and I'm like "How are there no more Marvel movies until May?!?"
Retweeted by Eric VespeThat footage blew me away at Comic-Con. Based on that & what I've heard of the script. Avengers 2 stands a good chance of besting the first.There are no strings on me.@FakeRobHunter lower them expectations.@sirmitchell @ManMadeMoon @devincf @edgarwright you have no idea how sad I'm going to be if it is@TroyOstgarden @GamerLiberty @devincf @edgarwright we all finger-banged each other. Didn't you see the photo? Ohhhhhh...@AdamWingard dude, it's like Christmas.@ManMadeMoon @devincf @edgarwright I saw Goody Jones with the Devil bloggers!@BryterMoon @edgarwright @GermainLussier @devincf or a frustrated alien robot Bill Nighy...@edgarwright @BryterMoon @GermainLussier @devincf aw, fuck, Edgar/Jason. Now everybody knows where our unethical meetings take place!I wonder what the Gamer Gate guys will make of these photos... #frodogate http://t.co/qKP56URabz@GermainLussier @mtgilchrist ... that'swhatshesaid...@GermainLussier @mtgilchrist so bad they cut me out of the film!@mtgilchrist I only speak the truth.@edgarwright @GermainLussier @devincf it's some bullshit that you get to be "unidentified," Germain. I'm gonna Elia Kazan you, fool!For the record, in case Gamer Gate dudes are still lurking, I did give Lovely Bones a mediocre review and I'm in that motherfucker.I knew my ruse wouldn't last forever. I'm sorry I let you all down. (Internet sarcasm shift key held down).Per last RT, I guess the gig is up. The Gamer Gate folks unearthed a secret publicly shared photo of me with Edgar Wright or Jason Reitman.Well well well. A cabal of anti-#GG "journos" including @devincf caught w/ movie director they review. #SmokingGun http://t.co/Gv287G0K2q
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@kidjingo It's not good, but there are more interesting things with Loomis. Wrong and shitty things, but interesting.@kidjingo ehhhhh... kinda?@T_Lawson yep. Holy shit did Zombie miss the mark with this concept.Moustapha Akkad turned Michael Myers into a mindless, incestuous Druid henchman & still didn't misread the character as badly as Zombie did.There are very few films I actively hate and Zombie's Halloween remake is one of them. Thought some distance would soften me on it. Nope.Remember when I said how rough it was to revisit Halloweens 5 and 6? The "Love Hurts" sequence from Zombie's film is worse than both
Wheel. Of. Fish! #stupid #yousostupid@jack_p Don't think it's out until early November. I get stuff early. I'm kind of important, in case you weren't aware.Sorry to be "that guy" but I'm so excited this is in my possession... http://t.co/Jxvk0s9TzUThanks to @Scream_Factory I got to have my first start to finish viewing of Pumpkinhead since my teens! http://t.co/jmGf3ygtMMScream and Shout will finally return today. Sorry I've been lazy and haven't kept it regular. Have lots to say about this particular film.Pretty happy that after my Gamer Gate comment I only got one cheeky response from a dude with a Don't Tread On Me Flag as his avatar.
@Kovac_nz no idea, but Gamer Gate is now synonymous with misogyny. They're never going to get anyone to take them seriously.I know it's probably not a good idea to kick the hornet's nest, but what the hell? That's what Twitter's for, right?If you're really up in arms about ethics in journalism you might want to rebrand your movement at this point. The crazies have taken over.When I hear Gamer Gate guys talk about their cause I am reminded of the guys who insist the Civil War was only about state's rights.@scottEweinberg @Ti_West @NerdistDotCom @DonCoscarelli I have a soft spot for that movie, but it's not the best version of that story@Ti_West @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom Sold. You should talk to @DonCoscarelli. He came very close to making the '80s one.@Ti_West @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom Would you want to do it more like King's book? Once a month incident over a year?@scottEweinberg It wouldn't be hard to make a better movie, but you can't beat the poster and/or tagline.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom the one pure character is the gay coach who loses everything just because of prejudice.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom flick was also way ahead of its time with its depiction of homosexuals, too.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom She can definitely bring the crazy.@StillWynning Hey, we ended up pulling it off last night. Sorry, man.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom That's tricky because you have to find someone who is legitimately kinda crazy. Amanda Plummer?@scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom Night Warning (aka Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker). Big time.Data & Mikey @SeanAstin #thegoonies http://t.co/sPGwoVmHUN
Retweeted by Eric VespeAny Xbox One Destiny players want to come help cheese Atheon on Hard? Got a save point.
@TimothyDowling I think the theatrical is a little better. I mean, the movie's already bloated, you know...There's no illness on this earth that can't be helped by 14 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Except Cancer... or most illnesses, I guess.Cary Grant in talks for Doctor Strange.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@GermainLussier Yeah, nothing official or on the record, but I did get to chat with him a little.@GermainLussier There's something in there I can twist to sound vaguely, but I'm not gonna.@sirmitchell Some day!Some dumbshit I don't know on my Facebook news feed just said Tremors 2 was better than Tremors, so I'm going to turn off the internet now.@ryanlambert111 you leavin' me hanging, bro? Man!But it did me good to hear Quan still talk like his child self. Same inflection, same accent, just deeper voice. That somehow calms meI got to tell Jonathan Ke Quan my idea of Short Round becoming a villain in a future Indiana Jones movie and he was shocked at the prospect
No line for autographs with THE HOBBITT's Fredegar Chubb himself, Mr. @EricVespe! http://t.co/hX3KoC699c
Retweeted by Eric VespeHey, it's me and Marion! http://t.co/IWhMU1ABmq@SiUttley oh, I'm definitely making an Ebola jokeGot some stupid nasal drip thing that started last night, now I sound like a squeaky teenager. Perfect timing.You know that thing when you have to speak with Karen Allen in front if a large crowd and your voice is going? That's happening right nowGot to introduce myself to Marion Ravenwood and tackle some hobbits. No sign of contracting Ebola. Successful Dallas trip so far.
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