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Jonathan Nicol @f6design Melbourne, Australia

A designer and web developer, running a one-person studio called F6 Design. I also blog at Pixel Acres.

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Fuck yeah scrolling http://t.co/IEEZKou4YV
WHAT DO WE WANT? - now WHEN DO WE WANT IT? - race condition
Retweeted by Jonathan NicolNot enough jQuery http://t.co/z5RTySgHQ5
@necolas I see a market opportunity: a todo list app that allows a maximum of one todo. (only half joking)
Retweeted by Jonathan Nicol
New client site: http://t.co/00LiLq7jiJ If you live in Victoria and have kids, get outdoors this hols :) Design by Famous Visual Services.@senongo I had to look that one up! I'm sure dogescript would have topped the "Commit Messages with Expressions of Panting" chart, though.@f6design Or perhaps some languages are better suited to high-level programming problems, which are more likely to induce frustration.Do some languages make programmers angry, or do they attract angry programmers to start with? http://t.co/4CFNefZHet http://t.co/q4O8NNVr82
I just noticed that IE8 market share has dropped below 5% in Australia. Oh yeah. It's losing about 6% a year, so should be dead very soon.
Ah, Flash preloaders. It's hard not be be at least a little nostalgic. http://t.co/VQBueM40Xa
... but I get the feeling Mistaken for Strangers will be one of those films where I keep wondering if it's real or a mockumentary.Can't wait to see this http://t.co/QLWKyGGMCy
How many bands/LPs are named after the Love and Rockets comic? Love and Rockets, obviously. Speedy Ortiz. Penny Century by Bear Quartet...@bdkjones F**k I must be going blind! Thanks :)@pixelworkers Yeah maybe not ideal for pixel art :P As for iconic logos, dunno, maybe the skipping girl sign http://t.co/d1M35M22El@pixelworkers My ideas: Flinders Street train station frontage. Lunar Park entrance. An old-school tram. (Maybe) the Arts Centre spire.@bdkjones So you're saying that a minified file shouldn't be generated? Because in my tests is is. See screenshot. http://t.co/az8H7LPNxx@pixelworkers Some ideas for you... Lunar Park entrance: http://t.co/I1ELijEFmI An old school tram: http://t.co/PTt58T2mhJ@pixelworkers I would say people like the logo, but there's not a strong sense of regional identification embodied in it. It's no "I <3 NY"@bdkjones Hi Bryan. In CK2 is there an option to NOT minify a JS file? The "Non-minified" output style still creates a .min.js file?
I just noticed that Codekit 2.0 is out. Bryan did a writeup about the new features on CSS-Tricks http://t.co/dWAG7ccFJI
@Famousvs Looking damn fine Dom. Brightening up my Twitter feed.Totally gnarly Risograph book made my studio mate @Famousvs http://t.co/7jWO6mKrxF
Anyone who uses the term "flat design" unselfconsciously needs a history lesson, but this isn't it: http://t.co/BSY8j7QNqI@anmbroughton Yeah I had to track down a copy of cs6. PITA.@anmbroughton Don't even mention AS2 to me. Last week I had to edit an old AS2 client site, to discover Flash CC won't open AS2 files. Arrg!O'Reilly's Speaking JavaScript is now free to read online http://t.co/9zCYiqnGJV@anmbroughton Built in Flash, of course.@senongo That's the dialog that started the whole sorry affair. Yay Adobe.For $50/month software, this happens in Adobe CC more than it should. Requires editing library files and a restart. http://t.co/nY8q0NRqh0ooh, What Do You Know Melbourne is filling up fast, Fun, fast free Web knowledge, networking and refreshments http://t.co/UqDGEulyET
Retweeted by Jonathan NicolLots of ideas for UI patterns and eye candy, with animated gifs to visualise the effects http://t.co/WFKpSqN5Zg via @ZURBfoundation@speakingjs The entire domain is 404ing :(Instead of using "foo" and "bar" as var names during testing, I often use "poo" and "bum" instead. Try it, it makes programming more fun.@denisewburn That's a great idea! I wish more conference organisers would adopt that pricing strategy.@jefffis Conferences are great for getting inspired and networking, but when it comes to practical information blogs give better value.
@nilsgeylen Well I hadn't seen some of the films, and I had to choose somehow!Titles were a factor too.Damn conferences are expensive these days. Fine if you have an employer paying, but no way I'm dropping $1K on an "early bird" ticket.@nilsgeylen Firmly middlebrow. Though I made some decisions based on cover art ;)@anmbroughton Oh yes! Also, the moment you pour a stovetop espresso and realise you filled it with water but forgot the coffee.I got excited when I saw a new Humble ebook bundle was out, but that's a decidedly average sounding bunch of books. https://t.co/DmsWBXVqun
@HerrWulf (Based on my experience animating an element's left/top position using JS, but maybe applies to CSS animations too...)@HerrWulf May be unrelated to your scenario, but I've found animating position:fixed elements is much smoother than position:absoluteThat (mt) Wordpress hosting product page is nice looking, though. I'll give them that.I don't get the whole "WordPress hosting" thing. It's just hosting. With the word "WordPress" in front of it. http://t.co/1AP4BHssx0As if MelbourneIT pricing wasn't outrageous enough, they sneakily auto-add domains to your cart. http://t.co/kpjw6dF0B8@jefffis ...however, if I'm sure it's a service I'll be using for a year then the one-off payment is preferable. Less paperwork.@jefffis At that price difference I'd go month-to-month. If the discount for paying annually was greater (say, 10-20%) I'd pay yearly.If you're not already committed to Dropbox you might want to check out Microsoft OneNote, which has gone free. http://t.co/BTt7AfHTUpTurning 100 probably has its perks, but it must suck not being able to play board games anymore. http://t.co/RrUD9hHQK8The plot of Ernest Cline's new book sounds awfully similar to The Last Starfighter. Or Ender's Game. Ah who cares, I'm excited.If I ever author a WordPress plugin, and refer to updating the docs as a "documentation sprint", someone please slap me.
Getting stuck into The Private Eye by @PanelSyndicate. Brilliance as always from BKV. And the comic perfectly fits a laptop screen. Nice.
@VentraIP Thanks - I lodged and eTicket and it was resolved earlier today. Thanks for following up :)@VentraIP Are there any system problems ATM? All sites under my VentraIP WHM account are down e.g. http://t.co/vtwulLs4yb.
@senongo http://t.co/xVWS81EhoD
Tobias Frere-Jones v. Jonathan Hoefler makes for interesting reading http://t.co/fxy1xh4XXA(4 times cheaper than they used to be, that is. Not 4 times cheaper than Beanstalk.)A while back I moaned that @dployio pricing was much higher than @beanstalkapp. Well, their plans are now about 4 times cheaper.
Comixology has a deal today where you can get 100 indie comics for ten bucks https://t.co/8o5qLAlfvR
@zannstpierre Ha ha! I did occasionally charge $10 a pop to copy CDs, but it sounds like you were more entrepreneurial than me. Good times.@jordesign Bug pictures are so last year. It's all about rodent pictures in 2014. Sorry, couldn't resist.@zannstpierre Dunno about you but mine burned a lot of frisbees. I clearly remember my housemate screaming and throwing CDs across the room.@zannstpierre It clearly was, since you paid $200 less than me ;) But I must admit it's probably the best $800 I ever spent. Burn baby burn!Working on old projects that are still under SVN version control makes me want to punch myself in the face.Further confessions of an early adopter: I once paid $120 for a 128MB USB flash drive.More confessions of an early adopter: In 2001 I paid $1000 for a 2MB digital camera.Confessions of an early adopter: In 1998 I paid $800 for a CD burner.
@mrtconway No, but it's on my list. Thank you for reminding me!@mrtconway Have to admit I'd never heard of Kevin Pearce before, but that's the sign of a great sports doc, when it transcends the fan base.Saw a pair of great sports documentaries on the weekend: Undefeated and Crash Reel. Guaranteed to make you tear up a little bit.
Web dev nerd comedy gold: Only 90s Web Developers Remember This http://t.co/J7MmLS9bYj
The new Namecheap website is a vast improvement https://t.co/hjWCblDivo
Misspelling "you" as "thou" makes for much more entertaining email correspondence.
@jch02140 Aha! Well I'm happy I could help add to your font collection :-)@jch02140 No worries. Can I ask how you came across Furby? It's been a number of years since anyone asked about my fonts!@jch02140 Actually yes! You can download all my old fonts here: http://t.co/JNtHLDiZli
Start with this article, which explains how it all started http://t.co/U60FeNX1GpThree R's has some of the best analysis of last year's Goodreads reviewer censorship debacle http://t.co/eJUOUiGkrF
@senongo You say that now, but by the 10th time I tweet it you'll think you're living in star rating Groundhog Day!...and this https://t.co/qZz9rtnQkiWhich gives me an opportunity, once again, to mention this: http://t.co/dtbFQo1Oo2The only book I've noticed bucking this trend is by L. Ron Hubbard, with a rating of 2.4 stars. Maybe star ratings aren't entirely broken.Every book on goodreads has an average rating between 3.25 and 4.5 stars. By that measure 3.25 stars means "the worst book ever written".
That thing where you spend ages debugging JS, only to realise you'd forgotten to call preventDefault() on an anchor link's click event.AngularJS looks super awesome, but coming from a jQuery mindset it's making my head swim.
@jefffis A "honeypot", I think it's called. Such a simple and brilliant idea which I really should be using.@jefffis It feels grubby resorting to image maps, due to their chequered history, but they still serve a purpose on special occasions!@jefffis hardly ever, but they're good when you need a map with polygon hotspots for states or counties.
Macaw looks like a WYSIWG code editor I could actually get excited about. http://t.co/2Gg0HIVMGQThis handy jQuery plugin makes HTML image maps responsive by updating their <area> coordinates on the fly. http://t.co/QgfnTwg7o5@senongo Can't... look... away...
@EmailonAcid No worries. The EOA service came back shortly after I tweeted. BTW I'm trialling EOA, and loving it so far.@litmusapp Don't worry, I still use Litmus whenever I'm testing a Campaign Monitor template, which is quite often!
I just realised that Google's Winter Games doodle is a rainbow flag. That's awesome.@EmailonAcid Hi. Your site seems to be down ATM. Database errors and/or timeouts.Plus, Email on Acid has a $5 pay-as-you option, which could work out cheaper than subscribing if you just need to bang out a few tests.I'm using Email on Acid to test an HTML email, and while it's not as sexy as Litmus it's $30/mo cheaper and fast to generate test results.
@senongo Thx :-)
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