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Erin Go Dodgers @erinscafe The Greater Los Angeles Area

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. I grok Twitter. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/VtTudFjXyo

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@Matterless @Dodgers okay whoa let's talk about this.Petition to have @erinscafe at all @Dodgers games so we have an amazing season with endless wins.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers"We are @Dodgers we never give up." - Hanley Ramirez@JVSylvester I didn't realize where we're sitting. I'm so stoked.@JVSylvester I don't leave until the final out is recorded.Kenley's music is the best.@JVSylvester WAIT WHATSo much cheering for AGon's first at bat of the game.What @erinscafe is to the packers and dodgers, I shall be for the Blackhawks.
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersJustin Turner looks like a surprised Viking also good job on the RBI buddy.I cheer very loudly and the guys in the loge section just need to deal with that.I miss the @ScottVanSlick stache, but I'll take the one out double. Good job buddy.@IamErikRussel @thepatrickirish it was impressive. He should have thrown it from right field.@thepatrickirish @IamErikRussel I laughed a lot“@SoleCollector: Nick Young with the greatest first pitch of all-time. https://t.co/hOt0xYHxvB” @erinscafe @IamErikRussel
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersYES RT @thundercrat: @erinscafe Are you spilling beer because you're sitting in the front row and there aren't cup holders? I've been there.Zack Greinke has made 17 straight regular-season starts of 5+ IP w/ two or fewer runs allowed. The longest such streak since 1914. #Dodgers
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersStanding ovation for Greinke as Dodgers bring in Howell.If you go to a Dodgers game with @erinscafe, she not only buys/spills beer, but she'll let u know when there are boobs on diamondvision #mvp
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@IamErikRussel @thepatrickirish I'll tryA lot of boobs on the screen to celebrate the Puig triple.@IamErikRussel he just got super into take me out to the ball game@IamErikRussel ok which one is that@erinscafe Nothing will ever top this giveaway at an @IronPigs game last summer. #Urology #FoamFinger http://t.co/cfyIUoQZzC
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersHELMET NACHOS. RT @smashleyaz: @insomniacslounj @erinscafe Wait! You failed to mention the more important issue...helmet nachos!!@alexmiz oh yeahThis is the face @erinscafe makes after she spills a beer in your lap http://t.co/vdA9AUQOfI
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersOmfg RT @Vidalia: @erinscafe oh girl... http://t.co/vgOoo9Jlqh ! #Dodgers@SnoopWogg @LynsieLee you guys get someone to buy me a plane ticket and I'll bring it.@white omg are you free Wednesday afternoon tho?@white Andy. Oh hey also do you want to see the film Friday.@soundofphilly @Lana hey tell him I'll buy him a beer if he comes up to loge level to pose for a pic I bet that will tempt him@itzagiven omfgForest Lawn cemetery is advertising at Dodger Stadium. Their slogan is Plan Ahead.@soundofphilly @Lana I'm in Loge so I'm right above you. Get a pic of this pau guy for Lana ok.Supposedly everybody uses pine tar, so seems Pineda's just really, really bad at it.
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersI don't know who Nick Young is but he has an adorable kid on his lap. http://t.co/rChpjprM81@Lana @soundofphilly ok well that's no help@IamErikRussel @omgitsjen @Dodgers I'll do it@Lana there's the guys who threw the first pitch who are they tho http://t.co/urm98OafbE@Lana do you know where he's sitting that will help@Lana wait okay I'll get you a pic@JVSylvester ugh I know right@Itsjustbeej yes indeed@omgitsjen @IamErikRussel @Dodgers that old lady in the too left corner tho@Itsjustbeej lots of stories there@13KP13 goddammit.Just for @IamErikRussel, here's a @Dodgers selfie. In it to win it. http://t.co/arCxueopeFNever enough. RT @fbihop: @erinscafe how many cell phone batteries do you have?Um yes. RT @dubiliciousness: @erinscafe @insomniacslounj wait. You have a hashtag tattoo??RT @insomniacslounj: Zach Greinke has two Ks while @erinscafe tweets. #ItsNotWeirdIfItWorks @Dodgers #gobluewitherin http://t.co/L08ah3iYnP@cavaticat @geekfitgirl YES I'll read it after the dodgers gameI was going to tell this story to @geekfitgirl but I will tell it to all of you, @erinscafe style, in approximately 500 tweets.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@IamErikRussel @Jamie_Burkart god I hope so. This is my time.Yes Time Warner, we know. http://t.co/8EWJ8ibuAkWatching the #Phillies game, looking for @erinscafe rocking her new 'do in the stands.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@jjisjanet @liz_kantor scarves are the best@liz_kantor no, I just confuse everybody. Everyone likes knowing they're not the only one confused. Ilu bb.@rowast @Dodgers I'm here to helpHey @Dodgers if you need help with any of the tweeting or need someone to get Vin a new pencil to scorekeep with @erinscafe is in the house
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers.@erinscafe puts her beer over her heart during the national anthem. Very patriotic. #america #gobluewitherin
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@LimeyN @insomniacslounj yeah well@liz_kantor well@erinscafe wait so you never had a cafe
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersWelp. Tonight might be the night Scafe gets hit with a foul ball. @insomniacslounj will let you know if I die. http://t.co/cg2XlpRMPFOmfg @dodgers you know the way to a girl's heart. http://t.co/d0Y6Qj9qp3@ryanprociuk at least that's hilarious@gobaers he's earned me no fantasy points lately, so he deserves itIf only we could eject players for tattoos on their neck as well.Her clothes will probably remain on for the film, but god only knows what will happen during the Q and A.If you come to the premiere of Follow Friday the Film Friday at 5:45 pm, you can meet @LynsieLee, my fav stripper. http://t.co/3wxWH7GcIW@Leah_Ball HEY LEAH I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER ARE YOU COMING TO MY MOVIE PREMIERE FRIDAY?@smrtmnky are you coming to my movie and bringing all your friends say yes@kyliesparks yesss@scooteroo29 @erinscafe oh, I dunnnnno http://t.co/9yPKJgw3UT
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@robertecrump I bought it in NY because the plane landed and it was snowing@teachthemwell thank you!!@kyliesparks yesss hey can you bring everyone you know cause 300 is a lot of seats@andresdavid THANK YOU ME TOODear god. RT @scooteroo29: @erinscafe I disagree THIS is your beat selfie face. http://t.co/OmFQgLc430@sanjmovies thank youThat's a terrible picture of the haircut, but it captures what my face looks like most of time you guys.@renae_jones well I trimmed off the shaggy part@soalexgoes trimmed the weird shaggy bottom layer. Hard to see on that pic. Whatevs, short hair!That might be my best selfie face ever.Okay I did some touch-up on the mullet haircut and now it's just a hot mess I give up. http://t.co/4R3wgZPeKT@soalexgoes omg but that looks amazing.Tempted to change my flight Saturday to re-route through LA just to see @erinscafe's mullet.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@chrisgeidner @everyword it's like word just got to the w's and said fuck itNo. You guys are gonna judge me so hard. RT @OKnox: @erinscafe need a pic of the mullet Erin.@edcasey @mjciampa Mary's House of Coffee@edcasey omg I'll do it@erinscafe Now that you have a mullet your only option is to become a professional wrestler. Your finishing move: The #Hashtag
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersWell I didn't ask. RT @mjciampa: @erinscafe wait Erin was this old Armenian woman a hairdresser?I think I just let an old Armenian woman give me a mullet. Total Scafe move, you guys.@abba_ks @LiftRunPlay yessss@OKnox @dcbigjohn @lizzieohreally wait I want this@PhillDaGreek I know at least two people do. That's a lot.@KK0618 @darth @poncho_ny cats hate hugsI'm cutting most of my hair off and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
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