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@DrGMLaTulippe but seriously, we should co-write something together because I got mad idea skillz, bro.I interviewed Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek once and this happened:'s fave Halloween pix: DePalma's SISTERS, Carpenter's THE THING, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and IT FOLLOWS. Best with cold pizza and hot plasma.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@ManMadeMoon Super. I saw some of the leaked Sony emails and they pretty much only gave a shit about critics who affected RT scores.
@kleedawg Yeah. Had an okay ending, but I heard they reshot it. It's definitely better than 36%. Goofy fun.Check out my reviews of @fantasticfest one-takers Too Late and Victoria:
Missed a few weeks, so now here's a massive This Week In Star Wars column: Yep, been working on it since Hawaii. It's a big'un.
@r_sears what'd you think? So good, right?@r_sears @LimitedPaper that feels like a countdown to when I become absolutely useless to the greater society around me.I love this so much! not a story spoiler, dudeHow fucking great is the Sean Bean/LOTR nod in The Martian?
@Count3D @Aaron_Morgan @VIFFest @RioTheatre it's super fun. Enjoy!This is one of my favorite things ever. Watch it every Christmas!
@osteoferocious count me in. Sounds like Holiday Gift Guide material to me. quint@aintitcool.comI love that this is the one Twitter account @snowden follows:'s always a good mail day when Tyler Stout makes an appearance. Iron Man's okay, too. samesies@rejects @scottmbeggs @popmortem @PhilNobileJr @FakeRobHunter you're not wrong. It exists. My environment was an 8am quiet press screening@rejects @scottmbeggs @popmortem @PhilNobileJr @FakeRobHunter opinion, not fact. I disagree and wrote out my reasons why.@rejects @scottmbeggs @popmortem @PhilNobileJr @FakeRobHunter ... does that mean we can't believe any FSR review not watched at home, alone?@rejects @scottmbeggs @popmortem @PhilNobileJr @FakeRobHunter if fests/audiences color opinion so easy...@scottmbeggs @rejects @popmortem @PhilNobileJr @FakeRobHunter insinuates anyone who disagrees & saw it at FF is less valid in their opinion.@scottmbeggs @rejects @popmortem @PhilNobileJr @FakeRobHunter "don't believe those others, we weren't influenced by the 'fest bubble'"@rejects @scottmbeggs @popmortem @PhilNobileJr @FakeRobHunter still don't get why seeing it at a festival somehow blinds those that like it@ASamanthaRae ACL-related maybe?
Either there's an air raid coming or the city of Austin is calling, like, 14 Batmen. super fun anthology flick that somehow avoids having a stinker segment. @roxanne73 & @bruckmachina's contributions were stellar.@bradmiska really dug it!@rejects disagree.@rejectnation @rejects Ah cool. If I liked it it's just because I saw it at a film festival. Good to know.I really dug the Kurt Russell cannibal western BONE TOMAHAWK. Review here: PS we need to chat in the flesh. It's bullshit this entire fest has gone by and we haven't done so.@LimitedPaper talked to him earlier today and felt oddly at peace. I love that man.While everybody is seeing Bone Tomahawk I'll be catching horror anthology Southbound. Can't believe @fantasticfest is already over...@mattclinks @r_sears @parisnour All that fun stuff has a loving new home. Thanks!@mrmarkmillar yes, the Struzan stalactite poster won out!Yes, the Jenkins interview happened. I probably made a jerk of myself because I adore that dude so damn much.Finally got my Green Room review up. It in no way does justice to how awesome the movie is: some Bone Tomahawk interviews. Heard I might get a surprise late addition of Richard Jenkins & now I can't keep the smile off my face.Man Vs Snake was such a fun, refreshing breezy doc that finally answers the question "What the fuck is Nibbler?"@Aaron_Morgan @popmortem @HQ10 CCR for sure@BrianWCollins Haha, I literally just followed up, but I'm going to own it. Yes, my review is going to be fucking killer, dude.The movie, not the review.@loquaciousmuse You're braver than I. Good luck, we're all counting on you.Got halfway through my Green Room review. Will knock it out tomorrow between movies. Preview: it's super badass.@edewberry apologies for not following you. That wrong has been righted. Also, me too! We should trade extra stories next time we hang.@edewberry I bet they paid the naked ladies in Little Finger's brothel extra to pretend to have sex, too, but now this is a story I guess.@edewberry AKA it's an orgy scene in Westworld.@edewberry they're shocked that HBO is paying background extras more money to have simulated sex on camera.@osteoferocious You're a method man, Dan Casey. Not THE Method Man, but a method man nonetheless.In related news 95% of the actors you see kissing in TV and movies are paid to do that and aren't really romantically entangled.Judging by my Twitter feed nobody at Deadline knows that sometimes background performers (extras) pretend to make out sometimes.8am press screening on my FF schedule makes me both excited (because I want to see this movie) and sad (because I love sleep)RANDOM IMAGES OF UNCERTAIN APPEAL. Day 6: A rare, good look at Santi, from THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE.
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There's a little bit of Nothing But Trouble in Men & Chicken. Yes, that's a good thing. A very good thing. #FantasticFestPretty much any time John Hawkes is the focus Too Late had me. The one take per reel gimmick sometimes hurts the story, though.Too Late starts off rocky but gets better and better until you fall in love with it.Seated for Too Late, one of the most buzzed about films at Fantastic Fest. John Hawkes FTW.I hail two Satanic flicks @fantasticfest: The Witch and The Devil's Candy! Reviews here: beat that NyQuil haze! Link to my first Fantastic Fest reviews forthcoming!@tenlonsfort Green Room, Anomolisa, The Devil's Candy and Victoria stand out. Seeing Too Late tomorrow, which is supposed to be crazy good@RAWRnivore I'd trade ya'! Give me rank farts all day. I cherish an unclogged nose.@T_Lawson "Fantastic Flu" is a well known and well feared monster. Usually avoid it, but maybe not this year.Some asshole at Fantastic Fest gave me a cold. Let's see if I can get tonight's round of reviews finished before the NyQuil kicks in.Scored some essential wasteland survival gear courtesy of @r_sears and @BethesdaStudios!
@r_sears @emily_dawn I'm out of mine, too@r_sears sounds good. Twit at me when you're out@r_sears got Tale of Tales at 7:45. Still wanna meet up after?.@saulnier_jeremy just promised 50,000 screens for Green Room, so hold him to that number.@filmpunk86 if I ran things, you better believe it. I guess it's up to A24 and how hard they push next yearYep, Green Room is legit. Crazy violent Assault on Precinct 13 riff. So totally up my alley.Mondocon 2015 #mondo #mondocon #jaws #quint #ewaf #eyeswithoutaface
Retweeted by Eric VespeSeated for my most anticipated movie @fantasticfest: Green Room. Bring it!Charlie Kaufman's Anomalisa is fantastic. Takes a tale of depression & elevates it with gorgeous stop motion work & brilliant performances.@RealGDT don't think it's this exact title, but here are some of those covers. Gordo! I think I may own some of the original cover art for some of these. Will dig 'em out and see.@Luceobrien I have not. Hear great things.Canceling my first Fantastic Fest screening tomorrow so I can actually write about these movies! Satan double feature reviews up first.Long day at @fantasticfest. Great Feud as always, some good flicks and I got to hug my favorite Hobbit (sorry, Bilbo)@IconsRobG you spend half your year in Austin and I'll spend half mine in LA. Deal?@IconsRobG my favorite fulci by a country mile
I adored High-Rise. I see why it loses people, but holy shit is it unhinged. @twhiddleston and @TheRealLukevans are brilliant in it.High Rise is next up. Very curious to see where I fall on this one. I hear I'll either hate it or it'll be my favorite movie ever.@r_sears up the stairs, middle three rows from the back.Victoria: imagine Before Sunrise but with more Germans and armed robbery and done in a single sustained take. #FantasticFest@scottEweinberg bite the bullet and drag your ass to the early morning Martian press screening. S'what I'm doingWhat We Become: A well shot Danish zombie apocalypse tale that feels about 5 years too late to walking dead territory.
There's a strangely sweet father/daughter story at the heart of Devil's Candy. Young Kiara Glasco is one to watch.The Devil's Candy was pretty great. Pruitt Taylor Vince as a Satan-whisper inspired child killer and Ethan Embry as a metalhead dad.@Aaron_Morgan can't, it's at capacity. Bouncer at door won't let anyone else inThe Witch wasn't as soul-shatteringly terrifying as I was hoping it'd be, but it's super tense, well acted and unique.Seated for The Witch. Ready to have the caca scared out of me. #FantasticFest@FakeRobHunter home safe. Watched my first @fantasticfest movie from the comfort of my couch. It was a Czech doc about pedophiles. Naturally.@FakeRobHunter Noticed that. Made me a sad panda.UnZen
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@DallinAg @bradmiska I guess Masters of Horror (and the other one... In Fear, or something like that?) didn't do very well.@DallinAg @bradmiska Tales From the Darkside almost made a comeback, right? Genre TV is so big right now you'd think it'd be a no-brainer.
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