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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Surprisingly good in the clutch. Director of #ffthefilm, available on iTunes and Amazon.

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CJ: I just got to thank God. God: Wait what.@SolJewasaurus I feel unqualified for this@SolJewasaurus man-to-man coverage is my favorite.@SolJewasaurus oh godUsing the ball as a prop would definitely be my downfall if I were an NFL player.@katiem_allen 7-9. It's a pretty big range.I'm going to need more details about what makes a female look smart please.'ll do it. @Lizzs_Lockeroom
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@WeTheLiving I will go, I will do the things the Lord commands. I know the Lord will find a way. He wants me to obey.@SabrinaSiddiqui dedKid: Why don't they call offside penalties in this division? Me: Explain the offside rule. Kid: ... Me: There it is. #coachingwitherinRide or die, kids. RIDE OR DIE. has always helped me make good life choices. The word good is open to interpretation obvs.'ll do it. I've always wanted to buy a $10 house in Detroit. That game was amazing! They were passing, and shooting and defending! Me: I know! It's like they were actually playing soccer!@OKnox I am gagging and laughing all at once god help meSpeaking of undefeated teams, my peewee soccer team is 3-0. Coach Erin ain't nothin to fuck with.GO PACK GO 4-0Eddie Lacy and I would be really great friends I bet. I JUST DIED OLIVIER THAT TWEET FINALLY DID ITUgh the #PumpkinSpice trend is utterly out of control.
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerThat would be an amazing tumblr tbqh.scafe standing next to NFL players holding a dollar bill for scale dot tumblr dot comGood point. I'll do it. want a picture of me standing with Eddie Lacy. Like when people put a dollar next to things so you know the scale. @FlashGJr LOVE it. We miss you in LA, dude.@sdpowell1 also come over@sdpowell1 I may have hypothermia send helpcreepy Randall smile dot tumblr dot com
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerJoe Buck's beard is killing me.
I still have flashbacks any time I see a neighborhood carnival."I just don't think he could have carried the body up that hill." BOSCH, NO LAPD DETECTIVE WORKS THIS HARD JUST STOP.@strixbrevis meh. We've decided it's exactly one step up from Law & Order.Like ten people have confessed to this murder and Bosch is like no, prove it, prove you did it, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, WASN'T YOU.@fbihop shook my hand? I had to hug all those people. It almost killed me.The Pope accidentally meeting with Kim Davis is the best thing poor Pope the Pope actually met with Kim Davis I thought that was a joke.@insomniacslounj no :( maybe next week?Me: We could watch one more. We could do it. Adam: It's not like a challenge, sweetheart. Nobody's making us. Me: I believe in us. #BoschA year ago or so, I saw a new twitter account writing about baseball, boy was I fooled - happy twitterversery @erinscafe !!
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerBosch is about as good at detecting as Sydney Bristow was at spying. The suspension of disbelief should never require this much effort."I WANT SOME BUTTS" - I don't blame you, Commander from Top Gun. I'd be horny AF working in the middle of this 90s gay porn b-roll.
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker"Every Naval scene feels like b-roll from a 90s gay porn." -@LevyOnTV about his first viewing of Top Gun
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@sdpowell1 @LevyOnTV omg@nycsouthpaw YES. The only reason it's even remotely believable they haven't fired Bosch at this point is that it's the LAPD. So.@cuppingmaster oh yeah. That was one of the worst offenders.@nycsouthpaw he's a terrible copI mean, even if she's renting, 120% of her salary is going to payments. Easily.Watching Bosch on Amazon and you'd think that a detective would be more curious how his beat cop girlfriend can afford that house in Venice.@natevavra omg you got it for me and everything. Don't let me forget.Pretty stunning message from Gov. Brown today on proliferation of "crimes" in California:
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@c_dylanplummer I can't tell if you're trolling meI'm still convinced you guys are all co-conspirators in a long con to convince me people actually watch SNL.@WeTheLiving pretty sure she's already told them it's us@kingsfanone same people@andrewtshaffer "he was not a friendly type of guy." To be fair, everyone in your building yells at you, lady. Most of them are probably ok.@andrewtshaffer oh my god.@notjvt oh man. Steel yourself. This is gonna be an uphill battle.@notjvt I'll do it@Knat28inLA one can hopeCan't wait for all these tweets to be read aloud in court when they try to evict me for wanting to breathe.I have done this four times now. They have paid fines. They will again. Don't fuck with Scafe. omg that's the next step@MamaSwizL exactly@GlennF omg that's perfectSee. I can be helpful.So I sent her a link to the section of the Glendale Municipal Code that requires no smoking signs to be posted in multi-unit residences.I mean, this is Los Angeles. We pay a lot of money for the privilege of not owning anything. Including the responsibility for fixing this."Erin. it would be helpful if you also speak to them. Thank you." Oh. Would it be helpful if I did your job? Cool. I'll get right on that.Told the manager that the neighbors downstairs continue to smoke underneath our window, even though it's illegal. Her response is amazing.@IamErikRussel @robertecrump yes, and how are the Mariners doing Erik@robertecrump it's gonna be Dodgers Cardinals. No matter what we do, that's what happens. I'm just waiting it out."You did this 3 months ago. What was different this time." Wow way to remind him he used to have a shot at the postseason.If you know any Nationals fans, make sure to check on them. The intense emotional swings of the past few weeks can't be healthy.Holy shit, Scherzer.Jesus. Scherzer. Same difference rn I guess.No pitcher has thrown two no-hitters in the same *regular* season since Nolan Ryan in 1973.
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerMad Max is just THREE outs from his second no-no this season. Watch LIVE on @MLBNetwork or here:
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@atotalmonet alwaysUCLA kicker accidentally the tackle.
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker
.@fbihop @Deadspin @theantiwhatever are those the equivalent of northern Idaho?Oh good, because I needed to feel inferior to a Pomeranian as I eat takeout on my couch on a Friday night. @theantiwhatever okay UK road trip, but I drive and no advance prep, we just roll with it. You have to interpret the accents.@BoltonTerrier @theantiwhatever I AM AMERICA hey wanna go on a road trip and I'll show you all of america and we can film it@BoltonTerrier @theantiwhatever to Los Angeles to hang out with me rightWait a Pomeranian threw out the first pitch at the Dodger game tonight? October baseball just has zero fucks to give you guys.You can just *see* Lucas go "Oh shit, right Darth Vader is bald, OK fine, let's show his hair burning off I guess."
Retweeted by Scafe for Speaker@billlascher god I hope it is tho. That would be amazing.Was wondering when the weekend was gonna start. kinder teacher always adds an apostrophe to plural words and idk how much longer I can keep myself from yelling "school picture's WHAT."
There are people blaming gun-free zones for school shootings rn. The distance to some sort of middle ground here feels interminable.Time to give your reps a performance review, you guys. "but then you could be arrested before you've even killed anyone" "YES YES NOW YOU'RE GETTING IT"There are options beyond prayer here, not that any NRA approved politician ever wants to talk about them.
Retweeted by Scafe for SpeakerI'm not saying you're wrong, but channel your outrage today toward your representatives in DC instead of reporters on Twitter. That'll keep.
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